Ames Daily Intelligencer in Ames, Iowa
20 Nov 1911

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Ames Daily Intelligencer in Ames, Iowa
20 Nov 1911

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Ames Daily Intelligencer (Newspaper) - November 20, 1911, Ames, Iowa My w. Rosser iop Rignry 1910 by the Century co copyright 1910 of tmcuuccbs3 co synopsis. Philip Cayley accused of a Rel Rae of which to is not guilty resigns from Uia army in disgrace and his affection for his Friend. I Jeu Perry Hunter turns to hatred. Cayley seeks Solitude where he perfects a flying machine. While soaring Over the Arctic regions he picks up a curiously shaped stick he had seen in the assassins hand. Mounting again he discovers a yacht anchored in the Bay. Descending near the Steamer he meets a girl on an ice Doe. He learns that the girls name is Jeanne Fielding and that the yacht a come North to seek signs of her father Captain Fielding an Arctic explorer. A party from the yacht is making search ashore. After Cayley departs Jeanne finds that he had dropped a curiously shaped stick. Captain Planck and the surviving Crew of his wrecked whaler Are in hiding on the coast. A giant Ruf Man named Roscoe had murdered Fielding and his two companions after the explorer had revealed the location of an enormous ledge of pure Gold. Roscoe then took command of the party. It develops that the Ruffian had committed the murder witnessed by Cayley. Roscoe plans to capture the yacht and escape with a big Load of Gold. Jeanne tells Fanshaw owner of the yacht about the visit of the sky Man and shows him the stick left by Cavley. Fanshaw declares that it is an Bsat to thro Wing stick used to shoot darts Tom Fanshaw returns from the searching party with a sprained ankle. Perry Hunter is found murdered and Cayley is accused of the crime but Jeanne believes him innocent a Relief party goes to find the searchers. Tom professes his love for Jeanne. She rows ashore and enters an abandoned hut and there finds her fathers diary which discloses the explorers suspicion of Roscoe. The Ruffian returns to the hut and sees Jeanne. He is intent on murder when the Skyman swoops Down and the Ruffian Dees. Jeanne give Cayley her fathers diary to read. The yacht disappears and Roscoe plans to capture it Are revealed. Jeanne a Only Hope is in Cayley. Did not move at All and they looked As of they were Frozen. He could not see that she was breathing. Her Eyt a were turned away from him and he was glad of that. For another moment More at least he need not read the look in them. For now at last he was sure she understood. He himself fixed his eyes upon the fire and waited. A a there a something Here a she whispered a there in this Book of fathers that that i want you to it was still open at the Page she had been Reading when she had dropped it. With his first glance at what w As written there he saw How she had come so suddenly to understand. A september 18th.�?field-ice came into the Bay last night just As it has come at about this season in the two preceding years a dense fog and a whole Gale blowing from the East. To me its coming is a Relief. It is in a Way the official beginning of Winter. The tantalizing Hope of a Rescue is now put away on the shelf to wait for another summer. After All to men in our condition a Tempo say hopelessness is much More comfortable than Hope itself. The Long Winter night gives an Opportunity to revive our belief that with another season of open water Rescue will come. A i have been very Busy lately stocking our Larder for the next six months. Fortunately i have succeeded in killing bears and walruses enough to keep us supplied. I wish i could feel As easy about our fuel. We have swept the Beach Clear of Drift Wood but shall have barely enough to get through the Winter with. For myself who have no real Hope at All it does no to greatly matter. I Greet the Dawn of each of these interminable Arctic Days with intense weariness. And i never old Farewell to the Sun for another Winter without an involuntary a in Manus teas. A Cayley read the entry Brough slowly. A a in a glad it happened this Way a and poke steadily chapter . And that a what might have happened of so easily to you. Yes it might. In be been realizing that. And i Shaw not her eyes had brightened and she pressed her hands to them for just one moment then she straightened up briskly. A anyway Iii not make a scene about it now a she said. A Iii show a Little practical sense and help you with the a no we re camping out today and he said when he finished Quot glad it was on such occasions the men always do your father who told you. All this the cooking. Go Back to your Book past hour in be been wondering How t while i skin this fowl and dress could Tell you How i could make \ of then As she still hesitated he went on a the most Beautiful garment i Ever saw anywhere was on a Chu Cotte Indian girl. It was made of nothing but