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Ames Daily Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Nov 23 1911, Page 1

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Ames Daily Intelligencer (Newspaper) - November 23, 1911, Ames, Iowa Ames daily intelligencer volume 44ames, Iowa thursday november 23, 1911 number 44 e full in Ames last night minus last night had the first real demonstration of metropolitan airs and name out of the contest with itself in living colors. Ames last night had All tile candles burning and no dark windows. The entertainments were like the proverbial Christmas tree a there a something for everybody. Some of the big things were the great pageant at the congregational Church. Full House. A a the top o the world a at the armory. Full House. Wrestling match in which Ames won the championship of the state. Full House. Princess theater. Full House. Scenic theater. Full House. All churches lighted for prayer meetings. Four dances. Home Talent rehearsal. It championship chess match at 703 Hodge Avenue. Three Lodge meetings. Three College club meetings. And a few other things to claim the attention of Ames people for the evening1 for those who were not interested the weather. Fair tonight and Friday colder tonight and Friday. The lowest tonight w ill be Between 5 and to degrees. In the Public entertainments just watch Ames grow1 the new daily. From the Webster City Freeman the Ames daily intelligencer is at hand the first number being issued on thursday the 9th. Ames is a town of about 4,500 people and or. Conaway realizes that he has some hard work before him to make the daily a Success but he can do it if he persists. The first daily paper was established in Webster City about Twenty years ago by w. A. Hutton. It was later absorbed by the graphic Herald and after a few years of a precarious existence gave up the ghost. Since then a number of other dailies have been launched Here but All succumbed except the daily Freeman Tribune. However Ames is now a better town than Webster City was Lateen or Twenty years ago and it would seem that a Good live paper ought to succeed there. Here is hoping that the Ames daily intelligencer May grow and Prosper and become of the substantial daily journals of the state. Although the death rate in new York Lowers steadily it is getting harder and harder to live there. Many will watch Ames. From the Western publisher the daily intelligencer by f. R. Amp m. C. Conaway of Ames is a new publication and one that bids fair to establish a new Era in Iowa new spa Perdom. Ames is the seat of the Iowa state agricultural College said to be the finest and largest of its kind in the United states is a very progressive City and one of the Small est in Iowa to support a daily newspaper but it is not at All unlikely that other daily papers will soon be established in other Iowa cities if the Ames paper prospers As those who know the ability of the Conaways predict it will. The new daily will use the Western newspaper Union twentieth Century ready prints As Jack Dalton sees it Freem Conaway has established the daily intelligencer at Ames. This will give Freem an Opportunity to a throw it into Boone six Days of the week instead of Only Democrat. If you do not have a mail Box on your porch leave a Brick Handy for the boy to put Over the paper so that it will not blow away. A great privilege to have a daily brought to your door these evenings so that you do not have to Chase Down town to learn the news. With respect to trusts we Are in a transition president. A sir and the great fear is that we Are in More of a transition period than they news. Great reduction in prices on ladies Coats in beginning Friday november 24th we will offer at greatly reduced prices every cloth coat in the House fancy and mixtures fancy Greys Browns tans and Lues at the following prices a All $20.00 Coats go at $15.00 All $16.00 Coats go at $12.00 All $12.00 Coats go at $ 9.00 All $ 8.00 Coats go at $ 6.00 thanksgiving Linen As usual you will find the fair Headquarters for Linen this Winier especially we Are showing a great assortment in this line table cloths and napkins to match lunch cloths tray cloths arid towering. It will be Worth your while to Stop in and look Over our display of Linen and the prices we sell them for. Ladies Wool shirt waists we just got in a line of Beautiful Wool and Serge waists military collars in Grey Tan and Light Blue. These waists Are very popular Sellers and Wall not stay in the store very Long. Better come in and make your selection before it is too late. Cap free with every overcoat you Mill surely need an overcoat before the season is Over. Buy one now and get a Cap free with it. Our $15.00 special coat is positively the greatest bargain Ever offered. Special for saturday Only ladies misses and children a Fine Wool Hose regular 25c�?saturday Only 15c. A the fair up Ames Iowa rehearsals for Home Talent play started the rehearsals for Bibi a comedy of toys a musical stunt being put on for the Benefit of an Ames band Are now Well advanced and under the direction of mrs. In in Mer will soon be ready to put on the boards. Or. Hemmer will president the piano and the following characters have been cast for the production. Glue potty or. Harry Mason. Katy miss Bernice Shugart. Bibit