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Amarillo Daily News Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1968, Page 2

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Amarillo Daily News (Newspaper) - November 16, 1968, Amarillo, Texas Amarillo daily news saturday morning nov. Is 1968 inside archaeological find off limits to Public Effort. They added fat the pros thursday he had Confidence there was a big future for the hell. A Tanta Falt a t off a re Quot a Quot Holch if a a Kef Ihrl r. I Iuie in us. Leu Cias 0j an Park have use rom around Doo . To 500 with Calls thursday. A spokes Ald of a copter in the nation s peacetime Commerce and Industry. Page moved to Seal off the area after a d. Nato continued from Page one one top informant said nato received a request for help others stressed that despite contingency plans it would not to simple to rally unanimous nato backing for any Rescue Reading the president of Bell helicopters Parent company said today a weather in analysis from weather forecast inc ,. A a. Were made known to newsmen Switzerland this weekend another cold front today. Cloudy skies and let a conference officials. The see Ped of going to the Warsaw pact member such As 5. Romania or Albania no matter How negligible its involvement in the communist organization was Remote. I s. Secretary of state Dean Rusk was quoted As telling nato foreign ministers that a soviet thrust into Romania would spark an even greater crisis for Europe than the invasion of Czechoslovakia accounts of rusks speech a a a what they called a a premature Man said the corporation is Are worried fearful that the area might be the russians reported Friday that they had rocketed Southeast a most important a formation about the site near several forma of life around the Moon and Back and some of ?lo8icai Dif covery in 30 the Chattahoochee River West of they said they disclosure of what May be the that the release thursday of in damaged by sightseers guards were on duty to the specimens had undergone minor bodily changes. Page 14 a a a the nations Bishops opened the Way Friday for Catholic Park j married couples to use contraceptives if their consciences per Mit it. Page la. A a France is expected to seek massive International support i for the franc at the meeting of Central Bank governors Iii Page 32, years. The officials of Southwest Atlanta vide 24-hour patrols of the the i he City May bring crowds of. ,. Great spectators who might carry off go funds and a Al off.th�.1arjea�?T said late thursday they Industrial priceless pre columbian relics. Meier said the area includes an artificial three and one half a a archaeologist Larry Meier arc bringing in squads of Pri retained by great Southwest at acre plateau standing 14 feet vate Security guards to sur Laid a corp. To evaluate the Dis above the flood Plain. He said ceremonial Cox cry presented the inform that the site apparently was in Tion thursday to the Atlanta occupied after civic design commission in an habitats round an Indian Light rain highs today ranging from 46 Northwest to Rotar it is aids broadly Conn lows 60s Southeast. Winds southwesterly under 22 armed what they called the1 ., turning northerly. Lows tonight 21 in the North passin references he made to West to 34 Southwest Austria and Yugoslavia. They transition continued from Page one its original in abandoned it since i Effort to stir civic interest in the the artefacts were in better con project possibly leading to de edition than those found in continuously occupied areas. Interstate for Amarillo a Good Day for to football. High today 56 the Outlook highs in the 40s. A a a Wrath or Amarillo and Vicinity Cloudy through tonight with Light rain showers. High today mid 59s, winds southerly under �?T20 Probability of rain today 20 per cent. Nor denied Romania envelopment of a museum corporation vice president to make it Clear that As far As John Hunt said a we have been he is concerned the country can holding up releasing any info 03op have Only one president at a mation on the archaeological time. A the decisions that will finds in the great Southwest in by dust rial pending the final for sunday continued from Page one for the elections he said and. Diu 11swill take effect before the new made Between now and january report from the research that is a planning Rusk himself could not a we have no quarrel with the Ron a rpm a sunny but Cool. Remember alluding to that inde Federal Bureau of roads a the of that he a continued from Page one thus the United states in a a a National Temps United press International pendent minded country. Communist chairman said. A we fight like tons permit objections cats and dogs but we can 1 economic and a a a a 20th,�?