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Ames Daily Tribune And Times Newspaper Archives Jan 4 1938, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - January 4, 1938, Ames, Iowa Official Ames and 8tory county paper Ames daily Tribune weather forecast and times Universal in the Ames territory fair and colder tuesday night and wednesday temperature a men noon 315 tues. 12 30 a. Rn., 20 1 30 p. Rn., 37. Precipitation none vol. 71 no. 159 United pres wire service Ames Iowa tuesday januray 4, 1938 official Ames and Story county paper three cent sold Central school sold for $125 ordinances Coal Are Laid aside vessel meets fiery end after japanese air attack local dealers Are apparently not interested two ordinances aimed at establishing a Public weigh master for the purpose securing weights Coal delivered in Ames by outside truckers monday night were Laid aside by the City Council following a Public hearing the ordinances which had been passed first Reading. Objections to the ordinances were presented by Carl Smedal and Harold Hegland attorneys representing a number Coal truckers Many whom witnessed the hearing in the City Hall. Monopoly asking the Council a Are you try lug to protect the ultimate cons urn to create a local monopoly Secretary state Speaks Here thursday Roland baby is Winner like an Echo the Panay incident is the soldering Hulk the British Steamer tuck to. Which by medal delved into the Iowa code j Urne j Waters Edge near Wuhu the upper Yangtze River after feeling bombed in japanese emphasising the Point that All air British ship As Well As three american Oil company ships suffered a similar Fate commodities sold Iii bulk including Coal must be accompanied j with a ticket showing Gross net and Tare weights. As far As the question Hon esty is concerned Smedal argued a it makes Little difference whether the Coal is weighed a scale too Miles away from Ames in upheld following the presentation Iii the reckless Aerial bombardments. City $25,000 William Cramer for underpass Dies in Ohio will be paid the City Council monday night approved a Resolution authorize objections Marion Hirschburg City attorney reported that the Jins the payment $25,000 As the dingoes had been upheld by the j City a share in the Cost the supreme court. Quot the state Law grand Avenue underpass. The Gross Tare and net this payment was authorized in quires _. Weights and also the name sell accordant with the vote taken and consumer. Few these out j last year in which Ames voters know who the approved the Transfer $25,000 noted for work education in town truckers the consumer will be. From the it fund to pay Quot the proposed ordinance is not local share in this project. In conflict with the state Law the difficulty lies in enforcement a Hirschburg stated. The Council expressed some concern Over the fact that none the local Coal dealers thought to be most interested in the passage these ordinances were present to argue their Side the Case. It was this Lack Intel Cost hates for the various streets affected by the construction the in i Der pass after the underpass is in the however it was agreed by the Council that actual payment Tho Money would not be made until after the City and state Highway commission enter into a contract whereby the commission assumes All responsibility for indemnities and costs possible future actions against Tho City in connection with this project. Tho City will establish Grade the ordinances which caused Council to Lay them aside. In the. Ordinal in Sandal first pointed out hat one w played part Ilia Ai Illume a is 1,1 monday night the application anyone with a a ale by mar info rate is a Las a a the state Cana theer permit for the Olympia Candy become a pub cd weigh master. However the Natter i Kitchen paying to tor a Public weigh masters License is opt tonal. Not certain at 123 main Street. The permit for this place was revoked in december 1936, after police had arrested several per thus he argued if local scale owners do not wish to become Public weigh master then the sections in the second ordinance referring to Public weigh master fall because you have not established As a certainty a Public weigh master i a you can to leave this to surmise j Aud speculation if you plan to enforce this Law a Smedal said. Referring to the provision in the proposed ordinance which would give police authority to Stop Aud impound loads trucker who fused to weigh their loads local july Smedal stated Quot the ordinance sons for intoxication and disturbing the peace. The Council expressed the opinion that the permit would not be granted until the owner secured a manager other than the one who was in charge a year ago when