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Amarillo Globe Times Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1965, Page 1

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Amarillo Globe Times (Newspaper) - December 27, 1965, Amarillo, Texas Pound Cong As truce Enas Saigon apr for the third straight Day the United states kept its planes out of North Viet names skies today but . Marines killed 63 Viet Cong in ground skirmishes after a Short interrupted Christmas a a the marines reported strikes against the communists during patrols around the big . Air base at Danang 380 Miles Northeast of Saigon. The americans reported taking Light casualties. A squad of leathernecks pounced on about 40 Viet Cong killing 15 at a Hamlet called Quang Ila no. I. Two hours later a Marine platoon near Quang a no. 2, about two Miles southward was attacked by 75 Viet Cong armed with automatic weapons. The americans called in artillery support tanks and armed helicopters. When the Brief encounter was Over they counted the bodies of 41 communists. Marines in other scattered actions against the reds reported killing seven Viet Cong during the Day. Air attacks were made Only on suspected Viet Cong concentrations in South Viet Nam . Spokesmen said. Ground action also was reported in Low key for the past 24 hours. Beyond confirming the suspension of the Aerial War which steadily had been closing in on the Hanoi Haiphong Industrial Belt . Officials in Saigon said Only that the orders came from Washington. This raised speculation that the pause was a new invitation to North vietnamese president to Chi minho a regime to come to the peace table. . Officials declined to guess How Long the Lull would a a in the South . Casualty lists grew. A . Army truck carrying soldiers of the . 1st infantry division hit a mine 30 Miles North of Saigon. Casualties were reported heavy. The Viet Cong detonated a mine at a government troop Barracks at a dec 70 Miles Southwest of Saigon just As two vietnamese platoons were Start ing the work Day. A it killed or Hurt a lot of soldiers a a . Army officer said. An adjacent compound for american advisers escaped the Force of the explosion. A second mine was found and disarmed. Twenty Miles Southwest of the Barracks a communist mine blew up a jeep killing two american soldiers and an american civilian. The air Force raised its toll of losses to communist missile fire Over North Viet Nam to to planes. A spokesman said an f4-c phantom Jet downed during an assault on the Bac Cau Bridge 85 Miles North of Hanoi dec. 19 had been hit by a soviet built surface to air missile. The Pilot was rescued. Some military commanders were reported concerned by the pause in air attacks since they Felt it gave the communists a Chance to step up the movement of men and supplies toward the to Chi Minh Trail leading to the South. No word came from president Johnson at his Texas ranch but he reportedly still retained a Glimmer of Hope the fighting would not return to its pre Christmas ferocity. The air pause was seen As evidence Johnson was waiting for some peace sign from Hanoi. . Officials said the state department had instructed the military command to extend the truce As Long As possible. But even As the instructions arrived the Viet Cong had already broken the cease fire with a rash of incidents u. S. Spokesmen said. American Headquarters sent out orders to All units at 4 . Sunday to resume Normal operations thereby sealing the end of the truce. Viet Cong attacks during the truce killed at least a dozen americans and up to 50 South vietnamese troops . Spokesmen said. Many others were a a during the 30 hour Allied truce period which ended at. Midnight saturday there were 84 incidents instigated by the communists a u. S. Spokesman said. This included 20 violations in the first six hours of the truce. There was at least one u. S. Violation. An artillery unit of the 1st cavalry airmobile division continued firing for four see Viet name Page 2 freed sergeants face trial gave Aid to comr final edition charged Luci Pat an sunday i Isit map wire photo Luci Johnson whose engagement to Pat Nugent left was announced Christmas eve visited sunday with Nugentq a parents or. And mrs. Jerry Nugent at their Waukegan. 