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Ames Daily Intelligencer (Newspaper) - April 3, 1912, Ames, Iowa Oth�eejstoscffi3 b Simek in Simuen a Sam Duel Between pan and bag. By Martha Mcculoch Williams. Experience has been in Quot Only school a which perhaps accounts for the fact that i hold no opinions halfheartedly. Especially about cooking. It seems to me the finest of Fine arts All too much mis prised and held a Drudgery instead of a privilege. Possibly this makes me reactionary a Holder fast to old methods. Certainly when soyers paper bag cookery was suggested to me there was not a stouter septic in All these United states. Soyer s experience did nothing to change my mind. Rather it convinced me that paper bag cooking was one of the things that Cost More than they come to. For i set myself this sum. Bags plus greasing plus clips equal a a Cost of Many sauce pans. Furthermore it is against sense and reason that the Mere putting of food in a bag should either hasten the cooking or better the flavor of it. Thus i argued the Case fort Riga by but ended by concessions i would try out paper Bass and see what i should see. The first bag left me warmly triumphant. Wisdom ferments like yeast. As i acquired it there was no keeping it to myself. It dripped Down upon my next Story neighbor a Cook both born and made. She was interested but septic Al less so than i had been notwithstanding of an open mind. So when i proposed an Experiment a culinary Duel of you please whose result was to be decided by the Scales she was Toady even eager to engage in it each of us bought a rib roast hers weighing four pounds mine but three. To the Eye they were identical save in the matter of size. And our Gas ranges Are oven Brothers is de by exactly the same pattern. Her roast went into a pan mine into a bag. Not having to Baste nor watch mine after the flame was turned Down properly i had Liberty to run in on her and see How she fared. She waa doing her bests a Best that is superlative watching and Basting her beef with the skill of a chef. The result was something Beautiful to behold when she took it out after Little More than an hour. Mine was still in the oven it bag intact though i had turned out the Gas after forty five minutes. It had not been on full for forty minutes whereas my neighbor had kept hers lowered Only the least bit. The exact saving of Gas i do not undertake to computer but that there was a saving is beyond question. The Scales showed her roast to have lost in weight a fraction Over nine ounces. Mine lighter by a Pound had lost a fraction under two ounces. Furthermore All the strength of my meat was in the Gravy. A fifth at least of hers remained sticking to the pan though the treated it in the usual Way. We reckoned that a paper bag would have saved her a half Pound weight of beef equivalent to twelve cents the Cost of Many paper bags. Indeed i Felt that the Gas saving alone would have More than paid for the bag the clips the greasing. Moreover my beef was tenderer than hers had a Richer taste Rad waa juicier. Smothered Chicken. Have a Good sized broiler Cut into joints taking care not to leave Sharp Bones to the joints. Salt and Pepper them lightly dredge with flour and Lay in a Well greased bag upon thin slices of Bacon. Cover with More Bacon slices taking care to keep the Chicken spread rather Flat add a tablespoonful of water or a couple of pealed and sliced tomatoes. Shreds of Green Pepper add somewhat of flavor to the tomatoes. Seal in bag and Cook for forty minutes slacking heat almost half after the first five minutes. Boon to the slender purse. It is As True As it is piteous that Quot the poor is destroyed by his strength and competence the High reads of escape from poverty depend primarily on health which in turn depends so much upon food. For these Many Many years it has been Patent that Many of our fellow creatures have been handicapped in the race of life by improper food or the improper preparation of cheap food that would be health giving in ample Quantity if prepared properly for the palate. There is opening now an Avenue of possible escape. I mean the paper bag. By its help the cheap cuts which alone Are within the Compass of slender purses May be cooked in such fashion As a yield the last Grain of nourishment they contain and be bettered in the process. Further they will sauce and season much other cheap food stuff thereby doubling or trebling its dietetic value. This can be accomplished through the medium of stews. Meat for stewing May be bought at the lowest current prices flank neck scrap