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Amarillo Daily News Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1970, Page 1

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Amarillo Daily News (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Amarillo, Texas Home edition Amarillo daily news vol. 61, no. 27 7 Amarillo. Texas monday morning september 28, 1970 Hood morning the Tun hot shone Over Amorino 260 of 270 Cloys in 1970. Today forego to Call tor mostly Cloudy today with slightly warmer temperatures. High today near 80. Low tonight upper 40. Northwesterly winds 5 fro i 5 . 20 pages 2 sections Price 10c a it san Diego fires spread i Homes a Hight left los Ange shed by hot swept toward is a pm a a fast moving Brush fire desert winds up to 75 Miles an hour. San Diego suburbs sunday devouring Many Homes. A spokesman for the state division of forestry reported at least 40 Homes destroyed East of Al Cajon area and others going up Quot right and left Quot in the 140,-000-acre fire. It was the latest in the worst series of Brush fires in Southern Washington up a con California history. after hero Days of flames. Stutter crusader Ralph Nailer stood at two dead More called sunday for an immediate Jian ,4f Sqq acres charred 387 Federal investigation of what he Homes and structures damaged called the tobacco Industry s or destroyed and millions of ulv hazardous for dollars in property damage. Nearly 500 firemen and several civilians were treated for minor injuries such As tobacco men to tar Batler Dos cigars j of ski australian Theresa. Shepherds Pat and Liz with Voung friends molls an Wavy haired pups born to Herd Stock Erin matter in cigarette and cigarillos. La Leader said in a letter to Miles Burns and smoke inhalation Kirkpatrick chairman of the the most destructive Blaze Lvi Wal Trade commission engulfed More than 105,000 a Aal Ceramic to in the new tall Malra tar Asbestos Roek and area. Text rowing the expensive ditto Maveous Earth have been i wits of movie stars and either considered or used in re hippie shacks alike constituted tobacco. Hundreds of persons fled m m m their Homes m the Las Flores. A and Topanga Canyon areas in the use of reconstituted eco the last to years has of the tobacco Industry $200 lion to $350 million annually h r said Quot such a corporate. Lanza has not brought with it posed or government de duty to Analyse if the health hazards a West of los Angeles As the flames edged nearer. Quot the whole thing is sort of Uke waiting for death a said ii map wire feta italian policemen sunday night lift a ear set across a Street by demonstrators at the Edge of the Piazza disc ago a in downtown Rome. The incident was one of several attempts at disruption by Small groups of extremists roving through the Cit urging turmoil to hamper the visit of president Nixon Thiv leu m Fly nope extent shed the a min hum Whisenand staff writer a a Are just Good a Lur effect donate purple it a. Be of 3 month old a us ratan the Tom r fun tens and their r or Small Dang i the it re n 4806 Ned in Road Pup when or own. Wilt so i 18 Inch Sto in i by i l u Milf t a la and id they a cig 1 y i in 11 i Poui hasp Hick. Wavy hat r. A Mot tie by. Re w us a a urn Shepherd is a laity developed Ock ail kinds sheep even at at Mon Wall the said quit Vole pals and Usi my a dog gentle a Austral cd expel re Livest horse v and hogs it the age of three his me pups will begin to a a where they will want livestock to go later mrs Filbin. A they us learn to respond to to hand or whistling Sig or a combination of voice hand v5 gnats i usually hand signals when she or id. P s Hest to St Art training do on a few head of old ewes a she continued. This is to give the dog Confidence so that he can move the Herd forcefully without frightening them. Mrs. Filbin does not like for the dogs to do much harking or nipping at the heels of livestock. Basic training commands include come to me come away which Means go away stay Heel and drop the drop is a move in was h the dog crouches on All fours and the command is used is Hen Ute animal has made a mistake he must then repeat pie per san Quentin vat brings bilt haul s in i Entin. It Alii i Upu a convicts at san Quentin prison were paid More than $33,ooh for their works during the huh annual prison arts and rafts show. A crowd of More than 20,001 persons attended the show saturday at the penitent ars on san i Rancis o Bay. Inmates received three fourths of the Purchase Price for their w works in us the other u per cent going into a welfare fund among the items on Sale were Moo paintings. In Ait pc Macc tiled a a a St to s his i All ii the King Meri a said a nud with or a and Success i Jacobs who was helping evacuate a Friend from Topanga Canyon. A column of smoke towered 2.