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Ames Daily Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Nov 9 1911, Page 1

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Ames Daily Intelligencer (Newspaper) - November 9, 1911, Ames, Iowa Ames daily intelligencer flirt by volume 44 la Ames Iowa thursday november 9, 1911 number 32in and religion movement started Ames selects a committee of one Hundred por Forward watch Ames grow nine committees Are formed to Rush the work at Home mud in the neighbourhood surrounding am est president Milichi n outlines the plans Aud throws out some \ a liable suggestions for effective work. Ninety two members of the commute of one Hundred met at the methodist Church sunday afternoon to Complete the organization. Great enthusiasm prevailed and the result of the conference shows a determination on the part of the members that Ames will get into the game and be at the front in this great Forward movement for men and religion. Rev. William j. Minch in president of the ministerial association As chairman of the special committee presided Jand gave Many suggestions for pushing the movement. A in this great movement said or. Minch in a manhood counts for everything. We must have men connected with these affairs whose personal inti hence will count for something. We must enlist these men into this undertaking and build up the spirit of the master in this Community. We must carry this religion into every Home and into every business. To interest men Iii the gospel it must be interpreted in a Manly masculine Way. Men Are ready to listen to tile gospel and to respond to it if it is presented without cant and formality the purpose and characteristics of the new movement were explained by the speaker and tile methods set Forth with which it could gain headway in tile churches. To take up the big problems of the world and express religious life Iii intense terms of service is the tiling for the churchmen to do rather than sing the glories it f the far away land. He explained that the movement is not in reality a new one but an emphasis on the organizations already in existence such As the y. M. A., the brotherhoods the Gideons and the menus clubs. In speaking of i he prominence of women in religious circles he declared that with the right interpretation of the Bible men could become More interested in the work and take a More Active part in it. That men Are not making their manhood count in the churches was the assertion of the speaker. In a this uplift movement a said or. Minchin a we must surround ourselves with men of character men who promote Christian citizenship and whose tendencies Are in the direction of better and purer lives. As an organized body we can accomplish great things for Ames and for the bettering of conditions which have stood too Long uncorrected. We have a condition Here which Calls for the Best work even though at a personal sacrifice to individual members of this Community. But we can not make Progress unless we do make sacrifices Auld by making sacrifices we not Only Benefit the cause but we receive a Benefit for ourselves in blessings which we can not in explaining the Forward movement he said in part a the Forward movement emphasizes the fact that the gospel of a sus Christ has a social aspect that Jesus Christ cares about the wage problem that he cares about the conditions of the factories that he ares about the treatment of those who toil that he is interested in the houses in which they live. It teaches that men care about these things and that the Church cares. It is Only necessary to express this care. Running through All life like a major note is the idea that life is sacred and holy in All its aspects. The time is coming when the doctor the lawyer the merchant and the Farmer will find their business interwoven with their religious life and they will interpret their lives in terms of service. The time is not far Distant when men will talk about their religious life just As enthusiastically and devoutly As about some real estate Deal or other business the organized movement. The several committees which had been selected were assigned to different rooms in the Church and proceed to organize and to Block out the work that is to follow. Special emphasis was made of the four Days rally which will probably be held Early in january. In the meantime the several committees will Start operations in their different lines and will make an Earnest Effort to enlist the services and the attendance of every Man and boy in Ames at the regular Church services and a faithful attendance at the four Days rally. It is the intention to have something going on of a religious character to strengthen manhood during the coming Winter and Spring. The social part is to be made much of. Several things Are being planned for the men and boys. Rig Brothers supper. The evening of monday nov. 30, a supper is to be server at the methodist Church which is