111., Home. Luci and Pat were to return to Texas today when he will resume Active duty with the air National guard. Cuba sending mein to Cong Viet Nam. He said the ships Call at North vietnamese ports a to pick up things we buy there a general the four were reported to have told Osaka officials they were ordered to pick up weapons in Shanghai and take them to North Viet Nam. A a a a spokesman for the u. S. Consulate general said the cubans declared a we cannot stand life in Cuba any the four were granted Asylum shortly after they walked into the consulate general this morning. They then were turned Over to japanese police w h o wanted to determine if they left the ship voluntarily. Police issued the statement by the four. It said a we will not return to Cuba. We Don t want to see anyone. Our decision to defect was not the result of influence by anyone except our own will. No one intervened in our decision and we see cd bans Page 2 those Walkama k i is dirty words on airwaves with a new toy. As Long As the talk is clean and no conscious attempt is made to interfere with regular traffic the acc has no objections. A a Walkie talkie chatter is sex Vest Eric commission _ does no to like some petted every Christmas a said a i n 4 r f u Hinita Viln a Ofir it in Ani. T t a no. _ a a a i Osaka Japan apr four cuban officers walked off a cuban freighter today and asked and were granted . Political Asylum. They said All cuban ships were instructed to carry military equipment to communist North Viet Nam and they opposed this policy of aiding a communist aggression a a statement by capt. Francisco Cobas oses 46, and three officers of the Aracelio Iglesias 7,900 ton freighter said a we Don t want to risk our lives by helping the shipment of Mil tary a cuban embassy spokesman in Tokyo called the four traitors. He denied cuban ships were carrying cargo to North the weather or a Quot i Amarillo and Vicinity Cloudy and cold this of Teaspoon with occasional a a Tel flurried Miami Fla. A Cisonno a n d Tori Zed Walkie talkies a the Urve Christmas gift for the kid who Chis afternoon has everything a Are creating a i night m the mid traffic Jam on the airwaves. 20s. High tues the Federal communications i Day near is n o r t h c o Situ. I i surface i n d s of the juvenile Patter its mom Homer Thompson chief Engi Coio der1 hour.2 m Les tors Are picking up. The Fri is Neer at the pc cd scentral Moni b us land also listening with interest. Toring station in Broward coun vcm6 01 2 inches 33 de9rees some children with Walkie to. Northwest Texas Cloudy this aft talkies and a High powered to he explained that the Battery Dre Murthi ending Early this afternoon cab ulary Are butting into the powered sets Are pre regulated colder this afternoon decreasing Cloud Cut Zens radio band network by the manufacturers to operate 2snorth Taftas ljuth5high to Day "52 with purple anecdotes and on one tenth Watt Power Over i suggestions. The chatter is c ass d citizens band channels. Fog on he today with burning the ears of licensed a pc it in Range Over land is one to some breaking in the to e afternoon Jaq operators tuned in on the three Miles Clearing in Northeast late today and in Southeast Early tuesday. Fair otherwise same Irequi Grilj a actually the kids who Are today through tuesday. Much colder East a a a non incr Thorn if i to airwaves today colder Southeast tonight . Con a so no Lek u�?~,e,01 airwaves a ast tuesday. Lows tonight mostly 10-25 most of me is it 1k1c a skip Sunit come under out Jurist la Insettod-5 5 42 venation Are perfectly legit Ulm since buy arc n t License 1 Sunrise tuesday i.54 mate messages Between pals operators a Thompson said. Quot a but we do cooperate with the Fri when Federal statutes involving profane and indecent language is a a a of More serious concern Are the false emergency messages being heard on some sets. One boy on Christmas Day had several radio operators worried when he broadcast an sos a pleading that he was in a sinking boat. His alarm turned out to be false. The citizens band is designed for both business and personal use a for deliver trucks and sportsmen for example. It is Page 20. Also the frequency for other a a vietnamese students have Many questions no answers Kio us a a. Uch Assi als from electronic heating machines and i age 21, Hospital heat treatment equip i ment. Naha Okinawa up a two . Army sergeants freed by the communist Viet Cong last month and who later were critical of american involvement in Viet \ a in have b e e n charged with aiding the enemy the . Military command disclosed today. The two Are sgt. George e. Smith of Chester w. Va., and spec. 5 Claude Mcclure of Chattanooga Tenn. They were freed nov. 28 at the cambodian Border after two years in Captivity. A terse statement issued by military authorities on Okinawa said charges would be brought against the men for a preparing furnishing and delivering to the Viet Cong certain documents statements and writings inimical to the interest of the United the statement indicated Smith and Mcclure were being held for alleged dealings with their communist captors and not for statements attributed