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Ames Daily Tribune and Evening Times (Newspaper) - May 26, 1925, Ames, Iowa The Ames daily Tribune and Ames evening times volume Viii International news service leased wire Ames Iowa tuesday 2 5, 1925. No 278 tax publication fight looms War on liquor is shifted to great Lake Region court decision re n a a Helo As Victor Kiwan ians hear own stories of civil War vets la. Old soldiers recount their experiences during War at club luncheon. Getting Back to Beer All see action intimate details of Battles told by participants. Civil War Ati Vospher Poi settled tie meet i up of the kiwanis club yesterday when 18 veterans of tile War Al the it Hebe i Ion were into adm a to tin chid members by chairman up Muti Knapp and responded wit ii uric i resume it their experiences to. The an added feature of in meeting was the musical program pose in a by the Ames High be hold ilk pie it Lull under the direction of i Edna Hewer. Tho singers pave tin kiwanis Elal and its guests the old olde r-., a min pie of Tho kind of my n which enabled it to win first i in in plans Quot ii in tile recent St at Birl Chou my Leal cont St. The old Poi ii i Jim Oil that a Hun not dulled their v. I nor Nnadi i ii a i r experiences la o int a it up tit dub members found the of a iou ohm fit the most inter Imp in it or of in Yar and i heir ten tit. A com Lyie id by the Blue edit d Piaker rum is flowing into u. S. From North Learned three Law enforcement agencies of Federal government Are put into action better business managers close 2-Day meeting Here situation grave a cond our serious in Vicinity Dearci says Haynes. Of they knew where to Paca us. Are walking Down corks Aud Bumph tie to and t ii Quot w out i Here. The the main Siree of wind i i Beld till i on it a mostly Amerle to pull ii few crowd. A a own stories a by do d up w it to dined haughty a beamed with be u with in be whorl the boys Tell Bult frames All Ai Pride Gay Heads a poses wrinkled fail Sui lice Aud eyes Glia drifts of other tiny. In bin Quot a marked Back to Hod Boli Iest time Verbru the people of tin North and Bouth of the la no d tabs flew it Ach others Throat in to death St in up to. Hut tin great Anteri in chant valve humor show of itself is in dog us much of a Factor in bygone Days a now tin despite the Grimm of age these vet 11,1b employed Joie Ira cd i . By. E. La. I rum Btl 11 Wai tin Soldi r part sorted and he was followed in order by Oley Nelson. Cd melt Quot Ham it on. T. J. Miller. In a Wilkinson. Frederick u. Fill to. Earley Sheldon. Ii. O. Hendrickson Bun Zuni Walt. T c. Ryder. A. La Ruck. J. A Knight m. K. Mimi in i. I. W. Clayton. W t. I Lough to. Cyril Highland Olsi t ter. C. A. Wentworth my n. H Brun nine of Napier. All Sec Ai von or. By in a amp of tin Quot daddy it them All having reach i in Ripe old age it ill years. By. Noblitt. Lit is to years it age Tobi of inter a Ding details concerning the campaigns in the Quot nth. La fell wounded on the but to Field at Vicksburg Anu a ii the Hospital Lur Soma Limo the it it r. Ii lined the army in 1801 and a must i d out in 1s6 a or. Nelson joined t v army follow lug Tho death of bus lather in the civil War. He enlisted trom Wisconsin at the age of it. Air. Hamilton helped to recruit tin i urn puny to which in belonged Aud was commissioned first lieutenant. Iii outfit helped a on la tin new York draft riot. Afer i Quot outfit lost its Captain he was give n thai commis bion and was the Only Hue of Tiver with. Tho company during the Quot Al Campaign. He took part in us hat i of the wilderness in 23 engagements air. Miller was a member of tie Touty to Bird Iowa infant a it and i ought in the Battle at Vick Sui g and in tie Southwest states including Texas lie was stationed at Camp bum Mie. La Moines during the civil War. Or. Tilden enlisted at the age of id. He was in company m. Vermont artillery Aud infantry. Or. Sheldon heard the