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Ames Daily Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1911, Page 1

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Ames Daily Intelligencer (Newspaper) - November 20, 1911, Ames, Iowa Ames daily intelligencer volume 44ames, Iowa monday november 20, 1911 number 41 troops to Border the great toe Molo United states soldiers to enforce neutrality Laws mexican line. Too rebels in plot foiled Mago Nustas planned Midnight meeting eight Miles from Douglas alleged revolutionist arrested Yaquis rushed to front. Washington nov. 20.�?commanders the american troops in the Vicinity the mexican Border were ordered to hold themselves in readiness to proceed immediately upon request from the proper Federal officers to enforce the neutrality Laws the United states. Plot rebels foiled. Douglas ariz., nov 20�?an alleged mag nista plot to Cross the mexican Border with a Force too men. Who were said to be planning to unite with others coming up from Mac Ozari Mexico was frustrated at the last minute by special agents mexican Consul Questa aided by officers the United states. Equipped with a search warrant issued by United states commissioner Sames officers entered a Bouse second Street and seized 300 rounds ammunition. The mexican Consul said that he would ask for a warrant for the arrest a Man living near the House which was searched for alleged violation the neutrality Laws. It was said that another Douglas Man would be implicated As the financial agent the alleged plotters. Were to report at Midnight. According to the officers the too men were to report about Midnight at a Point eight Miles from this City arms for All it was said having been taken there. The men were to Cross the Border to the East this City and join forces recruited at nac Ozari it was asserted. The seizure the ammunition broke up the movement at least temporarily. Even though he represents an agricultural College there Are no corns Charlie burgers toes. The Register and Leader declares that he is the greatest toe artist Iowa has Ever produced. He alway delivers the goods and sends the Ball with Sacii a whirl that it is almost impossible for the opposition to hold it. Who knows but that Burge will develop a curve in the Ball for its air line Hight and revolutionise the game As did the fellow who developed the curve in base Ball. For the present however the Burge toe whirl will occupy the attention the foot Ball dope writers. Why should not the toe be developed and become As ornamental and useful As any other member the human body the state Iowa has been making Progress along this line it Wras Frank got ii who developed the toe hold and changed the ancient customs w wrestling. This All May be due to the Fertile soil the state Iowa. At the worlds fair a husband pulled his w Ife away from a pile Iowa dirt which was exhibition. A Mary said he a if you done to keep out that dirt your feet will grow like everything else that is put in Iowa soil Burge and Gotch have been Reading Iowa soil and their toes have developed. The University town saturday was startled at the artistic finish the Arnes players. Burge course w As the Star performer and he was backed by the Best aggregation foot Ball players Iowa has encountered this year. They play with their Heads and understand How to overcome in Ive brute strength. It was skill that gave them the game saturday. Ames has reason to rejoice. His forlorn Hope the weather. John d. Is boasting that he is descended from the Early Kings France Scotland and Spain if we had a lot poor relations in Europe we would have kept it quiet. A daily newspaper but United states officers expressed themselves As being the opinion Ames is big enough for that the scheme was Well financed and that there probably would be More developments. Meantime yaqui indians comprising mexican Federal troops Are said to have been rustled to a Point where they might engage the alleged recruits from nac Ozari. Arrested As revolt Leader. Mexico City nov. 18.�?angel bar los who organized what president Madero says is a revolt against the Central government has been arrested at quiet spec. Oaxaca and will be brought to the capital for trial. His followers Are now commanded by Manuel Oseguera. Christian Church reception tuesday evening the papers several the competitive Points near Ames Are very much worried for fear that Ames is not Large enough to support a daily newspaper. Ole Gangland the Cambridge Leader however has been watching Ames grow and there is no doubt in his mind about Ames being big enough. He says Story county has a daily paper a the ame daily intelligencer was a Surprise to Many the readers the Ames intelligencer last thursday w Hen it appeared w Ith the above headline and has been coming regularly in that form since. However the an i Noi Cement w As made by tile Cam the members the Christian Church Bridge Leader last May that Story will give a reception tomorrow evening county May have a daily paper in the to the friends the Church in order i near future and our prediction has to Welcome Rev. And mrs. Harris come True. Editor Conaway is to be the affair will he held at the Church congratulated upon his new venture parlor at eight clock. And the citizens Ames Are pleased with the new undertaking. Ames is gradually growing and ought to be today is pay Day at the interurban a be t support office and Yards and everybody con a nested with the Road is Happy. Hon. E. D. Chassell. State Binder fair tonight and tuesday colder tonight. Lowest temperature tonight will be about 25 degrees. Ga1, blows up pavement kills one and hurts 25 n. V evening mail. Des Moines your daily intelligencer is a credit to the publishers and to the town in which it is published. Your Energy is commendable and ought to be rewarded with Success because a live daily