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Ames Daily Tribune And Ames Evening Times Newspaper Archives Aug 25 1922, Page 1

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Ames Daily Tribune and Ames Evening Times (Newspaper) - August 25, 1922, Ames, Iowa The Ames daily Tribune and Ames evening times. A i volume Lvi United press leased Wilra Ames Iowa Friday August 25, 1922 today a news today number 47attack Cleveland agreement mis is a big ii in charge say winners in the poultry classes Are announced. Wife now regrets her agreement to sell Hubby spacial to the Tribune Alameda. Cal. Aug. I a i first nut Rodney Kendrick at squish Ray husband. They told of their mrs Mel Elizabethtown a. J., in september love for each other and offered in Imp. She Sahi. A the was an aircraft j $100 a month for life of i agreed. Ile Kendrick lodes told the Story of a isl we air work no or the de. A Wab abounded at fire., How so. Bartered her husband to mrs part me it of labor. He was an ardent a but then i Thot of my child and Edith Spreckels Wakefield for self if a wooer and in March of the following How Little e always had had that was our own and i decided it might in Best Aff r All for me and my baby. A it was hard to think of giving up Rodney and after i agreed and saw month and of How she later regretted year we were married. Her bargain. I a we never had a Home and people bile is now considering suing mrs. Were constantly telling me i was sick. Wakefield for $25, m0 alleged alien a. Kendra it Mother when she in tion of affections damages. Traduce me in company used to say than openly show ing affection for Mother love the Prospect of getting mat i was Lier invalid daughter in Law each other i realized what i had done. A steady in. No. \ r her baby prompt la., to Nowc a woman can stand Only so Muc h. Cd Lur to a sell Quot her husband and to a. A or a a pay hard indeed to see1 the Manly love for the Man caused her to t. S Man she loves and another reenact Al a no a her mind 1-tor. A a. Said. Thru the mute fond mrs. Kendrick 24. Her vivacious that she herself had enacted just a few with the largest attendance yesterday of its four Days duration tis. Central now a Lair was closed very sue i u of lit j Secretary e. If. Graves said today. With the school children being admitted free and main Mort Amos people attending on account of hating the store closed in the afternoon. The crowd was even much larger than had been expected the various Prises which will amount to proximately 18000 will be Given out within the next two weeks according to the fair officials stage Indian Battle. Great a att a Hon was being shown by the Hoard in charge today on a count of Lite Success of the fair a full it amputation at the Gate re its had not been made today hut All of the directors believed that the fat had gone Over the horse no a Eland the Battle Between the indians and soldiers it or the Chi sire of the concluding pro Grant in the afternoon Pione. R Wagon were seen coming from use distance and Wert Boob halted on the race Trail where amp was made indians soon surrounded them and with the exception of one of the Mea All of the pioneers were killed. Woman injured. The i Soldier represented by Mem Ber of the to Al Anteri no let Ion came to the rear sic saving the Lone mail and killing Alt of us id my who had Nide the Ait a k. Another woman was injured in the bareback Riding Ultra non yesterday afternoon when she a thrown from the animals Back she Appal Nubi was seriously injured and in one ions some time a it War necessary for her to he carried from them k it was Learned this Moraine How Vor that none of her injure would prove serious and that file would to doubt he Able to take part in the act which the company will put on at the state Lair. The Accident occurred somewhat a similarly to that of the on the Day before when another Mem her of the company is Abo injured. Announce winners. It a impossible for the judging committee to make up the full lit. Of prize Winner today Only the poultry judging was completed and the winners of that department Aras fed Low boys an girls poultry club classes Muff Orpington cockerel Elsie Shepherd 1st and 2nd John Kohler 3rd. Mullet. John Kohl a 1st nod 2nd Elsie Shepherd 3rd. Pen ebb Shepherd 1st. Plymouth rot is cockerel. Fred test Gie Tat midget Jensen 2nd, Ella jacobean. 2nd am Jacobson Ani ism. Fred Temi ale isl. Heifer Jensen 2nd Clarence Erickson. 3rd Rhode Island red cockerel. Esther town Wick 1st William Harrington 2nd constant e Tweedt. 3rd. Pullet Constance Tweedt it and 2nd Georg Kyle 3rd, pen. Esther to it wits Wick. 1�?~. Wyandotte it cockerel Milburn a Derson. Int Hazel Harding. 2nd. Pub. Milburn Anderson. 