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Amarillo Daily News Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1968, Page 4

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Amarillo Daily News (Newspaper) - November 16, 1968, Amarillo, Texas Amarillo daily new saturday morning. Nov. 16, 1968 salvaged woman for Kitchen Cabinet suggested letters to the editor on guard against loophole editors note the Golden spread forum a letters to the editor feature has been revived on. A weekly Basti. Letters Are published in this de Jim ploys in the Frankfurt a Momma. Readers Are in Ami teachers in . Milita dear editor the electoral College is necessary in a government like ours. It is a form of represent tation. It would he As sensible to dispense with Congress As to get rid of the electoral College for direct popular vote. If we were trying to elect a president by popular vote we would still not know who our next president is to be since we Are still counting votes. The people of a nation cannot vote on every measure that Nind becomes a Law this action must a thu i us he left to their representatives How apartment every saturday morning. Readers Are invited to write letters on Public issues and mail them to the editor of the daily news. It is urged that they be Brief. The editors Reserve the right to edit lengthy letters to fit. Letters must be signed but names will be withheld if writer requests it. From fire Frankfurt g c r in a n y about 200 . Soldiers pitched in to save 10.000 military pay records from a burning army administrative building. As a result Tho army announced 10.000 soldiers and department of defense civilian t arca ii it a i v a Quot a or. Ulc household by Ted Lewis she was clearly worried that both Humphrey and Ujj cd. Bureau of . News Nixon once president would decided that the womb Side 0f the a the Washington a somebody toss her special personalized hinged More on the v close to president elect Nixon White House setup out the win War or place Issue living of a Pat Nixon especially comes Flou. Which in her own firm c o n s u in e r High Tost would be a serious Issue. In fact it was ver it turn Ai political mistake. Dangerous to be specific with shakes of a pm Ldla magician she is absolutely right As or mists about How if elect. _ App _ a be but dependents schools in Europe i will receive their next pay on time. The fire destroyed about 75 Lier cent of the two Story building and caused damage estimate to mind a should Tell him that millions of women voters Hope lie will find a a Republican Betty Furness to carry on the lbs created special Job of Consumers Champion. Nixon clearly needs to be told this. For during the Campaign course lbs never did out to lie the great usual of course the trouble is that she fails to recognize the fact that there is Only one Betty Furness in the u. S. A. And she is a total Johnson Democrat. The Quot now president would Sec to at least in 1961 lie cultivated lilt i it Vav i Toivi that Coffee orcs. Meat Anc bread would Cost less. So the less said about what exactly would be done to get prices in line the better except a attn Neta in writer requests ii. A Ange Cusmai to bout $500,000, the army said. Jonus several members of the . Army a 18th finance Section were working in Tho building Young folks respond to patriotism theme the feminine vote promising that a More attractive capable women would have Rev j0 a in his administration than a you Ever saw i ,. ,. R she is therefore go int out for High sounding but com and in looking Back there i. He left the impression that he Dvong administration Parati Vclav innocuous phrases no question but that handle to int he Riff ii a Lvi in s0 Nixon have her stay about How the american Stem Furness was the Cream of lbs. Handled in toe regular �?zovein-i0n Theof r f wanted dare of living a is substantially crop. Blent departments this is the . ,7.j a p in the was it used to be before or a a Quot Dahte. Kows that n based upon in the Johnson in 1967 hit on the in ti0&Quot j a Quot a tier c arc so very marketplace Agi native idea of making by Tiv j Gla mor pusses of u n d. R the r n Cov fume in the Whit a Mise a a Scrop 01 stake with the therefore it might be Wise for ust on consumer affairs. A a needed to Lead the the incoming Nixon acim istra what a inh in Tho i Trosso Pons it mors cause offhand Only ten not to have a Betty Furness what a Josjor the distressed Rosa inti Huss he Ginger shouting from the top of the in our or White House about How it is ome to High time the consumer got a i a nut u r a i i ,. Rosalind Russell g i charmed the housewife Betty has done in that r Doroth Lam a Section s ser a she has raised her Shirlev Tom m in