called the big Brothers rally. Boys Over fourteen years of age Are to be guests of the big Brothers that evening. The principal address of the evening win be delivered by or. George f. Hall of Chicago who is in charge of the department of social purity of the y. M. Cd a. The big Brothers Are the men of the town and country and they will each be expected to bring one or More boys with them to the supper and pay for the plates and assist the boys in spending an enjoyable evening. Already there is great enthusiasm Over this event. Men Are looking for a boy to invite with As much interest As the Deacon on circus Day to locate a child or two to teach them natural history by showing them the animals. This is to be one of the great evenings in the plans of the men and religious movement. The Mem i gees. Each committee is empowered to add to its membership and to strengthen it in every Way possible. Originally the committee of one Hundred was named by the differed churches so that each Church would have equal representation. Committees however Are to be reinforced when desired. Each committe is working out its own plans of carrying out the work. Chairman Rex of the Community Extension committee gets his committee together this week at a Noonday luncheon and the work is discussed. The executive committee is made up of the chairman secretaries of the committees and of the pastors of the City. The committees in the men and religion Forward movement. Publicity f. R. Conaway Quot chairman prof. J. B. Davidson Secretary Galen Tilden w. A. Perkins Allan Flint Verne Wasser. Finance prof. R. A. Norman chairman c. W. Dudgeon g. H. Smellie w. H. Doggett j. W. Bateman a. H. Persons c. R. Quade. Community Extension w. R. Raymond chairman w. H. Vanduzer w. A. Mcdonald Frank Robertson i. Welch Edwin Rex j. E. Arnold c. D. Knight Geo. Stayner Hon. W. P. George Joe Doggett Guy Ellis de Fischer Warren Glidden j. M. Johnston Kelley prof. A. H. Hoffman Dias. Roach o. E. Wasser prof. A v. Storm j. B. Kooser Secretary prof. F. Curtiss w. T. Roberts j. P. Reid a. T. Erwin f. E. Gun Der c. A. Stewart w. R. Woodruff j. Grupe l. L. Wherry g. H. Hambleton. Bible study g. H. Mellor chair Man Thos. Sloss or. Pammel prof. F. W. Hicks Carl Kennedy prof. S. A. Beach c. Layman w. A. Bower Martin Sar p. J. Templeton. J. G. Mcmillian Geo. Hultz Albert Doggett f. W. Allen f. P. Harris Vennon Glidden or. Blakeslee c. A. Duntz. Social service f. W. Beckman chairman v. W. Slyvester Benton Stull prof. A. B. Noble d. A. Jay j. R. Harrison prof. E e. Little major Herman Knapp president e. W. Stanton prof. W. H. Stevenson Clyde Griffith o. P. Rich g. Hiek be John Mcdowell la. W. Stafford m. J. Adams j. W. Knight h. R. Minkler j. H. Munsinger prof. A. Baughman f. M. Cupps p. E. Brown h. Scofield c. L. Walt mire s. E. Heistand. Missions j. J. Grove chairman capt. K. W. Brown l. Tilden. W. W. Downey w. H. Best e. Potter f. E. Clark w. A. Perry h. M. Templeton j. E. Bennett Grant Barker r. Ramey j. A. Campbell. Boys prof. E. Bishop chairman prof. Hughes prof. W. In Pew Ben Walker general j. It. Lincoln Fred Randall Merle Mcdonald c. B. Mcculloch Harry Brown Thos. Leith g. W. Herrington. Executive chairmen and secretaries of the committees and the pastors of the Ames churches. Reb Kalis visit Webster City. Twenty eight members of the Rebekah Lodge went to Webster City Friday in response to an invitation from that City to come up and put on the work in the evening. After dinner an automobile ride was Given the guests and at 5 2 0 of clock a thre course banquet was served in the Odd Fellows Hall. Those present from Ames were mrs. De proper pianist mrs. Lottie Deal Captain mesdames Mary Stephens g. A. Snook g. A. Stayner j. A. Campbell Tripp. Duckworth Cora Cox John Allen Racine Goble Frank Stultz Charley Lyman Pettibone Sawin Frank Morris Jessie Adams Jessie Kooser f. F. Rogers Conway and grocer and misses Myrtle Hubbard Carrie Berger and Lottie Ballard and or. Frank Arnold. The Rebekah degree team did Fine work and presented a very pretty appearance in the new Robes they so recently purchased for $360. Runaway on main Street. The big team of draft horses belonging to andrew7 Crooks ran away tuesday afternoon. Or. Crooks left the team standing near the tracks while he went into a car after some freight. While he was away the animals became frightened and ran Down main Street carrying the him Ber Wagon to which they were hitched with them. Several men ran into the Street and these together with Tom Thompsons overcoat waved by its owner succeeded in stopping the team. No damage resulted from the new Ames daily five years ago the publisher of the intelligencer promised the business men of Ames that when the proper time come he would provide them with a paper oftener than once a week. The time has never seemed just right for such a venture until the present moment. Men go through the world confirmed bachelors waiting until they can afford to get married. Men