� Johnson said a will be Cui Renty being done. Further formed North Vietnam it would he said that the new Reculda Nide by this president and by More we also feel that the in 1iiv�?Tde the Saigon government to a Ai i f. A /. _ a i i a. Tho Tokyo for this Secretary of state and by formation already released is the conference table. The North Atlantic Council of always reach agreement foreign ministers beginning a economic Viro mental reasons. This Secretary of defense quite premature until full Evalu North Vietnam informed the Kultgen traced he history of two Day Survey of world affairs interstate Highway act of ej1p n wore James j he spoke slowly and swung of on of the archaeological finds United states it would invite the if i a. N in a a a in f i of z11 by i w a a a \ i of to a a t t. J. Other speakers at the Lun his hand to emphasize his Decla is determined. Elf. The United states insist and especially of european mat 1956 under which 41,000 Milos ration. Earlier thursday Meier was de that the talks thus would Crowley Deputy Murphy who had just arrived quoted As saying that the site Reed on a two sided basis while 8 am. 9 o in 10 am. 11 . Max. Yel. Max. Or too Sun rec Bushland sail is Friday noon .t7 1 .37 2 n a. T7 3 p.rn.38 a min. Vet. 35 min. It. Aaa 38 Sunset mature 42 Tea prs. La oat Hor condition comparative readings at 3 Friday. Wind visibility sky mfg a Miles condition amac10 8 Claudy Sal i As i u Cloudy hous Ion in 15 pity div okla. City in 10 Loci precipitation precipitation for the 24 hour period enamel at 6 . Friday a. I0, do a per to per or t orals of year. 9 2 n totals last year .02 Hob no to my of. .41 18.65 t exas by the associated press Abilene Alice Alpine Amarillo Austin Beaumont Bow Nix die Childress College Slation Corpus Christi Cotulla Dalhart Dallas Del Rio Elpaso fort Worth Cal Eston Houston Junction Laredo Longview Lubbock Lufkin Mcallen Midland Mineral Wells Palacios Presidio san Angelo san Antonio Texarkana Tyler Victoria Waco v. Ichita v Ink 87 70 60 37 to 35 .03 75 60 .55 80 67 .92 85 75 45 40 i 31 73 61 1.19 82 71 .02 83 66 la 39 33 .01 6 53 .06 77 55 .06 56 44. 63 52 .29 74 63 .66 moisture 80 62 .20ichildress 70 52 8-1 65 Atlanta by 66 36 Boston by 44 37 Buffalo r 54 39 .77 Charleston s c. By 69 43 Chicago by 47 43 1.49 Columbus o. R 54 47 la Des Moines pc 40 34 .5 ii paso pc 56 44 Houston c 80 62 .20 Indianapolis r 58 46 .66 Kansas City by 44 39 1.20 i of Angeles y 59 51 .18 Memphis r 72 61 .35 Miami Beach c 77 70 Minn. St. Rani pc 41 29 now Orleans by 77 61 new York by 52 43 .02 Phoenix by 55 49 .38 Pittsburgh r 40 35 .04 Portland my. S 40 26 .02 Portland Ore by 46 31 .02 Raleigh by 69 39 Richmond pc 70 43 St. Louis r 59 45 1.35 Salt Lake City by 41 28 san Francisco by 53 50 .55 Seattle pc 45 36 Washington by 65 45 Wichita by 44 38 .01 imernationeii3 w James j. To Wien. It Enuta vv11v 1ic,u Jwta a invt Luoi or Mil Tuu in a Iwu Xiuru dums time High Low Pep. A re a was feb aim the implies Fin a. Fan a regional administrator Tor the t0 take a up his duties Nixon Quot promises to be the most import Hanoi insisted the talks have be Lions of Rte czechoslovak Inci and of danced by a la a a a in re pm o Root is lw�?~0 a Quot appeared with Johnson at a ant archaeological find Iii the come a Confer Dent. Rusks declaration attracted most attention. Some took remarks to mean americans favor an Extension of nato Protection to certain non nato Stales. Bul . Officials disputed the Validity of any such m gallon of Gas Federal tax the Federal regulations were issued during Tho last hectic White House news conference. Past three decades in the South the interstate Highway system a a re u Swu durum Imo is is Necic includes Only 1 per cent of the he heard h s Job described Pri Eastern United states. H is to a is h e f 0 r e co n g r e s s a d j o urn cd Stopf to and Road in the United As that of an observer la states hut carries 20 per cent though available for timely con of the traffic. A James c. Dingwall state siltation. Johnson spoke of Murphy a foreign Secretary Michael Stewart of Britain had opened the proceedings with a com terminal continued from Pate one Accuu is Given 10 the a i it au�?zu.�?z.,Lia Way nov b As Scinie aupied ii Road contractors and praised Lon Veiva closely in order to fart operation would be closed Phieu had approved the am big .14 a a r i i. I. A flirt a _____j11,. J i irn re a the Nom n. 1 11 it Wuu it v Kumh Highway Engineer who said that. Rain Jot As being to follow deduct much credit is Given to the sons of he present adm Nistra enc. To conc neither the United states nor Ted in Tho Dis Orth Vietnam accepted the others interpretation of the agreement. But this difference would not have prevented the enlarged talks getting under Way nov. 6 As scheduled if closing continued from Page one the City of Amarillo and Potter Kef the new administration in Sunda county for its cooperation in the formed and prepare it for its of proposal from the main Structure leading project. Petely unequivocal that nato warn the russians to to departure and receiving any More czechoslovak rooms would produce unpredictable would consist of two Levels a rectangular shape. He said two arge corridors would extend storm sewer part of the 1-40 ligation beginning january y. That portion has remained open on past sundays ohs formula. Instead Thieu walked at Tim 20th.