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Ames Daily Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Nov 13 1911, Page 1

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Ames Daily Intelligencer (Newspaper) - November 13, 1911, Ames, Iowa Ames daily intelligences volume 44ames, Iowa monday november 13, 1911 number 35 Iowa interested in Holden talk Holden would create Home Market por the products of the farm. A with the exception of two or three papers the response to the suggestion that the Iowa governorship should be taken out of politics and that for at least two terms particular stress should be made to make Iowa greater industrially educationally aurally and with a definite policy of development has been Hearty by the press of the state. Favourable comment has been made by both progressive and Stan Pat editors. The movement grows in popularity and Many letters have come to the editor of the intelligencer commending the suggestion. Several letters have been received by friends of other candidates however who have urged that professor Holden should be discouraged should he have any ambitions politically because by getting into the game he upsets All the calculations doped by the political slate makers. The Iowa City citizen suggests that professor Holden should stick to his last and stay where he has done such great work and where he is in a position to do still greater things the Sac Sun is of the opinion that professor Holden does not know anything about politics but does know Corn and that he should stick to his specially. The Marshalltown times Republican is afraid that the governorship would spoil the work of the world s greatest Corn expert Odio is needed to carry on the work so Wrell started. Of the Many other papers i Yeti cd practically All have either i ii do i sed or Given favourable comment to the suggestion. Such an endorse i ent must be Gratifying to professor Holden. He has come Iii closer touch with More people in Iowa than Amman since Iowa became a state. He has talked with people fend has won their hearts. This personal acquaintance would undoubtedly give him the nomination should he enter the race. It always has won it always will. The Holden personality has Given him something More than an acquaintance it is a Friendship a brotherly interest and All these friends would be at the polls on the Day of election. If professor Holden save the word petitions will be circulated in every township in the state. A suggestion from him would give him a petition that would contain practically a majority of the voters before the primary election is held. But professor Holden has not yet said the word. He May not say it the demand so far has not been sufficient to induce him to consent. He is working out several problems in his own mind and the people of Iowa can help him solve them. Professor Holden will do the tiling he thinks is his duty regardless of personal ambitions or Money consideration. He threw up a $4,000 Job in Illinois to accept a $2,000 Job Iii Iowa because president Beardshear the Board of trustees and the agricultural editors of Iowa convinced him that it was his duty. He has made Good. The Farmers of the state Are pleased with what he has done they Are believers in Holden and of the things Holden preaches. They do not think that his usefulness would vanish should he be elected governor they know that the governorship would put him in position to give greater service to the building up of the Industrial institutions of the state of improving Rural conditions promote the building of More factories increase school privileges and extend the usefulness of the Church. Professor Holden does not profess to know much about politics. Like Lincoln thought on the Tariff he can not comprehend the Good business sense of shipping cattle to Chicago and then buying the meat when it is returned after it has Cost two freight charges. The Hairdo ads get the transportation charges Chicago labourers get the work and their wages Are spent outside of Iowa to outside merchants. We ship our hides to Boston and pay the freight. Boston labor works them up into shoes and we get the finished product plus two freights. The wages of the men who make the goods is spent in Boston it does not go towards developing Iowa industries or Iowa Trade of it is spent for Iowa farm products the freight charges must come out of the Iowa Farmer who sends his products fast Iii Competition with Eastern and Canadian producers of those labourers were located in Iowa farm products would command a higher Price and save the freight. Professor Holden does not Call that politics. He says that is simply farm sense. As governor a better Opportunity would be presented to put some of these suggestions into use. Had the suggestion of the Rural life commission been made by mister Roosevelt it would have had but Little weight. When however it was presented by president Roosevelt it became one of the most stupendous undertakings of an administration since the Days of Lincoln. The practical suggestions of professor Holden have been the Means of developing Iowa As never before. These suggestions backed by the same Man As governor of the state would a give them Many times the weight and influence. Governor Holden would Start something to make Iowa a greater state industrially. His principal work heretofore has been to assist Farmers to prepare their products for Market. His next step is to provide a Home Market for those products professor Holden has made the Extension department what it is. He has made it a tremendous machine there is not a better organized department in Iowa than is the Extension department of the Iowa state College. Its business arrangements Are the most systematic of any institution in the West. The Extension department is a travelling College a lyceum Bureau with a transportation equipment and a moving exposition. The Man who successfully manages this affair is capable of managing a Railroad a University o the business of a great state. The Extension department has been a stupendous Success. It moves along without accidents and without friction. It works All the time. It carries with it wholesome enthusiasm and a Loyal support to the institution and state it represents. Many opportunities have been presented to professor Holden to Rake up work in other states. Great corporations have offered him