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Amarillo Daily News Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 1

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Amarillo Daily News (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Amarillo, Texas Home edition Amarillo daily news vol. 61, no. 305 Amarillo Texas monday morning october 19, 1970 20 pages 2 sections Price Ioc in a it it it i. A a a a a a a 8 s 7. In it i execution Elo support wanes is i Quot Wake of murder richest purse Winner . And mrs. A. Adams and profi Sonol photo rocket wrangler. Ai it edit 41 roil Montreal up a Church him go. I was wrong. A lot of themselves. I dont mind Muni i Keal la i i tolled sunday morning us were giving my opinion but not my fearing for his life British their hollow ringing sound a the Fly Wasny to very smart. Name. These people Are insane Diplomat James. Cross echoing through the streets of a they have alienated most if they could kill Laporte they pleaded with police sunday City shocked by a brutal support that they had. Our could kill me anyone. To Call off their search for political assassination. Country needs change Tat not in May tote a a hint but authorities issued the murder of Quebec labor Quot a. A huh was Jet All _ pol be Witt find them. I d Uke to warrants Tor two la part a a ii terrorist kidnappers has struck a restaurant owner said. J those who spoke told of their woman would not com frustration their anger their she just waved her outrage with the Smalt minority Shook her head i a of madmen who did this a apr Kif rep. Anone us mss French Canadian bus give those killers a fair and Kidnap warrants for two has struck Driver. A but we Wall continue to fast trial and then Lynch them i men charged with abduct d ml0 the hearts 0flive, to put together the ring Cross and slain Quebec canadians. Of about two dozen we re in. Its a tragedy provincial minister Pierre Montre Alers most French 0ne Laporte. Speaking not one voiced a ent Star Colt spells Cash for sooner alone it s bad thing a a Why a people would not identify there was most asked no answer. But by Dale Page staff per Guymon. Okla. A when rocket wrangler broke rom the starting Gate at la sept. $ All american futurity in Ruidoso the sorrel Coit had three things to his favor blood the Trainer and the jockey. Owner j Adams of Guymon if Quick to give credit to his horns Hest fan a they re a pair that can t he beaten they la alway he he said of Trainer Bubba Cando and jockey Jerry in cod pm us Hock it wrangler who ii now in Ohio for he Quarter hem Congress futurity is by rocket bar Tai. By he great three bars s Tel the 2 year old is out of go Gaha go by the equally great go Man go. A a a both grandsire of the Colt Are considered at he very top of the thoroughbred and Quarter horses respectively. Rocket wrangler who was purchased for a Mere 16,000, took the first place Check of lots of for to. Owner the sizable return is not the Quarter horse s Only claim to Fame he woe the Rainbow futurity Only three weeks before on his Way to a com polite Acorn of six wins in eight starts. Adams acquired rocket wrangler in february but. The horse was Shin bucked and pin fired and thus unable to run at the time. A we had to wait til june to run him and had to take the training pretty Adams explained his condition was cause for saturday night and Cross tho police declined to map Wir Pho to prime minister Pierre Trudeau delivers statement in subdued tones to reporters sunday on parliament Hill in Ottawa. Victim skilled debater Montreal apr Pierre Laporte was regarded As a politician skilled in debate and one whose ideas on separatism for Quebec province varied Over the course of a career that ranged from journalism to government. Before his kidnapping and eventual death at the hands of terrorists seeking Quebec a total Independence l a p o t a a Quebec a labor minister was in agreement with prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau that such Independence was nonsense. But As municipal affairs minister under the provincial premiership of Jean Lesage in 1963, Laporte forecast that Quebec eventually would have a nearly ail the prerogatives of an Independent a a a a Short time later he modified his stand to endorse special status for Quebec. After Trudeau took office it 1968, Laporte came to say in an interview a very clearly and very categorically i see Quebec As a member of the Canadian Laporte who was 49, played a a a tit a Strrm tit to a a a second ranking role in the tur s a icon Dpi communist the spokesmen reported the him United press International his formal inauguration Satur israeli phantom j�1 j Bulent politics of Quebec in the military activity increased Over first a me Riel n helicopter me Mimi Reile rated its jordanian army forces at Day. Indicated he would seek a i fighter bombers. H960s. But last april he emerged the weekend with six rocket knocked Down by c dime ride to tacked Arab guerrilla positions collective leadership to help run up correspondent . one of the key figures in the and mortar attacks on Allied ground fire since get to an f Cross a cantors in in Northern Jordan sunday for the country. He also reiterated Kirolos who toured the area provinces new Liberal governor throughout Vietnam a army us a Huey that went Toffi sex Day j his pledge to follow the Inicie Syfor the second Day. Quoted it. Five Day Lull in fighting Conli Down saturday 241 Miles �?