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Amarillo Globe Times Newspaper Archives Jul 18 1967, Page 3

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Amarillo Globe Times (Newspaper) - July 18, 1967, Amarillo, Texas Hospital news because of aver in Weed conditions in Amarillo hospitals visiting hours and the two visitors Der patient at Only one time rulings of set by the Hospital wit be strictly enforced to the future visitors Mav come Between 7 nun. Find to d in and Between 7 . And 1 30 pm maternity Ward visiting hours Ore of follows Northwest Texas 3 30-4 30 Dis. And 7 30-1 30 ., St. Anthony s. Visitors cards will be issued at the information desk it the Hospital 3 30-5 30 pm. And 7 304 30 pm. Osteopathic j 00-4 00 . And 7 004 00 i. At Northwest Texas 4106 Monroe. Louise Watts hospitals Van Buren. A a mrs. June Witt Kevin Admire 4815 e slope 3018 mockingbird ,. Mrs. Odo. ,. Allen Bates 504 Washington Wooster bos Belleview. A. ,. Dale Bryan. Borger. George Youts Borger. Mrs Zilpha Davis Claude Robert Evans. 36 0 3 babies at Northwest Texas w eastlawn., Terry Garrison Hospital 3103 e. 15th. Mrs. Mary or. And mrs. Aubrey mat Vilart Gruver ,. Mrs. Emily thews 3405 Taylor a boy jul Hedricks 4603 Bowie. Joe by 14. Hood Claude. A a mrs. Clara or. And mrs. Alex Jimenez Krapf 2203 Buchanan a girl july 14. Lee 1203 Buchanan. Rufus or. And mrs. David Gibson Ogletree Tyron okla Hereford a by. July 15. We alter Perkins 1408 Heather or. And mrs. Phillip wad. We alter Savage 83 Palomino Dell 900 w. Studebaker a girl. John Stewart 927 Crockett july 16. Jack Swauger 4 92 3 or. And mrs. Keith Hudson Toney 208 Clarendon a girl july 16. A Mississippi. Vivian Smith or. And mrs. Melvin Webb Tupelo miss. Ronald Tosh i it. 2, Box 13, a girl july 16. 2606 Ross. Mrs. Emma Van a a a Bebber 4208 Emil. Mrs. At Amarillo osteopathic Doris White Muleshoe. J Anna Cheyne 509 Bowie. J mrs. Velma Whitman 2720 a Billie Kugler 906 Hayes ,. J 3rdmrs. Ivy Cole 1305 Noel Hall 4250 w. 15th. Evergreen. Donald Goforth James c. Meade it. I. Box 365 5317 George. Mrs. Maybell ,. # Sharon Ellis Box 385 Haynes 211 Independence. Kinkade b v. Henry Stratford. 4436 Ong. Lorraine Solano. Don Kennedy 3315 Eddy Apt. 1528 k 5th. Shirley bran 126mrs. Cordealie Lea non 3016 n. Grand ,. Rosie Borger. Mike myer 3415 Edwards 7101 Marlow. Hayden. William Powell 300 Van Buren. Charles Russell babies at Amarillo osteopathic . Audrey or. And mrs. James Whit Sackett 4617 Bryan. San Man 202 Post a boy july it. Tiago Sanchez Clayton a a a. Mrs. Beverlee Schiavoni at St. Anthonys 7112 Jameson. R Uben mrs Vivian Ferguson 1022 w Shiplett Portales n m. Seth. Bitsy Zimlich 3519 Henry Sims 1113 Madison. Brain mond. Allice Root Joseph Adair Dora n m Dan Gerado Andreu 1925 Roosevelt a Scott 302 Sunset. Willard. Mrs. Carolyn Blackwell. Lawrence Sayre okla. J 4718 Fannin. Temple Cher Roy Conley. 3000 be 12th a. Try Hedley. Sharon Craig Vernon Devou Pampa. 407 Tennessee ,. Linda Cue Ramon Delano 5313 Alvarado Chetti Lompoc . Lawayne Wyrick Claude Gardner 2629 new 15thsandra g Arlington Scott Garrett 3813 Ong. Borger ,. Clarence Poe Carroll Garrison Silverton Borger. Rosa Gerber. Mrs. Ima g r i f f i n g ,14404 e. 10tht. D. Snow Hereford. Mrs. Rozetta Pampa. J c. Lacy. 104 Hicks. Hios Kentucky. John Jefferson. Myrtle Mathis Hill 107 Virginia. Elmer 1609 new 20th. Kathy Short Jackson. Tucumcari no Dalhart. Ewing Cates,1 James Johnson Oklahoma r�j20 Bonham. Lots Lewis cite okla. Yrs. Madge 1200 n Monroe. Sharon Loflin Friona. Raymond of Quine. Tucumcari n m Mckelvey. Portales n m babies at St. Anthonys Carol Mitchell 4915 Oregon or. And mrs. Clyde Sloan. 1815 Poplar a girl. July 14. Or and mrs. Howard Hudson 2211 Laurel a girl july la. Or. And mrs. William Bailey 4706 Matador tr., a boy july h or. And mrs. Dan Martin 4904 Randolph a Girt july is. Or. And mrs. Brenas Miranda. 2406 new 14th, a boy july 16. Or. And mrs. Jerry Webb 3809 Hancock a boy july 16. Violence feared in Kentucky in Hon Over strip Coal mine Amarillo glob time 3 tuesday. July 18. 