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Amarillo Globe Times Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1966, Page 1

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Amarillo Globe Times (Newspaper) - September 26, 1966, Amarillo, Texas Quot is Iii ans Oil and Ai App a it Rrt a ris80nette Frrin-frnmislf14/? 1"�?T. M/�?~sl.r0 Al Quot a it a a a w of my dlr War a Quot m a Tow or two Dies cd a Orn Menf she Quot Mah a Quot a Quot a a mexican indians or r Iii v larva Ion a Nion the tar Humara is a or tsp Quot Quot a a Del Bro canyons of the Storro Madre mountains. Me went to the villages of is so Quot a jell j and reel. We visited with the Jesuit priests wha devote their lives to he betterment of these indians. Among Nemis father Lins l Verplancken at whose re quest Louisiana citizens goner of la donated to Railroad ear loads of food. Tools medical supplies and agricultural equip mein tor the indians by the mexican gov eminent has refused to Grant permission for the shipment to enter Mexico from Al paso Ion where Amarillo Fin of of if iou % i cur. An. 1.17 to # in i it Washington map a the tracks arc often mint d and he track Side ii infested with snipers. But the Pentagon wants to open up the throttle on its use of a a he battered vietnamese National railway it has sent 2� 2 so i. Amarin. Try. Urn a i no he i s,&Quot"hil1 n Quot Quot it Quot Lold Gill. To fit. Jul. I wha How to lib i. On mile narrow gauge line should he in proved. Only 400 Miles is now considered Safe for regular hauling. But even bolstering that much would ease mounting Supply distribution pressm is. Sav i a. Officials. The \ ii i it int guerrillas to the Railroad almost daily it first Thi s it it i Point fir. Type mine which explodes immediately when struck by locomotives. The South Viet Nantes solved this by putting one two or even three Flatcar ahead of the engine sacrificing a car to a no the locomotive and Poi ton s Nott the right rms in my Ico Arr 0� Llort the then bared in re Ion Vito i of. Of Orv of a Man intr Load of hip soy i a run i a it t it our is Polo i tfx t or it Hopoi a f or Sony a a visited or a in Ohp i no i n n Russia said sending More migs to Hanoi Engineer. Iii Vici t Ong countered with mini ? triggered from a distance when the Engin is on a a in other technique involves no Mote a half dozen guerrillas piling four or file feel mud on in track the cars Ham been sitting on a aiding once saturday father Verplancken kind and sufi sgt out n. Was emphatic in his denial of Retro its that from Khi-200 indians a Day Are doing of stars action he was jut As emphatic however in declaring that a Quot terrible situation exists among 5o.ooo indians who live in the rugged wilderness Quot fight a per cent of All Tai a human Indian children die be fore thee reach the age of five Gordon or the priest. A mexican National was Quot tired a i it i to Iii Ltd pooped even i to to re is Roll a id a via so k fr11�?T 11 Tel Ltd a a ,ri1 Quot roil .vs,.in, and so a a a it Cicer "7 Quot Quot up i Zzz jest Quot Quot Quot a Quot m z xxx in Quot Urz \ id Ile is Traini if in som it of the. \ Itna Igor or it i St it in for. Colin ult he said. A i and had a i i Ai c before we i to a nod to a a a fill Rel re Quot a non hot to and his Fly a a a part spa or., Quot this is the Way it has always a re g Harl a con v a a it been with these primitive people a a a v Anont two Horn Tiro who subsist mostly on Herb a i a ahead of time Iii preparation Hea t Tard and Cha. Iii i and t nf"1�?T Quot or t�?�11 la or Quot Quot Han thin ,., i. A i. . Or my la my i in. I a it Rii Ltd a in in. I. In. Re. Said he a. Y a a = i Mem a drouth occurs the indians a hard pressed for seed the Fob durin lowing year and Are also Short i Gifu 1.0 Mion la 11, ii.,., was reported forint to have was More than doubled Coni he Monist North Viet Nani s air Force of hit ii supersonic fighters Toailo i Tkv in More planes Ujj i the nose made available to Hanoi As linked soon As then Are North \ Irla i see Imp a so Page 2 arca Moil sunk Chitton hot ii Kava i w Val Kin is of a Jujj or m Dumas via it bitten by a Snake sunday while working on the in is id Berry farm in Moore county the snakebite was Ore of two reported in the Panhandle during the week eventually Cut Short because he was nil the. Aid Mission of some understood to he North v in Nam. I he Ami training mini Nim is presently in hut in it in it Spinall Stan Folk to moot holies re ret Civ a in training in and antiaircraft Moisig Hie key to the com my cd China is be helping with building the adv Isi i \ Lutz said sunday by president of he Cham a a was from a1 reports the it appointed chairman Quot of bopping sunday Volt committee i Quot Mission la did a ii the Quot current the not a in mans month a rage \ mass meeting of s in a i i loth. Sunday closing problem whore we stand at the end merchants will Ive he id tuesday wet with their approval Quot Lutz time Watkins was in satisfactory to discuss Quot current approaches condition this morning Ai do to the sunday closing prof. Lutz Mas memorial Hospital. He said Lorn r Quot a or picked up a Pip and the ,. Snake apparently came from and ref 1 Jour Herman i v col a round ii he was unable to it a sci1id Wory Committer Hab it rate it determine whether it was 9 rat. La it run in it la a 31 ,.h Tresnak today toe meeting will by held i i a p m i Uceda at the a Ham a a a m >ml1 .1i�?