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Ames Daily Tribune And Ames Evening Times Newspaper Archives Oct 30 1923, Page 3

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Ames Daily Tribune and Ames Evening Times (Newspaper) - October 30, 1923, Ames, Iowa The Ames daily Tribune and evening times tuesday october 30, 1923 Page three discover method to restore numbers erased from Metal by motor thieves Mustapha Kemal named president the lower Row figures was invisible until treated with heat and acid a discovery making visible Arain numbers that have been filed away from Metal surfaces has armed the nation s police with what promises to be the most effective in tans yet found for identifying stolen automobiles. Recovering stolen motor cars is one of the biggest police talks today. For toe manufacture res num is stamped into the surface and the cards identity obliterated. The new number May Sora etim s be detected As bogus but the original figures the most important clue to the original owner of the car have vanished. In new York City alone according to figures in Possession of th1 Aetna life i surant com j puny 7107 automobiles wert1 stolen j in 1922 and less than half of them wore recovered. This method for revealing num Ber by which suspected cars might Bors that have been filed or Ham be identified. Is erased by the thief j in red into invisibility seems aim from the Metal to which it was impressed with Dies. A new number pie after it has been explained when numbers Are stamped into the engine of an automobile the Metal beneath the numbers is compressed by the blow of the die. Although the surface of the Metal May be shaved away until the indented figures disappear there still remains a compression in the Metal conforming to the outline of the numbers but invisible to the Eye. Any process capable of expanding this compressed Metal Back to its Normal state would cause the obliterated number to appear in re Lief. After much Experiment it was found that an application of heat and acid would accomplish this purpose. By use of this process police have been Able to identify and return to their original owners scores of cars that had been Given up As lost. The illustration shows Bow numbers filed away from a Ford car were made visible again. The bogus number 16629714�?� was stamped into the engine Block by the thief after he had Bollt reset with a file or Ball headed Hammer the numbers �?~1931214&Quot originally placed there by the manufacturer. Some months ago the a lie Al new York and Connecticut i overed a Cache of several Hundred stolen cars this in food led to the identify allot of a Large number of them. The National Assembly at Angora has voted the establishment of the turkish Republic. Mustapha Kemal Pasha has been unanimously elected president. Andrew Bonar Law Dies pneumonia causes death judging teams have successful meet at Zearing Ames wins first place in Grain judging contest. Newspapers praised Bym Lockhart High tribute Given news writers by evangelist. Prussia facing hunger Appeal to Public made Shen Wah tilt is ii la i i % a in to ens a n to dead id jut h i Titi if v that the ii going a i imn a one warm meal a Day for every person Winter slogan. 8y Gus m. Oehm u. P. Staff correspondent Berlin Ort 20�?at least Arm meal a Day for every pm iring the coming Winter is the continued from Page one of the privy Seal but resigned Bonar Law was a member of the British delegation to the Paris peace conference. Keen in business from 1911 until 1921 Bonar Law wan Leader of the unionist party and finally relinquished this Post because of Iii health. He rendered valuable sir vice a a member of the War Cabinet. Bonar Law was a keen in business As ii was in statecraft serving As f a airman of the Glasgow Iron Trade association for years. He a Mem. Ber of the firm of William Holston amp sons of Glasgow and William jacks j amp co. When illness compelled Bonar i a i to a tire from Active politic several years ago h. Went to Paris and live quietly in an obscure hotel. He was a j familiar figure among the parisian chess enthusiasts. Luring the latter month of the Lloyd Gheorge coalition a conc tried attack was made against both Home and foreign politics by the unionists in parliament. David Lloyd George j had been in Power for six years and i the tories were restive. They claimed that his aggressive policy was boiling i up fresh trouble instead of allaying Europe s problems. I in oct. 23. 1922 sonar Law St. Pred into the premiership and immediately attempted a settlement of the reparations problem on Pacific line but was walked by the unyielding policy of France. His health always fragile compelled him to relinquish his Post sewn months latest after his retirement. Alarming reports a re circulated about his health hut he improved Hoonig j Trice death occurs while red men Are in convention Here. A while the great Council of Iowa improved order of redmen was holding its state convention in your City the College was unfortunate in losing a Star athlete and therefore the treat Council of Iowa passed the following resolutions a a word received from a w. Dettner of Clinton custodian of records said today. Whereas our attention has been Call d to the sad and untimely death of John Jack Trice the Brilliant All around athlete of Iowa state College and. Whereas Jack Trice was a Fine example of that Type of american citizenship unknown in any other land who Tho handicapped by dint of his own labor perseverance and initiative was forging his Way to the top of the ladder of Fame and Success and whereas the Aid Jack Trice was an excellent student industrious and frugal idolized by his fellow students honoured by the faculty and respected by the citizens of Ames therefore be it resolved by the great Council of Iowa improved order of red men that we deeply deplore the closing of a life so full of Promise Hope and achievement and join with this Community and great institution of Harn Ine. In the or expressions of sorrow. Carl f. Wuchnie w a Malnes la. J. Thompson committee. A Quot. Will Send Model of t. Cabin by United press Bismarck. X. D., oct. 30.