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Ames Daily Tribune And Ames Evening Times Newspaper Archives Apr 23 1923, Page 3

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Ames Daily Tribune and Ames Evening Times (Newspaper) - April 23, 1923, Ames, Iowa Jhb Ames daily Tribune and evenin0 times monday april 23, 1923. I a i Johnson will win easily is general opinion fight critics by Davis j. Walsh i. N. A sports editor new York. April 23-n�w York Fristic population will take its fort in its hands tonight and move Jersey City in a Boily for Tho privilege seeing Frederick fact Down Fulton prove just onto again that to can not will not Flat. Frederick ii to meet Al my Johnson in a bout ached tiled for twelve no decision rounds and although a suspicion is beginning to take tin Gib Lorn that Floyd cannot fight either the crowd is expected to break All in door records for now a soy i in fsr dive f a a Rick can drag them in better limn any second Rater in the history Puglia in. Not Only is Tho Winner advert cd As Tho opponent Lees Willard for the feature bout the milk fund show. May 12, Butch ii in Las it Nee Forward w Ith a re t lately controversies that honk it it the name Fulton Encl Johnson in Tho h id lines Tfir Pooka. The Bon a Coni in is Sions Tler turn have agreed to us r t i Falton Johr. On match at one time another Tho now vol i Cote Mission first forbidding the bout Junt a though this Wail privilege and thou granting to twine lion when new Jersey threatened to invoke Tisz Tau h would have take i a. A Sann in in duo. Ii n pret int inc i a Boson from meet fut lard any Otic until a Filiti d tile contract to fight in Jersey. Mgr tor j Baring been Finai y i in it out ii Temi ired for mc4ta� Btl it add the final touch by to Tapi a Dir Fulton and Johnson for failure to go through with an alleged in if in Bolton. The result h that Fulton a f to joke is being taken e a Ltd my it no to More. Although it re without Orcas in logic i Leai he has one room it it a tor in. Rati in since hts last a up Iranee Here Felton a s no it int White sox Ball Park Chicago april r3.�?a bomb exploded last night at the Entrance Tho Chicago White sox baseball Park shattering windows and doing other damage in the Vic iffy was today attributed by police to labor trouble the police War gambling in baseball pools. A Quot hot dog stand nearby was demolished anti the Park Fence was damaged. The detonation was heard a mile away. Harry Grabiner Secretary the Ball club declared he believed the bomb burled from a passing automobile was a part a labor War. Recently several thousand dollars Worth plumbing installed in the cubs i Turk by non Union workmen was destroyed in a raid by gangsters. Lab r non Union workmen painted the buildings at the american league Park. Causing the red funds to Dace the St a Sou a mod Grabiner asst red. The police theory that the bombing nay have re ult d from a Gambler War was Blee d partially the fact to at ail baseball pools affecting cores gamblers a rave by it a Dost to in connection with a vice cleanup. Baseball schedule National league no a York at in. Oaklyn Clear 3 30. I it ii Dolphin at Boston rain 3 15. Pitt Burgh at Cincinnati Clear 3 to. St. I. In at Chicago Clear 3 �?�0. American league w i bin gum by a Clear 3 3 y to t a a a at Philadelphia. A lowly 3 part ii Aticy b. And. It Ion ii a 3 00. Chicago at St. Louis Cloudy 3 cd. B for tip fighting Cann Aud if John i in half the ie., n they say in ii. A will win a Iamb. To beat Fulton All a big Man i. Cd a Cair he ruin and the Cense t go and fig1 f Iron Tho opt Biog be d. A k ii a not i re to he crowded Iii will a a out peacefully to a fore a one who flt Mca til i. System. On in Ether hand he will murder Tbs a an Quot to is silly enough i Ltd stand off id attempt to in x with Bim we t a in the Garden the Quot a h a my comic operetta Ltd horns Al Vole i lean 11 to i a i t in git 20 Muic a nolo r 1 tactful Dan Drift to girl magnificent Cost Lunes comic songs presented by the hitch school chorus auditorium Friday april to matinee 2 30 general admission 25c evening at 8 15�?reserved seats 50c Heeria for the i it Nisi store. Pc now Oil Sale Ai Judieh Ilen time those not sea ted w ii to curtain rises will in orbiter <1 to stand until the emf a. L$wh4ncf step up up it up unkempt lawns and slovenly Back Yards reflect upon the whole neighbourhood. Set the example be a Good neighbor. But you can t get the real pleasure and profit from your Thrift Garden without the proper tools to work with. We have them ready for you. Carr hardware Columbus o., april 23. A two pairs Brothers Are making Strong bids for regular berths