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Ames Daily Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Nov 18 1911, Page 1

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Ames Daily Intelligencer (Newspaper) - November 18, 1911, Ames, Iowa Four great victories for Ames today Mes daily intelligence volume 44ames, Iowa saturday november 18, 1911 number 40 Lincoln school opened last night la Iii Howd witnessed Wmk Aeh Kitson y at ambs new school building Paul Reice loses foot catching freight building decorated tor Hie occasion w till leave and with Dratt ing and w till Sample of the student a work a South Side building the Al out modern and Complete of it size in the state. Last evening at 8 of clock occurred tile formal opening of the third Wal d school House to be known in the future As the Lincoln school. The building is entirely completed and school work commenced there on monday last nights opening was largely attended and All present enjoyed the speeches music and refreshments. Superintendent f. W. Hicks presided Over the evenings entertainment. He spoke of the needs of the Tow n prior to the erection of the new building and of the great improvement which the new building stood for on the South Side. One after another or. Hicks called on members of the Board of education to say a few words. These Short speeches were All Good and each and every one who spoke expressed his pleasure at the completion of the much seeded building. After the members of the school Board messes. Farnum. Valentine Noble and Washer had spoken superintendent Hicks announced that As they had heard from the Board he thought it would be appropriate to hear from some of the South Side people who had received the Benefit of the new building. In response to this messes. De Rex Tom Thompson and Rev. Fred Riggs All responded with Short talks of appreciation. J he High school orchestra furnished several Well i Cei Ved numbers Winch were much appreciated. Miss Emily last night about 5 of clock while attempting to Board an East bound freight Enro Ute to Iowa City Paul Reice was run Over by a Coal car and his right foot smashed. The train was moving about20 Miles an hour and the lads foot slipped As he grabbed the hand hold. He w As throw n under the train and the wheels passed Over his right foot. The injured Man was taken at once to the College Hospital Wile re or. Bush took charge of the Case. It was found necessary to amputate the leg at the ankle and the operation w As performed by hrs. Bush and Templeton. Paul beige is the son of a. F. Re ice living on Boone St reef. He is a soph More at t he College in the civil engineering department and is one of the brightest and Best men in his Clas it. Ames Iowa i 2 3 4 final 0 0 0 9 9 0 0 0 0 0 the weather. Cloudy and unsettled tonight and sunday nearly stationery temperature. The lowest temperature tonight w ill be about 25 degrees. Ames High Newton High i 2 0 0 0 0 3 4 Fin 6 0�? 6 0 0�?0 Wisconsin a compulsory foot attracts attention Ball Wisconsin a Experiment in the line of compulsory football is attracting considerable attention throughout the athletic world. While football under this idea at Wisconsin is not really compulsory nor can it even be termed football in the full sense the idea is new and is being followed closely. Thursday afternoon a week ago every freshman in the institution started football practice. The rudiments of the in a game the Basic ideas and first Princi j pies were explained to the throng by it Marks the Laving of the Founda-1 a mean Well. Ibis work will. A a. Require some length of time and will non for a greater and More progressive for owed afterwards by. Hiss games Ames. Mixed scrimmage and general Applina the men Are to bring the boys into Tion of the teachings of the Early part their lives. All Are to work together j of the course. Boosting for a better society a better no one will be compelled to take i i a apart in scrimmages and without government a purer Moi a1 atmosphere that re can no football healthy sports civic improvement in worthy of the name. As a physical dust rial promotion and educational at big Brothers banquet on monday evening the greatest event in the history of Ames will occur monday evening when the big Brothers and the younger Brothers meet at the supper table get together spirit. Exercise the kicking and chasing of Tai ments. The boy is to become the punts tackling the Dummy and falling Side partner of t he Man and the Man j on the Ball is Tine a splendid form is to become the kind of a boy he would have his own boy be. There is nothing unfair about that. Instead of giving the women All the pleasure of the bringing up of a boy Man is to take a part of the work and reap a part of the glory. Men