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Ames Daily Tribune And Ames Evening Times Newspaper Archives Sep 4 1920, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune and Ames Evening Times (Newspaper) - September 4, 1920, Ames, Iowa Quot county a farm Ames daily Tribune and Ames evening times volume Liva aies Iowa. Saturday september 4, 1920 number 828 cent fare sought her Harding declares for Large Navy Huse in present rate in Ames makes Appeal to College to give . To demands j College dorms rent at Low monthly rate attorney to appear re fore Council next monday. That Jvn Lac it a a. Mailing a South-1 no railway is expected to ask the City fount to monday next to chatter i the railway Frau Ftp to Perron the company to charge a fare $ Conia Between and to to Given Point a in tie i Alum the it City Arn to hell 16 the to it i for la Imp instead so a now. Would make the a luge a ii for 6-� cent a it h Ai compared in 4 cents now. W s. Live r to one the Law firm flyer Jordan a Dyer Railroad attorney. In expected to App a before the ame thy Council to it pregent the company s Pica state probes proposal. The proposition has already harm taken tip with the state executive roam ii and the stat Board education and is being investigated. Mince a statement wan Maie in the awes and Boone paper to Tho effect that it was possible the it Orn pan would not ask for an increase Over the 5 rent fare hut would be Content to have the clause it impaling the it oui Patty to sell 20 slugs for la 0 eliminated from the franchise the com pan v has filed a plea for a More mat rial inc reuse. Paragraph 9 the Grant right Way to the it. I Lodge Des Moines be Southern thru the College grounds made by the executive Council t Arries with it certain provisions for certain supervision by the executive count la and Board education. This accounts for the petition to the executive count ii As Well a Appeal to the City Council. College studies proposal. In an interview with mini it. A. Pearson the College this morning i . Pearson Gaul the mat ter was now in the bands the Board education. And that the Hoard had taken the subject Uji with him and he had looked Over the pc pert. The ca4 j. Now in the hand the building and business committee the Hoard education a Pearson said. And continued a it wit go to the finance committee the Board and the finance committee will make a Thoro commenting the request the company to be allowed to charge increased rates. President Pearson said. A we will real pc that Coats operation have increased but must also really that business the Street cars Ames has increased. I hop the Cost operation has not increased in proportion to the increased Bush these men to act. Has r. Brenton Dallas enter la chairman the building Ami Busti Ness committee other members the j committee being in d. Murphy Elkader Leo to Baker Davenport Paul e. Stillman Jefter gon and de. P. Schoentgen Council Bluffs j w. R. Boyd Cedar rapids is the j chairmen the finance committee which is investigating the Case. Others the Hoard include Thomas i Amin it Sabula wll. Gemmill Secretary Des Moines Jackson w. Bow dish auditor and accountant. Des Moines and John i Foster inspector Des Moines. Would change this. Ordinance no. 179. Passed april 9, 1907. Is the Ames and College railway franchise ordinance. Section to this ordinance fixes the rates that the company May charge. Section to which the railway company would have amended n ods As follows Quot Section Ion said company shall not charge to exceed five cents 5 for carrying passengers one Way any line route within the City any part thereof said railway company shall sell commutation tickets at the rate not More than one Dollar $1.00 for Twenty five rides within c asks in which Ames landlords monthly 140 for reported rental fro single rooms h to the College a i Trine picnic at Maxwell Park to e been Thori by int n i have to in tactics. In some attempt i rent ask it the vol leg w e Chare sch Tribune a time Donatio month per it it up a room per person w culled by ending All hut state c students driven die a by who Iway such in ind Vul it Privily a awing re. Provide College dormitory in Justice to the i those who have room students it is hut fair but Vir few instant e instances an made to justify the by the statement that for it dormitories in the game prices f the College the been asked to explain cry rates a 17 per person where two and $14 per month Ere the room is Otic. This includes Gilt bathing fad 11-Gen. Recce mis for the i in every monarchists to seek seizure reigns Power unsettled weather makes change location advisable whole blamed Fartely to join in Outing no paper monday stores and Banks close. Majority for rent to to say that is at tempted exec Xiv been reported to t Burnie. have the College a Ames babes Are first in class Carolyn Jane Heifer and Maurice a Smith win first in state wide better babies contest in towns less than 10,000 people. Ana 111 mrs. Hmm babies took first in class Ash state fair yesterday one them Little it Arolyn