>00-3,000 feet in the air i according to a helicopter Pilot Factor in the an observers on the ground re of cigarettes and said it seemed As if the Sun cigars is the Cost of tobacco was development of recon Stitt gov. Ronald Reagan declared cd a tobacco Sheet technology fire affected areas possible the upgraded Angeles. Ventura use of virtually valueless waste Diego tobacco he said began As four separate Blazer which joined saturday to cover be tinder dry Brush land from Lieve that the use of some kinds Newhall to the Pacific Ocean a of recon tit it cd tobacco in Cigar distance of 32 Miles Reno May reduce and Mea actress Angela a Feury and Tine Content of the smoke. Nader said Little or no scientific in formation is available about the health effects of non tobacco additives. Riots lashes mar Arri rat of los and san countries disaster areas. Newham Caubu Blaze Nixon tells Homans . To prevent War although a e in some specialist1 on Italy a foreign actor Dale lost their Homes. The Spahn ranch where Charles Manson who if see fires on Page 8 mrs Filbin. Ii the Shepherd ii tied Blue Gray color without Black Mark is Able to work Stock fit in. Or if it has registered parents it can be registered with the National Stock Doc registry with Headquarters in Butler id although Pat and Liz Are the Richt color their parentage i unregistered australian Shepherd and they Are about a year old. One of the pups has a Quot Glass or Blue Eye. A com Mon feature in the Breed. The a Blue eve and a naturally stubbed Tail also common among australian shepherds Are not accessory in order to have a Fine specimen of the Breed airs Filbin said. Pat and Liz stoical in squint i see dogs pm Pas 3 12 americans stilled in vie Rome up a a serious and the presidential guards at the influence drawn president Nixon vowed Palace with their shining policies. Sunday night thai american plumed helmets. They recalled they also chanted their resolve will prevent Quot great the flamboyant uniforms adopt import for Jordan s Arab wars in the future Quot Tram of by the White hmm guerrillas and their general Robertson saturday sea Tam the Mediterranean,1 ceremonial guard but soon distaste for America s role As where Quot Russia s Fleet is Chal abandoned because of criticism an a internationale a lending americans Long standing they were too fancy. J go coincidence a report by a on trial Foi the Amnion dominance. The 6th Fleet was one of the subcommittee of the , House communist led demonstrators marched in 34 cities and stoned Winam were the american express office m ,. F whom teary restrictions by the downtown Rome before ,f0n re arrested they Felt its Pentagon have let the Fleet run was too Strong an Down dangerously targets of the Street protesters of representatives released in seized for Washington charged that bldg was welcomed to the heavily guarded pith Century Palace of a h italian presidents atop one. Of Rome s seven Hills. Well aware that the Pursuit of International peace is the Best of Domestic politics the american president flew Here 12,000-mite to Start a nine Day Saigon up a twelve of Saigon. There were n0 tour of five nations. American soldiers were killed casualties aboard the observe u we Earry him tuesday to five others injured Satur a a four helicopters dowttp�311 a jj11 primary were destroyed and Day few live a Capi ured in Colorado Orand Junction Colo. A it a a Stanley r. Bond one of four fugitives described by police As revolutionaries sought in a Bank Holdup and machine gun slaying of a Boston policeman Early sunday about 20 Miles others Hurt 3 die Iii Road mishap i i primary Day in two combat accidents,.saturday were d e s t r o y e d importance will be converted he explosion of a mine and tile spokesmen said raising to 1,78$ two Dav visit to the collision of two helicopters in the total of american helicopter Rhall need As never flight. Us. Military spokes a losses in Sou Vietnam since meet Rehaut tymm never Sci id Bunda it. J in. I naw in the Mediterranean a the mine a Claymore anti in Cambodia