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Ames Daily Tribune And Evening Times Newspaper Archives Oct 28 1929, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune and Evening Times (Newspaper) - October 28, 1929, Ames, Iowa Senate May punish sen. Bingham for Tariff acts member Are aroused by accusation of a political plot Washington. Oct. 28.�? up a unusually severe criticism and a threat of possible punitive action were made in the Senate today against senator Bingham Republican Connecticut after Bingham had charged the Senate lobby investigating committee was framed against him As a political plot. The bound of Niti cism from Independent republicans and democrats was climaxed by senator Arthur Robinson a so called regular Republican from Indiana and member of the lobby committee who told the Senate Bingham got a Square Deal from the committee a i do not approve his Bingham St conduct Quot said Robinson. Do not believe the Republican party approves it. Nor do the american people approve it. To am a Republican High protectionist hut i would like to see it stood for openly and not in devious ways thru crooked paths. There is no occasion to cloak it with irregularity. Orru ready to and the Prospect of proposed action was offered by be a tor George Vav Norris Independent Republican of Nebraska and chairman of the judiciary committee who said he bad not Beard Bingham a defense of his employment secretly of an agent of tile Connecticut manufacturers association. A if it says that i have been informed i shall have some remarks to make about it Aud i shall introduce a Resolution concerning it Norris said. Norris already has drawn a Resolution proposing censure of Bingham and a prevented from introducing it saturday ouly by the Peculiar parliamentary manner in which the Case was presented by the lobby committee. Story county a daily the Ames daily Tribune and evening times weather forecast Iowa rain tonight and tue Aday possibly changing to Snow tuesday in North wast portion. Slightly warmer tonight in the asst and Cen frat portion and in the East Central portion tuesday. Volume Xiii official amen and Story county paper Ames Iowa monday october 28, 1929. Tufted press pull Lenni wire service no. Ii Stock Market crash continues i five billion dollars Cut from prices big readers caught when Bankers fail to Stop rout 28.�? per a when fall was found guilty 14 killed in air accidents two planes crash and third Down at sea Cleveland oct. 28.�?<c.r> a aviation accidents claimed live Liv. H in Ohio Munday the Mother of a Jaime we in. Are fall it so be careful Persona were killed 23, we if it. Crowd Willet my j 1928 As a recoil of Accident with him tall 2.0o� Leo to his . Pra it ii lev All of an attempted Parachute jump deaths would have been avoided at Hamilton. Ill Hunter had used reasonable two of Lier death at Hammon lure Raulton Quot Whie in a he of were those of Reuben Floyd 35, Miller both of Ham and Allen j ton. Lester Patton 28, and Ricer to of Woodfield were \ Bingham defends use of expert Washington Ort. 28.�?fl re a charging the Enate lobby invest Gaton committee with unfair political tactics senator Bingham Republican. Connecticut today defended in the Seale his employment of Charles l. Rya a sea of the fonts t Lieut manufacturers association As bus Secretary. I wan advised by Friend not of appear before the committee be an be in had been framed against me an a Friend of the administration a Bingham said. Bingham asserted one member of the investigating committee had himself used a Capitol policeman in the government employ to drive him to his Home in the Midwest last summer and argued therefore the committee itself was not without blame in using government employees for private purposes. A i could not help wondering Bow that particular senator could maintain such a High moral tone when it is a matter of current report that he took a Capitol policeman and used him As a private chauffeur to drive him Home at government expense last summer Quot Bingham said. Accuses Blaine senator Blaine Republican it Wisconsin a me tiber of the committee then depended that he name the senator to whom lie was referring declaring he had cast a reflection on every member of the Senate. Quot i insist that he be named a Quot Blaine said. Quot it was the senator from Wisconsin a Bingham replied. A i will answer that in turn a Blaine said. Later he denied the charge an said Bingham s accusation was a a smoke screen against a Slimy i dirty Trail mapped out designedly i trom the office of the senator from Quot Connecticut to the office of the # Connecticut manufacturers Asso-1 Airliner forced re in Bingham claimed he had been Rowil ii Lull tricked by tile investigating com j spezia. Italy oct. 28.