~r< Ber of Commerce conference to ,1 meeting tuesday East of Dumas another Man Lom. Quot 1 will Man. A be Ort on a talk Chi with a group of developments to he said ministers tin morning to he we want All the merchants sure that our current approach Large and Small a to know was hospitalized for a in Al Hue on the Finger r Attlee new k file a Ion operator edition Caile Ilo spit u 1 bitten on. A service to w As in Good Eon today in North ii in Bot get he the Finger while Snake to a custom showing the or a i it i ton who works for Fite said he was Busy at the rear of the station when he heard fur veiling. Tipton said f Ile had placed the Snake Back in the Cage by the time he reached him Bdl feuding Iii Uliks Onida Sara Man to Alif i pm that no Republican Candi or Gaylord Parkinson state Date speak ill of other parts \ physician Aid Tho snakes Republican chairman was in members in the primary Cam Weir probably coming from the Der attack from fellow Gap pain Lake Meredith area before the leaders Toda for of the dam. Flames sum swoon from a Bank a Quot a a a a a a a so Quot. Son s policy Hurt him and helped Tot n Tot in Reagan by preventing a Public Civ St oui Tot \ Parkinson was Zhi of that in Phi to Caf x,�?T1&Quot n Binh Quot a Al Nee store. Hoi i 271 before the Lea hers today for of the ,1am. Flames some St Xii from a Hank Weir thrown in an attempt to count maintained Iii part rid the area of Snake for the hackers of r maid Reagan special ceremonies a by it was i e s than an average shopping Sun Day had Bee Tofoi m Ltd s Large merchants agreed to clo their i mail businesses in Sun Day a a a a the Vount .1 r \ closing a n d to it Lan to pre cute offender in Gan sept 12 a tourneys for eight store employ is who have been charged with violation of sunday closing Laws appeared in corporate on ourt tins morning ready to Post Bond for the r client Howey a proper papers had not yet Bien drawn and the at Orneys were informed that they will be asked to Post Bond at a later dab a a a charged in connection with Tho Sale of crackers on sunday ate Leo Alford Jiffy i o o d store 1405 \ grand Ray by num. Toot n totem 1305 f Xmas ill bad Clyde Burge 1207 \ Fillmore to it to in ill pilots Wen ins f of Irba r shia Mig fighters rockets a soviet supplies hints while understood to Small arms and Road and constr action work a a a North \ let Nam s air Force nay reported last week by the Institute for strategic studies to have a Iota strength of .1,500 a a men with it ight Ilyushin 2k bombers , and i t Fighier a Anil i supersonic jets these or e base i on info in a a ii or the Yea i St re Orts said lately have by in their Supply Ause of the glow in air offensive Ltd targets in near Hanoi e report suggest \ in in.,tues,�?� m g2 Force has been More than doubled so far with More expected to arive in coming months Iller is apparently no shortage of mig21 Iii Russia which has been supplying the Model in to Gyt i a mom others it was considered highly Unikel that rus fails w Quot old dui the planes m combat but then is Good re a on to believe that the russians Are training the North x in name it in the ii a a of Pitt. Plane the sources said Light 1 Mig Mig a figure lion i but Kus Steppiii Mig 21 amen Vietnam North thes s of i an id Lith a member of lilt the i is. Marines Crotie hed in his 1� Hole As two others parried a dead buddy to an evacuation helicopter alter is heavy mortar barrage sunday near the demilitarized zone lax increase probability is. Of i a to i liken in 2 i Lur lories hued two i led t five id i All Tan do of. 3rd, a Bob j Hir Slaty a a to Rno in w Shin Ign Idem Johnson a advisers again a inuit a tax Mere Iti i top dec Naomi at to i k i m a after the to the and hot lid considerable number Fowler Algeria Ami Miv vember elections to fight the War in Viet Nam the War against inflation Treasury Secretary hem in the u r Tan i i m1 in fart went f to say sunday thai a tax in Rea a is within the realm of pro if the administration a oui mile its pay a it of by Oil Iii War s costs it the Sam time omme Rei seer to r John i Moi Reify at d in a i pm Terv jew that he favors and personal both corporate administration income tax spending veer devils. I