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Ames Daily Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Nov 14 1911, Page 1

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Ames Daily Intelligencer (Newspaper) - November 14, 1911, Ames, Iowa Ames daily intelligencer \ volume 44ames, Iowa tuesday november 14, 1911 number 36 prof h a King Don Sowers loses after silo Trost Rand in a Husker matter of great importance to Iowa Farmers hand Alwg try thread harder Patent interferes with worn. Of great importance to the Farmers of Iowa prof my. L. King has offered $><>.00 Reward for information Iii regard to old silo hearing on tins matter. The agricultural engineering department at the College has struck a Snag which threatens to interfere greatly in the work which it is doing Over the state by the installation of the Iowa silo. Vav thin the last year or two the t cited states silo company which is really a combination of a Large percentage of the stave silo manufacturers has been formed and operates under what is known As the harder latent issued june 27, 1899. This is probably the broadest Patent that has Ever been issued upon a modern Edlo. The Secretary of this so called Trust the United states silo Colas even gone so far As to Send out letters threatening with a Law suit any one building any kind of a round silo not licensed under the harder Patent. While there is really no con licit Between the masonry silos and the harder Patent. In his specifications or. Geo d. Harder of Cobleskill in. Y., makes the following statement i do not herein claim therefore the vertical opening from top to Bottom nor the round construction of the tank or silo nor the Means for closing formed in sections and inserted so As to be removable from the top downward and arranged to be pressed against the Wall or any part of the Wall in an outward direction As i am aware that these devices and elements Are very old in the same or analogous structures. My invention relates particularly to the special torm of Brace or stay piece for holding the edges of the opening at the proper distance from each other to prevent collapse and further in the special Means for holding the sections of the door firmly in neither the Brace referred to or its equivalent is required in any masonry silo. This Brace must not be confused with the hoops As it is entirely separate from the same and is used entirely to prevent the Staves crowding together. In support of this viewing the most recent court decisions upon the subject judge Hay of u. S. Circuit court Northern District of n. Y., stated in explaining the use of this Brace Quot it is obvious that the braces of the harder Patent would be superfluous in Stone or Brick however the last claim �?o4. In a silo or tank having a continuous opening from top to Bottom braces Between the edges of the Walls forming the opening door sections for closing the opening and reinforcing strips for the door sections substantially As described a is Broad and any stave silo with continuous doors is evidently an infringement upon this Patent which makes the formation of this so called silo Trust possible and even lawful. As has been pointed out by different judges in order to limit the scope of this Patent it will be necessary to find the old silos referred to by or. Harder in that portion of his specifications quoted above. The Experiment station is putting Forth an Effort through the columns of the press to locate any silos built in the summer of 1898 or before having the combination specified in or. Harder a claim. In order that any one knowing of such a Structure May consider it Worth his while to report the same Early m. L. King has placed $50 on Deposit to be paid to the first person reporting the location and giving the description of a silo which will conform sufficiently close to or. Harder a last claim to destroy its Validity. Such a silo must be round have continuous opening and reinforced jambs by which i meant simply Jamb heavier than the other Staves or the same weight As other Staves but double. The Brace mentioned will necessarily be included in continuous door As such a thing could not be built without the Brace. Also of course any silos must have the door sections mentioned in the claims. The idea is if possible to simply restrict the scope of this Patent to the evident purpose of the original inventor As set Forth in the Early part of his specifications. This morning about 9 o clock Don Sowers who lives six Miles East of Ames caught his left hand Iii the Corn Husker and so badly mangled was the member that amputation was necessary. The machine was driven by horse Power and w As running irregular when the Accident occurred. Or. Winsett and or. Bower of Nevada and or. Proctor of Ames were called and at 12 of clock amputated the hand at the w Rist. At two o clock this afternoon the Young Man had come out from the influence of the Anaesthetic and was getting along nicely. A Don Sowers is Well known in Ames is a member of the Mono flub and a Young Man of splendid standing in the Community. Remember you might buy lick do before to of clock k to get a tree out. George w. O Brien gets Story county for Ford George w. Of Brien has been named As the agent for the Ford automobile for Story county. He has contracted for thirty machines for Early Spring delivery and from now on May be expected to keep the tires hot. T of Haw the a House of a thousand Caudle so 110%% see a Rosalind at red ministerial association ask for Friday notices reformer wins Philadelphia at the meeting of the Ames ministerial association held monday the matter of Church not ices in the daily intelligencer was discussed. It was finally arranged that these should be inserted in the Friday evenings Issue in order