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Ames Daily Tribune and Ames Evening Times (Newspaper) - April 23, 1923, Ames, Iowa And Ames evening times volume Lex Iii. United press leased wire Ames Iowa monday april 23, 1923. Today a news today number 248 use bankruptcy to avoid paying claims Poincare Harding soon to refute attacks on world court five perish in fire at Lynn mass. By George r. Holmes i. N. G. Staff correspondent Washin non. April 23 a the policy or to in Jeo which president hard. Lug and chief Cabinet aides Hare of he i a a d in the fat. Or Savage re pub Beau attacks on the world court proposal Lii he abandoned this week i Aud the admin dra Tiou will reply to it critic. Tomorrow the president will de liver Hiti formal addio id Many Acline. It Wilt in made heft a a convention of newspaper publishers in Nev. \ Ork. Friday be Eistar it o Micle Hughes will deliver a prepared _ h before the american bored i of Lute Luet Iouin Law the and by Werb Mileur Dro amp Aca Ruvim regarded it a said c�pyri0ht, 1923 by unwed Presa today it quarters a i the opening gum in i he world four a Cris. Amil 21 lie Merlin gov tight which now to. It a certain to Ernnest i lie prisoner Fen Indus hold do a the political boated Ani trial oligarchy similar to the old in Iii. In a approaching aum Mer. ,. The ,.,-echc.s of both the Brev iary oligarchy which seeks to Roth Daw que i it Rio Rysy of stat will in Ornulf into in in at dire. U to bal to lumbers of Hen tempt to escape p a Merit of a it Para own party wha have not hesitated to condemn in rigorous Fps Quoit toe Don. Meanwhile using the Money due Berlin ii prison of Industrial oligarchy building great machine France burdened must collect from Germany in order to pay own debts i hard in Lughes Hoover later National the i i iou to Pence i a great Industrial j Tograi Machina. Premier Poire Are declared j Tho in an exclusive i at. In in Given the Quot a. Leon the United pres. Man event tall it enter no the engr Poincare stated that Renotti of of nation itself thru the Back door1 thru Cabinet who Lave jus will be a by or. Harding that. Re turn d show the Attiat of in the i rotation wit h regard to the league j Hahr Are getting better and better i i unchain cd. The line of division i he charge i that Quot Berlin is directing. Between the league Aud toe Vagim j the armed i a s islam eve n to the As Coni t sharply Fiat be. Out Kissina Ion it free Cli soldiers and Emp a Imnel presides hic Ding spent part re sunday and today working on the. I flyers plunged i into Ocean Are i picked up today value of real property Here shows increase the actual value of real property in arn4 a has increased in valuation from 1 4,136.208 in 1921 to $4 6 ,.moo in sea for More than five j 1923 or a total increase of $516892 a hours during the two year according to Drift aimlessly about on open figures compiled by a a. City auditor and Oil concessions Given americans threaten Parley dispute May arise Over Validity of Grant made by turks to development co. Maxwell. Clerk. Personal a a , however has Deer. As cd in _. _ _ a Mot or trouble valuation from $81,088 in 1922 to France protests$637,2 0 in 1923. Or a total of 623.sss during the last year. The value of moneys and credits claim full value Tun decreased from $1,-797, 868 in 1921 toll 4ss.900 in 1923, a total of $308.98. During the Leat year the f ii la value of money3 and credits fell from $1,497,600 to flying boat goes Down 26 Miles off Long Island turks bartered Awny Grants already sold xt3 Lausanne april 23.�?�?Tfoiow the traditional american policy and support any legitimate american Enterprise was the Tenor of the instructions received today by the american observers in the near East peace conference. They refer to the Chester con Cessions in Turkey but the observers said the question would not be discussed unless the French introduced it. Republican irreconcilable fire no n and Poling removing one of the five victim. Of a fire that longer., a reported Down in the. Sea. A taxable value of $1,488,900. Rail my. Publicly express d their swept an Apar House at Lynn mass. There were no fire escapes an i j 18 Miles off Asbury Park. N. J 1 # it an actual value i hat entering the league court 11 by Flam us Quot opt so rapidly that the tenants were i . J Oast guard Cuttles picked up the j Friou a a at a a ble value j stresses necessity of residents voting Quot the of the Ruhr Valley does t int my to sacrifice ii Cut to the Alae of the Industrial Ladera who sine Versailles use doot every Btu to avoid payment of reparations to build air supt Fie