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American Citizen (Newspaper) - November 25, 1893, Ironwood, Michigan The american citizen. A Kew Cowman ent a give unto this love one another i vol 4 no. 50 ir0nw00d, Michigan and Ashland Wisconsin. Saturday nov. 25, 1893. Single copies 5 cents 0 ill Sno iced some remarks about the in american society. This dark and dangerous society would censure the great Phil Sheridan. De we select the following from an address slivered recently at Janesville Olio by judge Ball one of Obio s Best lawyers and an sex congressman i am told that you have an organization in this City of 300 that have made a pledge that no Catholic shall hold office if they can prevent it and that no Catholic shall be Given work if a protestant can be found to take it. 1 have been told that if i attack this 300 they will All vote against the democratic ticket. That is perfectly natural. You could not find another 300 who would do it because it would be an abandonment of All political principle but i will concede that these people would do it. If i were a candidate before the people to Day and wanted the office i would rather lie Defeated that elected by their votes.  this a. P. A. Would censure the congressman that recommended Phil Sheridan to West Point would censure the government that appointed him and gave him that command and would censure the god if they dared who endowed him with his great capacity As a military Leader. Phil Sheridan was a Catholic and had probably attended mass that morning in Washington City. And in that same Battle was your own fellow citizen Charles m. Crony. Tie too was a Catholic and if i Ever saw a braver Goldir than he it was Only Andrew Jackson and if i Ever saw a truer Patriot i have never known it. And what Are they teaching the religion of hate. Christianity is As hostile to them As Christ is to sin. What Are the after they r say that the catholics Are going to Rise and Cut ill our throats and make the Earth Rich wit i protestant blood. I would just As leave Trust the catholics As the methodists or the methodists As the catholics. There is nothing in their claim that would do any credit to the most driveline idiot 1 would Bate to have a mind and a heart that would permit me to believe the the followers of the Christ of Nazareth could possibly have any revolutionary intentions. Of the catholics of this City Are going to Vise up i will go on and suppress them myself uni will not need a Musket either there have been two events in the past Flinty years that could not have happened in any other country on the Globe in any age. We suppressed a great rebellion and not a drop o blood was shed in punishment of that rebellion this could have occurred in no other country and nowhere in history or human nature can you find n parallel to it the other event occurred the other Day in Chicago. They had a Congress of religions. The catholics and protestants and Mohammedans and the buddhists they were All there in conclave together. There was no a. P. Aim there. No Uch religious pm set july met before and these two events hang the lights on the pathway of humanity higher than human hands Cyer Hung them be up re i in when i look tip and see a brilliancy t of. rays reaching out mid illuminating the other Side of the Globe i feel a Weyhing of Pride that i am an american and a citizen of this Republic and then i turn and look Down into a deep dark cavernous Valley. I see toads lizards and scorpions and snakes and adders and slime and vermin shut out from the Light of the Sun shut out from the Light of christianity shut out from the Light of truth shut out from the Light of mercy shut out from All that is Good Down in that dark Valley i see an Assembly of the a. P. A. It Jere is a Rule you May adopt with perfect safety and Liat is that All secret Pilj Toca societies Are enemies to the government under which they exist. They Are either enemies to Tutje government Anc Don t dare to disclose it or i by. Are cowards and a frail to take the re spot Qili a of Eirew a conduct of they Are a gleamed q Fth a they Arp Cly Jug. I Hope it is the last for that is. The Only thing that can be Jolt Arleto them.". Says father Oronin in a recent Issue of the Catholic Union and times we hear of some innocent catholics bless their pious hearts who View with disapprobation the attention which this paper has late a Vou shaved to the a. A a. These Good people think we give the conspirators altogether too much prominence and in fact that we Are making a Mountain out of a Molehill. Nothing but a Cyclone can disturb the complacent quietude of. Those easy going souls. They have eyes and Sec not they have ears and hear not. Not until they Are clutched by the Throat by a band of masked political thugs and robbed of their political possessions will they Rouse themselves from the Security of their fool s Paradise and begin their Little fret and fume performance _ we Tell these Happy go easy catholics that the enemy is at their doors we know his lairs his lures his strength and ids purpose. A. P. Aim has now twelve Camps in Buffalo and the secret burrowing for recruits goes ceaselessly on. The Mother Camp Lias seven Hundred signed with the Mark of the. Beast upon their foreheads. Were we to publish the names of some of our prominent worthies who have joined this criminal conspiracy the Public of Buffalo would look aghast. The Day Willcome gentlemen sooner than you suspect when your names will be made Public and a Light brighter than the ghastly Glare turned on after the tomfoolery is of your initiation in darkness re fair warfare is not injurious to the interests of Liberal citizens. The alarm of some Over opposition to the a. P. A., is somewhat suspicious. Some papers and people Are inclined to criticise the editor of this paper for making an open Light against the formidable movement to Rob the catholics of their Liberty and religious Freedom. While pretending to be Friendly to the catholics and devoted to the Constitution they say that the effect of such a publication As the american citizen is calculated to stir up strife