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Amarillo Globe Times Newspaper Archives Jul 18 1967, Page 4

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Amarillo Globe Times (Newspaper) - July 18, 1967, Amarillo, Texas Amarillo Globe tiniest tuesday july 18, la suspect held in robbery assault a negro Man is being held in City jail on a complaint by a 21-year-old negro woman that she was beaten and robbed of $10. Miss Peggy Monroe Apt 4. Told that the Man came to her apartment to borrow Money. When she refused the request the Man took the Cash from her purse. Miss Woody said she was knocked Jyun when she tried to Stop the Rutan from leaving policemen Harold Mann and Richard peek later picked up a suspect St. Anthonys to train i until a program going the phasing out of the St. Produces the needed nurses the Texas Board of nurse sex. Woody of 302 n. Anthonys Hospital registered sister Thom Aline Hospital and Ammer. He so n in officers nurse training program will be mini Strator. Said today. Proposal will Pronto y me in delayed until another program in an announcement monday november. _. A a of approval by the Texas Iran Matt College coordinating Board of i red men Liam a an associate degree program in nurse education for Amarillo 7 n state panel College it was indicated that two prominent Abbate Road still closed men have been appointed to the Hospital licensing advisory committee of the Texas state Board of health by gov. John Connelly the two Are former Amarillo mayor f. V. Wallace who has served on the committee for the past six years and Gordon the St. Anthony s nurse training program would be phased out in Panhandle favor of the a program. Llama to admits Story a hoax a Lubbock woman who had a a a reported to Amarillo police that to she had been kidnapped and fore a we would phase out our Pri Gram of and when Amarillo de at gunpoint to drive two men 6 ---m1 monday night and morning that she had manufactured the Story. College est awishes the associate to Amarillo degree nursing program a sister netted this Thomasine said this morning the main Road to the agates Russell of Hale Center who has administrator of the Hospital for eight red rockets wreck planes map wire photo boat Dock at Lake Meredith pro been the Bahlev will not be open for i Plains another week a spokesman at years the National Park service said a the nine member today ,. Committee will meet in the Road in Northeast Potter four times each year. C omit off Texas 136, was damaged june 4 during a six int ii rain repairs Are being made by Potter county Road Crews. She said she was going to be late to work following a party and wanted an excuse for her tardiness. Under questioning by representatives of the Amarillo a Lino of smashed . Aircraft lies smashed on the runway at Danang air base in South Vietnam the planes were destroyed saturday when enemy forces loosed a rain of russian made rockets on the base. Some 40 cargo planes and fighter bombers w Ere damaged or destroyed. After huge j dredging project slated at i Ake probation granted Ira Daniel Burris 17, of 1417 the Palo ,. Duro club in Trigg was Given a 30 Day jail de taking a project to dredge sentence probated for two shout 300,000 cubic Yards of Silt mayors complaint reviewed years after he pleaded guilty in at has accumulated in a we would want to continue serving Amarillo by producing nurses until the Amarillo College program gets off the ground a she said no Board action hasip0y it to i department and sheriffs been taken on closing the ours deputies the woman admitted licensing eng school. A it is still in the that the kidnapping Story was Austin talking stage a she said. False. Sister Thomasine added that the vocational nurse training will continue at St. Anthonys even if the hospitals registered nurse training program is dropped. A a a Amarillo College president a. B. Martin said today Anthonys will continue the a Perate its nurse training pro Bookie thinks jail better place to be Post office flanges its own tires but county has it done i was built 26 Vears ago. A dredging contract new York apr a in a Way in a glad to take the fall a a Robert de Simone As he arrested for bookmaking. I lost $10,000 on the National St said t o was he he was heart attack fatal Potter county court at nce the present dam a a until ours Geta going and i ague Austin apr Ronald a to driving while in a a. ,.toxie ated Burns was also fined Zach Mao Tiwi found of a a ,100 b my a a near his parked car on an ans Juc jul seized thursday by detectives who tin expressway Early today. Justice of the peace Bob Kulm ruled Zachman died of a heart