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Amarillo Daily News Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1968, Page 1

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Amarillo Daily News (Newspaper) - November 16, 1968, Amarillo, Texas Home edition the morning newspaper of the Golden spread Amarillo daily news vol. 59, no. 386 seven leased wires a up cons Amarillo Texas saturday nov. 16. 1968 Good morning Thun to shone Over Amorino 290 of 319 Days in 1968. Today s forecast Calls foe occasional rain showers to end this morning with the rest of the Day Cloudy to portly Cloudy. High in the mid 50s. Winds northerly 5 to is . Probability of precipitation 20 per Tenty 32 pages 12 Section s Price 10cfrom a to Izzard disputes Nixon statement where were gof liberals nov. 5? Nelson Rockefeller Jacob javits George Romney Hugh Scott and Dan Evans have at least two things in common they Are Liberal republicans i and they bailed to carry their states for Richard Nixon. Too then there were the Eon Serva Tives. Nixon a own running mate. Spiro Agnew along with i Strom Thurmond combined to i tip some critical Southern and Border states into the Nixon Basket. Barry Coldwater kept his own state in the cop column and was a Nixon worker from the first. And John Tower although he quite push Nixon across in his own state backed him actively from the beginning and was an insider in the Little band responsible for Nixon a nomination. Too out in California Ronald Reagan never quit. He not Only delivered his states electoral votes to Nixon but came up with the first Republican state Assembly in to years unseating Jesse u n r u democratic speaker who figured so prominently in the Chicago debacle too thus Nixon owes his election to his party a conservatives. He owes its liberals nothing. Too togetherness is Fine up to a Point but there comes a Limo when a Man has to take one Side or the other. In spite of the spotty record of conservative candidates in general Richard Nixon s mandate is unmistakably conservative. Too a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a lbs still running show an overcoat Clad crowd turned out Friday morning to stand atop a windblown overpass and witness Tor Mal dedication of interstate 40. Ceremonies were Cut Short by the cold Damp weather. Shown with backs to the cameramen at right Are j. H. City airlines reach air terminal terms choosy by Jack Simmonds our City Hall Recane Hie architectural concept rental rates and Landing fees for a new s3.2 million Amarillo air terminal building have been agreed upon by the City and the five airlines serving it. Idit ional ski too annually in Landing fees. Other Revenue will also be gained from the restaurant and rent car con-1 these people he told the 1-40 dedication luncheon crowd yesterday insist on travelling Only on interstate highways. Too a a it a More convenient its negotiating teams representing the City and the airlines m a period of about 20 years. A whole generation of a new a on a at Ai City manager John stiff kind of Motorist is being u1 in l a Las thursday said All of the Bonds will be developed says . Kultgen of the last a a a Waco chairman of the texas�?o1"ct,5, a w a up a Highway commission. A c. Lilly City director of finance said the City plans to Issue Revenue Bonds in March to finance construction of the new terminal at the Southeast sector of the Airport. He said the construction contract would retired from air terminal Revenue and no tax Money will be used toward that building is being designed Cessions but terms have not yet. A a a a. ,. Been firms of Vaughan Kenyon Mcmorries Bili Wilson Airport manager and associates of Amarillo and said that amount of Revenue Hudgins Thompson and Ball of should enable the City to retire Oklahoma City the s3.2 million in Revenue Bonds Art Vaughan of the Amarillo firm said the terminal building see terminal or Page second article dealing with the Agri business Complex of livestock feeder Packer operations on the High Plains appears today on Page 12. The report today deals with the Little cow Critter that has become known As a okie a and its place in the Overall cattle Industry picture. The second article is by farm and ranch editor Orville Howard. Faster and its safer a a he sex be let soon after the Bonds Are planned. A i know of motorists who have gone 50 to 75 Miles out of their Way just to get on an interstate Road. A some Road maps Are being nato will new soviet answer attacks Calls policy shots Washington apr a resident Johnson told the i nation and the world pm i Phatic Auy Friday that he not president elect Richard m. Nixon a will make All decisions on . Foreign policy until Nixon is inaugurated. Johnson appeared to dispute statements by Nixon about prior consultation and prior agreement a Between them. And qualified informants said the president elect holds no veto Power Over Johnson action. But the Nixon Camp moved swiftly to head off any major blowup. A top assistant to the president elect assured Johnson that Nixon has no intention of intruding into the Loreign policy prerogatives