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American Citizen (Newspaper) - November 25, 1893, Ironwood, Michigan The Perico citizen w. , publisher. Subscription pick in Advance Ono six months. -00 published Ovorn in turny Lynn Ntuli Ashen nil Wisconsin. Entered it Tho Postoll co it Ironwood Mich transmission thro Urli Tho malls is soc of Delmiss mail matter. A lews of a l lot Stan r. A protestant writes As follows m a it Issue of the Milwaukee journal to the editor of Tho journal for Tho Bonewit of our protestant Brethren a great Many of which arc being deluded by Tho contemptuous underhanded secret society known As the american protective association i would give my View of this society As seen by an ardent protestant. Any Ono who condescended to read their papers and possessed with any understanding would Sec that mendacity was the supremo characteristic of their papers and that the editor enjoy perfect Felicity by indulging in to Muir mendacious writings relative to the Catholic Church. The protestant Church teaches us to love one another yet Many of our protestant ministers ulivo co operated with tins obnoxious society which lunches its members even commands them to hate their Catholic Brethren and does All in their Power both by word and pen to nourish this hatred. Tho society through their execrable Organ seem to make Tho Sisters of Charity the special object to their unprovoked hatred. Now protestant readers listen to the dictates of your hearts and i am sure they will Tell you to respect those Sisters of Charity and condemn their mendacious enemies. 1-i0w Many protestants As Well As catholics who having been injured through some casualty wore brought under Tho hospitality of those Gonzlo Sisters who by a incessant and indefatigable vigilance nursed them Back to life and health such work As this can emanate from none but Tho pure and just their work is grand and even Sublime. I heir enemies who try to detract from their Good name and who profess to do it for their god and country Merit nothing less than execration of All Good christians regardless of sects or Creed. Thoy whose hearts Are sordid and callous Are incapable of doing any Good. It is a pitiable fact that Many of our ministers advocate and propagate this i decorous society but these ministers Are to to pitied rather than censured. Protestants do you not Seo what should be obvious to All that Tho teachings of the protestant Church and the Moalli which every member of the a. P. A. Must take Are incompatible and con hiding there is but one action hint All christians must take Anil that is  either remain faithful to the Church Anil condemn araism or favor araism and condemn Tho Church. Signed a protestant. Runny schools. Theodore Roosevelt delivered an address in Boston last wednesday evening on True americanism in Tho Public schools which contained sound doctrine especially deserving the thoughtful attention of extremists of both varieties Tho hostile sectarian and Tho fanatic anti sectarian. Among other things he said because to Aro unqualified Day Anil without reservation against any system of denominational schools maintained by the adherents of any Creed with Tho help of state Aid therefore we As strenuously insist that Tho Public school shall be fro from sectarian influences and above All from any attitude of hostility to the adherents of any particular Creed Anil we denounce As the worst Foos of Tho Public schools those who under Tho pretence of Friendship for Thorn stir up hostility toward Thorn by seeking to discriminate in their name against those people who hold a Given religious belief. Exactly As to Welcome to them alike Tho children of Jow and Gentilo of Catholic and protestant so to insist that in their management no Ono Creed shall Havo any special jurisdiction but Tho professors of All creeds to treated alike in Ordor that every american citizen without regard to what his own private religious belief May be shall Feol that to has As much Yoice As any other Man whether of his own Faith or of Somo different Faith in the management of Tho schools to which his children go. In other words our plea is simply that in your treatment of Tho common school you act As every Man should act in american Public life As a whole. We have a right to demand that every Man native born or foreign born shall in american Public life act Morely As an american. A iwo it mis. Another newspaper has been started at Menominee the new Era and from the Tenor of its wretchedly written Salut Atory the mining journal presumes that it is to be an Organ of the a. P. A from the fact that initial number has been sent to this Olloe we assume that the new Era desires an Exchange with the mining Jour Dai. It will not be accorded that Pou Rosy. The mining journal does not cure to hold any relations with a paper published for the purpose of fomenting religious dissension and 1 promoting sectarian hatreds. There is no legitimate Field or Mission in this country for such a paper and there should to no support or recognition Given it save by the vicious or ignorant who agree with it and we do not believe there Are enough of