determined feminine voice a a guns Jor Crooks i the electoral Pressman were away Cam be of patriotism in our schools College. Lets keep Faith with pain Long and were not there to on that Day you will be glad it aim Ltd it began an investigation democratic ideals leaving no v0je? to know there was. I can Tell a determine the cause of the loophole for fraud. Let s change to me that a not the voice you what was done in our Are nothing in the per pie which we have school Stephen f. Austinjr not had for Many years. High and i am reasonably sure Cito Mcc Tut v anyone that reads at All that Somp form of Natri Mif Lunes i Hee Mal some torm of patriotic Manila a the world ripped Paul when the fire broke1 out All escaped in army said hut the sections Sci Geant major James f. Sample of Clarksville tend was Over come by smoke dear editor i feel that in reply to your thrams97ttgenein got compress to do comment in your Issue of tues Switaj a general something about clean meat. Glamor female ame Duck and. A -., election Campaign he never took consumer pro Horny approach but talked generally about How a the con Yule cards our first class ride Washington tip a it Cost you six cents to mail Day . 12, on the fact that n honest Senate the schools remained in session 1 ii. �?f�?�?.4�?iv, an in in c to a Orth Liat Aii i against those in the marketplace ref pier in or d us he helped in too Yanuch. Fought jul How Quot Al the Salvage operation. He was a a a a luvs j35 Asi is name among Consumers Reno Teri in Vitis Mim a legislation and virtually All by Leporia in tory Conal a or it. M now it would be unfair to the president elect to say lie Isnit interested in the we j j w n hint la in t. A i i i i u i i a v a mind and not one of these Ever break and then specifying Al t Christmas card this i of pit a now the one fifteen units of the Frankfurt loft in this that pro Digal invent brought the ministration was still pitching he left to their representatives can an honest Senate to venoms remained in session the Congress. No fairer method Vole to muzzle gun Freedom on veterans Day and that you n m 1 of selecting a president could while Many senators and con hoped there was some observant 1. He found than the electoral 18ressmen were away Cam be of patriotism in our schools Ana the lire do to cation Laws and programs under control Tho Breaks she had in mind. It might he Wise if the Nixon administration can get away with it. That is the problem for women found that Betty fullness was speaking up for them in the places whore their combined voices Seldom were allowed to reach. Abd she is now demanding year whether you Seal it or not a Little noticed provision in the postal rate increase approved by Congress last via makes the rate for single pieces of third class mail the same As first class mail for the first two ounces. Previously Holiday greeting cards could be mailed for a if e. W. D., Amarillo. High Schoof Jonesboro neb a a n a it sat al1 hat some form of patriotic i Quot it a nit \ map i knows the Crooks and commies ceremony was Given in almost r a a a a or in a t s i the gulls Laws j a of the schools in our comp i is01 str or no Laws Sirhan broke seven a Uji of Honolulu an Groes plan suit court s failure dear editor there will presumably some supreme court Jonesboro Ark. Up two negro student who walked out of a Jonesboro High school Pep rally when the band played a Dixie planned to file Euit Friday in Federal District court asking for an injunction that could result in the song being prohibited at school functions. The students Sav the Long is a a badge of Hie suit to be filed in Federal District court also will ask the court to instruct the Jonesboro school District supt. Clarence Geis and principal Charles Sims to Correct situations that result in friction Between White and Black students and White teachers and Black students. Black students Are rallied. A a niggers a at the school the 10constitutional government. Suit contends inf Haiti a finns Taka Bessie l. Groves Boise City okla. New Nixon that a a no administration a can afford a miss Helen to turn its Hack on Tho american beat up a male severely Betty was much More explicit when reached by phone later. Or no Laws Sirhan broke seven Mun to gun Laws and a get Farmers and a his Junior homeowners will be their sitting have an opening exercise title thursday for an ducks. All banners have skunks each Day when announcements breach of contract in failing to ror t irm sometimes Raidl As Well As Are Given by our principal or. Defend against Pedro adige of As if i of other marauding and do Char Douglas or m Lysis the Philippines. Tim Nis r need a gun for Protection of _ , or our Assis acim miser their