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Amarillo Globe Times Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1963, Page 4

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Amarillo Globe Times (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Amarillo, Texas Real Texas w Elcome due Chancellor Wash ton i in West term a Chancellor g or hard Vuil Jei a real to As vol come on his visit to president Johnson s i he ranch after Christous Erhard and Johnson will Hae Workin meetings during the Pec 2fs Jsu \ Isit Erhard Udo firkin in Many to kill Iii ton air for. C Bave a Liou -tep. Per &Quot>7 and spend the night at who Sli Aii Roi k Hilton i Tnp o be sir r. Nil Force base the net Mui. Lull the t res Lent am stare a of state Pean p a Huil a i am a de it i h a Wei Coine Ann Iii note it Etc Tony Okli Rupon Jochim m and of Erhard w do i by Hehr a Ter to the Johnson ranch the ii lag Quot a Oev a. I a and a Hii sine Quot Roni Renee in thu living Roit of the Johnson Home the tvs leaders will meet alone a or i n Mornine inner with a few a Ivison Quot then have a find Drav Aile noon Bonsi Ness Ion hat Nicht John toe Tam Erhard at a l v about to per Ulvi Quot to Iii in or a \ a ire fail 7th Fleet Protection Wall Street Cli Aller Amarillo Globe to pcs 7 monday december 23. 1963 elective investment policy. She Yoff a Chi a a there by pm i nov set m i la a i i reign news analyst the i med mates 7th f Leet Waluch has paved an effective Harner again Rel Hod clip near at Kenneth Mardo Hayden Stone t . Says the a Marx trend Buuri in ,.a does not appear to j Are Good for believing a rant top Forn Atiim i with aircraft of the Indian and Many investors have de on the general Marke. M British air forces in order to Over he the exercises provided the a athe recovery huh As t. Is air Force Vith v Al Abie m a a a Ltd and increase Ihetu Ina Isi nals t and he Speed the recovery which has can the pow Lones ind anal formation of what the ref Fri come fax liability for i and Higins suggests that to Quot thus Quot the a there is Llama nil advisory fair on f Quot a is Ouli tiding protective Arm to India non dial statements have been guarded Init from the t to Livent Piat it v. As i Earth Quot a in item unit of the Powei Lul 7th would visit Indian Ocean via Iris a Dusti a nation in 19�3. No one can a How important such Selim is going to he. Nor to what extent exercises also Demon other investors Are prepared to the necessity 1 u Inte Purchase the issues now sched grating us and Indian radar used for Sale after new year s the Quot taif us the Indian soon Bav in any Case we con Iruh i i get a orking with to believe that this i not a time Caffi radar Elii piment to be ii estors to commit All a if Givin them by the Uritis i of i available Cash and Borrower to the Mark k o i Nan the Sori be should now be exelis enhance initiating new to it Purchas. The Strati it was Ati Pai fit that the enemy i to naval action being a a a added to the air Arm i the . Event of Mas in e attack upon India Indian prime a Nister Lawa Harlal Elihu Olio jul j con c haled talk of Indian die us with Lon Maxwell p i Avlue chairman of the joint of Stait denied that i a. Sleet , movements m the Indian Ocean a Power vacuum Quot had any prom incl Inaxi Iii time highs Merit would be in tie event of Shea Sori a it chinese attack and a subs quent Indian Call Tor Aid. In Hev also illustrated Gap which continue to exist m in that there will lie Sut Stantial Jick Survey avs Dmn defences Selling after the end of the veal hold to a Gen in i be maps Over the Laletta a those