last Artiller Bhot of the War fired hut he did not Tuisk much of bearing Tho first shot fired either for to enlisted in 1h<u Aud fought 3 engagements la rank d As sergeant when mustered out. Or. A Ondri Ezsou was in 26 Battle i -.,id a skirmishes and took Barf in Shranan w great March to the a. Or. Zumwalt was under in year v Ben be mustered out. He enlisted in Tho Illinois Volunteer Ai tin ape of 16, Aud wan a guard to lie prison Camp in Missouri. Some arc Pristine r. Or Ryder engaged to Tho important Battles of the War and was taken Pris Oner with his company and sent to till notorious prison at Andev Quot pvt i a he was a Pioneer Railroad worker lol lowing bus discharge from Tho army. A took part in Sherman a y Bui i j big auditorium to a a commode the crowd a t ten Vesser Evo Luti on trial Washington. May 26 a bootleggers Are on the run at a result of the government s land my naval warfare against liquor runners Roy a Haynes prohibition commissioner decked today. With All Federal enforcement agencies working together harmoniously Hayne predicted a a a successful outcomes of the rum War. Dayton Tenta 2th with the a pm elation that persons would pallier live july to tor the trial of John i with teaching evolution to his High Schoul t u Al ii t in Tennessee Law plans were being Diou to Here Imlay temporary auditorium to the a mid. Judge John t Raison who will Ptosis at the trial at Leas 10,000 scope Hai ged 11 it a lion of the to build i vast old loves i ii it i i tie hearing will last for some of the attorneys i nning la an Ami Siv the Mil thai William Ding de lense i or la w y Dux v ill ii 1111 i xxx my Quot Jug it t said j Quot or k Quot ii toil Bsat a i hi.0 a i Quot la to boil Over a i a r a a ant i Quot. Quot Ilias Iii Quot Dayton a i i Quot ill Lichi. D s ass i Hull on i Quot to. La Quot v i place it id seat 20 in i a Quot i Quot Nix est ii a a i Ion Iii ii i in of such in id is and Iai i unum i by a it fait to give ii i la s ides i in pm Lim Quot to of St Litho i Ca it. Aho i have Quot i. Date vex is la All unix i r Iii Aud school will b i ii to ill Quot Midi is Quot i Quot Solhei St he ii w ill m Abel to Ai thaw returns to Broadway tires of fireman Job new York a in d out As cd i it is to can win la asked indictment by 1 said a Tiu v i peeled i Ani Luest Lon Iii vol thai w Iii have n i it might a Iii \ a i hut tin needed to it a of god and his a the Plav will talking its nigh a ii in about Lite in ii Quot Luigi Hio Iii staid Iii it Hall k. No a a Anil i to i Ula re read vent in v Ork lib Bill run his i y Scopes i l p Inu tit wit tile that to Quot i it in i bad j xxx a i it in id Cut xxii it the Quot of a Quot hmm Quot is one j inc tim j gild <1 i ma.,i tint i Ivy i a Quot i rim 1. Silty in 1 1 s of to Ion i i Quot to Quot a in ,11 in glow Quot i ii of i ii Alps t us tit Jill la Quot ii Vav As a Matt a i 11 i Ute to ted j How sex i on hit Vav los til Quot h i i to i Appeal Idman i tug lost of i yes Quot ii Oro the a ppr a i i it 11mi la i loll ii. W to 1 Lowll Quot ii Whit a Highl him i ice i been Ion co Washington Alay 26 three Law enforcement a lil ies of tin h Deral government the coast guard pro i hit Ion unit and special agent of the customs sen i e Are hint Coneen rated along the great Laie and it a Nadian Border to Eluted a in a tide Quot of beet Aud ale which is flowing into la Quot United states the Treasury announced today go Trot of Hie i roil lit i re i Placid in he tire it the prohibition unit which Lins the co operation of the Michigan slate Onith Muu it. And and a pee Tai customs agents to Ltd Check hic Inove Cut of intoxicant Over the Detroit River la Ohio Ilion gum i Stoner Roy a Haynes has just an in. Pc Quot Hon i Fille Detroit District. The prohibition unit has Heel provided with a in net of Steamboat to assist in patrolling the River. Haynes report to the Treasury Dis i in i d Flint the situation around in Iroini is merlot in Ami dial