�8 for uha threatening the truce agree of the late carnal Abdel Nasser guerrilla sources As saying the for to years while such per need in Cambodia Northeast of Saigon. Two a in the St mint Ais a four tins ago by to recover Arab territory lost to Jordan army had launched a son Aluies As Lesage. Rene be Allied sources said sunday americans were killed and two i awry enu it ver he would be King Ilus Sein and guerrilla Israel in the 1967 War. Sadat two pronged attack to drive Vesque and Jean Jacques Bertha Richard Helms director of wounded in the crash. Released the government said chieftain Yasser Arafat pales had been expected to make a palestinian commandos from Trand dominated the stage lathe u s Central intelligence Allied sources said subjects Jyl kidnappers arrived in Timan spokesmen said major policy speech but spoke four villages near the syrian Porte won accolades As a skilled Agency flew secretly to Saigon covered during the hour Long us a a a a a a a a Only in generalities in the Border. He said the guerrillas debater and expert in legislative Friday and met with president Thieu Helm meeting saturday to note left a Power struggle was report nationwide broadcast from Cai a believed the army was trying to rules. Nguyen Van Thieu and i s included an intelligence Coaly. Inw0�j"�?oh de going on in Syria which to. Cut their Supply routes to Syria he bid for the Liberal party ambassador Ellsworth Bunker is of expected communist a a a s ,.adj backed the guerrilla ranges in a a a and ultimately drive the. Leadership in Quebec last Janu saturday afternoon its offi mom in Indochina and the h a islam month s civil War in a israeli Premier Golda Meir commando forces out of Dor Ary but was Defeated by Robert concern but not for alarm. I kind of like a horse that Shin Bucks it thews they re giving it ail they ha5, a every Good runner i be had has been Shin bucked a he said. The borne proved his Worth under the newly initiated Speed ratings of the american Quarter horse association. A horse is rated on by pen in age of attaining the record for the track on which he is running rocket wrangler was rated 98 at Ruidoso one of Only six seven 2 year Olds with a rating that Hith. His 350 Yards at a Goliad race was the fastest of any age horse at the rare a a a the All american w Iener beat Bunny bid in both Hie in in Bow and the labor Day Raf Bunny bid has not been see horse on Page ii a shaken primp minister sum Ort for i separatist Fly Pierre Elliot Trudeau met with a a done task me How i feel a Ough a his Federal government Cabinet we a Young girl this is my for two hours then flew to first time in Church in seven Montreal to map out the next years. Step in the crisis with Quebec a mais Bourqui Oise but Why a Premier Robert Bourassa and a French Canadian waitress Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau. Asked hands shaking her eyes Quebec provincial police is brimming with tears. Sued nationwide warrants for a what did they Hope to gain Leader Paul Rose 27. And what could these maniacs think cabdriver Marc car Boom a 37 they would accomplish they harping them with kidnapping murdered an innocent Laporte whose body was found a of j see any punks with their stuffed in an Auto trunk a Quebec Libre slogans w Ritten on their jackets in a going to say kick the out of a what information led them to furious cab Driver sputtered. Issue the arrest orders for the a French Canadian writer two men stirred his Coffee a in a shocked 0 ii guess. I really did no to Rose who v ears a ride a a Rii. I i expect them to Don i Astro style Beard has visited Cuba two times. Little was known of the background a i Carbonneau. Supported their actions up until last night. I thought they would hold him for a while and let Pierre Laporte reds push yet attacks s a warrant has been out since the Cross kidnapping oct. 5 for Jacques Lane tot 25, a taxi Driver who has been a bail fugitive on a charge arising from an attempt in March to Kidnap the israeli commercial attache Here. I terrorists of the Quebec liberation front produced evidence that Cross was still alive a two notes from the Diplomat saying his life was endangered by the search for