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Amarillo Daily News Newspaper Archives Feb 7 1939, Page 1

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Amarillo Daily News (Newspaper) - February 7, 1939, Amarillo, Texas A Many a world a old struggle flares anew in debate Susan b. Anthony died too soon. She died before her work was finished because still a Many a world after All. That was the final verdict handed Down by three judges in a 2-1 decision last night after a spirited debate Between men and women had raged for an hour and a half the pleasant Valley school. The question of the evening Quot resolved that this a woman s fanned the age old struggle Between the sexes into flame again and brought into the limelight an old old question that never been settled once and for All and never will be. Wives Wolfl whip hand. With Over a Hundred Valley residents and vision so themselves pretty equally divided into two Camps spectators the first blow was struck when . R. E. Davidson writer and poet who deserted her typewriter for the lecture platform declared a a Man is just what his wife makes Quot just listen to the alibis of most she implored her listeners. Quot you hear them say a i can go out my wife won let me or a sorry but i can afford my wife has the Money by their own Mouths they admit that a woman s woman is the favored of the two sexes she maintained pointing out that the divorce courts see that the woman gets a More than just a Deal awarding to them the children and the Alimony. The place of Man was first defended by Dorsey Smith insurance Man who turned to no source than the Bible Lor his proof. Trac a ing the Story of Adam and eve. He quoted the words of Ood to eve Quot thou shall of under thy husbands Power and obedient to Black Marks in history women have risen to Power several times Iii the Many of the world but each time they have left the blackest Marks on the pages of history when they did so and their reigns have been setbacks for their nations. Amarillo fat Stock show March 6, 7, 8, 9 Amarillo daily news vol. Xxx. No. 80.�?associated Day and night leased wire. Amarillo. Texas. Tuesday february 7. 1939. A ten pages Price five cents state moves to prevent alien influx loyalists ask moral guarantees As Hope fades surrender a. Blackwell session speaker sales tax warning a tax urging showmanship in and advocating greater service featured the opening Here yesterday the Panhandle hardware and implement thirtieth annual convention. The meeting ends tonight with a crowing closer by the associated Perpignan France. Feb. 6 the i Spanish government was Reix irked ready to surrender remaining one fourth of Spain tonight upon obtaining from the insurgents Little More than Quot moral guarantees a a the Spanish government foreign minister Julio Alvarez Del Vayo conferred tonight with the French to Spain Henry and the British minister Ralph Burgos Spain. Feb. 6 Pic insurgent Generalissimo Franco was reported today to have met All suggestions of an armistice in Spain a civil War with a declaration that his terms were Quot unconditional Franco confident of an Early insurgent Vietry was represented As feeling that any talk of an armistice was and Ball in the herring the ii get speaker for the negative Headquarters for the con admitted that women enjoyed Spe mention Over which Jerry Blackwell Cial but maintained that i presi Clint. The did so Only through the record reported Stevenson in the Willce station be . I of other was Learned they had the of a government surrender to general Franco and an end to the 2�?T2-year-old civil j went to .57,1 feet in the record 1937 fears of floor Louisville Are fading to Annati feb. 6 to the Ohio River dropped slowly from flood crests along nearly half i length tonight while weather Bureau Assurance of a Quot big margin of safety Quot for Louisville Kyd a lifted fears in the lower Valley. Light scattered rain fell but rehabilitation work went ahead As thousands of refugees in hardest j hit Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia returned to mud strewn abodes. Health conditions remained Good. Tie moved upon Cincinnati tonight where the Stream topped .57 feet five feet above flood and crawled toward indie aged top tomorrow of 58 to 59 feet. All Points East of Vanceburg by reported a . Met enrol j. L. Kendall said that with an anticipated top of 34 feet six feet above flood the Rity had a Quot big margin of a stage of 45 feet w Ould major disaster although Roos Yeit is rebuked Roberts appointment rejected Genero sity and efforts of men. By tilth Secretary Clarence War. All of Catalonia Hgt he ing been abandoned to the insurgents . Events moved swiftly today. meeting concerning which All of the principals remained silent. Had been arranged earlier by Premier Juan Negrin who later re declaring that Quot women have f qual i p on a so a of Canyon rights with the men but the men a showmanship facts blown up Don have equal rights with the balloon in the com i to ironed to Spain mrs. Helen Harvey girl a nominator of .succes.s,�?