the permit was revoked. Coffee forums to open Friday for Winter Quarter funeral services for William Ferris Cramer 82, former member the vocational education department at Iowa state College and for Many years an Active teacher in Iowa who died at Lakewood o., monday w ill be held at 2 p. I wednesday from the Adams Chapel birra1 will lie in the College cemetery. Or. Cramer was born March 7, 1855 near Johnston o., when he was very Young his parents moved to Brighton la., and he was graduated from the Washington Academy at Washington la. He was graduated from Cornell College in 1877, and secured his advanced degree from Iowa state College in 1917. Teacher before coming to Iowa state. Or. Cramer taught in numerous schools in Iowa and Illinois. He served As superintendent schools at Waverly. Iowa City red Oak and Atlantic and at Waukegan 111. He also was principal a Sioux City High school. From 1919 to 1020 he was an agent for the Federal Board vocational education at Kansas City mo., in several midwestern states. Or. Cramer we As a member the Iowa state College staff from 1920 to 1930. During his educational career he came in close Contact with veterans rehabilitation activities served the Board trustees Cornell College and the executive committee the Iowa state teachers association and organized the civics club in 1889 while at Sioux City. Wed 50 year he was a Meme the congregational Church and several Mas . Average taxpayer to keep account Robert l. Of Brian Iowa sew retard state will he in the featured speaker thursday evening at a dinner meeting sponsored by the Ames democratic women a club in the Sheldon Muon hotel he will talk a the Cost gov Secretary Brian is a i to be a forceful speaker having a wealth knowledge government and its Workings. Reservations for the dinner to by served at 6 30 May be made by phoning either mrs. Steven her. 1935 . Ralph Mayo 146 mrs. A. E. Moser. 2093. The general Public is invited to attend. Committees the democratic women club making Arr a nge a ments for the meeting include j speaker comm rite mrs. W b. I Acheson mrs. Harry Dunlap Gen eral arrangements. Mrs. Ralph Mayo. Mrs. A. E. Moser reception. Mrs. L. B. Schmidt mrs. J. I Lunier mrs. Carl Little mrs Adolph Shane finance mrs. W. M. Vernon mrs. Helen Harter ticket sales mrs. St veil her mrs. E. J. Lizard mrs. Anton Christensen mrs. Loui Devries mrs. Of b. Lech nor . Jack Peck and mrs. Miller Strayer. 1938 Derby Jerry Dean Sevde is born 4 minutes past Midnight daily Des Moines to. Iowa press association a a How often does the government dip into taxpayers pocket and How Many and dollars does it obtain a Des Moines Man whose identity is being kept secret at his req term tar Sci ring Dot the Trace every tax Penny and Dollar he u. S. Deficit is millions me Congress is awaiting budget report Washington Vav a the Orcas Ury disclosed monday that the government ended the first six months Tho 1037-1933 fiscal a i ear with a iwo tacit a u j Toa a it j 701,120. I the six months figure was made pays in 1938, for the Tribune and pubic while Congress awaited 30 other member papers the president Roosevelt a 1938-39 Bud onic orders . Cramer was Marr 1881 to miss Lone j. Northfield Minn. They a their fiftieth wedding Ani the popular Coffee forums will says that the trucker must pay not j a inaugurated Friday afternoon less than $2 to have his truck at Iowa state College when a leased Good will team Quot dc1 Moines maximum discuss Quot understanding and. A _ preserving serving Here in 1931 mrs Cran Quot the Law says that you May is team will be rabbi but up in and w As Buri continued luge seven Gene Mannheim r b Nai by Lith e i a. Cemetery surviving him Are four Alice Cramer Chi cart Iowa daily press association. Lie will make 12 reports during the year one at the end each month. The Man reporting this year is a White Collar worker earning approximately $2,250 a year Baa two dependents drives a car rents an apartment pays state Aud Federal income tax buys a Small amount liquor smokes Cigar ets pays social Security taxes and will run into a few other taxable items during the year. This is the third time the Iowa daily press association has traced a Sample taxpayer s contributions to bus government. In 1936 an Quot average Farmers paid a total $244.55, but received a refund $21.63 from the state sales and income tax surplus to reduce the net figure to $222.92. In 1935, end Quot average City taxpayer $1,601 salary paid a total -195 in taxes. No individual taxpayers report was traced in 1937. The $2,250-a-ayear taxpayer expects to he Able to Trace every to and state tax which comes get estimates and revised for easts for the current fiscal year. The