livestock and other pro Tant principal or. Hid Rayless. London party. These announcements e Cathcart 7 what Farmer anyway has followed by a devotional Given nurse so Nat Hor Ever killed a president by one of our students. Different recently i his is Only their first step school clubs or classes Are in towards Complete gun control charge of these at different times during the school year. They Are planned so that special Days or weeks Are honoured. This week As you know is american education week and the american legion is one of the sponsors of this week. Be our student Council was in a in a charge yesterday. The morning ointments to by made during announcements and tile Deco ass a Rufet a in re a a he to amp it. A hrs finn a i the it. Ani m i a hols 3 Good at 1 30 up graciously for and programs Xene Raup a oui now me con Abel she is now Zemm mme ii Nus Iwu testifying before t h e inuit a process of Dollar in their behalf that Tho office Penny less than first class a a Federal Trade commission debauchery is Rob big our she made so effective be neither they were unscaled and if Thev she wanted a Stop put to Mizens of their eliminated or downgraded. Can contained no personal Messa a deceptive sales practices and i01 that matter Hubert hum Richard m. Nixon withstand the besides the Sonde s signature proposed treble damages to Plire failed to be Homey either feminine pressures miss but holes a Bonus this year reimburse the victims of Bim he deplored inflation but con Furness simply reflects for that extra Penny i Nulik Flam salesmen. Tried to find its. Miss Furness acknowledged dangers mitigated by inflated a us x to Japan of that today a Effort in behalf of wages leaving the impression thinks of women in government return them As undeliverable if we Lei weight boxing consumer was probably her that higher prices for a full anyway. We Haven to heard of the envelope bears a return alleged a very last Hance to speak up Market Basket just reflected the one woman whose name has address. Nit she warned unless simply re meets a a Moi. In no. T Niino an equally pertinent question past years the Post office will is what the president elect Forward Christmas cards or i i r a a a return them a i Indol Ivor to Kly t had the lost not even for an embassy Shaw leads Brisbane Australia a Tion As intended Byl its framers ,1eme�?T America has a instead of trying to change our boing its we form of government to suit were Given briefly some themselves the american peo noughts on How in our country pie must demand that the court the idea for Public schools was tie filled with patriotic and first conceived and that its respected judges. Beginning purpose was to make americans must demand that it possible for All to learn to a our elected leaders restore us read so that they could read 0their Bible. The nomination of Abe Fortas at i o clock we had a patriotic the suit was drafted by John 00��he�u� Tho Assembly. At this time and w Walker a Black attorney the Lai he heard following our usual custom the from Little Rock he was ahem none of h Rry Quot is a a Quot Atlon and the flags Quot tii5niffonijsllds sri of 7 a Olti a i Tori Yrra lds j6mj,. Csc my t St ,rj5f it Walker Secretary said a Good idea to me. A a men?0utstan,Dir,g Mac thursday the suit was mailed yours for god and country ,1, phase of the from Little Rock after Midnight Lena Alexander s they wore a wednesday and had not arrived Boise cite okla Huse int a he n Ltd the in tile Jonesboro circuit clerks a u r i Drums in office at closing time thursday. A a Tho i be colors a. Alter plaintiffs Are mrs. Albert k Ftp f lag flying sins a 3, an rite for her Diu she it a Rma a National Tate and or. And mrs Charles dear editor Anthem accompanied by our Thomas Smith for their son i woke up this morning not i Juntun b the Way was Anthony Smith. Thinking what Day it was and the no marched 111 the two children were among went to town. Most business of we 30 who a Hoed out of a Pep places were closed and flags Jis from two men rally . I when the band were flying everywhere and am Rill it i a catch played a Dixie a a song school then i woke up to the fact it Rhet 1 Teran association officials say is a fight song for was armistice Day. I am glad to. U 1 a Patlue the Jonesboro hurricanes foot to be a citizen of Shamrock i1 a 0.01, and. Try three Hall team. Our boy was Home on a four a that had listed in an Day pass. He is going to Viet 0ldstand,n� Way in helping fill Nam in january so we can keep to pref Arp or Mailin Quot flying the Flag we take so much a Tettam t0 boys in for granted. We can still go r n a i across the country without a a Quot a y believe that the pass. We done to climb a Wall a s0?e ,900, or