1st Ernes Road. 2nd pen. Milburn Anderson isl Donald Kohl. 2nd Mediterranean cockerel Romaette Porter. 1st Nellie Rath. 2nd Pullet. Rom Ayne Porter. 1st and 2nd Emmet Jensen. 3rd. Pen Romayne Porter. Int Nellie Rath 2nd asiatics cockerel. John herein. 1st Ray Daniels 2nd Clarence Hall. 3rd. Pullet. Claret a Hall 1st and 2nd. John herein 3rd. In the open class poultry division a. West won All of the prizes for i Iglus Brahma. Watts Perkins Cap lured All awards for Partridge co a Hin. I Uella Robb took All honors for Cornish poultry and i. Worn in won nil prize for White Orpington. White Wyandotte a pin y Wright int Arthur Vorlau 2nd r. I Knight 3rd. Cock a. Vorlau. It it i. Night 2nd. Cockerel h \ Wright 1st a Vera 2nd and 3rd. Lien a d. Knight. 1st, 2nd. And 3rd. Pullet Tiv. Wright 1st anti 2nd, a Vera 3rd. Rhode Island reds pen Cameron Shockley. 1st and 2nd. E. Hall 3rd cock warts Perkins it and 3rd Cameron Stoekly. 2nd cockerel a Oberon Stoekly 1st e m. Hall. 2nd Watt Perkin. 3rd. Hen Cameron re Nek in St. 2nd, and 3rd. Pullet. Cam crop Shockly 1st. -2nd, and 3rd. White and Brown leghorn cock eel Ira Wheaton. It m. J Baldus 2nd. Pullet a. West. Inc 2nd. And 3rd. No other entries listed. Barred Plymouth Rock pen mrs. A Kelley 1st Riley 2nd a. West. Quot re. Cock mrs a. Kelly isl v. Of Ley 2nd and 3rd. Cockerel. A. Kelly 1st a. Wen. 2nd and 3rd. Hen. Mrs. A. Kelly. 1st and 2nd Victor Riley 3rd. Pullet Victor Riley 1st a. Kelly 2nd a. West 3rd. Continued of Page seven invitation to come to her Home at never had had Home luxuries face framed in neatly bobbed hair hot of a Nair of ars before showed no bitterness toward paid in top i wont i 1 began to so Bow utterly foolish Wakefield woman of wealth a she Home ppm cd to me. I went. A had in an j we my card Hodney described the strange love tangle Cen a i bad Only i Wen there a few Days and mrs. Wakefield planning a trip to tearing around the affections of Rodney when Rodney and mrs. Wakefield came i Truckee together i stand it Kendrick artist. To me with a proposition that i Relin any Usi Hope of rail peace is blasted government reports show that roads Are falling Down. _ by Vniu-4 pre new a to re. Aug Zug Prospect. Of a railway peace were shattered Here this afternoon when the a Ltd Nfn rear Between the a big four Quot Broth Rhood Leader and the executive it 2&Quot railroads became deadlocked and Rob up two Days Effort to bring about a soil it t utterly ailed with no Bop of any new Prospect of hrs agreement i sight. The tuition of seniority i a in proved to both stumbling ? Block. The executives flatly refused to on Sider the demands of the brother i i of chiefs who were acing a me Ila tor for the striking Aho men that the latter be returned with full Scalar j try rights. Both sides have done the Best in therr Power apparently. But a Way i is not Bren found to bring about an acceptable a the to Al a tent in ult to by Daniel Willard Prest teat of the b a to. Aud spokesman for the executive altho the men wire definitely As ured that the substance of nil they asked for would be granted them they were unwilling to agree to a Settle men except under conditions which he railway executive Wert unwilling ind unable to a it f of not doing work sir untie or Washington. Aug. 23 inform a Normal freight traffic was placed to it it he railways of the country Are now moving stat than 60 per cent of the from government you re is Ilia Ore president in dings Cabinet to a it in a meeting devoted almost entropy to a discussion of the rail strike null cation and the Coal strike settlement official statements show despite in claims of the roads that the railways have not been Able to move Al if the freight which Baa been Given priority lights. Til freight which has priority according to present orders is More hat so per rent of the Normal traffic the report shows. J revised edition i wha varieties of snakes have Voo zoology department at College wants specimens. How Many of Iowa a 2d or More kinds it Snake Are useful and howl in a by Are in e rely or us mental Are Ink it. Becoming less numerous a Are there a Snake Yea re Quot As is popularly supposed Jim As there Are applet years and hessian Fly years i How much loss of eggs and voting Jesu itry and of valuable Birds and their eggs must be charged up against such Snake As the Biu rat a Fox j Snake milk Snake and bul Snake which Are so us us in destroying rats,1 mice and ground squirrels seeking information these Are a few of the questions for 11 on declare it a violation of Sherman anti Trust Law. By United press Pittsburgh. Aug. 25.legal action against the participants in the Cleveland Coal peace conference has been decided upon by powerful Coal interests