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Amarillo Sunday News Globe Newspaper Archives Nov 9 1975, Page 2

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Amarillo Sunday News Globe (Newspaper) - November 9, 1975, Amarillo, Texas Niin ilm Amarillo t a in next int it prof doctors and ministers comment continued from pane 1 <4tage in this Case the decision tto and extraordinary maintenance of hem apologist oncologist who treats life is not an emotional trauma Vve tit Minally ill patients Dav in and Day always let the family know our goal out. Said in his he has Dos in those circumstances is not cure covered Quot most patients arc More anyhow a afraid of suffering than of death f r Turk said he strives to seep a or Turk said patients most of terminally ill patient a comfortable whom Are cancer victims and their until death. A our objective to pre families usually develop a rationale a Kurt death by it fore the question of negative May arise the patient and family have Learned enough about the and have received Al treatment that can be done to that Point therefore neither the family nor the patient will us into prolonging Iii because we have developed a personal Cornu Novation to that vent suffering. And we will use what it takes Quot How does a Man who confronted daily with terminal situations keep from having a morose Outlook on Lite a this is a tremendously satisfying yield. He said to take people who have no Hope and to give them Hope of a few More years of life i is truly rewarding or Turk said it is the medical profession s ethical responsibility to prolong life As Long As you have the technical but that is not their Only responsibility he said a i feel the Quality of life is equally Mif Octant. A but who should Bear the Burden of deciding whether death should end a poor Quality of life a noted heart transplant surgeon or. I Barnard said in a opt righted interview in a a a. S. News amp world report Magazine. I really think the Only people who arc qualified to decide Are the doctor himself or a group of doctors who Are familiar with the Rase and the Erik cures. It May be unfair to Pul temperature sets record for Amarillo ? .1 m. It my a m. 10 am 11 am. May a a Van Yaar ago huf is euthanasia decision monday , Ltd i a new judge is expected to announce monday whether the it Spir for that has kept 2tyear-old Karen Ann Quinlan alive for six May be shut off so she May a die in dig nil Quinla adoptive . Who requested uie court action will sit Down wifi judge Tobert Muir in and attorneys opposing the exult St m Muir s Chambers at i .30 monday Muir s Law clerk. David Anderson said copies of the judge s r it Page opinion will be to newsmen 45 later the want to turn off the Respirator that kept Karen alive in an irreversible Corna for six Onuis Joseph Quinlan asked the court to make him Karen s Legal guardian with the express purpose i t removing her from the Respirator Fraul w Armstrong the family s attorney said the Quinlan hold a news conference after the opinion i issued it s so it what the oem Slun is first and a whether it can be appear a and a he Quinlan want to Appeal it. Said Armstrong Andirson said sew attorney Dene a i Vii Ham k Ryland and Morns county prosecutor Donald Collester would also hold a news on Fertice on the front Steps of the Morris county t the trial pitted the issues of religious Freedom and privacy against the state s interest in maintaining life. Joseph and Julia Quinlan have argued that their a love Faith and courage brought them into a court of Law to ask to remove the Respirator that has sustained their daughter since she slip Peti into a coma caused by a combination of barbiturates and alcohol. They believe Karen s life has drawn to a close and further treatment draws her Back from the enjoyment of a better and More fulfilling life Quot Armstrong argued in court he state Olio has opposed the family s request said a decision in favor of the family would Rock new Jersey s homicide statutes. During the trial six neurologists testified that Karen is alive and reacts to stimuli although she in fag Stative state. Amerillo okie City Dally Ford plans saturation in All party primaries p a Cord do i Leti to enter All the i a i Hep Blu an a inn so that voters Ever Nerc a judge a a in on his record Lii by a owls any challenger should Lake tick same , his Chiel spokesman said Saiti Doc press Sam rotary ton .ne.s.sen. Elaborating on plans i Oid it de Kinda. Iii Ghi a Rosin said the president Lulu in this morning a you Len t who some c Andi lib Tes go into s. A e Fri Tibu