the breasts of these eiders but the process Isnit pretty. Id much rather you went Back to your seeing that he meant it she did were stretched out As if in Ilind super he asked. A single half Page of j plication. What was written upon those closely As Cayley spoke he covered those ruled pages was enough to absorb her i clasped outstretched hands with one again completely. The Power it had of his own. The touch and the sound Over her seemed to grow rather than i of his voice steadied her a Little. To Lessen. When Cayley came up with a a you be known then from the the big Bird which was to serve for first a the words Carne Brokenly their breakfast impaled upon a Sharp half voiced muffled stick ready to be roasted Over the i he Bent Down Over her to hear fire she no More than looked up at them. A yes i knew from the him with a smile very Friendly but j he said no More than that just half apologetic and then went on with i then but remained As he was his her Reading. He crouched Down near j hand covering her two holding them by her built a Little Frame work of i tight his body bending Over hers Sticks above the fire and began his protect ugly. Cooking. After a Little while she ceased shut it was perhaps ten minutes after i Dering and answered tie pressure of that when he saw the Book drop Sud i his hand with a sudden clasp of her the girl had been half reclining upon the great sheepskin her weight supported by one hand. While Cayley read. This support failed her and she Sank Down rather slowly until her head was buried in the arms which Denly from her bands. When he glanced up at her she was looking Seaward out Over those Miles of plunging heaving ice. And under his eyes her face turned White As Marble. Her bloodless lips were parted. They two then Drew them away again and sat erect her eyes when they Rose to his face were still wide with fear a deeper seated fear really than her first momentary panic. But now she had hot gospel begins with breakfast a he said. It in control enough. A there la no Chance at All do you think a a for the Aurora to come Back no not this season at least no possible a a and How much ammunition have you or. Cayley a a thirty one cartridges besides the ones in the he would have said something More but with a Little gesture she prevented him. A a you be been thinking it out a she said. A you know what it Means now and in i feel that i done to. I can to quite realize it yet. You must give me a Little time to think he had to assent to that though he knew in Advance the direction her thoughts must take and foresaw the dreadful conclusion of them. And the answer he had to make to that conclusion Well he had it ready. How Long that silence lasted nether of them knew. He sat there beside her and yet even his eyes allowed her perfect Solitude. He mended the fire and attended to his cooking As quietly As before when the girl was Reading. Finally a. Little move of hers preparatory to speech gave him leave to look at Ber. Id those silent minutes. However Long they were her face had changed. It was grave now intensely thoughtful but the color had come Back into it. It was alive again. A when i asked you a while ago if there were any Chance you asked me if i meant a Chance for the return of the Aurora and said there was none. That was what i meant then but its not what i mean now. Is there any Chance at All i Haven to been Able to see any myself and in be been Over it All pretty carefully. Do you see any you you must Tell me the truth it Haven to been trying to assess the chances. I spent my hour thinking about something else and i can to answer your question really with a yes or a a not with a yes but can to you answer it with a no Arentt Yon perfectly sure in your heart that there s no Chance at All a a not yet a he answered. A there May be a Chance and of there is we can meet it half then he stretched out his hand. A that red bound Book there is our Bible now. Do you remember what your father said a we can live like christians and we can always Hope he thought when he put that bottle which contained his message into the sea that there was hardly one Chance in a Canion of its resulting in an effectual Relief. Yet he went on living As a Brave Man lives a Day at a time. And when he died he died without fear. Doing that he not Only helped himself but he helps us in a Way that he possibly have her eyes filled suddenly with tears and a smile of a divine sad tenderness touched for an instant her Mouth. A but that Isnit our Case you know ours Isnit As simple As that a a what makes the difference a your she said it hardly above a whisper and As she said it she turned a Little paler and her Brave lips trembled. But in an instant her will had taken command again. A i am sure you see. Its quite Plain a she went on steadily. A if you will spread them those great wings of yours and take to the air with them and Fly away a you Are free to do and leave me Here alone As i really am alone the Only person marooned Here if you la do that then Iii follow my fathers you wont go away. You can to not a Man like you and i know that i know i even suggest her voice Sank again and grew unsteady. A while i am starving you will be starving too. And w Hile i am freezing you will she stopped there with a shudder and a deep gasping sob then a won t you go a she cried out. A you said once that one of us might be dreaming but that one was not i. Can to you believe its so can to you Wake up from the dream that is turning into a Nightmare and Fly away?.