Jan ter daughter professor and m d. Haiger 234 Hyland Avenue j1 Wax within two tenth one Peri int the sweepstakes Winner lit a tie Marguerite Sargent. In boy babies from towns und 10,000, a j 24 to so months lilt Maurice mrs a. 9 4.4 out for girl Heller so in cities each solid Gold ribbon i it a Iowa Sta contest Quot m. Smith son . And a Smith was first scoring a possible too Points. Babies Little Carolyn Jane ores 96 Points winning first it under 10,000. Has received a handsome i medal carried a Green which bears the legend fair. 1920, baby health the Back is engraved there will a no Tribune monday. I a Legal Holiday and besides a the Tribune Folk Wil be at the big Tribune picnic at Maxwell Park. J originally the plan was to hold the picnic at the old swim mind Hole in Wickham a pasture but unsettled j weather and the fact that the water has Bai considerable a chill in the Las few Days have combined to i i make it advisable to move to my a Well Park where the Chautauqua Pavilion will be opened and where the Kuchen will be available to the Cater s s who arc to provide the big picnic dinner. Inc Dently course under the Trees will be swings for the kiddie and the spot la Ideal for races and other sports. As for i Orta such a program As the Tri bun4 has arranged every Mouth i the Tribune family will get a Chan e to Star in same game. There Wilt in a lot contests too for the riddles. Perhaps the big feature will be a reproduction the american attack at Cha Tau Thierry. With the Tribune Farrier kids impersonating the Yankee doughboy and Lee Armstrong a choicest our Melon serving to represent the huns. The Tribune picnic is to be an informal affair and is to serve a a by. Get together for All Tribune Folk. Every Tri ban correspondent and his family hag received an invitation in addition to every employee whither in the mechanical department the business office the newsroom will be there with his family and with them in feral invited g gets associate with the new paper fraternity. In the afternoon a a autre will be m address by professor f. Wbeck Nan head the department i journalism now a state College j who will talk briefly to the Tribune stiff correspondents and the Tribune family. Over too go s have been provided for by the Tribune management and it is expected that the Tribune s first Tribune family pie counter revolution Well i financed by Many wealthy Nobles. He Heads Luther leagues it warships nominee talks to recruiters for Uncle Sam Rev. M. Peoples e. Waveland. Outlier Lead preside it the Iowa District Young a ii together with choral Union holds its convention in atm september 9 to 12. Ile is pastor at St Ansgar and is nationally prominent in Young Peoples work in the lutheran Church. By Carl oho at. United Picas s Alf Berlin sept. were emulated Here today that plans for a Monarchi Stic counter revolution in Russia a much greater scale than any attempt since the establishment the soviet government Wen being formulated i Vienna. The contemplated revolution it was Aid is being backed by huge sums Money a portion which originated in German Monarchi Stic quarters. Providing the russian revolution succeeds Aie it ring to reports a similar Royal it Movi ment will be launch d Germany which would later be linked up with that in Russia Vienna correspondents the Bor lit Tage Hlatt revealed that Many re preventatives the old czarist regime were gathering is the Amarian capital including Baron Rosenberg tonner minister Justice. Prominent German business men were said to to donating freely to the support the German phase the supposed counter revolution. Are sold i deplores mudslinging in Campaign Navy to probe wreck. By Raymond Clapper. I United pres staff correspondent Marion 0�?z sept. 4. A America should have the most effective and the most serviceable Navy in the world. Senator w. G. Harding declared today. This declaration was made extemporaneously during his speech to the Navy recruiting band which gave a concert the Harding Lawn today. A we want America to have the most effective and the most dependable Navy in the world Quot Harding said. Harding pointedly lamented appeals to what he referred the resort abuse momentary clamouring and attempts to drag the Public into Tho mire during the Campaign. No mention was made governor Cox the opposing political parties. There will be no Tribune monday mrs. Jeanette Franks Howard Adams and Frank Theis Purchase four buildings main Street from the commercial Bank Syndicate. Wonda y is do less properties at 21s, 220, 222 and 224 main Street owned by a group men Intyre ted in the commercial savings Bank and rep re sen ted by j. J. Grove As trustee have Dispo ted their holdings to Frank Theis mrs. Jailette Franks and Howard Adams. In the Deal Frank Theis gets the j respondent and Garretson Barber shop property 218 labor Day and there will be no Issue tile Ames daily Tribune that Day. Banks and business houses will be closed so it will the Post office and the City offices. In keeping with the spirit the Day the Tribune i