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Amarillo Globe Times Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1967, Page 1

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Amarillo Globe Times (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Amarillo, Texas Reds surround paratroops final edition Amarillo Globe times i Iii 1 <41 r. A a. If a to l i it i Ltd i la a pc a a Seri Ion Inta lilo min. Man. A a a. To. Ioii7 14 uses a a a a is thieves strike at Iii relies Ori rrb Heel Iii Stoch s decline Bounce new York a it the Stock Market took a Broad Steep loss in Early trading and then made a partial comeback Early this afternoon. Trading was heavy in the first session following devaluation of the British Pound and increases in British and i a interest rates. The Dow Jones average of 30 industrials was off 6.53 Points to 855.58 at noon after having been Down 14.96 Points in the first half hour of trading. A a a volume m the first hour totalled 4 48 million shares. The new York Stock Exchange ticker tape fell three minutes behind in reporting floor transactions. Losses ranged to several dollars a share for leading issues. But Eldon a. Grimm senior vice president and analyst for the big brokerage firm Walston amp co., said a i done to think the Market a acted too badly. There s no panic Selling. The news was somewhat a a a brokerage houses were crowded with spectators and some brokers said they were swamped with orders. A i Haven t seen this Many people standing around in Here watching the tape since the Day the Arab israeli War began Quot said a broker in an office in Rockefeller Center. A i own a fair amount of Stock but in a not going to sell Quot said one of the tape watchers who did no to want to be quoted by name. Quot if prices keep going Down i May go in and pick up some a new York Stock Exchange spokesman said the Market opened Quot Active but Robert Haack Exchange president and Gustave Levy chairman of the Board of governors went onto the Busy trading floor to observe operations. They made no comment on the markets action. A a a the slump had been expected in the Wake of devaluation of the Pound from $2.80 to $2.40 saturday and the increase in tha discount rate the official leading rate of the Federal Reserve current population Mohe United states 200 000 000 \ do my 7t a North Fin 4 a wire two copulation Over 200 million the yawning baby just might be the 200 Millionth american with his picture superimposed Over a photo of the demographic counter at the Commerce department building in Washington. Population of the i a. Reached the figure at 10 . Today. The figure is computed in adding a birth every 82 seconds and an immigrant every minute while subtracting a death every 17 seconds and an pm Grant every 23 minutes. The United states is the fourth nation behind communist China India and the soviet Union to reach the 200 million Mark. By Bruci Romig our pm of pff>0 w burglars took a Large Safe from a furniture store and then broke into the Metal shop at Palo Duro High school where they used acetylene equipment to got into the Safe police said today. The break in at Palo Duro High 1400 n. Grant was discovered this morning first police said. The Safe and a furniture Dolly were left at the scene. A a a then employees at v. L Taylor amp co., 1201 w 10th, reported that the store had been burglarized. The Safe contained $300 to $500 in Cash and checks. Burglars also took two portable television sets three portable Black and White television sets a portable stereophonic phonograph and a bunk bed set. The value of the merchandise was set at $1.440, the Safe valued at $600, was considered a total loss police said. Officers said the burglars broke a window at the Paloj Duro High Metal shop and then opened a door to move the Safe inside. The burglars broke open cabinets to get the acetylene cutting equipment a a a burglars ransacked women a choir rooms at two methodist churches sunday taking More than $500 in Cash and checks. Police said the burglaries occurred Between 10 . And noon at the Polk Street methodist Church 1401 Polk and at st. Paul methodist Church 4317 w interstate. At Polk Street the burglars went through 19 purses taking $340 in Cash and checks a $65 wrist watch Billfold credit cards and Drivers