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Ames Daily Tribune And Evening Times Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1929, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune and Evening Times (Newspaper) - October 19, 1929, Ames, Iowa Iowa rapidly climbing out of mud roads it building pavement volume faster than any other state Story county a daily the Ames daily Tribune and evening times weather Forro Abt Iowa mostly fair tonight and sunday except probably rain tonight in extreme Southeast portion. Cooler tonight probably Frost in Northwest portion. Cooler sunday in Southeast portion. Official Ames Anil Story county paper Ames Iowa saturday october 19, 1929. A ii ui1. In my Quot Gas Quot Alixi 1. Assgjii1 eggs aug �7 unit press pull Leal wire service no 94 Hyde discusses farm problem senator grilled in lobby probe Iowa is climbing out of the j melt to fact it might Almon be j written. A Iowa has climbed out of j the mud Quot for at the close of the present construction season about dec i the state that has been j i famous tot its tall Corn Ami Tufa oils for its bottomless roads will a have 2,300 Miles of Concrete pave j ment and 3.300 Miles of gravel sur-1 facing on its 6,800-mll&Quot primary i Road system about 030 addition i a1 Miles will have been graded and prepared tor either gravel or pave ment and Only too Miles will still remain to be graded. Figures prepared at the office of the Iowa state Highway commission in this City show that Between april i 1829, when the construction season opened and dec. I. Nearly too mile of i it a log 500 Miles of grading 80 Miles of Graveling and several Hundred Bridge and Culvert will have been completed at an expenditure of 136.000, of which More than 120,000.000 xviii have been spent ? for paving. At that time the Pri Mary Road expenditure in Iowa i will have reached a total of $183,000,100. Improvement Start slowly Iowa soil is the Best in the world for raising Corn but it i among the poorest for building roads. Partly on that account Road improvement in Iowa was slow for j several year after Tho state Highway commission was established in 1904. Except in the not Bern Ami part of the Central part of the state there la no gravel in sufficient Quantity for Road making. There were thou senator Hiram Bingham of Connecticut is shown her As he appeared Sand of Miles of right of Way to of 1 in a witness it hair at the Senate s lobby investigation while being be established. Grading to be questioned by Otic senators an to Hie employment of Charles l done Bridges and culverts to be Eyanson tinsel to assist in preparation of Tariff schedules. The constructed Iowa established its latter ii develop is also an employee of the Connecticut attn fac Road building on a sound financial towers association basis and Laid Hundred of Miles j of gravel until receipts to the j primary Road fund permitted Pav lug. Then Iowa embarked on a six year paving program and it is today building paved roads Caster than any state in the Union Iowa s primary Road system is comprehensive linking every in a a o la county seat Anil very other town Inot keeping race with of consequence in the mate with in Reade in Anona a a a a Hikki. A ii increase in autos end of the 1933 construction sea actions r Akk mass in. 19. Son 4 90> tiles of those Highway a the number automobile of will be pfc veil with Concrete Anil the roads a increased approx the remaining imm Mil will he i ova Tely in per cent during tile a Laded and Gravelled. There will past but years the amount or be nine a . Paved trunk High a Oad building done has increased went Aero the Only 13 per cent. We shall pro 1 j i i Calls present marketing i wasteful and inefficient organization badly needed after High winds hit baby Blimp address Marks High spot in conference at Iowa state College of american country life association the distribution of Amer Imam a farm product is to a Large extent i inefficient and wasteful despite the fact the country a 16.000,000 Farmers otherwise Are most efficient Arthur m. Hyde Secretary of agriculture declared in an address this afternoon before a general session of the american country Lif a so it Eaton in stat gymnasium at Iowa state College. The address of the Secretary of agriculture marked the High spot in the twelfth annual conference of the association being held this week at the College. The for Day session ripened thursday Aud will clone sunday afternoon. J a markets for agricultural products to a Large extent Are buyers markets a Hyde declared a and what Chance for Sui Cess would the manufacturer of automobile ctn registers or any other Industrial product have if their output bad to be sold at the factory door to the Iii Hest bidder or had to pass through Many middlemen before reaching the consumer a a Road building lagging behind briefs from speeches at conference pay High tribute to Henry Wallace Henry c Wallace former. This Hyde said is exactly what happens with a few exceptions. To farm products. Modern organization of business and Industry the speaker asserted has complicated the problems of j agriculture. A organization has taken Over