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Ames Daily Tribune And Evening Times Newspaper Archives Apr 23 1929, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune and Evening Times (Newspaper) - April 23, 1929, Ames, Iowa J the news by t. F. A Story county s daily the Ames daily Tribune every employee of any hotel restaurant Barber shop or other Public place Aud every employee of any person firm partnership or corporation or of any Public service corporation engaged in the transportation of a Agen Gen in thin state who shall accept or solicit any gratuity tip or other thing of value or of a Amble con i Sld ration from any guest or a troll Khail be guilty of a mis j Demeanour and upon conviction i thereof shall be fined not Leas j than $5 nor More than $25, or i be imprisoned in the county jail for a period not to exceed 30 Days. Volume leu and evening times Ames Iowa tuesday april 23, 1929. Weather forecast Iowa unsettled probably showers and local Thunder storm tonight or wednesday in East portion. Slightly warmer tonight in East and South portion. Cooler wednesday in Northwest and North Central portions. United Preim full leased wire with automatic Printer no. 249 Rives i levee a every person who a Hail give or ofter any tip or gratuity to any person or employee prohibited from soliciting or receiving the same by the provisions of the preceding Section shall be guilty of a Misdemeanour and be punished upon conviction us provided by the preceding Section. Any person who Khali knowingly permit a violation of the two preceding Heel tune in any place under i control or who shall fall to keep conspicuously posted in every said place under his control a notice bearing the words a no lipping allowed a Hall be deemed guilty of a Misdemeanour Aud be punished As provided by Section 1322s, the above three paragraphs Are sections 1332k. 1 332v and 1332&Quot of the code of Iowa. A Long As they remain on the statute books of thie Date they Are included in Hie Broad language of president hoovers address in new York monday can he make him drink do Yon observe them or Art you prepared to do so Law violator Denny Collin Veteran Railroad Engineer on an Iowa Branch line has piloted engine no.03 for 3b years. Recently there earn an order from the chief Ngin r to replace no. 203 with a new engine. Denny objected a give up old 203 a a he said. A not on your life. There in t a locomotive on the Road can bold a Candle to her anti she a running better today than so did us years t attle a rescinding order in Gipe no 203 will continue the run and Denny will continue at the throttle a Friendship of 30 years will not he broken no. 202 Annot speak. Few in luaus know the Worth of silence Aud so few human friendships survive 3n years of sane association. Mississippi at highest Mark Ever recorded flood Waters endanger wide area near Quincy 111. Quincy Iii., april 23.�? a Jpn water soaked levees guarding i to oho acres of Fertile Bottom land scattered along a 60-mile lever front today trembled under the steady relentless pressure of tie flood Waters of the Mississippi River tim River swollen by tor run dial Rains which have fallen i it Smitie fitly during the past week. Stood at 21.8 toot Mark toddy the highest a rest of All time. And far As local records co fit he checked. Panger in. S. Ready for action at Borde finance experts ready to admit Parley failure w Kok Vuk la. April 23 Relief Friou the High water which has Helen threatening the levees of Missouri Aud Illinois towns on the Mississippi River South of Keokuk for forty eight hours was seen this afternoon when the government stage Here showed the lifer had dropped a foot. At 2 of clock this afternoon i stage stood at 17.7 feet i ides Moines River also was ing. The the tall to Paris has hailed or. Henry j Huddleston Rogers to establish a t Legal residence be named defend-1 ant Iii a a Friendly divorce suit. She and her multimillionaire bus i band of Standard Oil tame Are the parents of tie Youthful divorce Reed once Mim in Rogers Dun countess Saint now mrs. Ramos of Argentina. Whoopee party Ray Cunningham Hoover. Senate May be aired 8 indictments will be asked in Chicago named manager of . A. Camp i i eel. The scramble to get aboard the hard roads hand Wagon continue. Two More counties. Dallas and Fremont will vote May 9. Governor Hamm la a prediction a either a state Bond Issue or Fin county Bond seems about to be fulfilled. It it a a lion Ini a g o a special trom the Oday with ind Sci Pretor Ducal Charles a Lindbergh is reported to have threatened to quit the Board of the transcontinental Airport company unless greater authority be Given to his personal Friend major Thomas Lanphier. The report is denied. Making threats is dangerous business. Sooner or