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Ames Daily Tribune and Ames Evening Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Ames, Iowa The Ames daily Tribune is the official newspaper of the 1600 members of Story county s farm Burea Uthe Ames daily Tribune and Ames evening times volume Liv first Section Ames Iowa wednesday Jun la a 1d20 Twenty four paces number 20farmers it at markets a offers hand in Fellowship a iut a Wmk nil in a a a a i a a a a a a a a Quot min his my i my ii Imojo j Why the need of secrecy j 4 it. A. A in he ill a must there be secrecy Zegarr Long tin1 a opened Gas rate a fair and open lira ring is All the people have Ever demanded that is All that is asked by 275 petitioners from All Over the City whose request for such an investigation was received by the Council a and Filvio. A fair and open hearing is All the Tribune now damned by every interest of special privilege for its stand in regard to Gas has Ever asked. It has even gone further it has declared that it would support and fight for any raise which such an investigation would Abow to be just and fair. But no. For some reason that is just what the people of Ames Are being denied. When the demand for an open investigation became insistent. So insistent that it had to be heeded. Mayor Rice appointed his committee two of the five Iii pm be is already on record in favor of the Gas company a demand it held its meetings with no invitation to the Public to be present. Its report printed yesterday in the Tribune state in conclusions but is woefully deficient As to the evidence which it heard. Then in open Council the rite was refused. Immediately or Tenney ame Back with a second request for a private bearing. Mayor Rue called the meeting. I Hen came a secretly called meeting of Gas company friends with a secret plan. Every possible pressure to be brought to Bear on the councilmen who refused to heed the bidding of the Gas company and who stood firm in their position of responsibility to the people. Ainoi it tees were named to see them. To work upon them not at the Council chamber but privately. Irater last night the Council meeting changed by mayor Rico to a committee meeting that the Public might a excluded and run which representative of the press were barred even Over the protest of president Tenney of the Gas company. Why All the secrecy what need if the Gas company a demand is fair powerful influence Are at work to change the vote of the men who stood firm for the people. But the arc Murk lag quietly in secret. Who of Emfs spa ks1�0� to on agin. Gone ends represent and Ives of City to pay series of Calls i our South part of county to Cement friendships. My bars doors when Tenney asks Fri raise or. Rice changes Council meet to committee session and puts Public out in spite of protest Aion to no Avail was willing to Lay hats before open meeting. Eighty five a preventative i Lineal and by loess men of Ames tomorrow morning from the Corn main and Burnett Avenue on the of the aerie of a know the can Tours. During their Day journey will vhf inc Ive of the Cordia re a All but two o us Spry it Katimy. On Athel partly in the county and r timing us near and so Good 11bai n Haji in n included cry. The Amos party travel i each be tuber is assigned to a Ochua a tar each car to a curia ii aint Fol in Rohr Tun role. Ret in the Start log do j finish they arc to by kept in that posh Don. Here is itinerary. Agin my ado to run or not to run does t worry former Secretary of Treasury but his friends wont listen to his pleas to be left along in peace or. Burr s Jenkins says he will make nominating spa cd whether Wilson s son in Lav wants to run or not withdrawal treated a rough a by United pres Kansas City my june 23 a William j. Mcadoo will be placed in i nomination for president before the democratic National convention in san Fanti co despite his personal objector or Burrin Jenkins declared today. Dorris who is managing editor of the i Ansa City pos today wired ids newspaper trim Pueblo that he had definitely Des id cd to make the link Mcadoo in Domino shh he a which Ahi. Bele Napi cig he j the it in a of Jame Cpl Iolj. He de i e Foi Low him Iii is now enrol a d tie division was reach a a it it to in reside with other n the Mii Ouri delegation in to san Francisco a treat pm by Harold Jacob fiver the tiniest of president j Tenney of the Low Ridic service i company la it night. Mayor to Rice resolved the special in Ling of the i City count ii into a committee meeting snit kicked the Public out. It had no place at Tho hearing of or Tenney a argument in i attempt to convert councilmen morn. Thompson and Minert from their stand la favor of the people of Ames. What happened behind the it based doors of the mayor s offi a is a matter of conjecture. This at least did happen the us company failed to get it raise in rate. The presence of a representative of the press was a Thorn in the Side of the mayor s flesh. He fidgeted from the very opening of the session. His