stocks which have of Vocab a Atli due Vve Teel Region a majority of Hown substantial Fairiee a proc further erratic action May. A h it in the offing bombet s broke Indian and Briti Sii de family directors a inducing University s Preci Sion per orm i no Mirch-, Hundred by and will be guided by of a ther Anci son team. Denn s Gregory is the drum major senior studying music while h s dad Ronald is tee head of the schools band department. Son w dinner Pec Quot the to it will go by i to a re Derek Burg a of Ai Mit poo in the heal of a a u unit is Ltd tied by . Is a but a ten tur a. I ii will re t a a Quot j p p Srin Lanuti a or iof Din. -e-1, of 1 i a o tin a t h ,1 f in f Del 0 Kburg and bust Hohnson s troubles in held of notion just lie inning Hom in i r late Nuu Nui be Loo att Fri Quot in in quient Inu or j Ihn in via Erlain or hard Ano his try a a h be Cue cry in the Vinci Asilum of min his about Jherim a Friar ii it h f pin it a a a a persons Are a Peotr i at tie Lial b Quot in a a Izard it Rio a b or. M will h a one in h sin Ltd 1 the . H before f ban leaves i.,to Sun univ into no n 2 by her Man Enance ilor will hold a pc Quot co my run a a at in con do arts Quot b i k was scat Dib to put Ide it f it pm f Lewill o,.rn mom. A the a c Iii ilk a Jas a a a a Uit h a r 1 Kis my m h a a the f o inn a a Dation n a a v plan u m a i St of to from to. I. C All my .1 a Iti s a Quot i m Day Nikoui to Mihi a i. Am a. Kept n i Le-e.-. Be a 1 Quot a a o c a Vic a p .0 o, claim Iftner the a a i l. A pm k u Al 1 p i Hula. It a two a ii sin pre Dent Bordet a in intent m their talks. Reports of such Fleet move merits Piave controversy p m India and the curiosity of j , which As a i s. Ally m of to. to be right to know of changes in i a . Thru said that so far a he knew Only Quot one m two hips i it the Indian Ocean just to know the Waters \ look at t h n .1 p us. ,1 is Litas tile s if i Lief f 1 in t s i sued w ,.ii it he pie h. Of Ben,.d and the Deb Csc m a a Standard a Pooi s says the improved pros a cts Tor a tax Cut reinforce views that Lii >4 americans report with will be even More i prosperous More prosaic codeword than the current year justify Iii constructive but highly be for the newest o finest a shoes for the family. Shop our new store 2630 Wolfeim fl6-255i 4 door coif of purr cof Ofeno by min a Ai Ili in us . India \ Ai stud a we Uli Quot i Quot Quot quote Al Dell i Quot it .. I m 1 a. . dui a l i a the. Din i. A be a Hhd a i a it v a l Iii. Kuliu. A or Trouf be a. A i a i in Are m be a Rarie laboratories la it a Ibe at a _ up Oak Oulu t. M build div nit m. U pm a u in to 1>�?~ he Fei Idt Winter. P rearm. a Tiru of one 1 b i the. H Thi in a Hus m t a it ruled out iut pm i a Leiv 1 a one to Heli it finance the Vea. Wei. . Fai t is Liki in new a a a a l. King of medicaid tools Ami acids a a Ydia s Bonier Iasi i re Loans to medical student a a. All kids Etc it to a it indication it a or to support vocal a Al in a nere rain a a Rbt inning interest in a a Edu Dion help school is not f i pm. I a the fat 1u1 buildup of Indiati defences and Tam Nied he. A a e of Muir by leu a i unit the u it got fed v. Cru s own Usu Kuntsm let i a Hase. And prov a de student -j,.ni tur purpose parture from his Standf none. And the Mere a me Puipuia la Ign ment. Allege age to How can you Objet t to any buy direct f for Kennedy i us to Uca tin my it a Quot he Sun inti i Ite he ser it t r x motive put which f in r. Left Una i Foj. 1,111 a. Hien .1 i b 1-.siip Sim e Kenius do fun j of Viiu i in m mgt a Quot a i Nan fund a b Eli Lemai v a and i und a. See Isuf but a p a hat no a a 1 Mea 11 i to it huh k mini do a l i us a i and i i it t a. A Quot i and Lili \.,n t Ai Quot Quot Oil. Sci Keil Neve t in i it it Lui i 1 in. Ltd Jen to Utu a. Stale a be 1 a Lulu i not Hii Lui Imi if flt .