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Ames Daily Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1911, Page 1

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Ames Daily Intelligencer (Newspaper) - December 20, 1911, Ames, Iowa Ames daily intelligencer volume 44ames, Iowa wednesday december 20, 1911 number 66 Many come in on trains and inter Tot e Man who fell from the trolley is improving the trains and interurban cars have brought Man people to Ames to do their Christmas shopping. Ames is fortunate in having a train and car service that gives visitors time to shop during the Day and to visit the College before returning Home. If they desire. Ames has Many attractions to bring outside people Here. With judicious advertising and the goods to deliver Ames can double the volume of Trade during the coming year. It will take work however and it will take boosting. In the meantime the Holiday Trade is greater than anticipated. There Are still some people who have not yet started to do their Christmas shopping. Tomorrow is thursday. After that Friday and saturday Only remain far the finals. Why not close it up tonight or to Morrow. Lee Mitchell a lineman for the fort Dodge Des Moines amp Southern railway co., who Wras injured sunday by falling from the top of a car is recovering rapidly. Or. Mitchell was repairing the trolley wire when the Accident happened. He was standing on the top of one of the College cars and lost his footing. He fell to the pavement and was carried away unconscious. His injuries were later found to be merely bruises and he will probably resume Wrork inside of a week. Pure drugs at Loughrane a. An estimate. A what is your new automobiles horse Power a a Well it took two to hat it Home the other Day armory is to become a skating rink j programs of schools thursday and Friday of District court commencing with Christmas Day the armory is to become a skating rink. Of j. Haas of Des Moines has leased the building and will Start repairs and the smoothing of the floors at once. After the Vermont show manager Bartholomew will turn the key on the armory As a play House. See announcement on Page three. Christmas packages and letter sent special delivery have the preference Over All other mail. The fee is to cents in addition to the Law Ful postage. Hit4 Xmas stationery at Loughrane a. All colors and races. Some can say a Mamma Quot others a papa Quot and one variety says a Stop that Quot dolls 25c and up a the fair 99 the jury commission consisting of clerk of courts Soper auditor Batman and recorder Tesdall met and Drew the list of grand jurors to serve during the year 1912 and the trial jurors for the january term. The grand jurors report for duty 1 30 on monday january 8, which is the first Day of the term while the trial jurors will not report for duty until ilk of the Forenoon of monday january 15, which is the second week of the term. Judge r. Wright of fort Dodge will be on the Bench. Tile list of jurors Fol lows grand juror Lor 19151 Albright win., Lincoln. Baldus l. C., Lafayette. Campbell j. E., Franklin. Cole a. C., Indian Creek. Fantz b. Grant. Fitzgerald jno., new Albany. Frev s. B., Milford. Gates win., Nevada City. Groseclose j. W., Union. Orning Peter Story City. Oxley j. A. Collins. Risdal Jacob Howard. Trial juror for january term Apple a., Richland. Barger John Washington. Campbell k. J., Milford. Clark w. W., Ames 3d Ward. Clark n. J., Ames 2d Ward. Crain c. E., Nevada 2d. Ward. Crooks a. M., Milford. Deakins g. B., Ames 4th Ward. Ersland Nels Palestine 2. Parry Art Collins. Franklin a. B., Collins. Graves e. In Washington. Gruwell a. C., Ames 4th Ward. Hall j. L., Ames 2d Ward. Hailey geo., Nevada 3d Ward. Hawkins w. A Union. Highland Eddie Milford. Houge Jos Palestine no. 2. Igan o. D., Warren. Jacobson Nels h., Franklin. Johnson Henry Collins. Jones Edw Collins. Keefe Tim Grant. Noose Sam Franklin. Knudtson Tom Story City. Larson Ole Howard. Lee John Palestine no. 2. a tens p. M., Howard. Mead a. J., Indian Creek. Meimann Frank Richland. Moon D., Lincoln. No Wing j. C., Nevada. Of Neil jno., new Albany. Owens Harry Nevada 2d Ward. Peal t. Franklin. Peterson Ole Nevada 1st Ward. Perry Frank Lincoln. Rasmussen Lars Milford. Rasmussen j. V., Howard. Riddlesbarge Lee Nevada. Selvog Martin Howard. Smith m. E., Indian reek. Smith j. E., Nevada 1st Ward. Soren Osmund Warren. Squires Wames 4th Ard. Stevens c. Palestine no. 2. Swartz f. D., Nevada 1st Ward. Taylor j. A. Grant. Tesdahl Andrew Palestine no. I. Tolbertson will Story City. The City schools close Friday for the j Sigular Christmas vacation. Work will resume monday Jan. 8th. Programs have been planned for As Fol own thursday teachers and pupils in the Welch school tile Lincoln school and the Central school have arranged an exhibit of work in drawing and penmanship for thursday afternoon. Parents of pupils enrolled in these schools Are cordially invited to visit the schools and see some of this work. Priday Beardshear school a Mother Goose convention a a at