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Ames Daily Tribune And Times Newspaper Archives Dec 18 1935, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - December 18, 1935, Ames, Iowa I use classified ads i i to buy sell Exchange or Beni a Telephone 2400 j i Ames daily Tribune a and times weather forecast Clear thursday with net much change in temperature. Temperature a tues. I p. In 34 wed. 8 30 a. In 22 2 p. In. 34. in thames territory vol. 69 no. 144 official Ames and Story county paper Ames Iowa wednesday december 18, 1935. United press wire service three cent Santa Claus will arrive Friday Weib reelected head of Story c0.farihddrea0 g. O. P. Generals map plan of attack for 1936 Campaign j Fred Randall of Ames is new vice president Nevada a. P. Teig of Roland was re elected president of Story county farm Bureau at organizations annual meeting held tuesday in methodist Church Here. Fred Randau of Ames formerly Secretary of Bureau was elected to office of vice president while Wayne cleverly of Maxwell succeeds him As Secretary. B. A. Dodds of ame.1/ was re elected treasurer mrs. J. I. Mather of Ames was again named girls 4-h club chairman mrs. R. E. Tony of Nevada was re elected women s Home project chairman and James a. Dale of Nevada was named boys 4-h club chairman. Township directors ratified at j annual meeting were la-1 Fayette William Peterson Howard k. P. Teig Lincoln and North Sherman g. Womeldorff Franklin m. J. Vilmont Milford Charles Fantz Washington Clyde Black Grant o. F. Nelson new Albany and South Sherman John Donnelly Union t. E. Adams Indian Creek Wayne cleverly Collins f. C. Kingman. Liege crowd one of largest crowds in Many years gathered for meeting which opened at 10 30 a. In. And continued thru out Day. A covered dish dinner was served at noon. The morning was devoted to reports on various phases of farm Bureau work there was a musical program at noon and assistant Iowa Secretary of agriculture h. C. Aaberg speaker of Day addressed crowd in afternoon. Aion were Given by Fred Randau of Ames Secretary of. A. Dodds of Ames treasurer Homer Duea of Ames mrs. J. I. Mather of Ames club agent Melvin h. Goeldner Joe Duea of Ames w. L. Lobaugh of Nevada h. Bierma of Nevada William Maakestad of Nevada t. G. Lundy of Zearing and county agent h. J. Montgomery. In its resolutions passed during afternoon Story county farm group voiced its approval of aaa program deploring fact that some writers Are at continued on Page three new electrical heating system into operation Eden admits Africa peace plan is dead is first in country under municipal ownership Davis Reed faces Long familiar in g. O Edge Fletcher a hereon Brown chairman of National committee George Akerson former Secretary to Harbert Hoover i and Walter Brown of Ohio former invasion ovules a rights con yes agreed that principal attack on new Deal would be charges of waste incompetence and an electric heating system thru which Ames residents May secure Low priced electricity for heating water was inaugurated wednesday noon when mayor w. L. Allan pressed a Button in City Light Plant putting into operation machinery for off Peak Heath 4 system which has been installed at Light Plant during past three months. This off Peak heating system also known As a Carrier current system is a new Type of electric service now available in but six other cities in country. R. H. Miller Des Moines representative of general electric comp an a stated Here wednesday that system Here is first one to be installed in a municipal Plant. A Bohemian girls at Des Moines to be Given again by Rural people 20 pedestrians killed by cars during oct. New water tank bids Doe Jan. 6 a Bohemian girl a Light opera which Brot Iowa National recon Des Moines Twenty of 60 persons killed in Iowa Auto accidents in october were Pedes j trials it avas reported tuesday to have 300,000 Gal. Capacity bids for construction of a Niton last june will be repeated Patata 00.-. state. Of 930 persons in by its All Rural cast Jan. 16 in Jared 159 were pedestrians. Shrine Temple in Des Moines Dir Secretary a report showed ing Iowa farm Bureau federa that 66 pedestrians were struck Tion meeting. At intersections 34 were struck a opera will be presented at while crossing Between intersect request of federation mrs i10118 Ard 28 were listed As care Edith Barker 01 extensions a most of Auto accidents of by mrs. Alex Miller Secretary of a 300�?T00� a on water rank end Tow vice at Iowa state College an Bruno May have Surprise witness Trenton. No Obj Bruno Richard Hauptmann May have a Surprise witness before court of pardons condemned Many a spiritual advisor Rev. John Matthiesen of