later someone May Call your Bluff. Two defeats in 24 hours have been recorded for president Hoover in his preliminary skirmishing with tile Senate. Committee votes on farm Relief and immigration have both been contrary to White House wishes. Lehs than seven weeks after his inauguration the president is finding some of his staunchest pre election supporters arrayed solidly against him. Texas does its bit for the nation s health by devoting 28,Ooi acres of land to the cultivation of spinach but there Are a lot of ungrateful people in the country who wish the Boll Weevil would eat their share of it. Chicago april 23. It the 4.900 Broad pee party Quot of the Fri tary District revealed to it grand jury. Rebounded state s attorney it office a demand for conspiracy i meats against the Tome r Dent and seven trustees i Sui Iii Arv District Board. Assistant states a Tome y John. E i Orfie and Thomas Shis or i announced they would go before tin grand jury and demand the first True Bills growing out of the four months investigation of the sanitary District. I the two prosecutors said they w Ould cite As do basis for door demands a a whoopee party at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in new a York in november 1927 and the $120,000 my for the printing of the annual message of the president. Payment of $0,900 for wrecked furnishings in the new y Ork hotel and payment for the president s message both were approved by the trustees the prosecutors said. I the former president of tile sanitary District is Timothy j. Crowed Ratic Leader who was i alleged to have overruled the Sag Gest Ion that members of the. Broadway party out of their t own pockets for the damages at i i the Waldorf. The prosecutors Charre that the Ray it Cunningham general a Ned Clary of the Iowa state col loge y. I c a. Today announced i i acceptance of the manage ship i it it tii Sta v. C. A Campton ated five Miles Dom spill Lake and about 190 Miles North of Here. During the f ruling sum j Mer n j or. Cunningham has been glared i two months leave let a a sen tuna Iii duties at the col-11 Ieese. The Camp operates during july j and August. And accommodates j about Kio boys a week during the j two month period. Or. Cunning a dispute grows farm Relief immigration involved by Paul r. Mallon United press staff correspondent Washington april 23.�?ok a Strong disputes Between presi Dent Hoover anti his new Senate were officially Biang plated today Lover farm Relief Mitt immigration the Flint two problems to com in the special session. Chairman Mcnary of the son at Arleu Louie committee introduced today the s to 6 majority Reju it of ids committee recon mending adoption of do debenture plan of farm relict which or. Earlier it tin Day the Senate of general rules of the Camp swimming and the dining and sleeping accommodations Ham will have general. A to per vision of the caul which contains about i a a a Ltd a will Chaitt j immigration committee bad voted 14 to 2 to postpone indefinitely t in the repeal or suspension of the j. M j National origins provision of the pained by Hie local director. Who is in charge of their regatta 5 Tiou. Certain Camp rules How Ever must be obeyed by these directors and they too will b Der tin supervision of cunning j Ham. I it. Louis. Mo., april 23.�?ti or a rampant nature which for three Days scourged the Mississippi Valley with floods and tornadoes appeared to be subsiding today. The toll of dead in the weekend tornadoes and floods remained at 26. Damage was heavy especially in farming regions i where freshly sown crops were destroyed by winds and flood but Era. Unless additional Rains occur. No further damage was anticipated than that canned by levee washouts at two northeastern Missouri Points and at Laconia ark., on White River. Thousands of acres of Fertile j farm lands in stage of Early cultivation were under water. How Ever and several Hundred families were forced out of bottomland Homes. Approximately 2.000 inhabitants of the White River Valley at Laconia were driven to High i ground by a 150-loot Hrak in a private levee monday. Some too families were made homeless by two levee Breaks sunday one North and one South of Canton >., on the Mississippi. Flood Waters were on tile Wane at Keokuk today after reaching n stationary Point monday. South of there a general Rise in the River was predicted for til next few Days. Little Hope remains of agreement on reparations by Samuel Dashiell United press staff correspondent Faris Apt ii 23 a tip a the conference of reparations experts at a plenary session today failed to find a solution of the reparations problem but leu the Way open for possible agreement before it admits failure Aud adjourns. The conference decided to Start drafting its anal report at the same