every Industry except agriculture a Hyde said a Competition in Indus try no longer is Between individuals but Between organizations. Labor is organized. Agriculture alone interposes against the competitions of powerful organizations the bared breast of its individual speaking of the Federal farm Board Hyde said the Board to a Largi extent was blazing new trails. Arriving in Ames at Ila. In. Today from Dei Moines. Or. Hyde j received the official Welcome from j pres. R. M. Hughes of Iowa state j College a military detachment under tile command of major Philip w. Booker commander of Way Easi stale Aud and South rotary of a a Man i a. A who appreciated science As a t least seven North inc ov1 a we Auto Meang of serving a t mobiles trucks and motorcycles is five year ago we Weir turning 79 course out Only 2.370,d00. Automobile funds for the paving program production has increased about Are being derived from the a e 5 0 or Road building of county Bomi issues and from jia8 increased Only one eighth As / Federal Ald totalling about $.>.000 fast. Small wonder that Eves oui annually. A state i oo.. he co univ highways Are Bond Issue approved by the vol Jam nod on sunday afternoons ers a year ago was declared in up cities 01 tourer traffic con constitutional lint <9 of the 99 motions Are virtually impossible. La counties of the state have a police departments of Large cities proved county Bond Issue total Cal it a tiny to the numerous Hafting $100,505,637 about $63,000. Do Janig which have recently tied up of those Bonds have been is up principal streets for hours lied and about $20,, at a time. Wall be issued tor paving 700 in Large cities it is now mile in 1930. The interest Aud it a scr to take a subway train principal of outstanding Bona is or to walk than it is to drive being paid by the state from the y0uj. Car or ride in a Nisi Rah. Primary Road fund which in Eye ab0ut hic up cedi of eludes receipts from the states transportation. As a matter of share of the three Beni Gaso Ine fact requires More time to go tax automobile License fees Ani Roui one place to another in our Large cities today than it did five years ago. Perhaps that is one reason for the great increase i i continued on Page three in cording end. He c. Taylor hair j nun of the a of Tiv. Committee mrs Susan Ash Motler of. Tan Oiin try a Chart b. Ash 419 ninth Street Atolia Ion. Who prowl Del a the was struck by Tho car driven by o. Dedication to the memory of ii. M. A in or an i nil kell., ave a Alai e of a group of of Kipf it about 7 of clock Friday eventide on the Iowa state Campus ing at tenth staph and Kellogg Lier i Day Avenue. Mrs. Ash was unconscious a emr. Wallace was not Iii a Ai t All night but Early this morning path or Taylor said with gained consciousness and seemed to scientists wholly detached i be in an improved condition. She from the a tactical world he rec was hit on the head Aud her Scalp of gazed that it science should seek and face were Cut. It is Thot there the truth a Cai Dies of whether the conclusion confirmed to pre conceived notions yet he wanted Are no internal injuries. Mrs. Ash was walking from the Northeast to the Southwest Corners Federal us. Since april i. This year More than 50 paving Crew working at various parts of the state had completed 612.7 4 mile of pavement up t i oct. I. Rill new paving Laid by months a a follows april 2.45 mile May. 60.80 Miles june 105.64 Miles july. 125.34 August. 169 71 Miles inept Niber 148.8. It a now possible for a tourist to enter Iowa on u. S. High iwo Are killed in electrical storms 5 St. Paul Ort. Scientific work directed toward of the intersection at tenth Street the solution of human and Kellogg Avenue and or. My Bali w. Pugsley president Farland wit driving South. Lights of South Dakota state College. J from another car approaching the who tor two years was assistant intersection from the North made it Secretary under or. Wallace. Paid impossible for Mcfarland to see a Persona tribute to Hie former i mrs. Ash he said in tile report of Secretary Hie Accident filed with the police. A Secretary Wallace a in Declar i in Mcfarland took mrs. Ash to e la Kwa one of the hardest the Mary Greeley Hospital after the work it i have Ever known. A pres Jmc in mrs. Ash is employed As Idem Pugsley Aid a the a us la k k at Hospital. Fully at i task from a half hour to an hour before regular opening time and was practically alway 1 there until he had to leave for his i ening meal unless official duties j ailed hoi Eisen re a he had j no official duties in the evening he frequently returned to the of the College military department escorted or. Hyde from West Gate to the East step of citral building where president Hughes awaited Bim. At noon today he spoke informally before a Rural press lunch j Eon which to w As attended by Many leading farm journalists and pub Ushers. This afternoon he will speak during a program which will be broadcast from 4 to 5 p. In. From the studio of station who Over the red network of the National broadcasting company. Or. Lowden and president Hughe will speak briefly. This program will not be broadcast Over Woi but will be