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Amarillo Globe Times Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 1

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Amarillo Globe Times (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Amarillo, Texas Kidnapper hideout located by Iii Silig program okayed by a Fortson staff writer proposed West Texas state a Nivea sity baccalaureate Der re nursing program in with Amarillo Hosi Utal dust not was approved today by Courdina Iii Hoard Tex feb College and t Iii Verity system meeting in . Approval of coordinating Iniard was final step needed before plans for school could be implemented Board met morning in ballroom of Stephen v Austin hotel in a Suir Amarillo Zzz Globe times teacher cabbie sought 47 h year 17. L 28 pages 2 mentions 10 cents Amarillo teas. Monday october 19, 1970 i Fth court hears suits on vote Caw Mont pal apis pol Iee said Earl it today they believe they have found hideout where terrorist kidnappers held labor minister Pierre Laporte before murdering him saturday. The police began a thorough investigation of abandoned Frame Bungalow in Little town of St. Hubert eight Miles South of Montreal after army demolition experts made sure it contained Booby traps. Quot we believe it is where la Porte was held a said det. Sgt irrelevant or Albert Lisacek. Laporte s body was found about half a mile a i l Rosf Mac Bonneau a a a approval Conr tit utes a a Panure from Norm for , which usually Joes not set up a univer ii sch m a con it agreement with another Lud. The plan a manned Call for a Adua Fui nation of w pm s Hool of Oer . A i Jinjr \ with Amarillo Hospital did not font Hii f sit during i Ito-71 a k a i it 72 and �?o�77 a a eng eath of next two Voi a it in Fie sri Iol it Ould a a Oft if i be Mir ? and earn a. Or Deeric at 1 a Stich. Al w Sikl Pic t 1 i a 1 \ of a la of 1 of St 01 a a a i it if . Tim a. -1 he Iru Iuone it ii inv i1 Psi Hilali it la r thre year diet Mia cowl ii Iii la w isl pie,.o 1 d i Quot Hipa ill ii Quot my me their Ilea one at w a a Ali heal of i Eill s. Aoi i ii a i it i it i i it in s Mir h in i i w l a Prog air a a a it of . M of Ai Urilio .Pitai dry oar it i i mgt v>-.ti-�-, it at d a a a i be a i e ill. A. P,i.�.3 t in ��?~<�0 d ii dorm i it. I a Fdl in a ii a lie of h l�?T-�dle Ftp a tie exercise such Ikier Quot could line drawing and reasonable l 1� irrational. Supreme court listened mostly Render stale Legislatures Vir men can certainly differ Over invidious. In silence today ,&Quot that line Quot he said. Ltd be submit that a 2i-Vear-old away that Congre implementation of age �?~�?~. one can argue Quot of police were constr motion he a. In. A qualification inevitably leads that a minimum age of 18. 19 or see court Page 16 a combing Quebec province with warrants for a taxi Driver and a schoolteacher wanted for Federal Law allow All 18 year old. vote prime argument u.-, by representative of Date Chat Lengi Tih new Law was that it set Otei i Talili tons rested term la with and that Quot get could not deprive them of th., Auto Viii fhe j i ,1 ked Only a few Juc in and a Youthful audience listened argument relied on Tull h me a int u.1 Quot a. Pro e . Of a a prime a for action Takii. X d .11 that 18 r old d�-.,.- eur Protection v. c if Eien a Ilion de too e re is i t a it it ii. T i a \. N w Likht of inner it it of 7 rep a fic Den Trie b i h a Quot a . it 1 any trip a i i a 1 it in t a ii d not. isl. A f none e t t t it i let it ii Giitl a Vot Iru right Law 1 a i tiie Ili it i. Rik �?�>1 of a their a Quot 1, a h a t h a he will remix a k old in Era ban Al urea ship a a a d Wijn is Fiji Piunt u it Grade an it i nid he pm is it nursing Hirw Gram a St. I it. A it. I ill., f or Wist fir Iran ill begin in Dloie. That h Fol finl. It it i at Irney get i it in claimed a hat �?Ton.�� 1� strap Nin we i a i a asst in Iti us of e .8 ear Al tie vote it e a he. Al Ltd i in Lite a a. And Hnit r f i. Or int in it Rob a 1 f in t a a >0 Day ic in �z97 An&Gti i a six Orif 1,1 w i vote from l t 18 1 my Bill Ibin a a it Uei a a. A. Tias p a Tui. It Elf Eer or of a Fer 1971 under or. Ent Eldius or i Mitt Smith vice r>re.,i but of research and development at at said program Btij be state financed by 1974 75 a i Ion plans strike York and a strike has Tel a threaten etl for 12 Lii m let tuesday by some in e in St Pituc that Lii he i Vearold Titi line ovr or or vote of Iri Coc Tes Haviv tradition a Over quit Illus Saui he argued Al owing a a quo Tress in a break storming is photo by Weinhard Weichet Barnes left and Wayne a a incl a a ii via a Levi a beetles. Sirs la arise by Pait Timmons in Oil tical editor m.-.rket--. Over it ii. In mistrial . Ollege fact lev members who Travern. By Heine Opter condone violence Artil of Public them ghost nation must Uki of begin thinking in International terms if nation is Reali Ite Quick Call on leads i of first Pla e Winner i kidnapping of i., and Brit ish Trade commissioner , i prime Pierre Elliott Trudeau predicted More terrorist violence from Quebeth liberation front or Fly. But he said a .se men Quot will be found Quot and will be dealt within Calm and ate atmosphere of Canadian Quebec police issued an All Point bulletin late sunday say ing Marc Carbonneau. 