Shank it is ail the same to the bag. Have a care in cutting it up that no Sharp Bones Are left projecting. Wasfy clean but very quickly after cutting up dry with a Damp cloth which is not paradoxical though it sounds so season lightly with Salt and Pepper and let Llu for an hour in a Cool place. Wash the vegetables carefully Cut them up and put in cold water. Grease a Roomy bag very Well a Stew of All things needs not to be skimped in space. Put a thick layer of the mixed vegetables dripping wet at the Bottom of it on that a layer of meat then More vegetables the rest of the meat then the last of the vegetables thrusting in among them a Good Lump of fat either drippings butter or lard that has been rolled in flour. Pour in a tablespoonful of water for each Pound of meat fold the bag clip it extra securely put in a hot on after ten minutes reduce the heat one half and Cook from two to three hours depending on the bulk. Take up in a deep dish stir Well taste add More Salt and Pepper if needed and serve very hot the proportion of vegetables to meat May be three to one or even four to one if there is plenty of extra fat Stew without out two ounces of suet taking care not to scorch the tissue but to get it Brown put in enough toasted bread crumbs to absorb the fat entirely stir them Well about Sprinkle with Salt and Pepper then up in a bag in layers with sliced tomatoes sliced carrots White potatoes Cut As for frying onions sliced and soaked half an hour in Salt water also pieces of tart apples peeled of course. Season each layer lightly a you put it in remembering always that Salt and Pepper can be added but can not be taken away. Add bits of butter also of you want the Stew very Rich. Add at the very last half a Gill of Stock or milk and water Seal bag tight put in a hot oven Slack heat after five minutes and Cook for three quarters of an hour. Copyright 7911, by the associated literary press for late suppers by Nicolas Boyer chef dried Herrings with Fine few people know How try Nice smoked and dried fish can be when cooked in a paper bag and seasoned in the French fashion. Take four dried Herrings Bone them fill the cavities with a Little about half a teaspoonful to each fish finely minced shallot or chives and Parsley. Add a few fresh breadcrumbs a and tiny bits o butter. If liked a tiny grate or Nutmeg May be added Sis Well As a Good dust of Pepper. Put into a Well greased bag and bake in the oven for ten minutes. Dish up and serve As hot As possible. Other 4ried fish Are excellent prepared in tile same Way. Ria Aux c reverted a take four ounces of boiled Rice add to it Pepper and Salt to taste a Lump of butter about the Blae of a big Brazil nut and two Desser spoonfuls of finely grated cheese. Pot this mixture in a Well greased bag and make very hot for Abc minutes. Then open the bag and stir in gently a few flaked shrimps. In lightly with a Fork. Replace the bag on the broiler make hot for another three minutes then dish up mad serve. Lambert Mila six slices of either raw Ham or breakfast Bacon machine Cut of possible take also half a pint of cold rolled peas and if la hand half a dozen cold rolled new potatoes. Put the slices into a bag and Cook them then take oat and add the peas and the potatoes the latter drat thinly sliced and Cook in the a Ham fat until very hot. Empty on to la hot dish and pour Over the peas i half a pint of very hot Well seasoned Tomato pulp in Tomato Catsup whichever la preferred. The peas and to of Brooks club London. Matoes should be arranged As a Border with the slices in the Middle. When they can be had half a dozen Chicken livers greatly improve this dish. Plain roasts. Sirloin round or ribs of grease Well with drippings but this is not absolutely necessary. Put the joint in a bag. Do not season the joint before cooking. Put the joint on a broiler in a moderate oven. For a three Pound joint allow forty Alvs minutes a seven Pound joint an hour and Twenty minutes fourteen pounds two hours and fifteen minutes. Veal Mutton or pork can be cooked in the same Way As beef. If a thick Gravy is required Roll the joint in flour before placing in the bag. Allow the same time As to beef. Roast the breast of the fowl or Chicken with butter or drippings or better still tis a piece of fat Bacon Over it. Place in a bag and set on broiler in a hot oven. Allow Twenty five minutes for a Small Spring Chicken thirty five minutes Tor a Large fowl forty five to fifty minutes according to sine for stuffed poultry or game in a moderate oven. Roast Turkey or one and a Quarter hours in a moderate oven of stuffed allow one hour and forty five minutes to two hours. Roast requires very delicate cooking. My method Cooks a Pigeon to perfection whether it is stuffed or not to roast allow fifteen minutes in a very hot Over if stuffed allow Twenty to Twenty five minutes copyright. 