�?no, you can to you can to there is Only one Way out of it a there was the conclusion he had foreseen had foreseen Long before he could formulate it the inevitable conclusion that had led him to Pray for an hour. And now he thanked god that the answer was ready. But before he could speak she turned to him with a sudden transition of mood which left him gasping. The face she turned upon him now was Radiant flushed with life fearless. She held out both hands to him. A come a she said a a that a Over. You re to forget it Ever happened and you re to do something for me that i want. Wit you i want this for a Holiday just As i set out to make it when i saw the yacht was gone. The Days As Bright As it was then and we can make the hours pure Gold. It All depends on us. Come will you do that for me a giving him her hands she had meant him to assist her to Rise but he disregarded the intention and Knelt on one knee beside her a Jeanne a a he said. Her color Gutta red like a Flag at that and she caught her breath succeeded in surprising Cayley by sit a thank i Ting Down to breakfast with him in a Weil have our Holiday Jeanne but the same mood and spirit which she we must have a better understanding a no no More a i can to but he went steadily on a you said there was Only one Way out and i knew what you meant. It is a Way had shown before when she did not know. A a in a about half famished a she said As they began their meal a at least that Duck smells perfectly irresistible its done to a turn i think. Out a Way that i can to deny your in a Way. Its rather a joke that we right to take if we re talking a should begin our Arctic privations rights. During the five years that i with a roast spent at Sandoval i always regarded 1 a there s something queer about tha it As a right that i could exercise hut a he said a something that get when i chose. Perhaps that is one of Querrer the More i think about it. The reasons i never exercised it. But Why do you suppose the Walrus peo Jeanne if you elect to take that Way i shall take it with you a she struggled away from him turned and faced him with horror stricken eyes. A you must not say that you be no right to threaten me with that no right a then clutching at his hands again a you must Promise a again she pulled her hands away pie abandoned it or rather do you suppose they did abandon it they could t have built another House without dismantling this one. There Are no Trees on this land to furnish Timber and there certainly Isnit any hardware store where they could have those doors swung on hinges but those doors swung on Hanges last and covered her face with them. She night and the Belt worked and More was trembling uncontrollably. I or less the Walls and roof kept out a it was not a threat a he said Stead the Gale. For this style of architecture ily. A it was a Promise a Promise i its in pretty Good repair a have the right to make. I make it again now Jeanne a solemn prom ise before god. Whether its living or dying i shall go beside a no rights a she repeated in a Whis per. A what possible right could you have to make a Promise like that a threat that Calls itself a Promise a a i have the Only right there is. Listen. Last night when you were lying there asleep. I sat thinking thinking about you about the love i had for you about the change which that love had made in me and would go on making after i had lost Yon for i faced losing you. I knew that when they sent a boat ashore for you i should have to let you go without a word. If i could have heard a prophecy then. That today i should be telling you i loved you telling it with a Clear heart and conscience. I should have gone half mad for Joy. It seemed As of the thing could never happen. I am a Man with a stain upon me and yesterday that stain made it impossible to say anything to you but Goodby. I meant to say it and take my Way through the air again and live out the rest of my life on what from your Bounty you bad already Given me. A but the coming of a new Day has changed All that. It has Given me the right to Tell you what i have told you and it gives me the right to make that Promise. Isnit that quite Plain done to you understand a a i must think a she gasped. A you must let me a no a he said a i have not asked for an answer. There is nothing that you have to Tell me. Nothing that in a waiting to hear no