� a. D. I from diplomats Learned a nut director pushed Forward the j Vandervoort told the convention j Negrin a stand which Only feminine in a determined crowd. He is a resident of leasing. That the government would convincing Appeal for her sex. She mich., and a director in the National fight to the bitter end in the Madrid illustrate i her statement by Poirot i rpm ii hardware . Valencia Quot Island in Central Spain i g out that women enjoy special is the 1 had changed during the Day. in and in Thel go ,�?� he continued. 1 the government was Home quoting liberally from Quot the Independent . Harvey declared that proved that women Are engaged in every Field of except As soldiers sailors supreme court judges and president of the United . That they have proved themselves to be of equal intelligence. Hold control Quot Money controls the she declared or atomically. A a Survey shows that women control 70 per cent of All the wealth through in he Ritaco through insurance through i their own and through spending their husband s a a therefore women control the she concluded. Tie recognized right of the Hus a band As the lord and master was maintained by Raymond Smith of the Zinc smelter office Force who cited a recent verdict in a wife beating in Chicago Quot his Honor the judge stated in is decision that a Man has a right to slap his wife As hard As he wants to. Provided he hit her so hard As to kill the influence of women As a necessity for a Man s Success were poo posed by the speaker who pointed out that Hitler did even have a girl Friend and yet he was terrorizing Europe. He also con continued on Page 9, col. 3 the hardware Man in Advertis j As willing to surrender upon receiving enough. You be got to be out tug these guarantees in front of the Public with display a no reprisals against government and institutional Adver leaders Olio would fall into . We re too Flat too drab hands As a of sur let s color and dramatize. The in renders Madrid Valencia Ali flood. Cincinnati s Crest then 79.99. The weather Bureau reported conditions along the tributary Wiite and Rivers were Quot not so As no River named Quot mop up squads to clean away , spa Crews and workers aided an unofficially estimated 1,500 families within the general Cincinnati area. Newport Kyd a Violice reported close to 1,000 families had Low lying Homes the River from Cincinnati and that the River front Village of California 20 Miles was terror of your store is the Garden where you reap the Harvest. Make a must make or Vandervoort was the Cante and other centers of government . 2. Formal .surances by general Franco that All italian and German influence would be banished from speaker of the afternoon .se.s.sion. Spain by the insurgents. He preceded by or. A. M. Meyer psychologist from West state College who gave the conventioneers a yardstick to Meas ire Public opinion. Quot if men Are going to survive they must make changes a declared the professor from the department of education. Quot there was a time not so Long ago when a com i edition is the life of Trade was several weeks ago general Franco announced no foreign Power would have a voice in the affairs of a Vic Torihas Spain immediately after the be per Toms meeting Henry and Telephone their foreign offices. assumed that the British foreign office would communicate w Ltd general Franco immediately. Another meeting of the envoys accepted. s co operation now. Not and Alvarez Del Vayo exx cited Competition. Die Railroad mag-1 to take place tonight Nate s a the Public be damned must be changed to a the Public be and p. T. Barnum s sucker is born every minutes must be altered to Mast Render greater a or. Meyer declared a Survey revealed the greatest for buying slumps is the indifference of sales people. A a and the least is through Quality of he added. Quot advertising that gets the most continued on Page 9. Col. 5 o a alls off his Quot War dogs a be Perthus feb. 8 Generalissimo Franco was reported Early to have ordered his killer attempts suicide in cell Brownwood feb. 6 pm play simians expected tonight that William Thomas Haley jr., cop killer would be successful in his third Effort suicide. Haley Palo Pinto county jail fugitive who was placed behind the bars again Here after slaying a policeman was found hanging by a wire in his cell today. Barely great Long. He was rushed to a , but doctors said they believed he would die. Sheriff w. E. Jack found Haley lying on the floor of his cell several hours earlier a Gas against fare. The Jet was turned on but officers concluded Haley had plotted to escape by Seiz Washington. Fol6 Jav without a word of debate and by the to heavy vote of 72 to 9, the Senate today scuttled Roase volts recommendation for filling a District judgeship in Virginia. Veteran senator Tarter and his Yot Mger colleague Harry Byrd Virginia democrats emerged victorious