carried by Telephone to new York studios of the company. Ame listeners May tune Iii on wow or Woc. The 2 p. In. Program will be broadcast Over Woi. During the period of National broadcast tile first Ever made from Ames the new Rar Ilion of the Stanton memorial Tower on the College Campus will be Hen id several numbers Anton hive. A belgian Bellmaster will be at the Clavier. The conference will a Uwe Sun-1 Day afternoon when a general session will be combined with the regular 4 p. To. Chapel Sec a vices at Low a state College. Or. J Carl c. Taylor Dean of the graduate school of North Carolina state College will speak on a Rural social those attending the general session of the conference Field Iii agricultural Hall Friday evening found the scheduled program badly disrupted due to the illness a of l. J. Taber master of the National Grange and an unexpected business Call for or. C. J. Gal pin of the United states department of agriculture that Coni continued on Page seven i hoovers dry enforcement gets results great Victory recorded in Eastern smash this week by Lawrence Sullivan United press staff correspondent Washington oct. In a president hoovers prohibition policy which outlawed spectacular drives and the sawed off shot gun and abandoned the verbal broadside As an enforcement weapon is being weighed today in of Fil Ial circles in the Light of six months experience. Since the chief executive outlined his new program in a White House press conference in mid april to has Given no indication of an intention to change it. He feels that Many details of administration still remain to be Sunoo tiered out but that Progress thus far has been encouraging even if not entirely satisfactory to the extreme dry in Congie As. Few killing recorded the government breakup this girl flyers seek refuelling Mark pm mrs not very much was left of the Goodyear a by it Blimp vigilant for Pilot diaries Brannigan inset to write Home Alene after High winds struck the Craft while it was Kimmur refuelled at an Ait Iho to near Pittsburgh. As this picture of the wreckage shows. Tin Little dirigible was i we a of what was believed to in wrecked when the winds snatched it from the ground Crew grasp i11 bootlegging Industry a largest Syndicate w nose operations extended from the French posses Sions of St. Pierre and Miquelon in the North to the bermudas is the greatest Victory of the prohibition forces against importation of liquor to Date. Other drives against imports Dion have resulted in seizure of j 175 vessels by tile customs and roast guard since january killings which have averaged 20 a year according. To prohibition Bureau records have numbered five for the first nine months of the current year. A Factor has been the improvement of enforcement personnel thru systematic educational program. Aud thru the gradual re a placement of untrained officers or i those selected by civil service examinations. Paving Iloe let log a. In Minnesota rtt a for work was no 30 at Clinton drive West lightning storms in to Ames in almost the exact Cen and North Dakota late Friday i a a turn Wailtl exacting Asad mini Strator but always Thi trait ter of the state turn South thru claimed the lives of two Farmer a a Des Moines and leave the state caused the injury of two oth a an<1 a Yui pathetic. On u. S. Highway no. 65 at the persons and killed five hordes j by ought North i rom his employees i our Here at 8 of clock Friday eve tract for the paving of Missouri line without leaving Reuben Dehne. 3<l neat hallo i both earned Ness in work j n a a. The jury went out at 3 45 Highway West front a paved roads except for a three Way minn., was killed by a bolt1 and i loyalty to their chief up m two of America s most famous paving of the Jefferson Highway a girl flyer Al i for Smith inset Aero Story county during 1930 Aud Bobbie Trout plan to is waa assured of Day with than Al 1 endurance re. Nou Cement by the Iowa Highway a. Commission that the contract for la record tot women at paving the Highway North from Colo will be let tuesday oct. 29. The contract Calls tor the having of 13.415 Miles from Tchlo North to the Hardin county line Lea Mui-1 with the letting of this con. Damages t tract the Lincoln and Jefferson j r a we of the Tribune a county news service Nevada oct. 19.�?james Miller wag awarded $4,000 from e. M. Kooker of Ames by i highways will be paved in Story the jury a verdict in the District county within a year As the conure Lincoln Ames Bas Al mile stretch thru the United of lightning which struck his plow states governments Indian res and electrocuted his four horses Erv Atlon at Tama and pavement i Herman Johnson near grand is now being constructed there Forks suffered a similar Fate Aud will be completed before the while he and a hired Man were end of the present season. If Riding on a Load of Bay. The the tourist wishes to go on West Helper w As injured one horse from Ames to Omaha he May i killed and the Hay destroyed by travel across three out of six tire. Counties on pavement and half miss Sadie Shapiro it Duluth. New Era near for agriculture the Case is the result of an act cadent at main Street and Kellogg