him. The government reiterated its a a in a rim offer of a of Way plan ride to tacked Arab guerrilla position. A Lle Cive Leaderach w to Toto run Jordan a army hits Arab rebel positions i costs declined comment on the effect of the a Vietnam station Quot visit program on Cia operations u a spokesmen said Allied among Cia programs which bases from the Northern sector have been turned Over incr a to the Mekong Delta in the singly to vietnamese officials in South were hit in the stepped recent months it the a a Phoenix up communist rocket and operation which is aimed at i mortar attacks. Six americans capturing eliminating offi were reported killed and 27 rials in the met Cong Shadow wounded. Government one to that his Ness. Lie said his wife Cross warned. Captors meant Busi Jordan the reports of a split in flew to new York to present Dan. A Damascus followed a similar israelis Case before the u n a a a struggle in Iraq stemming general Assembly and for talks according to the guerrillas mainly from the guerrilla with president Nixon in Wash the army started a a would he a very dangerous for him if the i government crisis in Jordan. In ton. Heavy Security Pecau authorities found the hideaway the reports of divisions in the dons were enforced at the tri where he was held prisoner and Arab world came As Aviv Airport and her Al Al he urged police to Call off the a egyptian president Anwar jetliner was escorted far out search. Sadat in his first speech since Over the Mediterranean by four the notes represented the. Bourassa who became Premier. Bourassa brought Laporte into the government As minister of the first labor and immigration phase saturday with 70 tanks Pierre Laporte was bom feb. Backed by artillery and Cap 27, 1921 in Montreal one of severed one town. Attacks against in children the others were resumed a a a sunday the guerrillas said. From the Nixon to hit Trail for gop candidates first direct word prisoner in a week. Cross. 49, was taken from his bed in a Montreal suburb get. 5 by terrorists of the Quebec liberation front Fly who demanded the release of 23 political prisoners and $500,000 in Gold for his release. While the Cabinet met 1,000 canadians stunned by the first political assassination in years gathered in a chill wind outside re a a a a a Onri the window of Trudeau a office o. The Fua a former new York parliament Hill Thev Yankee second baseman and00,.r a a his Fri h carried a Banner which read. A Canada trial of panthers will begin today Newyl Ork apr defense most attorneys Call the trial of 13iwill be bomb con prosecution witnesses the jury select Ion system undercover policemen suggested a quicker method was and a soon Jean to his widow Francoise is the daughter of a Quebec Farmer and she proved an asset to his political campaigns in parts of the province. But she has said it was not her idea that he go from journalism to politics a when you have a husband who loves politics the Way my husband does you just follow a she once said. A ifs important for a wife to realize the importance of following her she and Laporte married 25 years ago and they have two an 1 children a daughter Claire 21, for Congress today on candidates. Candidates a a a governor the president set the theme the president and mrs Nix u s for his role in the closing weeks on their son in Law arid laugh Jay we love you a and Black panthers on National Anthem-�?o0spiracy charges Quot the most controversial Case in town in 20 state supreme court and Fri agents who allegedly needed. Infiltrated the Black panthers to obtain information. The 13 defendants were a the son watched outside their a in times when the court Cal suburban Home on oct to when endears Are crowded a he said terrorists of the Quebec libera a to have spent six weeks in be lion front forced Laporte into a Washington apr presi Fred obscene he told Dent Nixon is expected to renew crowd in Teterboro. No. His Call to the silent majority to today Nixon sets out on a currently baseball coach at strike Back at dissidents and two Day Campaign trip into South Carolina delivered the radicals at the ballot Box when Ohio North Dakota Missouri Sermon Rex Kern Ohio state he we the Campaign Trail Agai Tennessee North Carolina and quarterback read the its rip re Vita irrow 1 it . Behalf of Republican Indiana in an Effort to help Gap Tore John Erickson former a a tide a Justice John m. Murtagh a a so a rested in police raids april 2, tooting a jury that could have car and drove away with him. And Wiscons basketball coach v hone Hartline approx in in Yuyau criminal a Republican candidate for the As adopted in the Long crisis j Senate led the prayer and Trudeau s denunciation of la of la Cam,.a,go during a whirl fir. . And mrs. David Ewaen a it to baht a Ria a a Stew a As a a cruel and senses a a a