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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - January 8, 1938, Ames, Iowa V official Ames and Story county paper Ames daily Tribune and times Universal in the Ames territory weather forecast Cloudy and not so cold saturday night. Snow sunday. Temperature a Fri 2 30 p. Rn., a sat. 8 a. Rn., 7 10 30 a. My a a. Precipitation none. Vol. 71 no. 163 United pres wire service Ames. Iowa. Saturday january 8, 1938 official ame and Story county paper three cents Mes woman near death of Burns within sight of reciprocal Trade goals Hull files notice of negotiation with Britain Washington up a Secretary of state Cordell Hull was within right of the goal of his reciprocal Trade agreement program saturday with formal notice of intention to negotiate a Trade treaty with great Britain. Conversations which have been going on for months Between representatives of the two governments Here and in London have now reached a stage where each government is reasonably sure of the articles and commodities of Trade which will be involved. It now remains Only a question of trading in concessions on these articles and commodities. Delegation the negotiations will be con retired Justice Back on Bench i nazi arms shipment for China largest Ever sent from German source Hong Kong cos a a huge shipment of German arms for Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek Quot a armies has arrived in China foreign military sources reported saturday. The reports said that the shipment was the largest Ever sent to China by Germany. It was Compo de chiefly of anti aircraft guns. The new Supply was said to have arrived in Changsha Hunan province by Way of Hong Kong two German instructors who pre suitably will teach the chinese How to use the new guns accompanied the cargo. Transport pancakes into Bay i scientist will speak Here to faculty women mrs. E. Lee injured in Gas blast floating in san Francisco Bay under the Glare of searchlights like some strange Marina Craft the or. E. V. Cowdry of the school of Medicine at Washington Tiver a it i St. Louis win Teeter. Of Accident occurs in a science for. It a s the Putti at i or to Xvi the general Assembly of the a in i Rilling Washer to women a club a 3 p. In. Next j name wednesday in great Hall of Mem engine orial Union. I mrs. Ett Lee 54. Of 537 East Lin husbands of the members col Coin Way was in a critical cond lege staff members and members Hon in the Mary Greeley Hospital of the Ames woman a club Are in j saturday As the result of severe tiled guests. J Burns sustained Early saturday or. Cowdry. A member of the i morning at her Home. Rockefeller Institute served for she was burned about the arms some years in China the Orient j hands and legs when gasoline under the Rockefeller foundation which she was preparing to put As guest scientist of the British a into the Gas tank of a gasoline to government be carried on research tor for a washing machine explode in the East coast disease a cattle fever carried by ticks in key a Colony. British East Africa. Besides his work in cytology the ?t0.ooo army transport pictured above was Only slightly damaged when ice forming on the motor it Branch of biology treating cells. For the first time in u. S. Judicial history a retired supreme court Justice presided Over a ducted Here. A British Trade Dele lower court trial when Justice gallon will leave London soon and Willis a an Devanter above will arrive Here some time in feb mounted the Bench in u. S. Los strict court at new Ork. Although Mary meanwhile the state department a foreign office spokesman in forced the ship Down. Col. Davenport Johnson at the controls skilfully a a pancakes a the transport Tokyo to id Friday that japanese into the water saving the lives of the five men aboard and averting a serious crack up representatives in Berlin had made Semi formal representations to German authorities concerning the shipment of arms and munitions to the chinese. The German officials were said to have agreed to take Steps to Check the flow of War equipment to China. It was his first criminal trial in 27 years the 78-year-old Justice Bas announced the commodities Sandje i the stolen securities Case and articles which May to affected against Gabriel Marosi and Earl by the negotiations. Numbering p Palmer firmly and expert several Hundred they All were a piously. Tides which Are imported from great Britain it is these commodities British products expected to compete with similar american products or those imported from other countries on which Tariff and other Trade concessions May be made. Product the British government is sex Centennial program is made Public Des Moines la., Iowa daily ceded to make Public the St of press association a miss Agnes i Verleau products exported to Carnuel on state superintendent great Britain or the British Colon of Public instruction. Saturday ies on which British Tariff and listed 12 topics for school study Trade concessions May be made j of a living and growing in Iowa the state department announced during the 1938 Centennial of that inclusion o. Any particular a a a establishment As a Terry article or commodity in the Bat srlo0l he a is were ,.