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Ames Daily Tribune And Times Newspaper Archives Dec 6 1935, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune and Times (Newspaper) - December 6, 1935, Ames, Iowa Industry will enlist Public is. New dealers assert gop must not become Liberal group new York air a More than 1,500 of the wealthiest and most powerful men of the country left a four Day convention Friday pledged to use politics propaganda and personal influence to defeat president Roosevelt in next years elections. The industrialists declared War without Quarter on every deviation in government from a the american system a and asserted an intention to Quot enlist their stockholders employees and the general Public. Closing the annual convention of the National manufacturers association and the Congress of Industry thursday night the executives of More than 1,000 corporations adopted a Quot platform for Industry that declared the new Deal a hindrance to recovery and menace to Freedom and defined a the american system recommended As a substitute. Refuge for Industry not More than half a dozen Voie is dissented from the program of the belligerent majority of an organization which Only a year ago urged All Industry to a cooperate in every feasible Way with the government. The consensus of the industrialists carrying the anti Roosevelt platform to their Home communities Friday was expressed by s. Wells Utley president of in Detroit steel castings company and last major speaker of the convention. Industry must mobilize ail its forces for action thru one of the political parties a he said then added that the Republican party must be kept from becoming a Liberal meaning Radical a so Industry my have a Refuge. Take leadership to effect the desired reversion of government to earlier principles Utley suggested that corporations represented in the convention form genuine political organizations with paid political agents and coordinated my licit. He has the Only speaker of the final convention session and his address was broadcast nationally. He suggested with particular emphasis that employers assume political leadership of their employees. Properly approached he said of per cent of workers would follow their employers a to the end of the Only important speech of rime Day in defense of president Roosevelt was by j. Warren Madden chairman of the National labor relations Board. Madden told the employers that his office was justified because of v de spread coercion of employees to contravene their rights to collective bargaining. He remarked that his hearers were in position to know. ii in Siim. M a Quot �ssrn1.is.es-et a girl wife denies mate is kidnapper i Haile Selassie protests raids on defenceless bombing offensive is started along North fron London a the Exchange Telegraph retorted Friday that a swedish nurse in the Hospital at Dessye was hit by a bomb fragment in fridays air raid and that her leg was amputated. A 14-year-old girl who left Home at the age of 6 with the Man whom she married when she reached the age of 12, Dorothy Evelyn roman shown above with her 15-month-old son is fighting to save her husband from a kidnapping charge. She declares she went with him willingly in 1928 because her parents abused her. A jury in Lewisburg w. Va., disagreed on a verdict and the husband William m. Roman is in jail awaiting a new trial. Income shift is Only 32 Over million dollars last year red Cross drive wind up saturday the final red Cross drive in Ames will close saturday with final reports from workers at that time according to s. W. Needham chairman of the Ames chapter of the american red Cross. Workers who have not made Complete reports of their activities Are i Telephone Washington Ile a the Small wage earner was shown by Treasury department figures Friday to be getting a larger share of the National income in line with administration efforts to level off huge incomes. The Treasury reported Only 32 million Dollar incomes last year compared with 46 in 1933. Total income of the 3,988,269 persons who filed Federal tax returns in 1934 Rose to 812,456,262,000 from the income of 810,845,654,000 reported by 3,660,105 taxpayers in the previous year. The figures showed a m denounced shift in income to the lower classes with the latter receiving virtually All of the increased income during the year. Names of the million Dollar recipients wer not disclosed but the securities and Exchange commission reported details of corporation salaries showing nearly so corporation executives received Between 8100,000 and 8365,000. Tile 32 million Dollar a year men in 1934 reported an aggregate income of 881,559,000 and paying taxes of 825,848.000 in 1933. In the Boom year 1929, a total of 513 persons reported million Dollar income. Aggregating 81,212.099,000. They paid taxes of 8191.054,000, among the larger payments to corporation Heads reported by the Sec were Thomas a Watson president. International cosiness machines corp., 