first rail was for a Reading of the Call for the meeting which or. Maxwell had to get from another room the City Jerk haunt presumed that such formality was necessary a the Call was for a e Otto-<11 meeting that did no to help the mayor s perplexity the Ion reporter still remained. A this meeting was called a said the mayor a at Tho request of several members of the Council a a we agreed to said councilman Thompson a at the request of or Tenney who said he thought if be could talk to us privately he could of the than Dot air it p tee Ines Roe cd Means or Quot the ate. In said a t Onu Nitice me Ting Aud by Point my to the you will have to a Elf that i the Rutin Porter a Why. Of Morse i go Quot a emr. Mayor Quot said or Tenney a a a have no objection a it a be sorter a bearing anything i have to say to this body to far As i am concerned he might stay if it is agreeable a us tie pow the Cli Wenty tem will i i ave am a at i i j 0. I i in aks ii Foi Low in s so lied ale Tow a Arij i a ave i Napi go a m 9 Oft a. My in Uio. 8 it a. M. 8 13 a. M. Kelly 9 15 a m. 9 30 a. M. I state ,.,9 5b a. M to to \ m. I Shah a ii 30 a m. To 45 a m. I in u Yll o. A m 11 35 m. Pm i Dag .12 fit m 12 30 i m. Max Ell. I Oft m. P. M. T Oil in 3 a 25 p. M 3 40 p. M. I a Coni or 4 if a Ai. 4 30 p. M ski i v. X of p. M. 5 30 p. M. Be vac la. 6 co p by p. A j by cry member the Kao it t he j court to t jut should be at the Dun i into i 141 a Gari a it la of la ter than i 13 United i m staff an Francisca. I ache candidacy is lot rough treatment to it it. In i i k s a a neck t ii to to is is it i grave today and j Ever about the j every time it a and f his ii id Cal. June 2 5 faring the mar d with the a str a it Lajko Matte watery mowed Emder than a met rut in Back door s consigned to death s William i Aduo wore quietly invited yesterday j Ain it 20 Ames men yesterday a j cited to undertake a Campaign to i for e thru the rates which the i Iowa Public service company ii a manding of the people of Ames i where the meeting was held i makes no difference. Who was present the Tribune does not at this time undertake to say. Probably it could name every Man. A it Only it can name most of them. And that in spite of the a t that the Tribune and the of pie Are not supposed to know. What happened was talk. There was lot of it. The Tribune came in for considerable abuse because of its declaration for an open investigation of the Gas rate. Then the meeting stripped for act Ion who c an get to councilman Blanks was demanded. A and who can get to the other a j there was talk. It finally re suited in a first offensive. I three committees a re named. I j they were of three men each. J they were carefully selected to j j have All possible weight and in j Faience. I each of the committee is to see i one of the time councilmen who i stood by the people in the Gas i irate. It is that committee s duty i i to a line him j i it is the last resort. If it done to win the Gas company will have i i to have an open and a r in Vest i Gat by before it gets a raise from j the Ames Council. I and Ames will watch with inter i est to learn whether a secret gov i Ern ment really controls this town. I Oil Fellows of Tek food Trust twelve Story county lodges to join in Celebration next tuesday afternoon and evening first District meeting in county in years. Woodward degree staff. Champions of world will put on secret work of order big attendance expected some May bring bands. Midwest bureaus seek marketing to Aid producer himself the turns up of candid in ire flu it just naturally up. And the unpacked and and it is As Aid the re of clock tomorrow morning. At that time use numbers will be Given out and places assigned the trip starts at 7 30 Sharp. Lunch at Maxwell. Ding in to journey will be shoot oxygen Good As new. May Bull it three. The a i nation regarding Mcadoo a presidential nomination has resolved tacit into a position where it is believed that former Cabinet members who tire Strong admin is of Mcadoo v. Iii take the hit in their Teeth anti nominate him by main strength. Each Day outbreak a Mem to indicate More and More plainly that Mcadoo Ann his personal coterie of friends have determined that he shall not be placed in nomination. This was made insistent because of the tact that Daniel 0. It per who a a to have been major of Mcadoo a band Wagon Here cancelled his hotel reservations and apparently accepted his former chiefs work As filial. To the reporter waited. In the noun Tenan of or Rice he saw Little Hope. A in the fat of he asked. A does the mayor persist in his ruling if so of course. I shall you. Gentle readier have pictured Maddt the old roman amphitheatre. The gladiators in mortal combat before the populace crazed with the Bot for blood. You have teen th5 Victor with his foot on the neck of the vanquished his Eye turned to the throne of the emperor his sword raised ready to deliver the death blow. And you have stun in picture or in mind s Eye Nero with a fateful gesture turning thumbs