licenses. Twelve purses were taken at st. Paul Church. Police said see burglars Page 2 v �o1 fight Saigon i up a North vietnamese regulars surrounded a . Paratrooper battalion on a Hill near the cambodian Border in South Vietnam scentral Highlands today and with heavy ground assaults and mortar attacks pm Wendy inflicted heavy casualties. An american chef fore reached the scene m the battalion of the . airborne brigade was Cut off for 24 hours before the re enforcements arrived to Are it a the commune attack and bring out dead and wound d. Heavy enemy ground fire Kef t a it e helicopters away. Associated press Corr Pord ent John Lon gel renor Tod for m Dak to. About 15 Miles from the a my a 4m see store on Page 28 �0 00000 4 staff photo by Van Cook fighting the Hervy communist fire set off a huge explosion inside the . Perimeter possibly causing heavy casualties. It Rould not be determined immediately what caused the blast. A a a the fighting perhaps the most vicious yet in the huh crewmen began installing Christmas decorations on Anis Campaign came As i to in i i it i j planes bombed the Hanoi Hal Polk Street this morning and Are scheduled to com phone area for the fifth str Pletsc the seasonal Job sometime wednesday. Ewell Day on sunday. The attack m Casey of the it of Amarillos planning amp traffic eluded blows against the f f h division Rode a High swinging bucket to put on some finishing touches. The Multi coloured lights will he turned on at 7 . Friday a mayor j. Ernest Stroud. A a of of a a a a Solidi Follar air plane Ili jacked Atlanta a a Days. They Are a Concrete up it and a Barge Yard near Hanoi the . Command in no need the loss of four plans inn inc the total number of losses Over the North to 749 or Craft. The four planes carried six crewmen All of whom Are missing. The belief Grovv among us commanders that the communists around Dak to Are trying to do what they achieved earlier this year just below the demilitarized zone draw Large american forces away from thickly populated areas and pin them a in the sparsely settled sen cent income tax surcharge pro Morin gains Mike pm Sal is stalled in the House a a a ways and Means Ommittee about 6,000 americans and and Mansfield had conceded 4 000 South vietnamese Are at i Lull i Elimo i plug to a 1 a Piliki Washington a ate majority Leader Mansfield said today Congress May have to drop its mid de earlier it appeared Likely to re Comber adjournment goal an it i main there remain in session to act on a tax but he said the British deval increase because of Britain station of the Pound from $2.80 to de at 6,000-8.000 North tot a devaluation of the Pound. $2.40 May Force a reassessment names. Hin engine air plane was report Quot much As i Hale to say so lie said a tax hike is necessary in fee lighting it 7 edly hijacked in Florida today much As i abhor the possibility to head off increased prospects be. Bk<1tronp s by an unidentified russian and i think the welfare of the coun of inflation the Pilot radioed the aircraft try and the stability of the Dol Quot the need for a tax increase Dak to and in the Iii cled Hirs and peaks surrounding it the a a oppose an enemy Force Eminem were killed sunday. Tengel reported no resin of figures were available at a Quot a was being taken to Cuba the Lar comes before any adjourn is More apparent and greater for today Ftp thine ederal aviation a Duimstra ment plan non reported. Socrat said the Faa said the Pilot said Mansfield Man was the when 173rd action began sun1 v two companies of a he brigade came Pedrr fire from n a to a f. By John Pierson Washington up from 4 the prevent to 4 5 per a massive outflow boards to 4.5 per cent from 4 . Government had its de funds from new York the Montana dem than Ever Quot Mansfield said. Senate Republican Leader eve told newsmen that Erett m. Dirksen of Illinois disa the Man was armed and that could mean a nonstop 90th con greed. Dirksen said weekend heavy a the intends to take this plane to Cress with no extended recess economic developments include Narrise Deere in Bunker nout is Between the first and second my sundays increase in Fader on Hill 875. A third 1 s the plane apparently had Only sessions. Al Reserve interest rates no holding the a rest m me cent to the feds move May keep Quot hot the Pilot