Amerika in La-Crosse, Wisconsin
15 Oct 1868

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Amerika in La-Crosse, Wisconsin
15 Oct 1868

Read an issue on 15 Oct 1868 in La-Crosse, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Amerika.

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Xot or at in boor Libei Rote til at be Flabe i Beni. A Baa Ivr at i Lorum Reubene Iffe Fiji i Fine men at be a Beiber Al 2 for at Faa Frem wit five Aaben Befi Ben 29be september Paa web be Loboen Biliie Tref ii to Rifkien leg Nii Iger Vire of Etc i be neb. Xen i tote bag Miber nation Lix Mai Iffe Fazanta Jilge font Kller Iffe Var i Bel writ Ben a Are been Stanbe Ai Isom me Taa migration Eit Fra Europa it i Terf Fet. 25e Penbe Ber Barf Tillet Fig in lieu i Agar bets bos verb Liberne Zefo Beta Rene. A Danae of be Vrbeti Bare for former Oner sex of Nib tube. A brr Troy at better in let Sag at tribe Paa in Garm of be Gaar in i set Millget Bacri Beer Arbelee Dubue Lige Febi be Albrig bar pc ret i no Gen to Greube Fet. In gob us Wager fan Faa Lebee were in Baarvig Garmer 03 in Nunt Cermet fan Inlet Meb at Burfe Wauge of Briefe 09 Ligne be Golf font til Speen Boot arbdb6berrer blew Meb to Geom be Felp Fantt la. 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