these in Menominee to support such a Sheet let it journal. To lust a american. The sentiment expressed in the Fol lowing from the speech of Patrick Walchli president of i the Augusta exposition is the reflection of All True americans great As was the world s fair the growth of Chicago and its up building from Tho ashes greater arc the marvels of american intelligence Enterprise perseverance and skill. Chicago has worthily won its laurels and other american cities should profit by its of ample. Nature has endowed the South wit i manifold advantages Oyer the Wost. It is our Mission to utilize them. Let us invite capital skill and labor to develop them. I wish it to go out that in this business City of ours there is no such thing As Section As Creed As politics inscribed Over the doors of our City and this exposition is Charity toleration brotherly love for it is Only through toleration Ami brotherly love that a City or nation can Prosper and a Liber Bonds and make a Ai minded people is an illustration of the water company. Has opened hindquarters for Tho Relief of the poor in Trio rooms Over the Ironwood pharmacy. All persons having cast off clothing second hand shoes or other Gooda which they can spare should Send them to to ladies who Aro working nobly to relieve Tho poor. On tuesday Hon. E d Nelson re  delved a contribution of fifty sacks of Lour from d a Murphy of Milwaukee general manager of the North Western Mutual life insurance company. Or. Nelson turned the flour Over to the ladles belief corps. Or. Murphy also sent fifty sacks of flour to Hurley and a like amount to Bessemer a special meeting of the Ironwood City Council was hold Hist saturday Ift croon for Tho Nur Poso of considering the litigation in which Tho City has Ocomo involved with the Wator works company. A lengthy letter was read from City attorney Humphry expressing the views of judge Llo Ailley on the questions involved Anil advising the City to effect a settlement. After Oon Side Pablo discussion Tro Council finally Autho izod Trio mayor to sign the water tender of them to no louder than a whisper. It must be said of mayor Trebilcock however that to refused to have anything whatever to do with a secret meeting of the Council which he was advised to Call by City attorney Humphrey. John Evans is now considered about Tho Best Foll Cal in the City. Even those who have no great admiration for Tho City clerk esteem him far More highly than they do the members of Tho Council who Are afraid to express their convictions on any question of Public importance. Al minded poop the fact. Members of the Central labor unions of new York City Aro agitating the idea of running Henry Goorge for mayor in 1801. They would make him an Independent candidate and believe that to is stronger than when to was a labor su3piclou3 in who pure candidate in 1880 in that year George the j o Cut polled ,000 votes and was beaten .,.no tops at the mum Cleot bum of $18 per piece. Perhaps All of the ten Dollar the genteel or. Barrows the nes thetic gentleman who envies Tho Wear ing of Patent leather boots and Tho smoking of cigarettes by his Superior or. Hazeltine writes a most erudite article to show How Thuro is nothing Chase from him by the City of catch Basin covers and by Hewitt Tho democratic candidate by 22,000. Roosevelt the Republican candidate polled a vote of nearly 70,000. W. H. Boy la of Ironwood formerly of Milwaukee has changed the name of his go Gebic advocate to that of the j j3uny has not so far denied any connection with the Deal. We simply and profit on each of those Pur Liusea does not go into Tho pocket of or. Barrows perhaps the twin City Iron works is in the conspiracy also or. American citizen and has made it an effective anti a. P. A Sheet. Besides ranking As an Able local newspaper or. Doyle s journal is doing Good patriotic work of a sanitary citizen. _ the Escanaba Mirror is heartily in favor of Tho selection of Newberry As the location for Tho new insane Asylum Mckenna appears to be Labouring under the impression that it is his duty to oppose any movement championed by the Marquette mining journal Ironwood Jake Silverman departed for Iron Mountain yesterday. The citizen will be found on Sale at the City news stand on Mcleoid Avenue. City attorney Humphrey returned thursday Mornin City. Remember the Charity Ball and buy a few admission tickets. By so from new York Vise an investigation the times says that 0 Willie Curr ran secured the Hist assignment of Hose at a lower rate than it was Ever purchased to Good enough for Willie. His percentage May have been smaller than t Ever Wita before. This simply goes to show that Hon. Willie outran is willing to convert a Little milk into the City s milk pail but. To to serious however this paper has never accused him of obtaining a percentage on purchases for the City we simply of jetted to the careless method of the Council in ordering any other person to make purchases without receiving bids add their being opened first by the aldermen themselves. Arrived too late. Calumet correspondence of the Marquette mining journal a most affect ing episode occurred wednesday. On