�?z a a Likely to be affected doer not Nee wide discretion planning pro is Sariin mean that a Tariff or Otic acts for their students of they Deer Trade Concession will be made ride to cooperate in a number of on it. It Means merely officials a sub topics. Entries will be judged said that ail facts concerning the in a contest for which state production Cost use volume of awards will be announced in con imports and degree of Competition i net lion Quot with the Iowa rotate fail. French and japs nearly clash Shanghai Chi French and a credit can 1100,000 Auto be applied for orate of get jobs Back must be asked for by june first Republican split wider Lannon wont accept committee Job Washington a the unofficial split in High Republican ranks Detroit cd a More than 60,-000 employees of automobile plants Nevada county auditor will return to their jobs next japanese soldiers faced each other Byron Duke announced Friday week officials of two major manat the Bayonet Point on Tho Boun that township and town assessors lures disclosed saturday and was believed widened saturday by ii we of wet Poi i on we mud there of it indications that Tho the refusal of Alf. M. Landon. 1936 Clary of the French Concession would accept applications for figure would be increased to too 0. P. Standard bearer to accept saturday in what was perhaps the Homestead tax credit. Real estate too within a few weeks. A position on the Republican com property owner expecting to claim a tel a a a or Klug a. Pizzul a hts tto teemed j Homestead tax credit should be divisions of Chrysler corporation f,7a prepared to give the following in before the plants were closed Semi for offer but Only As a Rana and file member. Landon declined an invitation to serve As honorary chairman of the or. Cowdry is nationally known for his search in the Field of virus diseases especially yellow fever and leprosy. At present he is chairman of the american medical associations committee for the investigation of the problems connected with old age. In addition to scientific publications or. Cowdry has written a popular work a biology and racial the history and literature division of the faculty women a club most dangerous incident since the of for domination in Shanghai. This incident symptomatic the explosive atmosphere in formation to assessors dec. Will result a to the if jobs Chin commercial capital occur a the Correct ascription of real next tuesday corporation old continued on Page two estate Date of ownership a deeded. Spilt it was reported that As mrs. Lee prepared to fill the Gas tank on the Rashling machine a Quantity of the gasoline spilled on the floor. A kerosene stove nearby which was being used to heat water for the washing provided the spark which caused the gasoline to explode. The Borning gasoline covered or. Lee s hands and arms and burned both legs severely. The Accident happened about 5 45 a in. Calla for help Bhe immediately called for help and roomers upstairs rushed Down to extinguish Tho Blase and to Call will serve As hostesses in charge for a doctor and ambulance. Of the program assisted by members of the Short Story division As floor hostesses. M c. Y. Cannon will head the still conscious altho suffering greatly from the Burns. Or. Lee was rushed to the Hospital. The physician called on the Case committee in charge of the Tea ported that mrs. Lee had Little table Chance to survive. Siamese twins will graft new skin on burned girl Washington tur a a Ltd Yeier with similar american products will be studied. Opening the announcement fixed March agriculture the 1938-1939 theme will be carried out in the following divisions and sub topics i. Agriculture and nature a 14 As the Date for opening Public safety Birds weather aquarium Clara Howard one individual. The i strange operation inking the two hearings on the proposed begot left stars Trees vegetables Flowers. Children if acc s Ful will tuns. Any Industry or mid visual soil. Animals milk food farm jew to graft m w a markets pets products farm to a 1 surge is to Giau m w Sam contract or inheritance the Book and Page that deed or contract is recorded on in the office of the county recorder the Date that real estate was occupied As a Homestead. No witnesses Are required of the application is filed with the As Sessor but if the application is filed with the county auditor it is necessary to have the signature of two property owners in the Cit town or township acknowledged by. Ola boy allowed science to make a notary Public him a siamese twin saturday to applications must be filed on Tiu bit1 a a year old girl to become or b Roro jni1, a t0 a a eel pc a Normal human being. Cred a for he Yeara a a a 0 a. An vim file Tull Sli literal ply on taxi a due in 1939. Applies j made John Mel in isomer and to on Tala tit made each year air dais announced at the Hudson motor cur com i committee which is headed by Pany where a new Low priced t Glenn Frank former president of car will go into production soon j . University of Wisconsin. 