in Pittsburgh and West Virginia it was Learned Here today. Plans for action designed to show that the Cleveland wage agreement is a violation of the Sherman anti Trust Law Wert made in a conference Here Between representatives of the Kanawha Valley Coil operators association and he Pittsburgh goal operators association. Mrs. Edith Huntington Spreckels a Mouth for life to mrs Rodney ire s the Way the Ames flappers will i Ltd a next Winter. Notice that la rubber Gaiter or Bootee fur topped has replaced the Well known Golosh original in Ionia of the flapper. Which prof. K. Guthrie of the de i Armit at of zoology of Iowa state col Liege is trying to find the i wars. I incidentally the exact number of Peries and varieties and their abundance and distribution in the state the food of each kind during the different a season of the year. Both when Young and a when adult tis a Breeding habits f season when the egg Are Laid and length of their incubation period or the time when the Young Are born Tah let species which bring Forth living Young a also being investigated i i likewise the number of eggs or of Young produced. I there is Little a rate knowledge Wakefield in said to have offered Kendrick if she would allow Kend Ricot a ban marry him. Ran Clart to. His Freedom to that mrs want Federal control by i waited pro Washington aug. 25.�?.federal operation and control of the mines is authorized in an amendment offered today by senator Edge of new Jersey to the Borah Coal commission Bill now under discussion. Edges amendment declares that a National emergency exists and would granted practically unlimited Power to the president. It was withdrawn at the suggestion of Borah hut Edge declared he would reintroduce it As a separate Bill and would request that it be referred to the interstate Commerce commission for immediate consideration. An almost identical measure by senator Walsh is now before the com Wakefield might i Muttee. Consideration of both Bills by committee will Start tomorrow sen tor Cummins announced. Wile have Lincoln a Hori service thru Ames today National guard to Honor former is walking across continent on Ames Soldier sunday. I $50,000 bet. Situation grave. By United Pwu Washington aug. 25.th? administration is gravely concerned Over file. Of tuition now facing the country in regard to the Coal Supply this Winter it was admitted Here today. To the greatly curtailed Coal production and the exhausted Coal Reserve is added the limited trams poria tion facilities resulting from the Coal strike. Even if Tho railway question were Weston a son of John Wes settled today the country would not available about the habits of our j Many Ames people Are planning to Snake.-, Guthrie says. Most of the drive to t amp Dodge sunday evening1 off la or dry ded Jit nor Quot Tia a a a to a Hka r we Quot died add is Raul no a Der a the Road of All venomous and Many which Are which will be held there by the Iowa about nine months ago. Went thru cannot a Opp fhe Coal being produced persistently hunted and killed Are not Nat or Al guard in Honor of Gen. James Amos this morning on the Jefferson now Secretary Hoover declared to even harmful but on the contrary Are Rush Lincoln of Ames who a for so. I vers valuable. Many years a dose Friend and Brothe i i. A. Militia his next reporting want live and dead Onesia a. J i be service will begin Abby p. M., a Ston expects to be in new Ork in department of zoology very and will be held at the Pla torni near within the next 30 Days to Complete a i lint i it a i in or or for maj a i 11 a in a or or Ltd a regimental Headquarters of the 168th transcontinental hike for a Wager of Mil h Hirauk Iii Fnu Iowa snakes i it a stud it and j infantry ii v ill a attended by the 150,000 Between the Moose and elks noun of enl i i i inn wil1 i a i 1,1 Iden i y an 10 May exl Ragade of National guardsmen lode s of los Angeles press charges on pc cements sent and now Iii Camp there and by Many state the hiker has travelled a in. A on his Way to Des Moines i Dav and when the Winter demand be Tat Jun gins conditions will be even worse. Makes Clever shot heat wave causes five prostrations in Des Moines. Bar finite l re i Deb Moines. Aug. 25 a the heat part wave which swept Iowa yesterday incision brought Tho thermometer to ii7, with a relative High humidity Aud explode bombs my United try a Roodhouse. Us aug 25 thro. Bombs were exploded near the Chicago caused five heat prostrations v Alton Roundhouse Here Early today those who succumbed to die heat relator in a tin can w. C. Stephenson a candidate for the a whole in one club. To in info sat in so tar a it possible officials and of Rients of in it ral lilt ago of 80 Miles a Day since he