employees All got a Holiday. The Tribune family will seize the Opportunity to hold its first Tribune Day picnic at Maxwell Park the Chautauqua auditorium Ames pauses to i to probe sinking. By United pre Washington in sept 4. A a naval court inquiry will be called at once to investigate the Accident to the submarines amp Secretary Navy Daniels today. Daniels pointed that the convening the court inquiry was a matter form in All such mishaps and should not be taken As a reflection the men officers the submarine. Banks close Between 9 clock and noon and stores from 10 to 12 today during funeral Pioneer business Man Community. Offering a shelter for the Dav in the. Winner s name. Inc Dently it May be mentioned that the two Ames winners arc particular friends. Gets Fine place. Former Ames boy made director in vocational training work. C. W. Smith son . And mrs. A. B. Maxwell former superintendent schools at Auita has accepted a position As educational Dir tor vocational training for disabled soldiers and sailors a position which pays at the Start. $.1,000 a year. A left the first the week for Washington d. It tor preliminary instruction and appointment. Prof. Smith and is family Are Well known in Ames and his Many friends hero will be pleased to learn his new work and advancement. Nic will be a great affair. There is a. A Little that is formal the Dufa main mrs. Franks acquires title to program and lots that is sheer fun. Tl10 building occupied by her Mil another feature will be group sing finery shop 220 m tin and Howard ing. To be led by Zae Dunlap. J Adams becomes owner the site j labor Day in Ames will be quiet. I has confectionery and the Thompson the stores under their agreement Thompson real estate office 222 with the retail clerks Union will be811 224 main closed Alt Day and the Banks will i the properties were purchased by close As it is a Legal Holiday. Natu he Kroup represented by j. J. Grove rally As indic ated there will be no from is Luth Cook a year so Tribune. Farmer is suicide. Sperm to the Tribune Britt sept 4, not in his brother s mail Box summoned Russell Idman Rural Currier to it it the Broth a i s Horn. Walter Whiman the brother he found lying lifeless the parlor door. Ile had shot himself. No reason is known. Vacation lists seen at Peak ago. The intention originally was to by Iii a new Bank building these locations but the plan was abandoned when the same group recently purchased the building at the Southwest Corner main and Kellogg from w. H. Vanduzer which building is now leased by w. C. Hunter for the style shop. Case there is rain. Every Tribune employee every Tribune Corbe families both will be guests the Tribune management that Day. And All the Carrier kids will be there to join in the grand and glorious assault upon the watermelons an attack that will make the late War look like a sort makeshift Victory. Without the Carrier kids you get your Tribune anyway and so says Herman Hagen the smallest the lot a what would be the Nae printing it Quot operators and miners Union officials think strikers in Anthracite Field will go Back to work after labor Day strike at full strength now. Finds five pearls. Special to the Tribune Clinton sept. 4. A Wesley Mcmahon found Clam she a this week the said a Ity Ehi Idren under the age in which were five perfect pearls. Two five years is shall rid. Free whenweigh1 u grains each Aud the other accompanied by the parents guard Bree five grains. Ian. Transfers shall lie Given to Pas j sengers w without additional charge giving them transportation the next car connecting to any Point within the City Ames. Iowa where a Street t a interurban is operated in said City hut it shall not be required to r by United a pros Scranton a. Sept. 4.�? that tilt Peak in the uncut Horizumi strike the Anthracite mine workers has been reached is the opinion the operators und United mine workers officials Here today. It is expected by these officials that after labor Day Many these men now Idle will return to work. Would encourage Stork. Killed by fall Paul a Tingleff senior in animal husbandry stumbled into elevator Shaft and is fatally Hurt member Hauki fraternity. Special to the Tribune Atlantic. Sept. 4, to Meneou amp. 8b Fyk the Iowa state Hank has senior year. He was an animal bus Sivial to the Tribune Clinton sept. 4.�?Paul h. Tingleff 22 years old killed in a fall Down open elevator Shaft at the Lago no Ticino Grupe Plant Here was a student at Iowa state College and was preparing to return to Ames for his offered a $1 earnings Deposit for every child born in Cass county in the next six months with $10 for twins Aud $15 for triplets. The weather plan own newspaper. Special to the Tribune Harles try sept. 4. Floyd Bandry student. During the War he was in naval training at the great lakes. He we As the son . And mrs. J. A. Tingleff and leaves his parents Aud two Sisters. Tingleff was Well known Here and was a member Hauki fraternity 203 North Lincoln Way. La expected give transfers other lines to Points tonight sunday somewhat unsettled probably showers this afternoon i sumy Farmers have organized a $30,-1 to return Here with the opening the reached by its own net much change in temperature too corporation and plan to Siart a j College year to Complete his work in i daily newspaper the animal husbandry department. Chicago firms Beld profiteers four concerns indicted for alleged gouge in sugar prices got As much As 100 per cent profit at times the government charges. By United pro s Chicago 111., sept. 4.