not oth it is if Ami to Duck to where the a a a in t think Hev vim d by Lov ii Eagan of i . I. A a pecked to Amin our c Liis t Jid Acy later Mon i and to give hold a Tough Battle in the first four primaries new Hampshire , h Londa and Illinois Ford appearing before a cheering crowd at a Goff fundraising event in Boston said he will enter and win every one of the 30 gop state contests he said if lie has any com Jyh Ilion. He will a stick it a to the end of August of 1976 for the nominating convention in Kansas Nesson iia Roi Mer i a to Slio a time earlier. Ford a a squeaky says no to conditional return Cavil. A api Lynette squeaky i ror me ejected from the courtroom in Friday will be Given a Chance to i return or monday if she or to avoid further Dis in and demands that convicted mass Inu Derei i duties Manson be allowed to test ii tip 27-year-<jld defendant charge i with attempting i kill president Ford said she will not leave her county jail Ceil on future trial Days. A she insisted Friday that Quot i can t put on my without Manson. She said the Only Redskin she was in court Quot was to get my family the Manson Clam a fair trial t less miss Fromm her remd. Is judge Rhomas Macbride Tias said he will keep her out of court a Clos cd circuit television Moniz or was set up in a marshal s ofic for her on Friday. But miss a Tomme refused to watch mean Wiiilie. Tie focus of the trial is shifting to the officers who said tried grabbed a 45-caliber pistol from Fornnie s less than two met from Ford m i Park near the slate Capi Uil on sept 5 John v Irga named by Macbride to replace miss Fromme As defense attorney. Challenged Sermet service agent Lari a Buen diff s statement Amarillo sunday news Globe Amarillo daily news morning Amarillo Globe times evening Edc n in Quot 448b 0� tre d Harr tors i lode news flu. 209 Sot 376 that the woman he arrested cried out in disbelief a Huendorf de the words to Deir Cribe her tone in Shoukong. A it did t go off ii did t goofy you c an say she was Calm or nervous but you can t say disbelief traps a state of mind a contended \ Uga m urging Macbride to delete the phrase from the trial record asst u s atty. Donald Heller arguing to allow the words said Quot All of us use inferences based on our perceptions to decide what people mean he should of allowed to Tell it in his own words a Macbride agreed saying Buendorf. Though not an expert on states of mind a can perceive and under stand the meaning of words the is crucial since prosecutors prove miss from Rne intended to kill f Ord and was t just staging a publicity stunt. Hven More important is whether she tried to fire the gun. Which had four bullets in the Magazine but no Cartridge in the chamber Buendorf testified a he jerked her hand Back when he grabbed it either to resist mine or attempting to fire the weapon Virga again objected to the inference and appeared to win his Point Buendi f admitted he did t know if her Finger a is on the trigger. The prosecution is expected to Call liver witnesses who will say whether Thev heard a Click As if the trigger had been pulled that is also one of the questions expected to be answered by Ford if the defense decides to show his videotaped testimony to tie jury. If convicted of attempting to assassinate Ford. Miss Fromme would face a maximum penalty of life imprisonment Quot Michigan a Niver Sily fwd slur said i Neve played in i bail Gaim where we did t play Down o the last minute of the last some White House officials said they Vevie surprised by the timing of Ford s remarks and indicated the comments were intended to Knock Down speculation that he Milit withdraw from the race if Reagan were to Roll up big victories in Early primaries starting with new Hampshire feb 24. said Ford probably will �?os-pen-1 most of his time being in resident rather than actively Cain paining in each of the states because he has no concern and he is perfectly Happy to let people judge him on record and accomplishments. That s is really going to persuade Scopio not slashing around in the Snow in new Hampshire every week he said noting that Ford already been 0 that slate twice hut n Essen said he is sure Ford will maintain his political travel schedule and that the Lyes ident did Siut agree with the conclusion reach by some of his advisers that his rigorous Pace of campaigning has become counter productive and Given him too much exposure too Early. The president plans to appear at three More gop fundraising affairs next week in Charleston w. Tuesday and in Raleigh. and Atlanta Friday. On sunday the