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Amarillo Daily News Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 1

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Amarillo Daily News (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Amarillo, Texas From a to Izzard a tay Tayi to Yot Toca Nixon staffers ear to ground president Nixon is already planning his 1972 state of the nation address and White House aides have begun checking into the grass roots to learn what the people Are thinking. One of them was in Amarillo yesterday o o o he is Janies h. Falk a Tucson lawyer. He occupies office 167 in the White House and describes himself As a one of the Domestic policy lawyers on the presidents staff. Falk is one of the Goldwa ter gang of 1964. He is a husky handsome Young Man who carries his conservatism picture on Page 5 into his speech and dress. His sideburns Are i960 Model his suit a dark Blue his shirt White and his tie Blue and w Hite polka Dot with Small knot. He a the kind of Man you would buy a new car or anything else from. 0 0 0 Falk met a group of Amarillo businessmen Over lunch at the Amarillo Chib with John of Brien cattleman and Long time Republican official Here As Host. He had discussed the projected state of the nation message Only Bra Epy when somebody changed the subject to phase ii. A is it going to work a was the question. O o o Falk thinks so. A it i better organized More equitable and far reaching than the original freeze a he said. Phase ii res in Large a Quot to on three Tough policy statements by the pay Board Falk said. These Are the ,5�?T/2 per cent lid on wave in new contracts the ban on retroactivity in previous contracts and the Rule that contracts in the construction Industry must be submitted to the Hoard for approval whether they stay within the 5 a per cent guidelines or not. O o o these Are being generally accepted despite the show of toughness being put on by the labor leaders Falk said. The discussion Moyed from phase ii to the attitude of the big labor leaders the welfare program school busing the farm pm Ogram and the Federal budget. 0 0 0 Falk pointed out the highlights of the presidents 1971 state of the nation speech including the policies a not yet acted upon a calling for Revenue sharing and internal government of organization. A we have one of the Boer to presidents in history a Falk commented. A this new China policy on the International front and Revenue sharing on the Domestic front Are two samples of the bold Steps he has o o o both his move to bring China into our Trade orbit and his new Domestic economic policy should have a a a fantastic effect on the Gross National product Falk said. A one of our economists asked the president of the. Company that distributes Bayer aspirin a Falk related a what the Revenue would be if one out of every 10 families in China should buy a bottle of the pain relievers. The figure of course was astronomic a 0 0 0 As for a balanced budget the White House lawyer thought it possible to achieve what the economists Call a a full employment budget a which Isnit really a balanced budget in the Ordinary sense. Only with full employment would balance be achieved. O o o a this business of going about the country checking the grass roots is Good. Lawyer Falk will return to the euphoria of the White House a Little Wiser with a Little better understanding of what the people Are thinking. He will carry from Amarillo the impression that people Here Are thoughtfully interested in the new Nixon economics the chances for a balanced budget restoration of the balance of payments and things like that. But he also has Learned that they Are furious Over forced busing cheating welfare ranting labor leaders and irresponsible bureaucracy. O o Othis and that John l. Lewis wanted to be emperor too. He did no to make it and neither will Meany. O o o mrs. A. F. Hartman of Border was among the teachers in town yesterday. She reported in with a Brand new idea for an Amarillo Library. A Why not a she asked a completely remodel the old courthouse for a Library a 0 0 0 a Man who owns Only one suit is spared at least one daily decision. 0 0 0 is a football scholarship hire education Wes Izzard president talks Tough to hostile labor Miami Beach Fla. Apr president Nixon challenged his hardest labor critics face to face Friday and told them he will use his Powers to the fullest to control wages and prices whether they cooperate or not. A we want the participation of labor a Nixon told al Cio convention delegates who voted thursday to refuse cooperation with his pay boards wage controls. A but whether we get that participation or not it is my obligation As president of the United states to make this program of stopping the Rise in the Cost of living succeed and to the extent that my Powers allow it i shall do exactly Nixon added. The president got a Cool reception. There were Ripples of derisive laughter from some of the More than 2,000 delegates officials and others when Nixon said his recent 90-Day wage Price freeze a was a remarkable Success and a if you done to think so go Home and ask your wives who go to the grocery the conventions musicians did not play the traditional a Hail to the chief when Nix entered and al Cio officials overruled White House aides who had wanted the president introduced Over the Loudspeaker. When Nixon finished his speech he started to shake hands with some