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Amarillo Daily News Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1962, Page 1

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Amarillo Daily News (Newspaper) - February 4, 1962, Amarillo, Texas A a Amarillo daily news Fini Mon a Kunc pm in a i i. I Mega Evha f vol. Lxii no. 25 from a to Izzard Ltd May i ii Ashing on new York the Fate of the United nations May be settled under the dome of the . Capitol rather than in the Glass slab on new Yorkus Hast River or behind the Walls of Moscow s Kremlin. O o o the i n is broke. The deficit is critical in those special funds set aside to keep the peace in various world trouble spots. The in a a War in the Congo is a Case in Point. At the moment the in in borrowing Money to keep the fighting going a even tapping the children s hand tor some Quick Cash. The Bill for the Congo operation so far is $160 million for military action and $36.9 million for economic Aid. Of these two Bills the . Has paid $77 5 million into the military fund and $28 5 million for economic Aid. Another special fund is the in emergency fund Middle East. It amounts to $110.9 million of which the us. Has paid $62 million. O o 0 while Russia k paving its regular budget assessments it has not contributed a Ruble to these special funds and to others that have been set up for emergency action. China France and some smaller nations also have refused to con tribute to these Emer Gebo funds some As a matter of principle others because they simply Don t have the Money. O o o the result is that the l n has to find some Money somewhere it was i Thant who came up with the idea of floating $200 million in Bonds and assessing in members through the regular budget to repay them at 2 interest members who refuse to contribute their regular budget assessment says the i n charter forfeit their Vole. 0 0 0 t i giant. Pri s Dent he Nedy and the state department a Entov think that if the us six leased wires a and i i l lie morning a newspaper of the Golden spread Amarillo Texas thursday january 1. 1962 final City edition 26 pages Price i of terror shakes Algeria Uit Wii Imit my if i Funi Ifim Quot Irry Mir a t or a tto tit inn a former dodger Catcher Gaul sax hire by Jim Sims sports write Rube Walker a former Brooklyn los Angeles Catcher will be the Amarillo Gold sox manager for the upcoming Texas league season. Walker apparently taking Stock in the timeworn adage a it you can to beat Mem join Ems came Over to the new York Yankees Side As a Field Boss just recently. The 35-year-old Walker who battled against the Yankees in several world series was announced As the new a sox Pilot by a. S. Rill Eakens team vice president wednesday. Walker launching his fourth year As manager was praised by a sox officials following the announcement a is a one of the Best men Jay Taylor a sox presi Dent commented a we re very fortunate to get a manager like Walker. We be Happy that he a coming Ribi Walker ii Bank summon s Appal can assure the Success of the Bond Issue by buying up about half of it. This would obligate Russia to contribute her share of v be Spe Cial funds through the budget or lose her vote in the in o o o this and other ramifications of the move were being explained to us the other Day by Bill Frye a Veteran in correspondent who probably knows More about the organization than any other news Man. A but a we protested a do you really think that Khrushchev would meekly surrender his vote in the in no matter what his credit rating might be a or Frye thought a moment then admitted the possibility that the russians might become so infuriated Over such a move that the members would be intimidated into changing the by Laws 0 0 0 Washington. Jan. 3 api a a new feud has erupted Between the Justice department and the comptroller of the ear Rency this one involving the alleged fixing of thai Ges. Hank service policy in ban a ceded the Resi Gridnev As c set. Over i merger a notion of or raps Castro Washington Jun. 3 Ltd it. A i it White pager said today that Cuba has become a a Bridgehead of sino soviet imperialism posing serious threat to the Security of the american republics and to non communist nations