attack. Starts producing nurses. _ for estimated it will take about hippie dressed acting $80,000 was awarded to a Gulf three years for the Amarillo had staked out his office on in coast Marine service company Rouege nurse training program Jon Square club meeting in to get going Paris a French department stores will hire More men. Last night at a the Potter county courthouse. The Palo Duro club is Northeast of Canyon the hippie outfits were to or. Martin said the next step avoid detection while casing in the proposal for the College what the police said was a $30, program is securing approval by too a Day operation \ Check of two other Public to contract agencies in the Wake of a state stations on with local service a cheaper to maintain our own its vehicle main vehicles. Our Down time is not men by mayor j. Ernest Stroud tenancy and a had Good relations As much since be started doing about the High Cost of getting a tire changed to a City vehicle problems indicates that there Are two sometimes at Rush periods school of thought. The Day or in the mayor Stroud in a weekend the Post office now has its television talk complained that own vehicle maintenance facile a City work Crew of five and two to and Davis said it has proven Louisiana a pieces of equipment were idled a nearly five hours one Day last week for want to a spare tire being available for a front end loader. Stroud said the loader a dump truck and the workmen were assigned to a curb and with them. We had no particular it ourselves. We re Well satisfied a Little delay with our setup and we know it of saves us Money. I done to have the of spurns at hand but our shop repair Cost per mile is second to none in Texas and to said. A a a Hobart Van Valkenburg put ? tor county Road superintendent says a1 tire repairs on heavy equipment Are Farmed out to local tire firms i a take our motor grader tires. We generally take them to a tire burglars loot Gash Register Glass in the Omni of Var outfit because we can waste Gutter Job when the loader had More time trying to get one off a Flat tire the Crew reported 1de foods 342 Canyon Anuj another Back on than the the Flat to the City scentral drive was broken and $57 was tire Man with the equipment to services operation by two Way taken from the Cash Register an do the work a he said. Radio the mayor said and the a pm nine rpt Virt a we get it done beaner than delay followed cause a snare pm ice 11,15 we can do it ourselves a for the loader had not been the City of Amarillo has repaired after it had been Millican of 1701 Hondo equipment to handle tire repairs punctured a week earlier. I a 5,d found rocks inside on heavy equipment. City a a a the building when he reported to manager John stiff said this mayor Stroud wanted to know work at 6 a in. Clophas Sutton of morning he has not yet received a would it be More economical to Princeton owner said the a report about failure of City the City to allow a local tax office area had also apparently employees in the tire repair shop paying service station owner to been searched. To have the spare ready for the repair a tire and have it on police Are also investigating a loader when it was needed its Way in an hour or less. Report of the theft of $131 at the or should we continue to add Owca at 1006 Jackson. Mrs. George Hammock executive director discovered monday that the Money was a if Centra services is so missing from the locked desk overloaded that they cannot drawer in which it was kept More two Way and More people to Central sen ires at a great Cost to the City the last time she had seen the Cash was Friday mrs Ham mock said. Repair a tire in a week s time. Doe it make sense to buy additional two Way radios so the employees can talk Hack and Forth and discuss their troubles and at the same time be a Cost High 108, Low 3 to the thy of $60 to $70,�?� the mayor asked. A a a c. T Davis postmaster was asked procedure the postal service Alaska follows when it has similar pro Blythe Mem Davis said the Post office used Bow picketing continuing in Amarillo picketing Railroad men still held their posts at the Santa be Yards Here at noon despite j government order ending the reported str Joe a Santa be spokesman said at Wax Ion degree a it Quot. I fait procedure through the and Needles Alif uni and that it Wou d be a today s Low was 39 at broken matter a amp he arc Nelona Union officials ordered pickets removed new York up the highest temperature a in a r i 11 o thursday to the . Weather what Bureau excluding Hawaii and iou neb. Despite slaving of looter racial Calm spreads in div town Newark by the traffic town Newark today As