decision that you must make you understand what i said and you know its True. The supreme fact in my universe is just you. That gives me the right to follow you wherever you go. But you Are still free. You can stay Here where Fate has put you and let me stay Here too being sure that All the happiness in the world there is for me is to be found Here at your Side in helping you. And then of the torture of privation loneliness and despair become too hard a she turned to him then and interrupted. Her words came quietly unaccompanied by any gesture of her expressive hands. She spoke with the utmost simplicity. A a hey wont be too hard i think neither the privation nor the loneliness. There won t be any despair not with you my Friend. And and we will follow my fathers she saw the blood go ebbing out of his face and then come Back with a surge. He Drew in two or three great breaths of the keen wine like air. Then in a strangely matter of fact fashion he seated himself beside her. A that gospel begins with breakfast a j he said. The girl was Only half convinced. A that great Heap of stones in there a she began a does no to look like Good repair or recent a no it he rejoined. A a it a be a made to look As Little that Way As possible. It have got Imo that condition otherwise in too years come lets have a look. Its something to Hope for. At any a to Hope for a she repeated questioningly. He had already entered the hut. And did not at once Volunteer any further explanation but from the Shine of excitement she could see in his eyes it was evident that he contemp1 ated something better than merely holding death at arms length for a Little while. To the girls eyes there was but Little about the Interior of the hut to account for such a Hope even though she saw that All of the things he had said about it were True. The Flimsy inner doors were still hinged to their frames and were provided with a miscellaneous assortment of catches. It was Marine hardware All of it evidently from her fathers ship the Phoenix the bunks and shelves which lined the Walls looked perfectly solid and Well built. But the general appearance of the room presented a look of disrepair. It was absolutely unfurnished. The great Heap of smoke blackened stones of various sizes and shapes and the Hole in the roof above them attested that they had once been a fire place. From the forlorn aspect of the room the girl gladly turned her eyes away and stood looking at Cayley instead. He had been sweeping the Walls roof and floor in a general Survey. Now abruptly he went Over to the Heap of stones picked up one of them rubbed his thumb Over it and scrutinized with an air of considerable interest the Black smear it left. A that would account for the Driftwood a he said absently. At that he might have seen in the girls face a look of half amused impatience but his abstraction was too deep for him to notice it. He walked Over to one of the Side Walls pulled open what proved to be a big solid shutter revealing a glazed window and for a Long while stood there unconscious of the look the girl had turned upon him unconscious of his present surrounding s. A you mean they be got a Supply somewhere hidden a he nodded. A not Only a Supply of fuel but of food too. You remember your father also Speaks of having his Larder completely stocked for the Winter at this time Well these Fellows weren to expecting any Relief. They must have stocked their Larder too a of he went on a moment later a i realized vaguely All along that there must be stores somewhere Here on the land because men a re living Here but on the theory that they had abandoned the Beach and were living in some undiscovered part of the Mainland our Chance of finding those stores was almost nothing at All. Finding them would be like trying to find Point Barrow in a fog. But you see if they kept them Here in these buts and then hid them when they caught sight of the yacht while they May be Well hidden they can to be far away. There have been time to move them far certainly not Over the Glacier and into the Interior there. It must All be hidden somewhere Here on the coast. When we find that hiding place we shall probably find All the stores we need for the a then i suppose the next thing for of to do is to go out and find a not quite the next thing. Unless we have exceptional Luck we can hardly Hope to find it for several Days it May take a fortnight and a must have some temporary Security first. In the meantime there is no telling what sort of weather we will have. Its rather late for these Beautiful mild Days i fancy. No the first thing to do is to rebuild this fireplace and bring in a lot of Drift Wood and All those Birds that were Kii de last night by flying against the Cliff. When we have made this hut habitable against a spell of 40 below Zero weather such As we re Likely to have at any i t me and have accumulated store of fuel and food for a few Days then Well begin