from a length in fight with the White , and tie Senate made Plain intention to keep a firm hold on the filling of Uliase jobs with which members Are directly concerned. More or , tie incidental victim of the controversy pm ormer corporation judge Floyd h. Roberts of Bristol va., Apex tinted by or. Roosevelt to the District judgeship last summer. All , agreed there no of not Bertsy qualifications involved the , said was Sam Lily whether the president should ixe permitted to make an Arij ointment to which la the senators of tie slate Obj . On the ground Roberts named to fill the place a Quot rebuke to them for not Supi Girting Ari minestra Tion legislative i to x Sals Glass and Byrd had declared the nomination to be a in i tonally to them. On hearing of tie Senate vote president Rex Sevelt started Dent Long a letter to Roberts he Lead said recently that if not confirmed he would Send him a Ler which a null be right interact ing a in he letter will not be made Public before tomorrow the . Senator Norris Indi in i Lent , and eight voted for confirmation. In he eight were majority Barkley of Kentucky Bilex of , lice of Oklahoma Neely of Virginia Pep a a of Florida Schwartz of Wyoming of new Jersey and of Arizona. Latest political storm signals Annh Itig Floii Ihil Caio koo.hov��?T, Lias joined if och seek Iii to break to lug a did Kinda political Inachin fielded by potent a Arter a Ianh left find Harry Hyrd pie1nr cd Wilh head Toke her Jit s in indie Iviry Coin rail ii e nut Eti Nir which Raj celeb Hie Nornine a Kloyd Kobers Tor a i Edi Rai judgeship. Loki if to 11 40, the would like n Vii Kin Iii Dele Killion controlled by someone. Cine than Hyrd and ha., political May. Rail inns j Vuk Ory Parade officer s pistol in what he f believed would be the exciting to fleeting remnants of the loyalist army to reach French soil. The remaining organized defenders of Catalonia gave up the fight and fled to France with the insure continued on Page 9, col. 2 women want Beauty Susie starts her search for love cast of characters Susie Lambert she served waffles and dreamed of being Beautiful Dick Tremaine he liked Susie a waffles but he Roul Dnn to see Susie. Jeff Bowmans his chief concern was to make As Beautiful As she wanted to be. Chapter i Susie s heart was breaking tears stung Behina her , a Lump in her tin oat refused to be swallowed. No one looking Susie polishing the Nickel plated Coffee urn industriously wiping counters filling Little jugs with syrup would have credited her with emotions of any sort. Somehow broken hearts and stinging tears were inconsistent with Susie a ponderous comeliness. Working her ta. she kept one Eye on the door dully regarding the Young men and smartly sophisticated girls who swarmed into the Waffle Shoppe in of Susie s Golden Brown delicacies. Wisecracking patronizing smoothies these College students never treating Susie As a contemporary never really seeing her. That , none of them treated Lier a contemporary except Dick Tremaine and in Dick Tremaine Lay the of Sasien a heart and Tjie Lump in her Throat. was for Click that she watched and waited whipping egg we Hites to Frothy stiffness. Folding them gently into a creamy Batter. was because of Dick that her heart did a sickening flip Flop each time the door opened n was the last Day of the Spring term and excitement pulsed through the Waffle Shoppe a ten.sene., a too Gay spirit of comradeship a Subtle denial that this was Farewell. By continued on Page 9, col. 4 ments following the discovery. The wary sheriff called other , however who stood guard Over Haley while a doctor examined him sheriff hallmark said Haley Lead the wire ripped from mat-tre., when an Effort to to the Job with his Necktie failed because j world War Felt certain would be could not support his w eight. When he was taken to the Hospital Haley bore upon his head but not determined w Hether the injury inflicted by butting hitlers envoy Tours Frontier of Tunisia Home feb. 6 to Adolf Sutiri troop chief started today on tour of italian i Bya a Frontier with Frener controlled nil soft while the j re. warned Britain that Rejes Mon of Italy s Quot natural a a i rations would result 111 a Quot violent Situm Loii a Quot the British government a said 11 Gior Nale d Attalla prime min a a a f Quot ister Chamberlain had reaffirmed r.