go to their Graves unsaved sinners waiting until they Are Good enough to embrace religion. If Ames had to wait until All the conditions were absolutely right before a daily could be established it would never have a daily. Ames needs a daily. The intelligencer is Here to Supply the needs of the Community in this line. Ames great growth during the past five years in population the Extension of her territory until the town is practically five Miles Long with established metropolitan habits metropolitan privileges Are required and the Only Means of becoming acquainted with the affairs of the City is through the newspaper. Merchants have found the weekly paper entirely too slow to Supply their wants. To reach these Homes oftener than once a week has required in enormous expense in circulating circulars and Bills. With a daily newspaper this expense to individual advertisers can be materially reduced. The big problems which confronts Ames educationally commercially religiously socially and industrially can be better served by a More frequent visit of the local newspaper to the Homes every Day than Only once a week. The daily intelligencer will appear every evening except sunday. It will be a modest newspaper to Start with. No great claims will be made for it As to size. It will however Supply the needs and will grow just As fast As the business will warrant. The Best work of those connected with the Enterprise will be put into it and it will make every Effort to Merit a Liberal patronage because to grow it must have a substantial patronage. The daily intelligencer will be the first daily paper printed in Story county. You can Aid in the Enterprise. You can make it easy for us to secure the news. You can boost. The reputation of a town abroad is the reputation Given it by its newspapers. It is to your interest and to the interest of every Enterprise to make the intelligencer the Best newspaper in the state of Iowa. The daily intelligencer extends its greetings to the citizens of Ames and Story county. Great Farmers organization holds state convention Henerey John a Clydey my a. Secretary v. M. R. A. Gets new Seiz Reta by sulphuric acid explodes in lab each Lodge in the state will Send delegates and the conventions will continue in session for several Days will give the Farmers a splendid Opportunity to see the College Iii full blast. The organization of Grange lodges in Iowa for social and Trade benefits to the farming population is again becoming popular. Since january i this year there have been Twenty new lodges organized in Iowa. It is encouraged by the Back to the farm movement the people returning to the farms from the cities desiring More social life to Lessen the Monotony of farm life. The Grange lodges unknown to Many people include Only Farmers or those having an interest in farming As members. Like other orders there Are the subordinate lodges the state Lodge and the National organization. The subordinate lodges meet at least once a month at the Homes of members where after the business is transacted a social time is enjoyed. Although the social feature is the most prominent the organization benefits its members by buying for them if the demand is sufficient articles at reduced prices. The next convention of the National organization will be at Columbus cd november 15 to 19. The next Iowa state convention will be at Ames beginning december 12. Delegates will be sent from the subordinate lodges to each convention. Since january i 1911, there have been Twenty new lodges organized in theatre open november id the most modern Little playhouse to of found in the watch Ames a Bow miss Emma Wilson a freshman severely injured. To. John i. It Lydd of Omaha a an Accident occurred monday accepts position As head of Iowa Ter noon in the chemical Laboratory state c ollege a m. A. A. W Hen miss Emma Wilson a fresh after december i the College y. Man student from Seymour and Stop a. A. Will again have a Secretary Ping at Margaret Hall was badly at its head. The position was offered burned about the face after a sul some time ago to Rev. Journ p. Clyde Puric acid explosion. She was taken of Omaha and his acceptance was re to the Hospital and will be obliged to lived the first of the week. Or. Remain there several Days. Although Clyde was formerly pastor of the the Accident was a very painful one Plymouth congregational Church of and her eyes Are swollen shut or. Omaha and one of Omaha a most Tilden thinks the trouble is a tem popular ministers. He is a Man of Horary one and that her recovery will very pleasing appearance and a Good be Complete. Her sister miss Osee speaker. He made Especial Success Wilson of the Alpha Delta Phis a among the Young people of Omaha senior at i. S. C., is with her. He was formerly a student at Grin Jonah week at chemistry Laboratory Nell College and was one of the Best this week seems to be an unlucky track men the school Ever had hold one for the students in the chemistry