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Amarillo Daily News Newspaper Archives May 11 1974, Page 1

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Amarillo Daily News (Newspaper) - May 11, 1974, Amarillo, Texas Riuz Morni Iii jux i of Ike a re i Camarillo daily news vol. 67, no. �o34 Amarillo Texas saturday May 11 1974 Home edition 40 pages Price Loc social a i hex sex con j. Alan Gokey is led info court in Miami. Gokey who said he is broke hos been living of a it setter in High society. A min la l la la it Les get it l i it a m Luis hum Iii. A l a is million a ill i hour it of k. A a he s it la l Hitlin i on Tim ii Home not h re Quot in Xii 1mm 1. Xon Mon us �?o1 no or Omo t to he pc if a so cd i Aid j. Man who limn can a a the heir to Connll Ltd is t d a to Mil Iii Siho thin i. On fail Pooh think on a i f Ino if. Thuv done it Plarr Iii will on a i a Iii Loi on a a of the to t Are Imu of ,1. Man Niham my Hon i Anula hot and Lia Fth r in a old pit a Mir a a Mfd monday Ai if to h Lia it inh. Sniff Ihnn. ,1. Man Hon Billmi t ipod Ift Zitlin a a ttys Quot ill a Hai Polin Del fish f a a Field Falleti the to l Conli Elniff Caim i f on Quot a a in a jul l o Rolf cd if All ovo. Quot i Man ,.nl a my an a lot of pro Quot if. Hiing Luh like and of Ifon Mcl tit h Tat Tkv prot or. Delft to f a Quot it a Lake a a anal of a a m a a Mavil .1 Man mind Hoss Limi Trimi do a ii pot line. Thimm h. How of. Polit o a f to anted and. Only Mfd .1. Man Durham Iii i ii to in if Sot Iai it i Tor to i Ltd to Carolina and to it t t to Inoff of Roallo .1 Man my t a Ohi at Quot to Timo a. Of Quot Ork stairs Mina a a Quot son Lor and has Horn Oil it lot o f. A Rar Hgt Chr i us in a rat n f. N. Of pit his of social lawns. To try or. ,1 Durham my a ill Ham in h t it it Oil that o Rafoil took him in Anil h a firms that did t Darr in till him 1&Quot i Kin a a the in no. Tor . Quot ill How it and out the Rel Rardin for ,1. Man and i. Kril a a f fial t Xii ions. Hokum to sell him a firn til a Artilli f a a its. Rumman aim Alt m p. Of Alifornia Quot ill Norm her 1,0� it spirit my t Liston Kulli Liim a p l that Alan did no to o in own ii,.-s also it a Al Atli lat Drair an. He Miami a Palm a l Lynh. A hich Rulu re int t hip to former in per Spiro i or Quot. Hilt Fril All o or in Fly a re Romino a .1 Mam hot the Propios a to Quot ill Romr Elmr i a Quot a Iii in St is Hin of North a Morita. I Ort l Dair of thu or or Orr the i s re err on t on Triu Tion or i of d. Nti Quot he h pm a i Man As a Donni . A Sll Ian Erk Hook kit o i Chr Lant i id Flat i. Man Lio r a do Ith a t hot k Linn Chr i inn n to .1 Al o t h str Urti Chr to loot it i int Rel for Evrial or. at a. A. K ,.ml i re hip Lam at t. Peril his n million t h. T k hmm the Imri on i of p to than .1 Imlah <1-. It in i. Hit the h i Ril hip Itok 111. Irr Santion of tailing Chr i in i a Dunn h Chr Call and told i hip d Man a a i imm Diatra a Ai Lahler hut was la he and a r Lars that a As. for i Rel hip i Man a Iii l Rel Ornim from a . To Monta a he i Rrell i Iraq Ned to his a Duir horror that his in jul ii Vahi and a i adm lat too i or r sunni re i Man Niham i a it no i mini grrr onion Chr in i i a. My on part Brilz blasts store prices Man Chr jul sit Hall Ilo Rii Lor to Rani . Ion a of wifi Ary 1 All p. But Saivii 1 Rit Lay that Suriff markets Shulti 1 0 Lovering their Primos instead of maintaining High e r than non Nial markups. A Al rank is Hae taken i major at jus lenient in Price m the last several weeks. Prices of major farm commodities dripped -0 log to Pim cent since january and i hut said in a statement. A it is High time that these loser farm prices up Mart fully m retail stare prices fad Price at h i to Lecleta Alt margins Are still than he a Price opposes resignation r a a a �11m d who it but Lului l of or Quot a staff Fri try i Orpin Milan Attoh pm ice of tier it a ii 0 arc fit he Ltd Conurs turn anti s. Nacir that of Yuent Nixon slum i it Iii. C o n g r o s m i n John .1, Khz