6,000 men will be employed be Jug running mate in the 1936 Al fore the end of next week. Lotion col. Frank Knox of Chicago Many of the 35,000 workers at the Ford motor company a River Rouge Plant Laid off before Christmas will be rehired a was soon As business conditions per Alii according to Harry Bennett head of the Ford personnel department. Biggers gives jobless report also declined to serve on the committee but former vice president Charles g. Dawes said he was a ready to serve the Republican party and the program committee in any the break Between the so called Hoover and Landon factions of the Republican party first Apo red Over the Issue of an off year convention plan proposed by or. Hoover. In the committee on program i an outgrowth of the Hoover plan. To Dold dinner Henry Wallace will be speaker Des Moines la. Us a Iowa democrats will hold their first rally of 393s saturday night when More than 1,000 members of the party gather Here for the All state Jackson Day Bacquet. The diners will pay $25 for a St a dinner that will Cost $2.25 a plate. Break in cold is promised for Iowa Snow anticipated Des Moines la. Or a a break in the cold wave wac cd has sent temperature in Iowa to their lowest level of 1938 a promised for tomorrow by the u. S. Weather Bureau. Temperatures ranging from to below to to above Are expected tonight but it will not be As cold in Central and West portions As it was last night the forecast Aid. Light Snow and slowly using temperatures Are anticipated for Secretary of agriculture Henry the slate tomorrow. A. Wallace a native iowan will be i the lowest temperature Reno the principal speaker. He is esd this morning a 13 below at the Horn Stead tax credit. Washington of a John a a., Frt in ii i0,. ,. A. Been interpreted to indicate Dis township and town assessors of Luff ers administrator of the vol approval of hoovers con mention View �?�9 bund uni fairs famous people. On the body of the Little girl Lova j. J. A ,1?. Noel late it budding luxuries building a Repine fish seared by a fire in 19 was set As me i Terita a common things about North Carolina Mon than a year which written briefs must be filed a a Winter preparations Weed ago. With the committee for reciprocity fn8ectgt of and features. I seared information or notice of expects a business and professions a j or it Robert e. Moran surgeon a Ion to appear at the Public hear nurseries merchandising produce who per form a the operation at Dairying fisheries Modi inc Taw emergency Hospital said the chd and teaching. I Dren were a doing tin relies 3. Churches a Early modern. 4. Communication�?telephone., Telegraph. Incision mall Pio-l88 Buim 80 All Trade treats Neer signalling newspapers Safe under the Trade anc5. Education schools Pioneer Story county met at the courthouse unitary census j in ,., to president Roosevelt sat plan in Nevada saturday to make plans a a a j urday that 3,209,211 p. Sons Reg for their work. I. In logs to present Oral views state department officials were pleased that a Trade treaty with great Britain is at last nearing reality. Hull and his assistants Long have considered it the most important of contemplated agreements program. Great Britain is the United states Best foreign customer and the projected treaty is expected materially to boost the total Trade Between the to countries. A year ago the Little negro girl i was seared by a fire. Her flesh was burned so desperately that test your knowledge Cen you answer seven of these Teste questions turn to Page six for the answers. And modern and colleges. 6. Government a territorial state local famous statesmen and safety. 7. Health and recreation a foods cooking dwellings sanitation. Water Supply sewerage hospitals Camps Parks Library playground conservation and safety in recreation Home 8. Homes Pioneer and mod she did recover however but the flames left her body a mass of scar tissue so extensive that Lur right Arm was joined to her body. Surgeons were Able to replace a portion of the teared skin in grafting Ope rations. But the major Transfer of skin necessary to a store her to normalcy Perate measures line a skin donor willing t s of to be joined to h his blood Stream to estered As partially unemployed Ion nov. 20. Biggers said the enumeration was Only 57 percent Correct making it possible that 5.630,192 persons May have been partially Job less w Hen the census was taken. Oil