Trinity lutheran Church said wednesday. The Surprise witness is a lawyer whom Bronx Carpenter consulted Long before his arrest As Lindbergh baby kidnapper pastor said. Hauptmann asked attorney How he should go about disposing of effects of his Friend Sador Folsch who died in Germany. Curved at night when sky noticed tuesday a a Demontra wag Kar it men Drivers were in Tion of three Points first revolved in largest share of suit of a Long time program of accidents and lost control of music appreciation in Iowa Sec i far was Given As most com Ond what can be done thru Coop Mon cause of accidents. Most of elation and org. Niz Atlon and accidents occurred on dry third what Rural Talent ran do 1 Quot Hole a a involved when discovered and direct re Bra Light ahead a a report stated. The cast for january per Highway death toll for Mormance n virtually same a october was two less than for that which presented it on j october 1934, and 16 less than or to replace 50,000 gallon tank now in use will be received up to 5 p. Rn., Jan 6 at City managers office it was announced at City Council meeting monday night. Bids for this work estimated to Cost around $18,c00, will be opened by City Council at Jan. 6 meeting at 8 p. In. The construction of water tank and Tower is part of Bra project calling for laying of 450 feet of Mains construction of new and dismantling of old Tower and construction of a warehouse. The Cost of entire project has been estimated at $28,100, of watch starting several members of i y Council. City manager John am. A and employees of Light Plant were on hand to witness stat ing of new electricity system. The new system was installed at a Cost of about $2,200. I at present time there Are Ames Public j none beating systems hooked up with this off Peak system. There Heaters will receive electricity from Plant at such times As off Peak Power is available which will be during periods school children give Christmas program thur. Geneva tue Anthony Eden great Britain virtual admired at a session of league c it Uncil late wednesday French British proposals for settled tit of ethiopian War Are dead. He said Britain would not push plan if it was found unacceptable to Italy Ethiopia and league. Premier Laval of France made a speech similar to Eden s chowing that Britain Aud France Are in agreement. Both urged that Council should continue its efforts for conciliation indicating something other than French British proposals Chuld be considered. Eden said that if Italy Ethiopia or league fails to agree to proposals. Britain would not continue to recommend or support Eden added that if anyone of three parties concerned re con Luied on Page two children will sing Christmas Santa i o give away Candy after Parade 250 at Basket party tuesday san a Claus is coming to ame. Friday according to latest information received from Santa by ame junk r chamber of Commerce committee in charge of Christina program at music Pavilion la City Park and on main Street Friday night Santa Claus will put in his appearance at 7 25 p. In. F Christmas program will Start at 7 p. In. In City Park of which time All children of Ames ame school children will begin to enjoy Christ Mas Holiday in Earnest after 4 p. In. Friday when school close for annual Christmas and new year Holiday. Schools will reopen thursday morning Jan. 2. Students of schools will present Christmas pageant. Quot coat let us adore thursday evening at 7 30 in Public schools fieldhouse. The pageant will be directed by miss Edna Bower supervisor cd music in Ames schools assist d by misses Marian Bronson Matilda Martinson Olive Gui Lickson and Gladys Meade members of schools faculty. Pupils in filth thru ninth grades and Ames High school students will take part in elaborate production which has a Large speaking cast As Well As Many choruses. The Antes High girls glee club generous Christmas spirit of More than 250 Ames persons was shown tuesday night As they Brot articles of food As their. ,., Price of admission to Christ of Day and night when surplus my Basket party Prog Rara Elvin Large Supply of food is donated which 45 percent or $12,845. Has i also w ill present its annual can Iowa state Campus last june sex october 1933. During october cent that Paul Gustafson Lanyon will take place of Lester Dun 1394, 1,066 persons Ware injured and in october 1933. 