�?a miniature reproduction of the log Cabin occupied by the late Theodore Roosevelt during his ranching Days in Western North Dakota will be sent to new York for exhibition when the Birthplace of the former president is dedicated. The Cabin on an 18-Inch scale is bring constructed by the manual raining department of the local High school under direction of mrs. Lewis Crawford chairman of the women Roosevelt memorial association of North Dakota. The Cabin was moved some time ago from the ranch on the bad lands to the state Capitol grounds. Thursday evening by Stephen Leacock noted Canadian writer. Speakers at the convention include miss May Francis state superintendent. If Public instruction mrs. I. H. Tomlinson president of the Iowa league of women voters mrs. Taylor president of the Iowa federation of women clubs and miss Carolyn Forgrave president of the Iowa parents caches organization. $ Are you going away this Winter if so you wish to sublet your Home or your apartment. Insert a want add results follow to by International news. Des Moines oct. 30.�?hundreds of Iowa teachers will he in this City thursday to attend the opening of the annual convention of the Iowa state teachers association. The convention will last thru saturday. The general sessions of the convention will not begin until Friday morning after an address at the coliseum on wire Corn cribs 400-bushel�?T capacity Price $5.50 h. L. Munn lumber co. For weight tests by International news. Des Moines oct 30�?the state department of agriculture today reported a flood of requests from it Oal dealers and mines All Over the state to Send inspectors for Scales to san following the conviction and $50 Fine upon on company for Short weight. The first instance of Short weight this year showed a Load of Coal to have been sold 500 pounds underweight. The 32 inspectors of the department have been instructed to proceed with Coal scale tests As soon As possible without interfering with their other duties. Under the states new system of checking against Short measure Coal wagons will be weighed without warning when loaded the Coal weighed when unloaded and the Coal wagons also weighed. A separatists Active head to foot cellar to attic phone 43, n. L. Garrett or 1099, c. R. Alexander do your x Mas shopping Early test Quot Wanda seeks divorce Duisburg Germany. Oct. today forced business men at the Point of revolvers to contributes Par Atista a emergency foodstuffs were seized and distributed. Loyalist editors were arrested. Just arrived a Carload of potatoes Choice cd River Early Ohio $1.50 a two Bushel sack at car or store / now is the time to Lay in your Winter Supply red Ball stores inc. A film actress charges cruelty no support Hubby work apers Are. A Vav paper Pru one Sian aloft v la d i i to b. Big then tip try took part Aid shown from the boys and farm provided Stock to much upper Clat e a unite of to the manner in wit placings with the placed the to it it the boys to Vath when ii made explaining his the aft co ing Small grail classes of Vav 11 seed and yell v died or to his. I the h h. N i to t y a x nose 1 so Rob the to i Stem Mir Aih it the disc a it after or q co tor cd la ill had asked rail it the a ii Lee a test i la it try won the up us n it took a trophy at the 7a of cup Wii be pm a for future cont of the 1 contest foil livestock Judaic its j ii a thanni third by the Scot i la a i the App a1 d a a great in to feed the without Wor a your plan j dial a lot i i Ery Man s i j Whoso Pant i can Supply i or Clad to t work i by Rig i lid the great be d for a ration because of out of be great War. It Ion and the crash of High prices a the Proa j Ron Tising food for ends it App Ais for Aid have Aid to give o Breaks bread with j a right to sit at his e to his warm a clares stressing the fact liens of Money a needed thousands who will be k this Winter s must be put into ironic icon Quot it continues a Rev a of. Hearth is still warm in s arc still filled who of of n daily needs should lid that be whose Power to aking Down thru hunger. Nyi Tel National new j los Angeles Cal. Oct. 30.