ing the intercollegiate 1-2 mile rec Laboratory at the College. Monday Ord for several years. After his miss Alma Wilson of the Domestic graduation at Grinnell he received science department suffered severe some instruction at Yale. Or. Clyde Burns about the head and face caused is a Man of splendid ability. By spilling sulphuric acid upon them. The work has been carried on very she was taken to the Hospital and satisfactorily since or. Bickham left the wounds dressed at once. The by the Young men who have been in Burns were not As serious As was charge but having other duties have first thought and miss Wilson is get not been Able to give Tihe great prop i Ting along a Well As could be exposition the time necessary. The col j ducted. Tuesday morning Carl new lege y. M. A. Is a growing Insti-1 Man was badly burned on the left tuition and is rapidly becoming the Arm while generating methane. His dynamic Force hoped for. The record i to it urns were however not As serious made last year under the direction As miss Wilson s and will not cause of or. Bickham surpassed the work of any like institution in the country. It w As so remarkable that it attracted the attention of Chicago and he was transferred to the University work there. Him the loss of any school work. At last the Road is in sight. At a meeting of the Board of education of the College last week the Board voted to install the much talked of Road through the Campus from farm station to the North line of the College grounds. This matter was brought up Early in the summer but the Board of supervisors of the county refused to co operate and extend the Road on through the Section line running East and West As the Highway commission planned so the matter was dropped for the time being. The Board decided wednesday to go ahead and put in their part of the Road anyway and so Wrork will be commenced upon it and the Bridge across Squaw Creek in the North Woods some time in the near future. Charles Olsan injured. Charles Olsan son of f. J. Olsan suffered the fracture of his right forearm tuesday afternoon about 2 of clock while at work on the new Olsan Block at the Corner of main and Burnett Avenue or. Olsan has Lieen running the Concrete mixer for some time and it was while at work about the machine that the Accident occurred. He went to reach Over the cog wheel for something and the sleeve of his coat caught in the cogs. His Arm was Bent Over one of the Oil cups and both Bones were snapped just below the Elbow. The injured Man was taken at once to a physician where the fracture was reduced. Or. Olsan is recovering As Well As could be expected and will regain the use of his Arm in a few weeks. When in need of anything ask for it through the want column. Might As Well be out of the world As to be out of touch with the Loca happenings of Ames. The Only Way you can keep up to Date is to read the intelligencer. Pioneer fraternity is again installed in 1892 the Only fraternity at Iowa state College was the Delta Tau Delta which was banished according to the policy of the Board of trustees who decided to allow no fraternities or sororities. Last saturday evening there was a re installation of the chapter the members of the Hawkeye club being initiated. The preliminaries took place at the new chapter House on Hyland Avenue from ten until twelve of clock saturday morning followed by another part of the ceremony from six until nine of clock that night at which time a six course banquet was held at alumni Hall covers being Laid for sixty Many a a deltas being present from Iowa City the University of Nebraska and Northwestern University at Chicago. The tables were prettily decorated in the purple Gold and White of the fraternity Many yellow and White chrysanthemums being used being sent from Council Bluffs at the request of or Wilcox a the toastmaster for the evening was or. W. L. Mckay of Chicago the National Ritualist. The speakers were or. H. Wallace Des Moines or. Parrish of the Iowa City chapter Dean Curtiss a member of the old chapter then the Omega prime or. Lndgren speaking for the new chapter now the Gamma i and or. George Ross of Des Moines. The fraternity was founded fifty three years ago at Bethany College Virginia and the Day following its Organiza Tion or. Ross was asked to become a member consequently he was Able to give a very interesting talk on the Early history of the fraternity. There Are now fifty sir chapters but Only two in Iowa. Beside the speakers already mentioned there were present messes. A. F. Lundgren i. S. W. Armendt i. S. Prof. H. W. Gray i. S. W. A. Ashby i. A c. M w. Joiner i. S. A to now farming near Maquoketa. Robert Fulton i. S. Sex �?T12, farming near storm Lake. Paul Bradley i. S. J. A. Clutter i. S. T. Troeger i. S. Ex-�?T13, farming near storm Lake. R. G. Andrews i. S. �?T09, senior Law student at the University of Minnesota. H. E. Davis i. S. N. W. Cressler i. S. W. L. Davenport i. S. R. L. Rutledge i. S. William