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Ames Daily Tribune And Times Newspaper Archives Jan 14 1938, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - January 14, 1938, Ames, Iowa Official Ames and Story county Pape Rames daily Tribune and time Universal in the Ames territory weather forecast generally fair Friday night possibly Snow saturday. Temperatures Thura. 2 30 p. Rn., 40 Fri. 9 15 a. Rn., 13 1 30 p. We 20. Precipitation none. Vol. 71 no. 168 United press wire service Ames. Iowa Friday january 14, 1938 official Ames and Story county paper three cent Sart Johnson wins service award deposits in Ames Banks up 3.4 pct. Directors officers of All three reelected following the record Pace set in 1936, Ames Banks Friday reported a further increase in deposits during 1937, while Hank debits for the past year show Only a Small drop from the High Mark of 1936. During the week boards of directors of the three Ames Banks have met and in each Case have renamed present officers. No directors have been added or dropped from the Banks rosters. Remodelling deposits to the three local banking institutions at the end of 1937 totalled $3,640,325.77, an increase of 3.4 percent Over the total deposits of $3,522,759.64 at the end of 1936. Perhaps the outstanding physical change in Bat King houses in Ames during the year was the remodelling and enlarging of the College savings Bank in the fourth Ward. During the year the Ames Trust and savings Bank purchased the former Post office which will be razed in the near future to make Way for a new store. Debits Funk debits for the past year vere $33,557,315.75, a slight drop from the <33,976.867.83 recorded in 1936. Homer the recent figure is still w $27,720,322.40 in 1935 Ain. Me 1,735,470.08 in 1934. Officers and boards of directors of the three Banks r. A acted this week tire Ames Trust and Savours Bank office j la. W. Stafford or dded i. A Spinney vice pres Loci it Lay w. Stafford cashier g r. Alley assistant cashier Orrin h. Johnson auditor. Directors. J. B. Davidson o. E. My a hand Charles Reynolds Clay w. Stafford l. B. Spinney f. R. White h. W. Stafford. Col be savings Bank a c. A. Knudson president c. F. Curtiss vice president t. E. Lavelle Cash Ier George Sherwood. Or. J. Sifrit assistant Cashiers m. S. Leggen manager of Slater office. Directors Estelle Buchanan. C. F. Curtiss a t. Erwin e. C. Hutchison c. A. Iverson c. A. Knudson c. J. Lynch George Meyers. Dave Edv Ards. Directors t Niou Story Trust and savings Hank George Judi Seii president a. H. Muon. N. L. Nelson vice presidents f. H. Schleiter cashier c. F. Cadwell assistant vice president f. M. Klein George Richardson ii. R. Martin assistant Cashiers j. Of Reynolds manager of Gilbert office. Directors t. R. Agg w. T. Barr. C. F. Curtiss. George Judisch la jul Rich c. G. Lee l. A Mcelyea a. H. Munn n. L. Nelson f. It. Schleiter Adolph Shane. Big business at White House no reason Why Bonnet to woman should porm new not be named government Washington up a president Roosevelt Friday of dared he knew of no reason Why a woman should t not sit on the supreme court Bench. The president s View was express of in response to a press conference questioner who asked or. Roosevelt to state Bis opinion a without regard to Tho fact that a Chautemps Cabinet Falls Early Friday Paris per a Georges Bonnet finance minister and former ambassador to Washington agreed Friday to attempt to form a a salvation government Quot to replace the supreme court vacancy new shattered leftist popular front personalities and the vacancy Cabinet and Lead the country out aside or. Roosevelt said he saw it a grave financial crisis to reason w by a woman should i Bonnet accepted the difficult As not serve on the High court. Sigment from president Albert the president declined to Dis-1 Lebrun after three other Radical cuss the anti Lynching Bill now be socialist leaders had refused it fore the Senate observing that Camille Chautemps. Whose govern Juis honoured by Junior chamber at dinner Here n new Quot a of us agree that we have a better understanding of each others problems Quot Alfred p. jr., chairman of general motors corporation explained As he emerged with four other Quot economic royalists from a conference in the White House study with president Roosevelt. All hopeful of better cooperation Between government and business in combating the recession the conferees pictured together Are left to right Colby Chester chairman of general foods corporation erne t. Weir head of National steel corporation Lewis Brown chairman of Johns Manville company or. Sloan and a w. Clement president of the Pennsylvania Railroad company. Enough discussion of that is going on in the Senate in answer to questions he said his conference with Southeastern governors last week had covered i wages Houra and a variety of bub ment was Defeated Early Friday edouard Daladier War minister and Albert Sarratt minister with out portfolio. Shattered