positions with much larger salary to look after the development of agriculture in other territories. Industrial institutions want him to take the management of the business. Other states offer him greater opportunities than his present position commands. These Are some of the problems which Are worrying professor Holden More now than the governorship. He knows what his ambitions Are. The thing which he is trying to solve is what is his duty. He will solve that first ambition Money selfishness politics revenge or retaliation will not enter into the consideration. Iowa has the Opportunity to gel away from factional politics and Start the development of the state along practical lines. The state will not be boosted for a million years unless we secure a Booster to do the boosting. It is More important to have a Man in the executive office who has the ability and inclination infant on a tottering throne circulation Story the episcopal Church has a new Rector. Hard these blizzards Are on the circulation. An Effort has been made to deliver the daily intelligencer to every House in Ames for a few Days and until the Carrier boys have Learned the Homes of the regular subscribe ers. The wind and cold has j interfered with this plan to some extent. It will take a few Days to get the Force Well organized and everything moving satisfactorily. Be patient and report failures to the office at once. The daily will be sent to every weekly subscriber and will be delivered by Carrier in the City. Where paid in Advance the i j daily will be sent until the expiration of the time without further charge. The subscription Price for for the daily delivered by Carrier will be 15c per week. Substantial reduction is made where paid by the month or year in Advance. You can help make the Little Hsu a n Tung the Manchu emperor of China whose Rule is so Serl i daily intelligencer the Best Ousby threaten a by the present revolution will not be six years old until a Star apr in Iowa next february. He is a son of Prince Chun brother of the late emperor veiling Pap i i i v and Regent of the Empire. If your neighbor is not a i subscriber suggest to him that he ought to get in the game. At the present time it seems that everybody is boosting for the daily intelligencer. That is the Correct system. A Good circulation during these blizzard Days Means everything. Brck copies with the opening chapters of the serial Story will be supplied Are you celled anywhere Funk la clares a mile Ajjie plan was Wise Aimeee of Reading it. Legislation Board Hopes to se-1 if you have been having your paper sent to your Post higher education in Iowa is being i office Box and wish it Deli provided with equipment and Facil ,. R. A cities that Are equal to the Best of Rtse in the future Call up 46. Other states. The new buildings at Rev. Thomas Horton is to Combine the Parish with Boone Rev. C. A Shutt who a been assigned to other Parish work in Des Moines will not return to Ames. Arrangements have been made by the Church to unite the Ames and Boone parishes and the Rev. Thomas Horton will be placed As the Rector in charge. Or. Horton has already shown his capacity for thorough ministerial duties at Boone having largely increased the membership and the regular attendance at services has grown with an addition of Over one Hundred and fifty. If or. Horton can do As Well As that in Boone he can do greater things in Ames where there is a better moral atmosphere. The Church Here will be ready for occupancy the last sunday in november and services will be held at that time. Or. Horton will preach at Leone in the morning and at Ames in the evening. To get out and change conditions than it is to have a Man there who talks and does not do. Professor Holden has the ability to organize and he has the ability to superintend that organization. Holden never went to sleep at the switch. Only millionaire Printer. Makes War on the printing combination. The to Ai fascinating alluring and deceptive business in the world is to print and to Cut prices. No other business can touch k unless it be the fellow who keeps tavern. As any Man can learn to set a table so any Man can learn to set Type and establish a printing office. The expense of doing business paying rents insurance taxes bookkeeping and general running expenses does not occur to him. All the profit he expects is the Small margin he asks above his wages. For fifteen years the leading printers of Des Moines have endeavoured to remove business jealousies learn business sense and work out a system which would establish by scientific investigation the actual Cost of producing printing. They have maintained an office with an expert to figure costs just As every worthy Enterprise figures costs and profits. It is in no Wray a Trust or a combination. The Only understanding is that the members agree to do business As business should be done and not take work below what it actually costs to produce it. The Only millionaire Printer in Des Moines is James m. Pierce who made his Money not in of printing but through his great farm publications. He has boasted that his prices for advertising were higher than any other Iowa Publica Tion. A a Funk talks of three big schools higher education reing provided with equipment equal to rest buildings at three schools not est j on application. Anywhere Funk la flares Iowa City Ames and Cedar Falls Are equal in character to those at the Best state institutions of older states and far Superior to those in some other states. A it is a great Good Fortune to the educational institutions of Iowa a said senator a b Funk after the efficiency in advertising. Outs Olson s condition is critical Louis Olson is very Low with typhoid Ever at his Home on grand ave. He had been working on the pile Driver at Bertram and was brought Home ill about three weeks ago. The crisis is on this week and it is hoped he will be Strong enough to pull through it although his condition is very serious. Miss Pollard of the Nevada Santai i us is acting As nurse. Trophies taken in the Tau Delta robbery. About 12 of clock monday night the Delta Tau Delta House on Pike ave. Was entered and about too dollars Worth of property stolen. One of the members of the fraternity discovered a Light in the guest chamber. Upon investigation the robber was found in the room. The boys barricaded the door and while they were closing up one of the entrances