Down. It was suggestive of that last night. Mayor Rice wave an imperious hand. The Lone representative of the people was banished a a get Forth into exterior darkness sent out into the Garden to eat woolly Worms. Out the visit to Cambridge where the party arrive at noon Ami will Stop at n ii Sot in Wood s to join briefly in the Niti n with which the old settlers of Region Aud their descendants Are j joining in the Celebration it the 65th anniversary it tie arrival of the first norwegian Colony in Story county. I Ean Curtiss will make a it minute i and thames continent will i join in honouring those sturdy pm i hours. A at Mas Well the caravan will St a for lunch which will be served by i the women of the civic society invitations Hay been issued to a party of 25 leaning residents it the town to meet wit to the Ames delegation and i perhaps enjoy lunch with them. Roth Boyi formerly of Ames has charge of the j arrangements there. Tribune firs in county news Only daily in Story county gives the Farmer service he cannot get elsewhere special farm news service an Aid to farm Bureau men. As a a Shive mrs. Winter at head of clubs Minneapolis woman chosen president of general federation at Golden Prairie biennial Iowa women Are honoured by National body. By United pre Des Moines. June 23, Gen Oral federation of women a Hor has elected mrs. Thomas g. Winter of Minneapolis .minn., As president according to the announcement today of the vote of tuesday. Mrs. Winter received 76b votes. Other National officers Lect cd included mrs b. B. Clark Iowa treasurer. And mrs. John w. Watzek. Davenport elected As director for Iowa to succeed mrs. Homer Miller of Des Moines. Meet with Farmers. Dinner will to served at Nevada the last Stop in the trip where the ladies of the lutheran Church will serve an elaborate dinner at 6oo o clock. Invitations to 75 leading Farmers and to Avn Iati a i residents of Nevada have been is i , i Boss j sued and these will sit at tile table it a Ai with the Anns men and discuss prob 1 \ r All Couri us 01 �uih1 interest. No formal program has been arranged. At 7 30 and until 9 00 of clock Tho Ames band head of tammany Hall and four others indicted by Federal grand jury conspiracy is charged. A concert on Nevada s by United pros new York n y., june 23-Chat. Will give streets. The band will be a feature of the caravan. At every Stop it will announce the coming of Iii Ames men by a Brief concert and Wilt play As k. Murphy Boss of tammany Hall and Fly arc ulat it among the people of four Cher no wore int i Sci for co a Plucy tor attempting to defraud the will be taken along or distributed sex reveral government by extra Ordinary be pts today so know the Oun tvs Edi grand jury today besides Murphy those indicted were James e. Smith. Assistant District attorney John to Mccarty Arthur j. Baldwin and Ernast z. Waldon. Work on platform. By l. C Martin United or so us i correspondent san Francisco Cai. June 23.�? platform front Bencea a to begin Here immediately alter the arrival of senator Carter Glass. Virginia today. Senator Glass who it is stated will head the resolutions committee is bringing with him a drat of the platform bearing the approval of president Wilson Glass conferred with Wilson just before leaving Washington. Glass arrival stipulated interest in three platform planks concerning which Fiere May be disputes before the resolutions committee and before the convention. League to fore. There Are the league of nations prohibition and the Irish planks w j. Bryan has served notice that he will fight the administration forces on both the league of nations and the prohibition issues. He declared a Democrat dared not go before the country in a Plank unqualified Day endorsing the league As president Wilson submitted it to the Senate. Bryan also wants a Plank assuring the party s support of prohibition. Undoubtedly he will be vigorously opposed by the wet Forcer headed by governor Edwards of new Jersey who is seeking the presidential nomination on a a personal Liberty platform. As to the Irish Plank there is very Little feeling among leaders audd Legates who Are on the ground. To ome few who receive this copy of the Ames Tribune s a know the county edition it will Coni Novelty. Few Are the pro Farmer and residents of the county who do not know the Only daily paper in Story county but it is to those few and to the others who a not v upon our subscription list the Tribune is addressing itself. The Tribune is essentially a Story t county paper. Its corp of correspondent cover All the West half of the county today and is rapidly being extended to cover a very Section it a j regular correspondence from1 the county a eat with special wire tues j j sages when anything of importance i happens. It makes a feature of farm news i and especially farm Bureau news. It i is the official paper of the Story county fart Bureau so chosen be j cause it represented the Farmers in tenets and gave the Farmer service. Every Day. J it covers the news of Ames