-�? d a it a Mittee. He said the report pre the Imperial airways Indian absented to the Senate by the com i liner which w As forced Down in wit tee citing the evidence of his j the Gulf of Genoa and Sank in a Case was a fair statement of facts storm while being towed to safety but he was taken by Surprise j was Loc ated in deep Witter several when chairman Caraway of the continued on pug six committee a made a speech attack-1�?�? ing me personally and the con a next Lieut manufacturers association to Deuce by implication Ana matting several misstatements which were i corrected a few moments the Connecticut senator accused tin committee of employing to j three traffic ordinance Violat lie court methods in attempting or were fined and five were Givin throw a slur on him. In lectures by judge j. Y. Luke. Referring to the Predom Nence. A the Ames municipal court to i of Independent Republican and i Day Here Are to ways to Cut Hunting toll pantages faces term in prison 4. I you going Hunting this head the following to Accident avoiding rules for handling guns Clarence in he eni in mind when in was mandatory. Or. Jibe Field. Crated 53 Houi it. A theater Man convicted of assault by George h Beal it p. Staff correspondent j los Angeles cal., oct. 28.�? thirty nine j Alexander Fantast for Iii Iowa in years tie Dernier showman of the w est coast played a losing role in his greatest drama and As a result must spend from one to 50 years in san Quentin Penitentiary a jury of seven Wronie and five i in n late last night found him i guilty of assaulting 17-year-old Enine Pringle. The prison term the jury Deli new York. Oil five billion Dokins in Stock marked values were washed away today As the mat i t still staggering under the influence of last thursday great Breaks plunged downward in what was considered the greatest break of All time. Leading issues plunged despite addition ii support Given by big flankers a headed by j p. Morgan and co., to prevent disastrous drops in the downturn stocks touched new lows. Losses from it to to Points were recorded and one of the stocks on the curb Exchange Midwest a titties. Dropped 119 Points during the Day j it was a rout for the big Trad i Era. The a Little Fellows had been chased out in that somewhat pan icky few hours last thursday today it was the men who could Trade la the expensive stocks who grew overexcited and dumped valuable holdings at Price which meant millions of dollars in losses steel leads song United states steel Leader in the movement which carried stocks to great Heights a few weeks ago. Led in the swing Down Ward today. Last week steel was forced to 19$%. Today it went Down to 191. Stopped and started up again. But it was a Short lived rally. Soon steel started catapulting again and went below the 190 Murk this started the final break that brought lows All along the list. New lows on the reaction were made by general motors. Erie. Texas corporation. Union Pacific Albert la. Fall former Secretary of the Interior f s town above As he a. T. Amp to. American Ami foreign was carried from a Washington courtroom in ii wheelchair nod we Powe Columbus Gas. St Debak histed into an Auto after a jury had found him guilty of accepting a i bribe from e. A Doheny Oil operator in connection with leases of naval Oil reserves. Below the jury that con i. Cd fall is pictured As it appeared just after returning the verdict. Or pan american b. Consolidated j Gas. American can. Jenera foods n. Y. I entre and Westing House electric. I Genera. Fly Leotric dropped to j 255%. Off 51 % Points from the i i previous close near one a it. Rn., on j its 7,200,000 shares that meant a of $298,800,000. J at i p. Rn., steel was at 193%. 1 off to Points general motors off t i 5% a Amp t., 247. Off 19 american and for Ign Power 83. Off 15% radio 49, off 9% con it Oli dated Gas 104. Off 131 i Johns continued or Page five cd and their Pilot their plane crashed Berry Landing Field injured when on the Thorn at Jerusalem. 1. Never automobiles 2. It is Curry loaded guns Iii Ltd a other vehicles unlawful As Well As Stockton cal., get 28 ump a a investigation was under Way today to determine the cause of an air plane crash sunday which killed two Brothers and injured the Pilot. Oscar Widman 23, and his brother. Floyd 16, of terminus leal., w or killed when their plane crashed at the Stockton Airport tatter going into a tailspin at a height of 15n Lect. Peter Botkin the Pilot was unconscious at a Hospital the 54-year-old greek Multi millionaire will be called before us _ i error judge Charles Fricke on dangerous to carry a loaded gun i nov a a or sentence. At on the Public Highway either in i Horn his attorneys will present a the hand or within a vehicle. I Mot it it a for a near trial and file 3. When afield Hunting Birds. J i e i keep abreast of and know the 1 la a a rut was returned in the i trial for Ris life . Leaders would put a to farm bloc Washington. Oct. 28.