Graslie step must be t a Ken by the government to enforce tin dry Law in that Vicinity the roast retard a a do to or More patrol boat in action on Luke uric and lab Quot Ontario. More bouts Are under construction Aud will to placed in service within a few weeks Accord Jug to the Treasury. Reports showed that tit movement of Beer Aud ale Over Erie and Ontario is heavy. Haul liquor smuggling j however is not extensive reports said. Statements from la paso quoting i assistant Sec Reutty to the i Tea. Ury Andrew to the 11 thai the an t smuggling Fleet on the Atlantic and Pacific was to i Quot increased was ii Quot dared at the Treasury to be Emulous. New heals will be launched within a few week Ami it a anticipate d that by the Middle of the summer too rum chasers would be in aet iou add Quot. Anti Dis us.-,inns of Anil employment were features net Anil employment manager College Oliver Omalin. Slate University Gal lit i Lime on personnel management which took in the that Al Amic of the Ned Tannin waiter Anil is on this subject is s. Hail ii of in same in dilution Ili a us 1 Hie do. Meld of Job lid main specifications he deals w tilt the Quot a to to his posit iou. The v Iii Quot of i Ducal Ion in ii Hugh is Honi by miss Violet Blakely t educational director it Younker store in Las mein Quoter thou were along the line of developing the interest of the employee i Quot Job thin the guile Ful it training program a i f Vatis Al Iowa stat Quot College. Spin kaon a human nature in personnel i a i it i i. S a Mounil Laid Quot Dis to Ion w As Quot tim i on i. Abject of i development it sails action. Coop ration and i Moi ale in the Ion Nelson to Rupp. In pm Quot input get of tin John men do company. Ottumwa led the i in Don Mioni tin must nil a him Ruhh of till n ill ici1.t was that tilling will til. I ablation of i tie i i Onnel Denim it to Miniati Ideal a Parl Penis. Gim Njo a g i Fuller of Iowa state cull a Quot i i Bidi ii ii also of Iowa state ruling Al i a i Emir a a a pay it a a tem a a All Quot Ting the Altitude a it a the w Orkini a Oil net Ion in relation to personnel a. Phoned by i. K Smith person net tin i cd or sin ii Nill t Alining Des Moines. I n. Conte Quot lie ended with a round a by Iva ii iou on to subject of Hie Elution of tie pm sound department to the tin Lapin lit of tile safety pro grains and polio i a a a this i a Sion quoth do a i. R Lohn on it til Quaker Oats company of a Quot Lur . The Contemp switched to ult matters pertaining to by Quot iness in.gemot t it tin Iii d Day Al the oni Erenee of tier of Foliar at tin Van Altin Al Hall. Now a state All Tun dint summary i i Sheldon Tuuu monday a Light her a held a tog d ii clo i a Quot a York City Foj tsp Quot <1 in Quot the it Inlet n mein in All Gont Linued botel tor a Brid pet led a Nill All f to i i null Dill Lull i h v la ii u it lot and he to is. At i my e was who t from i Oneriv a d i Lek my t ill it him Quot one ill fated Japan towns Are again shaken by quake j intermit loin i new Pollilo Strong Earl Liq tut he Shook the Taij Lii list rift of Southeast Era Nippon Island this morning in lulling the towns of toyed Fen and Wii b wet Quot All bul destroyed by last hut in Lay a Leer flt Shock Scy Cral Damag d budding were tumbled Louii alarming tin popular Quot Lait Lio casual i b s a Quot i it reported. Held As Victory by progressives Independent bloc launches plans to extend publicity clause o o p leaders quiet. May ask repeal administration s attitude awaits Public reaction. By i to i a to inn,11 n w a a Ashing i on. May 26 move meld for repeal of the publicity pro i Don it tim iconic lax Law Ami for it ext ii iou to other forms of tax a him got mulch Way simultaneously hem today following the dec Lou of i ii ii is St Alen supremo court Legal Povlin publication of lax pay Light Over Gila question in Ion of Congo its appeared improved roads needed Sheloon cites railroads Way of meeting demand. La influenza