\tr? i Milf Anglo French Solidarity ill the House Jelv i Oil of Utlay Quot knows very Well not i Quot that fascist Italy intends to Kaa a Quot fir c her natural to their just ulv i iu5 realization. Quot is then to sup x be the government and Chamberlain in particular Contemp rate the alternative of a violent situation and Cal Laise of All British Lime and foreign i�?Tre. Arousell the pre. 111-Ieellng toward Britain for the first time in weeks Over Fondoris Quot Cav Iling reaction to Premier re a irked determination mgt keep his soldiers in Spain until the Asur gents had won a a a As w Ell a Quot military Victory. six / cd was not published Here today but . Regarding As the strongest British support Given France since the Senate pushes school Fune and by Ukrin feb. A the nearly month Wolfl swung into Art inn on several fronts today producing these results the Senate list eyed to final a House approved Bill withdrawing from Sale and Leas Perth Arient school fund lands pending of remedial legislation. The Senate Mun Milter to g Vernoi s nominalism recommended conf Mathin of Joe Kiin Schulk of Austin gov. W. Lee d Dante to i nominee for slate to Neinl Slosier. And to Felt Smith of Tahoka. The of Daniel Choice for life insurance commissioner. Without h , vote til s acl noted a Resolution congic.s.-. To enforce and prevent a influx of into i nation and slam. The two met in joint session for an of or Homer p. A Kalnev of the University of Texas whose re prested will he heard by in null 11 t Omorrow response Hilly i of heat gov. O a Milel and , land commissioner had urged ce.s-. Int Lon of land sales and leasing pending flu a nation of new Reg la ton i Ngn list present salutes entered Mai Lily on Felt a fad venue of vacancy suits must be in Travis minty and leasing and were too great Sonst Billt for the land Slonim alone a Bill air cad anti Educ d would place venue of vacate v a Lagamon in Conli a Ulici c Ihu a land involved is is lulled a in carry i. Unsure eyed land on which the discoverer is Given a prior right approval and Mimi of pct d the a to Ren Alc consider Iii a of the Pix Unten a porno Row nomination was and commended by various Laluh groups a i earing last week. Want Jami Rallon res Lri to Ltd a. The House , by Hep. Dewitt a Lizard of port Arlin or in dieted a Texas unemployed and Fui Relief Rolls and Federal officials not to lift Iniel gallon . Kinord cried he Lead head ik&.�?~. Llyle a three year ii old. Of would he permitted to enter thu Colin try in Onul year. The Hoult judiciary group recommended. 12 to 0. Page of a proposal creating a state liar Etc re child crushed under tractor pour year old Helen Vir Torja to Ven Dai Ighner of a . And mis. John i Ven was to de Ami beneath the wheels of a Large tractor Iteni Xai shortly after 1 of Cox a. Hie rear wheel a of the Jowe Rehg the supreme court to .a.,.ed Over the child in Fly i adopt and pics vulgate a Roxie of tractor was driven by tie fat Liei. A ,,.t,Hod of Dis barring or. In Ven had Bee feed and moved Combine. Little regulatory pro Helen Victoria Raul other ill to no i ally had Teeri playing ,.nmmirtee a fxecu1ive of the As or. A Ven election a in state Fml night co. the p,.Gat backing trac Tor lie did i �?T>1 providing us m j _ free.Gat on tie 1939 exposition Jot know the chill was in a Mimir a Silance of admission was fixed until he heard her screams27, one forja a dealers iter mits by Xinpu lotion m Quot Over .5,000 met monday and not lick Wii Icli would abolish Tho liquor control Board and provide tot local Ensor Ernest on april .5, i he appropriations coins to Tel started hearings on the educational budget with i exas a a m College request for approximately $2.7fkj.ooo funeral for the girl will i operate the Schry a for two year ? conducted Wrai Neslav Joni ring a parting next he tember o clix k in the Francis two Bills which Virti Jarliv would a Rived tie appointment of Milton Camion la Church with Rev. K. H. Emi Liwer the a Tate Board of Tica Cox a full time Secretary Man Hirkey of the . Fgeorge College Tion to i fix the per capita Scho ii a 1,5 cats for arid 10 a enu fori a Riggs am Tulance sum so Lux pupils. I Money and the child died in the wit i atoll Junyent of Mie free Gale j ainu Lane on the Way or the Leiofi jux Jacv tire fair Manart Neil Wilans j pal. If offer attractions to which no and Tif. Tragic Accident Lipaj suied on Mission will be charged. The Mcgee Rajah about 11 no Tii East of Tallio. I he i evens tie definite decision was reached a dinner meeting in the Capitol have lived on the Rarich about five hotel called by Ray Pinkney who re elected last de cell pm. The executive Board also a years. I be a head the cell Walls or in falling to the floor when the Necktie suicide attempt failed. Haley charged with killing policeman Jack w Hen the latter approached a Touri. Cabin door Early last Friday. Coogan suit postponed Hollywood feb. 6 judge Robert Scott today postponed for one week trial of the $4,000.000 accounting suit brought by Jackie Coogan Ian Rmer child film Star against Ager Suc pading of l. Quot Quot Taylor a monthly salary of $2,50. the meeting were the Assoc a tim , the new manager officiating. Interment will in Mie Vands Cerney by under direction of is. Griggs and Humr. Survivors the part a no Are i Clay Thornton Mark Taylor Roy two Bromier Floyd 7 old a a Henry 5 years old and two a in Ranc 3 years old and 1-year-old. Badly rec eld and end the Era of of Xifu feeling towards Britain which followed Chamberlain s visit 4. I Culburn mayor rns a Rogers Herb. Viktor Lutze tire nazi Simm troop _b�11 Olla rap. Quot Taylor. i r of gov. If of mar John Mcknight Carl Irene. Italo Balbo in Libya keeping in the Wertz King i foreground hitters of Aid a Bill Mouldy. To u a Ai n r i to Italy in of War. New Mexico of s River compact ,., tuna. Which ,c&.,t. In i a a Loument we Teliin the limits continued on Page 9, coi. 3 of covet. Pm following up Prc. italian troops would remain in Spain after an insurgent military county planter during a Holdup and new Mexico saturday night ii , whig divides the one of three j River s Waters Between the three the ii ouse where mrs Arthur Bernstein. Attorneys said the continuance requested because negotiations for an out of court settlement Are under Way. Var torn and until tilt trial veg Deputy states. G.