is a great Benefit to any town. I Hope that the people Ames will appreciate flu4 fact that an infant daily is a a a consumer As Well As a dispenser benefits. George Graham i Tell you there is nothing like having the Ames daily intelligencer brought to your door every evening it has in the few Days it has been running cured me a desire to Gad the streets at night. What is Home without a daily. J. F. Sanders somehow i have a different feeling for Ames than i Ever had before. Everybody n w seems to he my neighbor and i expect to St a Here and Enion the town. Squire Bell Gilbert the i Steeple Gilbert Are taking As great an interest in the daily intelligencer As the people Ames. We Are All pleased with it. Come up and get acquainted with us. We want von to know us. Rev. P. W. Bishop Gilbert next to the Cumberland presbyterian Church and my Bible the Ames daily Inte i gender is nearest my heart. But we want you to come to Gilbert and watch Gilbert grow. Hon. Emory in English state Printer Des Moines allow me to congratulate you the Fine appearance the daily intelligencer. It is tile handsomest paper in Iowa. Proposes cat Industry for Ames big financial scheme proposed for Ames by Michigan Man. Armory opera House wed., nov. 22 the american comedians Bailey Austin in the wonderful music Success top the world the big original no. I company see the famous original Collie Ballet seventy people. Orchestra. Just As presented one solid year in new York note�?$100.00 in Gold Given to any person who can bring proofs that this is not the original Bailey amp Austin. Would work in connection with die College Experiment station and raise a million cats for the fur alluring plan which propels itself and no expenses great Opportunity for profits better than mining stocks which never produce dividends. Or. A. W. Dox is in receipt a letter from a Friend in Michigan which proposes something which will make Ames grow greater than any town in the Catalon. The letter follows dear sir a knowing that you Are always interested in and open for any investment in a Good live business proposition i take the Liberty pre shooting to you what seems to me to be an excellent business proposition and in which no doubt you will take ii Lively interest. Please advise me the amount Stock you wish to sub scribe toward the forming a com Pany this idea. The object this company is to operate a Large cat ranch near Ames where land can be purchased cheap for that purpose. We should work in connection with Ames College which has a world wide reputation. Our process Mould be instructive to the students. To Start with we will collect about say 1,000,000 cats. Each cat will average twelve Kittens a year. The skins will sell from ten cents for the White ones to seventy five cents for the pure Black. We will have about 12,000,000 skins to sell at an average thirty cents apiece Mak ing our average about $10,000 a Day Gross. A Man can skin fifty cats a Day be will charge $2 a Day for his labor it will take about one Hundred men to operate the ranch therefore the profit will be about $9,800 a Day. We will feed the cats rats and will Start a rat ranch adjoining the cat ranch. The rats will multiply four times As fast As the cats and if we Start with 100,000 rats we will have four rats a Day for each cat which is plenty. We will feed the cats rats and in turn will feed the rats the stripped carcasses the cats thus giving each rat one fourth a cat. It will be seen by these figures that the business will be self acting and automatic. The cats will eat the rats and the rats will eat the cats and we will get the skins. Awaiting your prompt reply i beg to remain very truly yours Edwin t. Gillette. Big Section Brooklyn plunged into darkness cobblestones hurled High in the air. New York nov. 20.�?triple explosions Gas pent up beneath the pavement a crowded Street in the downtown Section Brooklyn resulted in the killing one person and injury to Twenty five others. The explosions wrecked a mile electric conduits and the lower Section Brooklyn was in darkness the greater part the night. James Bryce the British ambassador delivered a lecture in the Brooklyn Academy music by Candle Light and theater performances were Given under the same conditions. Cobblestones were thrown into the air by the explosions which knocked Down pedestrians shattered windows and caused a general panic. Geysers fire shot thirty feet into the air and endangered buildings As the flames were carried by the wind. One the explosions blew up a manhole Over which a fire truck had just come to a halt injuring two firemen. Bis Buhle Bebe minister to China takes action for Protection citizens United states. Decisive fight imminent revolutionaries plan careful attack government forces Between Cal Kiang and banking and Are anxious for revenge. Gunboat to cruise in Gulf Wheeling to depart from custom coming North after tropics tour. Washington nov. 20.�?in the Case the gunboat Wheeling due to com plete an arduous tour duty in the Caribbean sea about the Middle next month the Navy department has decided to depart from the practice bringing ships from the tropics to Northern Navy Yards in Winter in Der that Tjie Crews May have rest and recreation Home soil. It has been concluded that the climatic changes would be too great for health safety and besides the crowded conditions prevailing at the Navy Yards make it undesirable to Send the gunboat to one them at present. Therefore it was stated at the department when relieved the wheel ing will cruise in the Gulf Mexico visiting new Orleans Mobile Galveston and other Points Taft orders a big Derby Cleveland firm building president hat for Campaign purposes it is believed. Cleveland o., nov. 20.