president will Send in budget message to Congress wednesday. Receipt up in his last budget revision in october the president estimated that the net deficit for the entire la Yeti year would approximate $695,000,000. Receipts for the first six Mouths aggregated $3,176,213,515, exceeding income for the same period last year by slightly More than a billion dollars. Spending totalled $8,821,283,286, exceeding outgo for the same period last year by approximately $270,000,000, the Gross deficit which includes $38 367,650 expenditures for debt retirement aggregated $645,-063,770. It compar d with a deficit $1,394,523,665 last year. Increase the Public debt stood Ai 291,518. An Iller ase $1 in Jerry Dean infant son and mrs Otis Sevde Roland in Howard township was acclaimed w inner tuesday noon the 193s baby Derby Spone ired by the Ames daily Tribune and a group Ames merchants. This baby Derby proved to no less exciting than shall we say Tim Kentucky Derby for just As the baby Derby editor was sitting Back and inking the winning entry was in there appeared another entry. Even the second entry lost out what Quot forty five minutes before the deadline for receiving entries tuesday noon . G. E. Dubois Mccallsburg presented an affidavit that he had officiated at the birth Jerry Dean Jan. I at just four minutes past Midnight at the Sevde Home in Roland. Seventh Jerry Dean is the seventh child in the family. He a three Brothers and three Sisters. On new years Day the birth a son to . And mrs. B. C Schu Lin Kemper Ames was reported from the a y Greeley Hospital by . A e. My Harland . On monday a affidavit was received from . D. H. Nord Cambridge which placed Little Shirley Ray Lewis a Orn to . And mrs Mil Ford Lew is at 2 53 a. In., new year s Day As the Likely Winner. But All dope was upset in the Derby by . I a rots entry. Gifts Ames trading territory included in this year s Derby was Howard a tuft Crim i Ion Lafayette Franklin Washington and Palestine townships in Story county and Harrison Jackson Colfax and Garden townships in Boone county. The winning baby and his parents will receive a number gifts donated by the following firms Ames Panto rom. Walsh furniture company Dixon drug store the Brown shop j. C Penney com Pany Brant Berg and aim. Oversteps furniture store Rushings i to. Food store. Coe Flower shop Moat in mrry Ward company Union Trust and savings Bauk Neil Dairy and Ames Tribune Iowa state s enrolment is Iowa a biggest other bidders ask Suo to tear it in the fall Quarter 1937 Iowa a slate College for the first time in history Reg red the highest full wrecking work must be completed by March to the High bid the Cohen Brothers Iron and Metal company Des Moines offering the Ama the time student enrolment in the state and surpassed that the state University Iowa. The enrolment figures were released by the Magazine school and society. The Iowa state enrolment this fall was 5,423 As compared with 5,145 at the University Iowa Iowa stat stood Twenty ninth in Board education $25 for enrolment among Al College and old Central school building was universities Tho United states j accepted by the Board monday and Tho University Iowa ranked night at a meeting in Whittier thirty second. The Iowa state per school. Cent age increase during the past in the High bid the Des Moines Lear was seventh in Tho nation concern offered to pay $125 for the leading the list in Tho nation were building and in turn will wreck California Columbia. Minnesota the school remove All debris and and Illinois. I will take the Brick and other main Iowa the third state support trials except furnishings and de school Iowa state teachers col equipment listed by the Board to lege had full time enrolment remain the property the Board. I 24 Drake was fourth with three bidders 1,113 Grinnell fifth with 783 Coe sixth with 638 Cornell seventh with 597 and Morningside eighth with 531. Teruel Battee is stalemated loyalists say rebel offence failure the bid was the highest three i bids submitted. J. F. Herbei and company Cedar rapids submitted a bid proposing a payment by the Board $1,500, All Salvage to so to the bidder and ted Hall inc., Den asked $1,565, plus All salv.,. Terms the bid require that wrecking will not Start before Jan. 22. The end the semester and that the wrecking be completed and All debris removed not later than March to. The wrecker also assumes All liability in ease Accident. Fenced off during this wrecking the Board Hen i a y a frent a Spanish Frontier Fly Hgt a the grim Battle Between Spanish loyalists and rebels for the old town Terne reached a morn eat Ary stalemate f will place a Fence acess the Cen tuesday dispatches indicated that the rebel offensive