is cause of death hold funeral wednesday. I ii Oatway Plash Harry i All four big Cedar is Are wry i rapids oomph United. In Boul Chi car Kaim of Alay 26. A a Gay it a Pihi corporation has he a organized hire to take urn the propel ii s of the Iowa railway and i Abt company. The Boone a to Sipany. The a rower and Ligon company tin Jefferson electric company my other Uthi to. Rec idly acquired col. A ill Lam g Dows. Of Idem of the i own railway and Light to Sipany. Announced today. Common Stock in to new company will ii Quot issued to i Quot amount of 2&Quot. Mooch it and prof tied lock to flu amount it get tit Quot Gen in Eom of the t Hanoi at Ion Ani its asst lated com a a Ira end the Quot companies that it and ii it of iat Quot a companies Are a tout to Aeq it w ill exceed St nod uni annually according to Olone i kit s and i b it in i be Small in had list finned Bibl Way gossip bankroll h peeled to or in for Hie initial to , t i Mil s. An tip Ila a been dist hand Iii a Quot it Rekand an of i Stra it adet Vav i nit on jazz by the Quot ii it a Bill. Quot Harry a Back went alumni he. Gilt Tab j to the Yuting Hoci i i in 5on pets when it it iry wit ii Bills along Ria to Idle t a Quot no mind Iii in it no a it a Ai it us r to in Mure made in i in "roar into i ii Quot a w w Lute ii a ired nil in Tore jul the morning i a Oivo e Iii thaw tune of a lout in i m Are said cited v i a lavish put waiters Etc. As moved to w glitter of head of Chw 0�?z is dead famous educator succumbs to intestinal cancer. A a or Knight to the sea a Well a in la Quot enlisted Era i a dare Devil fined for a celebrating after 4-Day drive uis let to Alay 26. Duk lock wind til Dave a Quot Vil took nil Cha Nee. Too Many with Des Puli Quot with i Quot a ult lie pod a to if $1 i in &Quot>110&Quot pal fur today Celebi Binghi l it �v1 the drowsy god when he drove his car iou hours without tapping Quot a Iowa a roads til Duke took one too Many last night Quot id than 1 a a i Viess it v. 11 w it i self it d to a a lot ii Quot is i Vav cd in morning Hith in wine big in fur dancing form in. W to 20 lot do a tim a Ord Hll Wirt i a say my it ears ago it to Huai any of Mil Hook of Peciu i i Quot the tin by cold 26. M j. Hopkins of Colo Well known Story county resident died at his Home lure yesterday afternoon following a Brief illness from complication Lucid it to i ii 11 ii Caza or Hopkin is survived by a widow on on lug a Hopkins of Colo two Brothers. James Hopkins of Colo Aud join Hopkins of Nevada Aud several nephews among whom is City manager of engineering p. F hop Klu of Ames. Or. Dopkis a a my ired Farmer and had lived in the county for near in 66 years. Funeral erne will he held Ned mesday Moi Ding at in of clock from St. Mary a Church it Colo the Rev. I father Nicholls officiating. To Musi is fatal commenting on an editorial published i gently to a Minnesota in us Pupil in which the statement was that it would in jul i in cheap tor ii Railroad to fab nip to Cutty their turning Quot on Wood n rail a it it i for the state to attempt to a a in hide Mauds of motor Ira in. Tori a Mon with cheap dirt or i avel iinds Parley Sheldon be v in i ii District director of i Quot Good Road. A m Bullion Aid today Quot a i in com paid not is not Only Good hut very ii i be earn Quot the Quot firm Vall roads Vii Quot built with wooden rails with a hand of Flat Iron on top to pro Lect the idler material from the destructive action it the wheels. Thin wan soon found Esq Focient and Iron rails Ven brought into use the qual Liy of the Metal used has Bien Eon mantly improved the weight of tin rails multiplied in order to hear Iii creasing traffic it hic Cost millions f dollars to make Tho Elm ii Gen Inlet veiling Between Wood rails and tim heavy steel id it today of venom knows shut tin improvement brought economic which have saved Iii Quot orig Ilia coat Many times Over. Quot Wien a Tew yours ago or Simi continued on pug Quot three