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Amarillo Globe Times Newspaper Archives Jul 18 1967, Page 1

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Amarillo Globe Times (Newspaper) - July 18, 1967, Amarillo, Texas Pion i firm for rate hike final edition Amarillo Globe times 4 us year. To. 107 to i vnta20 in Iris it Section . July Iii. 1007 Driver training trustees retain Ane limit by Anna c. Thomason of our staff trustees of the Amarito lode pendent school District refused monday night to drop the age for enrolment in a behind the wheel Drivers training to 14 and stood behind the new state1 Law that will bring the age to 16. The request to rescind the longstanding Board policy was made by Lloyd pippin of 6300, Gainsborough father of a 14-1 year old boy who owns a motorcycle. Pippin said the motorcycle will stand Idle unless the boy can obtain a Drivers License a a a Texas Law will Chance aug. Isi and set at 16 the minimum age for students to become licensed Drivers instead of 14, if they take Drivers training in school otherwise the licensing age will be is j w Collins jr., a member of the Board said he thought it was an excellent change in the Law a i could t be More in agreement a he said. Bob Ashworth superintendent of schools said the Board had Long ago set the age limit for enrolment in the program at 15. A it Isnit that the students reflexes Arentt adequate a he said a but the Board feels that their judgment will be More Ashworth said about 1,350 students Are enrolled in the Drivers program this summer but he expects the total to drop to less than half that Many next year. He explained that a Large percentage of the students who will become la in 1968 Are being trained now. The number is exacted to Canyon warned accept it cities that refuse to Grant Pioneer natural Jas co. The requested rate increase May be bargaining for an even higher rate and this applies to Amarillo an of my j of ten Maiti is is i Hout collegians deferments mandatory facial of the natural firm said today. The remark came from Jake tie up was broken Huber director of rates and Buck to work Law statistics for Pioneer who was asked to comment on remarks made by the president of the natural Gus firm in Canyon monday night. C i. Stoney Wall president speaking to the Canyon City commission said a policy of his company is always to a request a lesser rate than we feel Tai justified and then if we have to Appeal the Case to the Railroad commission we can ask for the full Wall was appearing before the commission to argue for an 11.51 per cent rate increase in Canyon and the other 54 towns in the Al St in i up a class ranking and test scores Are a a immaterial in granting of military deferments to College students under new draft regulations. The state selective service said today. Col. J. Morris s. Schwartz. 1967.�?� director of the state selective strike service Saki deferments Are Gas years ended and trains began spread rapidly across the Conn mandatory to any student Pur moving today after a two Day try after the president acted suing a full time education rein a Federal pickets began withdrawing a Gar less of his class ranking if Short time later and Many of requested. The new Law signed by Percsi the commuter trains in my met a Schwartz said he has advised Dent Johnson monday night aft to Powtan areas resumed opera All College and University Regis Washington apr the strike breaking act of first nationwide rail strike in 20 the word to Stop the or Hasty enactment by Congress tons. Requires compulsory settlement a few traffic snarls remained but for the most part 0ffjna n reported vital materials needed in Vietnam were Back on the rails and passenger trains that were halted by the strike took tip their Lor Ness where they left Oft sunday Washington to in a president Johnson today named a Blue ribbon panel headed by sen. Wayne Morse to seek settlement of the Long standing railway labor dispute lie said he was a very hopeful we can get agreement Between the part Johnson took the action under the legislation he signed monday ending the two Day old rail strike. Trans that a rank in class information is no longer needed in the administration of the Law Fie Aho advised draft boards not to request any such data in the future he said he advised hoards to reopen classification of qualified undergraduate College students now classified Aspa As Avail san Keg Able for military sender my though they May be under in Back to work Birling orders. To be qualified a student tile White House said labor i must be under 24 years of age a a a the leaders of six shop Craft unions ordered mein hers to heed the Law. _. M. In addition to Morse an West Texas distribution system Gill Democrat members of of Pioneer. He said a study by h. Zinder amp associates a Dallas firm indicated that the system is the mediation Board Are Frederick Kappll. I o i in e r president of the american Telephone and Telegraph Ca. Operating at a More than $2 George Meany