Ohio states baseball team this Spring. Two the four need no introduction to followers College athletics in the Middle West. They Are a who get and a Dopey a Workman Buckeye football stalwarts the last two three years. The others Are Max and Jake mat ii soft Dayton. All but Max Matusoff Are just breaking into fact company. Max won his letter last year. Both the Matusoff Are infielders while the Workman constitute a Battery. Max Matusoff has been used at second while Jake holds Down th1 third sack. A who get Workman begins to look like the buckeyes pulling Ace. In three four Early games a has exhibited unusual control for a College hurler and possesses in addition a Good curve Ball and a Nice hop his fast one. He is a graduate the Ohio state intramural league. We re last Spring he War the big noise for in Frater team. Brother Quot Bop a a a who a Jinn his graduation in june ii a huddled to become athletic director at Simpson College Iowa is a fair Backstop. J the Runoff Quot preppy it at Stivers High in Dayton while the work mans Are front it Billington. W. A. All four hav Quot in excellent Chance Chi making their varsity letters. Legal notices foring Quot track Ofield by Quot Bob Simpson t&4ca cps is la /ls�&s/7y 0.wj06�/ the running Broad jump red Gourdin distance to Twenty five feet three r age three sch Lisi jh111-1"1 j jul world s record inches. Speed Spring sense balance and absolute co ordination which enables one to handle his body while in the air Are the main requirements to be possessed by tile athlete who wishes to do the running Broad jump. All the Best Broad jumpers have been nun who were Good sprinters that is Able to do the Hundred in to 2-5 to 9 4-5 seconds. For an example take Ned Gourdin Holder the world a record in the running Broad jump�?25 feet 3 inches who was a sprinter before he discovered his ability to jump. In the late Oxford Cambridge is. Ii Art and Yale meet he won the too there Are really two take off Marks. Take for an example a jumper who runs too feet before he hits the take off Board. Of course the first take off Mark will be a Mark too feet from the Board. The next will be approximately 70 feet from the Board. The jumper starts at the 100-foot Mark and runs at a moderate rate Speed until be hits the second Takeoff Mark. At this spot he begins to run at full Speed and at full stride and it is Best for him to blast from this dec Ond take off Mark with the foot he jumps from. It is better to run with a slight Yard dash in addition to breaking Crouch so that there is More Spring the world s record in the running j in Tho leg when you leave the Board Broad jump. He is a fast 10-second much More leverage is obtained by Man. The use such a Crouch. Sol Butler who won the inter most the Champion jumpers Allied Broad jump in 1919 with a prefer to shorten the last stride jump 24 feet 9 inches is another j about three inches. This puts the example a fast sprinter becoming i body farther Over the Board and so a jumper. Gutterson Worthington i the jumper is Able to get More lift a tick incorporation Standard Hano it gravel co. To whom it Mav concern notice is hereby Given that the under i be i hav formed a corporation to be town a Standard Kan i it grave , with ii Inin Cip amp a place by us a so in tim City ame Story county Wath pc in Rel nature Tho business tax transacted by this corporation shall to excavate and la mind Rind crave mine and Tel it an other Mineral Hub a a a ii b a a a. Exchange and i noun a personal and real property ail shall Bare the Power to Lee be urn and other evidence indebted a to t re. T buildings install Mae Hin it amt other apparatus provide mean transporting a and. Era Al and Miner to acquire any rights privilege one franchises it desires. The aft Yunt capital a clock authorised $ to. A which nay be issued from be to time jus it Bourd Dir tors May e fit at tie tim. Of its issuance All Ock my be paid for that Ash prop a other Cut Van Cut approved and Lowed i t e us Oculi e a Natl i Tate Iowa. The amount it Spital uric with which it commences business i ,w0 which must be so paid for log a r. T approved. ult t. T is Corpora Ion it mine be i urine the 8th Day print Stein Hubbard Kraenzlein. Johnson and Connor have All jumped 24 feet better and All them have been fast sprinters. There Are two distinct forms doing the running Broad jump. They Are the sail jump and the kick jump. Noted jumpers have used both styles and one cannot be declared Superior to the other. The sail jump is the most Cora and shoot. Others the Champion jumpers claim that they can jump better by reaching out an additional Inch two the last stride. Hints and done