president is scheduled to be interviewed on Abc to s the press Quot television program to answer questions for an hour. Ford had a relatively Light schedule saturday and planned to get in some Tennis after working in his office and meeting with aides to discuss the new Federal budget that he will submit to ingress Early next year i Ord took time out to meet with Veteran news Aster Lowell Thomas who asked to see him to talk about the Middle fast situation and Durer problems. The Burden on the family and to involve them in a decision with which Thev May have to live the rest of their a Des Quot Amarillo ministers disagree the Rev i Haney said a it ultimately has to come Back to the family and it is up to us to be supportive of their decision Rev Richard Thomas pastor of Westminster presbyterian Church said the family should decide but a number of considerations should be made before accepting their decision a a a of have to consider the stability and the Faith of the people involved can they handle this a can Thev live with the decision to pull the switches a if Thev can to then medical ,,. Tatto on and Knop the in tooling on Tito part of Trio a Quot it he prov out family. Rev. Thomas said j t at in Loos 9 50 n m first Baptist Church i done to think shortly after 3 ., a degree was any Chris Titan to kept Alivo add Odin that Quot Quot Tho a Iii ral Deci ton How Vor is and Northern now Mckito was mov. Alt of by loaf re tar coins about ing the Rouse Tho in and Anglo saturday when death odours and Are o ening often dictated by the medical Ami Trillo drop pot almost 10 degrees of death each Holt no Quot i Amarillo or. Urns at b . Finney said the medical profession thl font started has expressed a need a for inaction of at 4 p i. _ in Dpn a Oread Laws providing for determination of Way across death by cessation of brain a 67 this provision i a Ijar a a a Quot it Quot it a a a a a arc to reach a a a i states a in c Quot he Quot a is Takhsh. a the mid 5 de the concept of brain death a by Upp a 20s legislative action said or. a Mercury Reading m 20s the by statutes have been enabled in Kansas. Maryland. Virginia. New Mexico and California. Provisions among the five states Are regal death by absence of respiratory and cardiac function and a absence of spontaneous brain function the absence of such a statutory provision in new Jersey has led to court litigation in the Case of Karen Ann Quinlan whose parents. Or. And mrs Joseph Quinlan have urged doctors to pull the plug on the Respirator that sustains their daughter s emaciated body her doctors and state prosecutors t say Karen has suffered partial brain damage but has not suffered a brain death even though they give the Quinlan no Hope of Karen s Ever recovering. For this reason her parents see no reason to maintain what they contend is a poor Quality of life. Others say that since brain death has not occurred in the Case disconnecting the Respirator would constitute murder. But since human respiration can be artificially maintained Long after brain death there is an urgent need said or Finney for other state Legislatures including Texas to enact similar statutes. A Tecsi Eulogy has transcended the theory that death occurs when the heart stops said Finney who is chairman of the medical Legal subcommittee of the american association of neurological surgeons a it is utter nonsense to keep people alive when their brain has dissolved he said. Vve re just oxygenating a beating heart and that is a great disservice to the family and the or Finney said once a doctor has diagnosed irreversible brain damage the patient Seldom if Ever recovers. He said he knows of Only three people in Amarillo who regained consciousness after a prot Active coma. A but they did t he said. If the brain has ceased functioning for 24 hours. Or Finney said doctors usually inform the family of the condition and encourage them to seek proper counsel in making a decision whether or not to Stop the life sustaining machines. A to rational people the decision to turn off the Respirator is a great Relief that ends their suffering and the patients. Quot said or Finney. Weather temperature by hours Sal Foey nc30n i pm. A a . 