j Avenue in Ames about two years j ago. This is the third time the Case has been tried. Agriculture which has been Imbe Nas Lujeen tend Miller was Quot stepchild among other professions a amp War left a 53,000 damages in the and businesses is Oil the thresh first trial but the supreme court hold of a new Era a declared mrs. I Selbe ver act aside on a techno Charles w. Sewell National do Quality. Kooker was made the de Only Reading project for which a Rector of Tho Home and common i Pendant in the suit As the owner i contract will he awarded this los Angeles twirly in november. Miss Trout who will handle the refuelling Hose is shown at Vigil As she practices making Contact. The other picture shows Lier talk Itig to Jack Sher ready been awarded. A contract for the construction of 28 Concrete Box culverts and widening and raising a 24-foot i beam Bridge Span on the Jefferson Highway North from Colo to the Hardin county line will also he included in the letting. Way across the other three. Com was stunned Hen lightning struck by department of the american i 0 the business which operated the tracts tor paving the balance will her Home with damaging terse. I Larm Bureau federation who i True which struck Miller altho All be let before Jan i and she was rendered deaf tot a few. Poke before the session of the Kooker was operating the fourth of july celebratory from moments but recovered. A conference Here today the aft i Triick at be time of the Accident. Omaha next summer will be Able Termath of the War. Cron surplus the jury on u e Case included to drive All the Way to new York j Innis Bank gets faulty distributor ant unfair Del a fit Niema Coughenour rus of they wish without encountering if a n l a practices have brought the amen sel1 Hitchings and Elmer pres a single mile of either mud or in a it an j Iran farm into disrepute Fobe i �?Tai1 of Nevada mrs. P. W dust. Iowa will have added an. Other slate on the Westward Prog i reps of paved toads across the s Tay continent on the Lincoln Highway when the 1929 construction its vaults stocked with More of Tuzil culture a. I Dahl of Story City Odne Howen season opened Omaha motorists$500,000 in Cash most of which a r of Roland and a 0. Ihle of could drive Quot my to Dunlap on i was rushed Here by air plane from e a Kelley rummage 5aie month. Senate adopts Ift. Dodge line debenture plan of farm Relief is merely Spectator in franchise fight the it. Dodge Des mollies and Washington. Oct. 19.�?tlt.r a the Tariff debenture plan of farm the Story county paving is the i Relief was adopted As part of Hie Republican Tariff Bill today by the Senate. Over the objection of president Hoover expressed when the matter was under consideration last Spring the democratic Republican farm bloc coalition succeeded in writing into the Tariff measure the think Capone is linked with ring new Yurk get la a to la eke altho a Lack of unanimity appear Jed to exist Toda it among Federal officials investigating the operations of what was perhaps the most powerful rum Syndicate in i the country the name of scar face j Al Capone King of Chicago racketeers Conan used to be linked with the ring. Existence of a $1,5<>0 Check made out by Capone to one of the indicated Hillier ups of the Syndicate and on which payment was \ stopped before it was cashed was announced by assistant uni continued or Page six fall enrolment at a state is 4.1 to the fall enrolment of 4,171 at Iowa state College is an increase of 190 Over last Yeai according to the latest figures from the office of j. R. Sage registrar. Tills increase is in spite of decrease of 31 in the freshman enrolment and the practical elimination of non collegiate work which in the years following the War assumed considerable proportions. The Sophomore and senior classes showed Large increases in enrolment the Junior class remaining about the same As last year. With 375 graduate Stu i Dent enrolled an increase of $2 i Over last year the graduate col lege a the largest fall enrol i ment it has Ever had j the slight slump in the fresh a he z pavement on u. A Highway no. J Chicago Friday w As the Only one so and Only to Glenwood on it. I of the City a four Banks open for a i As. No. 34 by dec. I Unbok business today. Otth to Lodr airy in stretches of Concrete will1 when Federal Reserve officers the Story of How a rummage link Omaha and Sioux City and arrived at 1 45 of clock Friday j Sale of books gave Howard coun on North thru Lemars on v. S. Afternoon an hour and 50 minutes to its Start toward a county Highway no. 75 along Tho Missouri after president j. J. Adams had i Library was told Friday Nikorn fiver. Already Omaha is joined telephoned to Chicago for $500,000 j ing by mrs. John c. Livingstone with the Misouri state line on the to Cope with an All Day run it j of Cresco a Delegate to the Capo route to St. Joseph Over u. S. Was believed the worst Money try life conference a Highway no. 34 and Iowa primary i scare in the history of Central i the discussion at the Friday Road no. 4 in 19.50, pavement Illinois had been broken. Morning meeting of the adult Edu will be completed across the state from Council Bluffs to