to them in a nov. 30 news conference in phenom penh Cambodia. They told the news conference a the United states has nothing to gain from the War in Viet name and said they would join peace movements when they returned to America the army refused to elaborate on the statement or say whether Smith and Mcclure Are in confinement on Okinawa. It is known Only that they were brought to Naha from Korat Thailand after leaving cambo see sergeants Page 2 Amarillo Globe times 2int your. Is o. 221 to l Enin of 2 sections Amorino. Texas. Mon., Hee. 27, i96s Herric repro Matios urged a Jar a a hotel corporation j0n hits reported insolvent jew High a Federal bankruptcy referee said today he will recommend to Federal judge Joseph b Dooley that the herring hotel in Amarillo remain open pending reorganization of the hotel corporation. Frank Murray of Lubbock the referee has approved a report filed in . District court Here by trustees e. S. Eakens and judge Lloyd King of Canyon the report states that the corp drizzle Snow Falls Iii area a Light freezing drizzle and a few Snow flurries fell in Amarillo this morning after a pocket of cold air from Canada pushed across the area. A minimum of 22 degrees was recorded at the weather Bureau and by noon the temperature had risen Only to 26. Light freezing precipitation also was reported at Tulia. Pampa and Borger. Clearing and slightly warmer weather is expected tuesday tuesday the forecast said. Oration is insolvent in that that monthly expenses exceed income. A although this is being reduced substantial refinancing is necessary and adequate funds appear available through the Small business administration providing details can be worked out a the report reads. Murray said he also will approve an application to Issue $20,000 in investment certificates at 612 per cent interest. He said this recommendation is based on the fact that All parties concerned want to keep the hotel open and that a from a civic viewpoint the downtown facility is the trustees in making an inventory report of the property state the building is Well located and structurally sound but has not been kept up to Date that parking facilities although adequate now would not be adequate if the hotel were comic dictionary 4in a Christmas a a generous season when there j is always somebody that you we afraid not to give a gift to. Operating at anything like full capacity and that the furniture is worn and needs to be replaced. In october the hotel financial port listed accounts receivable and Cash at $250,000, while liabilities exclusive of capital Stock and unpaid dividends totalled $224,326. Of that amount $45,350 was owed to Ernest o. Thompson one of the principal stockholders. Mcclure recommended Reading a poll reflects Gap sentiment against kor Birch society Page 4. A Stock Market quotations Page 5. A Allen and Scott say anti poverty probe out of Cash Page 6. A pros by High for College bowl game hopefuls Page 9. A civilians Tell of escape from Cong kidnapper so Page 15. A military terminology explained Page 17. A tvs Tedules Are presented on Page 18. A experts disagree on Worth of antimissile defense a train car collision is top news tip the Harvest of was so plentiful last week that three third prizes Are being awarded in addition to the first and Sec Ond place winners. Top prize of $5 goes to Maxi i Montgomery 1710 Hughes for the earliest tip on a train car collision in Amarillo the night of dec. 18. Other tippers kept the newsroom telephones Busy but the Montgomery Call won by eight minutes. To mrs. L. Lamberson of Star route Adrian goes second prize of s3 for her report on a car trailer collision on Highway 66 near Vega on dec. 23. Five persons were injured. Third place winners of $2 each Are Barbara Perry 2713 be 19th, who tipped the newsroom about a pipeline Accident last thursday Willie James Black 2344 new 14th, who made the first report on a shooting fracas in Amarillo last monday and Howard Lawson 4911 w. Kith who telephoned about a gun Accident which involved an Amarillo Man at Memphis tex., on thursday. Other new Steps were received from mrs James Hughley 4025 be 26 jul mrs c l. Howard 1614 n. Fairfield Jim Arend 10/ n Goliad mrs e. A. Mrs. F. A. Orph Ler escapes woman fail f rom w window Kin of Oil Man Dies in Blaze Butler a. Up a the 12-year old granddaughter of an official of the t. W. Phillips Oil and Gas co. Burned to death today in a fire which destroyed the family a 13 room rambling summer Home near this Western Pennsylvania Community. The girl was identified As Jane Johnson granddaughter of Herbert Houghton Phillips of san Antonio. Phillips was reported in route Here from his san Antonio Home to be with his daughter mrs. Jane Ladou cer Mother of the victim. Authorities said Jane and her Collie dog were trapped on the second floor of the Home. Her brother William Johnson 13, escaped to a porch roof from which he was rescued by firemen. Houghton Phillips Ladoucer 2 months also escaped the fire with his Mother. 