the left Wing popular front pc cup including reforestation lie which had ruled for a troublous 19 birth rate in Ames ahead death rate in pc would cooperate with railroads plan crossing College band to be heard at musical the Iowa state College concert baud of 75 pieces directed by prof. A. R. Edgar will present. To a. To e Twilight musical program in. Is Moines la., Iowa daily area Ajaj memorial Union Sun the race suicide press association a the state Day afternoon. Washington j birth rate is More than keeping Quot Pace with the City a death toll. J thus saving the Iowa town from j classification in by John Zug noted that the governors had reacted favourably to wages hours legislative proposals. A a a Kresensky to speak in Ames j writers project will be subject Des column a census Bureau report Highway commission has voted to the concert will be played at completed Friday reveals. I cooperate in a plan under which it 3 p. In., when it will be Broad figures compiled by the Bureau would spend $1,Odo,Gou of Federal cast through station Wol and compare births and deaths for 1936 funds this year to put the latest at Ain at 5 p. In. Tile Public is with those the year before and the Type of signal warning device on r a a fid oth playing comparisons result in the Conlu dangerous unprotected Railroad Sion that tilt esteem of births Over Crossings. Deaths in Amos is being sustained j Curtis l. Mckinnon of the Cora annually. I Mission submitted a plan to the in 1936, Ames bad to More eleven major railroads operating births than dates die or 1935 in Iowa under which the commis it had 85 More births than deaths t Aion would Purchase the signals babies bom in Ames during and materials and the railroads .1936 numbered 188, not counting would pay Laboi costs of install stillbirths while 87 persons died Lions. The Rai roads would then in Ames during the year. In 1935, maintain the signals in working or-180 babies were born and the mini Der. Ber of deaths in the City was 95. The state Ca b would come from nine infants under one year of $ 1.400, allotted Iowa under the age died in Anim in 1936, giving Hayden Cartwright crossing a Lim the City a death rate of 17 per nation and Protection Bill for the thousand live births. Year ending july i 1938. Another the number of babies whose $1,400,000 is available to Iowa for parents were non residents of the year ending july i 1939. Ames wore 25. I a meeting has been tentatively Comet Trio. A three Kings Quot Smith the White babies born in Ames get for Jan. 20 u which represents Robert Dix Paul Bachman the program with notes follows March a National Emblem Quot Bagley overture a Barber of Seville Quot Rossini this overture so typically italian in feeling was written hurriedly by Rossini. It begins with a sad slow movement followed by a Lively Allegro theme in which the clarinets Lead with a minor Melody by the flute. There is a Lively contrapuntal development of the melodies already introduced. On the whole the vivacity of rhythm and freshness of Melody of the overture make it a fitting introduction to Rossini a delightful comedy in music. Months had been shattered beyond immediate repair. Lebrun had been called from his bed at 4 30 a. Rn., to receive the resignation of the Cabinet of Camille Chautemps. Sensing the seriousness of the crisis the government through the Bank of France asked Banks not j to Deal in foreign Exchange Pend i ing formation of a new ministry j the Stock Exchange opened for Mally but the Money Market was t closed. Consults Lebrun was up by consulted first with Treasury Federal ,. Peris then with Jules Jeanneney Hoex new drought for Southwest severe dust storms in Western Kansas Dodge City. Kan. Up a Farmers and ranchers in the wheat and cattle lands of the to Mit bwe Friday looked out upon dust Laden skies and predict i another serious drought. Soil Drifting which began several weeks ago reached a Climax thursday when the whole of Western Kansas and Large areas in Oklahoma and the Texas Pathan die suffered the severest dust storms since the Spring of 1936. The Quot Black blizzards which have taken a toll of Mittons of dollars in crop and livestock losses and Raymond Kresensky Moines director of the writers project in Iowa will be the a a. Speaker tuesday afternoon at thei of of the Seda to Aen we a Bave reduced thousands of acres guest Day meeting of the Ames la flt it Uard Herriot president of the of once Fertle wheat lands to an chamber of deputies. Arid waste entered thursday Oer admittedly it was a political crisis of the first order precipitated at a time of extreme delicacy in democratic woman a club at the Home of mrs. L. B. Schmidt 2802 Leek Street. The meeting will open at 2 30. The abject of , talk a Quot a forc a will be the a Iowa guide Book and writers sponsor the split in the popular front i was definite it threatened to be i final. First communists then so Kresensky has been connected Premier Chautemps in the