�? lib -�?-th1 Tariff Bill will be pushed despite Public statements of Republican leaders that Quot it is dead Quot chairman Reed Smoot of the Senate finance committee told the Senate today after a Call at the Whit House. I $1 00,000,000 available for Loans on wheat farm Board acts to counteract drop in Market Chicago. Get. 2s.�? i r a Uncle Sam stands ready to lend wheat Farmers $100,, xxx or More if accessory. The Federal farm Hoard has an bounced the Money will be made Ava Hallie immediately to counter act the Simp in wheat prices brought on by the downward j plunge in the Stock Market last j week. The huge loan would tend to set a minimum wheat Price this year said a statement issued by Alexander Legg chair a Man of the Board. Shrinkage of values in the i wholesale liquidation of Industrial i stocks has forced wheat to an i unwarranted Low Price and producers should not be forced to sell on such a Market the state ment said. I legg1 Aid the Board was pre pared to lend sufficient Federal i fund to authorized co operatives to bring wheat receipt to a figure i ranging from $1.12 a Bushel for no. I White Amber and no i durum to $1.25 a Bushel for no j 2 Northern and no. I red Wister wheat. Explaining that there is a Grain co operative open to every wheat Farmer in every slate where the crop is grown legged a statement continued. A the Farmer May join ship his wheat to a designated Contenta tion Point where it will be graded and classed and draw on it in Advance. The co operative will Market the we eat in orderly fashion turnout the year and will Settle with the Farmer on basis of he final Price obtained. A the Board places no limit on the amount of government Money to be so loaned. Nearly Hoo . is available for the purpose. And of Nec hat it Board will ask Congress to appropriate appointment of James r. Howard of a Lemons. La. As organization specialist for the Federal farm Hoard also was announced by Leisge. Howard w As first president of the american farm Bureau fed ration serving from 1919 to 1923. Famous German Diplomat Dies 7 Ames Homes Weatherford exact ions. 4. Location of your not pan remiss is amp three Are fined in my t democratic senators on the committee Bingham said a i might have expected that a committee set up As this one would do such v thing. It was utterly incomprehensible to me however that a sub committee of the Senate judiciary committee would conduct itself in the manner in which i it did. Two motorists charged with fast driving. L. Fuhrmann and s. Peterson were each fined $2 and j costs. The costs which total $u�?z85, were suspended on Good a behaviour. Clifford j Nosbish was fined $1 for failure to Stop at a Boulevard. Traffic ordinance violators is pedal i y those who drive without it Norris two headlights or a Tail Light or a i did not suppose there was i who drive recklessly fail to Stop so much unfairness among ten a at boulevards or double Park can expect fines in the future judge tors and i did not think that for political purposes they would seek to damage a new England senator and an administration Bingham criticized chairman Norris of the judiciary committee i for the appointments he made to a Tho investigating committee. A the chairman of the judiciary committee a Bingham said a is the Only committee chairman who in the last Campaign denounced the continued on Page six Luke said today. Sufficient warning has been Given since the municipal court was started or. Luke said. Those arrested and released today without fines were k. It. Sorenson no Tail Light c. A rape no Tail Light and failure to Stop at a Boulevard f. G. Pellet tone headlight Noble Ross double parking and one double Parker whose name was not secured. Members of a Hunting party should of course never shoot in till direction of other members of jibe party. I 5. In climbing Over Walls and. Fences first a a break or unload your gun or place it a on i Al ways keep your gun pointed away from your companions when you Stop to talk. I 6. A gun should never be a clean Iedy against a to e or building or Laid Down unless it is either unloaded or a on 7. In handing a gun to a person for inspection be sure that it la unloaded. I 8. Observe the rules of the j a old West a a keen your hands off other persons j 9. When Hunting carry your gun so that it joints toward the ground a few feet ahead of you i to right or left. I in. Never become excited if an abundance of game appears Sud deftly. J la. Before shooting make sure that no persons or Domestic animals Are within the a a shot Range of your gun. I 12. W Hen you