Sheahan i. S. Austin a. Dowell i. S. J. M. Dowel i. S. Ex-�?T13, farming near Bedford. A. R. Karr i. S. H. A. Wallace i. S. A to Des Moines with Wallace a Farmer. E. He Deemer i. S. Ill with Todd amp Kraft Des Moines. R. S. Mckee i. S. H. M. Noel i. S. P. E. Wylie i. S. Ill in contract work at Freeport 111. W. L. Thomas i. S. Sex �?T12, farming near Coon rapids. W. S. Dudgeon professor of biology at Centeral University at Pella. H. E. Hazen i. S. �?T09, head of Denmark Academy. H. B. Walker i. S. A to assistant state drainage Engineer in Kansas with Headquarters at the state agricultural College at Manhattan. W. D. Johnston. I. S. A to doing civil engineering work at Texarkana Kansas having returned this summer from Panama where he has been on the canal. Tile theater is Complete in All of its arrangements with giant seats commodious stage and ail Modem is declared to tie fire proof secures its Talent from the Western vaudeville circuit. In a few Days Ames will see the of the Princess one of the prettiest and most up to Date of the moving picture houses in the West. The owners of the building judge c. G. Lee messes. Charles Sears and c. S. Narvils have spared no expense to make it thoroughly first class and the same energetic and discriminating Effort will be used by messes. Narvis and Sears in the operation of the theater. The building has on the main floor in auditorium two store rooms ticket office lobby and stage. The East room at the front is 12x20 feet and is beautifully finished in Birch mahogany with settee show cases for goods and everything to make a comfortable smoking room the goons to be carried being cigars tobacco and smokers supplies. There will also be a score Board and All the latest sporting news. In the Spring the baseball score will be Given by innings As fast As played. Or. Max Hardin of Ames will be in charge of this Annex during the Day and or. Jay Gould a Junior at Iowa state College from Clebourne Texas evenings. The West one of the store rooms is diminished in size by the taking out of the space necessary for it a ticket office and will be used for the display and Sale of periodicals and Allegretti chocolates the news stand and confections being in charge of mrs. Earl Hart. The auditorium is sixty feet Long and thirty seven feet wide with a steel ceiling Ivory White in color. The Walls Are shaded beginning with a creamy tint near the ceiling shading into a deep Rose color near the floor. The seating capacity is four Hundred the chairs being upholstered opera seats placed so As to have two aisles which will be lighted from below with electric bulbs under Glass so As not to interfere with the shows and yet to provide Light for those coming in late. This Large room is exceptionally Well ventilated having one vent in the ceiling and two openings Over the stage the stage is thirty seven feet wide and Twenty feet deep the opening being twelve feet High by Twenty feet. The front drop is embellished with a pretty bit of scenery. Two sets of scenery have Ben provided one a parlor Interior the other a Woods scene. In the basement there is a Furnace room toilet room three dressing rooms both hot and cold water. The picture Booth is 7x12 feet lined with Asbestos Board one eighth Inch thick becoming one fourth Inch thick near the floor. It w ill be provided with a monograph machine and a regular theater spot Light instead of using stereo Ticon lenses on the picture machine As is ordinarily done. This picture Booth has All openings equipped with automatic shutters that will close mechanically under excessive heat insuring the safety of the Public in Case of an explosion in the film room. According to Law the doors All open outward but in addition to that the stage door which is a double one is provided with an automatic von do Prin self releasing fire exit lock which on the slightest push outward lets Down bars that fastens the door open. The underwriters in examination of the building declare it to be absolutely fire proof. Or. Joe eld Redge of Ames will run the monograph machine and Harry Hall will be stage manager. The prices for the House will not be As usual the first eight rows Selling for Twenty cents each the balance of the House for ten cents each. Ushers will be on hand to attend the patrons and music will be furnished by messes. Max Hardin of Ames at the piano and Morris Roberts of Macon mo., As trap drummer the vaudeville stunts will be booked out of Chicago Over the Western vaudeville circuit and will change on mondays and thursdays. Every evening there will be a change of films two new reels of licensed films being used each night the pictures used being biography Vito graph Esseny path Lubin Melies Selig and Kalem. Messes. Sears and Narvis wish to assure the Public that they will make every Effort to run the Best show possible in such a manner As to please the people. It pays to advertise. Just watch Ames grow

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