8365,359 William s. Knudsen vice president general motors corp. 8211,128 Walter s. Gifford president american and Telegraph co., Bridge awards in Story co. To be made soon Addis Ababa 4t\e�emperor Haile Selassie protested to the league of nations Friday against the italian bombing of Dessye. The emperors protest wire Essed from Dessye said a they might Well believe themselves authorized to bomb us when we depart to share the Vicissitudes of our troops and to defend our soil but to bomb open cities such As Dabat and Gondar and numerous villages containing noncombatant peasants and void of troops or Means of defense killing women and children and bombing red Cross hospitals unquestionably violates International he asked that the members of the league of nations be notified. Addis Ababa Kie a italian War planes heavily bombarded emperor Haile Selassie a War Headquarters at Dessye Friday and simultaneously were reported to have started a general bombing offensive All along the Northern War front. Ethiopian towns were the target for showers of bombs All the Way from Makale to the Sudan. I the bombings were considered contracts for the the probable signal for a new general offensive by the italians to forestall an attack planned by Haile Selassie in the East. In the bombing of Dessye a Fleet of great three motored bombers flew Over the town dropping perhaps 700 bombs. The Dessye red Cross Hospital was struck three times and the emperors Headquarters once. It was apparent that the emperors Headquarters was the main target. Unofficial announcements said the bombardment was ineffective Tho to persons were killed and 80 wounded. One foreign correspondent was reported wounded in the leg. Gop rejects pre primary convention Des Moines be a it publican state Central committee members Friday announced the rejection of a proposal of a pre primary state convention. The plan advocated by the Iowa Republican editorial association called for the proposed convention to recommend a slate of candidates for state offices. Action was taken on the proposal late thursday night at an executive session of the state Central committee which climaxed a Day of conferences attended by Central committee members and county chairmen. The vote by which the plan wa.-. Rejected was not announced. George Lloyd Secretary said the committee a followed the will of Iowa republicans As indicated in ballots cast by county basis of the rejection was said by Lloyd to be the feeling that a pre primary convention would Lay the party open to charges of machine control. Winners in sub District declaim contests named . And Britain veil warnings i on Jap actions Nippon May be peace machine s next objective Washington political observers Friday read into the simultaneous statements on far East pm matter h Secretary of state Cordell Hull and British foreign Secretary sir Samuel to amp re veiled warnings to Japan to have a care lest she become the next objective of the world s peace machinery. Hull issued r formal and careful in worded statement a in regard to the a autonomy movement in North j c Hina chinese and japanese act i cities in relation thereto a at almost the precise moment sir Sam Uel was addressing the British House of commons in an unexpected speech that called attention to Japan Smi itary activities in North China. Both statements stated frankly their belief that these activities constitute a threat to the worlds peace and both placed the japanese government on formal notice that these two great naval Powers have vested rights and interests Aswell As treaty obligations in China which must be respected. I denial pours Oil on Oil pact stir requested to make final reports to Roger Alley at the Ames Trust and savings Bank. Test your knowledge 1210,050 charts m. Schwab chairman Bethlehem steel corp 1250,000 Alfred p. Sloan jr., Alfred p. Sloan jr., president general motors corp., ? 01 �?�41 and Rufus a Patterson president american machine and foundry co 197,of j. Southern states voicing approval of the new Deal new York he a five Southern states Are expressing approval of the new Deal while 13 states mainly in the East and West Are expressing disapproval according to the third tally of the 10,000,000 ballot poll it Quot the literary digest announced Friday. Pro new Deal votes Tutu 137,156 for a percentage of 44 4. Opposition votes were 234,404, or 55 6 pet cent at the conclusion of the second tally last week 44.11 percent were voting favourably on the question a do you now approve the acts and polities of the Roosevelt a new deals to Date a the Iowa vote to Date la 15.461 or 41.88 percent in favor or Tho in which state is it be City of j new Deal am 21,460 it a 5g.t or. Nevada furnishing of a Quantity of Bridge material will be let soon by the Story county Board of supervisors soon and sealed bids for the various items will be received at the county auditors office Here until io30 a. In. Tuesday dec. 17, county auditor Byron Dickey announced Friday general provisions and detail material specifications of the Standard specifications of the state Highway commission for Highway Bridges culverts and incidental structures series of 1933 shall apply to All the materials on which bids will be received. A guaranty it flt 0 must accompany each on the letting schedule include 1000 pieces 8 in x 12 in. X 16 it. 0 in. Full sawn no. I fir a Bridge Plank. 