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Amarillo Globe Times Newspaper Archives Jul 18 1967, Page 2

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Amarillo Globe Times (Newspaper) - July 18, 1967, Amarillo, Texas Amirr Feln the town turnstile draft full Baull a continued from Page 1 vacation at the time a Schwartz said a Gabo to qualify such a Siu Dot it must have requested de ferment in class 2 s after july i 1967 Schwartz said in cases where students have not requested do none i Sud in schools Hospital Law 1>0w continued from Page i elsewhere following enactment of the measure. A this will enable the products of our farms and factories to move freely once More a said president Johnson in signing the Law Congress hastily passed spokesmen for Amarillo Avery and the Avery egg co. monday to end the first nation dealer s Frozen eggs r reported decomposed by Thomas Thompson Abbate quarries area a a a ferments. Local boards have Public schools and Northwest 4040 Canyon drive. Wide rail walkout in 20 years today a weather analysis from weather forecast Loc tonal Monument the Quarry Bron advised to Jan Pooe Indue Texas Hospital said today that Avery pleaded innocent to the it also requires a government. Msgr. L. T Martins sen is a area a locked up so that the ton no Fht Man Opportunity they use Only Shell eggs from h charges and was arraigned imposed settlement of the wage Wise and serious priest but he general Public would not lug off to request it s 4\er. Who was charged before Justice of the peace w. Depute if unions and manage has his lighter moment and int a Tho i Rte fact. If ranted the student is de monday with offering decor w. Hancock he posted Bond of ment done to reach their own a versed to spoofing about Doc Felix Phillips oar outdoor Ferra Ltd by Law until he com posed eggs for Sale. The charges $200 on each count. Agreement within 90 Days Trine and other matters. In Hie Al tar it trill probably h a v e motes the degree requirements concern Frozen eggs a a j a a a column Wise a Chho Tux he Soni ething to say about this or caches his 24 the birthday. The five Misdemeanour eggs Are purchased by the Union Pacific and great says. A sometimes lots depends 0n, but i assume that this whichever comes first no one s Point of View portion of the Quarry a a Man asked a Clergyman closed to the Public if ii was All right to smoke museum is built and the area years of study Are while he was praying. Developed along the lines the institution a a one a said the Clergyman other National ments and should earn 20 per a that would be Quot a the Man thought Over the reply and then rephrased his question. A would it be All right charges were filed in Randall Hospital and schools on a com Railroad officials a War egg partly Cloudy and will bes in the Case of a acc a Tau county by agents of the food Totive we Bagis Rocco were withdrawn and a Coo or West and Central with until i reate degree for which f i pc and drug division of the Texas a it Salvo director of cafeterias Union official said strikers were decreasing cloudiness in after Prest Robed department a student of health against for the Amarillo Independent. A school District said the school had never purchased Frozen Gas hate Lup a ready to return to their jobs on the Burlington Railroad but pickets remained in Many cities where strikers said they awaiting official word Amari Ifo Eim adm into from their Union chiefs before and a War was wednesday with a eagerly to Pray while one is smoking a certainly replied i h e Clergyman one my Prev at Ain time. A i _ Charlie Brice a just return cent eat h National Parks year of the total credits re to to quire for the degree dear Tern St Schwartz said a tragic events of last week tile new regulations provide continued from Page i proved it s too late for some that the student shall have the but Why not mandatory Drivers duty of providing hts local pf8�?o Juhyon Una f Enve Quot spokesman said Avery egg co leu of Rune education for motor Bike Enders Board annuals with evidence he r Drav Rumill is on the bidders list which will would take a and motorcycle riders any two is satisfactorily pursuing a full a a deficit win considered thursday to get his men Back to work ack of supplies. Lime course of instruction at a