stirs of i Oak. Loop i him minority h Arr. Anti Conort Synan John Mir Sun of Linnis Ware a mom those who i Misti Sueh Staten riots nor Day. A i i Ltd is Confer Curc Lri aft. Rno ii in i Amarillo in tier to in town fut , conure Man -.Aid, a i personally feed it Niles of All people Simund Lia t a t. A minority Hadar. In support of the president t ogre Quot men Tion t ii Gree and i Peu Oti at Oil e Orff 0 in me John to ear with Phodes opinion am one of those. A lot pie Are Nikin Eom Menti their to in p Litie t Orsu continuing. P i i c a of a a none of u a r that the in to identical papers and a tre to a nature we Coull t proud to. And be have said Many times a handled badly. Hav Tiomi t he i p. Tel drinking Intercourse or a combination of the two can Cali so sudden deafness a Stanford calif., ear specialist said Friday. Or. T. Blair Simmons said the activities can cause a rapid buildup of pressure in the inner eat which results in deafness. A in a Large number of cases it clears up As suddenly As it came without seeking any treatment a Simmons said. Bending Over sneezing or scuba diving also can cause a sudden buckling up pressure and loss of bearing a be said. Hul not ont Rhar i of in in Poci Chahl omit it n a n brought t1, Al no o a Toro Bill Ina i v i1um 1�1 Tda on to it r. Nurt Man a a n o Ai 1 How i in on id form its id tin Trana tips a Tuich from i by Tom in to id. A two candid in proud of the language ust Faid. Hut Imir Quot a cd out the Tail is Novor Worf inti idd for Puii. A tiny. A Emo t for Poi Ati ii to Fouklan t stand similar of Soma conversation a in said. Priff sail he Teho o on the Road to the a Street Ion of theoflice of Tom of ident of the i med he said Lam ability of a com Xvi or to in Hynetia a id my is Latr i anti a Leon at ions Mafie in confident iriving at the to am id Power Ai i t Ai of d inf Lud in t die Pia ent one Pant. to it a re Terai an Oid Nion that he has previous b. That the be Iii my opponent. I,.-� not had. In Anoli r Matt a. Pro Ailt a he will metro Tiec a Bill next week me. My up by one y t a i in t Alator contained in the harm Al to 1972 which Calls Lor ref acting my Lali opiary Taiin Cost in farm target prices Tor wheat cd Ltd. Torn my Miro. Price would make the new tar get prices it Fecit e Lor the 1971 crop it instead of 19 As originally scheduled. A a a Gie the Farmer a see ppm 11 an Pirge 2i Shi w Law l while Stiffes Shine Hight f Saiti. I he Apin Cullie it a a ailment the week Reu Itrat t its prot Lifis ii it an to t r All 12 per a eni t f. Ise 111 retail total prices Tor a of 1 71 Over kill years Hie Host food pities Sitf War ii. De paiement Veont mints said that Adverse it Ather Coultis Otisi the increase to in per cent Wilile Itier d e m a n d could hold it to around k per cent l ast year. L email Fital paces Rose 14.a per Lanit Over lil7 2. Hutz Salt. A a 1 he prices that consume As pay at the stores should be reflecting the drop in farm Pic s m the timing weeks. The increases in l email food it ices should he Beland us except fair occasional hems Puma Rily those Hal May slow seasonal she but and his economists Hae been saying that the 4.,7 or cent increase in prices during the first Quarter of this year probably will be Fol it Well by Vin increase ,.vt that of Between 1 and 2 i t cent Tor the in a Hojui Quarter. With the third Juan Ter show my his tie Hange an Ltd a Poss Dile decline in the last Iju ail or. 1 he sect teary i i o strongly or posed who a have tailed it la Tion with the Best Mai Dolc there is to inflation a higher Ito Diu Tion my More output per Man hour. 1 Arm be Piile Are the m the inflation he said the Pul die must understand ih.,1 to e costs of farming Haxe i it n la per cent Over the last year along web the 1, Pel cent ii tease in the paces Aiele mixing Lor their prod its. But Fai 111 ifs Lav up w him they go up Quot Hihn Larm u ices Ai e Uii table and have been coming Down for several weeks he Sigild. . Tohir Iwin Mosrow t Fol Prier Cvrk Ted Iuen if Sevgol Ami Cali Lew from a a abbr Iii priday and him to icon hmm continuing in f<k�1 of a Phiech Quot hero the v and intr fied to a c a in Cir. Ten Auric Iii die Busaid they were Sligo eds my de by slice and surrounded by Alx if l.