�?� when Nixon and Johnson met the Stewart named no 150,000 names space a Marshall Formby of Plain View a former member of the in Washington monday Johnson those a the terminal will encompass Highway commission who said announced he would do what he Saba floor that it a took a lot of sweat could in the transition period to in and cussing to get these roads. I Here has been no Challenge agreement and said he would to the Sale of groceries since not Send a delegation if Lim state statutes do articles from Square feet of said Vaughan a for Vernon Glenn manager of not Barjes Al a rebel movement in Munday status of an Independent delegation. Thieu proposed a two Point a1 i it Vav a Quot. But he was thinking of both to in or Ernp a a s the civic Charles it will to Amarillo att 01 ent k a a Quot sch would place1 the Arles the. Smith of Nixon said then the United general merchandise. A a a v o Usu i i a. I i. A j i i amp la Vav cd v of 4. 1.3. Viania and Yugoslavia Accord Clesle no 1 to handle one million department District Engineer Voi us passengers coming and going. State h i g h w a y states must speak w Ith would require a formal comma ing to his officials the Lead offered by Rusk and accommodate additions Stewart was picked up by sever building when needed a1 nato foreign ministers most joined in a massive condemnation of the occupation of Czechoslovakia. There seemed to be a majority wanting Moscow to in put on notice that nato would not stand Idle in the event of new advances. As Rusk put the situation. Introduced the More than a a year. Also the design will dozen one roped off on sundays with the mice in that period and he had grocery and Nha Marv authorized Secretary of state departments open h d r m a c y int a com Hanoi to downgrade to in engineers who worked on Dean Rusk and Secretary of de Ifica 1-40 project. Sense Clark m. Clifford to Tell Panhandle skies to slay Cloudy j overcast skies and Light As Kusk but lip situation any i Ower activity have dominated attack against Austria and Yugoslavia by the russians a would clearly he related to the area of nato Security the russians have Given no Public sign they May he Conte the Panhandle weather picture since thursday Ruth skies not expected to Clear until sunday. The largest accumulations of were reported in county at t ii e up Northfield Community 25 Miles Southwest of Childress with 1.70 plating a Sally into either Yugo-68 62 1.39 inches and Childress with 1.36 Slavia or Austria 52 la 1.53 inches since thursday. 73 62 1.46 Floydada reported 1.07 inches 90 69 Over the 36-hour period while 59 46 .37 Amarillo received .36 of an >8 51.37 Inch Dalhart .14 of an Inch been invaded 82 68. 02 Pampa .98 of an Inch Tulia 7,i 39 i .27 of an Inch Plainview .21 33 of an Inch Hobart okla., .80 Vaughan said that three of the live airlines serving Amarillo a Continental Braniff and trans world a planned to install telescopic ramps from the second level of the terminal that would enable passengers to Board and Debar from planes directly without having to climb Steps. He said they would be constructed of Metal and would extend and recede just As a Telescope does to connect the departure and receiving rooms directly with the aircraft entranceway a. The ribbon cutting ceremonies the nato allies in Brussels this were Cut Short because of the week that they Are speaking for 35-degree temperature. The new administration As Well As the present one. Yugoslavia under Tito rejected Moscow Tion in 1948�?and still Domina has not Mph attached lev congressman Pittsburgh up a rep. John m. Ashbrook a John town Ohio and other Republican congressmen will ask Anthony president elect Richard m. Nixon to abolish the National labor relations Board Norb. Ashbrook told the Allegheny county league of women voters thursday labor cases should be handled by the regular . Courts. The judges Start with a body Ujj Lac la u t i Sli a la memorial Chapel however Linda Loper Legal Secretary for a. J. Humphrey who represents Hill testified that she bought items at both Gibson a and k Mart on consecutive saturdays and sundays that Are prohibited from being so a according to the penal code. K Marl is represented by Don wishes. Patterson and the attorney for Gibson a is Herbert c. Martin. In answer to questions by the front delegation to an integral component of the North vietnamese delegation. American officials said the first of Thieu a Points might be negotiable Between Saigon and Washington but there was nothing the United states could do to compel Hanoi to organize its Side in accordance with Thieu s Selma Gilbert Anthony a 1005 Sunset Patterson and Martin. Hill said c$2f 11 pm saturday Memona Humphrey asked him to petition Davis Hugh l Davis 