a a. In a Al Avery contacted at his office even where a Quick return to his College or University late afternoon and evening. Hinds Gusty in West up to 25 to 2s . Clear wet considerable cloudiness East. I Xis wednesday 61 Northeast to 71 West. Decreasing cloudiness wednesday with Gusty winds shifting to the East winds in the West becoming More northwesterly and decreasing. Much warmer wednesday with upper 80s East and upper 90s wrest. Outlook for thursday mostly fair and continued w arming. Kor Amarillo sunny this afternoon. Gusty winds up to 25 . This afternoon 7 decreasing this evening. Ing mail to planes and trucks a by fair tonight and analysis from weather forecast inc Shower activity monday Gage okla.3 5, Hereford .26, Guymon. Okla., .09, Hobart okla. .12, Tucumcari n.m., .65, Childress .04, and Amarillo clo via n.m., and Perryton .62. Forecast for the Region slow warming West with highs in the lower 90s, and Cool East with highs in the noon. Widely scattered Light to moderate rain showers in East traction Hospital Purchase from going Back to their jobs tto Lar Vietnam Quot another firm a a Hospital machinists official j a nes destined for Iet Narn. Federal court order shipments shut their doors flt today High was wheeled vehicle with statistics show these Power v vehicles k. Kent cd from san Francisco and he Are much More dangerous than says that sophisticated people of cars. I know from experience the Bay area Are really concerned the hippies have taken Over 30 blocks of san Francisco and the san Francisco people Al a. Fear that the filthy area will a pro Johnson Contini de from Page 1 Pearma before forces probably had suffered commission Johnson said the strike dam this morning had no comment work was expected Railroad aged Thuie on the charges officials weren t sure they could and Security snarling our in a # a get commuter trains running in of Commerce and leaving Cha Sute agents charged Avery time for the morning Rush of in its vial punted out that expenses refuse a t0 Ai of them in passengers. Borne by the company in a Side his Pum to aspect pro a a a this a mount to a More than 17 per cent increase for the distribution system that serves the As cities As its Shadow lifts a Johnson said. A we must let i to anew Tho winds tomorrow. High 88, Low tonight 65, wednesday 93. The Low this morning 63. High monday was 72. Sunset today 9 00. S Sunrise wednesday 6 46. Bushland soil temperature at 6 inches 70 at 2 int lies. 66. The Railroad z . Quoth in most hand has it a ducts on june 26 Avery has the Law forbids resumption of work of Harmony and reason on asked for a jury trial on that any strike for the 90 Days in i which the greatness of our de Bond $200 which a White House Board will Moc racy is built i seek a voluntary settlement a a a what an untidy Job for sportswriters Dublin a tile line up con provision. The Board could also died Quot Over for More than a gaelic football team reads Mill impose a mandatory settlement month the Senate previously or Miller Miller. Miller Miller passed the measure As Miller become a Breeding ground for continued from Page i vietnamese during the past five year period communicable diseases. The ample months but he said this cases 0f this nature Cost in excl Der. Allowed and the Board could extend this map strike virtually Khz per men done to Don t Bathe or shave last week to contribute More to is due largely to location of the Cess of $40,000. A a Hilt ii it a etifns1 it a late As Jan i 1969 by invoke Ujj sourced Congress and the women who handle the Aid of the Var battered Arab fighting in other pc rods. Souths j u dog j used j charge and took ran ing the compulsory settlement int0 passing the Law t had hag for the Tim Ahoe county Laos food dont know what the word economies but the smaller com vietnamese losses had been 7. A a a a a. Ine iir1 in use. Nur re a a a �?a., Tim a a sterile mean the ban bran Monist governments were Linen much higher he added and than Cisco hippy cues in for layout the astir a in response to question laughing a tha s the kind of Quot the eggs Quot were Alie Edh ship for a Shorter period music layout clothing layout the meeting which Romania about recent published reports 5jtuatlon of have on these hear to a from to Art layout literature Ami Way did nut attend pledged econom that i United states was consider 4ng?