Amerika in La-Crosse, Wisconsin
15 Oct 1868

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Amerika in La-Crosse, Wisconsin
15 Oct 1868

Read an issue on 15 Oct 1868 in La-Crosse, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Amerika.

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Amerika (Newspaper) - October 15, 1868, La Crosse, WisconsinA Flat it i 3.82 3.0-4 i far Ata tatter. I 11 act Raitt frit. Obj met nut Trepl Tatj for f Wirt of vhf 9nmnfntfttif Tegt tempt t r n i g t n. It Froid Bertalina. Tot Wobig. 3? pm Patter Typ tto Saget of a r e p r p e r. Is sous or. 4 Sillib mob Ptiip Beralina. 3maa Nyber 2 linger c gents i scr in Csc Tir Efte pm 7 tints Meb closed mail Lonb. Larger Ere be famine pm acc Robt til3perigc Meb bet t pm Shaft ones lit i Slater a Ritter Faa ice Ift Fra. Lime tit Aben at i bar Uzfat a Labetti it inning i 24 Zimet pm mul flt at fume Brit the i afum my for Iii tet integ Tammer tit Sll. 0 Imp Reba flav in Briatta of text Besof ratify Meb Totaj Whitet. Beggs my. Clip Meb Saadi by Pica bar Man bog fun Nifte Fra clip pm 3iis Biana. Let Fer i but no til at fete 3iemning or Remmeli Lige Faa bet x Sielig or Paa Urette 2teb, at be Ictor Timbe Val Belen of bet 3pif for up urrere. Git Swarr Arsa or pfc Tiro if apr Saft lil a Westem of ban bar Fult Etienn flab Faupel til fian Bete Fern til be no Lare filble Kin Fin 1 til dues . Bar Zaat alter Tup Bagel Minatt Pipien lil . Per Funtig pm 3scr for at Femme fit if drifts Sel Fjar Nget Faa maa 9lp by lab of a Bemie pare Ben beef to Skan for gift Rifted fan Fence til frit . O lot Bio. Iff for 9t6kmmpbifirift blew lobe Ftp. Ber Itom Incret tit a Keble of i3tato of or Rte til i domination. Ike i Salem Fot 9a r Osife ties Ben pctrenbe6oimtv 2rcafntet 6. D. In Jun met a Nomi Neret til Kemem of . Han , fam rate Tian a Alexej til at met Etc 2 a Rbeber. Itnyer Bane drawer foal font be Luree of 3nr. In Cal foil be Luben Jet Kunf of Scarb of Smil Laii or Sci Kineret til Pointin Simier. aft Mere 03 nine at de Iii be of at be fit tet Fannnie i slut re self Laber Bersey at beep Turc is of Ben Betta no Fra i or Efale Golf cilia of famine car Indelfe. 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