1967 new fad Paris a Rny designer Paco rabanes who created metallic dresses. Monday announced his latest creation is a jewelled eve a path for ladies inspired by Iff Jan in i i in israeli defense minister Gen Moshe Dayan who wears a Patch to cover a missing Eye. Schedule Bear existence is eked out id a garbage can in West Yellowstone National Park in Montana by this Bruin in a scavenging raid on the wastes that campers leave. Corp on i rid be by Charles h. Goren to 147 of to Chica trip a ,. James Mowles. Conchas dam. N m. Norman Neece 2700 Seminole. Mrs. Elnora Nemoede 106 Rusk. Livingston Harden 7122 Bluebonnet mrs Lavada Pelman 2400 Orange Vej Pickard 1813 Grange. A Tracy Sleeper Elkhart Kan Smith 2411 Lake. Sneed 1931 new 14th. Taylor 3104 Orange. Williams tippets. San Jon no. Mrs Caille Watts Billy to in in in. Orval statistical. If.7 374 r. It a in Loo to 331 n pc kith frown ls470iohio City okla. 43,130 mrs a Wnm re to 40 pfc 4m 44,0/9 from Ron ton Wash a. T. Weaning or to 4, .3 Mesa or 17 so of a a it Austin 453544 Mary a secret to /30 n Channing vi4.i.qt7.9t2 from Memphis term $11 2ttj7l m. Est very Ooth to 4 j s Lamar from ,�49 Hereford u h r Smith to v409 e Lim from urn j Reynaldo Maiero to Vii ironing from 7 tit Stockton Calif. Robert h Walkoc t o Columbine i Iso so trim san Anton $130 Tom Withers to i ass Smiley from to Uvalde u Jock a one to 4 o s. Austin from Columbus. Ohio Mitch Tuii fecs Jon Tong to 4674 by Ohio it a from 3j13 Hobbs Lee e Anauo to 4014 be Lith from Tai n Wood land Jerry Armstrong to 13065 columbian from 1334 asm Franklin Batts to so h Bivins from 2612 a if a Braddock to 1600 i. Loth from 26j7 Roberts John f. Duncan f Duncan to is 2 fire for valuable pre school training in our kindergarten comprehensive school readiness program also openings in grades one through six accredited faculty and program of Christian education a a for inquiries or application Call Trinity lutheran school and kindergarten 5005 Wolflin fl6-5629 or fl6-0895 both deals. Population is Zafft population est i itys Force Amarillo area water meters in use i i me of in me tip Echo yes in us Gas meters in use Bank depos is building pern is Litts certify ates j me Deth Celt cd ates. June in 7 of c Tato cities 1767 traffic oddments corporation court to it tines criminal fines number in in a a City nuns be in Iii. County building permits l. E she red builder Tow n adorns residence Ana attached Gar age $12,650 new Hope Baptist Church too n h in a a Odi finn to parsonage imn. Roy e Hamlin Toto Martin Road of Iva Otto ired oar nor v.400 jiry1mv a Austin 4622 Angelus drive alteration to residence. $1,000. Minor repairs and alterations $4 4 marriage licenses Potter county Jwon r. We c v Wood Iii Ond Jean Frances Mono Tram a 107 Smiley. My curio sgt Wando Floyd to 394 Cliffside from 04 Robe f. Berie Davies and Mary Mirror Kristine i Ayner t Gilbert to 4723 w Mfd from 2416 Fred Gad Cole and Martha Mort Vyr,vh.0tcm a ropy Horace Goldman to 62.�?T Hermosa from St then i Sward Miner and Morea 430, c in met. Mar r Arnold William Gordon to 3003 be ?4th from Toby Anopia priota cd Glendo 9�m w my Coly Quot l. G. Hernupont to juju Lynh from Oden Ben Jones and Barbara sue a 4212 w Utti. Ors i ones c Hilt to 1923 George Metier Bollinger or and Wilma trom ti21 b Kirkland car pen i pan t. M to Iii Mustang from 2 to Glen Fontenot and Deanna Lynn Magnolia. Guillory. _ mamas Cion. Or to 2411 n Spring a my re. Byrd and Jane a Ilobert rom be 23rd Sheffield j. Jams c. Jones to 8 20 Crockett from Richard Dwane Purdy and Rhonda Gail w�?T3 n Oso Watts. T a motors to 736 mss supp. From 70s Thomas slur Long clock end Janet key 15 Mississippi. Morris. Virginia Steele to ton Cleveland from will in Benita in Wilson and mrs Annie Inq 5 mans i Oretta Arder _ l. S Stoddard to 103 a ouro from Mumphord Duane Jones and Ladonna m0 Mustang. Roe vote _ Leon Thompson to 2717 sem Nofe from Roy v Fisher and mrs Marl in Ruth e Perry m g