�?president Taft has ordered a Cleveland firm to make him a hat which will be delivered within the next few weeks. It is no Ordinary affair and. According to local politicians could not be meant for other than Campaign purposes. The hat is a Derby with a Crown six inches deep and brim two and three eighths inches wide. It will be constructed so As to relieve pressure the head. The size is 7%. The president s Secretary . Miles has ordered the same kind a Bat As have congressman Nicholas Longworth and gov. Glasscock West Virginia. London England nov. 20.�?cable dispatches from tientsin announce that the american minister has issued peremptory orders to All americans in the territory to take up their residence at Onoe at the nearest ports. Decisive Battle May be near. Shanghai China nov. 20.�?it was expected Here that the revolutionaries and the Imperial troops would come to a clash before Nightfall in the District Between Cal Kiang and banking. If revolutionary forecasts Are Correct this will be the beginning the decisive Battle the War. Revolutionary strategists have planned their attack carefully. During the last few Days a Large body rebel troops with guns provisions ammunition and horses has been Bent from Shanghai to Cal Kiang by rail. Thence they Are advancing today banking 45 Miles away. Simultaneously other bodies troops Are converging the Imperial outposts via the Yangtze River and a Small tributary Stream from the Interior with the object delivering attacks from three sides. A re thirsting for revenge. The equipment the revolutionaries is excellent and they Are Well office red Many the leaders having had foreign military training. The enthusiasm the troops is amazing. Many have dead relatives to avenge and All Are wrought up to the highest pitch account atrocities at banking by Gen. Chang s troops. Estimates the strength the Imperial forces vary widely. The Backbone Chang s army seems to consist 7,000 Shantung troops. It is believed however that he is Short ammunition and poorly equipped with artillery. Consuls in control at Amoy. Amoy China nov. 20.�?the foreign consuls have assumed control the Imperial customs and the Post office and the dragon flags these buildings have been lowered. Several Days before Amoy declared for a Republic the Imperial authority became ineffective and the consuls refuse to recognize the provisional government pending confirmation its authority i from Foo Chow capital the prov-1 Ince. Taft for better highways president opens the first american Road Congress in Richmond other noted men talk. Exposing wireless frauds William Tompkins convicted Selling agent gives testimony to new York officials. New York nov. 20.�?William Tomp Kins head the new York Selling Agency who was convicted the charge that he used the mails to de fraud in the Sale United wireless Stock is said to be seeking a Pardon in return for information which May be useful in the prosecution Cameron l. Spear head the Continental wireless Telephone and Telegraph company and Orner alleged mall Awin doing cases awaiting trial. Boat sinks Crew is Safe men in yawl reach Michigan Shore after hard Battle for life. Alpena mich., nov. 20.�?schooner William a. Young owned by Robert c. Pringle Wickliffe o., was sunk during a storm Lake Huron. The Crew reached Shore in a yawl after a terrifying experience. Nims King Bury condition mrs. C. L. Waltmire is spending the Day with her Niece miss Mildred Kingsbury near Ontario. Miss Kingsbury is not showing any signs improvement since her Accident eight Days ago. She coughs almost incessantly. Which occasions continual pain in her Side and makes her friends uneasy for fear internal injuries Chicago a budget $30,137,450. Chicago nov. 20.�?estimates the City budget for the next year were completed today by the Heads the various departments the budget totals $30,137,450.41, As against the appropriation $23,362,091.96 last year this represents an increase $6, 775.358.45 in the Cost running the City. Singular As it May seem the Man who first spoke a a a Cool million did not have in mind the Gold dust cargoes returning from Chilly Alaska Italy is anxious to have its Turkey done Brown. Richmond va., nov. 20.�?with delegates from All parts the country in attendance the first american Road Congress was opened Here today by president Taft in his Only comprehensive Public address the Highway subject this year. President Taft expressed his appreciation the importance Highway development As a Factor in National Prosperity. His opinions the needs for adequate systems thoroughfares and the Many problems efficient Road building were received with the keenest interest by the Good roads advocates. Others who addressed the Congress today were governor Mann Virginia senator Martin Virginia . Walter Page editor the worlds work w. W. Finley president Southern railway company Gen. T. Co a Man Dupont who is presenting to the state Delaware a $2,000,000 Boulevard j. Hampton Moore president Atlantic deep Waterways association and John h. Bankhead Alabama. Logan w. Page director the Federal office Public roads Aud president the american association for Highway improvement presided. Mrs. Patterson trial sensational Case against Beautiful woman who killed her Young husband opens in Denver. Denver colo., nov. 20.�?a Beautiful woman her wealthy admirer who bestowed gifts and the Young athlete whom she married for love and later shot Are the dramatic personae in the Story that culminated today when mrs. Gertrude Gibson Patterson was put trial for her life. She is charged with murdering her husband Charles a. Patterson son a Well known Chicago family. Emil w. Strouss millionaire Chicago Clothier and clubman who mrs. Patterson says a bought me for $1,500�?� from the husband May May not come Here to testify. / a Denver dog caterer says he has been bitten 2,000 times. This is something like the experience the chronic investor in Gold Plain dealer

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