Copilot and uni Denti president Johnson 10 per see Congress Page 2 m the United states it Felt gunman aboard of Money to could also result in higher at Ore Point the unidentified per cent sunday. When Britain devalued lenses ready today to guard the London the discount rate is the borrowing costs for . Consu passenger spoke on the radio the stability of the Dollar from the rate of interest Hanks have to mors and businessmen. And said that if two f104 air Pound sept. 18, 1949, Stock pressures generated by Bri pay when they borrow from the meantime moving to Calm Craft from Homestead air prices declined the next Day Ini Tain a devaluation of the Pound Central Bank. Financial markets everywhere. Force base did not Stop follow heavy Selling at the opening of Sterling trading close. But recovered by the an increase in the discount Treasury Secretary Henry h. Ing the hijacked air plane he the Federal Reserve Board rate usually Means increases in Fowler said the United states would kill both the Pilot and the raised its discount rate sunday other interests Ranso while stood Quot firmly committed Quot to Copilot. Joining with other countries in the Faa said Havana had a ��10.� to Roost avg Cost House tories shout Ike Silin Ai will som sound world diced the Faa bight service Center at Miami and said that Quot an Over Cuba we uld permit the air plane passenger to diem maintaining a monetary system. Fowler noted that.,. Whelming majority Quot of major10 countries had not been panicked Vou to rni1t,<�?~d into Matching the British move bark. »�><1 a he plane ,1 i a a owed to return to the United with devaluations of their own. He reaffirmed the . Names of the Pilot and Copilot commitment to keep buying and nere unknown immediately but Selling Gold at. The existing Price to Faa said the plane was of $35 an ounce president Dot Ned by general aviation and up a Chancellor it without trouble his govern a creatives Lack the votes to ing labor party has a majority Tumble Wilson. Than 80 scats in left wingers and others Wilson a i Abor party. The opposition conservative saturday s the party is bitterly opposed to the devaluation. Their devaluation. They blamed it on backers and others faced a Wilson a socialism. Quot discs Long hard Winter of higher not London of the exchequer James Callag Han admitted to a jeering House lot More of commons today that devalue commons Tion of the Pound Sterling will Boot living costs for average briton. But he ignored conservative opposition demands that he quit Trout Quot said Edward Heath. Prices. But others we re. A in Ltd it it. Britain Page 2 there were similar demands from the press and Public prime minister Harold Wilson has staked his labor government on forcing parliament to Swallow a massive dose of Money devaluation and austerity to save Britain from bankruptcy. A a a "1 recommended the Cabinet to devalue Quot Callaghan told the House. A they accepted my advice. It is a immediate responsibility to see the operation is Callaghan defended the governments decision to Cut that i value of the Pound from $2.80 to $2 40 in a 10-minute Pari a men Tury statement. Conservative maps shouted Quot out and Quot resign Quot As both Wilson and Callaghan entered the House. Callaghan a statement was followed by a rash of heckling questions from the opposition. But a full scale debate on devaluation was scheduled on it for tuesday and wednesday the conservatives planned to move a censure motion against the Wilson government. But Wilson was expected to survive a Civ Lowry in amp n insurance conservative Leader. But con Peori Iii. A it up a a newsstand Vendor who peddled his rickety bicycle to work seven Days a week of a or decades before his death has left an estate valued at More than $1.43 million Frank Hartman who died sept 29 at the age of 78� began Selling newspapers with his twin brother George the Day president a i 11 i Mckinley was assassinated in 1901. Franks newsstand Shack at one of Peoria a busiest intersections became an institution. Brother George who lied one week after the pair retired three years ago operated a newsstand just a Block away on another Busy Corner. George left an estate Worth $1.2 million. Johnson made the same statement which Means no devaluation of the Dollar shortly after. Britain devalued saturday. 