and make the opposition of the bigots More bitter and their movement stronger. We Are not of this opinion however. Denunciation of bigotry and treason cannot possibly produce bigots and traitors. It May result in the bigots and traitors forming a closer Union to overthrow the Constitution but this will Only redound to the Benefit of Good citizens. There Are too Many patriotic people in the country for such a movement As that which is backed by the a. P. A. To Ever meet with Success. But by making on open Light it is possible to ascertain the names of the bigots and by exposing the objects and Aims of the society Good men Are placed on their guard against the in american movement. The Marquette mining journal has expressed some doubt As to whether Good would result from the open warfare of this paper against the proscription its. If All papers in this Section were As Independent and fearless As the journal in denouncing bigotry and intolerance there would be no Field for this paper. But it has been the policy of Over two thirds of the newspapers in the Northwest to permit the organization of the traitors to go on and grow Strong without a word being uttered in denunciation thereof or tending to expose the serious nature of the obligations which Are taken by the members of the society the following from the Marquette mining journal is of interest in this connection the Marquette mining journal quotes very approving la the criticism of the Houghton county Progress upon this paper and its Mission and apparently appears to think that we Are wasting wind upon such an organization As the a. P. A. Some of the Best articles published in this paper first appeared in the mining journal,.and it seems rather strange if or. Russell thinks the advice of the. Progress so Good that he has not heretofore acted according. We prefer to let the Public judge of the necessity of Sti cd a publication judging from the severs Hundred new subscribers which we have added to our list during the past few weeks there is an urgent necessity for a paper of this character. So remarks the Ftp a which or. W. H. Doyle is publishing at Ironwood under the name by which he has re christened it the american citizen. It May be that some of the Best Arti cles published in that paper exposing the nature of and denouncing the a. P. A. Were re produced from the mining journal this paper has opposed and denounced that vicious order As it would any other organization or association created for an improper purpose and which menaces the peace and welfare of the Republic but its Mission is not merely denunciation a. P. A., and it is not opposed to it just because it happens to be Ari a,n, society. It is because it is we american that the mining joti1rn,ail is opposed to it and its arguments a,, it Are addressed to protestant wild As Well As catholics. The so called american citizen appears to be fighting the a. P. A. Mainly because catholics a the the Only religionists that it seeks to discriminate against and ostracize. The. Mining. Journal is antagonistic to it broader grounds and hold a . No True citizen of the United states. If he he intelligent enough to understand its there is no doubt but that a Large. My Tow of imiw0 and object8 can remain in membership Eal your criminal plotting against the constitutional rights and liberties of your fellow citizens. Upon those Camp records Are the names of some of Buffalo s political leaders my there too Are the names of perennial place filters who have More than once visited2 this Olliee in quest of favors at Catholic hands. Now these same men have sworn to ostracism catholics not Only politically but socially As Well. There is sometimes Honor among thieves but none among those apis robbers who would plunder from citizens of the Republic their constitutional rights. Gentlemen Are All known and we Tell you frankly you May As Well make your political wills what is this a. P. A.? nothing More than a species of transplanted Orange ism with All the anti Catholic virus of that accursed organization a thing that tries to utilize decaying bigotry As enterprising economists Are trying to use garbage for the Money that is in it. It is a forger a liar and a political Buzzard that feeds upon offal. Its forgery of a papal encyclical was so Clumsy an imposture that it disgusted respectable protestant journals like the Independent and the Christian Union and provoked the condemnation of honorable protestant ministers All Over the country. Its lies have been publicly branded by the combined pronouncement of the protestant clergy of Cleveland and have called Forth the withering rebuke of the Rev. Or Iviline a distinguished congregationalist i Vino of Columbus Ohio. Just think of the sons of Sherman Sheridan Shields Meagher and so Many others ostracised by those apis thugs from the citizen privileges of a country preserved in unfixed glory by the valor of their fathers swords where is american manhood that permits such a disgrace where is the patriotism of the american press that stands partially mute presence of such an outrage by does it not ring out in fierce protest against this criminal conspiracy the papers of Buffalo that Are now cowardly silent in the face of this monstrous wrong should be marked for. Public condemnation even As the pol of Cicala leaders in this City who live. A Ade. Fellowship with the. In american tiling should be branded forever More with the Siam aug Iron of political infamy. How this apis genesis of Orange intolerance the same in american spirit that Drew the sword under the British Flag against. Washington belies these Noble sentiments of the father of his country when addressing the catholics of the United states at the close of the revolution he said i Hope to Ever see America among the Foremost nations in examples of Justice and liberality and i or Ebrue that your fellow citizens will not forget he patriotic part which you took Iii a. Accomplishment of their revolution an establishment of heir govern innit or the important assistance which they received from a nation in which the roman Catholic Faith is professed " Are not to be scared by Bugaboo stories about what the Pope at Rome is seeking to do for the subversion of free institutions in this country and stand in no danger of being imposed on by weak minded fanatics scheming knaves and ignorant cattle who choose to associate themselves in the a. P. A. Put if there is room of a paper such As or. Doyle is conducting the mining journal has no objection to having him occupy it. It has indicated a doubt Oil that Point which it honestly entertains and rests with while this paper approves of the Manly fight of the mining journal we do not concede that the course of that paper is any broader thai that of this american citizen. We do not Appeal to catholics alone to Light this noxious a Crescent growth upon the body politic but our arguments have been directed to the Liberty Loving people of nil denominations because the movement is in american and unpatriotic and because its rapid growth is a disgrace to american intelligence. This paper has a wide circulation among both catholics and protestants in Many cities where the mining journal is but ittle read and we have been led to believe that our efforts to expose the treasonable movement have met with the approval of the Public. Citizens of fair intelligence an a judgment have . Duped into , the a pay under the impression to Jolt it is merely a patriotic organization without fully realizing the awful nature of the solemn oaths of proscription they have taken oaths which require them to subvert the Constitution and destroy the religious and civil Liberty of about one sixth of the population of the country. When these men cd in to a full sense of the criminal a Al outrageous nature of their oaths Tlajy withdraw from the treasonable society and if they Are not cowards he i methods and Aims of the bigots. With the detestable order for the reason that it strikes at the very life of the principles cof toleration and equal rights for All on which our government is founded. It is Toft honest belief of this paper that there i via need whatever for having Catholic establish and maintain As such a to a. I. A. Papers. They can with entire safety leave the task of exterminating this noxious a Crescent growth upon the body politic to the Liberal and Neligh Tejoe secular press of the country aided by the sentiment Adverse to such wicked and senseless Ord re of there to a Arity of our protestant people who Hon. William h. Seward the great Secretary of state during Lincoln s administration made the following vigorous reference to know Noth in ism in the United states Senate in 1850, and to Day his words Are As applicable to the american protective association which is a supplement and duplicate of the know nothing party i am not allowed sir to reach the merits of the question before the Senate without alluding to the body of men who Bear the name they Are said to have contrived their disguise with so much ingenuity that even a person who is not a novitiate cannot disclaim a knowledge of their ceremonies and principles without implying his communion and membership with them. Nevertheless sir i must be permitted to deny All connection with this new order. I am under no responsibility for its doings and i have not the least sympathy with its principles or sentiments. I belong to one voluntary association of men one which has to do with spiritual affairs it is a Branch of the Christian Church. That association is an open one it performs All its rites and gives All its instructions with publicity it invites every Man to come in and partake of its privileges. I belong to one temporal society of men and that is the political part which embodies most fully and truly according to my notions though i confess very inadequately the principles of the declaration of Independence ind of the Constitution of the United states. This also is an open association. All its transactions Are conducted in Broad Daylight and it invites All citizens to co operate with it in maintaining Good government and advancing the cause of human nature. Theao two Are the Only voluntary associations to which i now belong or Ever have belonged since i became a Man and unless i am bereft of reason they Are the Only associations of men to which i shall Ever suffer myself to belong. Secret societies sir before i would place my hand Between a he hands of other men in a secret Lodge order class or Council and bending my knee before them enter into combination with them for any object personal or political Good or bad i would Pray to cod that thai hand and that knee might be paralysed and that i might become an object of the pity and even of the mockery of my fellow men. Swear sir i a Man an american citizen a Christian swear to submit myself to the guidance and direction of other men surrendering my own judgment to their judgment and my own conscience to their keeping no sir no proscribe a Man sir because he was not born in the same town or county or state or country in which i was born no or. President you now know the length and the breadth of my connection with the new and mysterious order of patriots the Kivow nothings. In the late Iowa election a democratic paper started the report that Jackson the Republican candidate for governor had joined the a. P. A. At new Hampton. Whereupon several affidavits appeared of which the following is a Sample i j. R. Bane being duly sworn depose and say that Frank d. Jackson dined with me on the evening of the fourth of october 1893, and that i was with him most of the time when he was in new Hampton and i know that he could not have joined the a. P. A. Society or any other society while he was in new Hampton. I further swear that to the Best of my knowledge and belief there is not now and never has been any such society in Chickasaw county. J. R. Bane. Subscribed and sworn to before me this first Day of november 1893. Grant m. Bigelow notary we must be very careful not to permit our warfare against a. P. Aim to become an incident of democratic politics. Let us be sure that we do not wrong innocent people

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