the Mineral Range train on its arrival from Ironwood was mrs Nicholas, drops with her four children. Sho is a doing you will contribute to the Aid of vory polint Mother perhaps not Twenty live. She had been wired that her bus Iron Wood s suffering poor we. P. Penrose departed last saturday evening for Halifax where he is interested in a Gold mine which has been involved in litigation for some time. Frederick Fehr circulated a Peti had been ii Jurod and to come right on. No one was at Houghton to meet nor and when Sho got to of Echo station someone stepped on Tho train and handed her a note. She knew Ita terrible meaning for she never opened it. Covering face with her hand her Button thursday asking governor Rich i n Bobbin Rolls if her Hoart would break to Appeal to the people of the lower Peninsula for Aid for the destitute people of this place. O. E. Lewis has decided to spend the greater portion of the Winter at Cudahy the prosperous suburb of Milwaukee where the Lewis land and building company will erect a Large number of dwellings. Thare Are very few of the business or professional men of this City who have not one or two suits of cast off clothing with which they could easily part. Look them up and give them to the poor. Captain James p. Foley of Negaunee and an extensive operator on the to Saba Range was a visitor in this City last sunday. Or. Foley says that while immense deposits of Ore have Boon discovered on Tho mos Aba that people Horo should not fear Tho future. Tho Ironwood times of last week intimated that Hon. Norman w. Haire has deserted Tho democratic party and that he will to realtor identify himself with Tho Republican party. Or. Haire Lis i not committed himself in any manner iat would tend to show the state me of the times to be Correct the t i Blatz brewing company has cont buted $200 toward relieving the \ Lints of the poor of Ironwood and Hui by. This amount will help consider try toward buying warm clothing and food for the Little ones and a or Elul Public appreciate the Goa crop gift. Tho i Latch from Houghton which Appo Arec in the Milwaukee papers last saturday o von ing announcing that Jack Kiny had plead guilty to the charge of boing implicated in the Mineral Range train robbery was a snap Row to a great Many people in this Section for it was generally believed that King would Mako a Strong fight for acquittal. Mrs. J d Day of the Relief society her four Little ones joined her in weeping. When she got to red jacket there was no one there to meet her and conductor lean who is Ever kind and considerate did All in his Power to Consolo and pacify her and gave her instructions where to go with Hor Little ones who but a few hours before expo steel to join a kind father. The Council meeting. A meeting of the City Council was held thursday afternoon for the purpose of taking further action relative to the Purchase of the water works. Or. Underwood a representative of Collin & Stanton Tho purchasers of the Public improvement Bonds was in the City for several Days previous to the meeting. Coffin and Stanton Are evidently of the opinion that if the water Bonds should be signed and delivered at the present time that Hyde & Jackson would place them upon the Market at about 75 cents on the Dollar and thus injure the Solo of the Pullo improvement Bonds. Just How this concerns the City is not very Plain for if coffin & Stanton Are u3 reliable As the citizens of Ironwood have been led to believe they can be compelled to make All the deferred payments on the improvement Bonds As stipulated by them in their contract with the City. Or. Underwood s Mission evidently was to create the impression that if the attachment on the Money which they owe the City should be released that other difficulties would arise to prevent the payment of the Money. He evidently succeeded in his Mission for the Cauncil refused to instruct the mayor to sign the water Bonds. There was no Public discussion of the question at the Council meeting All the deliberations and arguments Tran Amog daring Anem and being Ironwood s poor. During who past ten Days a number of articles have appeared in the Chicago Herald Milwaukee Sentinel and other leading daily papers of Tho Northwest descriptive of the poverty and suffering of the people of Hurley. The statements made therein Are in the main Corric excepting Tho libellous descriptions of Tho past history of the Range towns and the effect of the articles has been to arouse Tho charitably disposed people of the Northwest to an understanding of the urgent needs of Tho people of Hurley and in consequence contributions will be taken up in Many places for the Benefit of the poor. Governor Peck has issued a proclamation calling upon the people of Wisconsin to respond to the appeals of Tho starving people of Hurley and Relief quarters have been opened in Milwaukee it would Havo been a Blessing to the people of Ironwood if this place had also received some attention from the correspondents of the outside papers who have visited the Range. While the City and county Oll Licals have heretofore done their utmost to relieve the poor Thero i no longer any