1,255. The 1935 Highway toll for Ham. Crawford county As Captan l v a u \ la a a i. First to months is 464 dead and of guards. Other principal brother of George Veenker die tues. Fred Veenker 37, of Sioux Falls .4, a. It brother George a a in parts include prologue Reader. Regina Steele Williamsburg Ana Blanche Brobeil Sac City Arline As child Madelon Rowe ame Arline Virginia b. Mullan Norwalk count Arnheim Floyd George Janesville devils Hoof Fred r. Mitchell new Providence Queen Wilma Parker Nissen Wal nue Thaddeus Evan Davies Ca i Tana and Florestin Carl Ronggen Berg am a. Numerous members of col 8,273 injured. County awards contracts for Bridge material been granted thru pea. The contract for laying of water Mains was let recently and workmen for Ben Cole and set is Ames contractors who were Delight Carol service this week on Friday. The program is to be Given at 3 30 p. In. In High school Assembly. There wit be no admission awarded contract Are now charge for program but Utah Ker athletic director at Iowa state College died tuesday it was Learned Here wednesday. Fred Veenker w Ai employed at John Morrell and company packing Plant where an older brother Herman is superintendent. Or. And mrs. Veenker will leave thursday for Houx Falls and w ii attend funeral services there Friday Artemon Nevada a Story county j Board of supervisors tuesday awarded contracts for furnishing of Bridge materials to fro lege staff and farm Bureau i Ltd lumber and Supply federation will assist with i Cut Unipan a of Greene and water production. V. B. Hamilton an i j log on6truc, company f a mrs. Raymond Sayre of fed Erlow Erst on Are assisting mrs. Barker i Frudden company will sup with business management. Ply a Quality of lumber Aud piling mrs Sayre and miss Fannie r. For use on Bridge construction Iii Buchanan. Extension a ervice re i a a a a. Quot a Steung wit production in company re calved contract to furnish a gement. Prof. Tolbert Macrae head of department of music is music director prof. Sidney Stone department of Public speaking stage advisor miss Claudine Humble Extension service dramatic director and miss Buchan of steel beaut for $2, Quantity 457.10. Among other bidder on items were Des Moines steel company of Des Moines Pitts Burgh Des Mollei steel company _ of Des Moines Glen r. Newton ofor Ueland dance a Nevada w. W. Horras of Nevada. Busy with this part of project. In discussing need for bet ter water storage facilities in Ames John am s. City manager pointed out that average daily water consumption during summer is 750,000 Gallons with daily Peak consumption being 1,800,000 Gallons. The increased capacity of new tank will Ald materially in supplying water and will afford better pressure in cer Tain parts of City where pressure is Low. Or. Ames reported monday that water department plans to put in a new Large water main up Crawford Avenue and Over to thirteenth and grand within next few years. This main will be installed to afford greater pressure to Homes North of thirteenth Street. Ers will receive a free will offering at its close. The speaking cast for cantata is As follows innkeeper Mervin Coover boy Lester Horn Martha Marcella Begger Mary Barbara Fritsch Joseph Orville Parker Gasper a v Iseman Donald Weis electric current is generated Plant. Simple operation operation of off Peak control system is quite simple explained if j manager Ames. By Means of an impulse much like a radio signal water Heaters will All be controlled automatically from City Power Plant. The impulse is sent Over elected Power lines to operate a switch at each Heater which will turn it j on or off without attention from j Householder by use of i storage Type Heaters cons Usu j or is enabled to have hot water available at All times during i Jay. The off Peak current is sent out on a 720 Cycle frequency whereas i Normal current is of 60 Cycle. Equipment has also been installed so that with future development of use of off Peak current for Home use a current of 480 cycles May be used for other electrical purposes. By sending out electricity or other Wisemen Stanley Ben j on different cycles powder May Brook and Junior Baker Shep be 8ent out on electric herds Roger Fritsch David Sayre Loeb now in use at same Jay Wakley Warren priest Ken i Home explained or. Antes use Neth West and Howard Zimmer j of tw0 or a or a different Type of Man soldiers Jack Pilgrim and electricity on one line will eau Wheeler lumber company of Des Moines Nebraska Bridge and sup a test your knowledge at a rehearsal held in Ames monday 75 of cast. Including principals from 23 counties i ply company of Omaha Cen were present. Annual county farm Teal states Bridge and Supply Cor bin eau meetings and other event Pany of fort Madison and kept Many of original cast j plane Overto j from attending first rehearsal j Cit Bluffs said mrs Barker but practically company coun All have promised to take part. Can you answer seven of these int questions turn to Page two for answers. 