&,. To Shah a from Elnoie county played prompt Era age other and Stepfather. Or. And 3 been achieved. said convicts plan new strike san feb. I Quentin prison cal., up Warden court Smith i 4hide and seek with a Large Prusse to i the a. In yer Al with a Montgomery yrs or to Britain that italian a skin Aires. Safe Kentne would to withdrawn Whan the War was won. A speared certain. A door and said is a Holdup according to Famore county a Wom Achord ignored Quot the British italian Accord of last april 16 has nothing to do a a a a diff a a a pc w a with this a declared the i a astern a. Quot the strategists today ordered to Slie s a Riecl so Stie does stratog.0 Praton Yard Bao Alao 2 in that in hoad., right Check perhaps general motors pays dividend i new York feb. 6 /17 do sectors , -motor., corp Del dared a dividend of 75 cents a Eliare on common Styk. Ira Abie Marcia 13 to holders of record feb. 16, Phiillips ups crude Price effective 7 o clock Ihl morning feb. 7, the Philllp a Fetro Liim of Many 1� posting new Price for the Panhandle. The new posting 1� 8 cent per barrel increase Over former Phillips company prot a tin this bring the Phillips Price up with the Humble posting for the Field. All grades of crude Are of Fer in each Purchase zone a of the Field. Top for Gray county Grade 1� 9� cent with a 2-cent differential downward for each degree Iosh in Gravity. Top for Hutchinson and Carson Grade crude in 91 cents with the same differential downward. Top in each zone is for 40 and above Gravity. Of a Grapevine Reix Irto that convict planned a new . I a Tion this time the length intended to stand Wach in Stroin of work periods in the jute Mill Pohl Kal intrigues of cer Tam foreign Powers the in insurgent regime. Dksmoinfi5, a. Feb. 6 a Lowa old ago As stance officials said today they received the following letter from a woman pen he we a i c p a in Paris the a i m a to return to Italy As soon As ble a the said a a has forecast for Amarillo and take their course Vicinity v to Day fair and warmer j without trying to supplant Gen Texas wait of with acrid Ralls Filoi Ian i run rally fair tin Day colder warmer North and East por a a Trona tuesday a a where a your boy Friend a the girl asked watching the flush mount to Susie a Cheeks. New Mexico tuesday increasing cloudiness with Snow Northwest portion colder Valley warmer Northwest portion. Temperature by hours Amarillo yesterday noon .49 1 pm so 2 pm. 52 3 p m .,54 4pm .55 Low yet. 28 Low yet 1938.31 High yestl938.58 Silsbee tex., feb. 6 Jyh John Bash or. 16 years old. Was charged today with with intent to murder his father who was wounded three with pistol bullets night. The elder pm h was taken to a Beaumont Hospital and was in a critical condition today political titbits rehashed in new Mexico spa scandal trial Albuquerque n. A. Feb 6 committeeman and chief a. A Federal court jury hearing , told the jury Blu Tiv tie trial of 25 defendants thing d test wit i Taij tical manipulation of the. Spa were regaled today with be Mony Given by government witnesses political tid Bito and a series motivated by political Animos of Blanket denial from Devn lants to. And that this had into charges of wrong doing. Cd Pylon in a political Row m the when you want to buy something j the , opening , left democratic or have certain work done turn to a no doubt from the Start coms Lder the then promptly called the business directory in the cla.s.5i-pd the basis of the Lay in the As , witness Stanley w. P. Fied Section Quot who s who in Ama two year old struggle for Domina Miller. 28-year-old dismissed .sist-Rillo,�?� for a list of dependable 1 Tion of new Mexico a democratic ant u. S. District attorney Amarillo flrni.s.�? the j organization Between u. B. Senator Law of set of Tutor Chavez and tha most convenient was. Dennis Chavez and former gov defendant charged the state we Ith want Jer nor Clyde Tingley. Being the direct no Genius of an or dear sir i am returning my old age jux Check i am married now and won need any More see who s who first dial 6262 want and headquarter former governor a. T. Hannett gang nation which used spa worker no in Mexico democratic National continued on Page 9, col. 3

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