Rily at the i to Tise of a i cd Iti it a of the try Sty. He said. Runs the government Omen nu., a a w re Bot mor a Cf-1 a a a a an a cd am pm ice. Hirn Rumen at Berlin is a or comr of an Olgar i Fly win u. By that of the old time i Ruas the go a rum at. Quot Al is must he taken to Prno it the esp Trig hoc of in pm Tai in folic i it it a an Muff in it to collect of and the fall of the Mark is augmented f train trek to week a but of the name time. While they Are thu it or paries pc no a an Vole i use ask rpt Quot. The Tunney ii Al to Allie it is being employed to perfect an in Lustri Roa Ehin and to j established in ass of new organisation with Bitte new initial local boys who have trams ii can pie nod in Boone of or Gat de i was add its a Wilt Delver to the pub Ushers. Those who have conferred with Hima titty de la red today hat tie a i it a. Will con Ait a cont plot an a of to Hitt critic. The main Burden of the court definite How. Ever. Is expected to be Harn by see of stat Hughe la i address later i the a k. The president will leave washing ton a1 Midnight arriving la York Early tuesday morning. H will speak St noon. Attend a Ball game to a put on a in the aft Ere Oon. A theater tumor upe a Row night and the return at one to Al a it Hon Stoa. Arriving Early we 4 i de mob v is a or is Sdit morning. J Laving Ben Fouin clip a n Severa j believed that noose t As this should Exi alway in tailed it i of the a on in i in laity uses the maw f. Ii Mcclain is named adviser Hopkins discusses monday s elec a a Gin trouble in a heavy sea. Miles off Lens Island last night. After in Uon at rotary luncheon i felt�4 of a f i Mew York. April 23�?-plunged $1-488.900. A decrease of $8,100. I in so the Ocean 26 mile from land hit. Report or. Maxwell also i fix persons in a Hying boat were us figures showing the value of j washed near Shore and rescued at property subject to taxation for the m one Island Early today your j for five hours five men and n. Tile actual value of real property i woman occupants of the plane. ,8 >�T�.663.100, while the taxable drifted aimlessly about on the open glue is $1,163 2,5. Personal prop i a a. Mertys actual value is listed at $657.-j a second seaplane containing �00 with the taxable value at $134 Pilot Robert Moore sole survivor of 3, the actual value of moneys and the min Miami crash and two pass ref a it ii s. Full value is $1,488,900 with by Frank t. Mason i. N. S. Staff correspondent Lausanne Al ii 23.�?a quarrel three who were to attempt to con of $ 4,920. The actual value of the Over the Oil and railway concessions Moue their flight today. Telephone system is $33,804 with a granted by the turks to the ottoman a third plane which was supposed tax table value of $8,451, while the to have get out for few York from of a apr is company s actual value is Langley Field va., was unaccounted with a taxable value of $244. For 6 a the total actual value of property last pea it Ltd when re a Lausanne con. Subject to taxation in 1923 is a cd Wuh re sum is Tala of swims ashore 058,66 1. While the total Tux we i this is a continuation of the near the flying boat flu which was vain by 12 or flan a a peace deliberations that Wert Mono up War forced Down by is i a a broken off in january. However a discussion of the Che ter Grants will not a redhed for countering a Squall which blew her i. _ toward Shore he drifted slowly urn american development the Chester group company the Aten a to put be it us of facies in the path of near new turd a evening cd and to him off a w or sunni of the. Ion. The Junior tailed Bel or s Abd 16 rred from tie Amos mire sat to Ere elect in Don a la is under of net t next Kins club As mity of i monday e in. Aha inn a on is a it ii Laid on the Rote out hop Hager i talk a Doc y. About in the to tag Waves until the lights of Steeple Chase pier Coney Island became visible. Rob it l. Dewey Nephew of and rotary i Dewey and owner of he plane then jumbled into the sea awl swam if the a. A a int v i ashore. He reported to the police and reel Aine. De he of police a re were two booze cases in i Aal night Aud yesterday. Hur several weeks according to Tho French delegation. The British do not want the concessions Orang in tue conference at All. They fear discussions on this Issue might Lead to complications thai would Block Peme. Didy no informal meeting was held i in v the morning to arrange Tho it of Bonus Bond Sale Stiel hangs fire a Ganita a a ago. W h 1 non i Ling. The War in in i Odar turn in preparation for derided from a he dec Natzi it a try be of be of to re i vniit4 pram Knight tempi