City Library at 9 of clock. Lincoln school grades i and 2 will unite in a Short program. Central school miss Hadley a pupils will give a Short Christmas program. The Man with the broken jaw Mas in out West Day 5 i Somas Xmas decorations at Loughrane a. The weather just watch agricultural engineering grow heavy Snow or rain tonight and probably thursday. High Easterly winds. Prof. And mrs. Davidson entertained at dinner monday evening the guests being the seniors in the depart ment of agricultural engineering. Last year there was Only one graduated from this division. This year there will be five and in 1913 there Are fifteen to finish. Mrs. Davidson served five course dinner the table being fire last night threatened main Street a it ret Lily decorated in the Christmas colors Holly being used at each place and in the Centrepiece the red and Green also being carried out in the nut cases. Al the close of the dinner i cull merriment was evoked from the racking of nuts in the shells of which were found original conundrums the answers to which were embodied in the name of the guest. The history of the congregational Church the Rev. T. O. Douglas father of mrs. Hod son has just published a Book on a a the pilgrims of Iowa a a history of congregationalism. No one was so Well fitted to Tell this As Rev. Or. Douglas who has been in the work Many years. The work will be a valuable record of the work of the congregational Church of Iowa. Christmas packages by special delivery Xmas cigars and candies at Lough ranks. 64-6fr�7-68 coffin funeral thursday the funeral services for George coffin will be held at the Home in Des Moines thursday at i o clock. A special delivery fee of to cents in addition to the lawful postage will insure prompt delivery of Christmas packages. Special delivery mail has the right of Way Over everything else. The regular special delivery stamp can be used or to cents in Ordinary Stamps will do if the words a a specs a Al delivery Are plainly written across face of package or letter. The person to whom mail is addressed signs a receipt but the package e or letter can be mailed by sender in Ordinary Way. 6614 when Iowa was ruled by Spain and France Xmas perfumes at Loughrane a. Gov. Kirkwood s birthday main Street Early this morning had a close Call from a disastrous tire. About 2 of clock Marshall Ricketts was notified by a train Crew of a fire at the rear of the masonic building. An Ash pile took fire and started a Blaze on the High Board Fence and Telegraph pole and was making rapid headway to the pile of boxes and packing from the store rooms. Or. Ricketts called tire chief Leo Morris and assistant Mccoy and the three manned the Hose cart and extinguished the Blaze. It was a much More different Job than would seem. The ashes burned like a Volcano. The Strong East w ind scattered the fire into a regular pyrotechnic display. But for the prompt work of the officials another Story would have been necessary today. Today is the anniversary of the birth of Iowa a War governor Samuel j. Kirk. Wood. In two years Iowa can celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of this historical figure. Briefly his record is born in Maryland dec. 20, 1813. Member of the convention which framed the present Ohio Constitution in 1850. Came to Iowa in 1855. Elected governor of Iowa in 1859 and again in 1861. Declined the appointment by Lincoln As minister to Denmark. Ames wins poultry prizes hard to Bear. At is always painful to sea somebody fooling the Public. For anything in Fine merchant tailoring Call on e. S. Hicks Corner seventh St. And Douglas ave. 62i8 try the daily advertising columns. When the Sun Rose 108 years ago today this Iowa land was in the Domain of the kingdom of Spain. Before noon the formal Transfer of the land was made and for a few hours we were under the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte first Council of France. Before the Sun went Down the stars and stripes were floating from the old Cabildo at new Orleans the capital of Louisiana and the great Empire West of the Mississippi River became the property of the United states of America. The Purchase Price was $15,000,000 or about two and a half cents an acre. How Buff Orpington won out for Ames last week at the Boone poultry and Corn exhibit or. Frank Cameron getting first prize on Pullet and or. noose first second third and fourth on cockerel second third and fourth on Pullet and first on Hen and club special. There was a Large attendance from Ames. There were eighty Birds in the White Wyandotte class being the strongest in a show of 700 Birds. Tallman received first on cock and second and fourth on Hen and had the second Best pen of five Birds. R. Glidden won third on cock third and fourth Pullet and third pen of Best five Birds. The Man Harve Davis a a killed has taken his departure for the West. He did not like the Industrial life at the county farm and returned to Ames monday. Marshal Ricketts took him to a restaurant and expected to hear him Call for soup but instead