time arranging for private discussions among the various delegations in the Hope that before the final report is finish compromises will be attained which will prevent utter failure i of the conference j at today a session or Hjamar Schacht head of the German Dele Gat ton appeared with his Nusso. Plates and made a new presentation of his views after a hurried j week end dip to Berlin for consultation with i government. If to presented any new suggestion or. Schacht evidently did not make any proposal which was accepts i Hie. And the germans left after 20 minutes. I final report ordered an official communique announced that Tho drafting of the the i final Repon had been ordered. The american spokesman said Only slender Hopes re main of for above at Columbus n. M., cleaning their rifles prior to an inspection in agreement. Otherwise he said. Tour. Below Captain Roy Gerton is shown issuing orders to the Tan final report would refer the machine gun detachment of the seventh u. S. Cavalry guarding the problem to the governments in burder at Columbus n. With rebel soldiers crossing the Border daily and the collapse of mexican revolution believed imminent United states soldiers have been doing Active patrol duty along the Border troopers Are shown die definite experts were admit unable i boys coming to Camp Are a cum of the appointment was made by the state committee of which hat old Brenton of Des Moines is chairman tile Camp has been Iii operation for about in years. La.-. Year or Harris county Secretary at storm Lake was Iii charge of the Camp. Que Hunna flood three deaths and heavy property i damage would be reached soon. Mended by or. Hoover. J lowlands in the Vicinity of administration leaders Are con Wilkes Barre were inundated and indent they can kill the Debec j Antilles have been forced to Fie lure plan by a Voje of the Senate from Homes in the River Aud they hop to repudiate the j sections Senate immigration committee by j continued no Vuic three Harri by chg pa., april 23. Ump Clearing skies today held out Hope that the Crest of the bus which Hun caused scour a locket is in danger of the to invoke Jones lawagainst300 big scale arraignment on in Wisconsin Milwaukee april 23 tip id the Jones prohibition Law was brought into operation in the East been pm District of Wisconsin Federal court today As arraignments were begun on a Federal court docket of than Soo cases most of which concerned liquor Law violation the arraignment a were started less than 24 hours after announcement by Levi la. Bancroft United states District attorney that virtually Al liquor chuch carried to the fed Tai Petit jury tor consideration will he presented us a Jones Law cases. Thus each of 450 prohibition Law defendants on the present Federal i solved with that the Ito agree the Denary sea Uhi received the report of the sub committee headed by the late lord revel Stoke of England which was appointed to attempt a Compromise on the German Aud Allied offers hut failed the communique issued after today a session said j a Tho committee received and ordered filed a report of the sub Tokio april 23 tip Pill was committee it Revelstoke com Aren Nav thai i ii had Quot Quot Fon figures had not been reached. Lost when tin ate Intel Poy committee in plenary session Okuni Marti carrying 209 persons decided on the appointment of to foundered in the Arctic sea off sub commit in composed of t ii chiefs of each Grout charged with outlining the chief Points to 112 persons drowned in sea disaster com who Walton league to primary roads fair w. E. Albert state game Warden. I maximum five years imprisonment and $10,out Fine possible by the new statute. Bancroft said he Bas not defied recent orders of Mallei Walker Bottom i Willebrandt assistant attorney general in deciding upon his attitude toward the Jones Law mrs. Willebrandt said Bancroft asked that Only cases tainted with commercialism by prosecuted under that Law he then pointed out that Federal enforcement officers Here confine themselves to ruses of this kind. Kamchatka monday. Two a pending to the Tomokuni mamas i s o s cued 97 of the 209 aboard prising Crew and passengers were returning fishermen. Report of the resent a Culler was sent to from ostinato. Hokkaido Island. The Toyo Kuai a Hull ant cargo were said to have been insured for ii,5oo#,fido, japanese steamers ie-.,v club Atli to nah refl0rta while this work is proceeding Ware reported to have res it is anticipated that a group will Endeavor to arrive at an Agre i Ruelf on Points upon which an Accord has not been . It is expected Dun this general primary in fairly Roans Good out or urn condition today. Twill speak on the conservation of Bond election in Dallas county i and game Here tonight at the dinner meeting of the Izaak