president of the million deficit annually and that a to former Republican a f w f a Kab. A israeli Hoot at Suez anal map wire photo the 11.5 per cent hike will raise sen. Revenue Only $1 3 million Wall was scheduled for an a pea Rance this afternoon before the Amarillo City commission Leverett Salton tall of Massachusetts and Theodore Kheel. Veteran mediator who had a key part in rail negotiations in 1964. Secretary w. Willard Wirtz con forced with leaders of All unions and afterwards j. E does Wolfe chief negotiator for the railroads said he was informed the unions ordered membership compliance with the Law and be satisfactorily pursuing a six full time course of inst action toward a baccalaureate degree. A a student pursuing a four year course a Schwartz explained should have earned 25 per cent of the credits required for his baccalaureate de to review a 23 per cent increase an granted his firm Mission last year. By the com if necessary to end a Long dispute Over wages but an official of the Southern a Vav at the end of his first railway said it obtained a court academic year so per cent at order today enjoining a of Ontina the end of his second Quot am e of Tho strike after workers p it a rent at the end set up additional picket lines the Southern railway spokes and 75 of i third a an a academic year was de Man said judge Frank Vav Wil scribed As a 12 month period the and of the Quot strike Johnson son of the . District court in following the beginning of his israeli patrol boat with a machine gun on its How sits atop a truck on arrival the Amarillo rate hike was a /j1&Quot?.�1 a Saiu a Jan ii Chattanooga term issued the course of study Quot today at Al Cantara on the East Bank of the Suez a anal. The boat was driven if apr Quot in Ivl my him my. Pm to order and set a hearing on it for a such a s to tent must be con Overland across the desert to patrol a cease fire line which the Middle of the canal. Arabs have threatened to open fire canal. In in Ai a a s it maj members of a gent Irons and supplies to be sent to Ann my a in null. Israel says runs Down Rita commission promised to our fighting forces in Vietnam wednesday morning ire if the boats use the review the increase if they were without line were sported elected. I a Union Leader called it a the see new Law a House urged to act on Bill elected Huber said this morning a study for the Amarillo area showed that As much As a 29 per i ii i it i so t ti1 Acks cent rate increase is justified Quot Karniol ii picket Side red As qualifying even crumbling though he May be in summer Rygr 2, see draft Page 2> Johnson i i to am. Washington up a pres problems he Hopes the House Jersey is to be deeply regretted climb again during the summer in Insoo said today he still will take up a tax Bill next but it reflects the fact that the old of 1969. A believes strongly that a tax month. Nation will continue to in other business t testers increase will be needed this there has Quot Bern speculation confronted with a unpleasant Field unanimously a it it p t e ii the year and if the City commission asks the Railroad commission to review the cast thus amount will be requested. Canyon mayor Paul Lindsey told Wall monday that the Chi frence in Amarillo and Canyon rates has a always been a sore a exit with Canyon Amarillo Domestic users presently pay 46 cents for 1,000 cubic feet of natural Gas and users Iii the West Texas distribution system pay cents Wall said that Amarillo has an contract which places its be rates from a nearby Panhandle tacks. 4 copters destroy 122 l Ong Taun 65 command today 122 Viet Cong samoans reported of Saigon monday. Communist gunners Alioth 200 mortar and a icon apis the . Operations about 30 my i West the Viet Cong lost la dead in a a i the infantry attack on the Post fired it Phuoc ump which was de fended by a battalion of South a round into five South Vietnam vietnamese troops supported by tacks at least 143 com and american Post be artillery and Al a Reship spewing a. On a Cost plus basis. He munis soldiers killed in tween Midnight and Dawn today i1quick-firing Gatling gun shells a a r that because of the rising Cost situations a until there i added the Gas is transported Small firefight across in an arc about 25 Miles North the South vietnamese aum preliminary budget for 1967-68 at an Impromptu White House of the Vietnam War and other substantial Progress toward Only Miles of Amarillo and South Vietnam in the Oast West of Saigon on a Road leading captured one guerrilla a worn a i inf afum Mitial of Al c.44x itlk4t/i c0nfnt>0nz>0 Tho f a i if r. A a my i 6 a u i. Jam Ai aaa i a i. A. In a a a _ i a pending approval of $153,549 in news conference the chief reasons the 6 per cent figure improving the living conditions proposed expenditures at Tho executive said he still stands might in raised to As much As education and employment next meeting behind his recommendation of a for cent the tax rate of $1.31 will re 6 per cent income tax starch a a a