he demanded rare Beefsteak and a slice of Ham. A i never supposed that a Man with a broken jaw could Chew beef a declared the marshal after he had chaperoned the victim to a West bound train and Given him a Farewell. Many reports have been in circulation concerning the incident of two weeks ago. Marshal Ricketts was asked for a Correct statement. A the fellow had no visible Means of support when i found him and i gave him a bed in the City jail for the night. Next morning i let him out. He could have had a breakfast off the City if he had asked for it. But he started off Down the Street and asked several men for mopey enough to buy a breakfast. Fred Munn was the Only real Santa Claus to him and he came across with a Quarter. With this in his pocket he went to the twin owl and ordered a full meal. He asked for about everything in sight Ham and eggs doughnuts pie baked Beans and Coffee. After he had cleaned everything up he Laid Down his Uncle Munn Quarter and departed. The a tragedy occurred just after that. Davis called to him and then followed him to the Street. He called attention to the Short change and asked for the balance due. The reply was such that the Wrath of the restaurant Man was stirred and he struck him. The Man fell to the pavement and lit on his jaw. Thedo tors at first thought the Caw was broken and he was sent to the county farm. But life out there was too Dull for him and in a few Days he was Back in Ames ready to Chew on nails or boiler Iron. He was not a desirable citizen and had been dumped on us by some town which desired to get rid of him. A Davis should not have struck him. officers of the Law Are Here to Deal with All such characters. But i have never known Davis to turn a Man Down who asked for a meal. A hard Luck Story always touches his heart. The fellow who comes at him like this fellow did however will never forget the sign of the twin a thing of Beauty is not always a jaw forever. A treasure indeed. The woman who can both act and think for herself is a treasure indeed to the Man Lucky enough to posses for anything in Fine merchant tailoring Call on e. S. Hicks Corner seventh St. And Douglas ave. 62t8 nature pro Vujea. Nothing happens to any Man which he is not formed by nature to Marcus Aurelius elected United states senator in 1866. Again elected governor of Iowa in 1875. Again elected United states senator in 1877. Appointed by Garfield Secretary of the Interior in 1881. Died at Iowa City feb. I 1894. Mrs. Kirkwood lives at the old Home. Join the throng at the Tilden store the store with the Christmas spirit the last of the Reserve Stock is now on display assortments will begin to break tomorrow. we v a i a. In a a would you like to buy a few acres of september 1st she celebrated her 9 it the Story county land at the original Fig-1 birthday anniversary. Ure handkerchief bargain Christmas Snow has started in Earnest tonight and thursday we will sell Fine sheer handkerchiefs Madeira embroidered our 20c handkerchiefs and Worth the Price at the special Price of 2 for 25c a Snow which promises to give i Christmas the old time appearance started this morning and has been falling All Day increasing in volume every hour. Or Chappel wires the daily intelligencer that a heavy Snow storm is on tonight and probably thursday. P. O. Society governor Kirkwood was very much interested in the promotion of the College at Ames and his messages contain Many references to needed appropriations to equip the College for practical work. On one of his visits Here he talked seriously to the boys in College who were shirking the military Drill. A every student ought to be glad of the Opportunity afforded to receive this military training a said he. A should a War break out the boys with this training will Wear the shoulder straps and the Fellows outside the lines will be eligible Only for some very interesting prices on Coats and furs go into effect this evening. Special for thursday 29 Dainty Satin pin cushions trimmed with ruffles of flowered ribbon and Fine lace 75c and $1 values Choice for thursday Only 50c a tit to c Only a few sets left and very special p Luxo prices on them. Come now. Bargains in cloaks skirts dress goods this week Semmons dry goods store the meeting of the p. Of a was held tuesday afternoon with mrs. R. H. Mccarthy on fifth Street. The Home was prettily decorated with Holly Christmas Bells and the Flower of the society marguerites. Mrs. H. Stange read an interesting Christmas Story after which Light refreshments were served by the social committee for the afternoon mesdames m. K. Smith a. H. Munn and a. Walkey. Mrs. Stevens of Boone was a guest. Supreme grand master order of Lions Here jewelry Sale continues until this evening. Floyd b. Of Brien of Seattle Washington supreme grand master of the Independent order of Lions of the United states and Dominion of Canada and mrs. Of Brien arrived this morning for a few Days visit at the Home of or. Geo w. Of Brien. _ the Tilden store

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