one into which the insurgents had put everything they a stopped. For six Days the pick the trial school Yard from North to South. Thus the wrecking concern will operate the West half the lot and the excavation concern will \ a a his vae in a it Hail. Tow a a Ling project is not a part the 3 Iowa state students at Ohio session a1 too since the Start year and $2,873,000,000 year. The Treasury was in from his income. It w ill he possible j regarded us a Good Ca to Check Only a Small portion j at the end c his Federal taxes for Many arc its working concealed in the prices products f 114,608. The 137,279,->55,Coo,-fiscal in last that pm led i bean in rated i Ersary i died a j j in the a consumer buys. Follow the monthly it this Iowa taxpayer in the shortly after month and cot your own. Lie pan first his tax it i p cled to i during the be borrowing cd however will the i increasing the the first six balance was Cash position further Strei next w operations was lion Iantha. Have the Public it As exile nod in by ii i c h. It test your knowledge synagogue father Robert Walsh Dowling College and the Rev. Stoddard Lane pastor ply a a a a Mouth congregational Church. Grainer Linum Willard Johnson Dean men at j 11 Galesburg. 111., an Drake University and Secretary Martin Lakewood the de Moines organization made his lome with t can you answer seven it these test questions turn to Page five for the answers. 1. What is la name the science antiquities 2. Name the fourth president the United states 3. Into which River does the red j River flow 4. Name the president the am Erica farm Bureau federation j 5. What is the birth Stone for 1 june a 6. Which president the i7, s. I appointed the first civil serv ice commission ? 7. What is an arboretum 8. What state Arthur h. Vandenberg r., represent in the Ltd s. Senate 9. Name a alphabet 10. Which state. Are officially called commonwealths the National Council jews and christians will be interlocutor. The forum will be held in the Oak room memorial Union from 4 to 5 15 p. In. The Public is invited to attend the forum.-. Who it h will by held weekly during daughter for the past also surviving Are to children. Children by n. Of cram c. T. He bad latter it years grand Ersland chairman Story county japs demanding control posts supervisor Board j settlement the Winter Quarter. Cox honoured by / ceramics group i cd Uncle feared kidnapped found to have eloped i Paul e. Cox head Ceramic engineering at Iowa state College has been select a on1 two nominee for Dean the fellow the american Ceramic Millet. Til is honorary group consisting the 300 outstanding older members the society conducts the scholarly activities the the third letter the Ceramic profession such Asen co urging research. Cox recently became nationally known for publication an Iowa engineering Experiment. I bulletin the use Toavs common error Tje production Ceramic Art by is in a it i. Mica rude Burnett 17-Ya Harry b Nett tor company wag no i night to Russell he urn ind., it was Ann Bennett Home tues j search for the cd j theory they had he had been one the spread in Michigan it Early tuesday morn lice aft assigning j flyers to the Case c j Elal details the a i facility the state station presumably Bennet a Gert laughter Ord to monday at Auh i at the1 Nevada a Slater was tier Story county b for 19, that a rec monday. Fr1, charge the and Palestine i Grant and was retiring Manger j c. Eri Ard Supe Shanghai authorities in three Iowa state College student. Marguerite Root and Paul i Morgan amps and de Hergen j rather Sydney Ohio., were i among the 1,850 student delegates attending the National Assembly student Christian Airo i relations at Miami University Oxford. Of dec. 27 to Jan. I which sent telegrams to National political Industrial and labor j Lead. In. The Assembly voted to Send a Telegram to Henry Ford urging that he open his factories to Union me Hern and to William a Green president the a f. Land to John a Lewis head the c i asking them to unite message were also sent to pres i Dent Roosevelt to House and sen ate leaders urging that they not give support to the Hill Shepherd t Hill which provides that in time War the United states govern Mcner would take Over All the nations industries. Following agitation in favor a sending Relief to the students Japan and Kina was raised by the Assembly for student a die Ald in the warring Roun loyalist and rebel armies bad fought in Snow and ice ill fed 111 Clad under a Day and night rain death from artillery machine guns and air planes. It was indicated that the Point absolute exhaustion was reached monday and that fresh troops must to sent into the lines to carry . Dispatches from the loyalists