Are Hunting i you Are handling a death dealing j weapon therefore can should he observed at All times. Most of us have been a a kicked by a gun but we should remember that the dangerous end is the muzzle. The gun should always be pointed away from companions. Two cars collide the cars driven by w. A. 0zmun. Maxwell and Ezra Ward Ames collided saturday evening about 8 30 of clock at Lincoln Way and Sheldon Avenue. Ward was driving North on Sheldon while Ozmun was driving South on Lincoln Way. Ward failed to Stop at the Boulevard Ozmun said in his report of the Accident filed with the Ames police department. Court room in which his wife. Mrs. Lois pantages. Was of manslaughter a month ago. The jury preferred the word of miss Pringle an Amateur dancer continued on Page four Tex. Oct. That a 28.�?cr a defended by an even dozen prominent attorney and with his life at stake. Judge r. H. Hamilton Amarillo was a i rat Ned in District court Here to j Day on a charge of murder no Folind guilty Negedly committed in his Amar j to Law office on Mav 4 of this i la. Daggett will be Ito j. H. Daggett Ames. Freight agent of the Chicago amp North Western Railroad for the last 21 years Odio leaves november i to take a similar position at Council Bluffs will be a guest of Honor at a luncheon wednesday noon at the Sheldon Munn hotel sponsored by the Ames chamber of Commerce. Among those present will be c. A. Bruce freight agent at Colo who will take Daggett s place As freight agent Here. Speakers include e. I. Henry. Boone division superintendent of the North Western Railroad and a j. Golden Dom Moines division Freig Jit and passenger agent of the North Weste Iai. Sid Amft Ames will be toastmaster and several local people will speak. Business men of the City will attend. O Taw once on j year. Judge Hamilton former member of the Texas supreme court j commission of annals is charged i with the de Atli sit his son in Law Thomas Walton jr., who was j slain when he visited the Jurist to i reveal lits secret marriage to the i lawyer s daughter while the Cou a pie were students at the of Texas. The broken ties of the Youthful Romance Between the dead 21-year-old boy and judge Hamiltons daughter Theresa will be cold exhibit in what is unquestionably to be one of the most sensational murder trials in Tex Jas jurisprudence. At the accused Man s Side when the trial opened was his widowed daughter vowing Devotion to her i dead husband but hopeful her father will be acquitted. Across the courtroom sat mrs. Grade i Walton broken hearted Mother j Washington oct. 28. In a while Republican party leaders in Congress Den it any int til of seeking political \ in Cen Floe lot i the wrecking of their Tariff Bill in the Senate tit farm bloc is looking with wonder Iii the extraordinary prepay at ions w High the leaders ate making lot the congressional elect Ion. Indications that the actions of j the bloc putting the debenture j farm Relief plan on the Tariff Bill eliminating tin flexible pro i visions and severely cutting the i proposed induct t Ial had j aroused ill feeling came first from i the farm bloc members several j Days ago. It was reported sen. George w. I Norris Repin neb who set Poi i cd the democratic presidential Pond Nee in the last Campaign and who continued on Page six von Buelow exponent of velvet Glove Rome of. 28.�?ti pjs Prince Bernard von Lucio. The Herman implies fourth Chancellor to met ids greatest defeat As a statesman when in failed to keep Italy faithful to the nip entente died Here today. Prince von Buelow was 8u years old lid had been ill for several months lingering at tin Point of death t ii re Ghoul Hist week. His Chuh occurred Ai 6 5n a. In. Alter continued unconsciousness. With in opening of the world War. Prince Bernard von Buelow a skillful Diplomat of tin old i school and for Ilia cellar of Germany a ter National attention successful Effort to ii seventeen Homes in Amos Are under quarantine or. C. A. Aplin City health officer announced today. Chicken pox with is eases is the most prevalent communicable disease in the City. There Are four c ases of measles Ami one Case of Scarlet fever there were 73 cases of Chick a i pox reported in the state during the past week. Black Hawk a our to has 22 of the reported cases. Seventy one cases of Moas in s 1 we re reported ill Iowa with 54 of the reported eases in Bremer Donn to. Sixty nine cases of Scarlet fever were reported in Iowa Dur Jing the past week. Polk county 1 reported the greatest number of years Chan a cases 16. Attracted in a the most common disease in the by his in state is Chicken pox with 72 in bring Italy j ported cases. Measle b the see porn of the dead youth. John born Dies at Boone Sun. John born 83, resident of Story and Boone