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Ames Daily Intelligencer (Newspaper) - July 25, 1912, Ames, Iowa Ames daily intelligencer volume 45ames, Iowa thursday july 25, 1912 number 174 state convention Boll Moose party held yesterday everything unanimous for t. Roosevelt judge Stevens leads the Herd or. Charles Talmage of Boston led the delegates into another bom of enthusiasm for Roosevelt when he criticised governor la f. Carroll for the latter recent defense of the Chicago convention. Wix Payne was Che 7th District member of the committee on to Olu to ions. Dood attendance St Stdon show joint meeting judg John l. Stevens will Lead the mull Moo Heil to it Chicago next week and this time ii1 will tee that he a a to Hauhee to talk Iii Tho convention if he wants to. At t in late Chicago Coin a Tion tie was Only a District Delegate. Next week he will be Delegate of Large. Member of tie1 National committee and chief Engineer of Iii own steam toilet. Ile gave an exhibition of the i m ins it r of the it w St eat ii my no when i it t to Over tie Fellows win Des cd to put up a state ticket. Stevens i an artist at the machine. Roosevelt enthusiasm of Lier most pronounced sort marked the or Iowa St an Progress pc Parte com coition \ esterday when a platform to Plank Tje Claring Foi the direct election be postmaster by their cont a Neils was adopted with three affirmative Cie ors. Lit convention chose i Filiti set of a a to the National Convent urn at i meager state and District electors i Gani Zed a working at e Central cum j Mil tee and provided f a Ron Gressional. I District and county or Van at Ion. J the platform cond. Urns the Itepnbh-c1 a Tilden. L. O. A Houek can National convention and Ropubii-1 can National committee at Chicago i fatal shooting Accident or., Taft no caused by dogs activity it a nary and in it noon cos w Bai a1 a Legrd to lie ill Bulsei vie Rev to a it j Cid inter Sis. A a i to j. A a rho. Id Ore i Hira Derris ii Jean Roosevelt a a the Foremost ? of r i Brough the heart and world a and declares for in s Nom i Lithion i and election urges presidential Pri-1 i in the election of i. Oiled states Sena oils endorses Ile. Nit no Ive and referendum and tasks in physical valuation of Railroad proper in and a pro i a a it i a a Truid 114m.i it a ii t in by to labor in Domestic manufactures agriculture and other the first Roosevelt enthusiasm broke so. Fell de i where she stood. There was a Good attendance last evening of the citizens interested in the Ames Stock show. Xii were Ltd Thusia Stic for the exhibition. Nethol meeting is to lie held monday evening at the of ice of the daily intelligencer at 7 30, w Hen these matters will in discussed and if possible decided pie time name admission Anlu Seimenis to Nance. President Valentine of the merchants organization appointed the following committees business men i. No Bosworth or Christ. Tom Thompson Che Bauge j. J. Trove. Breeders j. A. Taylor Joe Stew Ard. Sam Houser. W. Barr. S. P. Freed. J. F. Warren i a Ros Erzfeld k. Kimball w. F. Templeton j a. Judge Tell. Maxwell Ray Bennett Dan Jacobsen John Talisman. The commit tee from the and club is p. L. Sit eely Vav it. Pew a f. A a Oid. W us shot killed yester i Day at Lebanon. Ill its a re sub of an Accident caused by a dug. The girl a in the Yard if the Ferris Home Aud not far away John Wallace a neighbor boy l l year old. A cleaning a revolver. A tim in amp pred tile loaded Cylinder into place a a tog a Ltd a. in. Him to discharge the weapon Accident ta11v. The Bullet struck the girl and Louse a few minutes lion opened when it Lonel i to Mise v e 11 Iowa progressives after i be Coin in t Telegram from Pongrat ulat my a Road increase your business by and Vest my it in the daily intelligencer. I ladies new neck Wear and collars just arrived we just got in some very pretty Crochet ties and handsome collars. The very latest out our tables Are full of bargains. Muslin underwear go at very Low prices. Wash goods at sacrifice prices a big lot of remnants at less than one half regular Price. Mens suits mens $25 and 26 suits at $16.48 mens $15 and 16 suits at $11.48 come and get some of the bar gains. Special for saturday Only ladies silk parasols ones saturday Only $1.25. $2.50 i Quot the fair Quot sept few Hicks i a George Over makes his report to school Bourd superintendent i. We h irk a made the following i Poi to the Board of education to the Board of education gentlemen i submit herewith my second annual report of the ame a time schools for Rie school Yea a ginning september 4th, but Tad ending May 31. Ipi j. Condition of work the year s work by not been without its weakness and tie need for some changes in the work is Argent a Row lieu cond it eat and Lack of facile Rit a. In the High 1 i iou i Lei riot by Handicap d us out work there. The Lack of Man i la Hull Jal Iii by in grades Aud of game Ion Foi Industrial work Fin by gods a mad our Erieau diary school work in vital than it should have been the work foe the veal has shown that the following things must receive attention an emphasis if the work in oui elementary Schuri is lot a of vital Ane practical Worth to the Public. I. It Otise a study it Lur elementary schools need a More practical