who do not have boys of their own Are to borrow one or More for the of workout for the youngsters and that part is compulsory but the failure to make scrimmage obligatory leaves what May prove to be a big Gap in the scheme. A there is no Way in which the Wisconsin faculty could even if it desired to take such a Radical step for Stu i dents into scrimmage anymore than value to the coaches of the varsity team if it is done by competent men. Wisconsin coaches Are at present handicapped As is the Case at the other conference schools by Green material and poorly coached freshmen. Too much time has to be spent in teaching eligible sophomores the first principles of the game. The Wisconsin idea will be helpful in this respect. It will also stimulate Intra College football and any or every College or class eleven is Likely to turn out players worthy of a place upon the varsity team. It is not believed that it will bring a great increase of candidates for places on the varsity but should work out to make such candidates As do appear better equipped to Start the Wrork a give them something upon which to work save sheer enthusiasm and ambition. The idea has its Appeal along certain lines especially in stimulating Intra collegiate practice and Competition and anything that stirs up interest in College or Clas teams is bound in some measure to result in the assistant of the varsity squad. Minnesota Chicago Illinois and other conference schools will watch the Wisconsin Experiment rather closely. If it succeeds at Madison it will not be strange to see it Given a place or trial in other Western schools. It will probably be found to work occasion. They Are to get in touch Johnson and messes. Bob Clark and a. J with boy life and become Good citizens. In Squyer rendered very pleasing solos j the grouch w to has no time for a boy miss Mcilrath also gave two very much appreciated readings. During the course of the evening All the guests present were regaled on Coffee doughnuts cookies and apples presided Over by mrs. Lynch and served in a Dainty manner by the South Side teachers. The evening w As immensely enjoyed by All present and a splendid Booster spirit and a spirit of advancement was show n in the Maimer of the guests. The Booster spirit broke out with renewed vigor at this meeting and it was declared that this was but the fore run the big Brothers Lier of Many such neighbourhood meet j yield monday evening Ings tube held in this splendid building. Dota. A fall of the Ames boys we have even talked with Are warm friends of pro Fessor Holden and their influence will be sure to count a says the Osage news. A another Point in favor of pro the idea seems to be to the freshmen All about football from the standpoint of theary and interest him to such a degree that Particia is not a Good citizen and the sooner he Jon in scrimmage will come As a Nat 1 eaves Ames and moves to Boone the Urai result. Better Ames will like it. It seems doubtful if Wisconsin ath there is not a Man Man we say Fetics will profit to a great extent Fromia t the intercollegiate competitive Stanil we can afford to miss out on monday 1. Rvs i Mav Point by the move. The plan a evenings meeting. I he address by work out for a strengthening of wis or. Hall of Chicago will undoubtedly a c main teams in intercollegiate games be the most practical talk Ever Deli is bound to help in a lesser degree in ered in Ames. It will be for the big act but almost every student who to i i 1 a u to Ever makes a football team does so Brothers and the younger Brothers. # natural love for the game get into the game and revise your no amp and not from any persuasion or factions of the men and religion for Vaid assistance. Such men Are what movement by coming in Contact with might be termed the natural players the work being carried out. I and Are the great player s. Supper will be sunday will be the last Day to secure tickets. A a the pictures show that the i att a professor Holden is really getting smile has developed into a Broad it could Rule that every student smoke of differently from what Rabid of a pipe or attempt to swim Lake men p0nente of football in general Are sex teach 1 petting. It is not in any sense boost ing football or giving it undue consideration. The Wisconsin faculty seems to be working on the theory that compulsory exercise is necessary to Young men and boys and that such work performed with a definite end or the compulsory work of the freshman year will however be of Groat Prospect May stimulate a wholesome and healthy line of athletics which will not Only improve the physical condition of the participants 4>ut assist in strengthening the competitive teams of the University. If scrimmage was made compulsory there would be grounds