Purine this time How has France pkg Hoines. April Ute tit Sale it the Iron add who u a that others Tbs ravaged it Jowett $22,000,060 Soldier Bonus tray these a by the German invasion and dragged pm a pm be till Hung fire today j Church off in from moratorium to moratorium state treasurer Burbank and Bond death. Lived the a Roble on of her desolated buyers met again tills morning buts f. H. Met i a Gion 7 How is she pro a hied Homes Market condition had not changed j Lodge Here i for her unhappy people7 simply by enough to warrant action and the j of. Boys t he Roselt for Ber defaulting so be was a Jonra a until la a. Rn., fitted that a if a or tomorrow. Ber will be to i Burbank remained unyielding in hts _ of la Gmo Anoa re and gear a Temple fur its u a me of the order is Jai ques Demolay a a living at the time n who rather than Beta of his order let the 111 tort an him to to to at Nedr i o the Thor Ury Polios e Harbor boat was ent out to Hearth in the darkness for the lost plane. It f w As found w it by 100 feet of the Ider 101 whence it had drifted from far at i issues in j it a Affler Matist ii on Neal went on a Vanilla extract i u 1 Ink spree and landed in la City jail i Conte Ronco program. It was not Atli bile George Finley a tramp in to cute it Joseph c. Grew amerkan haled a few cans of earned heat and of . And head of Tho american delegation of observe. Aided by Squall questions to ii sub it in Hon and i also Ltd a used j a a a a a bet pro Pitsa Ifim Iati a it the of j therefore it is 11 i v o e vote on Era. British to Side with France but is is understood that if Tho French fight the Bester Grant they will Lave the support of the Brit w�?ifkih1.1 a Quot a a a i did not coma to to Susanne with tiny protest in my pocket a said Gen ral Pell. French High Coni in is it ung masonic the work. P is sex new mealy. Lone. Ile a so again Call the fact that the part in and paid for withe tax jew. The five is now levied to pay ter to t interest v ears. Is mtg i Remtul us a. To to. , Ltd a and a sub acc mended by governor j to do a in january two third in task was finished to do ii Kendal. Btu auditor Hayne and France was in shed with taxes Abd so Refery of Stilt Kamas Tho other valve q debts she was forced three members of the t Cut five Conn a pc re. In place of the respond aisle 1 if s a nor of the damages the auf of the latter went a new Issue the 00,000.06 France. Nota you know Tate no i to pay More than 5 per by a Are in the Ruhr j cent intercut White the successful i it v fico expired by the for bes Rune bidder would a allow. To fix the uni tag the allies the germans fluttered a to 4 would a a a a no a hang. Us ans not hoi Thema elven the allies would sicken inti a Toseni procedure was indicated. 1, meeting of end finally abandon the project. It Kow aver at4 the treasurer waited for. Noon. Our i. Of cab but today. Two Bond House r. a is Nee Saury to an end to thin Nuth a wore i Mi-1 adm. Altho Many pro ovals and Sugges-no1 sir it a. Tocts have us a made no actual bid or a re a it it it i reparation Quant Ion quickly and Den ha8 b,.mjl Ved vet condition a suite is Quot on til in but it must a an equitable that Proa it Stilt buyers but ins std crops fro cd the upon Cabaot lie age opted because la Scien Lilit fart ii Ili is i in win not tidal him a heme a it is not sufficient to Quot Oire the tin his n and Bown a Kiawah a v in t it was r and thin in a is be thus supp lying a v ill pay the s in 17 is n Inch the who is pay it a How la a i t i to t he Payn he and of i Bava his to her Rafter re Payn tents. A commit i oper Alc with g time out the j till w if i. It. K. W. I a Quot orman. <1 attention to Eft can be put t an additional Nill tax which lie College Torr fourth Ward Aud retire the i a hot said. It same As an individual rent. Deciding to buy i Dpi Vine i rent Money it of the Home. At c of Cie period he will in Psi by for and be a Ved his rent was appointed to co other civic Bodle in tic vote next monday. St Ward. Carl l Little zoo Dunlap third Hiss fourth Ward. L. Woke up to the Mary Greeley Hospital. Neal a arrested yesterday morn do a. Wet and dripping from his Ink a in intoxicated condition and swim and in the cold water a scribed brought to the local police station the experiences of himself and his a m hearing this morning a Small i Wulw of us Wiki Umi it Vii we left Miami just aft r Daybreak Tai i of the evidence. He pleaded sunday morning he said Prana rag Gull y to a charge of intoxication and to reach the naval air station at hued $25 and costs. Later May Rockaway Beach before Lark. We i or i Rice