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Ames Daily Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Nov 22 1911, Page 1

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Ames Daily Intelligencer (Newspaper) - November 22, 1911, Ames, Iowa Daily intelligencer volume 44ames, Iowa wednesday november 22, 1911 number 43 pageant opens tonight congregational Church an educational exposition showing something of All lands where the Bible and the Flag Are carried gorgeous rugs and draperies showing the splendor of the Orient a turkish harem and a real african House. The third time such an exposition has been Given London Boston and Ames Many of the exhibits from Bostons Ames people have loaned their Continental wineries and Heathen curios. Wednesday and thursday evenings from 7 to 10 30 of clock. Thursday afternoon from 2 to 6. The most gorgeous spectacle Ames has witnessed based on the Extension of christianity into All lands can be seen this evening and thursday evening at the congregational Church. The intelligencer will go still farther and say that Ames has never witnessed a grander secular exposition than this. It did not grow in a Day. It has been planned for months and Active work in its preparation has been going on for weeks. It is the Climax of the organizing achievements of the Rev. William Minch in a six years work in Ames. The show brings the countries where missionaries Are at work to Ames. It shows von How the Heathen live and Boston where they were exhibited in the great world wide pageant. Bon Don Boston and Ames Are the first cities to arrange such an Enterprise. Near the altar is the exhibit of a representative Mission showing the grounds and defining the difference Between a Mission and a station. The choir loft is transformed into a Zenanna or that part of a House in India reserved for women. The Walls Are Bare with All the surroundings As unattractive As a freight car. In Ames As Wratil As India men w ill not be admitted to this part of the House and the Socie to lady who is to represent a Heathen woman trying to secure an education is hoping that no tire alarm will be turned in until after the performance no lectures w ill be Given but in every department there w ill be talks Young Beauty from Nebraska the weather. Fair tonight and thursday except Light Snow flurries tonight. Colder tonight with the lowest temperature about 20 degrees. Twenty years. It will turn the thoughts of your people to the great Western country which Isnit worn out like yours is Here a he added with a smile. Wrecked sailors Are saved four men landed at new London two lost from Barge Vermont during storm. New York nov. 21.�?four men aboard the Barge Helen a. Wyman wrecked near Block Island were rescued and landed at new London. This information came from the Captain of the tug Mary f. Scully which made the Rescue ten hours before the Barge went . Wires along the Southern new eng land coast were Busy with reports of disasters at sea. The Western coast of Block Island was strewn with wreckage among which were pieces of the Barge Vermont which was broken up Friday night near Plum Island the Vermont was being towed by the tug Hokendauqua. The Captain of the Vermont and his wife were rescued but one Quot Sailor and a baby 17 months old were drowned. Liberals beaten by 25,857 in spite of Tives that Canada conserva have big House majority. Carries you to the Oriental and african i concerning the work and of the noun life social customs Are to be shown and you will have an Opportunity to taste of the teas and Coffee and to eat Rice with native chop Sticks a native of China being present to demonstrate How it is done. Practically everything was in place this morning and the intelligencer w7as Given a look through the various departments the churl i has been t Ransfo mod into a great educational show House. Every Nook and Corner from the basement to the second floor Balcony has been taken. In the main auditorium illuminated maps rare pictures mottoes and Arches give a general insight into the great missionary movement. Several Tableaux Wall he Given from the platform showing idol worship and the stopping by missionary civilization of tile burning of child widows. Entering the North Wing of the Church you May see faces at the barred window of the turkish harem. \ Isif ors however will be admitted to the harem where the ladies dressed in turkish costumes will have charge of the winery of the continent. China Japan and the Philippines will in and tries represented. In the basement four programs will be rendered each evening. There will be stereo Ticon pictures plays Story telling and impersonations. There will be Over fifty different features and Over 200 people take part. It is not a Bazar nor a Money making Enterprise. The admission of ten cents and the Small charges in different departments go into the fund to pay the expense w7hich is considerable. It is a great undertaking and will undoubtedly receive a great patronage which it richly deserves. Great pressure is being brought to have it continued Friday evening but or. M Inch in said this morning he did not see How this could be done. Among the Young women who will make their debuts in Washington next Winter is miss r Hitchcock daughter of senator Gilbert m. Hitchcock of Nebraska judging by her popularity in her Home City Omaha she will be a Welcome addition to social circles in the National capital. The p. E. 0. Start to pass education on. Much of vital interest occurred at the p. E. O. Meeting yesterday at the Home of mrs. Muon. A daughter of a p. E. O. Miss Edna pummel w As initiated with the Beautiful service. The program was devoted to educational edition to the local people have natives topics mrs. Judisch gave a history of to assist in the work. Kindergarten work will be demonstrated. An african hut manufactured from hemp