left j a it to their habits some let the Smyl Coin from All Over the state. Los Angeles. Most of his travelling w. A Stephenson has set a record r up if s o burrowing snakes and of col. Guy Brewer will be in charge is done at night he said due to the for the no. 9 Hole at the Ames Golf Well known Ami Spee of the sen ire and will introduce Gen. Tact Taal it is much cooler and there i and country club which will stand for a Ped Aliv needed. Matt a. Tinley of Council Bluffs tor Are not so Many automobiles on the j a Long time Lily killed Are Many years a cats Friend and brother Road. The Hole while not especially do Fol Rasih Rcd in lorm Aliue i or a a officer of b a Raj Lincoln a with the exception of being treed cult requires a Long drive and a Short to to parts of water it a few gov. Nato e. Kendall will then by a Bear while crossing the yellow a pitch up a Hill at the top of which Pink. Major Sands win be in charge Stone National Park i have had but j is a Terrace Green. Or. Stephenson water Auk omens and data a snakes when i of water if a few Are made along the lower Side to allow the fluid to read the in of the singing which will include Sev eternal organs. Guthrie explains. After Era special numbers by mrs. May Belle i inkling for a week in this they can Wagner Shank of Des Moines. A male be shipped pack d in moist Hay or exp quartet will also contribute numbers. Chaplain w k. Robb will give the no one was injured and the property Wro Ben Ellsworth of Ottumwa living snakes should be sent secure invocation and chaplain of Donnell the anlage was Small the bombing Fol it l right of Dell Raitid b. A. And by dosed with Straw or leave in a Benediction. a night of outbreaks in which Ralph Brady of Des Moines Allen j Stout 1k�x with Small air holes for baud music will follow the service. Felt graph wins a re Cut and rails were greased. Several shots were fired by guards. Of Valera said to be raising an army Grants in the state Tennis tourney breathing or with screen wire across mrs. Grace Mattern Telephone opera i of Tho results or dose studied tor it police Headquarters and bark a Jujj appear in bulletin form when suf Adams of St. Joseph Western league Etc Routly Complete. Baseball Pitcher. I a High temperatures were reported from All parts of the Middle West Liberal Anthony Ana Gold water , having to. And Salina Ion. Huge swindling scheme of Confidence but or reached Igi the hottest Man s discovered. I Mexico City a break up gang Mexico to take part expects to do Active work in next pan american Congress. I Omaha since july 1918. By United pram i by pm Dublin. Aug 23-Eamoun de Val a ged Vul a bids aug. 25 the a today dramatically emerged from j terrific heat of yesterday was his hiding place and is rallying an Bok it last evening when the worst Irmy in county Louth in preparation wind. Tor an alack on Dublin according to a by reason struck Hen. Hundreds persistent reports Here. 0f Trees were Lorn up by the roots rumours rat rapidly thru the crowds. Telephone and Ltd Lecarie wires were which were Catheran around the Bier blown Down and trolley cars were of Michael Collins whose body Dies in stopped for several hours. State in the City Hall Here. Officers of a a the free stat government wer it in pretty hot Here to la attempting to com turn a the thermometer at the govern irate with towns in county in it uth in rent observation station at Iowa an Effort to ascertain the truth or fals-1 state College registered 95 As the Ity of the report s re tempera Lur in Ames yester Hund rothls of Aristed men searched Day no heat prostrations were re for Devi Alera. Who has been in hiding ported Here so far As could be learn Sirce the collapse of the last insured today gent uprising Here $ William i. It Osgi ave. W to has tem Rutt pm Pora Rily taken Over the duties of pro Vul Rio vision Al Siead of the free state government made preparations to defend the City and the outlying districts against the threatened rebel outbreak. A a Quot try United pres i Inver aug. 25.�? with the arrest of 33 Confidence my. Many of them internationally known Here today op-7 Vvs 9niht%b of the department of Justice a my us a a a twi v i a or a Hod the District attorney s office in the on arcs Lieve thee have broken up one of. Has been announced Here that an the largest organizations of a a con men in u 1,1 s a i a Tkv been extended g. 2 5,�? exh�?