37. The cab Driver and Paul Rose. 27. Were charged with participation in both abductions. The slaying of Laporte whose body was found in trunk of an Auto saturday night was not mentioned in warrant. Both suspects were described As French speaking canadians there was explanation Why they were charged with but kidnappings since communiques from Hoebee front have indicated that sep Araie Fly factions carried them out. I by Early today police had rounded up 319 persons in a manhunt launched after fed Era government invoked War measures act Friday and i outlawed Fly. More than 180 were picked up in Montreal rest in Quebec City. Sherbrooke. Hull and five other que Liec towns. Rose involved in a 1968 controversy at Perce on Peninsula when 25 Young people occupied a building. Abner Biard. Perce mayor said youths bothered tourists and when he and others , he was threatened by six or seven organizations among them Fly. Laporte 49, was abducted As he played football with his Chil Dren on oct. 10. Five Days ear Izier. Richard Cross also 49. The Trade commissioner in Montreal was taken from his Home. The Fly made seven Ransom demands among them release and Safe conduct Cuba or Algeria for 23 persons convicted or accused of terrorist crimes an Fly communique which led Podice Laportes Boxly in a Montreal suburb saturday night Aid he was Quot executed Quot because a government refused com t a . While refusing free 23 men demanded by kidnappers. The government offered parole five of them and also Promiiod kidnappers Safe Delphi find a two teen age Brothers who wanted something on their own Are prospering As theater operators presenting family Type movies in a theater that showed Quot mature audiences Only films before they bought it. Arthur Small. La and his brother Jimmy 16, Are earning enough Money at Roxy theater Send themselves through College in a couple of years. Quot me get some real Good malt Disney and family movies and teen age movies without ail that other garbage and it be working out real Well a Arthur said. Quot for .s size of town this is what people Delphi has residents. A a a a their handles most of business responsibilities while Jimmy runs projectors and handles most of technical Side. The clientele of 275-seat theater has changed since Brothers took Over. Quot now More families Are coming together with their teenagers and younger kids a Jimmy said. Quot we show strictly first run movies unless it a real Good classic a Arthur said. Quot this increases business. People would rather see new movies. M Ere starting draw from other cities now like , taiga sport and Al onticello. Those places charge As High As s2.50, our highest ticket is $1, and kids Are it a a a theater is Oren Friday saturday and sunday during week it Usiri ally is rented civic groups and shoot classes that want View educational or promotional films. Jimmy had worked at theater three years when in August 1���, he came Home and told Arthur Roxy owners wanted sell. Quot i thought it was a Good Deal we Tordi Over Bank payments a Rthur said. Film probes hearing Senate interim com in it tee on study of motion picture Industry in will conduct a regional hearing at 10 . Oct. 27 in Down owner motor inn in Amarillo. The committee charged with among other things studying feasibility of prohibiting showing of Quot prurient or obscene moving in state of Texas and or feasibility of taxing pictures a Revenue Rex it of findings of committee will be presented 62nd legislature which will Ohrn ses Sion in Austin in january 1971. A of Kiesman for sen. Ralph m Hall of Rockwall com Mittee chairman said that committee Are scattered across state give every per Sou Opportunity Amarillo City sen. Ralph a Hall 3.0"� world airlines have find Coin la tenant somewhere else i weekly news tip contest con conduct for themselves Cuba. Ani a City fun Entiat in agriculture. Ducted by or Algeria if Cross and Laporte been involved a controversy with drive in theatre owners Over of it it a nor spoke tins Quot a Hen you he k at kaon if Lacy of were returned Safe. After la 1 \. I \ 1 4. La v i f a j i it i .4 _ a a. .1 i. Tom Lidov found tru morning in Digimas. Dalhart. Worldwide food needs and Fumai Stew Anle ses and Stew. It in of Ben and Sih Ari Naii met them into Fuline it Salert Deaun government announced screening of such movies aids who have Forkim i a. V,hri.,inn in a in a i if new Rwm about an Accident that offer of Safe Ron dirt a hey can be seen from without contract for More than a year and who Are asking Lor a 30 Jet cent pay itch Stoi Wei he is making a Quot barnstorm Birger ing Quot Lour of Panhandle in a support of Max Sherman. Dein scheduled in Clear that if we re Ingo f Quot Accident that offer of Safe conduct a a of and Pampa. Develop agriculture Poten year old Brownie crosses kidnappers still stood. J a he Street. Loolie \ Iti ii Ito Cratie candidate for state negotiations were a eing con s,.naie from 3lst a strict dulled in Mash ton a a j n.,. I said College admin 1 1under of Batons Are going have Hes Leral mediation Board intake homies of averting a walkout. In Dumas. Barnes said pal and provide adequate Raki 11 while she was Hume. And professional men for future generations we a a Injo a tambers of her scout injured fatally when Ponce released text Sun others on committee in Sa. it Pitu,.,., fall ,1, Jude sen. Jack Hightower of 4lm in Nerson Knny a be cvn.4d.v son. Chot of a a a a a Tziah m a . A f theh . Sen. Mike Mck Orrl of Dallas and sen. Jack Strong of Longview. A a a can make a significant con begin thinking in International Fogt upe a Check for $10 will a nution Texas by providing ,&Quot Banies said a Rita is leade Stu brain i it a it wer and a Kin . Lac. text Hanoi ugh help Gover Rupent cell i dui Itom a Strong stand against solve problems Cromi a f a a a tout three accidents involving a Campus disturbances and Slu a i. de Sines Ovcina i be a in Canyon m�?Tay.j Amarillo Awo Vicinity forty a for 1>ansi>ort Denty who engage in violence men become a a a a Tusi a a a he a. Low 22 m orders local 550 in now York must be invrtlv�., m Eov�.Nmont important item Onti our was Dennis Lindvay fit a a a of six a Low nov said sunday unions reuse Barnes Ami Sim Man Are be 62nd 1322 Bellaire. He will Rece i. Ii Sai i Minxay unions Raj in i Sarnes and Sturm an air be a Ujj government he full. Legislature meets m january a second Alaee Ches k for a it Nimg machinist ,.ing accompanied by out a be Etc must by he said m january toe second plate thetic Tor a. And h a v e Samoa Quot a choral group of Fuus concerned about us a third place Winner is Larry Boyoung a Ouie from Penis and he wilting serve following tin Many Jack son of 10 Carter who tip i. serve and practices in our two a. _ a schools merely hmm t death Golden Gate Bridge is an unidentified woman who wore a Brown Corduroy boat a red White and Blue shirt and jeans still trying identify her sunday Alarin county 62nd.l322�?TBellaire. He we in a receive ill riot York up theft a a Aid she was s a a a. From notional weather service a highest temperature reported 1j weighed pledged lines. A not picket about Twa Kiesman said Pampa. Some of eighth would Becj Barnes talked about political in Dalhart curtain Tel but major Domestic involvement International farm Farmers in and International flights would a. A. A a be maintained with , personnel should strike of Cir. 1 a Union sex Kiesman said stewardesses and have been working since May 1969 without a contract. Stewar i Desses on Domestic flights now earn $37g $580 a month for b8j hours of work and $424 $5961 a month for International flights. Barnes l sex said and from paper about were see Barnes Page 16 who were passing see news tips Page 16 a Riff Tryc Inu Tonat Yea Inoff Oer Vicc. A a a. Of tue l j 4uui Levi i High red Roturie sunday was 60 Tow syn Jav by hip u a paid or 135 and 150 Poi and 7 or i by Ireail Mali Irline Lail Uii a Short Brown hair. Sunset today 07 i Bureau excluding Hawaii and Sunrise tuesday 757 a egress at in her plunge was seen Satur Day by three fishermen but Nam quotation 758.97 a Down 4 38 Perial Calif. Today slow was 122 degrees at Marquette and Pellston Mich. Dom Jones industrials Little else is known. Neely Low Dej amp Neely insurance fair fees county of Heht Tor a Rena of outs. U editorials 20 Horoscope. 5 women s news 17-18 sports.1012 television. 8 markets16 comics. 22 r by k Boone staff writer Itie tri state fair association this morning released Potter county commissioners court from obligation pay $106.000 toward Cost of Bill Cody livestock Arena. Ted h. Lokey president of fair , and members of association appeared at regular meeting of commissioners and presented a statement that released missioners court from payment of county s share of Arena. The , accepted release in form of a motion read by Dean Webb. County sex Peel that release of county from payments on area will end a controversy begun aug. 3 with a grand jury report that criticized . for agreeing pay a total of $1.31,000 in county funds without using time warrants or Bonds. The grand jury report recommended that a suit be filed determine legality of payments. After appearance of fair association representatives this morning county atty Naomi Harney filed a defendants motion for of suit in District clerks office. Judge Mary Lou Robinson set a hearing for 2 . Nov. 2 determine whether suit should be dismissed. The county already has made one payment of $25,000 this year. were allocated in he 1971 budget because commissioners agreed wait until a determination of legality of situation was made. On aug. 14. A suit was filed in 108th District court that commissioners be enjoined from making additional payments. The suit was filed by Amarillo atty Walter see county Page 1�j t agreement ended j a staff photo Ron Marlow Morns left Lokey and county clerk Ann Lyle Rier

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