the basis of this report and a previous one which listed a minimum of 7,822 91 2 and a maximum of 10,870,00 persons american cred completely jobless it was possible Bernstein once j that German jewish both men have eliminated themselves As potential presidential can u. S. Creditors of Bernstein will be paid us. 16,500.192 persons were slipping seeking either full or part time Berlin o doctors said she recon of Arnold wealthy in Agate now under criminal sen jobs in november Tenee for relating nazi Germany s j government experts have pre foreign Exchange Law will be paid dieted that at least 1,000 too peril full it was understood Satur hons have lost their jobs since pm furnishings architecture con-1 to enable a graft of �?T4 flesh Young since Las Dren hav Ven Lences and safety. 9. Manufacturing a Mills factories cheese building material buttons blankets cellophane canneries. Packing houses safety and food stuffs. To. Mining a Coal Gypsum and i. Name the chief City of South arg music drama Dakota. Sculpture literature painting aril. What is the political Aff Ilta Hite Ture and features Tion of senator Kenneth Mckellard 12. Transportation a safety. Of Tennessee j historic trails Pony express pack j he. 3. Why is it easier to swim in trains Prairie schooners of Tan a Jude a Alt water than fresh water railroads aviation Good roads bicycle and automobile. Volunteer Bonner november f been in enu Pital preparing flt surgeons Slit his Cut Roll d the Al and allowed the to in from his body bloodstream Only 4. From what country was the territory of Alaska purchased 5. Name the chief body of our planetary system. 6. Which state of the u. S. Has the smallest area 7. Who was the greatest greek mathematician and Geometric Ian of Antiquity declares democrats must be consistent Only a i the two children Gens completed one end of John a severed from his i was made in to it ii the Flash tube i their bleed sir Ani still i swathed in band quire Des g her with Lermit him to permit i with her ounces of 0 Tanto red. A two Chil Eucy bos-1 opera Tion. I an 18 Inch 1 to a 1 a Rig it tube a ted to ills j extra cull-1 1 aesthetic i d As Sui. Opta Ion. J tuba was j Day. Bernstein s companies were indebted to americans to the extent of $3,000,000. It was understood that Julius Berger appoint i by the government trustee of bernsteins steamship lines at the time of his arrest a year ago has made arrangements to pay off his debt at the rate of $200,0e0 a year Bernstein convicted Friday and sentenced to serve two and oms half years in prison and pay a Fine of $400, himself of ail assets last week it was said when he turned Over his majority holdings in his lines to Berg these will be sold and the pro a a a pay Bis Fine the 1 in i then Biggers expects to give a detailed account of the employ i ment picture next w Eek when to articles appears before the special Senate faraway committee now studying Unzem pushed her ploy ment and Relief. Syphilis tests urged by Drake student Council Landon tight lipped silence and Independent action generally have petted to discuss pending Federal j spirit Lake farm legislation and out Loe the j it was to below to Waterloo co results he believes can by a com Jar Falls and Iowa Falls eight a lashed through an Erer Normal below at Charles City five below granary. At Cherokee and Auburn four b8 gov. Nelson g Krasch a will be Low at Sioux City three below at dilates in 1940 but neither has it other main speaker Hilt he has Washington two below at Omaha shown a willingness to relinquish not Desclos i the nature of his sub it. Ayr and Dubuque one below leadership of the Republican her 1 Lect Archy to the other. The fact that j \ meeting of the democratic Knox and Landon both sent up j Static Antral committee has been fus Alt saturday was believed incl called to this afternoon by eds Eastern portions of the state but a a Hon that neither is in sympathy Birmingham chairman. Plans for cloudiness will bring Light snows with the purposes of the committee the approaching primary Cam j to the Western portion tonight Tho on program nor or. Hoover pro pain Are expected to be discussed retort speakers a presented at the banquet saturday night the diner will hear a broadcast of president Roosevelt Jackson Day speech at Washington. The broadest starts at 8 30 p. In. Iowa time. A every county will be represented at the i a dinner a Birmingham Sai a it will he the largest democratic turnout for such a banquet in Iowa to Mil. T Des Moines acad Zero at Davenport Oakland and Ottumwa. Fair weather is forecast tor weather Bureau said. Faraway stores will open Dere Dos Moin is to Drake University St a adopted a Rotor lug that stud its Tim hers be compelled to Waterman test Dur cereus a set t North Germai Erica line was Ding for then at Washington up a sen a Thor h. Vandenberg r., mich., saturday declared that a cooperative Effort by Bushless Tabor and Jive tape the 8. What is the name for a ship government to combat the races tined to bad until abandoned at i Sion was impossible until a the then they will be 9. What is the Middle name of administration confesses its sins 1 their Beds but St Henry a Wallace Secretary of and adopts a consistent policy. By the tube of flex calling for a cessation of a the few weeks of the hymn of hate Quot Vandenberg said that the Jackson Day speeches of president Roosevelt and Secretary of Interior Harold a takes Satur graft of the 24 Day night will show Quot which Shell j the seared they have the Ball body. An incision girls Elbow. 