3 r m 4 Minva Al Mih veer sv-n.et780 81 14 .13 4345 5 .14 bust in Iid vill a he 54 Al 2 49. At i of Van her Condo i it it no a a Dinus it 3 p Fri in turds Quot Lity via wind Send mlle mph Tilesi 30 14 Cleft 10 a i Clear 15 17 it Cidy 15 is pro Cipiti to Ion Date turnier eur by National weather service Kyj Amarillo . For the 24-hour period in Long Elk o to Date total this year total Law Abilene Alice Aloina Amarillo a ill Beaumont bin in i Cor Pijo Chr it co iulia Dalhart Oali i do i Rio e a a Sec fort Wor r. Go Lvey Lon had vet this fall w a 2y on oct the National weather serve e also predicts a 20 per cent Chance of Shuv is in the Vin Arizin area today highs monday arc to be in the up it 40s teen Hijacker pushed out of air plane ape Girardeau. Moapi a despondent teen Ager who apparently tried to Hijack a Small air plane was pushed out of the plane by Anc i or age a Anta of t Koslor s of acc evian 1 to a in by fld per Sci a a ads t he Ord a a to Rio a j a von mis a c a / la5 Vav Lutol Rock los Anges 1 5�tl a Jay Norie or to. Par or. 20 21 12 22 �7 Texas 47 12 he us Tori 6� 12 66 19 Junction 87 41 82 = on Vic 6 13 43 85 la a Hook 43 85 61 �4 l a Kii 64 87 62 12 to -<8 2� 77 66 8� Mcallon �5 88 46 14 Midion 45 83 6� 13 Minori v 47 m .�?T1 82 pay of of 70 64 61 u san Angalo 44 13 40 61 san 70 15 5� 84 Texa Kana 63 71 50 15 Tayian 66 82 45 80 v Turria 67 17 57 15 Taco 69 17 �2 7� w Ichita a y 47 �?�6 National 75 35 72 63 1.5 0� 8 60 75 Ftp m Ami 8 75 7,1 6 Mii Wauke a 6 52 7� my in Apo is 55 33 v Nail Vida 78 40 a Frog Loans a 70 vhf a 74 63 60 j4 of a c w 7� 49 5�� Omah i a v 7n 78 g4 �5 by p a 51 66 55 a porch d of 67 56 �0 60c a Ore 47 40 8c 4. Cut 62 m St l u 5 a so c a f 3 81 fed 0 a a a 66 56 7�o a a or i a y 6c 50 it sri a a i�5 76 78 big 46 39 64 44 4<� 28 70 47 81 61 Sci it 73 45 64 b Low level pollution linked to cancer Wash Niton Iund Congress been told that repeated exposure to Low level air and water p to mutants can cause cancer and other . Piane Wah we Vav. A. The warning came in a report the Pilot and fell to his death Satur prepared by the Library of Congress Day authorities said. For the House environment and at a Mississippi county sheriffs most there subcommittee which de Pubes said Jack r. Johnson. 19 of hearings Friday on the effects fans vile ind. Was ejected from of Low level contaminants the two seat plane about two hours the report said such now Leel Ine Lwy a a cell. F9iatk own Vav i lie. After chartering it in Evansville. 115 Poil utans ate difficult to detect but. Re repeated exposure to them can make subjects More susceptible to disease and other la Rancer. Heart Nesses most of the Low level pollutants filter the air and water As the result of Industrial processes and include materials such As Asbestos fluorides Nickel and Mercury Thea port said a a 15 pm breakup lat a a. Miles East of Cape Girardeau of Mson a body was found in a Field about 25 Miles Southeast of Cape Girardeau the Pilot. Richard Leibunguth. 25, also of Evans vile gave authorities account of the incident Johnson called the Pilot s company. To state Aero to charter a plane he and Libenguth Tock off about if30 .3 to Cost in 150 acrobat a sing engine plane. After being airborne about p7a�?~od i or revolver As Thev flew North Over in were up nearly 14 from last Diana and ordered the Pilot to turn year s an Educ Levels to $243 Nown around and head for Kentucky then pm reported record sales of $83 across Illinois and finally to billion during third Quarter a m Missouri improvement Over the july after telling lib Unmuth he had september 1974 period la it having faintly problems and of Cems a site was thinking of suicide he pointed compared with profits of ��?~67 a he Eun at the Pilot s head and million or five cents a share in the until he was overpowered and ejected year ago period and approach the from the plane during the struggle record third Quarter earnings of $287 Johnson fire a a shot at the Pilot but million set in 1973 the profits substantially higher moments later the plane landed at than analysts had expected were care Girardeau pm s Lauruth highest for the Quarter since world War 11 a Quot sophisticate cd fashion. Sophisticated technology. A Seiko Quartz watch so acct group of Dan Post of to i no or e be n or eve e a holidays try a s.1 a cent year 54 2 3c a mad ubut riot ii 53 pc 1 90 27 so rates per year Ovy pos Ai 7ofie i .5. Ii morn or eve s. Sun 542 00 44 60 to 55 1� �0 00 64 40 66 70 mor or eve a Quot in no Sun 530 35 90 .18 8j 4. »04 7c 47 60 m 50 20 us on 51�?T 21 80 v. 30 2 t so 2.5.6 26 80 23 00 subscriptions of less a ban computed proportion Stel y months or less add to o serv one year except 3 e charge Bentsen supports no default for nyc Hll Fralo. , Tuple sen. Lloyd Bentsen a Texas. One of several contenders for the democratic presidential nomination said saturday it would be a a to let new York City default. 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