Cham for two years with the Willers pro Hett where he sought a vote of connect in Iowa which has been com Deuce in currency and budgetary piling information for the Book j problems. A Iowa. A guide to the Hawkeye socialists first the Book which will to j the socialists As the result had published Early this year by the re it tuned from the Cabinet and in Viking pres new York is Spon turn the entire Cabinet had a sign sorted by the state historical so Jed tll0 Radical socialists had been Doty of Iowa As a territorial Cen a it Aion in what originally had ten to isl edition. Been a three party popular front to direct Cia list and refused to support apartment truck driven by Pat con the Book will serve to direct j communists who precipitated tourists to All places of interest in crisis seemed regretful Friday to new High Levels since Ottob the state As an encyclopedia of and their parliamentary Leader i or it totalled 1s6 in 1935, with one color lives of the railroads will Tell the Norton Ive Highway commission the or Ltd my Iowa Commerce commis Lon it he selection a eth state motor vehicle department a the Highway patrol and the Iowa state safety Council whether j hey Are willing to cooperate. J there Are 12,200 Grade Crossings i in Iowa Only 1,000 of which Are separated from roadways by via de birth reported for the City Dur a state lug the year. Big shakeup in chinese Arm j duets or underpasses and Only Odo c communist Leader to of which Are protected by some be Given Post Herman Cole Heads Iowa contractors Des Moines la. Us a Herman v. Cole. Ames was elected president of the Central Branch associated general Contra Dors by the Board of directors of the organization late thurs v. Cole is a member of the contracting firm Ben Cole and Sou. Shanghai signal device j the commissions action followup a Generalissimo de a recent statement by the com test your knowledge Mere commission that a eth re is no possibility or probability that within a number of years All of the a on the important Crossings can be Al train t Ain on ated by separation or relocation of this is impossible because of Cost of viaducts and in up to $65, a Sta in Hauser Wagner evolution of Lake a fantasia depicting he gradual evolution of Quot Dixie Quot slowly through a the Quot dance and Quot the minuet the Melody is developed until there emerges the immortal the in turn becomes a a Waltz Quot then a ragtime Quot and at last Quot grand suite Quot Bullet 1. Quot Zardas 2. A Valse Lent a s. Quot March russe Quot Trail from suite Quot. Quot on the third n from Ferde grates Arthur Ruwette it Aid Quot to did not desire to overthrow the government. We Hope the at Lakin kau., in kit Arne county teachers dismissed school at noon in order that pupils could Iowa facts As a literary study and a Book of information for students. A native of Algona. Kre Souaky popular from born of the 1918�?T peach their Home safely. Visibility has had an interesting career i elections May be presen Veri. We Bere was reported student of Art and music teacher Ope Unity of communists so j a minister poet and writer. He is a j Cla lists and Radical socialists May continue a. Luigi i Quot grand ,. Groft tem n grand in can you answer seven of these test questions turn to Page eight for the answers. 1. Which is greater the Equator j isl or Meridional circumference of j the Earth 2. Who first advanced the physical theory of relativity 8. What is the common name for Methyl alcohol 4. Name the governor of South Carolina. 5. Which presidents of the i s were married while in office 6. Did Jack Johnson Ever fight Bob Fitzsimmons 7. Which state is represented by Josiah w. Bailey d., in the u. S. Senate 8. For whom were the philippine islands named 9. Name the largest Inland sea. 10. Which state is nicknamed the Hawkeye state today a common error retailer is pronounced either a la Der or re Taler. Chiang Kai Shek staking everything on a defense of Rich Shantung province has ordered a drastic shakeup in the military command of his North China armies reliable reports said Friday. At least three chinese military and political leaders in North Degassed which rang China were removed after the too each. Generalissimo flew to the fronts sixty persons were killed in 42 and personally surveyed the Meu collisions with trains in Iowa Dur acing situation. They were re lug 1937, exclusive of the to deaths placed by Meu whom Chiang be at Mason City in a school bus a lived would fight to the last ditch eident which occurred on private March Quot Goldman band Quot. King against japanese armies slowly property Aud was not technically i March a it. S. Held artillery squeezing the province from two called a a a traffic Accident. I a directions. I in 1936, 61 persons were killed at the same time the chinese i in crossing aeneid end a for the to Arm Organ Sao Tang Pao predict j previous years tin average annual de that major changes would take i continued on Page two place As a result of the general-1�?.