�?T�?~1 Quot i i in courage adv Ucdt 1 a .1 to f a 1. Itis n a tni on Ere new n a a or help a both ution pressure w 111 h us. De be 1 o t o Tomk it Uain it . One Goma re ugh s. A a Rith Quot us i j it ibo ,1 a i a a r India of Quot Thlik. M he what Tei a Cie i Ein a t. I do Usa. Good unconditionally guaranteed free delivery in Amarillo processed for your Home Freezer </2 beef 47 Pound we custom dress amp process beef m a a m Pti a t i l. A 5 a. Is t and i a a Tdi Kinn it mk tul to îStn n a i eel Une m w 1 111fluid Tor the. Die Al it 1,. Try n is a. I to 1 us n j t it c no �5,1 i. O Nuh spurt dui whose i look dls-Mil Mahelia Tolu Ai a my 1er i. A .. W us a i n a a. Hue 1 Here the i "is,Inni a Adelic a a Atholl ele thee it 1 Tae Ltil list m. Mud h e 1 j be and Heit no of he a of v Quot a lip Emsud u a Aii. I Iii a it a my i via a Golden spread inspection packing company a 3 Miles East of Amorillo on 3rd of Bob Ruleff feed lot i o a a Irwin in rift Tanh n and Pusi 1 1 Tilk by s it h in a 1. It if of a Siind of k a i . Or in l m ,1,. A fired to Lav he i be he t. S empty i Mibb deep i i get r for a Tei ?Tleik choose i 01 k in Mhz not i i of or to lev a a s you ohm a in 1 u in tide in e i e m Eleeu a Bill Elu w Welk a i Dnn mid no Hie i a or i tax but Bill a a a s. 1 e i a inn n. To Quot w i i Nak or Ralph a Borough 11 x a i. Hui s c Ivres Wii receive a Quot it k commend Adlion. Action Quot of Thi Piu Quot a a Mimi i a nit Kiv. T in i aent a Tirol my m Lexi b mar i1 h. In Kmim a i Piui -, Hiff Quot a several reset u an i to .1 Fai,.� Anafe Iii the t. Ii a a Rva. Fun Worth plus Vii Uro Urh a i Tim n a and a neet expect to forw. thu i i Eit to the r c b Ueiu Fiiuciy 1 has Leen Appnvi 11, a various Quot thu -.tat. I to i a Jencieof a Bill Ion i As Imis m 1 he \ i la i n a t �j33 Polk cafe Delft try or so n Satish Mihi All e w a 1 i k t Nite i Mali Bullion egg ii v t 0 Pound in Cipe m 1 and a re k Quot to Chi Piny to limit Shumi Juii Arij Cecii Nuoc Mainii Kiivit in a Money for Christmas presents v6ty so Ofton Somoano in the family�06s Oil out Ond Mokos one Porti Culvr Christmas an outstanding occasion. It co by a Opp a e pet for the children., a few carats for 3 Dai Quot a in a it or or a collection of skins from a Terni aquatic Ramc i of Quot pm of a Quot be a commonly known As a Mink. It t9is a your year to up doge and the Only thing that makes you hesitate is Money see your nearest s i c. Office about a Chri Max shoppers loan come see us Soonye like to help Sajta Claus. Southwestern investment company 905 taylor�?1 Sunset Center 3217 West 6th to till Ivllon Ivovic Jar in Haiti of Voil Soll ived la Vici Shlit ii Ltd y Tiu it the Ijo ii that lies in cry Man s Heinit May Day Iny Day be Majni Jird v that men Mil come to Sec More Deady not that Tiuch divides them but Fiat in Hicri whte it Themi that Eiichi hour May in nth us closer to a final Victory not of nation of nation but of Man Over his Omi evil it and veal Jesse it v that the the sent of this Christmas Sal it on its Ijoyi Beauty its Hoje and above All its abide us Faima May live am Obj us that the bless hubs of Joyace be ours the Pieace to build and to nov to live in Luwi onland sympathy with others Ami to plan for the future with conf Isaice. New York. Life insurance company i a

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