military off coveted by russians personnel device that sprays an rials said communists harassed Regia. Arc of steel slivers and can kill cambodian troops around the since the Days in czars. At a Range of too Yards. Kir irom plateau South of Nixon will tim is Maui with explode d prematurely As a 4th phenom penh with fire saturday the Lea Dei s of spam. Bina _ infantry division unit was night for the third consecutive Ireland and ,.,, \ re setting up a defensive Peri me night. There were no casualties he will be me a a or in Binh Dinh province 286 reported but the officials said Miles Northeast of Saigon. Communists in the area were see t Nota spokesmen said four Ameri increasing pressure on Highway in Page 15 cans were killed and five 4 that links phenom penh with wounded in the explosion. The nation s Only Deepwater president to be the guest earlier Thev had reported port and Oil refinery at Independent minded the collision of two it s. Array rom Pong som. President Jozip Tito. I i helicopters saturday Over a we cannot ensure thex exp acted to ask Tito Khan province about 44 Security of the Highway at All a a xon w Saigon one officer told up correspond spot Light Gin world Pope appeals for peace of communist to use Roswell. N m pc three mexican labourers were killed in a bizarre Accident South of Roswell on . 285. The three men were identified As Alvardo Acosta 44 Manuel Corrales 48 and Florencio Corrales 44 All of Mexico. Officers said the Accident occurred about 2 30 . Was arrested by an i by agent As he attend pled to Board an air plane Here sunday the Ibi said John Morley agent in charge of the Fri s Denver office disclosed Bond s arrest about six. Hours after the 25 Vear old Cambridge mass., resident was ape. Pre hooded As he tried to Board a met when a pickup truck commercial flight bound for which was tailed in the North Denver Arni Chicago j bound Lane was struck from Morley said Fri agents and the rear by on oncoming be grand Junction police took a hide driven by William l. Loaded hand gun from Bond As Nelson 47, of Roswell. He tried to draw the weapon Thrift men who were the Fri said it believed that Kmic i were sitting in the bed one of those at Large Susa Saxe a 20-year-old june graduate of Brandeis University had been in Philadelphia after the police sought another William Gilday 41, of Amesbury mass., in the Northeast Corner of Massachusetts. Also sought in connection with the killing of patrolman Walter k. Schroeder 42, of Boston Dor my a Bank Holdup Are Katherine a. Power 20, of Denver registered As a senior at Brandeis in Waltham mass. Bond was a special student at Brandeis last summer and an sex convict. I his Friendship with mite Northeast of Saigon one officer told i pm correspond carnal Abdel Nasser to fight americans were killed in Dent Kate Webb at the town of for g resumption of the collision. Kir irom 55 Miles Southwest of Middle East peace talks. Two other Amican Hal icon i hmm penh mkt military trumpet sounded in the ters were shot Down saturday sources said requests foral a Ifft air by communists. One was a reinforcements in the Kir irom a wife to Edos killed when they were thrown uh1 Craft downed in thua Region had been denied by the la a 5. Heil cop from the pickup truck on in Thien province wounding two cambodian command because a 1m the Cobblestone court pact and then struck in mid americans the other was an top priority was being Given 5 present air by two additional noncom ohs observation helicopter shot an offensive operation North of it Ara of the Palace cars driven by Willie Dow n about 178 Miles Southwest phenom penh. I n lot told the 72-Vear-old Vatican City a Pope Paul i made a new Call sunday for peace in the Middle East where he said events a seem to assume an importance which could affect the peace of All the 73 year old pontiff spoke to pilgrims from his Balcony overlooking St. Peters Square. A we cannot set ourselves up As judges Quot he said a nor perform the functions of mediator but we try to act As a counsellor to All to set the the the Pope recalled that he had a tried to help Quot and was grateful to those who tried to bring Back peace and a neither temporal interests nor personal calculations Are guiding our action in this focal Point of the land of Jesus which is so dear to the Pope called on All present to Pray for peace saying a prayer can perform soviet cholera contained of the pickup truck at the time of the Accident state policeman Ray Magness said. Officers said the men were where to find it Pone attry Ouido Ann Lender. A a ride. Classified. I comics. 