1 aerie and iit5rmingkd. Nelt j Iowa state now is about 5,550 i and ashes will be con Hon week o it was Anniv results of in Cou dem data the n urged irn met sons infects Council offer pay for Treasa y. The univ ult me be 1 determine v will by come or a the taut Council Ion demand acuity my is submit to to g regional semester. The com iced i May. In rests would be in by University o mullein said. It a site treatment for p with syphilis and t i part of its funds sent if it were Nee s. S. Sid Dent h. A tary Tri astir As vice part this com Stort i her tors w ill the it pm old to h who f incorporation for inc Wert Public Urdaz was listed As press Gunde soil As acre a and Wilma Bent j Dent. J h in pin its to open t to j n in the m a future one i a d one at Boone. Head Quad la new Iowa corporation established in Ames and be and More a 111 be about May i Illy the South half of the a location was sold to Stouder of Antes i p i construct a new store p say stores inc. The new will be a retail grocery t idling a full line of Gro a leat.-, fruits and veg�-1 v he i lore have to inst Allrn $5 a mom Bini Inch of Tho ban i it Ana it 1 a floor tin a than 1,000 tic id for and that in purchased i plan�?$10 Down my Cost at toffees a w Tab the total id be Bell a Fri there will be tit Irmi mid Psi durable Amite banquet he split Between be democratic h some Money county commit nurse is killed As automobile runs off Road Grinnell la. Tur a Mildred Cross 27, Oskaloosa la Nur Serwaa killed and two companion were injured Friday night when their automobile ran off Highway 6 four Miles cast of Hern the injured were car Gustafson Marshalltown and Vincent England. Oskaloosa. They were taken to St. Francis Hospital but the condition of neither was reported serious. Gustafson a driving. Neither of Tho injured Mon were Able to give a Clear account of the Accident. It was believed Gustafson lout control after a tire blew out. Ity Council of will meet Jai Ether the res school Rule. Ii a agriculture to. Was Maine one of the original 13 states Torayo a common error suggest May be pronounced either Sugs just or Sun jest Ces Ful and John s of of the Little girl d Cut him Loose Aud a Winter Quarter registration of 6,550 Studt lits Ai Iowa state College a new record enrolment slightly above that for the fall Ray next we. A Quarter of 1987, was indicated owed to leave saturday according to registrar will be joined j. R. Sage. Perhaps in a at 5 o. Rn., Friday 5,815 regu he la were Turati j no Ahon is sue a student and 189 a a Denis j saturday when a drizzling seven h los Are ice slides now Rome up a Rome a Ned iving ramp Ronnel of the new d about 15 years it retail food dealers 1 d. Till new store a titans filed with that or will be located o 10 by too feet of the he North half of the by the Ames trim Bank. Will be Leas. Aunt Lindy says c 11 y the a ii u d for Roudabush resigns to become head of Rochester u dept. J i i instruct it m 1 a ailment at Lull seven slides no franchise Clinton la or a Complete return stowed saturday that Clinton voters Defeated a proposes joins that we and left the streets under a gins a a1 to Grant the interstate Power Moran Windlasses or musical classes a tots it j a in upset t about j. Of 5,494, had registered e,5q More registered saturday Sheet of ice. Company a 25 year franchise. The bus traffic was stopped after a final count showed the electric of skin Over graduate you dentil Quot were Rlee of crashes and buses and i franchise was Defeated 5,221 to 2, morning. Ai glarus Given until noon saturday to end roil. Automobiles which skidded sidewalk or co 11 id so. Out 09 while the Gas franchise lost 5, 160 to 1,985, l. Roudabush the entomology Iowa state allege has resigned Bis position to become head of the Nolde biological Supply department of wards National science com Pany at the University of Rochester Rochester n. Y. J. H. Cochran graduate assistant in the same department has accepted a position As assistant i Iron ably understands the Al entomologist for thu poet com j Hectric switch better Nhi Pany Wilmington Del j1 u u i does the Hazel switch. Bolti resignations were it feet Ive 2 , 3 the average child of today

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