wan s to 6207 a Lawrence Tram Paul Kenneth Goodrich and Giddy to w 3rd. Virginia Luttrul. Jerry Wise to 4706 Oregon from Soi w divorces Grant a 44m Petter county a George l coms is Martha Holmes cd Nan Kay Dumas is Connie Carl Dumas Glenn t Fuiaua is lots m Fuiaua newcomers 30024� Westhaven from her sunk to 1 Trio a Kirkland Tram of Cedar to present Day Tom to Eta Scotland and called the people to amp a Sis Quot y2 1 Oilin Haas now you know by to Nitima press International the romans gave the name vulnerable. North North a a j 9 8 3 its k 7 0 a k q it 7 5 a 9 West East aah 16 5 a 7 6 4 v in i 2 y a 3 082 09643 a 16 832 a a k 5 4 Soith a q 2 v a oj98 5 Ltd j a q j 7 6 the bidding North Kart South West 1 0 pass i 0 in ask 2 o Pas pass 4 v past pass pass opening Lead King of a an Alert bit f defensive mane vering by West induced the Declarer to take a false step which proved fatal to the tatters tour heart cont Rad West opened the King of Spades and continued with the Ace on which South dropped the Queen. The Outlook was not very Bright for the defense for with the appearance of a Singleton club in Dummy it was Clear that one trick at most could to cashed in that suit. Furthermore if the Declarer had two diamonds he could take the rest of the tricks once Trumps were drawn. West concluded that his Only Chance to interrupt the run of the diamonds rested on finding his opponent w Ith a Singleton in that suit. He accordingly shifted to a Diamond at trick two in an attempt to sever South s line of communications. The Ace was played from Dummy As Declarer followed with the Jack South was not certain How Many immediate discards were available to him. And in an Effort to Ruff at least one club in Dummy he led the nine of clubs from the North hand East put up the King and shifted to a Trump. Declarer won the trick with the Jack and ruffed a club with the King of hearts the King of diamonds and Jack of Spades were cashed As South disposed of his remaining clubs on the High Diamond West followed with the eight however on the Jack of Spades he dropped tin ten this created the impression in Declarer s mind that his opponent had started with Only three Spades the Ace. King. Ten and that if another Spade were led from Dummy Declarer might subject himself to an Over Ruff. South decided to Lead a third round of diamonds which he trumped with the nine of hearts. West a Var ruffed with the ten to score the setting trick observe that if West follows to the third Spade with the five. South May decide to come off Dummy with a Spade which he can safely Ruff with a Small heart preserving the Queen and Ace to Complete the drawing of Trump a backache a joint pains you Long to ease those Perns even temporarily until the Caus is cleared up for palliative or temporary pain Relief Dew u s pills. Famous tor Over of years Dewitt a pills. On tam an anal in to reduce Nam and a very mild diuretic to a a Felimin the retained fluids thus Flushing out irritating pain causing bladder wastes Dewitt pills often Tuci eed where others fail. Of pain persist alway be your doctor insist on Dewitt s pills Pikeville. By a a Threal of violence Hung Over the hollows of East Kentucky today As a Coal mine fortified by a could ruling appeared ready to resume operations on a controversial strip mining site Puritan foal mine. Inc. Directed that operations begin today on properly owned by jink Ray. After Pike county judge George Bertram issued an order requiring Ray to cease interfering with the operation. Ray. Along with 25 neighbors has halted Puritan strip mining activity on his property since june 29 by physically blocking bulldozers paths. Jov Edward t. Breathitt. After visiting the site monday personally asked Ray not to press the Issue until a decision was reached by the court of appeals where it a said he w As oing to take the Case urged by Breathitt Quot to avoid any bloodshed a Ray replied at first that he would do sit then Ray added a we Hope we can others at the scene were doubtful