�? a a a a a inst Mon a personal intervention. Chinese reports said that the j Generalissimo had ordered the removal of Gen. Fengyu Slang. The former Quot Christian general and ticket for annual stamp club banquet now on Sale Powers first exhibition Canyon is recognized musical authorities is one of the most perfect transcriptions of a setting into music that has Ever been compared. No derail has been overlooked in envisioning a Pae train of Burros and its rider in route. Baffled science but he knew Why Lon Lyon he Hulme told the Ain of Commerce Fridi of a British work scientific a a age at a factory they workmen pushed i Row s but on. He i a is count Dean it t the it a who at sex de colourful and interesting speaker. Poems from the year 1920 Kresensky through his experiences As a teach i or accountant student at semen i Ary and minister develop re his writing Talent until he was Able to support himself by his work his a a poetry stories Book reviews Ami articles have appeared in Many i nationally known publications and newspapers he has published a Book of his own poems entitled a Emmaus. His religious writings have appeared in various denominational magazines and Bis poem a Christ on Madison Street has been quoted Many times by speak ors. Another poem a Wall paper has been put to music by Charles Al Niford and published by g. Schirmers new York. Chairman mrs. Carl Little is chairman of the program commute. And mrs. Louis de Yri and mrs. George Hendrickson Are assisting hostels is. An invitation is extended to All persons interested to hear or. Kresensky. No Unity but there was no Unity and the president in this the 12th Cabinet full sinew his election to the presidency May to 1932 had a difficult problem alternatives to a popular front j or Radical socialist Cabinet were i. A socialist Cabinet 2. A Radical socialist and centrist Cabinet 3. A left Wing coalition with Eom Ruusu a Ileal Quot Oculi St. 4. Tom Cabinet under finance minister whose threat to 1st&Quot supporting a National aah a Man like Georg it a Bonne resign because finance and la the basis for to installation of officers is held the distinguished service award Given annually by the Ames Junior chamber of Commerce was presented thursday night to Art Johnson at the annual installation dinner dance of the Ames Jaycee in the Oak room of the memorial Union. The presentation was made by mayor w. L. Allan who served As chairman of the committee which made the selection of candidate for the award on the basis of Community service. Mention i Quot taking the presentation mayor Allen called attention to a number of persons who had contributed to the Community during the Pas year. Those Given special mention were Art Bowman who staged the first Home improvement show in the City Robert Allen for his work in leading the boy scouts of Ames. Robert Murray As head of the social service league during the past year and Maxwell Smith who carried out the labor Day festival and supervised the setting up of the fund for the Ames Junior drum and Bugle corps. Toastmaster the award was Given to Johnson. Mayor Allan said on the basis of his activity in arranging for t a a presentation of awards to outstanding High school athletes at Ames High. Inaugurating night football at flu High school painting the acc Camp and conducting the fifth annual Ames High school football banquet. Johnson is City Aud Spon of the Ames Tribune. De Bitont a former president of the Ames Junior Chart Ber served As toastmaster during the dinner. Among those introduced by the toastmaster were Ken Goodrich and Walter Wilson of Boon past state president and state Secretary respectively. Installed after the presentation of a service award. Bynner Jeffrey of Burlington director of the United states Junior chamber of com Merce installed the new installed were Ray Van meter president b. H. Cottingham executive vice president Ken Weils first vice president a it done is. Second vice president a old Fenland Secretary or. Wayne Wishart treasurer Turl Hohen Shell recorder and or. C. H. Fed son Art Johnson Maxwell Smith and e. C. Denham directors summary Al Farber outgoing president a. E a Brief summary of the Pas year s activities. In which he pointed out that projects carried out by the organization during 1937 into 4. Ltd the expenditure of More than Des Moines la i pm gov. J 7,000 Man hours of Effort by the Nelson g. Kraseh�?