to for Tho running Broad jump always take the pains to measure your distance run so you will know it a strange Field. Never run so far that you tire yourself before you reach the take off Board. Mon form jumping. In this j if the take off Board is badly jump the Knees Are pulled up in a chewed up a jump from the Side front i he body As Poon As the where it is More solid. In this jumper leaves the take off Board place it is often As much As a half the arms Are extended rather wide j Inch higher. This will give you a apart and in front it the body. As few More inches distance the jumper alights the feet Are practice with heavy shoes and still in front the body and at jump in Light ones. Use regular the moment alighting in the pit the arms Are thrown violently downward Rad backward. This motion throws the jumper Forward and so prevents him from losing distance by falling backward. In this jumping shoes in practice and Reg ular running shoes with a sponge in the Heel in meets. Bun the grass in practice and at intervals several feet Spring into the air to get Spring and Low tut h i i i in we a wird to do i j 112.1 Tat lineage nue for a str t Kab d in prefab f a r it re a in a. A fico fat Ltd Weir Are annual look up the policy your clothiers As you would your insurance it Hob Ai c Omar liking Dot in for Birn a going to in 5 to 15 per cent higher this rail. But not one garment in this Row that a it own at original figure is going up a Iii suits Are going out at original Prier As Long a they lost. That a our policy it s Worth considering. Laws stores have Felt the miso and have raised. Well go up with the rest when our present Stock is exhausted and when we have any Mere for More to even after Hen Well shoot a str alight with Roux not at y . Today this suit Section is full a clothe at a before the raised prices and la Ckon Iii to every Man who knows we Art telling he truth. Whip Ord suits s.ts. to $50 Tilden store for men style jumping one must get Deva strength in the legs. Work with tion to get distance. The Elevation i the sprinters to get Speed and form reached must approximate four feet in running. The Only Way in which the kick get the feeling being ready jump differs from the sail jump is before you begin your run. The that the jumper instead pulling gun gives you the Send off in the his Knees up in front him and runs but in the Field events do not calling through the air treads the Start until you have the psychologist appears to be running in the Cai feeling that it is the right time air. These Quick kicks give some j to Stark additional Dis in cd. Many jumpers do not get the just before alighting he pulls his proper Elevation in the air so it is kneels up in front the body and Well to place a Bamboo pole out Over lands in the same position As is the pit just a Little More than half done in the sail jump. The arms i the distance you jump and practice Are used the same w a in both Over it the pole should be at least jumps when alighting. I four feet High. I desc Quick movements the us your arms to help in throw let it propel the jumper a tailor Forward when you More farther than it appears that he is going to jump. Gourdin Foj a s Ewa. S in Holder the worlds record uses the p t this pvt a i 1 0 not run 80 a t24 you tire both styles Are Good and it is i a a to try Elf before you reach the tak Best not to change an athlete is it Board. That Energy is needed a Good jumper. The majority a �prin8-jumpers Nee the sail jump. E faults is that the most important thing about r in Broad jumping is to get a perfect pit Bis loses much distance take off so that you never Are it is usuary caused by poor balance forced to chop lengthen your Ani improper use tue arms. Stride so As to hit the Takeoff Board a pot a no sideways out the properly. When you first begin p after alighting. It is better training you should get the exact use 8 Enett spent this Way in distance that you should run to the your. A amp in Jura. An Ltd it Lhamo Board. This is easily done with �en4tn� a a 5 Oul % you the Aid two people. One them Strait ahead out the pit. Should watch the beginning the jump a Ore than once each run and the other should watch the distance. you get position your foot when you hit the take off and the form Yop need the take off a tip lumping. A jumper should not run any far ther than it takes for him to reach a Bis maximum Speed. This distance cd a i Quot s varies from to to feet. J copyright 1923, by the International Syndicate Iti t it ii i. Thu pol Uin frs till Cork nation hic to i held to a a a a it id tuesday Ute a tits orb wary mrs year it tim principal is this corporals Ltd. The cry