nin1ro a in our school alone did 33 rescued from blast on fat iat form or go ask the police if we can receive a a patriotic life As you Cromer England i dirty three men on a natural Bas drilling platform that exploded and Sank a Supply boat in the Gale swept North sea Quot Ere rescued Friday by the British trawler Boston Hornet. Coast guards said two Crew Bob Wilson Shamrock Tex. It Here to fight go out West or make an a ,. Ointment six months in and a aptly a cd 1 Vance All aul if the Day had been let keep it that Way and a oliday there won old have Cen get the boys Home As soon Asj a a a by smal percentage we can. Of them who would have taken advantage of the Day for patriotic purposes. Me wish you could have been at our Assembly to see the Fine response of our Young people. And we Are sorry that we did dear editor not extend to you a special in men on Tim to Unni Ivo Quot us to whom would you mail a Al Tatlo a we did however have Garnett cd a Petrr of protest concerning f number of visitors particular. Tea la Deri w u g and Madalyn Murray of hair the the parents of our students. Five of Hor Vilmo or an woman that got the Law passed tells Observance is not new in rued Quot Cre res Banning prayer from Public 0f.schools. There is something some Nati a a schools she has now taken similar and special each year platform to 5 another stand against religion please come to see for youself by reported afflicted w herein she is trying to have sometime. We would Taiko Quot for so of a cr0 from a blk a you a Quot amp tar the Phu in f ,rtye�3 a it pc her 5 it name a Quot Iez f p�rv7zfc Chou it a cd -w.�As,Ai Zzz Fen Quot a a a a a Den dry h correction in. S.n7tviie?,i?5li Quot it fully its by cutting a Gas line we Are Jim shame can alter three lines of Type were instill trying to build up a picture 1� by he St Jyh really never advert entry dropped from a let of what happened a thought that she would a Ter which appeared in this and sea Rescue operations a Tell Fth a department last s a t u r d a were launched after an sos know what if resulting in a patently erroneous from the platform radio opera any Tel go can done it but 1 stat pm a ent. Tor who ended his message a i Quot ont know until i try. It was in the second have got to get out of Here a mrs Yvonne Phillips paragraph of a letter from a. _416 n. Sumner k. Baracat of 1119 Rosemont. He honoured i or reuse seen in Citrus crop Austin up a Texas Citrus crop is expected to be two and a half times As big As the crop produced last year Tho Texas crop and livestock reporting service said Friday. The Citrus crop for the 1968-69 season is estimated at 11.1 million boxes including 7 million boxes of Grapefruit and 4.1 million boxes or oranges. Total production was 4,6 million boxes last season and 8 4 million boxes two seasons ago. Pampa Tex. Of sceptical dear editor my opinion of the . 5 election which i prefer not to have personalized is a that unless Richard Nixon s less self motivated than i think he is and Congress has More statesmen than my calculated guess would Grant it i fear the changeover is of the 1876 variety and bodes a surface of Rocky corrugations with vol Canic g. A g. Canyon Tex. Amarillo on the subject observing the Sabbath. Or. Baracatt a original letter read Quot moslem countries observe Friday As their Sabbath and go to their mosques to worship on that Day. The jewish people in the state of Israel observe saturday As their Sabbath and go to their synagogues to worship on that or. Baracat is a thorough and careful student of mid Eastern affairs and the daily news sincerely regrets that a mechanical error of this sort should have occurred in printing his letter. Full anyway. _ woman a. Wonders of a booming Economy been speculated on for a Cabinet As a result the Campaign was most disappointing to worship in a have not country millions of housewives irate it has been All very different a Bob Shaw of Australia took because round Steak was $1.40 a Pound and canned cat tuna Cost As much As human tuna did two years ago. La Nas Den an win us Nam a this year just As if there never the first Day Lead i thursday a ii the Dunlop International go., e tournament with a nine under i was a Ophrey and George Wallac operated about the same Way Par 65. Ago inti Ruiu shop til la wards will be open saturday november 16th until la . To give More shopping time during our big warehouse Sale Quot in our store Quot and the big appliance carnival savings of 20% 30 0 amp so to from 9 . Toll . Come Early and bring the family Moi too Verv Jumja Western Plaza shopping Center. 355-8111 Flar it Quot o to shop wards til 9 p. A. 6 nights a week

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