delegates near the speakers platform until al Cio president George Meany said a will delegates and alternates return to their Meany had been watching in apparent when he suddenly picked up his Gavel and called the convention to order while Nixon was still on the floor shaking hands and chatting with delegates. The president turned gave Meany a Brief look and stalked away. A we will now proceed with act he cracked Meany who the Day before had verbally flayed Nixon a economic con Irons and said that he and four other labor members of Nixon a pay Board will refuse to cooperate with the Board or its decisions until they w in their demands for Back pay for the freeze and full pay ment of All negotiated wage hikes. Later the convention approved salary boosts from $70,000 to $90,000 a year for Meany and from to $60,000 for al Cio Secretary a in treasurer Lane Kirkland. It was not immediately known How Nixon a wage Citi tools might affect the raises which amount to about 28 per cent for Meany and More than 30 per cent for Kirkland. The pay Board has is t a general limit of 5.5 per cent a year on wage increases with provisions for higher boosts to make up later Friday. White House aides announced the had Cut Short his Florida weekend and was returning to Washington. In route Back he stopped air Force i at Jacksonville f�?Tla., to tick up his daughter Julie Eisenhower. I he aides said Nixon a sudden departure had nothing to do with the al Cio speech and did not indicate a crisis of any sort. A a he a always flexible a a spokesman said. In Washington a White House aide said Nixon went before the al Cio convention the advice of All his advisers who feared his a Marks might be construed As ant labor. In his speech Nixon quoted Meany a remark that a if the of the United states does no to want our membership on the pay Board he knows exactly what he can the audience cheered apparently in support of the Meany quite. A president Meany is Correct. I know exactly what i can do see on Page 16 Amarillo daily news Home edition vol. 63, no. 15 saturday november 20, 1971 2 1971, Globe news publishing company 10c Smith to run for 3rd term map wire photo governor and mrs. Preston Smith. Lies off and running. Cha Grant bolsters Rural water system by Tommy Denton staff writer Childress a the National administrator of the Farmers Home administration Here h riday announced a loan and Grant in the amount of $812,000 to the thirsty water system from Cha. John v. Smith of Washington made the announcement at a noon luncheon in the City auditorium before a capacity audience of More than 300 persons. The water system encompassing a six county area of Hardeman Cottle in Oard Childress Hall and Wilbarger counties will enter 1 and h in a network of water transmission funded through the red River authority. The system will provide Rural water to 828 families in the thirsty system. They will pay a minimum of $10 per 3.000 Gallons per month and 80 cents per thousand Gallons per month beyond the first 3.000 Gallons. The original system served Only 197 families. Once the system is com plete Smith said the total Cost of the project will be some $2.25 million. The Greenbelt municipal and Industrial water authority which will be the primary source of water for the water system does not Deal on an individual basis for water purchases. As a result in 1965, individuals in the area formed thirsty and agreed to begin regulations with Greenbelt through the red River authority. Where to find it the $405,000 Grant and $407,000 loan from Cha will allow the Start of on phases 1 and ii which according to Childress Cha director Chester Sinclair will be completed within a year. Phase i includes Wilbarger county Northeast Quanah Turkey and . The Turkey to line will use water from Estelline Wells owned by red River authority. Water from the Vernon municipal Supply will be bought in the area East of Vernon to Oklaunion also included in phase i. Phase ii covers an area of Tell Cee Vee Memphis and Harold Chapel. All remaining water in the system will he from Greenbelt Reservoir under the Greenbelt authority. Contracts for construction Are expected to be let immediately Sinclair said. i and in according to Sinclair will be started after the first two stages Are come Lete. Iii includes North Goodlett Southwest Quanah and Childress county. Included in the final phase Are Foard county Medicine Mound and miscellaneous in Hardeman county. The subsequent loan and see water on Page 16 White House Jackson aim classified. .26-3t comics. 12 editorials. 6 inside new Mexico. 7 inside Oklahoma n markets. .14-15 movies. 24 obituaries. U sports. .17-22 television. 