1911, by Sturgis a a ton company two interesting experiments in fattening Market hogs North Dakota mild Wisconsin stations make tests Witk Barley As feed for Swine and produce some quite valuable and interesting results Cora is not the Only thing. Raiment for the tot to easy matter properly to dress Small boy. It i that distinctive touch which All 1 mothers desire is Noj easy to give some pretty tub suits in colors. First prize sow at the Royal show England. With Corn plentiful and cheap Farmers in the Corn Belt will not be easily interested in any other kind of feed for fattening hogs and cattle but As the Price of Corn As it stands today and with the probability that it will steadily Advance in the future it is Only the part of Wisdom and Good management for Farmers to study the value of other Grain for feeding at less Cost. In Many countries where Corn cannot be raised the finest pork and beef Are produced from Barley other Grain and roots. In Denmark for instance where the finest Bacon in the world is made Farmers feed their hogs entirely on Barley. Frequently in this country the Price of Barley becomes very Low when the malting demand is Oiver supplied and it is then that the shrewd Farmer can supplant Corn with this Grain and sell Hll Corn to better advantage than by feeding it Farmers in the Northwest where Barley is grown to a Large extent Are becoming More interested in this Grain and the Experiment stations up there a Lave done some excellent work in proving its value As compared with com. An Experiment began by the North Dakota station four years ago to show the value of Barley As compared with com for fattening hogs has produced some very valuable and interesting results. A dozen Elgut month old pigs were divided into two lots of six each. The animals in each lot were uniform in size Thrift and general condition. The average weight of each lot was at the beginning of the Experiment practically identical 127 pounds. Those in lot one were fed a ration composed of four parts ground Barley and one part of shorts by weight. The pigs in lot two were Given four parts of ground Corn and one part of shorts. The pigs were fed for a period of 83 Days the Grain being soaked in water and fed in the form of a thick Slop. The feeding value of a Pound of Corn proved to be 18 per cent greater than a Pound of Barley but much of the Barley was inferior in Quality and new plow is quite unique digs up Earth in Alieel on Ali ice they a attached is revolved a work Don a Fec Lively. Something novel in the plow line has been invented by a Louisiana Man. Instead of a fixed Blade that Spades up the Earth this apparatus has a wheel in which Are pivoted steel rods. Inside this wheel is a Semi circular part set close enough to the rim of the wheel to throw the rods into such position that when they reach the ground in the course of the revolution they will be aimed new kind of plow. To thrust downward and Forward into Tho Earth instead of merely dragging or scraping along. The weight of the plow too is sufficient to insure its doing the work effectively. As the rods coms up out of the ground they drop into vertical position Points upward until they come around to Tho striker again. Agricultural clubs. Boys and girls who desire to organize an agricultural dub can obtain free a bulletin giving them much valuable information by writing to the Secraw tary of agriculture it Washington. If it would have been Good sound Grain might have made a better showing. The difference in Price of about seven cents per Bushel Between Barley and Corn must also be taken into consideration. The Wisconsin station which has a Fine reputation for careful feeding investigations some years ago made a test Between Corn and Barley and reported that the value of Corn was Only eight per cent greater than that of Barley. The Barley was figured at 48 cents a Bushel com at 55 cents and shorts at $14 per ton. The hogs in this test sold at $6.20 per Hundred the Barley fed hogs netting a profit of $1.00 per Hundred pounds and the Corn fed hogs netted $1.89. In this test the Price of Barley at 48 cents was too High As that was the regular Price for Best Grade malting Barley while the average Price of common Barley was 37 cents per Bushel. Taking these figures it would have been cheaper to feed Barley and sell