tim or i be ii Quot lits allot her Hie next s a Ort Ain. The inures tilling in i with instant approval in circles Ai Tho Republican i nil ors were retired i n to their Altitude Tow in continuing the Law would extend Claut tie id pen Bill i Blo Quot howl in Iva i by Tom decision As a Al tory and launched Pluto to extend the publicity ids la win indicated they would i n Quot i k to Force publication of tax hearing Quot be fur Quot the Treasury b part in on i and on All Iii Quot title tints. Adm twist ration official indicated tim Treasury department would a k a tigress to reveal the publicity Lariat tilts would to Quot Iii Hon with the known pro Salon of Secretary of the Trues by Mellon who turn denounced pub Hetty be without Benefit to the gov in men and As injurious to prix at Quot by i a Quot so tim Secretary Vrh quo by a baying a publicity Semi one purpose la gives to Btl in ohm rivals Aud Thole i inv Long some to iter i a motive informal us which i of Vail Quot to them ocl it to the extent of is detrimental to the tax payers. They gain by the a pay of in lug Hurt a a would mean avoidance a lion was also lab to Fiel Lim income tax Publ Leif Tun a tif to the fam i of tax Yetto avoid it hug taxable intern. To present business privacy it wan added Many licit men sought to pm a do the Ruiu by investing their funds in tax exem pm Quot Quot citrines. A we promptly the Treasury s warning Quot followed use of rile Many mean of lax avoidance with Tho consequent decrease in the pro Declivity of tit Quot income the Quot administration s attitude toward of the publicity clause How it it will not he Del Etui in cd in ii pub ii rent Ion to i court s decision Hay been to Quot i ii. N be Chib o Quot us d so kit Well in bad a i human Host in quest Ion Quot that every in her after a Fly tog a in lion t i handle him a tart it i a Vav. 11&Quot h a lung tim since Harry a lung Broadway. Bul t Milit or rather thin being a Volunteer fire k Ltd a. And March us ii i my spoiled it a monarchist publisher victim of assassins it i March of the major operation it. A i and served until the Middle of �?T65. He was a Corporal at the time of his mustering out. Or m Michael lost his Lieut Tigar a. _ Tho resulto typhoid in the off jeer found urn in an tone artau War served his first enlistment Ami posture in front a the Luul lated and was in company f. Moines hotel am Kwh hut. A Short eighty seventh onto infantry. To was drive and free lied a a a j Trouti Nudd on Page two it noon today i ii Quot no paria at. In 26 i know ii a Jim Bel Quot Quot Ell i communists shot and fatally wounded Al. H Jegor. Treasurer of the monarchist newspaper. Yet Ion . Today. Other i a Al Ion Francaise officials believed the is it Hilt duo to the Rev vhf Luther s cont Titi on hit communist poisoned Gen nil m main hero of Var Dun. Who died lust week by Intel anti Olaf news. Chicago. May 26. Bluest Dewitt Burton president of the University of Chicago Aud nationally known As an educator diet at the presbyterian Hospital Here today from intestinal cancer. The specific Caus Quot of death physicians said Vivus peritonitis which set in after or. Burton Hail been pronounced recovering from two opera Lions for Relief from the intestinal ailment. Stricken by the news of or. Burton s death trustees at Tho University announce Thuiy would not discuss the quiz it to Quot ii of Isicc. It for t ome time Paul Potter to be heard in program Over radio tonight in i i it 11 i ult t tut of air and fir f. Potty. My Duff Avern and a i i dilate of Iowa Slat Quot Eolice i i scheduled to it App it Quot Quot pro giant it Tati a k i aah i eve Ping it via inn Quot j today or. Poh r i to Quot a Hihi Orang Judd fart Rev. An a Quot Quot a Al p o i Al i a Tiou in a he ,. Ii the nature of i number on hit i program was not or closed. Unidentified suicides in unusual manner at storm Lake. Weather forecast fair Iii East. Party of Quot Rea in Vest portions tonight