stands in the gallery which can be entered if visitors care to go in native fashion. There Are exhibits from the Mountain Whites indians and negroes. Many of them came from Sophomore class play saturday next saturday evening at the Arm Ory the Sophomore class will present the this is the first dramatic offering of tile season to be presented by the students of the College and a Large attendance should be assured. The play is intensely interesting from Start to finish. As the name implies the play deals with College life. The plot hinges on tile attempt of a freshman millionaire to keep his identity secret on entering College and Many amusing situations follow As a consequent. A Little thread of heart interest runs throughout the play which is ably carried out by the two principal characters. Tile leading part that of Warden the millionaire freshman is presented in a forceful manner by Ryle Mckee while miss Maisie Stevenson carries the leading feminine role with All the ease and Grace of a Veteran of the footlights. The production has been Given careful preparation and remarkable Progress has been made under the Eble direction of miss Rankin of the Public sees soil failure j. J. Hill says a a expert in St Ruoti on for Farmers is aimed a Over their Ottawa ont., nov. 21.�?official returns of the Canadian general election As Given out by the superintendent of elections show a grand total vote of 636,654 for the conservatives and 610,-797 for the liberals a popular majority for the Borden government of Only 25,857. The liberals carried five and the conservatives four provinces. Notwithstanding the close vote at Large the conservatives have a majority of 50 in the House. Auto racers Hurt in crash Fertility is being wasted chairman of directors of great Northern declares its conservation must be taught in practical Way doubts Benefit of train lectures. Domes. Bliss the origin of the educational fund miss Schreinert subject was our beneficiary. She read letters from girls who had been aided in their College expenses by the fund provided by the p. E. O. Society. Mrs. Lucian Tilden read letters of greeting from the non resident members. Pass education on was mrs. Henry Wilson a subject which presented in a forceful Way the speaking department educational Aims of the p. E. O. Society. A voluntary Silver offering was contributed which amounted to $25for the educational fund. Miss Crawford gave musical selections. Miss Munn served refreshments mrs. Lucian Tilden and mrs. Henry Wilson poured. Mrs. Judisch assisted in serving. All taking part have entered into the work w Ith a vim annual address to Delta Theta Sigma. So a capacity House should Rew Ard them for their efforts. The cast is As follows John Warden. Ryle Mckee Marv Stevenson Penton Hobson Pryor Mcclintock miss a St atle r prof. Swift Ritter Brennan . E. Cochrane Domestic Bliss is an assured fact in a Home where the electrical work has been done by us. Trilling accidents and breakdowns often irritate so much that the occupants of the Home become disagreeable. Avoid All this by having your electrical work so done that there will be no trifling or serious accidents and breakdowns. Placing the contract with us assures first class work and materials. I c. B. Nelson i construction co. Phone 4 red or. Fred Lacells the Well known journalist and former Ames student comes to Ames next tuesday to deliver the address before the Delta Theta Sigma fraternity at the College. I it a. Pammel who is arranging the program says it will be held in agricultural Hall at 4 of clock. Or. Lacells will talk on the Beauty of the world that is around our doors the Birds the blossoms the skies and the stars. Veterinary president visits the College arabs Are coming to u. S. Two Hundred immigrate from Tripoli and will seek work in America. Bari Italy nov. 21.�?the austrian Steamer Rassa having on Board 200 Arab emigrants from Tripoli has proceeded to Trieste. From that port the arabs will take passage on another Steamer sailing for new York where they intend to search for work president Stewart of the Kansas City veterinary College was a visitor at the College yesterday. Or. Stew7art is a graduate of the Ames institution and is looking Over the new a a vet buildings the greatest in the country a the Ames buildings Are the Best arranged i have Ever seen anywhere a he says. Miller Lai ii ii i a improving John Lanning who has been seriously ill is greatly improved. He visited the Mill yesterday for the first time in a week. That neighbor of yours if he is not receiving the daily intelligencer May need a Little urging and who can do the urging better than you. Mout a of mind i i in old Home editor Gossard of the Onawa Sentinel is visiting a few Days with Ames old friends. He is serving on the Federal jury at fort Dodge and was Given a two Days Layoff. Do your Christmas shopping adverting now. Chicago nov. 21�?�?~�?~America must get Down to the soil and educate the Farmer on his own ground if Amer ican resources Are to be James j. Hill chairman of the Board of directors of the great Northern railway gave this warning on his arrival in Chicago to attend the land show declaring at the same time that much of the material written for the education of the Farmer is above his head or never reaches him. A if the Farmer is to be made to understand the value of the soil and How to replace its Fertility he will have to be met on his own ground and shown How to do it there a said or. Hill. A the Farmer does no to pay any attention to present methods for conserving the soil. He is going ahead in the same Way that Farmers have done through All the centuries. Cites ancient examples. Quot the same thing was done years ago in Morocco and in the Day of Rome. At one time in the worlds history Sicily produced 12,000,000 bushels of wheat and now it produces Only 1,000,000. The Farmer worked