1. When is Dawn 2. Name famous Indian Princess daughter of Powhatan who married John Rolfe. 8. What is isinglass 4. Is a Quot treasure Island a by re ber1 Louis Stevenson fiction 5. What is Parallax 6. Lader what pen name did c. L. Dodgson write Alices adventures in wonderland a 7. In which state is City of Daytona Beach 8. What is Large t inhabitant of Ocean 9. In which country b Isono River is there a age limit on hoi a is in Kentucky Derby Morgan will be called on War finance probe Accident drive gets underway John went. A Cal selections will in crude a come Allye faithful a All schools ted Marsh and Myron Arras with a ibo not afraid a nigh school boy glee a away in a Manger a no interference one with other thermostat control while release of off Peak current is controlled at plan by at High school auditorium under auspices of Ames Junior chamber of Commerce. More than 18 grocery boxes full of food was taken to storeroom in Junior chamber of Commerce club rooms following program. This food plus that being received Dally in barrels in Ames grocery stores will be placed in More than 300 baskets on Christmas eve and distributed among needy families in autes. Mayor w. L. Allan gave a Short introductory speech telling of purposes of program and Harry Collins president of Jaycees told How food would be distributed on Christmas eve. The Home Talent program which started about 8 p. In. A Well received by crowd which nearly filled auditorium. One skit not listed on program but which was booked late in afternoon was presented by Tom Mccarthy and Edward Schul Ting Kemper. These two youngsters presented a comical skit which Drew Hearty applause of crowd. Others donating their talents tor Benefit program were Iowa state College girls sextet directed by miss Rosalind Cook tap dancing by Beverly and Dorothy Dunlap saxophone solos by Arland grinder a one act skit by Mari Loras Kennedy Virginia Dyas and Virginia of Neil music by brass sextet of ame municipal band composed of and Vicinity win be invited to sing Christmas carols under direction of miss Edna Bower music supervisor to Ames so Tols. A brass Quat let from Ames municipal band will accompany songsters to Lead Parade following singing it Carol and tie arrival of Santa on his Sleigh. Santa will Lead a rude Westward on main Street. A platform will be placed on Douglas Avenue Between main and fifth Street from which Santa and members of Junior chamber of Commerce w in distribute Candy to children Vaughn Cook is chairman of Jaycee committee in charge of affair and Date Chenette director of Ames municipal band is in charge of program at music Pavilion. Open evenings a number of Ames stores which have already reported unusually head buying will remain open evenings until 9 p. In. On thursday Friday saturday and monday nights. Stores will be closed on Christmas eve. Name oui places in Ames have been gayly decorated with yuletide color. One of most out tangling dec ration is that on stage of music Pavilion where elate Chenette has constructed a holy City scene which is attracting considerable attention. The scene is lighted with various coloured lights and figure of three Wise men travelling to holy City stand out in Silhouette. Loud speaker during Christmas season loud speakers w ill be placed at Cornet of main Ste and Douglas. Kellogg and Burnett avenues Christmas music will be heard Over this system during Day club All a in each borne will be controlled _,.ai a thermostat explained or schools a Christmas night a High am school mixed chorus a silent i All schools. A from heaven above a High school a Laid chorus a to Little. ,. Robert Fulmer Harrison Donald. The. Action of . Hot a it a w,.n�?z John Blumenshein and William Wellhouse and legion Hill Billy troupe. Mrs George Dun and Bon Reed As Thelma Todd had had key to Apt. A police is. Persons us tog Heater j equipped with electric Heaters mgt map mrs. Harry Osborn set their thermostats to shut of nth a Lloyd. F. E. Been Battle Creek Mich. Be Verner w. Main a Republican j gcfi0og. Advocate of Townsend old age gch00i�. Pension plan overwhelming schools. Town of Bethlehem a All schools a How far is it to Bethlehem a High school mixed chorus a we three Kings of Orient Are a All j a f first Nowell a Alii o world a All i at 140, Iso i 0 degree or any continued on Page i to master of ceremonies diced acts. Hopkins orders pay for workers Hollywood cd theory that Thelma Todd film i Beauty entered garage she died because be was locked nil Intro of r apartment apparent1 i wan exploded wednesday at an a inquest Toto Ber death. Mrs. Mae Whitehead maid who found miss Todd a body j slumped in her automobile Mon in staff in Dick in i0y