> before the Railroad com Frozen egg a. Layout drugs. Charlie brought in and military help to replace of. 5ai j Simples Quot were Analysed by Settle fairly and finally the Long j provision for compulsory Settle there were four paddies Home a copy of a tabloid called the Arab losses diplomatic in Siam be Sam a Twenty of the towns in the health department chemists in dispute which caused this ment if a voluntary agreement Tiree Johns two jims two Bob a the Haight Ashburn Tribune a sources a Aid Brezhnev and of a a intr it is a West Texas distribution system Austin and the results showed Johnson said could t be reached Hies. One Dick one Christy one editorial Tho paper rec in Kosygin told their allies soviet Omorrow next a cock or Hae already Given final a the eggs t0 have been in an sex but Union officials were bit a Tho Railroad unions and the Charles and one Dan mended sep Over so. The resources would be badly preset the rate increase two Treme state of decomposition. Ter. Railroads together have forced the substitutes for the game editorial save that my seems strained unless the other Conn r eng the War by a Hae pts cd Ihu increase on of. Miller Miller nationwide Quot most importantly St pro presented by the White House. Miller Miller Miller processor agents vide the special machinery to but Tho House knocked out the Miller and Miller Miller Miller. To be a psychedelic step plat be vend i have and tries increased their deliveries sex f chanced 361 it Aki n rth m hat Hart. Has rejected the rate j j is demonstrated an unwillingness rr#a4&. Cond readings and Only one. In Peri Mfd it step in the Dir. Oldi a rid 2� Sanaa civilian Quot to Quot a Quot the ppm a Nhar. A to a r a psychedelic for an israeli Pilot captured by i a sprence table Tion of a True where Ltd is general sep is the syrians during the War. The to specific exposing you to pure bodies of two other israeli pilots a it it it president a a the out Mik commission has agreed to co Mem of View the rate proposal at its for a tax next meeting he said Pioneer molecular Energy beyond the shot Down june 5. An 18-year old i Cream. Slowed a new Rijk it Quot a facials visited the commission Sivill a a from the a vet a a bowing ambers ate the meeting and topless dancer Pilot of Plant in Rockies a it is a sad Day for american the hand of Congress said sea. Against the local police team worker when Congress he Ralph Narborough. D-ttx., sunday Vic re All called Miller a comes the nation s no i strike chairman of a joint Coo Gressom w t breaking snapped a ice a1 conference committee Wiyati been unable to reach a and they were All related let St on a Flower collecting tour inst that of of the chief economic no suspects of the september and an israeli Arab a Pace of the it Rupi it no returnee from san fran has Home in Nazart the almost the upswing a a rate mcreasei0010 a Tah adne Ada plus 12 3 cents per hour each Cisco also was revolted by the even years Ace a monday night a and will not thrown into the search year for higher skilled men mrs cent Fred i i Post me Bol Rne up Australia a Jones quadruplets Arlt a progressing a a favourably a St Grimy animalism Way of life and deeply Hurt Over what is Hap pen a to one of America s it a j great fun cities she a upped the fed w c observations from Herb Caen a column Caen is the leading san trustees n Ieti Iam reconsider the Case firm submits a of taxes a City manager Dudley until the a for a plane piloted president Joseph w Ramsey of had the a Fly id International As Compromise earlier. Striation of machinists. J Yarborough said the railroads quads Progress some 137,000 machinists elec had locked out workers in some trims boilermakers Carmen areas where Thor it was no i and firemen and oilers seek strike Longmont Colo t Upit Quai a hike it of 6.3 per cent this chief Railroad negotiator i k another re Aho a a id he Wangdi draped Tim Gross National product was on com civil Xor patro1 Piaf a a from year and 5 per cent next year. A a Doc Wolfe vehemently denied Andrews Hospital officials said i Tai and Nevada n a a a 125 cent Der hour each there were any lockouts saturday. A the a. Either been the three girls and a boy formed or it is a deliberate lie a were