sn8pended the sentence i Aion r at Kanstant Inopia Aud head came by was of Langley Field. Pending Good behaviour. Of the French peace delegation. A i Quot the big ship spun off the Miles. Finley tame to Ames via. The of have protested against the american until we sighted the Southern Shore i serve lion route on the top of a Box i concessions at constantinople while of Long Island. Then the motor Start car late last evening. Becoming the French government has taken de to get Cranky and we were plunged restless he started out for a stroll i the necessary Steps at Washington. Into the sea. It was 26 Miles from the thinking perhaps the top of the Box nearest Point of land but we were car was the Board walk at Atlantic Drifting steadily toward Shore. J cite. At least he continued to walk Quot before we could get to we Ork on i until he stepped off the Side and the engine a brisk Squall blew up in j fell to the ground the rapidly fading Twilight. We Clung he was picked up and taken to to our seats As the boat tossed about j the Mary Greeley Hospital where he in the increasing darkness w it bom j was found to have wrenched his Light signals or flares of any kind j j Aik and to have seriously sprained a after what seemed years we one leg in the fall he win remain sighted the misty lights of Steeple in the Hospital until he has recon Chase pier. We waited until we cantered from his injuries near Shore Quot a a a a a to a. Maryland Forest fires Are raging Rendall vetoes Gas tak measure today mis Ella Taylor dead Dies it local Hospital last night following Long illness Quot now it in merely a question Between the allies and the turks which will be taken up in its regular place in the j negotiations. Iii my belief the Issue will not be reached for a Crai weeks to French claim that railway Concession. It re granted to the Chester group which had been acquired by France in 1914. The Brit do aim the Angora government granted Oil rights in the Mosul Fields which had originally been obtained by Ureal Britain. One attached of the French delegation summed up Frances viewpoint a Fellows. Quot of France should make peace with the turks without the turks repudiating the Chester concessions ii would be equivalent to the French Tiou. World Peic. Depends upon it the world would Hae looked on. Stupefied if n the face of ruin the magnates of German Industry had succeeded i freeing Germany from her debts. It would have been a most in Mort i Victory. What Are a a conv a ii sent it would hive been to those upon modifying. V Hodr urn of a future revenge who a a Don t a or t aggression hut Only Fin. In twirl or of Quot fic Cesh and who would h pc j a map it 1 w1ce underage this better Friend i America the right in the great War. Relaxation observed Quot in he Buhr we observe a sort of j get Eyar illegal according to Bur the Bank. The extend the i in ii Al difficulty enters on photographs the querion of Selling the Bonds ii. Richards at Par and accrued int rest. The con i it a being rift Ion which Boud buyers have inst i Public a he a to hit a i just in if dhow what a a to re by the k. Her. Tits. Than our soldiers of daughters of or. And mrs. Griffith become mothers in same week -.1 i a m a. In was made be of c do re Besin it be born. Phot a trap shown by county a is Ami civil Are animations Stere it in the statewide soil conservation and to precautions must but adopt Ltd to build up and a High state of Fertility of Iowa soil. All names in the picture Araf low., Conn ties the East is composed of ame p �?�>-619 pie exclusively and the pictures Are Siti Washington. A Jill 22 t a Quot no acres of Sabl land in of inc Gem cry county Miles from Laid waste i started sunday i swing this me St ares of lie buildings in tin several Timber Rgers and Mont a Maryland a few Hindon. Have been Forest fires which sind which were still but of. I a # # barn and other path of the flames mrs Ella a Taylor 61. 