and t Iowa state College of tip whole county As no paper but a daily paper 1 can cover it. Each Day by wire it covers that Day s Market reports on livestock and Grain. Each Day it prints in addition reviews of Tho trading in both markets. The first Story county i o. O. to be held in this county j in several years is to be Beld Here on tuesday afternoon and evening june 29. At that time members of Odd fellow lodges at Nevada. Colo Kelley Ontario Story City Gilbert Zearing Collins Slater Maxwell and Cambridge will join with Ames Lodge no. 3e9, in what i expected to Hgt one of the most enthusiastic meetings of the Odd Fellowship of Distri t no. S., Ever in id. Both afternoon and a vening sessions Are to be held at the i. Q. O. F. Temple Here. Woodward team comes. The world famous degree staff from Woodward Lodge no 460, is to Conter two of the four degrees of the Mph ordinate a Lodge at the tie sea nigh Fontina. Jim 4�cr. A of be Cunfer d by smother team. It cod Ani degree a Tuff bar eight t in carried off the honors at meetings of the Quot Sovereign grand i mice and is expected in the c contest at the soy c reign grand Lodge at 158100 this summer. Masters of secret work. Probably never again will the average Odd fellow of Story county set the work put on by a degree staff such As that of Woodward Lodge. The members Are putting on this week several times a very week an prac tic every sunday. Tiny were secured for Ames by grand master f f. Rodgers of the Iowa jurisdiction and come As a special compliment to the grand master at Tho Only moot my to has called in his Home county since his inauguration. In a communication addressed to i he 12 i o. O. F. Lodges in Story county the. Grand master says. A i have not made a single request of my own District since my installation a your grand master. I am asking Yon now to Conn to Ames on Jum 29. Come so that you will he present in the afternoon for the school of in St auction. We had intended to Confer Tho grand Lodge degrees but it a been necessary to ail this part of the program off. Otherwise. Reprogram will be carried out As first planned. Bands expected. Come Early and stay late. Bring a band if you have one. Let us demonstrate that we Are on the map bring As Many candidates As possible and be mire to i iring Many of your membership As Marion Rebekah Lodge will serve dinner at 6 00 of clock in the dining room at the Temple. Meals will be served at tile lowest possible Cost by tim Rebekah. A lie Woodward degree staff of Over 30 men will arrive in Ames Ai out 7 of clock tuesday evening. They Are bringing a Large amount of Para her National farm Bureau to find Way to get Relief from grab. The am a Tribune covers the state a a i Fie like of which has never be Gimbell indicted. By unit press new \ Ork. June 23. Indictments were returned by the Federal grand jury Here today against Gimbell bros., Frederick it. Gimbell Joseph Dowell. And Charles k la tither barging profit tion of the Ames Tribune copies of which will be generously distributed at every Stop. These men go. I Hose who make the journey tomorrow include c. F. Curtiss. H. L. Millett z. D. Dunlap by b. Wine. J. Jacobs w. G. Wiliams. H. G. Baile Ilvy. Logsdon a. M. Norris by. Burton. A. To. Martin j. In lib Christ. Frank Coukoulis. ,. K. Munsinger Gus Martin Harlan Cole i. A. Brewster f. H. Paring in menus clothing sold by the Schleiter Ben a Cie ii f. Brown. J Gimbell department stores Here. There Palos a l. Chilson. Gayle Kurtz were counts on the indictment. Continued on in a two. Wilson Boom bursts. By unit. A Frags san Francisco. Cal. June 23.-another artificial president Wilson the men who wrote that would of Iowa thru the United pres with special wire service from every big town and has special correspondents ail Over the state of Iowa whose business it is to keep this paper inform a of the development of the farm Industry and the farm Bureau All Over Iowa. State and National news Are covered by the United press by a special leased wire. Correspondents of the United press Are located in every town in the United to sates Anc town i of the size of Ames or bigger. Its i special correspondents Are constantly travelling to every Point in the country where big news is being made. I a dozen of. Them a in s in Francisco at the democratic pow wows. A dozen were at the Chicago Republican convention. Except in Ames where the Tribune the Farmer of the Middle West wants some control Over the marketing of his product. That much has be a evidenced by the meeting of twelve presidents and is Many secretaries of the farm Bureau federations of the Middle West or it up of the National farm Bureau federation together with officers of cooperative Grain shipping Aud livestock shipping associations from that Region. It Bai Benin Iii a a a a to born yesterday and today in some respects it Hau made definite a irides toward the control of tio Farmer of the Sale of his own product. In the first place it has realized that such control is absolutely essential to