course >1 study. Ane course my i a Havad for More definite work Iii geography history. It i is. Sanitation and Al Auh elementary Simm. Industrial work and Iii ail expressive work and Ai the same time keep proper emphasis on the value that comes from these cask d cultural studies. It or work in draw Kip must boots i valor by it More to lit Ami in using it As a mean for the Chou s Titer a rotation of the things of life i be nets fur go the. Be limb writing is so gent that Little Geed be said won reference to it. Our elemental., schools must enable out Pupil write a a a i by x. Rapid. And with East to. Win k in music Mast be considered in both its real educative and its inspirational value to t he child. Come of heat at the convention Hon. Vav. I. George a overcome to heat Ai the Bull Moose convention at Des Moville yesterday morning about la o clock. Bus end in in a As Consul a a gtd serious at the time. He a taken to the Buel and Cabihi for. I. George and miss in i a let am a soon a not to j and remain with him until thl morning when All Carn flume in an meter Urban car at ii Bourn today inside a Whitlow la a Mil the pure a the country High off he waving Corn he is improving. Wedding Bells still ring the weather to it. I i Vii it to in i be friends a a Little late in learn lag of a wedding that occurred it Marshalltown commencement week. It Liee ame known however soon r than a sex i my a of alls Alta Zimmerman Lek am for a visit wit h her Brothel at Chicago Bai iop of Oft at mar halite in where he met George t. Wright and they were married. The Bride wont to Chicago and the Groom let for Ltd for redo where he Haboon working a t mechanical engine. The two arrived in Ames yesterday and were greatly Surprise to find that ,., secret a known. Quot Rufus Wing in. I a Sophomore in m k. At the Coll it probably fair tonight and Friday slightly cooler tonight. The temperature is considerably lower in the Mississippi Valley but is somewhat higher West of the Rockies. July 25 in american history. 177.0 Henry Knox. Gen erase rotary of War under w i Ingfong Ike in died i sch kit Battle of Luah s Lam. It. Ii to Between British and americans inst Jedi Era Sam Houston texts p. I riot at one time govern of leu ii Assoc and later of Tex. Died of Tex. Lion i him Elizabeth Taylor dumb id ire daughter of president a a he or Taylor and Uii stress of ii a while House during his term. Died Ai with Heater a. Born ism Alfild Thomas la Looker rear Admiral ii. S. N retired died born is Ufi j a in Salbert Hawke rear Admiral iss retired. Died born ing astronomical events i rom noon today to noon Hun acts 7 22, rises 4 40. Evening stars Mars Jupiter Mercury Venus. Morning Star Saturn. Willis arrested for exceeding the Ames Shead limit or Harrington it Nevada has tied Bec brother and sister in Law Esaud Emma Barrington for i claiming that they have been circulating libellous statements against her rept it Ion. J Fred Willis torn Down main Street j at a la mile clip in his Auto last a veining Marshall Ricketts called to i him. The veils were taken up by j others on the Street which increased i the a Joyed to r>0 Miles. Willis turned into the garage Louii up for another whirl when Ricketts who had followed Asfa to a he could tia i arrested him i for exceeding the Speed limit. Willis claimed that he was not familiar with the new order and that he a vol led past the sign boards u o read them. He Wilt have ins ii evening before jut in Man g la. Maxwell ii ordinance will to it enforce autos but for Modr cycles. All kinds. I Marshall Rick to has inst. I to look after bicycles on the id v. And bicycles a i Tho it lamps. fleets to enforce rho ordinance it is generally understood hat ten Miles mean no to Cace Al Liften w Here Drivers Are careful Al Jur. O Trade in Ames try a want be i licence r. And la the Dally la in Leoffie co to i by Iii ill ii Vos a my More in tin s mid Kiwi it. Uni Editn. Gal Cion a he 11> mint to co Liege and anus Mac Quot to it Volu it Ivey graduated. A a cig it i i Ecol turn or is a r Ai but. Rlph in mix vils journal nut that a Iowa Republican Appert to be l ily Well United upon on subject the de it a turning senator kenyan in it tin and agrees that Quot goo i citizens of w hat v or party May we ii be o a 11zed Teile Hisiu our Eleun in his8umpul t lie Caus a a nooks a i More uciin.,.Quot Ai to Eurim. Doltl erect a it Lucy a i Tal Zed teaching it the Oitte Reut Quot it Jeet in the eth get must re i at Ai to til tilings of life to the end that pupils May interpret sum1 of lift s exp Rinere. And i1 Lect from the Groat multitude of such experiences that Art capable f i i i s int r Peel cd and bit. A really Worth it it 1 till i the great work of the com Idary teacher the real i Adileno it to aching include Quot something Moro ban merely showing a Pupil How a thing i .me Soini teeing More than a Mere statement a it of the process involved. That which tin teacher has ext it Erten Eod with reference to any subject must tie translated Over into the sex Peri enc it it of the Pupil to do this effectively the teacher must have something More than merely a subject matter knowledge of her work. Our High school work must he strengthened is work in manual arts Home economics a full commercial