�1, who reportedly j various i in videoing president was pc to viol to in Eide whether a Snail rented with an electric razor As a run for a second term As governor. T of App rec Atlon for his work or United states senator is by Coe. Past officer. Year said Friday that his future j dance a held in the this Section of Kansas. Visibility hero became so put or that traffic was stalled and Farmers stopped work in Tho Fields. Oliver Mcguire a transport truck Driver drove his gasoline Carrier head on into a state Highway de Cannon two Miles West of Garden City both men who were injured blamed the dust storm for the crash. Visibility was less than too feet at Greensburg Liberal. Sublette and Hugoton. Dust swirled in As tar East As Wichita in a Strong wind. Trading in w hat futures at the principal Grain exchanges strengthened at the noon hour and soar Kraschel will decide after capital visit did not ilk it a situations crisis. Laid four schools in a a i doubted a Competition k0v. Political plans May be clarified after his trip to Washington Jan. So. If and mrs. Krasche have been invited by president Roosevelt to attend annual super to it court dinner. Quot while politics is not tin Pur Dah room following the dinner. Us Iowa woman 99 Charles City la. Cen a mrs. Helen Benson. Charles City i celebrated her 99th birthday Anni j Venery Friday entertaining fellow i in tubers of the woman a Relief corps. She is in food health their we pulled i the exp the Man of the i a member of the Central govern a tickets for the f mentus War Council charging that and banquet of the Ames stamp he was incompetent. I club to be held at 6 a it p. Rn., wed recalled with him was Gen. Yen mesday in the memorial Union Aiea Luc conjecture Hsi Shan pacification commis now on Sale it was reported Fried the Man Quot by sooner of Shan i and Suyuan prov Day by a o. Powers president. J Quot weft guv nor laces j tickets May be scented at the in ates the sight according to the advices they memorial Union de or from c. Jiving. Are to be succeeded by Gen. Cheng Banderson ii of Mabbitt f. C. A Uhiren chief of the general staff Dana Aud l s h r Aud h. J. Ton mile taxes and Gen. Chu Teh. A red Napoleon Quot Piagge. V a 4 a commander of the eighth route the banquet will he in of in Are l/?5trii a Eccl communist army. Jance of the fifth anniversary of Des Moines. La. Cd ton a a a j the founding of the local club. Al mile truck tax is on certified killer executed i Fred c. He Etc of Des Moines us freight carriers operating Over set Michigan City ind. He a a opiate editor of better Homes and Willis Fuller 29-year-old lovers gardens will be the principal Lane Bandit died in the electric speaker. Chair at the Indiana state prison i plans Are now under Way for the Early Friday for the murder july first exhibition of the dub which 16, 1936, of Deputy sheriff Paul j will open on monday with i plays mania. J by local and out of a collectors. Routes in Iowa totalled 9.91 for december Harry b. Dun chairman of the state comme commission announced Friday allocations from Tho Revenue counties for Rod maintenance eluded Story $1,009, Nevada Gilbert Roland. Millford and Nevada will Complete i Jan 24 in the annual county High school one and play production con to a 61 at the Nevada High school. Nevada High school will present Quot the wedding by John Kirkpatrick a i hilarious farce. Mary k. Schwyhart director i has fleeced the cat As follows. The bridegroom. Ben Warren a i Best Man Glen Wright the Bride Mary Langland a groomsman i Glover Ambrose the bridegrooms Mother. Kirris Dickinson the Bride s father Robert chs a the brides aunt Jane Fay. 480,000 sheep on feed in state Deb Moines la. Eythe of sheep and lambs on pose of my trip the subject i doubted will be discussed said. _ Washington he will hive two acc Campa in projects until Congress can act pm or abandonment under i president Roosevelt s recommend j while or 1 ten it to Iowa it i i a the econ said he w have the a red us til w. I can be Cut Gram. Krasch Dally anxious t Hampton re Tai ton for a w wholesale Cut in Federal i Highway Aid funds. Ork on a state Park there completed. The company de to disband feb i. Erne said a also would Low is share of Federal id of 1939 he net slash divined recently from n that for the 1939 Road a a Gram Iowa will receive Fednerd government Lull regular Federal id Rad crossing elimination. And $440,195 for secondary roads. The Federal Lind for secondary roads cannot by used however on is sen it the go ask that Highway de he was washing building i from the 200 92? i $1,362,859 f i % % % \ ii j a i it $ i i la i % f j aint Lindy says Liny mud hot i not by j i Lumho it Surry we a a. Feed in Iowa Jan. I 193s. Was est less the state i. A stature passes coated at 480, head Friday an a ordinate aug legislation. The Money increase of 140,000 Over Jan. I will be available anti july i 1939, 11937. I Aud the next legislature meets in Leslie of Carl Federal agr Cui january 1939. _ urn i statistic to who released the Secretary of agriculture Henry Thole is pro Babl \ one who figures said that 46,000 Hea l of a. Wallace who to in charge of j who fails to reach Tho top be i rep and lambs were on feed Iii the bind asked that the governor j cause the Way la made too Iowa Jan. I 1936, Aud 75u, on land the state his j j. 1935 defer submission of 1939 Highway. A for every Young Fellows j who fails to reach the top be j cause the Way is too hard

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