we the latest picture of Bah Ruth shows the King of swat wrapped in a luxurious Bathrobe and help j ing Friend wife with the dishes j it is entitled Quot babe finds new j Way of dusting Home nature seems to have come to the Ald of Chicago harassed by other Lake cities in the great lakes water level dispute. The water has risen two feet this Spring foundations near the Lake Are endangered shipping is in it so to the taxpayers. Are operating on i Robert Jeffrey Delegate of the buses local league to the National Eouveii-11 Ion in Chicago last week w ill re it convenience amt nobody hears of the farm than to opera fans any tiling More about til piracy friends revealed Here today in exert the Windy City in stealing planning Lier sudden decision to water that belongs to someone else of one knows just what is the cause and few in Chicago Are worrying As Long As the Rise does no to fill their own basements. Chicago newspapers which have steadily defended the City a water diversion act Little satisfaction could judge from the temper by the City a Bill of health has Heen their editorial pages might not clean for More than two Mouths object even to they were compell ast week the entire stalls to keep theil District was charged $120,000 Foi printing crowed a annual message according to reports from the Iowa stun league which will be held at and distributing 7bhyoo<f copies. I Highway commission Headquarters j 6 so at the Dairy building Iowa Only 200.000 copies can be found Here. The surfaces Are still soft state College. It was charged and records show but Are doing rapidly j Robert Jeffrey Delegate that Only 100.000 copies were mail j fort Dodge and red Ball schedule. A port on the convention. Or. G. H. Humphrey will report to the league on the Progress of the contest in the beautification of grounds which the league has launched among the Public schools of the county. This project still in its inception already promises to become a statewide undertaking. Miss Agnes Sam friends say Marion would rather sin amp to Fence than to opera fans Kansas City mo., april 2quit the Chi Marion Talley would Ruth life sing to the Bara Hoard Fence in stage for the country. New York with a crowds ii e w a a p e m e n and Movleen was just Loo no new disease reported Here no new cases of communicable diseases have been reported in Ames a is Are getting not a during the past week according to faction and if one or. C. A. Aplin City health officer. Lur the 23-year-old Singer she wrote to herds she plans to make her Public appearance May 4, and a on be As free As a Ley said. A a crowds have us. But it soon can hardly wait ing life As i want to enjoy Charles m. Talley father ii a Kelson. State superintendent of pub a West a hustling i to. Instruction is enthusiastically county metropolitan Here last. In Cleveland that Day i shall Lark a miss Tal Adel april 23 0��?men who four Days ago started circulating petitions asking for a special Road a a a Quot to Day presented petitions with sufficient signatures and the county Board of supervisors ordered the election for May 9. The proposal will be to Issue $ ,00, Worth of Bonds. It the Issue carries it will insure the paving of Highway no. 32, a ast and West across the county and no. It from Adel to Perry Sidney i a., april 23�? ppm voters of Fremont county will go to the polls in a special election May 9 to vote on the proposal to Issue Road improvement Bonds in the sum of $4ll,Otto, of the Issue carries Highway no. 3, which runs across the county from Page to the Missouri River will differed however procedure will result in time Sav the Ocene ing and by defining the area of the i agreement will Advance the Corn Mil teens final w Dawes plan to continue thus the experts averted tem nor Cliv a breakdown 01 Nego Tiu Lions with some Hope that bar i gaining among the delegations might produce at least a temporary agreement before Afiouni a menu of that fails tile Dawes continued from Page three be straightened Boone Story medic group to meet Here i i the Lincoln Highway will be straightened East it tim viaduct under the Chicago and Northwest i pm tracks two and one half Miles i East of Nevada As a result of be got Tat ions now being made by Tho Iowa Highway commission. By the change which is mad in preparation for the paving of Road the Road will pass thru the Story and Boone county medical associations will hold a joint dinner and meeting Lier wednesday evening at the Shel Don Munn Lim i. Or. Verl a. Rui of the Iowa stale College Hospital staff will speak on a antiseptics in Minot and or. Bush Houston of Nevada will speak on a the acute a a a Kenoi this of t dreadful Prospect old school boards which viaduct and will continue i formerly governed the education i straight Northeast until it