racial m Calm settled Over new jerseys Efro come it largest City despite the predawn a we do expect them Down he said picketing has been stopped in Dallas Houston Belen. Nm., Kansas and California he said the trams were scheduled to move As soon As the picketing stops. A spokesman at the ticket office said the Santa be chief scheduled to arrive in Amarillo at to 15 a in today would not arrive until wednesday. Two Railroad workers who Are picketing the Santa be building permit hand Polk reported that 12 j to is persons had stopped and my of Plainfield to establish questioned them about the strike this morning a a a a they think it is All Over a scattered negro violence was one said reported monday in other new one worker reported that All Elizabeth Pat the people had been very but the other said a Assoc i at i press agreed to pull out All Law in was heavy in Down for Cement officers and Burlington and ids reported bark at running Rock their i work on a today Joo negro leaders predicted the a Quot Al t Quot and a v the line when the strike was slaying of a negro looter and Mieir own Street patrols. Lie wounding of a White police Man stores were open with the exception of those Selling or Jersey cities of serving liquor and cars packed Erson new Brunswick and Jer courteous the downtown streets bumper sey City. A Jersey City negro few were a a Little bit Nasty a a to bumper. Freddie Lee Jones 24, died As both said they were anxious for a a a the result of a fire bomb being the strike to end the return to normalcy came thrown in a cab in which he was the after racial trouble that resulted a passenger. Island Railroad in 27 deaths in Newark and racial trouble also had been personnel were nearby cities. Aim also was Felt in the midwestern town of out trains were reported in the nearby towns Cairo 111 fire bombing Vandal modified basis. The shooting of the looter in ism sunday night resulted in the the first Burlington passenger Newark did not break the Calm destruction of a car and a Ware rain to scheduled to arrive in officers said a negro who fled House and tile damage of three Amarillo wednesday morning in a car after being spotted in stores. Anal the second will run from front of a wrecked store was state police were brought into Amari,1� 10 Denver wednesday shot to death in a gun Duel with the City with a population of 9 the Dha a we a due it to the Uipi pursuing police Early nearby a patrolman was area would have More violence a a tuti1 wounded in an Exchange of As soon As these officers leave. A. T ,. He a with several negroes to a a spokesman for the negroes i offic al1m> car who met with Airn Offir Iai. Quot ported la it the it were trying the trouble in Newark had said the administration nit 8et trains Back hts a it bul to Days and a his a Sarr ,Les and not had Bren pulled out mayor Lee Stengel hat prom ii he area and toe Ion pm. Cur ised an investigation of grief few imposed by gov. Richard j. Ances including a charge of Hughes had been lifted. Police brutality. Hat vat cl5tirnjti Amon a a a Washington up the in no he he the riots in new Jeney wite United states is expected to i or. H i pfc tin disorder regarded by sen. Everett m. Back the candidacy of Roma in a in1 f i i a a Dirksen r 111., As a support for Nian foreign minister Corneliu in i id infield a Miles away the Federal anti riot Bill which is Manescu for the presidency of then a an hour of shooting to co be on the House today the United nations general but no serious outbreak monday the Republican Leader Char Assembly this fall according nigh airing an attempt to Settle a Terizer the new Jersey out to authoritative sources the problems. State atty Gen. Breaks As a anarchy with a Cash if elected in september Arthur j Sills announced Early to Manescu would become the first today an agreement had been passage is expected in the representative of a communist reached one of the first moves the Senate had hoped to delay nation to preside Over the world a the release of 12 negroes the Bill the measure would out body Arr it ted after the disorders be Law travel and use of interstate a a facilities with the intent of in Tunis a Tunisia May Abri City and state officials had citing violence Cate her own water romanian Olalud for i a preside nay May pipe week pays honeycomb ice cube trays specials Good wednesday thursday 3 big Gyro stores wolflin�?2800 civic Circle next door to Levine a 1 80 4.m, to Jhoil thru sunday 1 08 . To 6 00 sundays Gyro 1�?308 South Arthur talk it thru saturday Gyro 2�?3848 Canyon drive Drnek i mfr Ess Way and Moss Lane a 00 . 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