>0 .hccu-1 1 v men when they see ipod a i a Muddy yield i it it have the. In i inc. Tic americans were All from the Miami Fia a. I i embers o a charter group .1 re d. In i it ver a a i in i a i Al . Biliy Graham urges players for country mediated people tin d people in our part the in Ai hand a. Of i he Mil g race ugh and u. A Kwh Yudik and Tvan Eeli t a div Ira Liam Aid in Flay that the w affair Lias Pul aim Naea m a Grade Sitimia Tuzii. He urged Fira Yei s that both the hopi e committee and pre it Nixon will Mke the Rigat s ep., ave Oil Gilt to Pray Tor Hie Unruhe Saai. A Mac ought to Pray for the Ludicia a com Millie trial had will Goe w e ought to Pra ident that he Quot ill Iven the Wisdom to do Iod want him to do with the committee launch impeach Mienl i Quiry under new political Pressor about Lii role tin c Angelist said a the who in unlit a facing a Erv Rous situation Quot m regard to it Iii flounce in the world. It a Dom for the la Ibi Quot a v in g Aru k it and problems mow ahead a and t be in a Many Britain i Ranc and i i s r w h e r e he mind Strung american 1. Adar Iii he said in a Ciep Zionc Irti a from in hoc Iii. An. Is holding a week skim filth than people in lid v. I Lorn r it to Helix t m a a cd a a a by the 11&Quot Ai As the no v a Quot i k i Egton in of i. Tinny the Amer i la Are o k and Fri Quot 1�?~r�?Tcc a aul most in diff fax a Lii g n a. 1x11�?T i Quot to. Looks leave her pretty jobless i i h 1st and Iii. Apr. Pegg Hui pics ii she a a i not entire distil a cd Wihib a Iler lire h it a lion it i piping depart compian official. He Lead com Hided he a a Meni Aid. I i n of i \ Lew ear to partly Cloudy through sunday. Cooler tonight through sunday the High today is expected to bad car so with a Tow tonight near 50. The High Sundo ,. Is expected to be in the now 70s. The winds Wil become northwesterly tonight at 1 5 to 25 Miles per hour. Inside jews where he Cru Ade. Ira Ham a Long me Friend of Nixon said of the pre it Cir uni Tams racing to. I i Sid Cal a a i think Fyrnn know ing in. If lie s the it am Man i Ucil to know i think he will put what s of t for the countr it even thug cd c. I Tomk am Loik at it from the Quot tiie historical Lew. And do what he thinks b. T to or sleet the pre Sideney and the Ira Ham Dauwd and added. A i Hope that s going to be his position. The Nixon i know has a great love of country a great dedication to the evangelist said Liat. Because of the heavy Chedie of his crusade in which he is preparing a he a Sermon for night he Lias not read Transer pts of w i each i a c la trip i i tuls Josh re for Init nah Liin mud 7 o Sii Binn Iki i to Bridge classified 25 31 comics Edif Orialis 4 Mork cts. 22-23 a Sheie Conversa ions n 1it in la Mil of la s Ltd a i s in i Coral during ids or re i in Etc. A my re Coral a a ran Elier and up Quot a is or Iii. Ita c said a and tin i Exoe .5 ii Traci Iii Morlun Ami slam Iii Gnu ago i in a it. Ing icum w i Hea in intermittently Quot Iii fits and a l Iseball liar for in hours w file he plead a first for mercy and t Nen d ath and finally strangled invt to gators said Friday. Police e Harg d four men and one woman i ii a girder in tie Voidure in f f i a Epen a ii to. I Aey eked the Sploric Irti capants key a re to Inal Areu by a a a Ping limn Heil on and a a 2 i. It o forced kid i movies obituaries sports spotlight television pubic 10 Iii r Vij 18 1 a a 33-33 21 19 i it. Resident ill Nixon and min t detail until he com ment a of s. Shiw Cvar. In regard to to c Luiu Rou Exlie de a re from tic text iral Iain said a a it not the language Vee or i Ard him use to v. To around me most presidents have been very careful in see it a am on Page 2 re Enge Abr ii tour a v b. Loo pi. A in a a a. I Iclet Oil it in f said to Quot lond i Quot Hughes. 