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Ames Daily Tribune And Ames Evening Times Newspaper Archives Apr 23 1923, Page 4

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Ames Daily Tribune and Ames Evening Times (Newspaper) - April 23, 1923, Ames, Iowa The Ames daily Tribune and evening times monday april 23, 1923. Little doings. Whet you ask a woman to go some place and she has to make up her mind and her complexion you might about As Well postpone the engagement. Getting mighty uncomfortable Wagon Road. To done to fidget a couple of Robes wrap her up. Well. Aud Hustle getting ready. We re a Little later when Madeline went out with Florence the Gray gloom was lightening. Horses were champing bits and pounding gravel. Quot Mawnan miss majesty,11 said Stillwell gruffly from the front seat of a High vehicle Alfred bundled her up into the Back seat and Florence after her Ami wrapped them with Robes. Then he mounted his horse and started off. Continued next lame thames daily Tribune Anh Alen Kew Nung Toti Lac Lett bom of new Yore april 23.�?liberty Bonds closed saturday at it s lib sags i 101.ti, 2nd is 97.6, 1st his 97.19, 2nd re a. I 97 9�?T 3rd 4�?Ts 98> 4th 4>as 97.20, read the wants j t Vic 97.20, us a 4us 99.1. Punk Mhz of Cailjr Rwy put san diff by Thi Tribl of. It mushing cwt a1 j. L. Pii webs. President and ski our Itron Cimon Kath a hey of Krum. Carrier or Otbo Rel Otty of pm Corr tor or it bar wit. I to. Am City of Amro earner or of Herat pm my town on Tami of Amro . Am Low Raitid of asm to i am Low onto it ii of arum City pm it new Ai oot Aid of Low a it a a a a in a Ani Ltd a a a a ii a All Bunhor in Tom mail of pm to and tiber in Tom will to a a tir it it pirating in a Neww. _ off tot paper of Story county Ani we City of abm. Of Shawsr Bierger Chicago specialist who has visited Here since 1901 treats chronic nitrous and spa Cim. Dis Kas is of Mon Aud women scientifically also Dos ease of the Eva 5,. Nose Throat buns. Heart. Blood skin nervous debility nerves liver stomach int Linos Ink Ancyn. Ani bladder. Con an motion by an Early , Cri Faroli singing la nod air Afanosi Par in a is heart Feria Cripsy Bick la Cadano goitre eczema of Erofila Ipp Badiei j. Crave i of joints and Muscles. Ptts fistula fissure and c ther rectal diseases. L rate d without i indic. Surgical cafe and rupture Given special attention. Over 80$ of my patients come fro., cd those i have cured Prker. Refinished floor. If a painted or varnished Thor is to be refinished it should first he thoroughly scrubbed and after it has become perfectly dry should be Well Sand papered and then wiped with a cloth dampened with turpentine or gasoline in order to remove the dust caused by the use of the sandpaper. Cub built axion puke to or. Wilbert Shallenberge Ames hotel Sheldon Munn Friday Forenoon May 4th. Nevada hotel Nevada Friday afternoon May 4th. Boone a hotel Holst saturday May 5th. Visit 279. F British of cd a serv Atis a / Bible thought a for today Bible Thna he no of Ori a a win a iwo Preis is Hen tag in after year. To amp get ? vrx3r a ass abundantly satisfied a they shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of thy House and ton Snail nuke them drink of the River of thy 25 out Sale that booze Fleet the news that the president had decided the ?./ fleets operating off the Atlantic coast must go was Welcome to the country. That Fleet has been a blot on the Good name of the United states government. Action is to be taken against the Small Craft mostly Swift Power boats Whit h Art As lighters bringing the liquor to Shore from the ships that lie at Anchor just beyond the three mile limit. It is explained that the enforcement officers have been unable to Cope with Thorn so far. For Lack of fast boats of their own. They should be provided with Craft that Haw not Only the necessary Power and Speed but have guns mounted on their decks. The offenders guilty at the same time of smuggling and breaking the volstead Law deserve no consideration. It May to possible also to accomplish something with the Boose ships that bring the liquor As far of the International line and distribute it there of any of them Are american there arc established ways of dealing with them calling Only for an adequate prohibition Navy. As Fot the foreign Craft their troublesome activity might to discouraged if not prevented by diplomacy. No Friendly government should approve such traffic As that in which they Are engaged. With that Seaboard smuggling mopped there might be a beginning of real prohibition in the United states. On the i. N Briley farm \ mile East of Ontario on North Side of r. R. Track and % mile Northwest of Iowa state College on Friday april 27 commencing at i o�?Tclock21 head of cattle when Tho Assembly meets next september. This is a curious development the Irish fought the league almost unanimously at Home and abroad after the Versailles peace conference. They Maine that the league by stabilizing conditions As they were would rivet a hot British shackles on ire land and prevent any arrangement for Irish Freedom. Now Ireland is to be admitted to the league on her own initiative on equal terms with Ganada and Australia and will have a vote in the Assembly like every other member with a voice also in the selection of Tho British representative in the Council. The Irish can vote against England in the Assembly if they choose. The Irish free state government has decided that the league will help along their Freedom instead of interfering with it. This application is one of the finest compliments the league has received. I 7 head of milk cows 4 of which Are holsteins and balance Are shorthorn. These cows Are All t. B. Tested and Are a Good Dairy Herd. Also one Guernsey Bull and three Heifer calves. T a a Iii i one team of work horses 13 head of Stock hogs. Some Corn Hay and farm machinery usual terms Alfred knocked on Lier door and said he was leaving n Pitcher of hot water outside she replied with chattering Teeth a eth thank a a Yon b hut i a done one need any she found it necessary however to warm her numb fingers before she could Fasti n Hooks and buttons. And when she was dressed she marked in the dim Mirror that there were tinges of red in her Cheek a a Well of i Haven to some color a she exclaimed. Breakfast waited for her in the dining room. The Sisters ufos with her. Madeline quickly caught the feeling of brisk action that seemed to be in the Nir. Then Alfred came stamping in. A majesty Here a where you get the real thing a he announced merrily. Quot we re Rushing you off in a sorry to a but we must Hustle Back to the ranch. The fell round up begins tomorrow. You will ride in the buckboard with Florence and Stillwell. Til ride on ahead with the boys and fix up a Little for you at the ranch. Ifs a Long ride out nearly fifty Milos Bya Romance. N. Briley owner Joy auction co., acts. Union National Bank clerk illustrations by Irwin Myers in in 111 s �?