Money in any of the City and county funds and it will to Imp Saille to extend any help in the near future. This will leave thousands of people in this City at the mercy of what help can be obtained from communities which have been More fortunate than Iron Wood during the past year. All last Winter hundreds of men were out of employment in this City and with the Advent of Spring came Tho almost entire suspension of work at most of our mines until instead of the usual 4000 men being employed therein the number dwindled to one or two Hundred. The typhoid fever epidemic which commenced in May attacked Over a thousand of our inhabitants Many of whom were the Heads of families. What Little Money those had saved was thus swept away. The City and county were also put to considerable expense in caring for the afflicted poor. During the summer months Many thousands of dollars were expended by Tho City in furnishing work to the unemployed. The Money with which to pay the City orders issued to pay for this work is tied up in litigation. The merchants have been very hectic and have tried to accommodate the people by accepting the warrants issued by the City and county but the demands of Tho wholesale houses Are now so urgent that Many of the Home merchants find they can no longer accept such paper in return for goods which Thoy must buy for Cash. There has been shown a disposition on the part of some to accuse the working men Here of having been improvident during the prosperous years which the go Gebic Range has witnessed. This May be True of some of the men but it is not True of a great majority of those who Are now in need. Many of the men on this Range have spent their earnings in buying lots and building Homes and Tho hundreds of neat cottages owned by Tho working men of this pity Homos built on Tho monthly instalment plan and still Only partially paid for testify to Tho Good character of thousands of Tho population in this City. But when people Aro cold from insufficient clothing Anil hungry for food Whon Little children cry for Broad and mothers Soud Forth an Appeal to heaven and sob in Dos portion for Tho Aid that is not forthcoming is it a proper time to ask Why tilings should to go this is no time for useless dry and dreary advice. Tho people want bread and they must Havo it soon or perish. To Are now Ehtor ing upon a pm ago even More dreadful than Tho Ono of typhoid through which to Havo passed the plague is that of hunger and unless help is soon forthcoming from a charitable world Many victims will to claimed by Tho up Octroi of death which is now rapping at the doors of Tho Little Homes of Over a thousand of our work Ingmen. Tho Workingman at Tho mooting of their labor Union hold last monday evening appointed a Rolof committee to canvass the situation and make an Appeal for Aid. Thero should also to a meeting of the citizens called at once and a committee appointed thereat to act in conjunction with the working men s committee. There has so far been too much in difference exhibited toward Tho sillier ing of Tho poor. In our Pride to imagine that a City like Ironwood with an assessed valuation in 1802, of Over seven million dollars that go Gebic county with its Rich mines and immense wealth of Timber and an assessed valuation of Oyer ten million dollars there should be no want and that we should care for our poor without Aid from the outside world. Perhaps if bettor judgment had been made in using the ilium cos of Tho City and county we might to Ablo to provide for those who Are now cold and hungry. But the citizen docs not deem this a lit time for criticism of Public Oll Licals. Immediate action must b Lakim to relieve Tho suffering which prevails on All sides. The cold and dreary blizzard of Tho past few Days Trio Many Feci of Snow oiled up in our streets and making them impassable the Colli Borican blasts Aro All grim reminders of our poor Tho poor we have forsaken and neglected. The citizen Hopes the people will arouse themselves to an appreciation of the True condition of a flairs in this City. Poor commissioner Monroe informs this paper Chat lie now despairs of being Ablo to relieve Trio wants of the suffering and lie Calls upon the people to organize for action. Mayor Trebilcock should advise with governor Rich and Mako an Appeal to Trio Good people of Tho state. There should to a meeting of citizens called at once and Tho mayor should be authorized or requested to take this action. A pet a l 11v til k mayor. Mayor Trebilcock huts issued an Appeal to gov. Rich for Aid for the poor. He Calls attention to our typhoid epidemic the closing of the mines the expenditure of $50,000 to furnish the unemployed with world the exhaustion of our resources and Tho inability of the county officials and the Relief corps to care for Tho poor. Attention is called to gov. Peck s proclamation and gov. Rich is urged to Call for immediate Relief. Belief foil Hurley. A dispatch from Milwaukee says that gov. Peck has received word from Texas that 200 miners can find employment in the Coal mines at Waco Tex gov. Peck will return to oversee the loading of a Relief train which will leave for