main the same Argo but he said this might be on other subjects. The proposed a 5,5 9 35 2 2 adjusted after further study told reporters budget is scheduled for approval a there May be some adjust of this fort brr decreases the Cost Wall told the Canyon com port uni ties for poorer people of Mission his company did not 24 hours and red and rocket attacks on mortar to Cambodia the Viet Cong Urban centers Johnson a he anticipates want to threaten the cities a but South vietnamese and info nth by att . A new any cml that Are rejected will american Camps near Sai simultaneously an hit one of the Phuoc Hiepe with a a a a Hie air War Over North Viet continued unabated and Mim a West German Chancellor War allies a in the next Summit meeting of the Vietnam a taken to the Railroad com-1gon. N of he. A in no. Mission a m at one of the boards two meats although i have not Kurt Georg Kiesinger will visit weeks or months a but he said regular meetings in August. Decided on them a the president Washington aug 15-16 this no time. Place or Agenda had Evv Mission he said confirmed a report from Bonn been decided upon he to that effect. A it is True that american a recent racial rioting in new see Johnson Page 2 a a a a a told reporters in i office. Among the reasons for delay he added that while is a question of whether or not realized Congress has its the school will be forced into charter bus operation previously a a p trustees said they understood Iso withdrawal now unlikely the City would discuss the Issue further within the next two weeks. The City recently announced plans to drop charter bus service and the school Board hold a special meeting to adopt a letter to the City commission requesting a hearing on the matter. The school Board said the City had an obligation to furnish transportation to so h o o i children. Trustees have since if the eases Are a see Gas rate Page 2 car Cele kill military spokesmen Saki one the . Command reported the american was killed and 15 loss of the 611th . Combat the command said one flight wounded and South vietnamese plane to gunners in North Viet Nisi 8 Arab slates ret use Lam woman to iwo Onize Israel of firefly helicopters surprised unit a Convoy of Supply samoans at the Mouth of the Truong Giang River 350 Miles Northeast of Saigon before Dawn monday. A a a coming under mortar from the Edge of the River the helicopters silenced the gun Bunker with rockets then destroyed 71 of the 40 foot Junks and samoans. The Leader of the flight suffered Light casualties. See Vietnam Page 2 inside today a Globe times braves surging toward top in . Race from our Eastern new Ataxic Bureau reported. A similar helicopter strike two weeks ago surprised an Elida. N m a a 23-year-old Clovis woman was killed about to p in. Monday in a _ Mot Cycle car Accident at die other Convoy a the same River s i s Northwest City limits of Elida a United nations n y. Est from these states until or and it appeared that the issues Community about 30 Miles it a prospects faded today unless there is an explicit recon left unsettled would be returned Southwest of Portales. Met with the commission they a i la option by the . Gener nation of israelis statehood gov to the Security Council Linda Boyd of 720 Vav 20th St left with the understanding the Al Assembly of a Resolution Call or eighty and territorial As the Vanguard of the 33-Man in Clovis was dead on arrival at fortified City would probably continue the ing for israeli troops to with the la tin american group of in observer team in an stir general Hospital in service. Draw from Arab territory seized 23 nations adopted a passive veil Lance of the Suez canal pm tales a it might be premature Loa the june War. Attitude toward its negotiations cease fire line Between israeli h0 Vas a passenger on a and Sank ilk samoans another i s army helicopter gunship team reported it Sank is samoans and destroyed la positions in Day Long a Atlanta Page a. A City shoppers Uke dim View of the Twiggy look Page 9. A Stock Market quotations appear on Page ii. A Clyde Walter speculates on Panhandle gop possibilities in politics no Politico a Page 12. A Drew Pearson sees changes in China policy Page la. A Tarzan from Amarillo is a serious actor Page 14 a to and radio schedule appear on Page is. A look at wednesday a polls have terrific Impact on nation s policies. See trustees Page 2 3 agencies to Survey w pollution syrian ambassador George j with the soviet Union Lur a res and egyptian forces an israeli motorcycle driven by Eugene Tomeh told the Assembly a Spe solution on israeli withdrawal egyptian dispute Over israelis Servatius 24. Of Texaco. Mal session on the Middle fast thai could get the two thirds intention to out patrol boats on Servatius whose left leg had to Tim All the Arab state Mam vote necessary tor approval. Ute canal the ,.d Altop Ca t a a Quot a a tam their refusal to recognize Assembly president Abdal lion do Lon at Row a velt the slate of Israel Rahman Pazhwak of afghanis. Israel