30 pieces 4 in. X 16 in. X 32 it. 0 in. Creosote full sawn class a Bridge timbers. Too pieces 4 in x 12 in x 18 it. 0 in. Creosote full sawn class a Bridge Stringer. 40-30 in. Creosote piling. 60 24 in creosote piling 30-20 in. Creosote piling. 20-16 in creosote piling. 54 15 in. X 36 ft-0 in. X 42 9 la. Standard i by Ains. 228 1-2 in x 6 in bridging bars with Bolti. Stalemate shows signs of ending by Louis of Helmle United press Cable editor the military stalemate in the Collins. Ethiopian War showed signs Friday of ending. After two months of scattered fighting and mane vering a real Battle appeared in Prospect at last. Discounting rumours and the occasional bits of mis information which reach Isola i Addis Ababa the following appeared to be facts i italian planes submitted Dessye. War Headquarters of pm Nevada a preliminary to the final Story county Junior High school declamatory contest sub county contests were held at Milford consolidated school and Collins on wednesday night and at Roland and Slater on thursday night. First place winners in these various programs will compete a a the county contest to be held the the Nevada High schol auditorium tuesday dec. To at 7 30 p. Rn., it was announced Friday by miss Lucite Douglass county superintend ent of school. In the contest held at Milford in which North Grant Fernald and Milford students competed there were no contestants in the oratorical division out in he other Throe contests All divisions were represented. Winners of the sub county con tests As announced Friday by miss Douglass and their readings Fob Low oratorical a a vision of War a Robert Kimmell of Gilbert competing at Roland. J Quot what Price peace a Jamus j Lounsberry of Colo competing at Quot Abraham Paul Mcbridge of Slater competing there dramatic a the show must go on Quot Leila Chapman of Fernald competing ai1 Milford. A Mickey s Marker Quot Pauline a iceman of Maxwell competing at it Clima a a pair of shoes a Mary Lam significant action it also was. Regarded As signify cant that Hull and sir Samuel acting independently issued their warnings to Japan on the eve if the first meeting of the fort Coin ing London Navel conference at which Japan is expected to seek parity in naval strength w Ith Ore it Britain and the United states both foreign secretaries let Japan know that these a it or Powers Are not to preoccupied with the Halo ethiopian situation that they have failed to give close at Tendon to the a a autonomy move meat in North China. Neither made any Effort to disguise Bis to Lief that japanese military activities largely Are responsible for the movement to separate China s Northern provinces from the Chi Ness nationalist governments control. Chank in View Quot thre i going on in and with regard to North China a political struggle which is unusual in Char Acter and which May have far reaching effects a Hull said. Quot the persons mentioned in reports of ii Are Many opinions with Gard to it vary what May come of it no one could safely undertake to Sav i but whatever the origin whoever i continued on Page eight Utterback in program with Allan Tilden Dean Friley to speak at dinner in evening i i j Ames residents v to have watch cd with interest the construction of \ the new 8165.000 Post office at sixth i Street and Kellogg Emir for that past year will have a Opportunity i to take a t in final fee part did j cation of the new pc Toffee Mon-1 Day. J the program for the afternoon to As follows 4 p. In. Ded cation services at the first methodist Church. 5 to 7 p. In. Open House at the new Post office. Children j under 12 must be accompanied by parents. 6 30 p. In. Dedication dinner. Honouring guests at the Sheldon mum hotel. I this program will Climax several Merit thro a subsidiary to pro years of efforts in the Par of Ames organizations to secure a larger p to handle the increased postal business in Ames postmaster l. C. Tilden reported Friday that the task of moving intr the new building will he p is ported until Aller the Christmas Rush or after Jan i. Has the Standard Oil company of new York entered an agree vide Daly with Oil regardless of league of nations sanctions Walter c. Thaele. Above president of the Oil firm flatly dented such an agreement and asserted it would be impossible of fulfilment reports from Rome insist such a pact has been made. Betty Jackie altar bound organize ors assist j the dedication program is in j charge of the official committee j composed of judge Hubert utter i Back congressman for the sixth i i a District chairman Mayer w. J l. Allan and postmaster Tilden. Ames organizations in the