2h. A i never Tho Vighi olm it in of As a Gill. I in Joti l an looking woman a Quot Huighe. About .7 toot it 110 Loid. Worked Tor a innit i a. King Ina Ilii Nei at s a. 11 an Linoir in Slarve scr far mall Plant . She a As tired Marih 1>. A Hie Lei Onnel Lidd me i would h. a new Job opium Neil said. later. In Aid general Foreman told an a i facial id 1490 a tin a Niti d Iilo workers that he re. L ived a too Iii he male at Tenli ii Quot the Union failed to cattle i Inte and the knew i unman Kelli ii oni voted this week to Cato the Illinois of Plov ment practices com i Quot Ion. Ilene a Woods an inv Tina Tor Tor the local commission Mipana officials i Quot Hughes had Good end record Kidd d Hal Quot male. Work found Lier o air act c �c1c distracted irom Normal duties Quot Wood the tiring violated a discrimination age i and a Hen she s 111.�?o in land Mission take the i ail said him a 01 k Lull ers the their of More Thon a Imi a for Rienti to who arrive in Here. I in a play. Mrs. It Oberl Hank. Of to in a Otil. F Sotil i e aim i rans Wero l Tineil l v Puliese a l Over Lown a o u th.-. Wild to it n Rori Hou in Iii with to my in Are than 70 Hovizi Lew. A a a i Enji i Levi that a a s in , a put a Ili l oui l is get a oui of town a i Sio Pei f look ii ont of Tom uni saw be wer by Milmary a Ltd Elm Les. Nln e came at Ioard a he looked it oui it i ports him i fold u to get fico Hettie he a a gof off a Ali u l in p i licit Rhrou it up Star a id o i or Chickies and p ii hoes l f men Acrie the rond Togo 11 a a a no Matt a a Lii i May it e Turied tie a Aid we Couin t go Tami a we smally Wert Down a middy Road to a Tiehl try the River and had our picnic. Tie policy i Olop Pirig u to if k Al our a ports and Tran Loake on earners. It Wafi . One of fhe he lans on no thu said i Hagar came Oil of to Cir houses win re l n a Quot a a. A a a re Toppi d Ai i i Siou Efi in Urdl i n u i i n r a Vikk a Lould Lia e of Ali a a Ilie he Laii Lem Aid to life told Fin am Tif a Timy would not on to because in a going to an area barrel to foreigner Kiev nid police f by 18 nibs Down Tiv Katiea Higbea. La he area for Leifi Ltd n see on Page 2 or incl ice Liiv Iligir a Golicci Witni it k his lobe new it Orre Sponden i it vis a m t Iii re f oui my Graoui a in. I inn a a meet it r of the Clovis Pollie auxiliary on a charge Aggra a t d a Aie theri issued a Rev a dui Riili Drizing Aux Kiry to a Cit Juv 1.rise d As a a Flagra t Ahues of auxiliary fat olt e off incr a a it Dillni Elisii a Lulf Large u i i in in cd a a a i a w. Cd w a t t i 0-1 Rit Don i git stuffed in a Large Eai Pooai a lion m a n Orth s de Apai Tenient. La Ohee found is Van pm on in the apart no no. they raided in l in n of a dec a worrier Lulu of the slaving v a Wom an who Iidle dec it ipod trom the apart Merit. In Oise b get Rocco i Maldi Saul the a igl Carlor of f a Law \ 11,11 a a a a Ter spoke Iii ii ill Ilic omit and a Ould have i intent. Mure a Are women and 29 Peggy Hughes coding o Law contract was fired from her Job with International Harvester because she is too pretty the company said. No Yahoni men in the de arts edit. In ghz Emuil led that her male to quirk ii k her Liow the Job was going and lift something for her. My Omen in s a onid i he v a on do i even a k. Thev would in i do it i would in a on lie Itei get Hai k to your of ii loll lie said. Some of the in ii asked Hei out. Lint she a Iid he always refused a i in t did no to see an that i a pm not women s said i Quot Hugh who also has worked 3 a Lork lilt operator. A Fin i Otid to he a woman. Hill i Jansi think if ii have Point von should fight for Mont Gonior it i. It on a ii which eau speeding Caille Noel of it i j a 11 i i it ii i a ii h e we 1. Zirri m Nad e. In till Peem a a Hrict cuu Tiu re the a i. Us a in i in e Blu gift to grand Jin to Timo Quot scr Why on Page a Nel it a v o the a emf a Del i f i. To Roudi direct All 3 6 1251. I Oki i he on Page 2j Call Sec

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