shop ask re Dors in Hor ?4dft% morning testified that when by a cent it or i actress left for her a i Gay Many Ames persons and Organ by elected to Congress in to _ Day s special election in third student product Michigan District returns showed �18 0 Lafed Peterson Dick Cains fsm11ons a cooperating in wednesday. Harlan Watson Katherine Dodds legion Christ Mas Tov shop on of a $200 monthly Betty Lou a a a a advocate Washington Ebyn a. P. Mor 100,000 lives annually. San and other new York Bankers representatives of governors of will be called before Senate 8fates and a score of National munitions committee at a hearing Atzl a organizations Large news on world War financing beginning Sis and and Dieci Quot Jan 7 in a h a a b j Dent experts Are scheduled to Wedes Dav d j attend a Brief session of t of Rah a j Mere Secretary Daniel c ropes i announce mount made Accident prevention Toufer Zepht a . Chief com enc wednesday. Sub committees in Luce investigator was first then will take up such problems definite relation of plans for a Highway Industrial and Home continuing Senate inquiry into accidents. The american munition Industry Quot Quot Quot Quot. It followed a comm Catlon dec. 24 to your with other mein Washington trill government wednesday began a drive to reduce number of accidents which Are taking More than of Townsend main won a to one margin cratic opponent Anagh opponent a end plan. The District southwestern amp was 24,837 pension to aged claimed that his Victory represented an endorsement by electorate of 1 their doctrine. But altho i Issue was clearly drawn on Townsend plan District a been Republican for 66 years and j main enjoyed support even. Of party leaders who disapprove homa Yung. Man. Mary a Ham Margaret piano and play violin Herbert Plagge Gram Accord to re a Leary Carolyn country j general chairman of toy cunning those contributing cast or Daggett will be at i merchandise to Ald in re Irving Merrill will pairing and repainting of toys obbligato Washington i p a work a Lief administrator Harry in a Hopkins ordered wednesday that every on1 of 3.500,000 Nedy employed under $4,,000 Job program muss be paid up to Date by Christmas eve. A i desire that every regula1 j t Ufa Par Rock earned be in i i party Abe give tax it key to a Side door of apartment. Quot she no it in her purse a a ame to hire purse found in garage a negro maid testified. Are Ames dub inc. Ames build-1 a anti or worker by dec. 24, i Ling and loan association. A a. He said in telegraphed in True j for Cavanagh. Jubilant Townsend wednesday claimed Victory us on for pension plan. Republicans termed it a Republican vie j tory. Democrats who had infirm committee chairman hers of commute Nhi j is be was that of town senator Gerald by who had just i plans to push munitions loves Endl a and not of Nev returned from and gallon to th., front during j.? Point d in Ltd a it a Orient it a fact he District bad r better than two j of Pov a his demo Howard a Cav j t of town a Complete vote of comprising five Michigan counties main and 11,631fm-9 a Usu % Thompson Union Story Trust and Hon to each state program ii rec savings Hank. Amen Junior red tor. Cross. Christensen hardware a it i Gerbraeht. Fair store field11# Var Beauty shop Jameson clothing store William Winton i a o. J Rainbow Assembly Ames. I wholesale fruit company Muon lumber company leaning fruit t a Law does not permit and payment hut no Effort should be spared to deliver Hecks du1 by Christmas Eye a Hopkins action insuring nations needy enough Money to 14 u it Ward amp \ any will a la and ligation to front during opening weeks of new con return to Capitol Gross. Fact thai be District Rock ribbed Republican Jades. For de j Market Iga store uan Soj Ber company Montgomery company. Those contributing work in this program Art girl reserves i Dragoon Transfer company Steve Lierl t. Andrus Ames firemen. I acc boys at t amp Al West Edge tide them Over Christmas h l iday came after several states had reported paychecks had i ecu delayed fit in three to five works. Of Ames master painters carny i _ a a fire girls. Wilson cleaner. Boy i it it . Leeton auxiliary. Stave j director of Lier has mad mor than 80 new toys in big to workshop All of w hich a been donated i legion toy shop. Walker quits Washington Alif a president Roswell wednesday accepted Alker As National director of National emergency Council. Or. Roosev i appoint to cd i or c. Shmon to be acting j j j executive director. Ii aunt Lindy says ii you done to know what country i coming to drop into Corner drug store and you la find its a coming to town for a Cigar it tel

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