everywhere. The lust week filed against tin Banks dec fix charges Pena i re Banks As it it \ est sat Ion uni antitrust officer of the seven Dallas Banks were ordered to appear before a Federal grand jury in Amarillo Jan. 22, a n yes ser we nov t the indictment depicting tuba As a communist bloc appendage Bis office was set Forth in a 32-Page Book cases into let presented dec. 6 to the inter service Saxon the Comoro a succeeded Kalnev on takes the position that should act first in All ing possible t Viii j of a r u c s by n u Micnal the proposal that Washington american peace committee invest Banks be has stated ins views to buy up to half the in special mating alleged human rights i the Justice department a d in fund Bonds will go before con ovations and subversive activities strutted All National Bank sex Gress immediately. Hearings will by Fidel Castro s Havana re Miner to look into tins area be set and it is expected that Gime. During the course of ail Examina the whole finess of our Urcla Ift Maring the. Document pub tons. Hons with the i n will he i e j be Mam department Hope melt Aid the goal grab Rush in ? ends Sujo t fur action As Anist the mind the debate could turn into it it no at he ,0,c, a trial for the life of the in. Meeting of the organization of emed because be o 0 o getting Back to or Frye. 22 we were interested in what he the inter american peace Corn thought about the in since he Mittee is to report to the foreign has been covering it from the Riv stars meeting on the results beginning has written uncounted of ils in Quiri the state depart ridding a couple men Large scale Dis Tribu of books and is the Only Loire Uon the White paper through. Out latin America. Walker talking by phone wednesday night irom his Home in Lenoir n.c., said. A a in a Happy to have the Job and i m looking Forward to coming to Amarillo. I Wax at Houston three my ars ago and i enjoyed Texas very much a the f o r m c r dodger Backstop replaces Warren sheriff Robinson who piloted Amarillo to its first Texas league Pennant last season. Robinson was named manager at Richmond of the aaa International league w can essay. Walker who was signed by the Chicago cub following h i s graduation from High school in Lenoir in 1944. Was traded to the dodgers in 19 �1. He remained with the club through 1958, the dodgers first \ ear in los Angeles. During his tenure with the dodgers Walker was see a sox Boss Page 2 child Dies in wreck Liberal Kan. Jan. 3 special it a a Pampa child was killed and three members of his family seriously injured in a two ear crash one mile East of Liberal shortly before 3 . Today. Dead is 16-month-old Rby Lynn gee son of or. And mrs army Marian gee of 125 Faulkner in Pampa. Admitted to Epworth Hospital Here Vic re arb Marian gee 21, the father severe facial injuries undergoing surgery tonight. Lated in critical condition. Mrs. Linda Fern gee 19, the Mother head cuts listed in serious but not critical condition. I Don Dale ice 3, a brother head injuries listed in critical condition. 60 killed in Algiers Jan 3 map a a Toni pitting european settlers this strife torn North african u or More persons and injuring 61 in the midst of the terrorist Wing secret army organization 7ri k. Ige uprising of terror am algerians Shook Itoro today killing 37 associated p f i inc Booth mucus Farmer Sas water table is dropping it a boy k Floyd a o into lawsuit a Gai Ern ment millions of d come taxes Texas tar Mars test if i Das irrigation Wells erty indicated ble under the i upping. A a mar Vin Shurbet located five Miles Bure. Tex., was t called during the of the trial of i it tie g e n or tiers. Fighting against i Igei a a i night t a Mobili Iati Tench right a desperate a dependence a a steel Bandai it no for a a at Ion of set car by he Pas onside Batti Ira my a a a it his that u East of p to Only w opening x us suit. Seeks a Cost depletion int allowance on under Grout Uno these two Republican members of the Texas House hold a caucus in a phone Booth As the third called Davy Mesgon of the Texas legislature opened wednesday Deepe rep. Kenneth Kohler right of Amarillo and rep. The s George Korkmas of Texas c it it Are the first republicans to serve in the House since 1952. They