Ami wednesday not tvo Cool tonight Aud in East portions wednesday int Ornaf tonal a we Sturm Lake. May 2. With one end of Ait inner tube Over his Mouth Ami , and the other Over the end of the exhaust pipe of his Auto Mobil attic dead body of a about to years old was found on a lit lie used by Road near a Quot re yesterday. The ear Hor a Minnesota number hut Titer Quot was nothing Al e which would disclose the identity of the Matt. Who was poorly Clad. The car had evidently been running with the i Atte a adj tit Quot Das it Quot a tank was nearly empty when the discovery was authorities Here have communicated with he Minnesota Auto mobb in Ream i a rec investigation of n. Y. Presbytery Iii i Budh Malf Complete in a i Gati a of All charge faint then w Yolk presbytery involving tit Kosiek East and alleged Luceus Der 0f ministers toiling to affirm certain tenets was recommended to the pro shaterian go it Tal Assembly by til ennui Truee on Bills Aud overtures today. Report will he to the cosmic Fly next year. Two men caught by Ames police at Liberty today. Pat Burkrey it Omaha Aud Harold White of Chicago amazed in Ames last monday on a charge it it running liquor Between Clinton and Omaha. Have been released on �?~20<lo Bonds each h was Learned Bort today by local officials. The Bonds believed to have been secured from friends in Omaha were put ult in Federal court Ai Des Moines w her Hie pair was tuk u by state officials i when arrested tit Ames. Burkrey and White had approximately 300 Gal ions of what was believed to he Good alcohol in their Dodge truck. It is expected hint Tho two men will he tried Iii Nevada during the next term of District court injuries Are fatal by till i eat Quot Tat new cd Akka i i of 26 Levi Wofford 60, a dead to re today a til result of injuries received Suu Day wit Quot Bitte k by Ait latin of Ltd Ira i train near Linn Junction Coit upheld oif Hial explained that return1 built tot the Calendar year of l�2f and for the Al Quot pm year ending juju 30. I or a will in included to the payment published a denial also a. Is Ned that ail undue delay Hud b on permitted in i Hope that tie supremo court would hold do Law unconstitutional Congi a Mil sentiment mean a Kite a i revealed by Senate leaders. Quot i think Iii Quot oui quite corrupt by m tie it the Iuvone tax Puto 1 ii it Law a lid sen tap Borak i a pub in an of Idaho. To done to see How it could Impi decided Udud wisc As to do to would he to a tim i Imp Papet cannot print news a the decision Monos but the subject will come up in the next Cou Gross senator Couch tvs of Mich Igan hated this vow mud opposed its Roppul. A Fine orca Ion a i think the Quot court Orre etly interpreted the intent of co Fraas mud con la is it Quot ii Anil it Lui Udod Lull now butt m r publicity win u it wanted the mild co it i a Skubli a hop of Tho ii to a h imply draw the t r to t iou of the pub and engr t to the Nocco Fulty of analysing Hie in tubes More closely to Ita talk Hie a a on Why some per a Quot pot i to be very wealthy pay i. Tax i ii a it til Quot be reported not so pm la Iii do. To third extent lies Tho Valuo of not Quot or. Cut publicity foature.-, Aud any state Quot that enlightens the Quot Public or i Ltd to s of this subject should Mot be repealed senator King Democrat of glue a it was a Fine deals urn Sod carried out the intent of you Grnes. H Ner ii Iii tie to a 141. Of anything if ought to to extended to word from Polar flyers by paternal Iona i new Oslo. Norway Alf 26 lit Quot Arctic regions Are threatened with storms and if the Amundsen Ellsworth flyers landed at the North pole for observations Hie party will lie compelled to return immediately govern Iuni Orfi the statement the significant words rials declared today and added after Quot if a no word from that was Tho Only answer the gov. Eminent could give on this. The fifth continued on Page two

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