Dis Success. It has provided for the appoint or it of special committees representing the farm Bureau and the cooperative associations to for no id to it plans for taking Over the Farmer s marketing problem on a cooperative basis. Break Trust grip. If those plans Are developed it Means that the grip of the big food trusts in so far As the producer at least is concerned is broken. Of those plans Are Dev lop Ltd it will mean that the Farmer will no longer be at the mercy of the Packer and Grain Gambler. If those plans Are developed it will mean that the Farmer will be freed of his greatest enemy a rigged Market. The committees Are to be appointed by president Howard of the american federation of farm bureaus. He will name the place and Date of meeting. It is hoped that the Call will be issued soon for the spirit of this mid West gathering is the spirit that demands action. Farmer takes Hazard. A the Farmer takes All the Hazard a said de Cunningham Secre tary of the Iowa federation of farm bureaus. A the puts in the crop he takes the risk from seeding to Harvest. He raises the hogs it is his feed his labor his Effort that make them. He has a1 the Hazard. And he will never get anywhere until he gets some bargaining pow that perhaps sums up the spirit of this two Day meeting better than any other phrase if the action which has been proposed to the farm bureaus and the cooperative associations is translated into an accomplished fact the Farmer will have that bargaining Power and the Council chamber if thames cite Hall will be historic As n ,3 re it Quot Arr of a ii a or a. Place a of on of lit. A ,. A i economic movements in modern most elaborate in keeping with what might be expected of a staff which hit at Grain control has eight times carried away the third term Boom was punctured today. I goes into almost every Home and no make a dime novel author look Little a said Homer Cummings democratic National committee chairman today referring to the Story which had been published in newspapers along the continued from Page five discussion of its news services is necessary that is the organization which make the Tribune pre eminent in its news service to you. This six Day a week service by the j Tribune costs you twice the Standar Price of a weekly paper and Only a Dollar a year More than is charged for half the service. This paper is four dollars a year in advanced out Side of Ames. You pay As you a Fer and w Hon you top it.,. Stops. It is Worth More than that fair tonight and probably thurs for the markets alone. You can t of Day. Rising temperature tonight and Ford to be without the Only daily in East portion thursday. Paper Iii your Home county. I the weather honors at the meetings of the Rover 1 f ten grand Lodge the highest body of 1 Odd Fellows in the world. Expect Many visitors. Grand master Rodgers was unable to estimate today How Large Tho attendance would a on tuesday a if allies Odd Fellows turn out themselves to take part on this of cask. As they ought to and a very one of the other eleven lodges in the county senti representative delegations As expected Ames will see a great turn out of Odd Fellows the greatest Ever seen Here with the exception of the recent grand Lodge a Aid Tho grand master. Twelve lodges join. Each one of the 12 lodges in the county is bringing candidate s to receive the three last degrees. Ames Lodge no. 309. Will Confer the initiatory degree at 4 of clock tuesday afternoon on local candidates in order that they May lie eligible to receive the other degrees tuesday night. Tice grand jurisdiction of Iowa has made a wonderful record this year. Iowa has witnessed the biggest gain in membership by treble any past year has attained and in sedition claims file distinction of not having a delinquent Lodge in All the state. Yesterday the mid West group authorized All the cooperative Grain associations in the Middle West to Tho View of purchasing terminal elevators and stabilizing the Market for the Farmers Grain. Today a similar action was taken to authorize an Effort by which to stabilize livestock prices. Definite proposals have not been adopted. But last night or. E. Dyson for almost 20 years in the Union stockyards at Chicago the Man who introduced Ante Portem examinations for the government in the Yards and who after 12 years service on the staff was made head of government inspection there outlined his plan for giving the Farmer an economic bargaining Power regarding his own product. Supply and demand a the Law of Supply and demand regulates the Price the Packer it a for his pork said or. Dyson a except for the fresh loins of pork there is nothing in his product which in cannot either Advance or hold a k on the Market a he sees fit to take into account the Supply and demand. A but while Supply and demand control the Price for hts product the numb of arrivals at the stockyards in Chicago controls your a he pleaded for an organization by continued on Page two

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