were elected to will vacancies. Used tor in Iga he said be vet Wells on his p that Ion Tarn ,.1 of Tropi. A v he Sadati on m in a a a re act i0\ mixed la hit Imp a since i he property i a the trial which by judge Joseph Manillo. Tex. Is behalf it the huh around water coi strict the suit which v last february has her preparation since 19- a it Dooley a ruling Coul Story i lie me a a \ at Ion i file Al 4 Law Aims >10 r tri Ima about 2 in the Panhandle of we let. Texas Shurbet told chased to Acri of si00 an acre 100 acres in 19 an acre. He pointed have Purchase in 1946 for Al at Ion Manuet Tuii Plains was about to torn by an Ebe Luon and v the euro Mora than Sec terror on Page 21 a he 946 in Jim a 11 Adda 3 t i \ dry so a 4 Law Aims on Page 2 see water i abit on Page 2 i m 10 i Ebert he. Id the gee vehicle driven by mrs gee. Collided Voith a Liberal sanitation truck at the intersection i see c Hild Dies on Page 2 Iati be the a ulat Ion mane o r there was no comment Justice department. Saxons was Learned a irom an meeting of the organization of sered because he Learned of the american states Das opening Dallas subpoenas from a news at Punta Del Este. Uruguay Jan. Man rather than the Justice de 22. Part Mem i immediate read see Money Boss on Page 2 f Missimo to i fair a tin dear editor i Sec where new York electricians Are wanting a five Day 30-hour week at $8.23 per hour. Paron i ill a Iti of hous Kolom. Umo Luanei 19th May be sent Home in. on Lou Viera. Washington Jan. 3 a the Phi san bored division of Texas now on duty at fort Polk la., a be released from Active service by june 30, informed sources r c p o t t c a i can essay. A eos mouse Fai a a a my technic Arous neighbors a weather u. 5 weather Burgoa Amarillo and Vicinity c a words about it is the Only e Sponden who serves his client Good to Eider papers with a regular analysis of world affairs from the Vantage Point of the n we first ran into or. Frye some five or six years ago when we were members of a panel discussing before the Dallas for eign affairs association the question of red China a admission to the in. Or Frye and two other panel members a London times Man and Rob Akers of the Beaumont Enterprise took the line that too million people can to be ignored and eventually Thev must be admitted to the family of nations we held to the thesis that right is right and wrong is wrong no matter How Many people Are involved and that the chinese reds should not be admitted until they Reform o o o or sat in or Frye s Little Oil ice in the it Las it slab with its window overlooking the fast River and asked him about the future of the i n. A is it deemed a we asked. A i thought so immediately alter Hammarskjold u a s killed a he said. A but now i trunk it has got is feet on solid a How did it do this a a in the first place. Russia has backed Down to the extent of approving a single Secretary general rather than a troika. A second. U Thant has turned out to be a Strong figure stronger even than Hammarskjold. A and third the in has taken a Tough position when peace has been in danger and has proved that it has Teeth and is willing to see \ to Izzard on Page i pointing to what it termed increasingly close ties Between Havana and the Moscow Pei see White paper on Page 2 1 up is Mas shone Amarillo for 3 does out 01 3 1965 readings of 3 . Wednesday. Wind visibility xxv m p h Miles condition Amarillo i in a pm cloy Houston i Cody Dallas 13 15 Puy cloy okla. C v u 15ptiv Cdv says thus dawns he revolt of the mechanics who set up and troubleshoot our Pushbutton age. No it he est and get less pay for their work t . He a. Than second rate encyclopedia 9 salesmen or instant african sex la and much cok a a pm pert s. A it it Dos lode 54 i North West of 70 in a a a new Mexico v Ness today end of a says the time is coming when 0ta today i a citizen can t afford to own a h a car to set indoor plumbing. Of u t etc., unless he can serv ice same a 0i 0 w c himself or has got a who who is Handy with a hairpin at. A v or a 4� \4 a pc j a c i la a a Jfe d. F. Scott Wellington 8 i r 9 a r 10 o 1 0 Tomas Sun r i Washington Jan. 3 la a Bop. Richard Bolling of mis Furi dropped out today As candidate tor democratic Leader of tie