for complaint As football is not for every Young Man or boy. Only the practice of the rudiments of the game or the running of signals is obligatory. The idea is new and presents Many interesting phases. Get Down to brass tacks boasting done to make a town. It takes a lot of work hard Ork too and some brains and a Community of people who will work together for a common purpose. There May be other Side elements necessary to inject into the City to make it hut we can to now recall them and until we get Down to brass tacks and Deal with cold facts and prepare to face them As we reach them we will make no Progress Worth while. We have every essential element Here for making one of the most enterprising and progressive cities in the Northwest but Lack organization. We ought to get together. No Man can live without his neighbor and we ought to realize now on the splendid advantages with which we Are possessed. Organization co operation work and brains will Cement the greatest number of Good people to a common cause in Ames to be found upon the face of Earth and it will be a glorious Day when that result is accomplished or. Sham a ugly i Omilini ended. Or. B. F. Shambaugh head of the history department of tile state University and manager of the historical society of Iowa who was in Ames last evening to act As judge in the Ames Normal debate was entertained at a dinner party where he was the guest of Honor. Prof. L. B. Schmidt and or Brindley were hosts the dinner being served at alumni Hall at 6 of clock. Chrysanthemums adorned the table and room. The place cards were japanese decorated cards with a Kernel of Corn. On the card for or. Shambaugh was the picture of a Black Crow in a tree shouting a beat sixteen members of the faculty were present at the dinner. Miss Lentner married to Lieut. W. E. Danielson the gubernatorial Bee quite seriously a says the Waterloo courier. A we Hope the professor will not give up his position As the leading agricultural brains of the state without fully real laugh a says the Waterloo times Tri Burn. A lots of people would like to know who the joke is hobble Seibt by a Indian prof. Tics but it is a the dangerous game Foi lessor Holden is the impression he has 1z111& what it Means. We be ii St. V. V men of whom Holden is one in poll made on the people with whom he has of a come in Contact through the Short course work. We know of a great Many who will be his enthusiastic smile and Ames is with you be a supporters in Case he enters the grouch and you re All alone. How often have you visited the Public schools this year or. And mrs. School Patron do you realize the teachers need your Earnest support in their work and you owe it to them and your children to visit the schools often. Armory opera Hoise wed., nov. 22 the american comedians Bailey a. Austin in the wonderful music Success top of the world the big original no. I company see the famous original Collie Ballet seventy people. Orchestra. Porters Oklahoma friends Bend him the latest. Prof. In h. Porter is in receipt of the latest concerning the hobble skirt As told by Little chief at Oklahoma City. Bear face commit Home from okla Home Citee to urn state fair and Tel i it he see urn Young squaws dress it half like White mans. He say urn Young Squaw s get White braves pants tear it one leg off and Petit both feet through urn pants leg and Wal kit jes like hobble Pony. He say urn squaws no can run jes Praneet along like show horse jump it up and Down. Bear face say urn squaws no get urn in buggy no step urn on Street car jes hop pit up on sidewalk like Jaybird. I Bear face say urn squaws Loo kit far away like nine pins in urn Bowling Alley at fort. I Bear face say it he hear urn White braves talk Heap about urn pants leg dress hut urn scared talk where urn squaws can hear. Urn White mans say urn dress in style an White squaws must have urn dress bout one Moon then style change and squaws dress it like humans agin. Urn Gess White Squaw have hard time keep up with braves on Trail jes Well stay Papoose and keep urn ii swaddling dress. Gess when White braves Start run off White squaws quit pants leg dress get Heap new rations an make urn dress so can walk maybes run. White squaws get no vote with urn narrow . A i do not believe there is any other Medicine so Good for whooping cough As chamberlains cough remedy a writes mrs. Francis Turpin Junction City Ore. This remedy is also unsurpassed for colds and croup. For Sale by All dealers. Report of injury to student not confirmed Ards received in the City this morning announces the marriage of miss Sybil Lentner and Lieut. Wilmot a. Danielson at Seattle wash., thur it Day nov. 16. They Are to be at Home at fort Worden Washington after december i. Miss Lentner who