it ii 111 i ii it w in news prizes i always fat it in Reagan locket before the primary said flt Irmer Gap gov. Goodwin Knight reacting to charges levelled sunday against Parkinson George Christopher the Ini in or san Francisco mayor defeat of by Reagan Iii so bitterly contested Republican Prim Ryall the fund a unethical Quot i done to think any state chair Man hould receive secret pay a Elias of traffic accidents cents from and faction e a and an Impromptu cattle round Call when that Quot faction is tip provided the winning news. Soring a particular candidate tips last week in the Hob he said times and daily new s new slip a a a Parkinson immediately de. L be old Amarillo b o y Nied the re was any thing seer was fat ally injured last wedge about the Bank fund said it was Day w Lien the pickup truck in an entirely legitimate method Winch he was Riding went out of of financing his political Active Contin neat it Berry Avenue in to and accused democrats peasant Valley several tit. Gov Edmund g Brown of Quot re Peis railed the newsroom hut sorting to Chara Ter As Assam the earliest caller was or flon because he s faced with Herschel Browning. 306 Roberta a sin to Rea it an Quot Jan e she a wins frs prize Kex Rance of Ftp fund was Dis i. M Elos a sunday in a Sacramento second prize of sors to q j Barker ,v7 Kentucky fir a of. A a i it jus it Jan 1 on a car motorcycle in Rolls on a re and 1�?~olk \ and g pm Fol a Quot a a it oar old amani., Man a or Nian. For piously injured in the Accident no which occurred last i id Asad contributors to the fund deposited in a san Diego Hank und ran account called for i tip on a police Roundup Parkinson s sponsors include 1 cd Henry Salvatort and Holmes f Reagan thai Char or was echoed sum is r finances Page Smith taxi to Notum 54u9 Hee Losi Ngy Page 2 Saigon him i s and mite forces battled com my Bim j735 Nims from the flood ravaged Jiffy i a Kyj Mekong Delta a the Northern v i i o. D i i Nti is in a airs Fla Shes b that left a enemy dead arum see tit is Page 2 i last Friday third prize of $2 is awarded to George Howell 1117 new 19th. Of some cattle roaming on the Canyon expressway. The tip led uht it a a a a Herman to several Fin new photos nth., nest is or a lost we a a Holliss tron gov implied that Ess As Tow Ultra a up Quot. Re Cpd Monn lr., fan. Pod Hanson cd prank Cooley fund two to the Pintar it or so nth a "l"1&Quot is it is a ppm ram a torn Iosana to n e n i s with his a Lith pm Gen fool an us n Porf my ,.rtiw n a a a Gar no a it ois Cia re Dorothy in infant Gnu we n Chhum p. Pink. Lith commandment Quot was the a k Monte tar i mrs Flyr can Nua Hon Oili of was Biti Nunt 2311 t do Chi his policy of demand / Neon Vav ii ii omit a p a a 0 to a jetliner with to persons aboard taxied to its usual parking position on the Eon Eliise at san Francisco International Airport sundae hut Nyhen the Pilot applied the brakes the plane kept rolling through a Section of the concourse passageway Lite plane knocked out windows which moments before had been lined is persons waiting to Welcome passengers arriving on the flight from Angeles. A Airport official Ltd it As a a parking second i rial for Clifford set Al. 2 i Hurtt mid of of 21 is la Jan build it ail a it Char. S Houi Uig 11�T�Ford a Aillet w till intent a 11 Waar re-1 cd Ford Deards 10fly j by a Ven 2t Lait by tiny ii the urn in the Chest half Carli re Rifold wife was fatally shot Lier an Apar men Clifford was convicted of Mur Der without malice by a Denton 1 minty Jur. Sepi 3 and was sentenced to the state Pri on for two years of or the Hoo tag of i wife he a transferred to Hunt so die earlier today Bdl Hunt it Dalhart ador Nee for the i it judicial l i strict aul the trial i j be heard b judge Harry Schultz if Ford contended he a temporarily insane when his wife was murdered but admin tee in testimony at the Denton trial that he knew what in was doing when Stevens Volt shot the murder trial a moved to Denton on a change of venue motion granted by 47th dial judge Gene Jordan Hunter Aid no Dale has been Sci for a pre Ria hearing Clifford will of removed from prison on a Bench warrant is surd by judge Schultz fax the 1 n re n t t a nod or re hot of children it to d to to due 0 i Coo a do Pitta it Mon he to do Itin pro y Odd of o 1 it Mon or nut out son recommended Reading a k it it \ transplant fag 6 dlr Ink i Dika happiness rage 3. R Ibio ind a programs appear on Page i a null Villi in Pend weekend with Johns a or ii i i is ii own poverty plan rage r. Muck m a Kef quotations appear on i Ali Ord by s i Inz. Al us prep for Fri Ona Tate Page i too Xvi i Fri i i r fro women Tau Page it Psi Rori it Ding mysterious tunnels Page to wit by Vik Fow i k candidate win in i out a Oak Par Ujj

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