5 editorial a movie. Obituaries. J soon. Fri radio end to. W so late Perter. I weather. Nary or 45, and Wallace b. Mathews 28, both of Artesia. Three occupants in the cab of the truck were also injured. Manuel Mesa 24. And Jose Corrales 62, both of Mexico were treated and released from the medical Center in Roswell Ramirez an dresses 43, also of Mexico was in satisfactory condition late sunday at the Hospital. Nelson and his wife Lee 36, were in Good condition in the Hospital and Bob Pendergrass a passenger in the neb j son car was treated and re fort Smith. Ark. Apr a Kitchen facilities. The first Cen leased. Federal program called love to ters open tuesday. Several other occupants in share is bringing together older Twenty persons already have the cab of the pickup truck people who need Money and completed the orientation p r o fled the scene on foot and had youngsters who need love. Gram and another 20 began the not been located late sunday the program utilizes the Tai three week study program last ends of those Over 55 years of week. Each Volunteer will be age hiring them to care for paid $1.60 an hours part contrib a Latch key children a Young ated by the Federal government and part by the United fund. The project emerged through a statistical report compiled from various records that officers said. None of tile occupants in the nary vehicle or the Mathews vehicle was injured officers said. Funeral arrangements for Acosta will be announced by the Ballard funeral Home of Roswell and arrangements for the Corrales will be announced by Lagrone funeral Home. K sters whose parents Are not Home during after school afternoon hours. The adults most of whom Are Between 63 and 65 according to showed there were 70,000 per the project directory will staff tans Over age 55 in the country centers where there will be who were living on an income of games music study rooms and see elders on Page 8 �?�1 head of state that Italy a which has the longest coastline of any1 nation in the Mediterranean has understandably a tremendous stake in peace in the Mediterranean a a the Mediterranean is a Cradle of Many great civilize i Lions of the past a Nixon said. Quot and we Are determined that it shall not be the starting place a of great wars in the the president and mrs Nixon both looked tired from their eight hour flight. Mrs. Nixon stood behind her hug band. She was flanked by Sara Gate a daughter Ernestina acting As hostess for her widower father. Nixon who has known Sara Gat for 23 years said after a 35-minute preliminary meeting with him that he was enormously impressed by the italian leaders vigor. The two presidents met in a Palace room known As the Hall of rappers Entenza and As they ended their Chat Nixon told his Host a it s always very moving to walk into a place with so much Nixon appeared impressed by Moscow apr the cholera epidemic in the soviet cities of Odessa kerch and Astrakhan has been Quot completely wiped out a soviet health minister Boris Petrovsky reported sunday. The ministers statement published in the communist party Organ pravda indicated the Black sea port of Kherson 62 Miles East of Odessa is the Only soviet City still under strict quarantine due to the disease. 7 lebanese die Beirut Lebanon a seven lebanese women including a roman Catholic nun were killed when a bus carrying them to a holy shrine in North Lebanon overturned smashed into a Utility pole and hit a House police reported sunday. Thirty others mostly women and children were injured in the Accident saturday which police said was the worst traffic crash in Lebanon this year. China claims intruded Tokyo up a communist China said sunday an american warship and an american military aircraft intruded into chinese territory saturday in Kiangtung Canto province. The official new China news Agency said the ship entered chinese Waters near the Shisha islands and the air plane violated chinese air space in the same general area. Blast hits a cokes Plant Geneva apr a explosive charge blasted out the windows of a coca cola Bot ring Plant and caused other superficial damage to the building during the night police reported. No one was inside St Tho time. Hot a

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