show a Plain guarded surge Hope that the rebel offensive had failed. The feeling seemed to be that even if the it Bela dbl sue Reed now in recapturing tor Uel taken from them a few Days before Christmas their Long Laid plan for a Gigantic drive to Cut Valencia from Barcelona Ami Madrid from both wast by abandoned rain driven by winds that shrieked through the Hilly country turned the roads to slush and ice and added to the misery the men in the front lines. They i could not have fires because fires j would be targets for artillery. They could get food Only Hap Hazard 1>. And to jammed were i the icy roads that reserves i the Way to relieve them were j j delayed. Pm a school building program the excavation will be a part the pm v work. Bids for the excavation the basement for the new school will be opened by the school Board at a special meeting in Whittier school tuesday night. Boone doctor to speak cancer Here Stock Market is rambling big armaments new York her a a the Market advanced tuesday bad armament shares. Ranged to my Bonds mad1 f wheat Rose Bushel. Cot to toll a bal1. The Marks than 6 irregular St to 3 a my Gums co mum gov Rome . E. M. Myers Boone physician and surgeon president the Iowa state medical society will speak Quot cancer in Ames monday Jan. To in the auditorium the first methodist Church. Or Myers is being Brot Bere by the i i id study division the Ames woman a club and his talk will be a feature the january general Assembly the club. The meeting monday is open to the Public and All persons interested Are invited to attend. The program Wilt Start at 2 30 p. It. Or Myers has been a practising physician to Boone since 1004 and has been keenly interested in the work the state medical society for Many years. He it a graduate Northwestern University. Also the program will be must. Gains i Cibij lumbers by mrs. J. C. Schiller Points. Ter id Vance. I Hoe teases for the meeting Are cents a j Yurg it a p Neff chairman. Mrs ranging John Harlan mrs Roger Williams i mrs. Ii. W. Schneider and mrs. Ralph Morris. Stock under a. No a chairman Nev ads i. T c mar will la in the Dun Ped w Ide charge Ard Lafayette Laud towns Ipi c. L. Moral revise the co Ford. Sherman ads an i Collis the follow we a made a Warryne pc in i peat for Stroni Butin j sold in Isth. J Polios the sures t Cut Ernat Tom he Japan rates from 170 it i Lite states and i tries failed to agr lion in regard to to. Pledge. Retitle a in favor to in addition the accept the presi cob Grets As Conder anticipated cooperation wish recovery let today for 12 Ard Oil new it part Dent let a to a nubs i ire raft. Other a $10 for intoxication Elmer Carr Ames late monday pleaded guilty in the Ames municipal court to charges intoxication and was fined $10 and Cotta. D in pledge u to Smuts but Al new town is. K ent year draining in it troll to a. Mccord. To Poi Al and in la night led in ape fore every police and Urr aching Clay in police at the Ford company which he wag chief were thrown if that univ count mat to urinary g. A. Kimball n the court Hou it a a Purkhiser Nevada Evans. Rid jail tax Al member that Talari St the oar never pronounce says Les Gat say amateurs signals. And Small scale profes-1 into the search. Department j jurisdiction i Justice agents Sbano were called in. Jed. A ill an in w hich the remain in promised to in curb anti Japan take a Udu cons the Japan a i representation i the embassy that no simile i made to office Concession a i Legal status. A request Fot Tauese tic1 so j whole did not take action. Henry p. Van Dos n. Dean i Union theological Seminary in new York City. And t. Z. Roo chinese vice president the world student Christian federation were principal speakers at the Assembly closing event the conference a tile largest inter racial interdenominational communion services Ever held. It r Hon arly new a and Wilt be n Bonds. Aunt Lindy says that hoi i pokes a quest the had i has a diff ret fast driving j. L. Mill r vines wag fined $5 in the Ames municipal court tue Day morning when he pleaded guilty to charges fast driving Hudson to double Force and invade Low Price Field pm Hudson motor a bounced till Day out vie its present work Ani Spafth $11,000,000 in de Phot car Eony pan ing f the next. Per a1 anti a referred to for Eton oiled language As writ As vernacular newspaper to added. I weeks in production a new Low priced automobile. Announcement was mad but a. E. Bant president the company at a special meet in 8 dealers Ami publisher Here j body feels like maybe there a in More peace j j Earth at this Christmas sea i \ son if there weren to so Many i nations trying to get a v piece. I

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