of the White House. Sources close to the incoming president said in new York that Bryce n. Harlow already named As a special presidential assistant to Nixon phoned Johnson thursday and Friday to assure him there is no attempt a to a Public hearings with final presume on the constitutional decisions to be made by the authority of the Secretary of trans portion could Harlow was said to be coolie up construction for years. Vinced there is no Basic Misun a the regulations Wili become standing or disagreement be a part of the Federal Register tween Johnson and Nixon Over and cannot be changed ,1e mechanics of the transition by Congress. Of Power. A state Highway department bul. These sources conceded employees would to reduced to tilt Harlow found Johnson a a the role of janitors and Kettle concerned that the impress Maio tenancy men. Sion might have been left that Kultgen also indicated that the or Nixon was trying to be co a a. A a regulations would delay con prudent of the United states Road officially opening a 25 structi0n of highways and that for the next to mile Ink of the n e w t p department of however these men close to superhighway through Amarillo. Transportation would attempt to Nixon did reiterate a belief that a staff photo by b la Clough Kultgen chairman of the Texas Highway commission and Trenton Davis chairman of the Amarillo chamber of Commerce Highway committee. A a a a a a to opening a a a a a official raps Road rules by Hal Marsh i reasons of our staff . Department of t r Asp rotation regulations concerning Highway construction which go into effect nov. 22, were attacked Friday by the chairman of the Texas Highway commission at the luncheon part of the interstate 4 1 dedication ceremonies. The luncheon at the Villa inn attended by about 250 persons followed a ribbon cutting ceremony earlier at Coulter printed now with nothing on them but tile inters Tat e too Amarillo he said can expect an influx of motorists a who normally have used other routes before the interstate system was interstate 40, for example taps such new areas a new to Panhandle travel that is a As Virginia Tennessee and Arkansas. Too yet with All its importance the interstate system represents Only 2 per cent of the Street and Road mileage of the nation. Too this and that one thing the super Highway builders Haven to yet mastered is How to fashion a sign that can be read comprehended and acted upon by a stranger in the split second he is allowed by the Rushing traffic around him. Too remember the Torrey Canyon a the Oil Tanker that ran aground and created history a biggest Oil Slick along England a Southwest beaches less than two years later the Esso Oil research people have come up with a dispersant that can be sprayed by plane or boat Over such Slicks. It wipes them out promptly without toxic effect on Marine life. That Samerica for you. The difficult can be done immediately. The impossible takes a Little longer. Too what have the pollsters been doing since the election Well Gallup a offering for tomorrow will reveal what percentage of the travelling Public is attracted to Switzerland. We can hardly wait too we completely overlooked it. Yesterday was Sadie Hawkins Day. Remember too fellow at the blood Bank when asked his Type of blood replied too it was a Wise child who explained that god gives you what you need and Santa Claus what you want. Wes Izzard sold. Upon Lilly said the % bv"1 an. J11.1 Sells apr the unit communist Yugoslavia would and the Maverick communist a a a Kultgen a Waco Auto Tutu Al Highway Trust funds into there should be prior Consulta tick Patch revenues of about0 states gave notice Friday menace the whole 15-nation nations of Yugoslavia Albania f and chairman of the Lex mass transportation projects in ton in decisions carrying com-5265,000 yearly by renting space that 11 believes any soviet at North Atlantic treaty organza and Romania they said. 1.t-�10�?��?T,._asae big cities. Hut ments Forward into the next in the terminal and an and tack on Austria or Independent ll0n see nato on Page 2 his audience to oppose the new administration i Federal regulations for three see interstate on Page 2 although lie took pains to assert his authority Johnson gave informants said nato Lead ors at the ministerial meeting Here were drafting a declaration pc i # St j a a m a personal and special Welcome that any new communist thrust in b a b i 1 a i ii i la 1 la Wjk no to Robert d. Murphy Nixon a in Europe would meet some Kyll b b m he chm. H he jul pfc h in s 1 $ h 9 Liaison Man on foreign affairs thing stronger than the Western m. And administration officials viewing with alarm that Fob said privately there would be Lowed the Warsaw pact invasion a Sih rag i go a Jug extensive consultation with the of Czechoslovakia aug. 20. Born i m pc. Fel a b if incoming president although the nato strategists Are working cab by by cd jul act amp. A pm arrangement Between him and on contingency plans for defend Johnson is apparently vague candidates1 �.,s a up a a a. His it to Quot apr amp rtt of discord in the. Attack highly qualified sources