miss Niva g. Nichols. Angelica miss Edna pummel. Topsy a miss Cecil Smith. Prince c Caramel a to. Bielenberg. Captain Tiller open a. Squyers. Sergeant Bon Bonne. M. Benton. Sylvania miss Bowen. Sand Man Robert m. Lark. Man in the Moon Fred Hultz. Aeroplane chorus sixteen voices. Horns of tin soldiers eight voices. The a Resonel of t he choruses has not yet been determined. A Obi big was writ ten by Charles Bernard the Story being Laid in the shop of a toy Man when the toys All turn into human be Ings. Ames takes another athletic Victory Art Reasoner wins in the 152 Pound class. Throwing Craig twice in one hour and forty three minutes i Webster City saturday last game of season saturday afternoon the Ames High school team meets Webster City High in the last football game of the season. The boys have worked hard a this season and have played nothing but Good hard and clean football. Such playing always merits Public support. Attend the game Satin Day at the College Field at 2 30. Get a ticket and be in this last game with Ames i boost Droner Glann held an inquest Over the body of Josie Hennessey who was killed by train no. 13 monday evening. He jury was composed of i. R. Spieler c. M. Minkler and s p. Alderman. The verdict holds the company responsible by running through Neada at an excessive rate of Speed. The funeral was held this morning at St. Patrick a Church of which miss Hennessey was a devoted member bather n Ichols conducted the services. There was a very Large attendance in spite of the inclement weather people coming in great numbers from the Vicinity of Nevada. She was 19 years of age and was a student at the Academy taking a business course. Go. The pageant draws great crowds the great in agent at the congregational Church Drew an immense attendance yesterday afternoon and last night. Asa social and Community event it is eclipsing the Market House at Des Moines. The stiffness which Marks too Many of the Church events had its Back broken it has proved itself to be not Only an educational feast but the society event of the sea son the affair is not overdone in the re freshment line. In addition to the teas and coffees served in the orients departments there is but one other place where eatables Are on tap. In the real log Cabin in the Balcony mrs Curtiss presides Over a Gas stove dishing out hot cakes and syrup. A male quartet coloured Bobed Art and Sambo represent the african race and make Jordan Roll Odd spells Dur my the evening. Mrs. Judish miss tune and prof. Roach carry on the music for the several Eastern countries singing the Peculiar songs of the races great contest last night at the Scenic in which the Ames Farmer boy showed championship skill Railroad responsible for Nevada death Ames victories the past week Sanger signals stolen watching for culprits superintendent Bennish of the new Federal building is having considerable trouble lately with his danger lanterns which Are placed in the Street in the building to warn passers by away from the ditch. Nearly every night some one steals these lanterns. This eaves the ditch open and makes the Road dangerous to traffic. There is a Penitentiary sentence attached to a crime of this sort and those in authority Are on the watch for the thieves and will press the matter to the limit if any one is caught molesting the lanterns in tile future. Oratory debate with i. S. T. College at Ames Friday. Debate with i. S. T College at Cedar Falls Friday. Athletics Ames beat Iowa City Satur Day. Ames High beat Newton High saturday. Ames we on contest in Cross country run at Kansas City saturday. Ames won in wrestling match last night. Thanksgiving Turkey shoot at club grounds John Hungerford on Hogden Hon. J. B. Hungerford who was for years president of the Board of trustees of the Iowa state College understands the Worth of professor Holden. He says in the Jefferson free Lance talk of prof. P. G. Holden for governor still continues and it is probable that the matter will assume proportions in the near future that will make politicians sit up and take notice. It is understood that the professor is not pushing his possible candidacy but he has expressed himself As ready to answer the Call should there be a general demand for him to become a candidate. Many would regret to have him give up the work he has carried on so successfully for ten years in behalf of practical farming though they see in him a Man peculiarly adapted to the duties of the governorship. He w Ould meet with fierce opposition from the politicians of the state should he become a candidate but there Are thousands in Iowa who would like to see the state delivered from partisan politics such As we have experienced for Many years. Who knows but that the time has arrived for the people to take things in their own hands and select a governor of their own the Ames gun club will hold a Turkey shoot it the grounds East of Ames thanksgiving afternoon. The contest will be open to every one and any kind of gun will be allowed from a howitzer to a toy pistol. Persons shooting May obtain their thanksgiving Turkey at a remarkably lows figure and at the same time get some sport out of the shooting. A Handicap of four Yards will be placed on any one who wins a Turkey if he desires to shoot for another. The same Handicap will be placed on a shooter