74, Portales new mexi co body Token to Portales for service and burial. Martin Road Chapel for the injunction. He Eaid they had known each other for years and had discussed the matter Many times. A if to Griggs / m Cit it of Law but the Norb starts with politics and ends with Falls 69 51 77 6s 10 by 1,46 .09 of Inch. 11 63 2.33 82 71 .42 ?3 61 .52 the 24-hour period ending at 6 48 43 .68 59 44 .26 the mechanisms Cost boil president $80,000 each and that the Otho two airlines serving the Frontier and trans Texa would have passengers Board politics a Quot Ashbrook said and depart their aircraft in the Austria is a stale whose inde conventional Stair step manner Vaughan added. Wilson said if the construction j contract is let As planned next the United states and the inscription on the placard Abbott Over the grave of Henry a lavar5 Ada a it Bou a pc Lontoc California. A quotation from one of his serv a pm so Surdov ,90s pm is speeches a i know no no South no East no Nee Chapel North Al qua Carl b. Fuiaua 73, vices pending. 1527 Virginia. Ser Pendency and neutrality is guar-,36 of Inch. And Tucumcari anted by the soviet Union Britain on the South Plains Lubbock France. The russians and the Cletion of the new terminal reported 1.53 inches of rain in Western Powers pulled their would be january of 1971, troops out 12 years ago. Moscow Larch the target Date for com Texas lint cases a an production Austin us Texas pc can production this year will he 50 million pounds the Texas crop and livestock reporting service a d Friday. A Harvest that is zip would be an increase of 47 per cent from last years crop of 34 million pounds. . Friday. A mid front should move Lias shown no signs of wanting divorce in India through the area late this of to go Back. Ter noon keeping sunday s High in tile 40s. To i Imo ii Crawford mrs. Willie Crawford 45. 908 Mississippi. Service pending. Doused w till Gas Barcelona Spain apr the Dean of the College of philosophy and i otters at the University of Barcelona was doused with gasoline thursday during an attempt by a group of students to Burn the schools Entrance. The students apparently were protesting the necessity of showing student identification cards to wardens stationed at the schools Entrance. Police finally broke up the attempt. The Dean stamped out the Small fire started in the faculty doorway by students carrying ladders and gasoline. Maurice schooler a Mack Gordon a 1010 West 9th kit a Alexander Robert Theodor Alexander. 95, 2400 on services 2 . Monday first presbyterian Church Canadian. Texas. Burial Canadian cemetery body will lie in Stair at schooler Gordon Unotti 4 . Sunday then will be in state at Slickly funeral Home Canadian until service time. Calcutta India a a 23-year-old Village Beauty from Teshara near Calcutta divorced her inveterate Gambler Hus band presumably to pay off a bet he made and lost using her As his last desperate stake the Bengali newspaper Anand Bazar reported. It said the woman who has a Small daughter went into Jangi Pur court signed an affidavit of divorce and dropped from sight. Famous Brand color to and stereo Amarillo daily news Columbia leade a reclassified 1-a established nov. 4, 1909 the Dally news is an Independent newspaper publishing the news impartially Ond supporting what la believes to right regardless cd party politics pub a shed by the Globe news publishing company inc. Every morning except sunday at ninth cd Harrison . Nso is ays 5mark Rudd Quot a a a Quot and is Amarillo Texas f. B. Whittenburg president and Olimbia general manager Jim Walker Assis Root to the president Wesley s ear to on puts us Ndoc i Don by "1p re inst a selective sort Irvington . A. Lark Rudd one of the Leader. Of the student protests at co University earlier this has been reclassified i a distinctive new advanced styling in 14k Gold initial rings i Boyett managing editor Jim ice Board. A Board spokesman said Budd 21, automatically was or Clark City editor Grady Camp business manager Lowell Brown advertising director Trenton j for in. Heck i w of a a a a Home delivery by Carrier or amp Rijk Vav Oil by Ned red of r a or dec-2,Ora i is a student at the University. The spokesman said Rudd will Momo Moi Yea 2-15 6 .10 12 of 24 of 1 60 4.50 8.90 17 80 1.40 4.50 8.90 17 80 of pc induction physical. Rudd a Maplewood resident is the son of a retired army morn or eve amp Sun morn news Only eve Globe Only 10 3 00 a-7� colonel by mail outside 300 mile radius to 1 Amorino during the Spring disturb morn w eve Only $ �3 Jig go go a Quot cos at Columbia Rudd was a eve and Sun 5 85 22.201 chairman of University Schapin be Mea and 125 3 40 6�?T50 13 00 prot students for a demo1-75 Ltd a it 9.60 19 2 cratic society. Copyright 1948, by Globe news publishing company inc All rights reserved Rawalpindi _ Pakistan Quot ants the in to preserve Moh Enjo Dara ancient town. For 42 years Amarillo s 7. 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