~�?Tt8 to take an attic Par next ban Aine rican Congress. Thru til it columns of the Semi official suggestions Are made to sister republics to about a Strong for Mexico in the press being bring Mexico to excitement while on my trip a made a Short drive so his second shot ii said today. Was necessarily a Long one but it a it sure hard on the shoes a Wen went True to the Mark rolled up onto ton said a for by already had to Shell the second Terrace and trickled into out Money for Lam a the Hole. A Lagan hiking eight years ago by this performance ought to entitle milking a Tran Continental trip with a a Stevie a to belong to the a whole in his father and has competed in every one Quot club for it was just the Sam Contin tit. In addition to being the sort of a shot. Champion hts a of Germany Russia. France and England. His present journey Tram los Angeles to new York will be his eighth. I Long strides that a the secret of foes of Bonus Bill will put up a log distance he said a and hat is Tho Only formula i can give. Take the gait that s easiest for you a a. _ i. By Tantum pro hut i sure you Are covering a maximum of distance on a minimum of Steps. I Isnit the distance that tires it s the number of reserving fire fight after Harding a veto. Weston is 3x years old. In the country. The operations of the gang were not limited to Denver and the. A a stake rat into the millions offices were maintained in los Angeles and the Florida resorts. The Headquarters was just sleepy not sick at All to i his country. Mexico will be represented at Rio Janeiro during the coming Celebration there by a Brilliant embassy. This is headed by Jose Vasoti chios. Minister of Public instruction and b ing on the Street Corner Washington. Aug. 25.the Soldier Bonus Bill unamended sped to Day towards final passage by the sen i ate. J altho a hard fight was promised i by senator Borah and other uncompromising Bonus opponents it was evident that debate will be curtailed attackers of the Bill feeling it j would be inexpedient to prolong Dis russian in face of overwhelming sup i Here occupied an elaborate suite of no uces Many prominent men of in offices conducted a Quot Stock Ami employed a corps of stenographer and clerks a a a it i in my a a Quot min. A claims body Iowa City. Aug. 25. Students will not he. Permitted dissect the body of the negro Slayer killed near Cherokee by a posse As Serif is believed Here that the probable presence of Secretary of state Hughes at the brazilian Celebration will present an Opportunity to minister Vasconcelos to bring about a clearer understanding Between the two medical countries. To a 4-year-old boy who said thai his do a it. By the i g0 to Tje president for acceptance Arach hotel yesterday afternoon in or rejection thus shifting the respond what those who passed by believed j Sib Lity from Congress. A Semi conscious condition. Of he it a big fight will be he was repeatedly shaken by those made to sustain the executives View who had gathered about him and for Sod kill the Bill. Work systematically Vancouver. B. Aug. 25.mill- fanned into flame is the theme of men. Loggers and Timber holders Ofiu the sin that was his a featuring this province have taken action to j Psi. Faversham at a. Hall tonight. Carry on systematic work for the Pur a the Story w Ritten by Frank Lau pose of increasing the marketing or Thor of a the Miracle is grip British Columbia material. Paig and powerful. A two Ace Artie Quot had been run out of every Camp in the North. Gambler Blackleg and general bad Man s Mother has put in a claim by United prot a Man was his reputation. But some j or body. Where in every human being there is Quot the divine How this was wreck kills seven a. Fays two Al monies Marshalltown. Aug. 25.�? two Al monies will put any Man not Only Down but out says Lee Myron. He claims his second wife promised nut to ask for Alimony but she did. A time it appeared that he was either ill or suffering from Sun stroke. Police were called and after being shaken for some time the boy opened his Eves saying a let me alone in a he was taken into the hotel where he Haiti his parents lived and soon Nortonville ky., aug. 25.�? recovered from his apparent state of seven known dead and four serious coma. By injured was the toll of a wreck of when found on the Street the boy j two Illinois Central freight trains had a pop gun at his Side. The to near Daniel Boone last night a lice asked him if he had shot him Check up today showed. A conductor j self and he merely answered Ono.�?� i and two brakeman were among those j it is believed that the boy had be-1 killed and four unidentified bodies come tired after playing and that j were recovered. Lie had fallen asleep on the sidewalk. This is better Bruin appreciates this More comfortable weather after yesterdays sweltering and he thinks he can stand All of this that the weather Man wants to give Nim. Fair tonight and saturday. Cooler Iii the extreme Southeast portion of the state tonight

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