�?four Chicago concerns were indicted by the Federal grand jury Here today charged with profiteering in sugar. Those indicted were route Bros. Candy company. Ileum son Taylor company Hadesman Bros and the Empire wholesale grocery company. The indictments include the official the concerns. The indictment specifies the companies sold sugar at a prop Ift As High As iou per cent. Baker to talk. Special to the Tribune Waterloo sept. 4.rnewtoq d Baker Secretary War will be one the speakers her during the convention the Lute National lyceum Aud Ames banking houses were closed this morning Between the 9 30 and 12 00 clock and business houses generally Between to and la lock As a Mark respect to tile late ii l. Munn for whom funeral services were held this morning at 10 clock it the Home the Only Quot . A h. Munn 726 Duff Avenue. The Muon Home was filled this morning with friends the late Ames capitalist Many whom had left their places business for the occasion. Silent evidence the general esteem in which . Munn was i id was seen in the representative attendance from All walks life at the services. It has been said that h. L. Munn after along and until let it years Active life had not a enemy in the world. Or. Of r. Edwards pastor the first methodist episcopal Church preached the funeral Sermon. Mrs. A. 11 Marvell and mrs. L. C. Tilden with mrs. George Hulex As accompanist Sang three duets Quot Jesus Savior Pilot me Quot a tin and Quot we Lay i a Down to pallbearer were messes 0. G. Lee a w. May Are f. Schleiter e. J. Engeldinger j. A Tilden and . E. B. Bush with members Ellsworth Post no 30. G. A. Ii., Iowa department Wiher . Munn was a member As honorary pallbearers. Ritualistic services were conducted at the graveside by officers the g. A. R. C commander c. E. Haverly read the ritual and chaplain j. W. Knight the prayer. F. C. Tilden a. S. Kiddie Ami a. Ii. Buck read the parts the first second and third comrades either veterans who joined in the service Wert David Clayton k. W. Brown e. Loughran m. E met Michael b. F. Roberts and Parley Sheldon. Services at the graveside were concluded with a prayer by . Edwards. The casket was placed in a steel vault. Doctor is injured. May yet lose boat. By United press Lewes del., sept. 4.�?the battleship Ohio with her chains fastened to the submarine s-5 Laid today close to the spot where the submerged ship Lay floundering helpless in the Atlantic for nearly forty hours. Attempts to Tow the submarine inside the break Waters and the Dele War a ape so far have proven futile. Another attempt to move her today was made but was Given up when the Chain slipped trifle and the Ohio a hours i officers feared that the submarine might slide from its Graso. Has conference today with manager to whom he has delegated Evi Deuce to be Given Senate Cimmet tee Moore says he has proof. Special to the Tribune Woden. Feet. 4. Or Glia Frederickson was badly Cut when the car in which he was Riding Wen Over an embankment. It garlic Christiansen Chautauqua association. Raker is to j the Driver escaped serious Hurt. When make the principal address �?odemo-1 they returned to get the badly in c red in _ unreal cur thieves had stripped it. By United press m Arion o., sept. 4. A governor Cox. Democratic presidential nominee today discussed the slush fund investigation to re with de. La. More his convention manager who is scheduled to present new Quot leads to the Senate commit in next week. Moore talked briefly with Cox in the governors private car which remained Iii Chicago less than two hours. Together they went Over the information Moore plans to give the Senate committee tuesday to help to discover evidence which Moore says will prove conclusively Cox s barges that the Republican National Organiza to Ion has set out to collect a corruption fund $50,000,000 to $60,000,000 to buy an undersold the government Post office closes. Postal employees to observe labor Day general delivery also. Postal service in Ames labor Day will provide Only for general delivery and the Money order windows will close at 9 a. Rn., both at station a and the Down town Post office. Down town there will he one full mail collection at 9 clock. At the College this will be made at 7 clock. At 7 30 in the evening there will be a mail collection main Street and at the Northwestern depot. Station a mail will be sent out at 7 30 a. In. And 9 a. In. Mail will be sent out from the Down town Post office As usual. Special delivery set vice will be main lamed

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