has been connected w Ith the Public speaking department of the College for several years took a years leave of absence and will probably ask to have the leave made permanent. She is a Young woman of rare ability in her line both As a Reader and As a teacher and a coach. Her Success has attracted state wide comment. She is attractive and it Opu Lar in All social circles. Both Ames teams wok in debate the Ames team which took the affirmative at Cedar Falls in the Canadian arbitration question won a unanimous verdict last night. The Ames team which took the negative Side at Ames won the debate with a two to one decision. That was glory enough for one Day inasmuch As there were no other contests on. The debate Here started out rather weak. Both sides seemed working for a Chance to get through the lines. Tile line did not seem very solid either. There were Many documents and Many figures. The time during the fir it Quarter dragged heavily with Little interest. The second Quarter the debaters commenced getting their wind and during the third there was a dash for the goal line. The real spectacular part of the performance came in the last Quarter when Watson made a touchdown with his Coal famine and Canadian strike. Hill made a Beautiful kick tie tween the slats and Pollock closed the performance with a masterly drop kick from Center that left no question in the minds of the audience what the outcome would be. Cedar Falls was left on the Side lines scared to death. One of the Cedar Falls debaters said he did not know this was to be a physical contest and so had left his boxing gloves at Home. It was a whirlwind finish and Ames w ill perhaps never see its like again. The audience almost Rose to its feet in the excitement which the speakers produced. Billy sunday never sawed the air More effectively. The teachers made a despair ate Effort to find a place where they could get in the game w without getting bumped but found no opening. The Farmers had the Fence All up and the barn locked. Cedar Falls put up Good arguments in the opening but failed to make a smash in rebuttal. A reception w As tendered them at alumni Hall after the debate. They Are a Tine Bunch of boys. Miss tune Sang beautifully As she always does. Stearns College orchestra rendered a pleasing selection. Hugh Webster looked after the preliminaries and f. R. Conaway presided. Macmurray Brindley and Schmidt performed a Good Job in the coaching. Or. Shambaugh and or. Randall voted for Ames while prof. Mcconnell favored the teachers. A in Case prof. P. G. Holden should be nominated for governor a which is not an impossibility if those he has served assert their Power How he voted on this that and the other question would not count for much a says the Davenport Democrat. A this record is a straight one for the development of Iowa for making every acre do work than it has been the Marengo Republican a wonders How these City chaps who Are All the time talking about the Farmers easy lot Independent position and luxurious living would like to get out in a Corn Field at Sun up these frosty mornings. In politics no Man can Call him self progressive who cannot and will not recognize the leadership of la Follette Type of Republican a Man of High principle and unhampered by political dictators a insists the Ocheyedan press. The Iowa City citizen say a if the friends of a presidential primary wait until a both state committees get together and order one for both parties they will be waiting when the votes Are counted at the general election a year from this the Burlington Hawkeye says there Are three classes to be considered in connection with a preference primary. First those who favor a presidential primary second those who oppose and third those indifferent or who have not made up their minds. I he third is a very Large class a a asserts the Hawkeye. Christmas photographs nou nou nou just As presented one solid year in new York 11"nan ii i0te�?$100.00 in Gold Given to any person who can bring proofs that this is not the original Bailey amp Austin. Kwh there has been a re tort circulated around town All Day that a student by the name of Cochrane was run Over by a train in Tama last night and suffered the loss of an Arm. No one seems to know what Cochrane it is or How the Accident occurred. Definite information can probably be obtained tonight. Ome at once done to wait this is the time to have them taken As we must have time to make Good work. We have All the latest styles of fancy mountings that Money can buy. There is nothing that will make twelve presents for the same Money As twelve photographs. A the Hart studio g. T. Hart artist largest and Best equipped studio in Story county

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