reaches the present East and West Road. At present tile Road passes thru 1 the subway turns sharply right and turns twice More before it j Straightens out. I the new right of Way will pass thru the farms owned by Karl i Cessna into George Dean. Commis i Ings i Aion representatives Are now negotiating with these men for Purchase of the land. Of the Young in be misted were elected by vote Mach in the Sam Way As the local town councils formed today. Next to being great w a s a a councillor or a Baile a seat on Quot the Board Quot was considered a honour. Of course there heckling Quot at All the meet an election in sew land 1 rated. It in favor of the idea and is urging j be improved the state organization of the league to make the project state wide. Iowa Hiway Bill j million in March almost swamped Des Moines. April 23edu.p? will be Over. I j More than $1,000,01 0 was expend to begin enjoy Jod on now a highways during . State auditor j. W. Long of Tho reported today after completing de to Start pumps press rooms dry. Sharp difference of opinion has Arisen Iii the Senate Gyu Multi it be i main committee Over the proposed of tit Hafl Bent tire scheme of farm Relief. Today chairman Mcnary present con tamed on rage two report to the United states Public health service a included 4 cases of Idip theria 137 Scarlet fever 32 smallpox 57 measles 25 chickenpox 83 pus 20 whooping cough la typhoid fever to tuberculosis 3 und ulant fever 2 Erysipelas i poliomyelitis 2 amoebic Dys Eirv. 25 syphilis and 25 gonorrhoea girl plans to be his daughter j the monthly audit of lie Cor loft appearance and from Cleve j Mission books at Ames Laud Marion and he will seek pre of the $1 ,004,613.43 total for Feraby pastoral Pear on an i the month 8608,864 63 was spent Ohio farm. Ion construction work and $395. Gone from Marion life will 748.80 on maintenance Long Robe the Rac Ket of tit big cities j ported. Construction expenditure a and rest Viil come to the ears were divided Between paving exol the father who for years tis Cavatina Graveling tiling bldg to cited to the rickety Clack Olack of my Purchase of right of Way and a die Railroad Telegraph keys. I Railroad Crossings. Union county Board ordered to set an earlier poll Date Cheston to. April 23.�? or i11 Ion county voters will ballot before june 2. 1930, for a county Road Bond Issue under a w l it of mandamus on tile today in the court of judge Horner a. Fuller against the county Hoard of supervisors. Supervisors meeting april 13. See die Dale for the Flection in 1930, by Good roads advocates anxious to Start paving this year bought an earlier Date. The Hoard must meet within five Days to set a new Date the is tit held. An Appeal was planned. 300 hear Garden lecture monday Spring cleanup is Given stimulus nearly 300 people of Ames and the Vicinity heard Alfred hones associate editor of the better Homes and gardens Magazine. Speak monday night on Quot the glory every two scouts to help in the clean up of the South and East entrances to the City w Bich is being sponsored by the Garden club. Uke a ingred of a Garden Quot in a meeting at the j the service chins and the Cham High school auditorium sponsored j Ber will each Send five men to i by the Ames Garden club Aud tile help in the clean up which p. T. of the City. I will begin saturday morning at inspired by the address Given in of clock. The City engineering 1 by or. Holies who is a leading 1 department will authority on gardens and was once professor 01 horticulture at Ohio state University a Large number of people signified Doh intentions of becoming members of the Garden club. The program included also a demonstration in which four boy scouts presented a new Rake to representatives of the chamber of Commerce and the service clubs and challenged these or Gani Matunis it Send one Man tor ohs and men. A group of a amp fire girls Prole on tinted on Page three without heckling would be Haggis without the secret tents. Quot Are Yon for keeping the bairns at the Sehuler until they re six j teen a angrily asked a Dundee j in Iii worker of a candidate s Ek-1 lug the support of a crowded meeting. Yes sir Quot said the Man on do platform a i think no child should help out with wag-1 t0 work until he or she achieves the age mention a a a Well yell no get my vote a said the heckler Quot i Dinna want a Laddie to be Corning a me Frau the Schul an Takin tuppence for a shave Quot roof catches fire Sparks from a Chimney burning out set fire to the roof of or Maude Goodenow s residence at 525 main Street about 4ute monday afternoon. The fir department 01 in gushed the Blaze after a Small Boh had be u burned in do roof. Co pm right up it right John of thru put Dili co j tar wend

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