that those on tile Rural routes could be informed a saturday of tile Church services. The ministers Are to prepare their notices giving their Sermon subjects and deliver them at the office on or before thursday of each week. The ibis Way the it lurch a amp Vurm can lie made a live one and prove of value. The members were All highly pleased with the Progress being made in the men and religion Forward movement. All the new members of the As social Are fast getting tilt Ames spirit. A voice from the wilderness Rudolph Blankenburg. Rudolph Blankenburg Philadelphia so War Hora of Reform Quot has been chosen mayor of that City Over the candidate of the Long entrenched machine. Or. Blankenburg is a wealthy manufacturer who for More than Twenty years has been waging War on graft and corruption in Pennsylvania. Interurban official Here. Vice president h. It. Wallace Gen eral manager Crooks and other officials of the interurban were in Ames this afternoon looking Over the improvements and the Swit Ches being construct de for the Twenty minute service which is to be inaugurated soon. The weather. Rain or Snow tonight. Colder. So far there has been but one voice in Boone raised in gladness Over the launching of the daily intelligencer. But that voice even though it be As one crying alone in the wilderness is appreciated. The Rev. Or. Crissman is pleased. The following letter was received this morning my dear Conaway i am seizing a hurried moment to congratulate you on the appearance of the daily intelligencer. It bears no Marks of an infant. Like a certain legendary hero of the Olden time it seems to have sprung full fledged into being. It is splendidly edited and the news which now must be an important item in the social and intellectual life of Ames is gathered and arranged with Fine discrimination. I speak with perfect Candor when i say that no event has occurred in your Beautiful City since i have known it equal in importance to the launching of the daily intelligencer. I am puzzled to know Why you should have kept this a up your sleeve until i had moved away. On this Point i will expect an explanation when i see you. Wishing the daily intelligencer a great future and assuring you of my sincere personal regard i am faithfully yours g. D. Crissman. Maxwell Pari Assn the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Maxwell Park association was held yesterday afternoon. Reports were made concerning the financial condition and talks made regarding future arrangements Between the Park company and the Chautauqua association which was All left for final adjustment with the Board of directors. The Board of directors Are requested to arrange a prompt meeting with the Chautauqua auditorium committee. The old Board was reelected As follows Parley Sheldon w. Ii. Niles l. C. Tilden Ben Edwards ii. F. Woodruff w. J. Semmons w. P. George. The Board reorganized by reflecting the old officers As follows. President w. J. Semmons. Secretary. Or. W. B. Niles. Treasurer Parley Sheldon. Remember a #1.00 ticket Given free till each #1.00 neat purchased at tag a inn before 6 of clock wed. Night nov. 15, for a Rosalind at red Gate. New Catholic officials Are to be announced remember you Mufti buy ticket before to of clock to get a free one. Examinations in february. Or. Floyd Williams civil service commissioner of Ames will hold an examination feb. 3rd, to secure eligible from which to make certificates to fill vacancies in first Grade and clerical positions in the Customhouse service in the positions of Deputy collector and clerk and store keeper Gauger in the internal Raven be service and in those positions of office Deputy marshal and other first Grade and clerical positions that require similar qualifications As they May occur in the United states classified service in that City or Vicinity unless it shall be decided in the interest of the service to fill the vacancy by reinstatement Transfer or promotion. The examination will consist of the subjects mentioned below weighted As indicated 1. Spelling to. 2. Arithmetic�?25. 3. Penmanship�?15. 4. Report writing�?25. 5. Copying and correcting Manu script�?15. 6. Geography and civil government of a the United states to. Total too. Competitors who fail to attain rating of at least 70 in arithmetic or 65 in report writing will not be Eli Gible to appointment and the remain ing subjects of their examination Wil not be rated. Five hours will be allowed for this examination. Any one of the following named physical defects Are sufficient cause to exclude s person from examination insanity tuberculosis paralysis Epi Lepsy blindness loss of both arms or both legs loss of Arm and leg badly crippled or deformed hands arms feet or legs organic heart disease locomotor ataxia cancer Bright s ease diabetes. You saw Tho a House of a thousand it no Dies now see a Rosalind at red the imagination of Corot. Imagination and invention Are often taken As the same thing whereas they Are As different As wit and humor. The question of imagination in a painters work is not to be estimated in terms of literature but in terms of paint. The delicate Silver Grays and Cool translucent greens of Corot Are of the essence of imagination As i understand the b cunning Barde Graham age limit 18 years or Over on the Date of the examination this examination is open to All citizens of the United states who comply with the requirements. This announcement contains All information which is communicated to applicants regarding the scope of the examination the vacancy or vacancies to be filled and the qualifications required. For application form 1371, address the Secretary of the Board of examiners at the Post office at the place named above or the undersigned. No application will be accepted unless