25 Washington Impi sen. Henry m. A a scoop Jackson of Washington an avowed underdog with nothing to lose set off Friday on an Uphill fight for the 1972 democratic presidential nomination. A a in a going to take off my coat Roll up my sleeves a la Harry Truman and Tell it like it is a he said in declaring his candidacy at a news conference. Jackson announced he would enter primaries in new Hampshire Florida Illinois and Wisconsin but freely conceded the new Hampshire test of strength in Advance to sen. Edmund s. Muskie of Maine. A i done to expect to win in new Hampshire a said a but i am confident i have a Chance to make a reasonable the 59 year old senator from the Pacific Northwest was accompanied by his wife Helen and his two children Anna Marie 8, and Peter 5, when he made Long expected announcement in the Marble columned red draped Senate caucus room jammed with newsmen friends and aides. Jackson who will begin his Campaign in Florida estimated it would Cost $ million a to get to Wisconsin a the fourth of his planned primary . A a we be raised part of it and we re raising it All Over the he said. A a we re doing All Jackson joins sen. George s. Mcgovern d-s.d., and mayor Sam Yorty of los Angeles As the remaining declared candidates. Jackson a Liberal on civil rights whose defense of a Strong military and of president Nixon a Indochina policies have won him conservative support is the son of norwegian immigrants and has never lost an election since he became a county prosecuting attorney at the age of 26. Despite a heavy recent emphasis on a Law and order a Jackson insisted his Foremost Campaign Issue will be putting people Back to work. Austin apr gov. Preston Smith whose name has been mentioned prominently but not directly with the Stock fraud scandals said Friday he will seek a third term As governor of Texas. The Surprise announcement pits Smith against it. Gov. Ben Barnes his sworn political enemy in the May 6 democratic primary along with Dolph Briscoe Uvalde banker and rancher who ran a surprisingly Strong race for governor in 1968. A we Hope the Sharp Tovim Issue will be an outstanding Issue a Smith told a hurriedly called news conference in the Small cluttered office of the state democratic executive committee several blocks from the state Capitol. Smiths press aide Jerry Hall who tuesday said he was joining Barnes Campaign organization on dec. 1, was not present. A i think it is evident to most texans that a change is needed in the governors office to provide More vigorous leadership in step with our Wayne Connally seeks 2nd top Job in Austin Austin apr state sen. Wayne Connally of Floresville announced for lieutenant governor Friday saying he would not lean on his brother. Secretary of Treasury John Connally for Active Aid. A i look upon service in Public office As a Basic responsibility of Good citizenship and not As a vehicle for the promotion of personal ego or private advantage a Connally told news conference attended by his family including Merrill Connally another brother who was John Connally a state Campaign manager for three successive terms for Texas governor. The senator said Merrill Connally would be his state Campaign manager also. The senator joins Houston newspaper executive William p. Hobby and sen. Ralph Hall of Rockwall As announced candidates for the democratic primary May 6. Reported possible candidates for Senate seat include reps. John Trae Ger of Seguin Oscar Carillo of Benavides and Honor Ligarde of Laredo. Sen. Connally stressed that he was not seeking a political career to follow in his brother a footsteps. Asked if his statement meant that he would not run for governor if he should be elected lieutenant governor Connally replied a a that a exactly right. I have no political plans i am not planning a political Connally said he had no Alliance with any gubernatorial candidate to run As a team. A i am running one race and will not get involved in any other race a he said. Changing times a Barnes said of announcement. A gov. Smiths announcement will have no effect on my Campaign Smith said he hoped the pending civil and criminal court actions involving get Rich Quick schemes using no collateral Loans from the now defunct Sharpstown slate Bank would be a Campaign because a we vetoed the killed than. J he legislature passed them. There is no question the legislature did not give them the consid a aeration they j he . Securities and Exchange commission originally charged in a civil suit that High stale officials were Given special opportunities to buy National Bankers life insurance to. Stock with Sharps town state Bank Loans in return for passage of two Bank Deposit insurance Hills through the 1969 legislature. The two Bills quickly passed both the House and Senate in a special sission but were vetoed later Liy Smith. A Federal court enjoined Frank w. Sharp la a a a belled the Central figure of the venture and eight other defendants in the civil suit against manipulating Siock prices and Selling d shares. Allegations of five criminal violations in connection with the Slock scandal result d in Travis a Only grand jury indictments against speaker Gus Mulschen aide Kcf a into rep. Shannon and John Sori Quot former president of National Bankers life. 1 real for , Sec on in age 16 in k Plain demos cover to hets on election by Craig Endicott staff writer members of the democratic party Hierarchy in the Panhandle and South Plains contacted Friday shortly after gov. Preston Smith announced for selection for the most part Are making no bets and taking no firm stands on the upcoming primary Lection. The governor got some favourable comment among the 12 county chairmen interviewed after his More or less Surprise announcement. But most of the positions were based on a race Between the announced candidates a Smith i. Gov. Ben Barnes and cattleman Dolph of Uvalde. Most of the chairmen agreed that former u. S. Sen. Ralph Yarborough holds the key to the balance of the democratic Vole in the primary next May. And tie 12-year u. S. Is Nate vet ran has not announced whether he will run for governor or for the Senate scat now yield by Republican John Tower. presence among the candidates already declared