203 East a fifth Street died at the Mary Greeley to c i pc a anti o i Novern a at 2 of clock this morning j approving and recognizing Moscow Dos main .3. April a following an illness of several month business methods. To giving rights to the Chester group the turks bartered away claims which already were sold to France an for which Money had been paid Down. To Liv a treat i Nee or Kend a Thi afternoon vetoed caused by an abscess of he pancreas uni a Crux lu5� Hui 2-cent gasoline tax Bill passed by i survived by a son John e. The 40th general Assembly which and t to a or Ames a daughter. Mrs. I journey lust we Eek. William Johnson of Boone a brother i the governors action came As t j Jam s in Esby of Mason cite and a Surprise altho its possibility had a Botte of Stanhope i been taken into consideration. The mrs f a. Paige a sister in Law of governor in his message vetoing the ,5 Al Ting Here by charged that it was nothing but if re it ent 1 Niss an it death including those on Tho governments demonstration farm near Beltsville Havo he n i i v k4kii r 3 it no t a Walt a Sale tax. He denied it could be a jul Taylor to called a privilege tax for use of 0/. Al ral a Orvice will to held from the Home tomorrow afternoon i at 2 30, after which the body will be privilege highways of the state As a consumer would have to a the Levy no matter. i purpose he intended to use ht1.&Quot Quot he or 01,1 Bou Quot in St Hope he Gas. Users of the a for other in troyed Quot according Quot to i purposes would be heavily penal i for Btu Ial Bing Here. Lea have be n reported. A a believe ship lost san Francisco. April 23. A alarm was expressed today in Marine circles for the four masted bark a tin. Alta Ami he a Crew of 36 and one woman the wife of Captain Charkas Beano the vessel not having a n heard from for 62 Days. She left san Pedro for Bellingham Zed by the Bill Kendall asserted i Quot it would be futile to assume that the Farmer would be benefited i by the Bill a he declared. Voters to meet bans Marathon dance or. And mrs. U. S Griffith. Fifth Street became grandparent taken at the College in the City and vets Iacob. The Poh lation is in my take in five Days last week when in divining Vicinity. Most it the eng a Cuk i remd to the Prthu state their daughters both by came rooters. Fart pictures Wrt taken at the Willi. To Mars. The. Infred want inc a1 cot i a daughter was bom to or. And mrs. Mods farm North of the can pus. The i a the work of a it mall Minori v the a o. Saith of Newell april 18. But Lwi eng Parth Art. Uken he Margaret striking a Whit Long i the Rob hmm the Little Nae lived Only a Short tim a Panl Emerson. Weston Jones in mar a 31 by Froesch it Bow after birth Ami was brought Here be Lurt a a w Warner other darts were re Early hew the quote incident which i ter Day for burial in the Ames n a it a Esse bloodshed a re prepared in per Tery by or. Smith. Ahm Lal r id a �?~1 # i i boys i m Quot t a Call Groin the Home of the other if Aad a null 1.a1 5�- s i Ai. A r do to the St a tem a is of i daughter mrs. Of j. Mccoy also wry 1 Ixl. A it a j i v p ii 11 i n huh it pit this q or i a i j a a to i ii m it i i Hyvl i 4. Int Reid at la Quot to in an interval a Given j a Vul rid the belief that Iowa Oil will never Lwy so Quot two months ago and altho i started Here but he would take no the United press in a or out Quot hut in it Cern ii. On me Hod i killing n work or he bits to tug Macij aim Iii it Zirul j.4f>&Quot it tired co to inf i e. B frit Ach was stolen last evening. Tigi t m Ike a eng workers a received from Newell this is becoming i. S Clivis Bey. A a a Ara us for re troop fit Essen poin Enre re Etc. A. A Marine records. Based on pre War payment the United states will be by a delegation of observers had by Joseph c grew american minister to Switzerland. It is report. Cd that the americans have received instructions from Washington to sup i it Ort the Cheater concessions and to use every Effort to prevent the Allied Powers from having them annulled. The concessions include the construction of a railway line thru Ana Tolia to the Black sea coast with branches exploitation of Oil Fields in by United Pron Cedar rapids Iowa apr 23-Chjef of police Wesley Benefit a Ord it red Marathon dancing stopped. I a get present the chief said the crate should a 1 shocked by the humane society if it in order that the voters of am Mosul rebuilding of the turkish Cap a May understand the proposed water a taif anoxia and the Sale of modern works Extension for which a Bond agricultural machinery to rout tur. Issue will be voted upon monday i a meeting will be held in Champlin Hall tomorrow evening beginning at 7 30, various speakers will be present to discuss the water Supply situation in Ames. All voters Are Jio Pound boy there yesterday. Al a a a it a Usu Imit a. Both mrs Smith and mrs. Mccoy u to 11 a a a Are getting along nicely according to of farming prove that or la a report received from Newell tilt i becoming less productive his boys. Morning. Mrs. Griffith la at Newell becoming interested in the farming _ helping to take care of Ber daughters opera ions take a Aarn pie of soil to t to prox a or a to it tsp hot Dot a fac College to be to Simi where an Lumb Jelv Yakub Burn or