Burlington on a. S. Highway no. 34 the co Ovete surfacing there is now unbroken from Burlington to Lucas. Half Way across the state. From Des Moines Sioux City Council Bluff. Mason City Waterloo Cedar rapids Davenport continued on Tage seven six Christian county Banks had closed their doors in the last week three of them Friday morning. The scare caused hundreds of depositors to storm the Farmers National. Withdrawal by noon had reached 580,000 and president Adams realized available currency would not meet the demand. Following the submission of the Miller Kooker Case to the jury attorneys began to i panel a jury in the Case of state of Iowa is. Fay hand of Collins. Hand is charged w Ith the theft of Corn Collins Man wins judgment on Bill t. A. Nessa Collins implement dealer has been Given a judgement tlle of $134.74 and costs against Dennis morning meeting cation Section brought up question of How to get a county. Dodd of Collins in the Ames Muni Library started. After the Nieset do go court. The judgement was ing. Mrs Livingstone told of the Given upon failure of the defendant beginning of the Howard county to appear in court. Library which now extends Over the entire county in the beginning a banquet was planned by township leaders for continued on Page two Nessa sued on a Bill which has been running since Mardi 18, 1926. He asked for $126.78 with interest at six percent since nov. 24, 3928 and the costs of the action. Air tourists near end of Long Jaunt St. Paul get. 19.�?tl�?Trl�? almost at the end of their Long swing about Many states of the nation. 26 pilots in the National reliability air tour prepared to swing off Here today to Wausau wig the fliers dropped on the municipal Airport late Friday after an uneventful flight from Des Moines two of the Iii Psi a huge passenger plane piloted by j. W. Croswell and a smaller machine flown by a. Krapish encountered troubles but landed safely sometime after their mates. John Livingston still held the Lead in Points. A d for a Anton Brees will play last recital Anton Brees noted belgian Carillon eur. A visitor in Ames for the past three weeks will play his final program on the Stanton memorial Carillon at Iowa state College sunday afternoon at 8 15 p. In. Monday Moraine he will leave Ames to return for a visit to his native Antwerp. Has no interest in the titanic Battle for Iowa franchise rights now underway Between two Intel say it no companies Pickwick Grey hound and the interstate since both companies have aban Norris amendment which prove Don d attempts to carry Passen a Treasury Bounty on exported j jokers Over routes already covered farm products equal to one half by the it Dodge line the local Hie import Tariff on Ute same pro manager announced Here today. Duct a it both of the bus companies Are _ i seeking franchise right to Earls held for theft i by passengers Between Iowa Points h q. J on the Lincoln Highway in the of child s dimes Tarsi real recognition of Iowa As Nevada oct. 19.-Victor loll l a to food source of Revenue for a 21, who was picked up by local by line. The Battle is All the authorities thursday afternoon is More bitter bemused both bus lines still in Ute county jail pending in tart controlled by Railroad groups vesti gation of an alleged theft of with the Chicago and North West pennies in a children a savings Bank Ern line controlling the interstate at the Home of b f. Edwards in line. The North part of town j the Battle Between the two when the youth was arrested he companies was precipitated by the had about 70 pennies in his posses announcement by the Iowa state bion. A neighbor saw loll enter Highway commission that the Lin and leave. The loss was discovered con Highway would be paved by members of the family when i at.r08s Iowa Quot at the close of the they returned. I construction season of 1930 Loli will be charged with break a the it Dodge line bae agreeing and entering a j Merit with both of the lines a a it j whereby the 4 ticket agents of the non stopper pined it. Dodge line May sell tickets m. Dolmage was fined one Dollar which Call for transportation on in the Arnee municipal court late a either of rhe two lines. Friday afternoon for failure to representative of the Ames Stop at a Boulevard. Continued on Page 3ix of Junior colleges new students at Iowa state who came with College credits from other institutions numbered 331-of these 207 were sophomores the largest proportionate increase 24 per cent a noted in the division of veterinary Medicine. With 191 students an in crease of 46 Over last year. The division of Agri cultus ? has an in to lenient of 906. An increase of 43 the division of engineering 1391, an increase of 75 the division of Home economics 1095, an increase of 50 and the division of Industrial science 539, a dec Mumi of 21. The department of agricultural engineering a 49 enrolled a decrease of three students. Phone 83 for scores today scores of the principal football game played today thru out the United states Wilt be received by the Tribune about 5 30 this afternoon. Gridiron fan arc invited to phone 83 for result

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