properly executed and filed in Complete form with the undersigned prior to the hour of closing business on january 2, 1912. Mic. Tafts Iuka of heaven. That president Taft has not always been sensitive about criticism of the judiciary is indicated in a forcible manner in an editorial in the saturday evening Post. A press reports of the presidents speech at Pocatello Idaho a says the Jost a contains the following a i love judges and i love courts. They Are my ideals on Earth that typify heaven under a just a in his first annual message to Congress december 1909, or. Taft said a the deplorable delays in the administration of civil and criminal Law have received the attention of committees of the american bar association. I do not doubt for one moment that much of the Lawless violence and cruelty exhibited in lynchings is directly due to the uncertainties and injustice growing out of the delays in trials judgments and the executions thereof by our a in his message of december 1910, he said a one great crying need in the United states is the cheapening of the Cost of litigation by simplifying judicial procedure and expediting final judgment. Under present conditions the poor Man is at a woeful disadvantage in a Legal contest with a corporation or a Rich a much else in the same Strain might be quoted from the presidents utterances suggesting certainly that his conceptions of heaven Are deplorable inadequate. A Lawray Back in 1895, or. Taft then a judge of the United states circuit court said a a a the Opportunity publicly and freely to criticism judicial action is of vastly More importance to the body politic than the Community of courts and judges from unjust aspersion and attack. But non professional criticism also is not without its uses even if accompanied As it often is by direct attack upon the judicial fairness and motives of the occupants of the Bench for if the Law is but the essence of common sense the protests of Many average men May evidence a defect in judicial conclusions though based on the nicest Legal reasoning and profoundest a Home Talent play soon. A Home Talent play is being arranged for the Benefit of a City band which will be organized if everything moves successfully. That it will do so under the Able directorship of mrs. H. F. Clemmer is almost a foregone conclusion. The play will be a Ubibi a comedy of toys a and is largely musical and has met with very great Success at other places. The cast will number about thirty five or forty people. Mrs. Clemmer has Only recently returned to her Home on Burnett Street from a stay at Eagle Grove where she put on a Mother Goose the follies of 1911,�?� As staged Here last Winter under her direction. The play in Eagle Grove was for the Benefit of the Kings daughters and went off nicely. Rev. F. C. Re Mer leaves for Marsh Halltown today to attend the conference of the Marshalltown province. From there he will go to Dubuque to attend the Synod of the Are diocese of Dubuque. It is expected that the new archbishop James k. Keane will promulgate the new rules which he has inaugurated among them that incorporating the 260 parishes under his charge. It is also prob Able that the names of the new vicar general and of other diocesan officials will be made known. The Western Union makes a new Rule loyalty necessary asset. Loyalty is the great lubricant id life. It saves the Wear and tear of making daily decisions As to what is the Best to do. It preserves balance and makes results cumulative. The Man who is Loyal to his work is not wrung nor perplexed by doubts. He Sticks to the ship and if the ship founders he goes Down a hero with colors flying at the Masthead and the band playing. The hospitals jails and asylums Are full of disloyal peo pie folks who have been disloyal to friends society business work. Stick. And if you quit quit to tackle the handsomest faces of Type to a harder Job. God is on the Side of society printing will be found at the the Hubbard. I intelligencer office. All messages slivered free in Ames wit ii the exception of in the fourth Ward. Beginning nov. 2, the Western Union will make no charge for the delivery of messages within the incorporated limits of any City. The above message was received by local manager priest the latter part of the week heretofore it has been the custom a f the company to charge a nominal Price for the delivery of All messages outside of a mile from the office in cities of Over 5,000 inhabitants and outside of one half mile in cities under that size. The local business manager has been Given the right to use his own discretion in this matter in the Case of exceptional Long distances and manager priest has decided to except the fourth Ward and Many places in this Section of Ames Are too far from the office to be reached conveniently. M. C. Allen is better. M. C. Allen of Nevada who underwent an operation in a Hospital at Clinton a couple of weeks ago is reported to be getting along in a very satisfactory manner and it is expected that he will be Able to return Home within the week. If personal items concerning your self or friends do not appear in print the neglect May be your fault for not informing this paper. How Are we to know unless you Tell us fur Sale thursday nov. 16th on above Date a Salesman for the celebrated Lansker furs will be at our store showing their line of ladies Fine fir goats ladies Fine fair sets ladies Fine fur collars ladies Fine fir Milfs in fact everything in the ready to Wear fur line. Special prices will prevail and we want every lady in Ames who wishes to buy any kind of furs to see this line. Lanpher furs Are known As the Best furs made in America. Come Early Sale is for thursday Only Semmons dry goods store

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