a a Iff imly. Last Spring when the de wind 15-hour barnstorming tour Hewer and about 200 others at Oklahoma Gap congressional see Canada on Page 8 in hours is is saturday into Vermont new tended worship services con candidate gave the Benediction. Jersey Penn it Al Var a and mis ducted at the White House Sun a a a Coasin. Day by the Fellowship of Chris-1 afterwards Nixon met with he urged a the great Majori Tian athletes. This is an organic six representatives of the Buss tvs to reject with their votes the ration dedicated to a bringing Ness Council an organization of Rock throwing and obscenity out the Best in a persons Chris the nations top executives who Jod 0y$ m in shouting tactics of a Small nit Tian values and leadership completed their two Day fall Nim Cloudy indict 1969. Nine have remained in been selected prisoner unable to make bail,wrong.�?� re i if it Forte s Quot cold blooded murder this clash of philosophies ranging up to $100,000. This has Murtagh rules the courtroom cruel and senseless aet dominated the six weeks of jury led to defense chains o Prev firmly last Spring when the de selection and could occur again Velve detention ,. J 7 and again during the trial. The jury is relatively and spectators disrupt where to find la Good morning Astro Guido. Ann Landers Bridge today a jury of la Meir five members Are Black. Sec de pretrial hearings with shouts p and one woman Quot with four alter a1 of the Whites Wear their hair of a Power to the people and Coom stuff mates begins hearing the Case slightly Long. One juror has a called Murtagh a a fascist pig a enmity against the 13 defendants a Beard. He recessed proceedings indents Vun nos shone Over Amorino in of Cusco of plotting to bomb police i defense attorneys admit Pri mutely a until the defendants it invt in 107 1 to let Fern it refit tor4 j i 1 1 a Quot to five Jority. Promoting teamwork in i meeting saturday in a one vote is Worth one Hun Bobby Richardson president Springs a. Hot he Quot a to 1 a it time now a Tanons a department stores a Tely that they Are pleased a greed to behave Rue to y Low Romoth Noer 4fi railroads and the Bronx Botani a when the last juror was sw-orn3ater the Hearmes resumed weeks in High Torivo Mir Idle bos High tues Iov. N a Mot 70. Winds southerly 4 toll mph. Cai a Orcus in thursday Murtagh criticized relative Calm. Ciotti fit comics editorial. Movies obituaries radio Ami to snorts Sylvio Porter weather Pogo a s s is w 4 14 is i 7 2 inscription evidence that jews discovered America a wire photo evidence. Stone with inscription. Newyl Ork apr a branding University professor said sunday evidence has been discovered that jews fleeing romans in the Middle East came West and discovered America 1,000 years before Columbus. Cyrus h Gordon professor of Mediterranean studies at bran Deis said the evidence is an inscription found in a carnal Mound in Tennessee in 1885. The inscription he said was found on a Stone under one of nine skeletons in the Mound but when the inscription was photo graphed and published by the smithsonian institution in 1894, it was printed upside Down and its significance went unnoticed the Stone is at the smithsonian museum in a a last August Gordon said . Joseph d. Mahan ., of the co Lurn bus Georgia museum of arts and crafts sent a photograph of the inscription to Gordon because Mahan was convinced there were connections Between the indians of the Southeastern United states and the Peoples of Eastern Mediterranean in ancient times upon studying the inscription Gordon said he Quot discovered that its five totters Are in the writing style of Canaan the a promised land of the israelite somewhere Between the Jordan River and the medi Terramani. The fifth letter of the inscription Gordon said corresponds to the style of writing found on hebrew coins of the roman period he translates the inscription to read a for the land of the archaeological circumstances of the discovery a Gordon said a Rule out any Chance of fraud forgery and the inscription attests to a migration of jews. Probably to escape the Long hand of Rome after the disastrous jewish defeats in 70 and 135 a do Gordon who presented the findings to a meeting of the North Shore archaeological society a Long Island said scholars must now reassess other findings in Eastern Tennessee for example Gordon said there is a group of people known As the me dungeons who Are neither Indian nor negro who Are caucasian but not Anglo Saxon. They Are Gordon indicated descendants of Mediterranean people and they believe that they came to the new world in ships about 2.o0q years before Columbus a a a Gordon said the inscription was found in a burial Mound at Bat Creek tenn., in 1885 by Cyrus Thomas who worked with the smithsonian

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