2nd Man slain at Lubbock lid a Young Amarillo woman who fell from a window of her second Story apartment Early today while chasing a prowler was released from St. Anthony s Hospital following treatment of Back injuries. Judy Ray Lewis 20, of 1620 Van Buren Apt. 7, told police she heard noises outside the window around Midnight and went to investigate. She said she and her Roommate had been bothered with prowlers for the past several nights. She spotted the prowler outside on the roof miss Lewis told police but slipped and fell about to feet to the ground Landing on her Back. She described the prowler As about 34 and wearing a Light coloured coat and sneakers. Ile fled a without even looking Back to see if i was Hurt a she said. Lubbock up a Willie Flores 40, manager of a Lubbock night club Al Patio was shot and killed sunday night. Police arrested a 24-year old Man for questioning. The death came a scant 18 hours after another fatal shooting at the same club on the Tahoka Highway South of Lubbock. Paul Rios 37, of Wilson tex., was killed Early sunday but the Only suspect was released after questioning. By the associated press the nations three Day Christmas traffic death toll broke All records for Holiday fatalities on the highways. The death toll reached 707 today As late reports were received. The previous record traffic toll was 706 for a four Day Christmas weekend in 1956. Before the Holiday the National safety Council had estimated deaths would run Between 560 and 600. The toll included records in a number of individual states. In Ohio state safety director Warren c. Nelson said the 49 deaths made the highest toil for any weekend in 1965 and perhaps the highest since records have been kept. Louisiana a superintendent of Public safety Thomas Burbanks said that state s 32 was the worst toll since state police began keeping records 25 years ago. Bain sleet Snow and freezing temperatures Over much of the nation added to the expected hazards of Long distance travel minimum Daylight and roads jammed with cars. The safety Council said 80 million vehicles were on the Road during the 78 hour period which started at 6 . Thursday and ended at Midnight sunday night. Several accidents accounted for dozens of deaths. Shortly after the Start of the Holiday period a bus travelling on icy pavement in Oregon skidded out of control crashed and turned Over. The Accident thursday took 13 lives. The next Day five persons died when a car skidded out of control on an ice coated Bridge in Eastern Oklahoma. Five persons died sunday on a snowy Road near Buffalo Minn. Seven persons were killed in a collision West of Sublette kan., sunday. The total dead far exceeded the 578 killed Over the 1964 Christmas weekend and the 428 fatalities during a recent no Holiday weekend that weekend from 6 . Thursday dec. 9 to Midnight sunday dec. 12, was surveyed by the associated press to establish a comparison. A lids wedding May be at White House Page 26. Singleterry. 4209 Harrison. Hinkle 3402 Taylor Martin Stephenson 3809 Hughes mrs Joe Snead too n. Taylor Kathy Sears 4/00 Bowie Ken Neth Nexbouer 1253 Jasmine Bill Fairley 1609 Crockett Clifford Romero 41 3 e 30th Debbie Ellis 4710 Crockett Paul Poling 2237 Laurel Robert Burge Quot 2902 Fairfield Jimmy Biggs 5008 Park or Larry Stephenson 3809 Hughes Jimmy Clifton 200 Cherry James b Allen 1901 n. Highland mrs. Raymond Husak. 5637-b Lariat. A i Neely Lowndes amp Neely insurance. I latest traffic stopper. A plane on the Bridge. Map wire photo plane lands on Bridge new York up a to thousands of motorists the George Washington Bridge is just another Way of crossing tile Hudson River Between new York and new Jersey. To a teen aged Pilot in a disabled plane High Over the River sunday the giant Span suddenly became an alternative to a plunge into the frigid Hudson. The Pilot Phillip Ippolito 19, of new York City and his passenger Joseph Brennan 23, of Hac Senack. N. J., were soaring along in their Small Aeron a aircraft when the motor faltered and they began losing Power and Altitude. Ippolito said he considered setting Down the $10-an-hour rented plane in the River but when Brennan said a i can to swim a he decided to try a Landing on the 3,500-foot Bridge where traffic seemed to be relatively Light. The plucky Pilot guided the tiny Craft toward a smooth see planet Page 2 x

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