bom july 13 to mrs Joanne Jones who took Fertility a a a drug last year. She is the wife the railroads last reported Congress twice previously had of Melbourne detective offer was a 6 per cent wage hike ordered strike delays in thei uric he. A r. It c r a t Over is months plus one s cent year old wage dispute 1 gain St the rail paying for the Rale increase and o desert a dz�pi.nu>�. Caid., hire for so sled workers despite the pre strike Indri Miles Northeast another. Completely different 1%,uie d Unda it it a a a Sion of Congress the Law sailed cussing the Issue of Inaudi set for tax purposes eyed Down somewhere in that Brough quickly monday under but a satirist can be Hurt too l., Micro principal at in a Force it Aid the Pilot a we just want them to decide Colorado Rockies on a Flicht Congress a Ora Ere. T.-. Cd. O., and beneath his jest you can Wilon elementary school was was missing radio Hanoi Muhith set they Are going to from Denver to Elko detect injury. He is a Northern elected director of special claimed two u s planes were Rayne said Contini de from Page Inam an air Force f105 Thun natural Cas firm turned the yellow and Whilt Cessna on tin i de from Page u Dere Hief which went Down Aion in one set of renditions when a i82 piloted by miss Jov Bailey a i 4,1 assume everything Rosey Das on raid against Francisco chronicle pundit and said Moldav night in Dis. Yard at Hep 38_,r. T. His vein is Tongue in Cheek the a Issue of Hanoi Iset for tax ouro oses hexed Down somewhere Uthe Nev. Us a.,. Thev now average $2 94 per a Lair rendition h a topless dancer and Trum Hor us Man getting Wolfe snapped. A girl it a to verge j303a a pet player known Bane a a the Horn a a our Bird year some new government Board the pressure of what Senabre a publican leades Everett m if that is a san Franciscor. Good term Den it the to Dandy wrote a there i was walking Down Market in my new plaid snit with hand picked peaked lapels hat King pot Keg. Counter Mara tie in muted stripes. A a As f strolled along i extracted a cigarette from my Alligator Case and set fire to it with a casual flick of my Lay lung a solid Gold Zippo. A since it was a Fine Day i should have been feeling on top of the world but actual i was on the underside. I was a walking anachronism surrounded by Young men who Roulon t rare less a b o u t clothes mine or theirs. A they were standing around in that r dirty jeans and Crummy Kirn. Aboard the missing Craft with 1. Re r lev of Dirksen called the chastening Cut a r n a a native and a i mgt Ime education a position created by downed monday and one Pilot \0 Hereford residents wire in Ber was Jerry Shinew an pm u j a. A a re Tives and sobering reality of the a prisoner. The i s com Ine audience at a Public hearing love of the Federal aviation a a s a a Quot Tio wide walkout t ii these work Only a few members Sims Hornet Grid it a Fred a Sqq ii wrists the Board at the recon taken me and a t Ion of Ashworth. In a and reported 134 missions the rate increase monday Agency at Denver Shinew re he said the number of teach were noun my North Vietnam night gently transferred to Colorado Longrus a House and Senate urged a Law ers for exceptional students m despite spotty weather that Cox Bayne said the increase would from a an Guys Tai iou must _ r the it end the strike without the Man o has increased from23 ered Man target areas not be reconsidered before a m a Gene Wirth ird Matoi a it emn Lov provision for a compulsory set to <9 in the past i a year. Bijj. The frequently hit Rad line tax equalization Board meets for the Colorado Cap said bad a a a Quot r i a 1 tie ment if that becomes necks student increase a from about h f Ian let t0 red China july 24-25 and the two renditions weather hampered search of pro Quot a a hot the won t it Arv ,�?