10 Fowler said that events of the opposed had demonstrated Quot the announcement of spa rat 0� monetary cooperation Quot a it or Union create cd in the free world since world War ii a a a he noted that the International monetary fund planned to lend Britain $1.4 billion in a few Days and that a number of Central Banks had pledged Britain another $1.6 billion. A the United states with All of its productive strength stands firmly committed to joining with others in the International task of maintaining a sound world monetary sgt Stem Quot Fowler said but a Republican congressman charged that France and the United states were in part to blame for the crisis rep. Thomas b. Curtis rmo., said tli�1 French wanted to under mine the Dollar by weakening the Pound and that higher interest rates in the United states had threatened to pull funds from Britain in recent weeks. See planet Page 2 a new armoured Boot to he tested in Vietnam a Page 3. A South Vietnam nubs Medicine from . Quakers Page 8. A Vivo takes look at new toys for 1967�?Page 9. A a anything goes Era May backfire professor says Page it. O Stock Market quotations appear on Page 17. A yol no londoners praised for a Romeo and Page 18, a sandies loss among most disappointing. Putt Powell on Page 25. A de Gal Lee preparing new Bombshell for nato. Hen and Scott on Page 30. A congressman kills vital Power project Page 33. Though they lived frugally a they never owned a t a until fit years ago a there was no indication they had amassed a Fortune through a \ a tents. I until the death of Genie i rank Hartman and his sister Helen 71� shared a House a in one of Peoria a poorer sections. Frank and Helen then moved to a better neighbourhood. Helen and a n e p h e a Ralph Hartman whose last known address was Flint. Mich., were listed As Frank Hartman a sole heirs. The will directs that a Trust for his heirs be established and that after their death the income from his Fortune is to be Given to three Peoria charitable organizations and the shrines Hospital for crippled children in Chicago. The weat for a a Rill and Vicinity Clear of partly Cloudy through tue a a the Little change in temperatures High to Lay near 60. Low tonight lower30s High tuesday lower Ltd its vends Lorther 8 to 16 . Today. Light and variable tuesday. Outlook tor wednesday Little change. Tram the . Weather Bureau details on Page 2. Intense machine gun and emn arms fire. The Parater donors trim of fight toward each nth or Ara a a up but the North Yiente �?Tw1p a moved in Between them the three Eom Nonte it v err to v to join but the n a Ltd it namese then moved to Rorr omd All three units �1 a a this pro Rene a strew Nart. Trooper Relief Force move rut through the Nin a red the embattled units at pm o in. Medical evacuation the turn ters were unable a a my immediately however to night the dead and wounded from the earlier Fie tie Cluj were on the Battlefield seven helicopters were a a by ground fire while it temp it Hng to reach the Parmiro Oncas to a a hour period. And the Rbar a it is were recovered however elsewhere in the Hoo to. S. 4th infantry dive e in Mvi to Nies fought four pm a a a Quot a to it of Dak to and the a to vietnamese Rynn Tito a yet c f. Gird a on Hill 1416 five Miles ,0 Vietnam per to weekly co test ? if to i a #31 a Quot to m Civ. To i a a to a a. A baht nerd Tran staff photo by Ron Marlow a tip on a fire at the Avis rental service 2nd and Buchanan took the first prize in the Globe news papers weekly new slip contest last week. Bob Stephens of 6010 Linden Lane will receive a $10 Check for the tip. The second prize of $5 goes to mrs. John Posey of 3tilu be 22nd for her tip about the ceiling falling in at the Home of or. And mrs. Kenneth Rimmer 3617 be 22nd. A picture appeared in Friday s Globe times the $3 third prize goes to Elmer Flovin of 503 a. Colorado for his tip on a two car Accident at Western and Olson which left one person wry minor injuries. Other Colling in news tips were or. Jerry Berne of 6 0 Lipscomb or. For buy one. Several a a bloody and beat up Ankles later he was Wheeling Down gains a we a pfc wry Martic Englana of Borough on his paper route with aplomb. 1 1/02 Hughe and mrs. B. A Jordan of a route 2, Palisades Box 2/

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