a pc Ancy deliberately vague. Sofar harmonious atmosphere said. Such countries include among american officials Here but a my avoided making any the formula in principle a1 of the Post election period Sug Austria not a nato member Friday that a South vietnamese prediction on when president Lowed Earh to organize its Side fast cd that Nixon a announce Nguyen Van Thieu might drop of. ,. Int thursday of a firm and his Boycott and end a two week a Ltd it Vance consultation agreement deadlock on what role should he of Loging the other to approve or on foreign policy had annoyed played in the talks by the Viet recognize the participants. Johnson Quot lie reportedly decided store holing slated soon by Paul Bascus our courthouse reporter congas National liberation front. The leu saw . Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker in Saigon Friday morning for the first time in nearly a week and a full report on their talk was sent to ambassador w. Vacrell Harri see peace on Page 2 see transition on Page 2 _.,map wire photo Dwight Chapin left and Ronald l. Ziegler were named Friday to posts in the forthcoming Nixon administration. Ziegler 29. Will be the chief White House spokesman and Chapin 28, will act As a special assistant to the president elect and will manage Nixon a schedule and coordinate travel plans. New York apr this was my first whale and i Hope it s my last that was the reaction of Tom o Toole thursday As he finished supervising the Crow which mane Vered the main Section of the american museum of natural history a new whale into place. The museum is replacing its old whale a 76-foot plaster Model of a Blue whale that went on display in 1908�?with a Brand new up to Date Model 94 feet Long and weighing 21,000 pounds. The new whale which has a steel Skeleton covered with polyurethane foam and fiberglas a took nearly two years to build. It is being placed in the Hall of Ocean life the museums largest exhibit Hall. The 28-foot Tail Section will be put in place Fri a ruling on a request for an injunction against two Man chief . Negotiator at Amarillo discount stores which have been conducting the Paris talks business on sundays will be made sometime next week in Brussels Secretary of i by 47th District judge Gene Jordan. State Dean Rusk to a foreign a a v a a re. Ministers of the North Atlantic ii la too i i i District court Walter treaty organization that the Hill l a l Kentucky who is seeking the injunction talks once they begin could go testified that he does not represent and of the employees 00 for a la of it Home and May be of Kmart or Gibson a discount Center respondents accompanied by More hard Hill an employee at Sears rating. , up re i Busk told his nato col amp co., filed the eagles that the formula under petition for an injunction which the United states and on nov. 4 and charged that North Vietnam agreed to in Gibson a and Kmart were Selling merchandise on saturdays and sundays in violation of the penal code. Hill identified himself in the petition As a representative of a a class of persons who Are judge Gene Jordan lawyers Oil All parties suit to monday Day and the nose will be added next week. Or. Richard g. Van Gelder chairman of tile museums department of mammalogy said the old whale was being replaced because of knowledge acquired since its construction. For example he said the old whale did not Burrige properly and its eyes were not protuberant. There also will be differences in the display of tile whale itself. The whale which will go on View to the Public feb. 26�?was modelled on the dimensions of a female Blue whale killed in the 1920�?Ts in the Antarctic. The museum Model will be much lighter than the real thing How. Ever. A real whale of similar dimensions would weigh about too tons. Fuel contract to City corp. From our Washington Bureau Washington a Diamond told Shamrock corp. Of Amarillo in the has been awarded a $3,345,548 submit briefs to him defense department contract for 34,825,000 Gallons of Jp-4 judge Jordan at the close Jet fuel. Of the hearing Friday advised announcement of the contract the managers of the two Dis was made by the offices of rep count stores a to make every Bob Price and sen. Ralph Yar Effort to abide by the Law Over the weekend. He pointed out that the Law does not prohibit the stores from opening their doors for business on sundays but Only prohibits the Sale of certain merchandise. Jerry Floyd manager of Kmart said after fridays hearing that the grocery store would be open but the general merchandise portion of the a i Borough. Where to find it see closing on Page 2 Astro guide Capitol stud. Classifieds comics editorials letters to the editor markets movies. Obituaries radio and to inside new Mexico. Sports weather. Pages to 4 26-31 25 24 4 22-23 6 19 26 a 17-21 a the Champ a Ston photo this grand Champion Bull of the National anxiety 4th Hereford show Friday sold to Alfred pronged of Stratford left for 82,500. The consignor. John e. Rive jr., of Longmont colo., is at the Halter see Story on Page 13, i t

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