re i it la fainted by the lir store i limn it meeting the directors. I to first annual meeting Ai d until r new Coors Are chosen and hav follow my Piersons an to con tue i a 1 dir1 tirs this Cor a k w. Val Wil William am. A has. An m. E Northrop. E. W. Y Alen time is to be Prea Dent. J. Jac it. \ ice president i and William Alain Arci Tarj and treasurer. The highest amount indebtedness to which to Iii it Oraf Ion is it any time to subject it Quot is two thirds the amount its paid up capital Stock then out standing hut t. Issue its Bonds As provided in sect lost i a 11 the code to. Of 117, but any amen it Lmont us Reto. The private prop try the stack hold a to is Cut proration shall at All times is a a from corporate debts. I a a a a at Ames. Iowa this 7th Day april. 1923. 15. W. Valentine William als1n j. Jacobs m. K Northrop Snow in Rockies by International news j a in ver. Colo., april my the Rocky Mountain Region was mantled with Trow today ranging in depth from nearly five inches in Denver to More than a foot in Cheyenne Wyo. Th1 late april Isnow will be tremendous value to crops. I a no. Olo notice Dudra to will in i a is rift Focht a it Law a Story fount is. To All whom it Mav Ron it Kiln j you ar1 hereby notified. To at an in Jour meet writing purporting to a a the butt who Aud Tom intent la c. Smith deceased dated june 19, 1911 having Ixon till Quot Day filed opened and read j the 18th Day May 1523 in fixed for j bearing proof same at the a Mart j House in Nevada. Iowa before the Din i strict court said county the cleric i said court and at i clock c. M. Of the Day above Alt persons i interested Ere hereby notified and required to Appeal. And show cause if any i they have Why said instrument should j not pc pro ated arid allowed a and for the last will and testament said de sch be i ate i at Nevada. Iowa april 21, 1923. L. E. Davisson 4-23-38-r�-7 clerk District court. Get a Lawn Mower Early no. 4 �15 notice ohm pud Bate will in District court state Iowa. Story county a. To All whom it Mav Fonck in you arc hereby notified Trtat an in a frument writing purported to it it b1 the last Wilt and testament John a. T. I Roberts a a deceased dated january t9tii is having be n this Day filed opened and read the i a the Day May j92a is fixed f a hearing proof same at the court House in Nevada Iowa before the District court said county the clerk said court and at i 30 clock p. In. Of the Day above ecu Poueu ail j persons interested Are hereby notified and required to appear and show cause if s any they have wily said instrument i should not be probated and allowed As j and for the last will and testament said deceased. Dated at Nevada Iowa. April 7th, 1923.1 l. F. Davisson i ii�?16-23 clerk District court. Done to let the crass and weeds ret the Start. Keep the i Rass Down and it is a pleasure to keep your Yard in Good condition. Buy yourself a Lawn Mower to its season. Buy from us if we have what you want at the right Price. Come and Sec. Prices $9.75 to $17.00 Garden tools socket hoes 50c spading Forks .$1.00 Spades. $1.00 Lawn Hakes toe d. J. Bullock How. Co. Hardware Auto suppies and sporting goods attention v Oters there will be a meeting voters at Cham flirts Hall t tuesday april 24 at 7 30 p. M. This meeting has been called for the purpose hearing speakers who will explain the water Supply situation in Ames and a discussion the proposed Bond Issue Clee tion. All voters should attend this meeting As it is important that everyone should understand this matter Thorold. Done to forget the Date april 24, 7 30 p. M. Champlin shall Welch ave. And Lincoln Way a committee. Spring House cleaning Muir ii the unpleasant work Alcan Iii House can he lifted from com shoulders if you la Send your drapes Haugh 1 a a ther cleanable House furnish Tori uni. We milk things g and we ii num. A to our work. A. It ant orium phone 231 208 main St. A special. Lent new ats k buyer was agents for $2q.50 to $65 sets eel arrived today fortunate in Getti us at special prices c ulva j s yes much so a and infinitely Moi Lif table than with Corset. Nothing stiff e ing about a Mozart it laced Cornet. A Light Aud flexible garment fashioned in one piece to fit the figure perfectly at every Point we Are offering to. Dart Iii every material for every figure Type at prices from $3.50 up. Come in and have our expert borne there help you select the Model which Lias been especially created for your figure Type. Take advantage our expert fitting service. Mrs. Lena newhard�?2nd floor Shipley Pedersen co. Dry goods ready to Wear try a Tribune want add a they pay

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