Corn. Investigations that these two stations have made shows that Barley makes More lean meat than Corn. Of course Corn is the greatest Fastener in the world when fed to hogs but a better Grade of Bacon can be produced by feeding Barley than Corn. When hogs Are fed for weight alone there is no doubt that Cora has the slightest advantage but where Bacon is produced for the Best special markets Barley will turn out the Best product. The result of the two experiments show that it required 18 per cent More Barley by weight than Corn to produce the same gain in feeding pigs when both grains were fed in the proportion of four parts of Grain to one of shorts by weight. That it is profitable to feed Barley to hogs of pork is Selling at an average Price. That the carcasses of the pigs fed Barley and shorts showed a greater distribution of lean and firmer flesh than the carcasses of pigs fed Corn and shorts. That pigs fed on Corn and shorts will dress a higher per cent than pigs fed on Barley and shorts. Lands usually needing Lime when soil is sour ii will torn Blue litmus paper placed in Contact with it red. That Little tot whose trousers Are Only about As Long As your band is an important personage when it comes to fitting him out with raiment there is All the difference in the world in the appearance he makes when he is just Cut Down and sewed by and when he is suitably and picturesquely dressed. Not Only Are his Little clothes carefully finished but they often have Tome magic touch of handwork which quite places them in the out of the usual class. Every Mother wants her boy or girl to take a prominent place in this class. Johnny Smith May look All right in bus made by the dozen suits and so Tong As he is clean maybe there is no criticism due him but the Mother with Alert taste just can to Bear her own child to look like any Nice boy too see in the streets. He simply must Bear that extra touch which is so hard to give to a boy where As with a Little girl it can be done easily. Just now the More Small children look like quaint Little men the better. They Are perfect pictures in summer with their pretty Little tub suits in colors. The Little Man illustrated has Boyish trousers open at the Knees with Sailor Collar and tie big Broad Belt and piping in a different material. Sometimes the suit is made in striped or corded White with Collar and trimmings of solid color. Sometimes the order is reversed. The Belt gives the style to the suit a russian Blouse effect is obtained in another suit. The Kimono Yoke is Cross stitched in a design out on the by or. W. A Brooks Massachusetts those soils on which when seeded Timothy and clovers fail and where sorrel comes Iii largely together with red top usually need Liming. It should be pointed out however that the presence fit sorrel is not a proof that Lime is needed. This Weed will flourish even in soils which have been heavily limed but on such soils the grasses and clovers Are Likely to crowd it out. While on soils which Are in need of Lime they Are unable to do so. When soil is sour it will turn Blue litmus paper placed in Contact with it red. To carry out the test make about a tablespoonful of the soil into a thin mud with pure water and after it has stood for a Short time Lay a piece of Blue litmus paper on it and cover with the mud. Be careful not to handle the papers with the fingers. After about ten minutes remove the paper washing it if necessary to show the color. If it has turned red the soil is sour and needs an application of Lime. Practically All druggists keep litmus paper. The most certain evidence Cfall As to whether Lime will prove beneficial is afforded by a simple Experiment which May be carried out a follows Lay off two Square rods in a part of the Field to be treated which seems to be fairly representative and even in Quality. To one of these apply Twenty pounds of freshly slaked Lime. After applying at once Wyk it in deeply and thoroughly. A few Days later apply to each plot Liberal Quantity of either manure or fertiliser precisely the same amount to Oasis Plant table beets of the Ali is much in need of Lime these will. Make a better growth upon the limed plot horses of Norway. The horses of Norway Are Chunky Little animals about so inches in height Hardy and gentle and very Strong. The average Prole for a Good working horse is from $190 to him. Widely belted suit. Shoulder. A tiny bit of Cross stitching runs Down the front of the Yoke and the Yoke is buttoned on with Crochet buttons and loops. This suit in Pink and White Blue and White and Brown and White is most