~2m Quot in Quot at Hep and at Bacle presented by Pioneer e fort acre., both Colorado and Jory but they a. Xxv Dir. To am fit Harte a. 0f pilots reported Man it Cut in the reviewed ital monday about 15 Menje a Hinmin has not vet appointed i a preach option u1ii sult eed \5 far a rads but were unable to give Huber said this morning of the were involved in the search in Hoard but sad it Quot without a Johnson told pall succeed Amer fun Ruhr a map a a sment to Hereford Ait action Quot t h e r e Nevada i a i Bue a panel tub Congress Quot it will Only Post dema9tina so a1 to demo of it a serve pm Agie Dayton i Tarn seems to be a bit of a problem miss Bailey whose blonde Serviente to neither labor nor Al settlement Borger. Principal at Wilson school the Board also approved a cause of smoke and Dun recommendation for an add a a in the area of and Valorme taxes hair flows to her Waist was Dit ional $100 annual As in Navy pilots from the Carr ers but this will be studied monday last heard from at 5 to p. In. Captive Pax for teachers of sex Oriskany Constellation and Bon in a meeting there sunday when she gave Stapie a optional children homme Richard a Iso Coneen Quot i believe this will worn out ten Tower her flight plan and inter Ira ted on North Vietnam s rail Okay a if not. It will be studied estimated arrival time she had of thousand it of train motors lines one flight from the a five hour fuel Supply. Kany sent up a billow of flames he said Lubbock and Odessa and smoke from a fuel dump at have Given tentative approva1 to the a a a strike shunted hundreds sweaters Licking softies and looking Happy when i was age. I would have Given my Teeth to be dressed to the Teeth and now i found myself wishing i could be dressed like them it s a funny thing you work All your life toward a certain goal then somebody moves the Post on you when i a a kid i dreamed about Stutz Bearcat a Burns and due sen arson Varn f a Quot m i sew to Jack son by take a a vix a it a tor Day in More ban a weeks Groves a Vav i three of them attempted to of Haiphong four communist were sighted in their a liner a of do a v Pooh a a raw it a a a a it disrupt the it Cue w c f re 6 a flier South of Don son Only 13 Miles Northwest the rat increase and tia Mew and Midland have Given Nna mig2h solv one per of put on Tinl de from Page i i us Bock appeared before the i aboard some 3,000 students to commission to discuss the from overcrowded schools the increase and no one has Bedford Stuyvesant and i to other transportation left thousands of freight car loads of a Fis Hable food in danger of Rott no on Railroad sidings Kepi harried postal clerks Busy shift busiest Hanoi but turn2l w i red in a u other 55 it is s dec tips Collins Jam West ii in advancing Quot a conversion it in aaa wry j. A. Coma commenting on the proposal City aides Point out Kcf a h9�?~ it a Vav 8 i Hack when crusader jets tried Hayne commenting on the proposal City aides Point it h0ll nos Worth to tangle pc us them a four Tell residents appearing at that to build a conventional High tro a i of a Mig was jumped near it Ianh a Hereford pub pc hearing. School n the area would Cost Hoa and fled when a. A s3,d a think some of the com about $10 million and take close Moll it no swot to encased a Long Range bar missions a it Ould he to Al get the to four Vears Amarillo Clore t a eur Titza or of newspaper Par Ewe c a to. 4tj3 a rows my a a a a i�2fs Climit Lions �?o0,ild uks.,to a the to it As Quot of rage of rocket and 20 ga5 company on this increase the liner could become the ensure Oslo set a or awk i. N a Quot a be a it Pear second school ship owned by the a the Navy Pilot. It cmdr d a bloc hearing they a it Yerich. 35. Laona. A. Than Nave any support to cry eve f had hidden overnight in Moun a set s->5. . Jar sri Nett a tam country below a of sr--3 c iss after being shot Down sunday. I ,11 cd a set Wii Trumm. A As. Wonder if. A port a. End a bergs and what do these kids one a to m rant a a of ass a a want Quot a Harley Davidson. 9 t a g ses a maybe and they could be right i stood at the curb Anc watched this Bony Guy and this great his Rescue by a helicopter Crew looking Busty girl. In a tic by. Thomas Thompson from the Carrier Constellation continued from Page sweater ride past on their hog. Jav a Lvov a it it Vas if second after being shot of water in Buffalo Lake to be old from some so Orrim what made the scene arresting Jim a tax be j Tenor pm Down Over North Vietnam in a drastically improved by next to Reed in buying the was that she was driving and he Veiser. And he was the second 81.-3.-ton liner including was seated on the postillion with Trenton t. Davis Crew Mon american to be shot Down and a a a groups wanting to convert it to his arms around her Midriff. He. play �?