claimed it had the right of minister Abba Tan told the Assembly if no to patrol the Waters on the East-f1>vrf Tov motorcycle was Khan replied this strengthens agreement was reached by pm aide of the canal Egypt Wrt East on tif near Hospital according a state policeman state and Federal officials Are a Eena May be school combining forces to Send Poilu. _ Tom Hunting teams into the but Falo Lake watershed. C. K. Foster chief Engineer of the water Supply program for the Texas department of Public health said monday his Agency the Federal water pollution control administration and the us Public health service will cooperate in a search for sources of pollution in the watershed. The investigators Are to arrive w within two weeks. A a a about two thirds of the my government s resolve not to then it should end the Spetti Rev ilk is respond to any request or inter session Mere was no objection on any boats the israelis a no has in collision with a a a a. Launched. Egyptian am Bassa car driven by Mack w. Gofer of Dor Mohamod Awad Al Kony Lakeview tex. The car was told Secretary general u Thant travelling Southwest Gofer was by letter Israel had placed nine not injured boats on the East Shore of the another car following the bitter lakes which form part Gofer vehicle was struck by of the Southern half of the canal wreckage from the motorcycle two israeli Navy men Cap shattering the Windshield a tured by the egyptians a cording to state police. H ared on Cairo television and ricers investigating the a Saul Israel launched rubber Elf ent Sal 1 tic motorcycle was boats on the can Aust Friday to it Quot wrong so a it 1,1 the establish its Flag on the water new life for Ftp Berliner by Bob Monroe make her last voyage for new Vork apr the us Cunard line in september Perliner Queen Mary Long a officials say it will be sold for Egypt said All israeli at Lake Symbol of Plush passage among its estimated value a scrap tempts tit put Wiats on the canal the shipping from the canal and the 1948 Palestine War miss Boyd s 11> was taken to since Portales. Way. Egypt has barred Israel Wheeler mortuary in was certified As Safe for swim Well to do Ocean travellers May Metal about $182 million in during the fighting last Friday tue heat Ming and water skiing monday by the regional office of the . Public health service in Dallas Brooklyn slums. The Lake has been posted with find new life As a floating High less an acceptable buyer offers and saturday were a completely school for youngsters from More. Repelled a the Board of education meets at the Northern end of the Ca the City said monday that it wednesday to make a final de a another soviet destroyer signs warning against water Pinna to bid about $2 million for vision on the City bid. Joined eight soviet Navy ships in Contact sports since heavy Rains be 31.year-old British ship in of the City should succeed in port said adding to the show of of to in nov f the Llop Ltd a of convt>rtin8 11 into the acquiring the 1,019-Root liner it soviet Solidarity with the arabs a Terl Herf a Oil sever i Lar Ost permanent floating would be converted at an est four other soviet watershed weeks. It will be Aime at classroom in new York mated Cost of $3 million. Class Are anchored in Alexandria. Determining sources of pollution a committee of Marine urdu rooms would be constructed l9 n a mgt in with a followup program to pre ill cts has declared the conver above the water Lime in the i communist party chief Leonid Thun Dov a Ortts Cloudy and a. A a m i la i to Elf t a 1% a a a Dkl a 9 4 a a r i i. Alk a f i i l one j us i _ z c e a Kaa ii f Al Fow Amar 1 us o and Vicinity Nave shins barfly a Moxly through Wedum Jav wits. Nips q Yra Audi worming Traola. today Eye Lowet 0v Low tonight n. 60s reports in Vienna said soviet h a we do Dov a the us it who South Erly winds la to 2 mph of took tor 1967 version o1909 a a vyv it vent further contamination Sion idea a definitely feasible. The state Engineer said if the at aides to mayor John v. Survey is completed a it might Lindsay say he is intended a be possible to expect the Quality see Lake Page 2 Asti eally the venerable trial Cabin area. I Brezhnev and Premier Alexei by the fall of 1968 it could be n. Kosygin had urged the Lead a Benthum tied up in the old Brooklyn Navy ors of the other european soviet Yard and ready to Welcome bloc companies at their meeting Queen will see liner Page 2 i see arabs Page 2> i i from that Weott Bartou s of a Oft 2_ Public Bufo Laos Lite. A Robt v Somoge inuit act allium wove Dri-4247. Not Tiv Lawndes amp Netiva inv Ronce. The air plane which Revis. Henry and his daughter a n a i Are building in a Carport at their Home in Irving is strictly a Home made Job. The plane is a replica of the monoplane in which French aviator Louis Bleriot made the first flight across the English Channel in 1909 Henry an aircraft Plant employee says they re building the plane just for kicks. A i i

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