individual and attractive. Curls no longer in Vogue their tremendous popularity a thing of the past at least for the coming Spring. Hairdressing is always rather a vexed question when the new Spring hats make their appearance. Curls which perhaps represented one of the prettiest types of coiffure which have been in Vogue for a Long time past have simply died of a too extended popularity and the pretty shining hunches arranged so immaculately by the Hairdresser have ceased to exist for the Well dressed woman. That we have All of us Felt the loss of them there is no doubt hut the present Mon is even easier of manipulation t the curia. It requires however Piti in inns Aid and consists at a round Tram covered with hair which is arranged in Tbs form of a wide Plait spread out Over in the Frame is pinned securely to Tim head and coils of the natural hair ars twisted around it held in place with the wide Tortoise shill pins of which every woman pose see is a Large Supply nowadays. The hair to parted in the Center or at the sides and the effect from every Point of View is distinctly Good while its arrangement is the Elm Piet thing Linfat Nihls for evening Wear special Tram Tir Are made which Are covered Arith waved hair in lieu of the Plait hot a these necessitate that the whole of the hair shall a waved to correspond whenever they Are worn they and by proving too expensive a Poe a Aaion Tor Many women even after a the initial coat is defrayed. But when an is said and done those who Ere Independent of supplementary Dainty Holder for spills ornamental receptacle of use la households where economical ways Are practice. There is perhaps no better Way of utilizing old letters or half sheets of paper than tearing them up and folding them into spills which Are a great saving of matches it is necessary to make some kind of Holder for them and in our sketch May be seen t Dainty Little article of this description. For making it a piece of stiff cardboard is Cut out in the shape shown in the diagram on the right hand Side and about 4 inches in Width and 7% inches in height will be found a Good size in which to carry it out. The cardboard is smoothly covered with silk sewn securely together at Tho edges and then the piece of material which forms the pocket May next be sewn in its place it should he lined with soft silk. But prior to doing this however Tho Floral design must be embroidered upon it and this May easily be worked from our ill atm Tion or some pretty design might to painted. The Holder is entirely outlined with a silk Cord of a fancy pattern carried into three Little loops at the top and Bottom and again on either Side. The Holder can be suspended from a Nail in the Wall by the Center Loop of the silk Cord at the top. New use for lace. Laces Are More modish than for Ages and that is one thing that makes them so valuable. Everyone wants lace for gowns and even imitations Cost. We see lace on hats on furs and on All kinds of gowns. Sometimes the lace is touched with Chenille or embroidery but for velvets it is generally used Plain. The newest use Tor lace is putting it about the Neads for Young matrons says the Indianapolis news. Young girls now Wear their hair quite Plain. The lace is mostly very open allowing the hair to show through and in some cases the hair is pulled through much the same As mousse line was pulled through the Little interstices a few years ago. Locks from the Hairdresser achieve by far the prettiest coiffure. The simple greek hairdressing with the hair parted in the Center of the head and rolled up in a soft Pouf Low Down at the ears with just a knot or Coil behind is so pretty in the Case of the girl who owns fair hair with a natural wave in it that it makes every artificially dressed head look Unate Tractive by comparison. Such a coiffure pays All the debts which Are owed to fashion by proving so infinitely becoming to the wearer. And Ito a the use of perfumes is alway permissible providing one uses a Good Quality and just enough to be noticeable. It then gives a Dainty finishing touch to the feminine toilet. A Good recipe for making Violet water is As follows essence of Violet four ounces essence of canst gone and one half canoes essence of roses one and one half ounces deodorized alcohol two pints. Salt in some cases will Stop tie hair from falling and promote tie growth. Shake the snit through to heir with a Salt Shaker and allow to remain on for five minutes. Do hot nth the hair hut gently Brush the sett oat it is cleansing and will Tor to the hair

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