Hurley on saturday. The governor or general Falk the hitter being in charge of Tho Relief Bureau will accompany the train. W. J. Boyle City passenger agent of Tho St. Paul Road will receive Money contributions. Among Tho contributions received thus far is Ono of $100, contributed by Isaac Wing of Bayfield and another of 200 pairs of shoes by m. D. Wells & co. Of Chicago. Trate the murderer sent five More balls through his head. Enos did not attempt to escape after the shooting and is held tinder arrest. Or claims Davidson was drunk and had knocked him Down. i Vinci was feared. Tuout Cheek mich., nov. 21 George Davidson the Deputy sheriff shot and killed this evening was attempting to arrest Alex Enos. The latter Drew his revolver and shot Tho sheriff once in the face the Ball entering the brain and once in the left Side through the heart. Enos had been drinking heavily All Day. To kept a dive half a mile Northwest of Here. He became jealous of his so called wife and took a Winchester an 1 tired four or live shots at her All missing her. Sheriff Davidson was Kent for took a posse and went to Enos House. To took the gun from Enos when the murderer became eur rag d and without warning killed Davidson. The murdered sheriff s son in Law endeavoured to Lull the murderer with a revolver but was prevented. A Lynching was feared and Deputy sheriff Jackson of Liwen was wired for. He collected a posse and took the 11 o clock train for this place. He found murderer Enos in jail heavily ironed and under a Strong guard in charge of Constable Dwyer. Enos will be placed in the Ontonagon jail at once to await trial. The remains of sheriff Davidson Are boing embalmed and will to taken to his former Home in Lake county lower Michigan for interment. The dead Man was highly respected a Good citizen and an excellent officer. A Story circulated by irresponsible parties that the sheriff was under the influence of liquor is entirely unfounded. The murder will have the wholesome effect of Clearing out the Divis at this place Lor All time. Nothing but the strongest dislike is expressed against Enos and no one can be found to say a word in his favor or defense,.-mining journal. The Charity the above is the name of a popular comedy which has recently met with great favor in All the Large cities and which will be produced in this City by local Talent on Friday evening dec. 1. As the piece will be presented by some of our Best Talent and the music furnished by the worlds fair orchestra there should be a Large attendance. The Price of admission will be 75 cts. Are you among pm following is Trio Tuy list for Tho coming term of court Bessemek City. L. S. Rico m. Wolfeld. M. Baumgartner Guy Couch. Ravnos bust. J. Silvo Rinan. George Menno. Charles Vorwald. William Kulasavicz. Charles Peterson. Thomas w. Humble. Ironwood cite. Pat Harrington. Dan Mullins. Isaac Turner. John Arthur. Aug. Anderson. P. Dalstrom Fred Penrose. Mike Murphy. John Clark. Andrew Swanson. John Brown. P. O. Blomstrom. Otto Van he Klou. Richard Purrott. James Zoylo. J. S. Collide. Bessemer Tomn Shir John a Boquist. Ironwood township. Goo go Young. Wakefield township. J. Sparling. A. Mcdonald. J. W. Bedell. L. Sweet Marenisco township. Phillip Seminol. Watell meet township. J. Mcclelland. D. Mcdonald. Bayfield news. Pithy Pencil Points from the Harbor City. John Egan says its a hard Winter but no a p As need apply. Tho a. P. A. Artinus Ward would define the above american Phool town clerk Boutin says the into fall of Snow Don t Cut any figure with business in his office. Some one told your correspondent that Mart Gleason was an a p a Mart says it is a mistake that to is Irish by Hank Conlin is going it alone in thou logging business this Winter. What Henry Don t know about Pine logs Ain t Worth knowing. One of them says a Good Odd Fel Low cannot be an a p a. And one of them says ditto a Good free do you say. Tho Bayfield county Pross spoke right out in Meetin last week regarding the american Phool association. When editor Bell has anything to say he generally Speaks out loud. He has lost no friends and that is no lie. Editor Yates of the Washburn news says the citizen is a Catholic journal. Good Why not make it a roman Catholic paper and class the St. Paul daily Globe in Tho same school of Fred your correspondent has kept his weather Eye out for the past few months but As yet has failed to find an a. P. A. In Bayfield. The talk of the town is that a certain Candy shop a Back number attorney and a few hide in the Back room Ushers contemplate organizing. Tis Well the county will to Well rid of the few Cranks we Havo. The Deputy sheriff slain. Shot George Davidson of Trout Creek Down by dive keeper Enos. Trout Cheek mich., nov. 21. George Davidson Deputy sheriff of this place was shot and killed this evening while attempting to arrest Alex Enos keeper of a House of ill Fame. The Erst Ball crashed through Davidson s brain and Whon lying pros org a Ril. Of Ironwood is prepared to furnish music for All Ucac Sions. Our music and of musicians Are up to Date Ana we guarantee satisfaction. 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