�?de-1 fails of the marital troubles of Wanda Hawley film luminary Are scheduled to be related today before judge Summerfield when her divorce action against Burton Hawley is set for trial. The actress charges cruelty and no support As her reasons for a divorce. Milt Shawley declares her Hub a a a band refused to work and that he con 9 Ticu ally asked her for Money Hawley also called his wife a s a clothes that make customers customs that keep them a brainless foe they were a 1916, she staff the Arr d. In for is alleged. Brooklyn in the wants Are t business world Clos fhe Supply and a n of communication and seller employer in pulse of the by Allied to both land the Means Between buyer and employ. Churchill Grain and had i h arg la. R. And t a 3rd of the con t slant i r ski. Eight us a Anis and to in livid s Wolf also 5h a averse in the i i e. Int nailing a to or a Tai of a to Coni a St int frn the Light so Bools a specs out 8h the judging Lei a n t a amp a Ming the Ames. Marion Kuhn. I a Iron it it it it. In ii or. And Burnie pm in i r took f or in a a to the Gra in Judy irm cont Sal and s of and 1st a s in live took \ in is Tiiu Bas to i logs 2nd ii on the cup Hout offs is i by til1 a so 3rd a elation in the s a in ii id ing. I to Ify i 2001j .1945 i 1947 j. U j 3827 Isis 1765 duals Rulu Are awarded Sim by int a i in a i news Dubuque la., Ort. 30.�?charging that Leonard p. Manger and others had conspired to defraud them of $18,Yoo in a land a a i. W. A. And c. E. Mauke of Chickasaw county have been awarded judgment of $15,200 by a jury in District court Here. One of the defendants transferred tide to a 2tio-acre farm in Wisconsin to another defendant in Exchange for a note for $18,000 and a mortgage on the farm according to the plaintiffs the note and mortgage according to the testimony were Given to them for two 80-acre tracts of Iowa land. The defendant represented the Wisconsin land to he in excess of a the face value of the note the plaintiffs said. After making the Exchange the plaintiffs declared they found the Wisconsin land was almost worthless and suit was brought. To a she t is n Luh ii 5th Kingsbury 6th Mather. 7 h my ii Nett. Both Obion. 10th i Var Ley Totne Durff t i i address. Gilbert Mccallsburg Mccallsburg Oxley Zearing ,688ames ,678ames 668maxwell ,67 Mccallsburg ,668 Mccallsburg Cis. Maxwell gearing rank i a a m my \ to it a m score 1st2126 �?~2nd a .1 Huxley. 2113 3rd____ Roland. 2094 till Mccallsburg. 2079 till. Mccallsburg. 2079 Zearing. 2076 6th.gilbert. 2061 71 la. Max w ill 2024 8th to in a. 2� 23 the it highest scoring individuals in grains were 1st grim .721 Zearing 2nd so Ida by .,724kelley 3rd Mather .722ames 4th Kingsbury ,.721 Ames 5th Jacobson .70roland 6th Bauge. .716huxley 7th i tis and tis. Huxley 8th Oslo do 70s Mccallsburg 9th Sand res. Roland 10th Christian .707 ,. Mccallsburg Yoe. A class the next contest still be held at Ames Oine time in january at which time we Hope a von a better showing of the teams May be made. He must make St possible to shield our children old Folk and prospective mothers from want. A eth prussian government will mobilize its tee Finical Relief organization in th1 shortest possible time to carry i out its plan of establishing Community i feeding Centi is in every City and Vil a lag the poor people the Sufficing Middle glasses an others in need must have at least one warm meal a Day Germany has taken Steps to insure a potato Reserve for the Winter at the expense of the Brandy Industry the food ministry pointing out that the coming potato Harvest will not live up to expectations and that the potato is Germany a cheapest and most utilized food has instructed the Railroad ministry temporarily to refuse to deliver potatoes to distilleries flak1 factories starch factories dried potato and other alleged non essential industries. Much of the present potato crop has been plundered by individuals and bands who have gone into the Fields by the thousands carrying away tons upon tons of potatoes. This has disc it raged the agricultural Barons who tim Alen not to Plant a new crop announcing the program a potatoes for food a the government has taken a direct Dap a1 the distilling business which must now obtain potatoes either by private automobiles or other nongovernmental delivery Means. The railroads until enough potato reserves Are gathered to insure a sufficient Winter Supply must refrain from de likening to them. This step is considered a serious blow to alcohol distilleries but is greeted with approval by Tho popu lace. Watch the want ads daily and if you Are looking for real estate to buy up or if Yon have some to dispose the want ads will be your Best Friend and advisor. We shiver ? a because when the body chills the nervous system puts the Muscles in motion. This a a exercise a drives the heart faster and hastens the flow of warm blood. A rub with a Bummer rubbing alcohol of als a shiver every time As in Aid to circulation. Excellent for lumbering up athletes and relieving strains stiff joints and lame Muscles. Immediately removes perspiration doors. Adopted by leading athletic clubs hospitals and training Camps throughout the u. S. One of 200 purest preparations for health and Hygiene. Every item the Best that skill and conscience can produce. Lowry pharmacy the 1? drug Stone that a the fair in a nutshell in in in for Good measure we throw in a least of a variety a collection of suits so varied in Mode Ling so Rich in colouring a so filled with new wrinkles of style that in trying to describe them All we feel like an Amateur carving a Turkey we done to know where to begin. Enough to say that Quality runs All through them like a silk thread in a Fine tapestry. 9 new fall suits and overcoats $25 to $50 i

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