��1111 i 11 i 111 1 it 111 i 11 n 1111 s m 111 n 11 r copyright by a yer and or Albert a we Pye Akes Fie business vitals of the United states at present Are in the area Between Buffalo and Duluth and the Chain of the great lakes i Tike most important element in the whole complicated Industrial machinery. This year the bulk freighters of. Tho Throat lakes in expected to move Loo pol too tons of freight. Ore Iron or from Northern Minnesota will predominate. Estimate a that no less than 55,000,000 Tont will come Down the lakes to the blast. Furnaces. Last year the ships moved Only 41,000,000 tons. Coal shipments will run nearly As Large for reserves of the fuel Are lacking in All the upper Lake ports this Spring whereas n year ego despite the a talk there were 2.000.000 tons on hand when the season opened. At fort William and port Arthur moreover there Are 32. 0� my too bushels of wheat waiting for tie ice to b t the Grain Field out. Within the year British shipyards Hart turned out 37 new steamers built to pass thru the Soo and Welland canals tor Canadian service and Canadian Yards have turned out four More. The Dominion is becoming an increasingly important Factor in the ,.de which Pas its thru the Soo canal and every year sees More of its tonnage in that busiest of All v Ater was. Continued from last Issue chapter in a ride from Sunrise to Sunset. No it i using when Madeline was aroused her brother it was not yet Daybreak the or chilled her and in the Gray gloom., let had to feel around for match of and lamp. Her usual languid manner vanished at a touch of the cold water presently when House cleaning made easy by Ming pub no Mode softens Haro water dug ap�4caqtrngiybjigroccrtoday evidently there Are More kinds of socialists than most people imagined. German socialists Are insisting that Germany should pay its War debts. There Are intimations from Paris that the French occupation of the Ruhr is going to be a Complete Success meaning that Germany once More will promies to pay. The millennium is Here. Two motorists who collided with another were heard each declaring himself at i ult and responsible for the other Many a repairs. These Long distance lady dancers tilts out a lot of Mali partners hut that a nothing to what they do to the rest of the Community. Judging from the report weather in All parts of try what nature needs is it it of Springs. The Louii a new be sound Young Farmers it is estimated that nearly three quarters of a million dollars in farm products will be added to the food crop of i single state this year thru la educational farm work done in the children a farm clubs fathered by Iowa state College Aud othe r but institutions. I fairy products and live Stock alone will pass the half million Mark while canned goods and clothing made under the sillier vision of Nagri littoral Extension department will make up the grand total. The Banks Are so persuaded of the soundness of the Young Farmers that they Hart int ii2s.oo0 to the various clubs to finance Tho Purchase of live Stock. The Loans will be repaid at the in of the season. A every state Haa its clubs the he port a Nee of this work to american agriculture should not a belittled. This is especially tree slate aside from the immediate gain of the year Mort of these Otma enthusiasts will take up route form of agricultural work permanently and they Are being trained to perform ii efficiently and easily when they do. And their children of a our you can to exactly put your Walla through the tubs and hang them out to dry. But you ran Wash them when Melle glossed. Nor just wipe them off mind you with a Damp cloth but regularly rub or scrub them with soap and water. You Canh stain them try As you will. Even Ink spots can to stay. Can to because Mello gloss simply seals up a Walls pore and covers it with a Lustre As Satin sheeted finish that dirt grease or stains can to get a grip on. For Halls Bath rooms kitchens a Yea and bedroom a it is a wonderful finish. Comes in a can. Coch on with a Brush As easily As butter melts on a hot biscuit. Drop in and see the colors and the finish itself. When first applied. It of shiny. Bot is Mon to it has mellowed Down to ass tin Lustrous shoes that on will particular Oon be putting i on a new coat d paint it lets keep up with the procession. Besides its cheaper to paint than not to paint. We sell reliable brands of painting and varnishing materials. Carr hardware co a the paint store Anjes Iowa the party planner my daughter like to have Blee parties to we watch in the paper and magazines and when we see an idea for entertainment that pleases us. She cuts out the clipping Aud puts it in her own Little card file. Of she wants a party unexpectedly All we have to do is to read Over the ideas we Nave collected and decide v. Hat games will be play. I. Week of difficulty. It is an easy and vulgar thing to pleas the mob and not a very arduous tank to astonish them but essentially it Mai to improve them is a work fraught with difficulty Aud teeming with danger. Colton Pratt amp lamberts varnishes Vitra Lite enamel Senour a floor paint Keystone Flat Wall paint. Judisch Bros. Drug store Ireland in the league Ireland Bas applied for member. Hip in the h ague Al nation and will probably be formally admitted

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