Ordinary passage time is 15 Days i chances and ordered the bars put up. She so far has not made port Amli a a a to a a. Joyrides steal car a Ford touring car belonging to \ Jewed the whole Een incident give to striking proof that the French j soldiers were attached and that thy retained remarkable san Froid and or Der before find in forced to Fin girl kidnapped two cabs crash today two ears one driven by g e ram Tun 921 Burnett Avenue and the analysis shows what a wrong with the soil it lacks Lime and should. Have More Clover grown upon it or _ taken from cemetery while placing lev j8 forced to a ave the farm for Flowers on Broth s grave jul leaves the management to his boys to my Hon he a turn he finds to he St. I Elk is. Ore., april 23. Curly today completely Ltd j striped he Plant of the Columbia a. County lumber Coni to a Elf re at a year Vecuna of poor health and los estimated a6 $300,000. The freight House Burns Between 7 30 and 8 30 Whit he and his family were attending Church Illy International was. Here it u Wols water found abandoned j Indianapolis ind., april 23. A on the Road near Ontario by chief j the big four Railroad freight How in of police cure. Apparently it had j her a destroyed by fire Bere today been taken by a with a from a Legal standpoint the French claim is based entirely on a pre War payment of 500,000,000 francs it does not refer to the Franco turkish treaty effected shortly More Man a year ago. It is Learned that general pfc be plans to use the utmost diplomacy to j prevent a breach with the Anteri i cans Over the Bester concessions the French will try to reach a private agreement with the turks and americans. A Columbia River quickly Tonia meet that the boys have great of you Lubber Yards. By United Frau Chicago Aprl 23.�?franc# tur Ether by lewd Quot Johnson. 821 Hodge 1,Ini kidnapped Nom Monti Cannel by increased the product ally of the Avenue crashed into each other at end Tery where she had tyme yester farm by using fertilizers. He Corner Burnett Avenue and Day with relatives to place Flower on j a a Waln Street fills morning. The carafe Gra e of a Honker postpone luncheon did not Macef head on both Drivers Pollee said they Waro looking for having swerved to avoid each other j pm manual bad Anthul. 27. The girls j because of an unusual Rush of Bual wore a matched on the sides. Fender j pave lit asserting he had asked her Ness during Tho present week Tho and running boards on both cars several times to marry him. Chamber of Commerce has called off were smashed on the sides which i Tho girl was whisked from the Cern its regular tee Aday luncheon. It will connected Ijiro one was Jurt a a Fettery Iii an automobile be held As usual next week. J 4unhh in flames fanned by a Bleeze from the by i Sterns log Ute news Paris. April 23.�?French new Apo. A Aper today were pessimistic Over theto riders a no i a Ntinos for the near East Dolce con 1 ri07000 ? mag�3 cd been done to the car. A predicting it would either break Down soon or else enter fur to and prolonged discussions. This be i Largo Quantity of freight was burned i tic origin of the fir was unknown train Crews succeeded in removing a proud thru i my ii or m i ars Auto is wrecked women meet tomorrow earthquake is Felt Davenport Iowa. April 23. What n Tho brakes and steering apparatus failed to work Tho automobile of Simon lineman wont thru a Fence and into a Ham. Wrecking Tho Struc Huju. Landman was Only slightly Hurt by International new. San Bernardino. Cal., april 23. A a distinct earthquake was Felt thru out san Bernardino and Riverside counties Early today. The greatest Shako wore Felt at Riverside and farm Bureau Wom Eaf of Washington township will he five an All Day meeting tomorrow at the Home of Patton shortly Atter i of clock this mrs. Floyd Chris Offerson instead morning. Dishes were broken and of wednesday was previously. A map shaken from a chair at Riv a announced. The of demonstration will j Side while at Patton it was said to to on the Quot clean no and renovation j have been of such fore a to awaken of Dij Ecuer will be served. I Light sleepers. Sin ism a attributed to the Chester concessions and the unyielding attitude of the turks. The journal advised the French delegates to play for time until the Ruhr situation was cleared up a it enable the French to negotiate with better chances of Success. Is to establish peace Between franc Aud Turkey said m. Sauerwen web aug in the Matin. Quot for two months the situation in tween a to Quot tro countries has let a serious

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