that violence could tax avoided they said local leaders no longer had control of the strip mining foes and that Quot someone might get Hurt or killed a ii the operation were resumed. Breathitt tried unsuccessfully to Contact Eon Johnson owner of Puritan to urge him to re rain from strip mining activity on rays property until the High court ruled Breathitt in assuring Ray that he was on the Side of the surface landowners asserted violent e would Hurt their cause. Quot the people Are on your Side now Quot he said Quot in order to keep the people with us. We must act in a Legal manner. Quot if the people Are with you and right is on your Side you Atli the landowners objection to strip mining is held by thousands in East Kentucky unlike Tunnel mining strip mining leaves massive scars on the surface of the Steep slopes of this mountainous country landowners argue that once foliage is removed from the property Rucks Earth and debris Are left Senate l o he brief#1 on Lanai i it Alit s Washington up Spe Cal ambassador Robert b Anderson chief i s negotiator a it to Brief Senate republicans today on the proposed new treaties to it govern operation it the Panama canal although details have not been made Public the pacts Are known to provide fur relinquishment of the United status ail year sovereignty Over the canal line and Transfer of responsibility for the waterway s opera lion to a joint u s Panasian authority. Corns get Faut Relief or. Schall 8upr-Sofl i no pad 00 the. Rua Hinn and protect. Separate medicated Dian included to h 1,1 Feio Ove coma. C Rino a j s free to Tumble on their Homes and endanger lives strip miners of verite under Broad form deeds purchased years ago which give operators rights to scrape and carve property owners land in search for Coal and other minerals. An organization called appalachian group to save land and people has been formed with growing membership to obtain legislation against strip mining. Kentucky is the Only state that does not provide for dam Ages to surface owners from strip mining operations Breathitt said. Puritan obtained Mineral rights to the Ray property before Ray bought his title to the surface in 1926. Ray contended he would have to move if the strip mining of oration continued and Quot i Don t have Ain Vav Here else to a state official countered til at Ray s Home was not in danger from the strip mining and that he did not have to move Ertlov London no provision has been made for resignation 01 aj3 4 pm 1.300m Sutti Georgia we common Market member my Center 30 a delicious desserts r a every Day. No wonder Lyv h Yaff a pleases everybody j hearing Aid i first in service Quot service Alfet the Sale Quot on the soot Renoir my no weeks of wading Janssen hearing Aid Center 420 w. 16th a dr2-994i nereid Yeager a Wei cnut a Sam Appleton a tuna Owyn y. Janssen a Amarillo jump Cunningham a Amarillo kids me mails Mars lives kids by i ? cafeteria a my i double Check Means guaranteed delicious 15th amp Plains in Sunset shopping Center 1,239,455 horses Chee Kearr Rita of hard on 30.500 horses. Iron horses. An operator at an Elpaso natural Gas company compressor station Chee assures that the Mammoth engines of his station Are constantly at their Best. Fuel combustion must be excellent Oil must flow to All parts pressures must be maintained operating temperatures Are precisely controlled. Cheers station is one of 130 on the Elpaso natural system. Chee s station has 30,500 horsepower the 130, in total Are rated at 1,239,455 horsepower. One of Many navajos who work with Elpaso to serve the West Chee is dedicated and skillful. His High competency along with that of the other 5,400 employees of Elpaso natural a who specialize in Fields ranging from electronics through aviation to mechanics a is among the reasons that the West has assured supplies of natural Gas. Elpaso natural Gas company through its pipelines Elpaso natural serves Texas and ten other Western states

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