the soil As Long As he could without thought of fertilization. A much of this material written by agricultural experts for the Farmers is procured by men who handle a Plo share if they tried a continued or. Hill. A they talk Over the Heads of the Farmer and he can to understand them a the Farmer has to learn to treat his Fields As he does his Garden. What Farmer does that the care bestowed on the Garden is not half so important As that needed by the Fields. We must get Down to the ground if we want to show the Farmer How to get the most out of it. We must show him concretely How it is doubts Benefit of train lectures. The a Empire builder a expressed the opinion that Many of the lectures Given in trains around the country were of doubtful Benefit for the reason that they did not reach the persons most concerned in the most effective Way. To said he thought few books on the subject had been written which were practical but commended writings of president Van Hise of the University of Wisconsin who has recently made a close study of fertilization. Or. Hill said he came to Chicago on a the most important errand of going Home a and did not know How Long the land show would detain him. A of course i am greatly interested in the land show because it repro gents the idea of conservation i have Given much thought to for Over Mcnay driving Case car reported killed at Savannah and Dawson is injured. Savannah ga., nov. 21.�?joe Dawson the Marmon Driver has been Hurt on the automobile course and Mcnay the Case Driver is reported killed but this latter report is not confirmed. The men were training for the Savannah automobile races to occur november 27 and 30. Officers of St. Cecilia Church Are elected. Of the episcopal with mrs. Charles afternoon at 2 St. Johns Guild Church will meet Hamilton tomorrow of clock. The following officers of St. Cecilias Church were elected sunday. C. C. Tallman Secretary j. G. Morrissey treasurer j. A. Judge advisory Board. Most reverend James k. Keane of Dubuque is president and the pastor Rev. F. C. Renier is vice president. And Irwin Apple boosters the Iowa Apple is to be boosted and Given its proper place in the fruit of the world. The promoters of the Apple have been modest and have not shown up the beauties of this the Best of a1 fruits. Iowa people with the natural tendency of the times Here have been looking Over into other pastures or rather Orchards and have been envying the folks out in California. Scientists have discovered that the Iowa Apple is the most healthful fruit produced. It has been found to have Peculiar medicinal qualities which will prolong life if regularly eaten. It is better As a tonic for rheumatic than the Waters of Colfax which Are considered the Best in the world. Professor Beach and professor Erwin have organized an Apple boosters club and will exploit the Apple. They will bring to the attention of the people the value of the Apple. As All Good things in Iowa Start at Ames they will have an Apple show7 Here and will Start things moving. Students Apple show Date dec. 4 and 5, 1911. Place horticultural Laboratory. Contestants Junior College students. Prizes Best plate jonathan�?1st Price $2.50 Gold piece by Union National Bank 2nd prize one a years subscription to the fruit grower. Grimes golden�?1st prize $2.50 Gold by Wesley Greene Secretary of Iowa state horticultural society 2nd prize one years subscription to better fruits winesap�?1st prize $2 50 Gold piece by Ames savings Bank 2nd prize one years subscription to National Horti. Cult Urist. Gano or Ben davis�?1st prize $2.50 Gold piece by f. , fruit dealer 2nd prize one year s subscription to Minnesota Horticulturist. Northwestern greening a 1st prize $2.50 Gold piece by Story county Bank 2nd prize two years subscription to Fruitman and Gardener. Sweepstakes for the largest and Best plate exhibit of varieties �?1st prize apples of new York two vol. Work by professor Beach 2nd prize two years subscription to the fruit grower 3rd prize two years subscription to the Fruitman and Gardener 4th prize one years subscription to the Fruitman Quot and Gardener. In addition to the plate and Sweepstake contest there will be a general display of varieties to which every student is invited to enter As Many plates As possible. All entries must be made by six of clock december 4th. Rules five specimens shall const i tute a plate. Varieties must be correctly labelled. Judging will lie based upon score card used by horticultural department. All fruit is to be Iowa grown and must be selected and exhibited by the students of the Junior College making entry. Any student May enter one plate of each of the above named varieties but no More than one plate of a Given variety. Prizes will be Given to meritorious plates Only. All plates entering this contest will become the Proi Yerty of the College and will be exhibited at the Winter Short course under the name of the student making entry. The Public is invited in for the second Day december 5. Help Beach and Erwin boost. Kui image Sale opens saturday. The rummage Sale will open saturday on West main Street. Anyone having anything to donate please notify the ladies. Back copies of the daily intelligencer with the first chapters of the continued Story can be had at the office and will be Given free to new subscribers. To Kelley sunday. Prof. W. R. Raymond s Community Extension committee for the men and religion Forward movement will go to Kelley sunday afternoon for an afternoon service. The male quartet will be on hand and a big rally will be held. Other members of the committee of too will not be barred if they desire to attend. Keep things moving. Just for Thom Wool dresses your Choice of any of our perfect fitting Wool dresses Worth from $13.50 to $16.50, for Only. Semmons to dry goods store

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