our search. I had bettor get to work at once. I think i can re a a you a better take Belt and Holster and ally build this fire place by myself. Will you go an begin carrying in fire Wood and As Many of those ducks and geese and loons As you can find there along the talus a she nodded and turned to leave the hut. A take the revolver with you Quot a yes something to Hope for certain j he called after her. he turned away from the win at that she halted abruptly in the Dow As he said it and smiled at her. Doorway. A Why should i have it any a a Good Hope a Good fighting Hope More than you a then answering bus that when the Relief comes Back next smile with one of her own she added summer find you Here a i suppose a Well trained Crew does no to chapter Xiii. Captain Fieldings gospel. Side by Side upon that great sheepskin they sat Thos two people in the very Lap of death. A reasonable estimate of their chances would give them perhaps a week to live. With exceptional Fortune that week might stretch itself into a month. The great Blue spirit of the Arctic would Darker to purple and to Mack. The icy hand of the Savage Polar Winter would get a if you say so Iti believe it a said the girl a because you told me the truth before. But do you mind telling me Why a a i should have thought of it sooner. I should have noticed it last night my guess was right that Sall. This is not an abandoned hut done to you see its in almost perfect repair the hinges on this shutter work Al demand reasons for the captains orders Only a a a there a a perfectly Good reason. In a working in the shelter and you in the open. Besides that in a stronger and i have my Sheath knife if i were attacked by anything i could give a better account of myself than you could. You a better take Belt and Holster and All and buckle it right though if you look closely you can see i around your Waist. That some one gave a tug at the not Long ago in an attempt to pull them out. And Slat Patch on the Wall was put on within a month. The men when Philip finally bad his fireplace rebuilt in a temporary fashion which he thought would serve till greater Leisure should allow him to who wrecked this placed worked Hast i perfect it he stepped outside the hut by and showed no great degree of imag and looked first Down and then up nation. They Hadnot much time you j the Shore in search for her and was its clutches upon them. They had \ see because they have begun i disappointed at finding her nowhere nothing to resist it with. No stores of i until they caught their first glimpse j in sight. Ammunition or of food. No clothing j of the yacht. They had finished the she must be dreadfully tired in except what they wore. No fuel save Job before they could Send a party thought and with that thought Der d what they could contrive to gather a de to set out to find her. First How along the talus before the Winter gales a but Why in the world should they j Ever he transferred the remnants of would make further search impossible do such a thing a the girl protested. The fire from the Flat Stone before the neither Jeanne nor Cayley was of a he Shook his head a i Haven to i hut to his newly constructed Hearth sort to face the Prospect of that death i worked that out yet. Not fully at any heaped on More Wood and noted with with resignation. They were Young ? rate. After All ifs not the question satisfaction that his makeshift China intensely alive and with Jeanne a that concerns mgt a Drew Well and did not Smoko to least the Best and biggest part of life a to still in a Maze about it. What tolerably he had discovered an empty Lay or had lain until yesterday in a did you mean about the Drift Wood a cask under a Heap of rubbish in the Broad open Road before her. But a i Quot Why the soot on these stones storeroom and this he filled with Prospect like the one that a before ? showed me that. They Haven to been i chunks of ice and set by the fire to them brings its own Anaesthetic with burning Drift Wood in this fire place j melt. It it was so utterly hopeless that it they be been burning coals or Oil. Per j fire minutes later he was just a became unreal. The face of the future. Haps. I Hadnot thought of that. That a Wheeling glinting Sun bathed spook into which she had cast just one Hor Why the Drift Wood collected again out in the Amber air the thrilling Prin rifled glance was so hideous that to a there on the talus. You remember gling wine like air. He had taken to the girl at least it was Uke some i your father Speaks of having used it his wings upon leaving the hut Sim monster mask of carnival too Gro All there have been a dozen men ply because they offered him the Tes quely horrible to be taken Serl living Here Ever since and they did no to quickest easiest Way of finding Ousby j need it. So they must have had some be. That is partly the reason Why she other sort of to by Coati Zubaj

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