�4t�7l a who oar Cril Jurf twirl it a Vietnam. John Smouse Deputy director a restaurant or hotel. Cav a a much smaller Liberty ship has been used since 1947 As a boating classroom for students interested in maritime careers. Canard has reportedly re j erne e. It 3 a is Nook Hove 1 a to Afi Evia. Ai not a Gad Cave Ca so or Nev of o Avo k Sac now Mel to of a. F-3a-t a in Mort Warr Rysca 0dn�lag pm amp advert semen now i my admit that makes St scr i a rates lot of sense the Sunset homa be. I Vaikel a into m 153 nazi s son 3 priest. Surrounded by or pc a swim a is or Ken Shessa the Congo emaciated Young men hawking add Martin berm Arr son underground newspapers that a a. Print ail those four Metier love of Ujj words m big Type those Zwir / the holy heart of Jesus in the of the Federal water pollution a control administration regional London a newspaper sub office in Dallas said a we expect a Cristion prices May Cresse. 0g and it is our Hope Itiat the Jena Vul staf Nijs St Quot Prtt Dick a Bert a i or a cd v.-a., i v the no 2 nazi is Nomad a Call a meeting of All agents i,rv�?~.tt.2jci�.����� it the Iii ution wonderful words that used to give us such a of so eked Delight now they a become common currency. Created All passion spent a 7 r while Lix is not dam Dames county. Here in the High pistils Dame does t have a nattering Cuno tation. Dame scarcely Means lady. Since Dame Margot Fernley became involved in a Man Kiana raid last week in Han Francisco several of our Reader have wanted to know about this Dame App Matiun Mary rate Tripp oar librarian comes up with this information Dame Margut Fonteyn is a English Ballerina. In 1955. Queen Elisabeth ii ret onus re Margot i Oniey o s contribution to rhe arts by naming Ber a a Dame commander of the order of the British the a Dame is the British feminine equivalent of Knighthood to to m g Booter is disappointed about Abbate a i want to know something about when this agates will Ope Leroy Betty and i went Down there Lari sunday and it a locked up tighter than a drum a to afraid that or sorter and in Betty Are out of Lurk when Congress designated the i Dah c to of mama or mor Kiews or c i Mast i a Mai i be your it. A a -�?~5 5�?T cad Solo or i Siai t in i i a a Yoo pc a of v my to yeast copyright h to it. Gloss news i publishing company no Kights a Desvio it. Public of the c on go Southwest funeral directors pm sulamis pm 5-501 up there Smouse said once the Survey has been completed tile has promised to review pollution permits of any Ruxine ses the Survey indicates May be dumping impurities into Tierra Blanca Creek which feeds bul Falo Lake. Suddenly i lost my memory pm v to. Var stale cd pm. Oman �?T4 u t j a c a noted publisher to Chicago re is amp re a cusi3i ass there ii a simple technique is foot Quot for acquiring a powerful memory for to c Lancia to i ? wat me which can Pav you real dividends wet hot to so ojo., tunder. J a Goa son Caiaro. Chop in both business and social Adul Vandement and works like magic to give you added Pone. Necessary self Confidence and greater popularity. According to this publisher. It any people do not realize How j much they could influence others i Imp by remembering accurately everything Thev see hear or read whether in business of social function or even in casual conversations with new acquaintances. There Are ways in which you can dominate each situation by your ability to remember. To a quaint the readers of this paper with the easy to follow rules for Des eloping skill in Terr err tiring anything you choose to remember the publishers have printed full details of their self training method to a new Booklet a Watn ensures in memory. Which can be mailed free to anyone who requests it. No obligation. Send your address and zip code to memory studies. 835 diverse Parkway dept 454-417, Chic ago. Ill 60614 a Post it card will do. A sheltering Friendship people need Money for All sorts of reasons. When you do Call Community. Your Community Man will understand. Loans up to 61600 i. I i Community the panhandlers leading funeral directors phone or 23 23 3 / fifth it Pierce / Amarillo. Teres finance amp Thrift corporation of Amarilla 404 s. Polk 6-4708 Sarong the Peop it a is for opi0 Sears

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