course and More definite Laboratory work in the sciences. We Arr coming to realize that Industrial work properly direr ted a that which is timely cultural a Well a of practical value. The need for commercial work is mar urgent than Wear wont to us iter. The High helium owes Nome thing to those who Are to find their places in the businesses it to world. A commercial course w ill offer a definite thorough Drill Aud a foundation in of of the things that Are considered fundament Ai in 1 or business world. Utility to write legibly rapidly and with it ase. To spell correctly Aud to write a Good business letter calcular1 rapidly and with accuracy a familiar knowledge of the world great industries of the simple principle of business method and co in me re in i Law a definite understanding of the simple conditions of our civic life and the Workings of government these Are surely considered fundamental in the business world and a commercial course must be based us it on such fundamental things. If our work in science is to mean anything to the Pupil Opportunity must be Given for carefully planned and Well directed Laboratory work our athletic work must be encouraged and supported. We need the various activities and the influence that come from them to help in making a Good wholesome High school spirit. Oui serious need is for a Field that can be used for High school games and activities. We Are seriously Bandie a pts d in having to go to the College Field Foi our different games and contests. Vav appreciate til1 Courtesy that the col lege has shown us in the use of the Contini Ell on Page four. Of Hill Lite people really appreciate courage a dancer Ltd Aud moral Worth in their put flu servants senator Kenyon vol win East to. The Way to help him i t a a Vole for Republican candidate for Thiv Gisi at urn Vames Stork special \ babe n i by Bons to a wellspring of i w irs born til fro i and or a i. I s win july 24. A daughter prof. Erwin in addition to i a ing Tov or of the beauties of nature interested in Flowers blossoms Aud playgrounds has its a a director to the \ Mea Sav Ings Bank population club veg Matulat ions Are to Piug extended to the Erwin family. Whiite w Hsi is i $1.251 ii Huth priday morning we place on Sale All of our Fine White waists waists that sold at s2. S3. $4 and j5--All sizes tour Choice. Ji.25 a jux Ajak about bargains Here is inc Roesl orig thu of it a a this season. Semmons w8 woman pokes her head through a car window where Are the limits a ii is claimed by those who say Ibex know Iii at the City limits As posted by t by City with the new signs Are As badly off is the signs on the Telephone poles and lamp posts giving the name of the Krecta. On the sign on North Dull in sign kist is two blocks off rom the Coak limit. The new signs Mno Unee that this is Ames and that the Speed limit must not exceed ten Miles an hour. Roy o Donnell who has been farming atom Lolo will take one of the v acan is m tin Extension department. He is web Lilied fur the work. Chautauqua season tickets on Sale in Lier haste to witness the excite men which was taking place in the platform of the detect at Valley Junction yesterday morning mrs g. F. Johnson of Earlham t Trust her head through a pane of Glass in the railway car window sustaining dump cuts about the forehead. Mistaking the go. For an open j window airs. Johnson thrust her head through the Yia with sufi chem Force to break the Glass into hundreds of Small pieces. Tho excitement was j caused by a Small boy who eluded i parents and loft tin train at Valley Junction. When the fact became j known the Engineer backed the train to t a depot w Here Ute child had been taken in charge by the tie agent. Season tickets Are now on ale at the Foh owing places the fair store general in Ere handle Tilden store general me to Bandi a a k Hudson groceries j. Ii. Looser groceries a j Mirove groceries t. J. Lough ran drugs jul dim a bros., drug ii. I. Bosworth drugs j k. It again drugs Stury a bunty Bank i Aion National Bank a tries savings Bank m. K. Smith real estate to Ari l Little a a1<k. Road state let the Public know what you have i to sell. Band concert program band concert program for Friday evening. July 2t> at the Ames i i to Park. March our favorite Banner. O Vertu re to i pm a1. Serenade at the Fountain. Rage a Arresto w n. Waltz discovered love. A a intermezzo rustling Silks. March the kitties. Mazurka the Hose Queen. Novelette a fairy tale. March our Mascot. The election at Huxley next wed in Day will decide which of the two companies the Bootie or the interurban will furnish electric Light for that place. A stiff fight is on. Love that last. Mrs. Flippy Quot i wonder if my husband will love Quot me when Ray hair is Gray a her Friend a of course win. He a loved you through shades of hair he three Cool clearance prices the warmest Day this summer will seem cooler if you Wear a Hart Schaffner amp Marx Cool two piece suit. They Are made for your Comfort during these hot Days. Nice Gray and tan fabrics made in sacks and Norfolk. We re Clearing the Stock now. / $25.00 suits a $16 50 22.50 suits 15.00 20.00 suits 13.50 18.00 suits.12 00 15.00 suits 10.00 the Tilden store
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