in the gubernatorial race a would result in a run off election in june the county chairman agreed. Such a four Way race would result in Yarborough a picking up the Liberal vote while the other three declared Eandi dates would split the conservative vote. Some democratic committeemen Surprise that Smith Chiose to throw his y it program seen at it by Ann Mai icy staff writer san Marcos a a veterinary Medicine program for Texas tech University in Lubbock with a Branch in Canyon was approved Friday by a 6-5 Vole of the coordinating Board Texas College and University system. The 5-5 tie was broken by Board chairman Wayne Thomas of Hereford. Two of the 13 members present abstained from voting. In he program approved which still requires funding from the Texas legislature includes a school of veterinary Medicine at Texas tech in connection with the new school of Medicine authorized to Grant the dam degree and establish a Large animal facility and Small animal Hospital at Lubbock. A Large animal clinic and a veterinary diagnostic Center would be established at the Canyon in connection with West Texas state University. The decision followed a 5-4 report of the boards program development committee favouring the Texas tech proposal and months of debate and studies in the Texas legislature and the coordinating Board. Wales Madden of Amarillo a so Kesman for the opposition said that although he is aware of the growing needs of the livestock Industry in this area he thinks those needs could be met Short of the expense of an entirely new veterinary program. A Texas a amp a University proposal for a Branch veterinary medical school in the Texas in Panhandle has been modified for fridays meeting. I he altered proposal backed by Madden would have incl led a Branch diag Sec it on Page 16 hat in the ring after thu round of Pili Sicily about connection with the town state Bank .scand.il. However his candidacy wa.-, expo led in most cases. Yarborough a Trump card with Plains democrats tip pears to be record of not living a feathered his nest irs previous political several committeemen not cd however that his Lack Quot of Campaign Money and port of the big Oil and insurance people a would he i drawback in a primary Likely to end in a run off. Because he might run a better financed Campaign for nation of fico they Jolt he would be belter off running for thu. U. S. Senate. In All 12 committeemen were pierced As to their a voile candidates and who they Felt would Garner the most votes in their county. Their incl Fiertl deaf Smith county a without prefix suffix or apology unless the democrats nominate a candidate for governor with integrity we will face the first Republican governor Here since reconstruction a said Andy j. Shuval a d Nio spokesman from Hereford. Concerning labels attach Cal to candidates Shuval said a labels done to mean much to me especially after Yarbor ought a 1964 race for the Senate. Three Farmers i know voted for Yarborough in the primary and then voted for Barry Goldwater in the general election. Hale county a a gov. Smiths announcement probably will be received Here i h mixed emotions because of the scandal a said James e. Laney committeeman irom Hale Center. Luney said there seems to be no front runner at the Ino Sec demo on Page 16 Good morn Hii today a forecast Calls for warmer temperatures today and sunday. High today in the Middle 6 s a d a Low tonight in the Middle 30s. High sunday upper 60s. Winds 10 to 20 Miles per hour. Board puts Okay on hefty wage hike for miners Washington up a Over Sharp objections of its five Public members the pay Board approved a first year pay of at least 15.8 per cent for the nations Coal miners Friday As a not unreasonably inconsistent with its anti inflationary guidelines. The increase part of a three year contract signed by the soft Coal Industry and the United mine workers shortly before the wage Price freeze expired last saturday night is nearly three times higher than the boards Post freeze yardstick of 5.5 per cent a year for average wage boosts. The boards Public Mem Bers two of whom abstained in the 10-3 vote to permit the miners increase declared that it was a unreasonably inconsistent and predicted it was a highly improbable that the governments inflation cutting goals could be met if boosts of such magnitude were permitted. K a a it a great a said teamsters president Frank e. Fitzsimmons one of the boards labor members. A i think management the Board did not Rule on the last two years of the contract which totals an estimated 39 per cent increase including a doubling of pay ments to the ump pension fund. One management Esti mate of the first year Cost was 15.8 per cent. The Public Board members said it totalled 16.8 per cent. The government meanwhile reported that the Cost of living a rate of i n c r e a s e dropped to 0.1 per cent in october with adjustments for seasonal factors its slowest a ice in 4 /2 pc ars. The president flew Back to Washington from bal Harbour Fla., late Friday after telling to the al Cio convention that he intended to make his phase 11 economic controls work with or without organized labors cooperation. A a we Hile the pay Board acted on the Coal miners contract after private with ump . A a Tony Boyle and West Virginia gov. Arch a. Moore jr., the Price commission announced it would meet monday to discuss the Coal settlement. %

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