or Gram Are the Arnee rotary club Ames k wait club. Ames pest of Ira a legion and the a vines j Alder cd in Ber of v it Alverce. A % j a formal St. A in the acceptance of the new Post office will take j place saturday Node when Post master til leu will accept the build Jing from Jerre t Richard engine i or of the Treasury department in i charge of the local project and the Bracker construction company. Minneapolis contractors. Per or Haile Selassie to a terrific land of Nevada competing at Roland. Quot the perfect background a Erma Lewis of Cambridge competing at Slater. Bombing. I 2. Italian planes Are in teasingly Active on the Northern a a. A a. I front perhaps presaging a Gen -8. X 8 in. X 16 ft-0 in. Steel Era italian offensive by marshal Pietro Sadoglio. The new commander in chief sent to Africa tor that purpose. 3. Hail Solace has conferred with i chiefs at the front and probably is prepared to Start hts delayed resistance to the italians. Whether it will be con eaps As per plans a �?.���-j�,�? _ Cleghorn attends a. S. M. E. Meeting special to the Tribune times new York prof. A p. Aegean you answer seven of these test questions turn to Page Flo for Tho answers 1. What was the head tax on immigrants in 1911? 2. Who was Francois Coppet 3. Which i larger in total area new York City or Chicago 4. Which of the great lakes is wholly within the boundaries the United states it a is to w As Nelson Thomas Page 6, Villa i relation Are the wive of Brothers 7, which club won the american league baseball Pennant m 1924? 8. Who were Jay Gould and Jim Fisk 9. Name the capital of new York state 10 c Orde in ? Horn professor in charge of the fled to harassing guerilla tar mechanical engineering a part a tics or will be followed by amass in Cut at Iowa state College is attack was not certain. In new Yor Kending he an o.? appears logical 0 r three reasons fifty sixth annual Winter meeting Baoguo a ,0 make a Showoff the american society of me ing Italy a to maintain her Chancial engineers being held i prestige by demonstrating that this week at the engineers so her Arm a is not stalemated by the ethiopians he is definitely defies building. More than i,-500 engineers from nearly every state in the country Art present. In addition to the Dally meetings and forums on highly technical subject the delegates Are participating in a varied social program which includes trips to mechanical plants steamship museums and other Points of interest. Professor Cleghorn attended the annual dinner anti presidents reception and dance held wednesday evening at the hut it Astor gangster killed Mcalester Tiki. Be Federal and state officers Early Friday Superior Italy con Lnu it must present n Page tao humorous a baseball Story a Dixon i. Lier of Milf a competing there. Quot her first baseball game a quartile Bates of Collins competing Teie Quot the widows mite Quot James eke lurid of Cambridge competing at Slater Quot the cat came Back a Phyllis Krajicek or Nev ads competing at Roland. Dollar opening Paris. Dec. 6 cd by the Dollar opened at 15.185 franc Friday 6.585 cent a franc. The British i Pound opened at 74.92 francs. Famous detective is convinced Trenton n Ker. Famous cd county detectives 35v�?ellis a -.1 Burlington Onvile d that Bruno Richard Hauptmann did not Kidnap and kill Charlet a. I of Bergh or. Cd it a. Harold Hoffman Ahi Friday pm her whose Fame a an in Vee killed Dan in Ady and captured to Gator caused a Book to be written another of the a Malley gang of fed about him has been working on sats of Connor protested raid 810u% City d a attorney j general Edward l. Of Connor head of Iowa a Law enforcement agencies. Reprimanded a state agent l r making raids without warrants on Slot machines operated fit Rolfa District court jury was told Friday the testimony Given by a. C. Carmichael Pocahontas county at a Torney was presented look con nor trial on charges of gambling conspiracy Carmichael called As a state wit i be testified that he complained to o Connor about the raids made by Sai get William Zelinsky on december 22, 1934. The witness said that o Connor i told Bim he reprimanded Zelinsky Foi making the raid rants when he saw Bradford hotel sometime later Carmichael said he told of Connor that l c Peterson marshal at Rolfe had told him that All the Money takes from the Slot machines seized in the raids allegedly was not turn Over to the sheriff the witness admitted he did nut know How much Money was taken that huge Sparkler and those wide smiles Tell the Story Quot the kid is going to wed. Jackie Coogan 21, wealthy sex child Star and Betty Grable 19-year-old blood actress reveal their happiness before heading for an Arizona wedding and jackies personal appearance stage tour which win test Public reaction to his possible screen re entry. At m e. Church i starting promptly at 4 p. To. I monday at the first methodist Church the dedication services will be headed by talks by judge utter j Back. Floyd m. Williams Liaison officer for the in