for each additional Turkey won. Robert Wynn injured in Railroad wreck Robert Wynn who is a brother of mrs. De Graves and a conductor running out of Minot North Dakota was injured in the Railroad disaster in which both the Engineer and fireman lost their lives. Information has not yet been received of the seriousness of his injuries. Zig Zag Trail methodist Church Friday evening the a Zigzag Trail Quot which was postponed on account of the Ames Low a game will be Given Friday evening at the methodist Church. Ben Hur and Ben him Chariot race. A Ray machine at work. Wireless telegraphy operations. Gipsy Indian and mexican Camps. Refreshment Oasis and something Good to hear. Emergency Hospital Art gallery and modern kindergarten on the Borders. The above mentioned Are Especial features of the evening. Entrance to general Trail ten cents to Side trails from two to five cents. Graft advertising. Cedar Falls business interests have United in a new plan for Protection against undesirable advertising Fea Tures. It seems that a Short time ago a tramp Printer visited that City and sold thirty merchants space around a thermometer at two col Lars a Small card. It proved to be ides Moines club guests unprofitable advertising and the plan grew from the illustration. In the future an advertising committees o. K. Will be necessary before any member will Purchase graft advertising. The plan is a Good one will save grief for the merchant and keep a Good sum of Money at Home that can be utilized in More profitable reporter. Yesterday of mrs the Best w wrestling match Ever seen in Ames was staged at the Scenic theater last night. Frank Craig of Des Moines and Art Reasoner a Story county Farmer boy contested for the championship of Iowa in the 152-Pound wrestling class. The match w Ell contested and very fast and the referees decision that Reasoner was the better Man w As Well earned. The first fall came after 47 minutes of fast Snappy work and w As secured by Reasoner on Craig on a head lock. The hold was Good and clean and was obtained and executed after several minutes of strenuous work on Reasoner part. The second fall went to Reasoner after about 55 minutes of hard work. After the intermission of to minutes both men came Back on the mat refreshed and went at the match with a Rush. The first few minutes of this fall we Ere exceptionally fast and neither Man had any material advantage Over the other the rest of the fall up to 48 minutes was Good but not As fast As the first part of the bout. At 11 40 the referee was forced to leave and some Little argument w As put up by Craig As to w to should take his place but the matter was finally decided and Bert Munden stepped on the mat to officiate. The second fall came in to minutes and was Given to Reasoner on a Hammer lock and scissor hold. Manager Geo. Of Brien had managed to secure the services of Jess Reimer the american heavy weight Champion. As referee last night and or. Reimers work was eminently satisfactory. Owing to the fact that he himself has a hard match in Des Moines tonight i had to leave and take the 11 30 train for the Capitol City without finishing the match. This caused a Little argument but or. Munden was chosen by both participants to act in his place and no one could say a word against the latter a work which was perfectly Square and impartial. The w restless were about As evenly matched As a possible. Reasoner is several pounds the heavier but this was offset by Craig s Speed. In speaking of the match or. Reimer made the statement that the two contestant s were two of the bist men he had Ever seen in their class and that he was Well pleased w Ith the match. Or. Reimer is one of the greatest w restless of his time and his appearance on the mat last night was a great satisfaction to the Ames fans. His work was Fine. He is a Man of great magnetism and pleasing appearance and his refereeing w As Tine. The management is to be complimented upon the order w hich was preserved during the evening. Two preliminary matches were staged one before the principal match and the other Between the Falls. The first one we As a Handicap match of to minutes Between Cliff Brown and Harry Davis in which brow n w As t o throw Davis in to minutes but lie failed the other w As bet Ween Bert Munden and Virgil Johnson in which Munden threw Johnson twice in Les than ten minutes. Both preliminaries were fast and Well received by the audience. Mrs. Vav. L. Park entertained at 921 Douglas ave. Q. A. F. Club of Des Moines yesterday. Luncheon was John d. Rockefeller got his first and Only Job 56 years ago and has just been celebrating the event. The men served at one of clock. The afternoon j who lost their jobs because or. Rock was spent in playing whist. Those Pfeiler did not stick to his have not present were mesdames Berger Cole Andrew Estrem at Slater husked 163 bushels of Corn in one Day. Breaking his own championship record. Davis Herbert Hahner Kelley Osborn Williams French Myers and How land. Had their world. Celebration York ask your neighbor to try the daily intelligencer. If you do not get your promptly notify the office. Doc Wiley says the health of the nation is Worth 1540,000,900,900. Is tills paper in intimation tor a raise in salary a a Dayton journal

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