counties the majority of his life died at noon sunday of complications resulting from old age at the old Peoples Home at Boone. The body will lie in state from 7 to 9 of clock this evening at the Duckworth funeral Home Here. Services and burial will be Nora Kau. Or. Born is survived by his i wife three daughters mrs. E. E. Gore. Ames mrs. Winters Decatur la. And mrs Mcneeve Denver Solo. And two sons Tom of Moorland Kau. And Frank of Lenora la. J More Snow forecast for Iowa i Des Moines oct. 28. rain which probably will change to Snow in the Northwest portion of the state was predicted for 1 Iowa night and tuesday by i Charles d. Reed United states weather observer in his forecast i today j Strong winds will bring colder i weather to the extreme West portion of the state tuesday Reed said but he predicted slightly warmer weather for the East and Central parts of Iowa tonight. Little Frost was reported in Iowa Over the week end Reed said the temperatures in most Points being at left talk he a j i u j in a. Woodson of Des Moines was fined $30 my costs in that a i a Ames municipal a curl this morn Ling when tie pleaded guilty to i a charge of ill Aal Possession j of intoxicating liquor. J Woodson War rested by Ames i i police sunday evening about 7 30 i of clock at Lincoln Way and Daft Avenue. He v is originally chars Jed with illegal Possession of in i j topically liquor rid driving a motor vehicle v de intoxicated but the charge v changed when lie agreed to plead guilty to a charge of illegal Possession of intoxicating liquor. Woodson is in the Ames City jail trying to rat a Money to pay into tile War on the ski Germany. Previous to thai lie had been a potent influence in the shaping of German foreign policy along peace us and conciliatory lines. He was decidedly opposed to Sabre rattling Ami on More than one occasion during the pre War years rebuked the Kaiser for display1 of aggressiveness. Germany sent Errata Buelow constantly argued could Best be served Thimig diplomacy. He Dep sided hugely upon to resolve Hie a Iron circles which Era lend Russia and France were tied of i Para six of Ond most common disease with j to and Scarlet fever is third Quot till i 69. Excluding social diseases pox with 23 reported oases was the fourth disease in number of cases reported. Fifty nine cases of social diseases were reported during Tho week. Story county had two of the three reported cases of pneumonia. The week great out increase of the was in diphtheria cases which increased from four to 15. Diplomacy j Scarlet fever increased by 26 cases while whooping con ii de creased from 26 to 22 cast s. Reported cases of Otho i diseases in Iowa during the past week were As follows typhoid fever 2 Small pox. 23 poliomyelitis 7 tuberculosis 6 mumps. 4 and und ulant fever 3. Falls to death new York. Oct. 28.�?<u.e>�? thru 15 minutes of terror mrs. Esther a. Mack 88.,< Clung to an eighth floor window ledge and then fell to her death when her strength finally failed. Usu whether or not Ames should have Street car service Between downtown and the fourth Ward will be discussed by Tho Board of directors of the Ames chamber of Emmeree it its regular meeting tuesday Ai 7 30 chamber Parlours in Muon hotel. Whether the chamber of comme rec should take sides in the contract for Colo i paving to be let by commission tues. I paving of the Jefferson if How a will be assured tuesday of when the Iowa slate ter noon p. Rn., in the Highway commission lets the on the Sheldon a it Salt t for paving 13.415 Railes from Colo North to the Hardin count line at its regular letting in re. The pavement will be completed Money to his line. In de Auh of payment he will be Given 90 Days in the county jail. Bus War i Ween the Pickwick before the close of the 1930 con greyhound hues and the inter Striction season. The atm a Boone paving already contract. Sen. Burton dying Washington. Oct is. Try no Hope was held today for the recovery of sen. Hood Ore e. Burton. Ohio who Lins been seriously 1 ill at his Home for the past several week i state lines for Iowa franchise rights will also be considered. A . St of the International fruit Steres tnt., of los Angeles. Cfi., for information concerning the possibilities of Mak ing Ames the distribution Point j to for Iowa in the company sex 0f for completion passion program will also he i taken up. Several of her routine matters will be decided. J for is scheduled by july 15, 1930. Contracts for Tho construction of 28 Concrete Box culverts and the raising of a 24-foot bring the Jefferson Highway North Colo will also be included in the letting. The Story county paving is the Only paving prot tor which contracts will be award. Cd this month

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