St off tee and Treasury departments and by. E. Reyn j old assistant director of procure ment Treasury the introduction of guests and a Short history of the cow Post office building. Mayor Allan Ain give a Short address of Welcome after the principal address by judge Interbank. Postmaster Tilden will give the response in acceptance of the new building Ames stores will remain open continued on Page two popular film go inn Hor i of How first and second presentation a Quot a Quot old s seed company win top awards Friday in Corn yield test ii Obi a to the Grimes i bred be i Cam company. Grimes won s in the 1935 re by the vocational Ducal department of a Story Bel j by All child re it is i the Gilbert consolidated school As the theme of the hit show a frail to i wet lha annual it it Ibert Harvest est t y be shown at tile special toy festival. Matinee which a been arranged i re i bred Corn company pro laced a yield of bushels to the by m Mager to v Gerbrach of the Ames theater company to Aid j acre to win first place. James Ames Post no 37 of the american neck Farmer living North of am legion secure toys for it annual i0&Quot to amp ird place with a Krug Cora. Toy shop in addition to the Tea j or Hay b. Is Akeley of Tim Azih Lur presentation there will be. An ice ology department at Iowa stats a1? it i r Walt Lun e Silty symphony Aud a news ice. The mat Man Aid in denying calling the a from the machines. Truck full of t Guys no than i. In Moue detective. A the personally is Peterson a. Tutu the pee Ahon a Pat ate i ten g Vav e r e received. Convinced that Kau rant i m r tas county i m cuter told the Many Chih i ret list More than one the Many thai the y have not the court that rite re w re two boxes it in j ii. There it no official in of cd i us a a to slugs but that Weilu All child Reu of the City Are urged Veit Igafo iou ii Iris part. Parker sky oui Lur Ord Over to of these to attend t he Matt Nee and ice a Inee is to he held at the twin Star i the iter starting at 4 15. Admission to the show will be a toy either new or used. These toy t will be turned it Var til the toy shop j and t in old oat a in be re habitual i id before they Are distributed to i less fortunate children of Ames at j Christmas at last years toy show nearly Ai Era prisoners who shot their Way out of Muskogee jail another gang the Hauptmann at the request of United stans senator Harry Moor sent against. Der was wounded critically and i the governor said. Moore was gov with the remaining fugitive a Tenor at Ibe time of the kidnapping the object of an Advance of officers Quot governor Mon wrote to or. I Lawn on a is Nobou near Park and asked him to inti rest Weathers of. T him if to the ease Quot governor in of from it very Start has Btu work lug on things that he Tho would provide Nome definite clue. The re Are several other Independent investigations in Progress governor Hoffman revealed. Quot i have been consulted myself on a number of he said. The governor would say nothing More of his sit to Hauptmann s cell a the death House at the state prison in october Ai add ilk n to you tribute i tug to the Bapt loess of hundreds j strike Ouk Mono a of kiddies who otherwise night not Chicago if a fit teen Hundred he taken care of by Santa Claus j Emph yes of the Chicago. Burling manager Gerbraeht said Friday ton and Quincy Railroad w ill strike hat if All children who attend can next monday at 6 porn unless to t be taken care of at the first their demand for two men in the j performance there wit be two cabs of streamlined trains and Complete ships. Electric switch Enfin ire arced d i a a a a j p Farr la vice president of firemen Aud Fht Giu int a a to brotherhood of locomotive j armoured Friday. I College spoke on a Obres pacts for Community development at the meeting in the school at 2 30 p. In. The evening program will consist of a basketball games and a by social. Complete results of the judging awards will be announced in saturday s Tribune. Do a a Norris announces he will not run w Ashington d pm senator Georg w. Norris Republican of Nebraska Friday announced flatly that he would not seek reelection to the sea Hie but that he would actively support president Roosevelt for another to in. Norris statement was designed to set at rest persistent speculation regarding his position in the 1936 Campaign. He had been quoted pre iou sly a desiring to retire from the sen ate and late to the effect that he had reconsidered that ded Sun. President Roosevelt bad urged hint not to Post office dedication monday vol. 69 no. 134 official Ames and Story county paper Ames Iowa Friday december 6, 1935 United press wire service free cents a i use classified ads to buy sell Exchange or Bent i Telephone 2400 a Ames daily Tribune and times hive Sal in the Ames territory weather forecast rain Friday night. No decided change in temperature temperatures a thurs it p. In. 37 Fri. 7 30 a. In. 36 2 p. Rn., 33. Precipitation Trace

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