House he Ause a i do Noi Bave a Chance to win. He termed Bis decision a defeat for the Hber als in Congress. This kit the yield apparent wide open to Hep. Ari Ebert it okla Lionia. Who describes Himsey tas a moderate but Ebert Al though now a without visible oppose a in for the Post tool news Fen a efm Noi making any Victot state mints until it s Over. Bolline s announcement at a v on frence. However. Seem to dose the door on any open tight Over the House leadership Whon Congress reconvenes a week irom today. Albert said he has enough firn comm a ted votes to insure is election and. Expressing Bis respect tor Bolling said a i Hope he does ii t continue the t Campaign after in a All Over and 1 done to think he will told that Bolair rumours of other had or posse but Ion it least guard pc Infanti v is being mediate pc mane the i Exa National along with the 32nd is a on Troni Wisconsin be possible by the no ovation of xxv o new re Culjai my Devi tee Al its Rai i on Page ? the 49th div. S10 0 Vav 3 s c 3l in id to it v e duty lat toilet in the w a be of a new but a Lin Cansis k it Ason of i Ciais refused i 10 Monpoint the n encase Date of f the two s Uard div Sions but r was Lea me d the i n in has been Are oar or to have the guard Smen Home by the or id 11 tue fiscal year w hich is june 30 fir t of the new divisions i see sen i Home on Page 2 i oils be i is Index John m afe<4 p ass it a it i cd Mcgorum u k a o Clos Cowes editor Loy m a f s m o a e s 03 Pitu of parts Liny radio of a to sen a it Sochi Sam Sarls Svlvio Porter w Jartner Mao inside of Iacomo Ann Lanu efs 18 22 2v a 18 is 70 13-15 20 12 students irom colleges and universities in seven states Are due in Amarillo Friday Lor the Golden spread forensic tournament at the first Baptist Church. See Page ? it. Thirteen persons were indicted wednesday let the Potter Oun Ltd grand jury. See Page 4. Poll tax sales lag As deadline draws near. Many offices on the state county and Civ level Are at slake in this years elections. See Page 21. Airman is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The girl had run away from her Home in Canyon. See Page 21. Highway group asks appeals court to reverse a ruling on the routing of interstate 40 through Amarillo. \ hearing on the Appeal was held wednesday in the the court of civil appeals. Sec Page 21. Most Amarillo Telephone users will be Able to dial Long distance numbers directly by Early summer southwestern Bell Telephone co. Has announced. See Page 26. An Amarillo woman Wax released on $1,000 Bond after being charged with assault with intent to murder in the monday shoot l ing of Milton Dane Johnert see Page 21. >463� i a a in body c in ried from i sea Reli Liaty a it Raton n.m., Jan. 3 Vethe body of 15-Vear-old Joe Darris was carried Down from Johnson Mesa today to end a search that began last weekend. He was Frozen to death Joe and two companions disappeared in the High Snow Cove rom Mesa area thursday while hiking to an abandoned Cabin the bodies of Juan Morris Salazar 9. And his brother Carlos. A were found in a Snow filled Crevice new years Day a fourth buy Billy Darris. 1?. Walked Down from the Mesa Friday he was hospitalized with Frostbitten feet. Doctors Sav he will lose a couple of toes Joe Darris was found by four members of a 150-Man search party the body was located about two Miles Northwest of where the Salazar boys were found Frozen to death Joe was found just under the Rimrock on the Edge of the Mesa near Piggy wiggly Canyon East of Baton. The men who found him were a Derugin Jim Simon Louis Rivera a of Raton and authorities said Tony darn was a Brt Santa be Man was reported to have been and this was the time that he had eel he joined the search party after re a. The incident Joe a body v found lying m the mow under a Laige ate Highway department employee who is known a i \ Aragon Ori Darns of Santa f e. 4her of Joe Darris. J he raised by another Tain ii. Younger brother no newspaper accounts of Jim Simon a an expert tracker separated Joe s tracks in the St the criss Cross of tracks made by searchers. Simon and other members of his group Tou Owen see St Kkt h ends on Page d on at nig a id
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