the thief managed to escape from the window. It was found later that the robber had secured a Large number of Small pieces of personal property the bulk of which were the Golf trophies of or. Sheehan. One principal of successful Adver using As practice by department store and writers and other specialists on publicity is to give definite descriptions of the goods offered when a merchant uses such phrases meeting of the Board at Ames last Las a the Best is the cheapest and week. A a that we adopted the plan a biggest assortment and lowest of a millage tax for buildings at prices a a he convinces no one. The the College years ago. It has been Reader argues that anyone can use by and through that system that it i these catch words and they prove has been possible to erect buildings nothing. That will stand comparison with those the most successful advertising is of other state where higher Educa not Apt to sound like an attempt to lion is encouraged very much but persuade. It is More a statement of we have erected now As Many of the i facts. The Reader is Given material handsome Stone buildings As will be by which he forms his own mental needed and hereafter the buildings picture of the goods will probably be less expensive. Some por this purpose try definite and that we Are constructing now Are of detailed though very Brief de scrip Brick. We ought after a few years Tion. Get manufacturers of your lines he has never been known to j to he Able to bring the millage tax j t0 give you some definite facts about Cut a Price on an advertising product i to an end though there is still very How the goods Are put together so Tion. He has formed a Trust of farm ouch yet to be done in the Way of Bhat you can give some real reasons College j Way g00ds Are Superior. Pick out some special bargains de senator Funk was one of a com scribe them As above indicated and Price and the real value done to w. R. C. Mrs. Lenore Hawk of Colfax assistant department president of the women a Relief corps w As in Ames Friday afternoon looking Over this corps. Thore was a Good attendance and everything pronounced in flourishing condition. Light refreshments were served by a committee mesdames Kegler Kingkade and Clem. Cresent club reorganizes Gas have you seen the famous re flex lamp in operation it is known As the economical Home Light. It will save you Money. It will brighten your Home. One is enough for the Ordinary room for it gives eighty Candle Power illumination. We Are glad to answer All inquiries. Ames Gas c phone ? a papers and prices Advance at stated providing facilities for our period on the advertising rates of work. These publications As rapidly As the advertisers will stand for it. He is in a position where he. Can command the rates and command the raise in rates. This millionaire publisher is not satisfied to be Monarch of All he surveys in the farm paper line. He has an ambition to run the Job press and to freeze or drive out the printers who Are in the Job business. To do this he is advertising extensively that i vye the Des Moines printers Are in a Trust i Lunate and that it is impossible to find Competition unless the work is taken to the Homestead office. Or. Pierce did not secure his great business reputation on the policy of running a Cut rate shop. He did not earn his Mil Mittee of the Board of education to visit various colleges in the East to gather information for the Benefit of the Board. Incidentally they kept a Lookout for a Good Man for president at Ames. A if we should be Able to secure a head for the institution at Ames As you believe them to have bother about flowery language. A reason Why advertising is what brings the buyer around. Prices Are the Best argument of All. Oftentimes All that is desirable is a word or two of description with the Crescent club held the first of their series of Winter dances thursday evening in Jamieson s Hall. A business meeting was held and the chiming officers were elected a president or. G. E. Caine vice-pres., prof. Mae Murray Secretary and treasurer or. Julius Tilden. About thirty couples Are members and new names will soon be voted upon. The evening was spent playing cards and dancing music being furnished by Clemmers orchestra. The club will meet every two weeks on thursday evening during the a inter the next dance will he Given thanksgiving eve each member being privileged to bring a guest. Good As our selection at Iowa City. A a a a. Tang would feel ourselves indeed for Price and real value m big Type said or. Funk. In regard to the work of the Board or. Funk stated that it is entirely harmonious. A the Board has been harmonious and the members Are working together in unselfish and patriotic purpose to do the very Best Tell your wants in the want column. Lions by any such business methods. For tile educational interests of the when men go into the general Job ate men on the to Quot have printing it is a sign of approaching not before worked together in poli insanity and no Man can pursue the ties or business have found Contin Cut rate style without losing his head. Or. Pierce has gone crazy. There is not a Man in the City of Des Moines engaged in the general printing business who has made a. Dollar in the past ten years. Several dilate for appointment and did not who have taken on specialities have week the response Hilt it made Money but the men whom or. I but i believe the Board ground on which to labor for Iowa higher education. It is not True there has been friction on the Board which threatens its work. As for myself of course i was not a can Pierce says Are in a Trust to control prices Are not making Money. Job printers Start with something and drop out after spending their time and Money in an Effort to keep soul and body together. It is impossible one. For or. Pierce to name one Des Moines proprietor of a general printing concern who has made As much Money in ten years As he makes in one month with his farm paper Trust. He is too Good a business Man to get is a most excellent one and is doing a great work for these colleges. I am sure that every member is sincerely devoted to the work and that the Outlook for our colleges is exceptionally deaths. The funeral of Peter raft will be held at the residence of e. S. Wilson Daffy during the Best period of his 1329 main Sweet tuesday at 2 Oclock. Life. 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